“Mama, I’m coming home.” – Supernatural Recap – Mamma Mia

source: canonspngif.tumblr.com

source: canonspngif.tumblr.com

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 2
“Mamma Mia”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

Let’s just start off by saying, it’s really painfully unfortunate that it’s become known around the circuit (and by circuit we mean the hunting/demon/angel/whatever community) that the best way to get information is via the younger Winchester’s “little Winchester,” if you get the drift. With the opening scenes of this episode, all the SPN fandom could be heard screaming, “NO, SAMMY, NOT AGAIN,” because Sammy is rolling around in bed with Jodhpurs aka Toni Bevell, Woman of Letters.

After all Lucifer put Sam through in “The Devil in the Details” (Season 11, Ep 10), showing him that his worst move ever was turning his back on Dean for a girl and a dog, now he’s banging this disaster? For shame, Sam. For super shame, considering most of us can’t even appreciate your hot, shirtless, broad-shouldered self because really, TONI BEVELL??? This opening with the sex and the wine and the candles cannot be really happening. Our Sam wouldn’t do this AGAIN. How many times is this now, Sammy, forsaking family and friends and all common sense for a little strange? And then we had to wait to find out because it was a quick cut to Cas, who is still Dean’s errand boy, traveling all over the place hunting down information on Sam. Which honestly is fine, it’s fine, but really, it wouldn’t kill you to say thank you, Dean. Cas doesn’t even have wings anymore; he’s riding around in a stolen truck for goodness sake. It’s not as easy as it used to be for him.

Jay: Wait, no, forget everything I just said cause my little Destiel heart just exploded. I need a moment. Or three.

Dawn: I am not Destiel at all and even I am all pitter-patter over this please-help-me-with-my-personal-problems BFF moment. And I love Dean admitting he is having a hard time with the very thing he wanted most of all. My little angtsy boy is growing up.

Yes, that’s right—Dean turned to Cas for advice on how to deal with Mommy. And he gets “Sasstiel” for his troubles, too!!

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

Dean’s “yeah, thanks, buddy” face is everything, but then it’s even better when Mom comes in and is SO Mom because of course she eavesdropped on that phone call. Mary is sassy AF herself, the way she just rolls with Dean’s defensive sarcasm like she’s been doing it for the past 33 years, and if we ever wondered where our boys got their sass from, now we know. It seems they also inherited “no chick flick moments” from her too, because she cuts right to the chase and bluntly asks Dean about his fear of overwhelming her.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the amazing Mary Winchester, please? Dean’s defensive sarcasm? Check. Sam’s no beating around the bush about feelings? Check. Bad ass hunter mojo? Check. And since there is no chance of her becoming a love interest for our boys, could it be possible that Mary is the Lady BAMF we have been waiting for, for all these years? We had our predecessors, to be sure, primarily in Ellen and Charlie, but it’s starting to feel like Mary is The One True Lady BAMF, and we are all the better for it. Of course this probably means she is in for a terrible, heart-breaking end that will send us all to either the bottle or the asylum, but for now, revel in it.

And speaking of angst, here comes the first heart wrench of the episode: Mary’s confession about her fears about meeting Sam, what Yellow Eyes did, and all the self blame she carries because of it. Like mother, like son. Let’s add that to the previous list—Dean’s penchant for blaming himself for everything? Check. Maybe seeing that in Mary will help Dean understand what it feels like to watch someone you blame themselves for things that were so blatantly not their fault.

Sam and his bed partner are still super cozy and we all puke in our mouths a little because this is SO NOT RIGHT! Sam, come on. You have endured countless sessions of torture of all kinds– mental, physical, psychological, whatever–but bad choices with women are your downfall every single time. Then one question too much reveals this to have been a trick, and we can all breathe again.

Jay: At this point, I feel a little guilty about how mad I was at Sam for his sorta-betrayal, but, then again, not really and if any, only a little.

Dawn: Yeah. Sorrynotsorry.

Let’s talk about how often Sam has been forced to hallucinate. It’s pretty solid proof of the Winchester/Campbell fortitude that his brain isn’t just pudding. That said, the Men of Letters clearly know that Sam’s weakness is lady parts, because of all the hallucinations Toni could have chosen, of all the varied things she could have used to get to Sam, she opted for vagina. This Woman of Letters is no joke now; that was serious and dangerous spellwork on her end. Thankfully, she goes back to something our boys know much more intimately, which is blades and bruises.

source: weallneedcastiel.tumblr.com

source: weallneedcastiel.tumblr.com

Jay: Cue one of the hottest clips Supernatural has given us in a long time, sexy, sweaty Winchester skin, sharp, deadly, blades and a slow sensual pursuit of pain. I’ve never really been attracted to Sam until just this very moment when Toni slides the tip of that cold, sharp, steel over his bronzed, sweat-covered collarbone and neck, and lips… and… and I know, I am losing focus, mmmm, but hot-dayum.

Dawn: (looking up from furiously writing knife-play fan fic) Sorry, did you say something?

Toni isn’t adept at torture. Her bumbling attempts are far below Sam-torture standards. We have to hand it to her for spellwork, but this is amateur hour, so let’s end this scene with another half-assed “oops did she kill Sam with that” cutaway. Yawn.

Back to Dean and his laptop and his coffee and his mom at the bunker. Mary says, “[John] was a great father,” and we have to pause as Dawn laughs so hard she nearly chokes to death and Jay’s vision goes red with suppressed rage. Jensen Ackles is the king of expressions in this ep, because his shocked and surprised and sad and emotional little bunny face is clearly screaming, “Don’t disagree with your mother, and REALLY don’t tell her about the alcoholism and the abuse and the abandonment and all the other horrors of your childhood, and just let her remember her husband they way she needs to.”

Jay: And you know what, no, cue the rage, well maybe just me, maybe it’s just my rage, because no, you do not talk about John to Dean and you most CERTAINLY do not tell Dean that John was a good father. FOR CHUCK’S SAKE, Mary, you have NO idea! This has to be some sort of set-up for a bigger plot because, no, don’t you pull that shit on our Dean; don’t you dare.

DAWN: I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the stream of unintelligible screaming curses going on in my head because FUCK YOU, JOHN. FUCK. YOU. FOREVER.

Thank Chuck that Cas saves the (emotional) day (again). And he’s found Sam, but he can’t get in to help because the place is warded AF. Dean is all ready to save his brother single-handedly, and Mary is like, that’s adorable. And it is adorable how Dean tries to handle his mom but it’s is absolutely AWESOME how Mary just shuts it down.

Can this just be Mary’s signature gif forever? Because it really is. And then she makes it even better by simply saying, “Good chat,” and walking away.

We love her forever.

Remember how Toni knew all about Sam and vaginas? Yeah. She asks about Ruby.


Oh, yes she did. But before Sam has time to panic, Toni’s phone rings and it’s Mick, a new Brit and a Man of Letters and guess what? Turns out that Toni wasn’t *exactly* following orders. She has been a bad girl, in fact, and now Mick has to come clean up her mess.

OH HOORAY, IT’S TIME FOR OUR SECOND FAVORITE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY. Rowena is dating for money, and Crowley looks amazing in white and we all need a moment to appreciate the suaveness that is Mark Sheppard. He should go for this look more often.

source: weallneedcastiel.tumblr.com

source: weallneedcastiel.tumblr.com

So Rowena is mad, but Crowley is smart, so they conspire to get Lucifer. Who is looking for a new vessel. Where can he find a vessel like that?

Ladies and gentlemen, Rick Springfield. We’ll make this quick: emotionally vulnerable rock star, heavy drinker since losing his wife to suicide, dead wife shows up in hotel room, says she is an angel (archangel, technically. THE archangel, really), Vince Vincente (seriously) the rockstar says yes, Lucifer gets fun new vessel. So Lucifer has a type when it comes to vessels.

Jay: Not for nothing this was a really great scene by Rick Springfield. I totally felt those tears, and that voice waver, it was great. I could feel the pain of regret in every second of that scene.

Dawn: I guess to be Lucifer’s vessel, you gotta “Love Somebody.” He’s gonna push it just a little too far one night. ::dies laughing::

In the Impala, on the way to save Sammy, this conversation happens:

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

But there is also angst, because Mary never wanted this for her boys. Dean helps, and almost spills the beans on what a COMPLETE DOUCHENOZZLE Dad was, but manages to turn it around.

And now we rant. Because we are all trying NOT to think of all the times Dean tried to live a normal life himself, all the ways he tried to maintain the smallest sense of normalcy for him and Sammy, all the holidays, and that one time he tried to take a girl to a dance AFTER BEING ABANDONED AT BOONDOCKS JUVVIE, ESSENTIALLY, and then taken BACK to the fucked-up life at the last possible second. And it breaks our hearts because, Dean, you’re not your father and you never will be because you are BETTER than that, so please stop lumping yourself in with him and for CHUCK’S SAKE, stop turning Sam into some kind of saviour, because if it wasn’t for you Sam would have never had any sort of normalcy in his youth and instead he would have walked right down the path you did, right behind John, good little soldier number two, but he didn’t, because of you. (And maybe Bobby but don’t get us started on that rant yet). Because you gave him everything John didn’t, and more. Where is Cas when we need him? YOU DESERVE TO BE SAVED, DEAN WINCHESTER. You deserve to be loved, and cherished, and forgiven for everything you THINK you did wrong. You are deserving. Of so, so much. You are worthwhile. You are.

Season Four,

Season Four, “Lazarus Rising”

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“An Airbnb with benefits.” – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap – Where is Josh’s Friend?

love droplets crazy ex girlfriend

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 1
“Where is Josh’s Friend?” 

Posted by Sage

I consumed the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in one of the quickest and most enjoyable binge watches in my experience. And it didn’t take long for me to realize that a) Rachel Bloom will do anything in the name of comedy. Really, anything. Try her. And b) this is a show that begs for regular Head Over Feels coverage. Between Crazy Ex and Kim’s entree into Jane the Virgin recapping, we’re honored to give the first ladies of CW comedy more space on our site.

When last we saw our West Covina friends, the love triangle between Rebecca, Josh, and Greg had come to a messy climax at Josh’s sister Jayma’s big, family wedding. Even though he and Rebecca were ostensibly in a relationship, all of Greg’s insecurities got-in-for-ma-tion when he noticed that Josh was starting to get all moony around her too. Rebecca told Greg once that his “whole settle for me thing” wasn’t working for her, because no one wants to be romanced by a defense mechanism. The wedding was Greg’s opportunity to stand in front of Rebecca and be like, “Actually, I am the shit, and you and me are a real thing.” Instead, he flamed out on vodka and pretending not to care, stopping just short of shoving Rebecca into Josh’s arms.

So, Josh and Rebecca drive off to have car sex. Her, mad at the guy she’s sleeping with for treating that like it’s nothing, and him, thrown into commitment panic by the marriage of a family member and Valencia’s ultimatum. Super healthy. Great work, guys. Can’t imagine why they’re having problems already.

Which brings us to the opening of this premiere, 15 minutes after a post-coital Rebecca admits what she’d been denying all year: that she moved to West Covina for Josh. A skilled debater, Rebecca expertly swerves the conversation. First, she pins Josh’s appearance to the “low moment” she was experiencing at the time and declares that she would have latched on to any old friend she saw. Then, she puts her own word vomit into Josh’s mouth, leaving him with that adorable, confused puppy expression on his face. A compromise: “I’ll let you off the hook just because you did me so good back there.”

As it is wont to do, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ping-ponged in this episode between “wow this is hilarious, aren’t we all having fun?” and “TOO REAL, MAKE IT STOP.” Rebecca’s delusions are working over time as she and Josh slip into the most perfunctory honeymoon period ever. She crows to Paula about how in love she and Josh are, meanwhile her “soulmate” doesn’t even feel ready to share a bed with her after sex. I don’t know what’s more demoralizing to me as a viewer: Josh’s couch-bed or Rebecca’s relentless cheerfulness about it. We’d all like to think that we’d never be so desperate to accept an arrangement like this or we’d at least have enough shame not to brag about it. But with her first music video of Season 2, Rebecca reminds us that we’ve all been there – reaching for something that isn’t there and re-framing every interaction to fit our constructed reality. TOO REAL, MAKE IT STOP.

love-kernels-2 love-kernels-3
Source: bunchofbloom

We knew the Lemonade homage was coming. And oh, the sweet irony of borrowing from an earth-shaking piece of empowering, female-forward art to call women out for enabling the dudes – even the nice ones – who take advantage of them. Then again, Lemonade also informed the world that even BEYONCE gets cheated on. Even Queen Bey is capable of ignoring the signs in favor of self-preservation. The cactus dress was funny, but these songs have many layers.

Rebecca can turn any neutral into a positive, but she’s not giving equal weight to Josh’s hesitancy kernels. (“I don’t want to take up any space.” Ouch.) The truth is that Josh isn’t looking for or prepared to be in another relationship at this moment. Rebecca is ten steps ahead of him, since she cast him as her fantasy boyfriend the moment they ran into each other in New York. He should be a decent guy and tell her this. SHE should be an adult woman and realize she’s trying to shove an unromantic reality into a fairytale-sized hole. More than her long-term crush on Josh, what’s preventing Rebecca from seeing things as they are is that fear of failure she can thank her overbearing mother for. If Rebecca moved to West Covina for Josh (which she did) and he’s not the magical life-fix she imagined (he’s not), then the past year has been meaningless. It hasn’t – of course it hasn’t – but logic isn’t Rebecca’s strong suit when she’s surveying her own choices. Though, as a not-little girl myself, I get the appeal of a guy who can literally toss you around your bedroom. (“Weee!”)

hector crazy ex girlfriend hector crazy ex girlfriend
Souce: crazyexedits

So what’s Josh’s excuse? He gave Valencia his apartment, and Hector’s preference for crust-free sandwiches has effectively ruined any chance of him bunking with his parents. Let me say this first, because it’s true: I like Josh. He is genuinely soft-hearted. He is fine but simple. (“She says so many things. She has me so confused.”) But when he told his coworker Alex that he was “crashing on a friend’s couch,” I gasped like a telenovela background player. How. Dare. You. Sir. That couch belongs to a person, not a Mississippi Love Slide. A person who is so dependent on Josh’s positive feelings towards her that her friends have staged multiple interventions. What Josh is doing to Rebecca here isn’t knowingly cruel, but it’s cruel nonetheless.

The circumstances of this jank-ass love affair are enough to disillusion Paula, Rebecca’s reliable enabler. “Honey, he’s just there for the sex,” she says. “He’s exploiting you.” (And the crash pad, but the sex is a nice bonus.) Paula was weened off of Josh-centric shenanigans during the era of Grebecca and she’s digging her heels in as Rebecca tries like hell to pull her back into meddler hell. Also, about that Greg guy? Rebecca was in love with him or getting close to it, according to her best friend in the whole world. (PAULA KNOWS THINGS.) And it’s another sign of disaster to come that Rebecca accepted Greg’s disappearing act so easily. Botched plastic surgery? It’s the oldest California lie in the book.

But Rebecca isn’t giving up on this Josh thing until she reaches peak humiliation. (Her tolerance is high, so she’s got a long way to go yet.) Tactics include enticing Josh to leave things at her place by presenting a musical, gadget-filled storage space like she’s the host of Pimp My Drawer. (“Socks, underwear, and more!”) If only things could be as easy for Rebecca and Josh as they are for Darryl and White Josh. But no one will ever have a relationship as mutually respectful, affectionate, and magical as Darryl and White Josh, because they are the purest of the pure and, to them, no harm must come. If they ever break up, I will surely die.

darryl josh crazy ex girlfriend

darryl josh crazy ex girlfriend

Source: bellamy-octavia

Rebecca finds the scapegoat she’s looking for in the Ghost of Gregs Past. She latches on to Josh’s stress dream about betraying his friend and can again see her deliverance in the distance. If it’s Falcon Greg keeping Josh rolling out of her bed as soon as he finishes, then the threat must be neutralized. Note that even though it’s Josh who’s feeling guilty, he doesn’t lift a FINGER to try to make things right with Greg. I’m usually not this down on him, but the boy has had better episodes. Also, that Emory-reppin’ bird of prey was a Twin Peaks reference, yes?

Crazy Ex Girlfriend FalconCrazy Ex Girlfriend Falcon
Source: austinlanghams
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“There are rules to the genre.” – Jane the Virgin Recap – Chapter Forty-Five

source: gilmoregorls.tumblr.com

source: gilmoregorls.tumblr.com

Jane the Virgin Season 3, Episode 1
“Chapter Forty-Five”
Posted by Kim

After sweeping the Feelies for two years straight, I KNEW that it was high time we got Jane the Virgin recaps on this website. I had been trying to crack the perfect way to do the recaps because Jane is so many shows to me…it’s a telenovela, it’s a family drama, it’s a wacky comedy, and it’s a romance. How the hell do you break it down? Well, you can all thank our lovely fashion blogger Maggie for telling me I should structure Jane recaps like our old Sleepy Hollow ones, by breaking it down into sections according to what kind of show it is at any given moment. Brilliant. Here we go.

Almost every episode of Jane the Virgin opens with a flashback to Jane’s childhood where some type of lesson she learned has an impact on her adult life. For the season three premiere, we saw little Jane and Xiomara at a book signing for a romance novel. Jane (BLESS HER) gets up and rips the author a new one for breaking the number one rule of the romance novel: not giving her characters a happy ending. Like Monica Geller, Jane Gloriana Villanueva finds comfort in rules because they control the fun. What Jane the Virgin does with this kind of flashback is it ALSO reinforces the rules the VIEWERS have for a television show like this one. We can deal with the drama and the angst but goddammit we EXPECT a happy ending from a show like this one. We can take the cliffhangers of Michael getting shot on his wedding night because we know we are in the middle of this story and therefore we can handle the angst. But it ALSO means Michael is not allowed to die. Savvy? Let’s get to it.

Jane the Heartfelt

source: villaderogifs.tumblr.com

Never a show to leave us hanging, “Chapter Forty-Five” immediately picks up in the moments following Michael’s shooting. Jane, knowing something is up because it should never take this long to get ice when you’ve been waiting this long to FINALLY have sex, finds Michael in the hall unconscious and bleeding. AT LEAST HE’S ALIVE THANK GOD. Cue all the dramatic hospital waiting room scenes and the chances for Gina Rodriguez to prove how magnificent she is at ugly crying while still looking fucking beautiful. Teach me your secrets, you evil wizard.

Understandably, Jane is in shock and barely has time to react when she’s told about Michael’s condition. It’s SO HARD to see Jane so completely unraveled (also mega OUCH to the handing over of Michael’s wedding ring) and the writers did a beautiful job portraying the sheer panic and dread of waiting in a hospital room. Jane’s family tries to comfort her and I LOVE how Gina delivered the “You don’t know that.” It wasn’t snappy or angry, it was just bone tired and fearful. She perfectly captured the “Why is this happening? This is not supposed to be happening to us?” feeling and it was beautiful and painful to watch. How is this woman not getting all the awards?

source: sseureki.tumblr.com

source: sseureki.tumblr.com

Matters are compounded when Michael’s mother Patricia arrives. Patricia and Jane’s relationship is incredibly strained, mainly due to the on/off nature of Jane and Michael’s relationship. Patricia predictably steamrolls Jane, answering to “Mrs. Cordero” (when she FULL WELL KNEW the nurse was addressing Jane) and taking over the meeting with the Doctor that JANE requested to speak with once she had gotten a handle on the questions she needed to ask. Patricia takes over the medical history form from Jane after she corrects some of the answers Jane had put down and she shames Jane for eating a granola bar (when LBR Jane probably didn’t even eat at her own wedding and she’s probably STARVING). Basically, she does everything she can to make Jane feel out-of-place and bad about herself. But here’s the WONDERFUL thing about Jane Gloriana Villanueva: she sits there and fucking TAKES it. Because she is a strong and compassionate woman and she knows her mother-in-law is scared and needs someone to take her fear out on. So she allows it, at great emotional cost to herself, as she truly only allows herself to break down and sob out of Patricia’s presence. (It reminded me SO MUCH of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother where Marshall’s father died and Lily allowed his mother to pick on her for the whole duration of the funeral because Lily KNEW that’s what she needed to get through it and now I’m pissed at HIMYM again.)

source: maddeninglyrichard.tumblr.com

source: maddeninglyrichard.tumblr.com

Once Michael is stabilized, a different complication arises. There are bullet fragments lodged near his spine and it’s causing swelling. They can either take a wait and see approach or they can perform surgery to remove the fragments but risk paralysis. Patricia leans towards the wait and see option, but as his WIFE, the decision falls to Jane. She asks for time to think, which causes Patricia to storm off and call Michael’s father, who she is POSITIVE will side with her. “This wasn’t supposed to happen,” Jane tearfully tells her Abuela, who is (as ALWAYS) a pillar by her side. “We talked about who would take out the trash and when we would have another baby, not what I should do of there was a bullet near his spine. I don’t know what the right answer is.” Abuela reminds Jane that when it comes down to it, it’s NOT about what she would do in this situation. It’s about what MICHAEL would do. And Michael Cordero? He’s a fighter. (MORE ON THAT LATER I PROMISE) He’d want the surgery. She stands up to her mother-in-law on behalf of her husband and it’s beautiful. And Patricia admits that his father agreed that they should go do the surgery. I like to think that Patricia’s opinion of her daughter-in-law changed that day because Jane REALLY showed what she was made of.

source: bscgirl99.tumblr.com

Then, because we haven’t had enough feelings in this episode, we get to see Jane send Michael off into surgery. Jane tearfully tells Michael he’s not allowed to die because this is not the end of their story. She lays out the entire life she sees for them: more kids, family vacations, HER ABUELA LEADING A LONG LIFE (seriously protect Alba for always, I’m always so scared she’s going to die), grandchildren, and sitting on the porch, old and grey and still bickering like they always have. “We’re gonna be happy, Michael. We’re gonna be happy.” GOD. Let me LIVE, Gina.

source: sancriss.tumblr.com

source: sancriss.tumblr.com

Because this is a romantic comedy and not a tragedy, Michael’s surgery is a success. He DOES do an amnesia fake-out, which gave both me and Jane a heart attack. (I bought it for a hot second because in addition to being a Rom Com, Jane is above all things a telenovela and the amnesia trope is a tried and true one.) For now, Jane and Michael are at peace. Who knows what trials lie ahead for them (and there will undoubtedly be trials) but for now, they have their future laid out for them and it looks bright. JUST LET THEM HAVE SEX NOW FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. She can’t accidentally conceive all those other babies she envisioned.

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16 Things We Learned at New York Comic Con 2016 – Part II


Posted by Kim and Sage

Believe it or not, our first post only took us through the first 36 hours of NYCC 2016. Our con was SUPER front-loaded this year, with Friday being our biggest day and our panel schedule lightening for Saturday and Sunday. (Thank GOD The Walking Dead is dead to us because I think another long day at Madison Square Garden would have been the death of us.) Even once we passed the main hump of our schedule, we still had plenty to occupy our time, from doing several laps around the show floor to studying all the gorgeous work in Artists Alley to observing the cosplay to taking full advantage of the wide varieties of programming. I like to think we truly soaked in everything New York Comic Con had to offer this year, in every respect. My Fitbit certainly thought so. Read on for the rest of our adventures. –Kim

1) No detail is too small in the Mr. Robot Universe

NYCC Mr. Robot Panel

ReedPOP, the company that runs NYCC, has also run a Book Con event in previous years. Rather than fill the Javits for another weekend with authors, signings, and panels, Book Con was made considerably smaller and folded into NYCC for 2016. So after our morning at MSG with the BBCA crowd and a revitalizing lunch at Five Guys, we headed over to Hudson Mercantile for panel about the Mr. Robot companion book, Red Wheelbarrow. Or, in the parlance of the show: eps1.91_redwheelbarr0w.txt.

Book Con panels were all included with NYCC badges. But there was also an option to make purchases in the pop-up book store on one of the floors of the space. For the Mr. Robot panel, the first 150 audience members who wanted to buy the book could have it signed by authors Sam Esmail (also Mr. Robot‘s creator and showrunner) and Courtney Looney (one of the show’s writers). I got the VERY LAST BRACELET, because Comic Con was very good to me this year. And as I learned more about it during the panel, I burned off any remaining buyer’s remorse and was happy to fork over the $30. –Sage

  • It was unseasonably hot that day and we were very reasonably cranky from getting up in the middle of the night to haul ass to MSG. But Book Con restored much goodwill lost during the outside wait when volunteers handed us some high-quality graphic tees on the way in. Yes, we CAN be bought.
  • The Hudson Mercantile space is not SUPER conducive for panels since it’s not graded and there are view-obscuring columns everywhere. But it’ll do.
  • Esmail was very forceful in saying that the Red Wheelbarrow book is NOT a promotional item. It is an original Mr. Robot story. And because it’s a part of the Mr. Robot, that story is not traditionally told. The book is Elliot’s journaling during the 30 days between the season 1 finale and season 2 premiere.
  • Rami Malek and Christian Slater provided writing samples to the publisher, so the whole thing could be told in Elliot’s own hand.
  • Even if you’re married to your Kindle, you probably want to buy this book in a physical copy. The notebook is stuffed with little Easter eggs (because that’s how fsociety does) – envelopes, take-out menus, and other ephemera are stuffed inside.
  • “I mean, it’s fucked up.” – Esmail’s succinct and accurate description of Elliot’s inner life.
  • Other characters appear in the book through Elliot’s interactions with and memories of them. As Looney said, “They all get shrapnel from being close to him.”
  • Esmail, on his directing style: “I’m a huge fan of long takes, because it means you can just do it and move on.”
  • The season 2 finale climax was BANANAS to shoot, with Christan Slater literally running from one side of the room to the other mid-take to his next mark.

NYCC Mr. Robot Panel

  • The moderator had to ask about the show’s insane ’90s family comedy pastiche episode. Esmail said he paid tribute to TGIF in that way because it was a comforting couple of hours for him as a kid. He felt very culturally at sea, stuck between his family life and the world he encountered at school and elsewhere. TGIF was the only place he felt at home. This is incredibly endearing, because TV doesn’t have to be great or groundbreaking to mean something profound to someone.
  • Some poor bastard got up to ask what Esmail would do to end the story if USA CANCELLED the show. The whole crowd turned on him.
  • Elliot likes drawing penises in his notebook, FYI. Just warning you if you flip through it at Barnes & Noble with someone looking over your shoulder.

2) Smaller Discussion Panels Have Restorative Powers

Hour 13 of 16. Fueled by caffeine and the Capaldi high.

Hour 13 of 16. Fueled by caffeine and the Capaldi high.

Marquee TV and Film panels with the stars are the bread and butter of Comic Con, but no con experience is fully complete without taking part in the smaller discussion panels. By luck of scheduling, the “Moving Beyond the Strong Female Character” panel was in the same room as the annual “Your Opinion Sucks” panel, so we able to make ourselves nice and comfortable in Room 1A18 for the rest of our Friday. (Sitting for 2 and a half hours is SUCH A LUXURY, Y’ALL.) It turns out that the discussion panel was as revitalizing for our minds and souls as it was for our bodies. Panelists Sam Maggs (The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy), Jody Houser (Cupcake POW!), Jill Pantozzi (The Nerdy Bird), Amy Chu (currently writing the Poison Ivy comics for DC), and Jen Bartel (artist for Jem and the Holograms) led an hour-long discussion about our favorite female characters, what we can do to promote female driven stories and creators, and why the term “Strong Female Character” is incredibly limiting. It was like Gatorade for our tired man-splained souls. –Kim

  • The panel immediately dove into how the stereotypical description of a “strong female character” (aka a “tough” woman who kicks ass) can tend to be one dimensional and limiting. “It’s not a STRONG female character I’m aiming for, it’s an INTERESTING one.” Strong means more than just physical strength. Strong can and should encompass flaws and intellect and complex human emotions, not just physical strength. This x 100.
  • Favorite female characters shouted out: Imperator Furiosa, Catwoman, Sailor Moon, Dana Scully (YAS), Buffy Summers, and Xena.
  • The panel also discussed the “Mary Sue” and how a character who serves as a stand-in for the audience is not always a bad thing. Audiences of all ages and genders need characters they can latch on to.
  • When an audience member brought up the accusation that Star Wars‘ Rey was a Mary Sue, the panel scoffed. “No one ever watches James Bond and is like ‘UGH, he’s too good at everything he does.'”
  • When asked about the recent boom of complicated female characters in pop culture, the panel posited that it was because of a new generation of writers coming of age. “Everyone who grew up watching The X-Files and Buffy are now at the age to create these types of characters.”
  • Because the universe LOVES irony, the Donald Trump/Billy Bush scandal dropped while we were in this panel.
  • The panel was asked about the Clarke and Lexa debacle on The 100 and they stressed that while the show DID drop the ball (“It was great…until they messed it up.”), it was very important that they attempted to tell the story. People aren’t always going to get it right but what matters is that the door for the discussion was opened.
  • The panel was very pro-Skyler White when they were asked about how the wives of anti-heroes like Walter often get villified. “I think everything she did was justifiable if your husband were a psychopathic meth dealer!”
  • Shout out to the few brave men who got up and asked thoughtful questions during the discussion. The one awkward moment came when a male writer expressed that he had trouble writing a woman dealing with attraction to someone else, essentially saying that he categorized female characters as either constantly pining or sleeping around. Yeesh. “I think you need to stop thinking of your character as a WOMAN and instead as a human being. How do human beings regardless of gender pursue partners?” YES.

Taking the chance to stretch out in between panels on Saturday.

3) The “Your Opinion Sucks” Panel is ALWAYS a Good Time


At our first NYCC in 2013, we attended the “Your Opinion Sucks” panel on a whim because it seemed like it would be fun. Now, at our fourth con, it’s a can’t miss panel for us. It ALWAYS earns a spot on our schedule. If the Strong Female Character panel was Gatorade, this one was a Red Bull. (Main lesson from this post: Stay hydrated at Comic Con, folks.) The premise of the panel is simple: there’s an open mic and a panel of movie and television critics. One by one, audience members get up to the mic and express what they think is an unpopular opinion about a movie or TV show (but usually movie). They get one minute to state their case, usually accompanied by shouts from the audience, and then the panel gets a chance to respond, either telling them they are wrong or agreeing with them. It’s basically a living and breathing internet comment section. Pass the popcorn. –Kim

  • “I LOVE Jurassic Park III! It’s the Citizen Kane of Jurassic Park movies.” That’s it. That’s the panel.
  • Given the nature of this panel, it’s usually dominated by fanboys wanting to defend or trash their favorite obscure comic book movie. If there is one thing we would complain about in regards to this panel, it would be that not enough women (and I’m counting us in that number because we’ve never stood up, even though we have PLENTY of unpopular opinions) are brave enough to get up to the mic. There WAS one girl this year who got up and defended I Know Who Killed Me and it was DELIGHTFUL. “Lindsey Lohan is a STRIPPER. OR IS SHE? That’s what’s beautiful about this movie.” Bless.
  • “For once, we can’t blame Ben Affleck for something.” – The verdict on Batman vs. Superman. Honestly, that should have been the marketing tagline.
  • “Are you asking the Fast and the Furious franchise to make sense? How dare you, sir!”
  • Guy: I would like to discuss The Matrix. Us at our seats: Hoe, don’t do it. Guy: I hated that movie. Cue the fanboys chanting for his badge to be confiscated.
  • I don’t know why we were surprised by this, but a DudeBro got up to trash the genderbent Ghostbusters. To the surprise of NO ONE, the guy hadn’t actually SEEN the movie nor did he realize that Rotten Tomatoes is simply a ratings aggregator and NOT the ones giving out the scores. Cue us screaming from our seats and the delightful dude who defended Jurassic Park III chinhandsing at us the whole time. The panel had the final word though. “Ghostbusters II ALREADY ruined the original, man.”
  • “I genuinely believe Zack Snyder is an auteur.” *deafening groan from the room, thank GOD.* “That doesn’t mean he does good work.” Honestly, THIS GUY should have had his badge taken.

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“You haven’t cornered the market on problems.” – This Is Us Recap – The Pool

source: bigthree.tumblr.com

source: bigthree.tumblr.com

This Is Us Season 1, Episode 4
“The Pool”
Posted by Shannon

I was never one for public pools as a kid. Maybe it’s just because I was already a serious introvert who preferred to stay inside and read all day – plus, being an only child meant there weren’t any siblings around to drag me out of my comfort zone. The public pool that acts as our main focal point this week certainly didn’t do much to change my opinion. It’s rife with chair stealing and checked-out lifeguards, a place where all your deepest childhood insecurities are laid out for all to see and take advantage of. (You don’t have to worry about any of this when your summer hideaway is a movie theater. Rebecca knows what’s up.) But it does give us a perfect place to explore the childhoods of our Big Three and their adult counterparts, who are still wrestling with the dynamics they faced one sultry summer day.


source: bigthree.tumblr.com

source: bigthree.tumblr.com

It’s the middle of the summer, and Jack and Rebecca’s air conditioner is on the fritz. Jack, who has just made his promise to Rebecca to quit drinking and turn his parenting score up to 11, decides to go big right out of the gate. While his renewed focus on being the best possible father and husband doesn’t extend to his air conditioner repair abilities, it does mean he has a grand scheme for a mini-vacation by the pool. Preparations include a beer-free cooler, the book Rebecca has been trying to finish for two years, and a fantastically 80’s “Florida Surf’s Up” alligator shirt. The kids are set to go with minimal drama – Kevin isn’t crazy about Randall’s location preferences, but he’s outvoted, and his sister is just itching for the opportunity to show off her new Care Bear Bikini. (GIRL. I want one.) They’re off to the pool in no time.

source: nbcthisisus.tumblr.com

source: nbcthisisus.tumblr.com

Knowing the crowds and general disarray that awaits them, Rebecca is wary from the get go, but she’s happy to let Jack try to be the perfect father for an afternoon. While he’s four short of the promised five pool chairs, Jack snags one to act as a family base and the kids are let loose. From here, things take a turn pretty quickly for everyone. Kate’s school friends immediately laugh at her outfit and pass an outrageously cruel note to her, Randall slips away to join the black families located way too far from his parent’s sightline, and Kevin ends up in danger after he takes a despondent swim over to the deep end of the pool. Each of the children’s actions have a clear line to the their adult lives, but the way Jack and Rebecca handle the crises is so telling.

For his part, Jack completely proves what Rebecca told him during their confrontation; when he’s paying attention, when he’s truly acting as the best father he can be, he’s an absolute dream. We see that on display right out of the gate, when Kevin storms back to his parents to confront them after they don’t notice that he nearly got lost in the deep end. Jack immediately jumps to Kevin, calms him down, and gives him a short but gorgeous apology. Hearing a parent admit that they made a mistake is incredibly powerful no matter what the age, and while Kevin’s eyes take a while to really calm down, Jack leaves no room for doubt about his regrets and promises to do better. You can’t ask for a better apology than this.

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com
Kate’s troubles took a little bit more finesse. Jack is completely outraged when Rebecca passes him the note from Kate’s friends, but he doesn’t for a minute let on to HER that he’s feeling so much anger towards the girls. Instead, he puts the focus completely on Kate’s feelings, and her emotional safety. Jack spins her a fairy tale, and in a flash, the surfing alligator shirt turns into a mystical set of armor that will make the wearer’s enemies see her exactly as she wants to be seen. Kate declares that she wants to be a princess, and cuddles up immediately. It’s a lovely moment, but it reverberates; while she is comforted by her father, this is the first moment that her confidence begins to shrink away. This is the moment that the kid who could not wait to catwalk poolside began to turn into the adult who avoids the spotlight, won’t sing in public, and hides her dreams away.

source: sylviebret.tumblr.com
While Jack handles the twins, Rebecca is focused on Randall’s disappearing act; she weaves around the crowds in an understandably desperate hunt for her son, only to find him happily playing with the black families at the pool. From the moment Rebecca stormed over and yanked Randall away from his friends, I was holding my breath. It’s understandable that Jack and Rebecca would both have blind spots on how to raise a black child, but when faced with adults of color who were able to call her out on her ignorance, it proved too much for Rebecca in the moment. All the heartbreaking details came to a head here; the razor bumps that Rebecca assumed was a rash, their uncertain glances at each other when Randall asked if he even needed sunblock.

source: waverlyearps.tumblr.com

source: waverlyearps.tumblr.com

Rebecca’s embarrassment at Yvette confronting her came out as aggression, and her response towards Yvette was painfully misguided at best, casual racism at worst. It’s clear that Jack and Rebecca have been out in the cold on this one, keeping their heads down. Worse than that, Yvette points out that they haven’t even bothered to introduce themselves to any of the few black families in the neighborhood. This is EXACTLY what gave me pause when Rebecca was so quick to dismiss William’s desire to check in on Randall from time to time. While her initial bonding with the babies was absolutely vital, William would have been able to offer her and Jack a sounding board on small but important things like razor burn, and vitally, it would have given Randall a black man to identify with in his young life. Instead, they were trying to raise a black child in a vacuum, with no one to talk to but themselves. Of course, it’s likely she wouldn’t have been able to hear William’s advice for what it was, but I can’t help feeling like while it would have been a challenge for Rebecca, it would have been better for Randall.

source: sheoing.tumblr.com
I was proud of Rebecca, ultimately, for knowing she needed to apologize and reach out, at the very least, for Randall’s sake. Yvette accepts Rebecca’s inquiry for the barber’s number gracefully and sees it for the apology it really was. For her part, Rebecca’s relief at having someone to safely and knowledgeably discuss her son’s race with is tangible. Question after question stumbles out of her mouth, and Yvette just gives her a kind laugh. It’s a beautiful moment, made even more complete with a photo at the end of the episode; they’ve become family friends, and while Randall is still left feeling other, he’s not completely alone.

With all three kids calmed, Jack and Rebecca get a few moments to themselves. Rebecca finally makes it to the last page of Misery, and Jack naps with the kids piled on top of him. For now, they all find some peace and quiet, safe in each other’s arms.

source: bigthree.tumblr.com
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“Someone always ends up crying.” – Masters of Sex Recap – Family Only

Masters of Sex Season 4, Episode 6
“Family Only”
Posted by Kim


In the moments after the final credits rolled on “Family Only,” my initial thought was the good old chestnut, “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.” But you know what? Fuck that. I AM mad and I AM disappointed. Because Betty and Helen deserved more than this. And I expected more of Masters of Sex than cheap ass storytelling.

Why was it cheap storytelling? Because it was telegraphed, down to the fucking episode title. As soon as Barton and Bill assured Betty that she shouldn’t worry that Helen’s water breaking was extra bloody and that c-sections are so routine that you could do two before lunch, you KNEW that Helen was doomed. If your audience knows how this story is going to end 21 minutes into the episode, it’s cheap and lazy storytelling.

I get that Masters of Sex is a period piece and that this is exactly how Betty’s story would have unfolded in real life. Same-sex partners had no rights in the eyes of the law in the 70s and the baby WOULD have gone to the grandparents and not Helen’s partner, who was going to raise the baby as her own flesh and blood. I get that. What I don’t get is how the creative team of Masters of Sex decided that this was the most interesting story to tell. It’s not. You know what would have been interesting? Seeing Betty and Helen trying to navigate raising a family together in the face of overwhelming bigotry. What would have been interesting is seeing them struggle but stand firm in their love for each other and for the baby they wanted to raise together. What would have been interesting is seeing the people who believed in them, like Bill and Virginia and Barton, surround them with love and understanding. Seeing Betty lose not only her partner but the child she so desperately longed for in one fell swoop? THAT’S NOT INTERESTING. And the fact that it was all crammed into the last five minutes of what was otherwise a cracking good episode of television? That, my friends, is what we call a sucker punch. And what are sucker punches? CHEAP SHOTS.

What pisses me off the most about this whole debacle is that it makes it harder for me to appreciate how GOOD the actors were in it. Annaleigh Ashford has long been the MVP of Masters of Sex and she DELIVERED in this episode. She expressed Betty’s joy and fear and grief so perfectly and she did it all with her face wiped clean of Betty’s usual mod make-up. She was a pillar of support as Helen dealt with the pain of her parents’ disownment. She was a fierce Mama Bear as she fought for Helen’s medical treatment and expressed her fears about her condition. She was incredibly selfless in calling Helen’s parents at great personal risk to herself because she knew that was what her partner wanted. She was incredibly gentle as it became clear that Helen was circling the drain and she didn’t want her to panic or be afraid. And she was beautifully numb when Helen’s parents shut her out of the nursery declaring it was for family only. (God, at LEAST have the nerve to say it to her face.) Ashford was EVERYTHING in this episode. She deserves a meaty storyline because she is capable of delivering but again I go back to “WHY THIS STORY?”. It all around sucks and I’m angry and disappointed. We all deserve better than this.



I guess other things happened in this episode too. Like I said, I’m having a hard time caring, but I’ll try.

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16 Things We Learned at New York Comic Con 2016, Part I


Posted by Kim and Sage

I don’t have any grey hairs yet, so I’m marking the aging process by how tired I get when someone even MENTIONS Comic Con. Some people’s bodies show evidence of long-term damage from playing sports or running a marathon. I want to know about the long-term effects of standing on a cement floor in a pair of Toms for five hours straight.

But New York Comic Con is a tentpole event of our year and endure, we must. Once again, we headed back to the Javits for four full days of fandom fun. (I usually say “nights” too, but we left the after-parties to the kids this year. Your grandmas had to go home to watch their shows.) As ever, NYCC was a learning experience. And we’re here to pass those lessons along to you. –Sage

1. Tapping in Is the Way of the Future

Head Over Feels line selfie NYCC

The principle difference between New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con is the fact that they clear their mainstage hall between each panel. (Would that SDCC could figure out a way to clear Hall H between panels, honestly.) For the past two years, NYCC has had a wristband system for their mainstage panels, where each panel had a chute in the queue hall and you would have to pick one to wait in until 10 AM, at which time harried volunteers would then put wristbands on impatient nerds one by one until the panel was capped out. Then, if you wanted to do another panel, you would go into that chute to get another wristband if that panel had not capped out. This system worked because it FORCED you to prioritize your mainstage panels but at the same time it was a sloooooooow process and human error was a big factor. (Notoriously last year, the volunteers gave out wristbands for the Jessica Jones panel to the standby line first, cutting off people who had gotten there much earlier.)

When in line, read fan fic.

When in line, read fan fic.

For NYCC 2016, a new system was implemented. Instead of wristbands, volunteers tapped the RFID chip on the badges, which registered your spot on the panel. Then, when it came time to load people in for panels, you would have to tap your badge to gain admittance into the room. I had some doubts about how this system would work at first, but let me tell you…it worked BEAUTIFULLY. First of all, they started tapping our badges almost as soon as the initial rush got settled into the chutes, allowing the crowds to either go get in the line for the show floor or another mainstage line. Second, you got an email confirmation from the system as soon as your badge was tapped, leaving no room for doubt that you would indeed be attending that panel. Third, it allowed the NYCC app to give constant updates on the status of each panel and whether or not they had capped. (For example, we got buzzed that the Iron Fist panel had capped before we even made it into the queue hall on Saturday morning.) Fourth, it slowed the crush of humanity and the race for good seats when they were loading everyone into the room for the panels because every single person had to have their badge tapped. It was all dignified and organized and dare I say CALM which was refreshing as hell. Well done, NYCC. Four for you.

I also have to give a bonus shout-out to the staff of NYCC for choosing to allow the crowd to be loaded into the Javits Center on Sunday morning MUCH earlier than normal due to inclement weather. A little kindness goes a LONG way, especially on the last day of a long weekend. Snaps. –Kim

2. “Native Stories” Are Maybe Not Ethan Hawke’s Area of Expertise

Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth NYCC

Our first panel was our most problematic one. Well. Nice to get it out of the way.

For Reality Bites/Before trilogy/Dead Poets reasons, we checked out the panel Ethan Hawke was speaking on, along with artist Greg Ruth. They were talking about a black-and-white graphic novel they collaborated on called Indeh:  A Story of the Apache Wars. The panel was titled “Native Stories.” Guess how many Native people were sitting on the dais. Goose egg.

I haven’t read this book. And both Ruth and Hawke seemed to be passionate about presenting a quintessentially American story from a history that’s shamefully ignored. I won’t make a judgment about who can tell whose stories, though I have many, MANY thoughts about it. What I want to talk about is the collaborators’ responses to serious and frankly obvious questions about strapping on the ol’ cultural blinders. Moderator Abraham Reisman from Vulture introduced the elephant in the room, asking if Ruth and Hawke ever had any qualms about being two white men writing and framing a Native American narrative.

Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth NYCC


You guys. The mental and verbal gymnastics that these men did. It was almost inspiring. Tone-deaf and drowning in privilege, but inspiring. The answer pinged back and forth between Ruth and Hawke and lasted for nearly ten minutes. The conclusion Hawke came to was this: “We’ve given ourselves a harder time for this than anyone.” OH OKAY. Great news, y’all. An artist accused himself of cultural appropriation; thought about it long and hard; and then found himself not guilty. The justice of it all. The ability of white cis straight men to forgive themselves while outside criticism ricochets off them like bullets off Luke friggin’ Cage is truly amazing.

Oh, Hawke mentioned that he’d given the galleys of the book to two of his castmates on The Magnificent Seven: Martin Sensmeier, who grew up in a Tlingit community in Alaska, and Jonathan Joss, who was born in Texas and has Comanche and Apache blood. He told the audience that the actors “and their entire families” had a LOT of feedback for him. And he didn’t volunteer the nature of that feedback, so I’m guessing it wasn’t positive.

Ethan Hawke and Greg Ruth NYCC

That conversation came about when an audience member asked the panelists if they’d spoken with any indigenous people while working on the book. Hawke went on and on about how “inviting too many” people into the creative process “dilutes” it. (???????) The whole first half of the panel was all about how these two poured blood and sweat into this book in their selfless effort to tell this story accurately, but a couple of notes from an ACTUAL Apache would have derailed the whole exercise? And how is handing over a finished copy to the only native folks in your immediate vicinity so they can tell you how great it is comparable to responsible cultural storytelling? I hope they recorded this and reviewed the game tapes of this one later, because GEEZ. –Sage

3. Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Alex Kingston Like Each Other A Whole Lot

Matt Smith Jenna Coleman Alex Kingston panel NYCC

NYCC 2016 was overflowing in riches when it came to Doctor Who. (About time, really. This is our fourth year going and other than a Big Finish panel in 2013 and a Q&A with Arthur Darvill in 2014, Doctor Who has been incredibly absent from NYCC.) Not only did we get a panel with the current TARDIS team (more on that later), we got a nostalgia panel with Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor), Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald, queen of our hearts), and Alex Kingston (River Song). We have had the pleasure of seeing Alex and Jenna on panels at other conventions but we’ve never had the pleasure hearing Matt Smith talk about his time in the TARDIS in person. All three of these cupcakes are great on their own but putting them together on one panel? That is something special, friends. It was such a delight to see the genuine affection they have for each other and the way they played off of each other. That hour FLEW by. –Kim

  • Want a lesson on how tabloid reporting works? Matt quipped that he was on a panel with his wife and his girlfriend and MINUTES later there was an article on Radio Times proclaiming “Matt Smith calls Clara The Doctor’s Girlfriend!!” (They even pulled one of our tweets as proof of this statement, thanks guys!) Never mind that Matt totally said it tongue in cheek.
  • Jenna is fresh off the success of Victoria and Matt made no bones about fawning over his former co-star? “You’re getting a Christmas Special? Bloody Hell!” HE’S SO PROUD OF HER.
  • Matt also has done the math for the character he plays in Netflix’s The Crown and Jenna’s Victoria. “Great-great-great-son-in-law. So TECHNICALLY we could get it on.” Okay, we’re all agreed that everyone was a little bit in love with Jenna, yes? Yes. Moving on.
  • There was a LOT of discussion about Arthur Darvill’s role on Legends of Tomorrow. “To me, he’s always Silly Old Rory with his strange face,” Matt quipped when asked if Arthur was better at playing a Time Lord-esque character than him. Alex added to the brain melting Whovian family tree by factoring in HER role as Sara Lance’s mother on Arrow. “My daughter on Arrow is now on Legends with my father. Technically, Rip is Sara’s grandfather?” THAT MAKES SHIPPING THEM PROBLEMATIC, WHOOPS.

Matt Smith Jenna Coleman Alex Kingston panel NYCC

  • Not seen in any of these pictures: Alex’s IMPRESSIVE statement ring.
  • Alex prefers Capaldi’s TARDIS to Matt’s. I also think she said this to rile Matt up because he was notoriously jealous that she went back to Doctor Who because he’s more than a little possessive of River as Eleven’s person. She also said that Ten’s TARDIS “felt a little like being inside a pumpkin.”
  • Jenna originally auditioned for Mels. “They were never going to cast me as Karen Gillan’s best friend because I’m just too short for her!”
  • Matt was asked when he would be following Karen and David’s lead by joining a Marvel franchise. “My question is…when will they ask me?” SOON PLEASE AND THANK YOU.
  • As tends to be the norm on panels like these, there was a lot of love for Billie Piper and Rose Tyler. Matt picked her as the companion he would have liked to have worked with (“She’s my friend and I like her.”) and Alex told a story of getting smashed with Bills at a bar after they did a convention together. Add that tidbit to the tales John Hurt told of drinking with Billie while they were filming the 50th and you have the person WE most want to party with from the Doctor Who family.
  • “It was amazing…I shit my pants though.” – Matt getting real about shooting the TARDIS arriving in Trafalgar Square for the 50th Anniversary.

Matt Smith Jenna Coleman Alex Kingston panel NYCC

  • Matt commented that some of his favorite scenes he filmed with Jenna were the more domestic scenes between Clara and Eleven. He specifically pointed out the scene in “The Bells of St. John” where Eleven set out a platter of Jammy Dodgers for a sleeping Clara which OUCH. Clara and the Doctor is SO REAL.
  • Drinking often proved the only way to battle the cold Welsh weather…or so Alex claimed when Matt called them out for drinking red wine all while filming “The Time of Angels” and “Flesh and Stone.”
  • Alex is in complete favor of River Song joining forces with Torchwood if the reboot happens. YES PLEASE OH MY GOD.
  • “He’s like a jazz musician. But in space.” – Matt perfectly summing up his interpretation of The Doctor.
  • “I quite like that one with The Devil.” – Matt picking his favorite RTD episode and proving that his taste is exquisite because “The Satan Pit” is FLAWLESS. Fight us.
  • The moderator dared to suggest that Clara was a bad teacher because she missed so much time on her adventures with The Doctor. Jenna shut that shit down IMMEDIATELY, reminding him that Clara’s agreement with The Doctor involved taking her back to the moment she left so she WOULDN’T miss anything in her normal life. Queen.

Matt Smith Jenna Coleman Alex Kingston panel NYCC

  • Doctor Who, at its core, is a show about love. In all forms. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.” – Alex Kingston, gloriously shutting down all the Noromo Whovians.
  • When the panel was asked if anyone ever broke anything on set, both ladies turned and pointed at Matt. “I am Matt and I am clumsy,” he said ruefully. The Drunken Giraffe is a real thing, y’all.
  • Jenna: “I broke the TARDIS on my first day. It was awful.” Matt: “You just broke my heart.” WHY IS HE LIKE THIS?
  • Alex hopped to Matt’s defense when one fan accused him of leaving the show too soon. “Do you KNOW how hard they work the Doctors?” Then she recounted Capaldi’s exhausting schedule while they were filming “The Husbands of River Song” and it made me want to take a nap.
  • “That’s one of my great regrets. That I didn’t get a full season with Jenna.” He also called her “Coleman” at one point, really we’re fine.

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A Mother and Child Reunion – Supernatural Recap – Keep Calm and Carry On

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Supernatural: Season 12, Episode 1
“Keep Calm and Carry On”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

It was a long hellatus but damn, are we back with a “mother”fucking bang. Mary Winchester is back and she is taking no prisoners, except for perhaps a few in her own mind, as she adjusts to having been dead for 33 years. We have a new big baddie in the form of a human woman: Toni Bevell, a Woman of Letters from the UK. She wears jodhpurs. We all basically hate her already. But with two strong women leading us into season 12, our reaction gifs will be other kick-ass female characters we love. Welcome to Season 12 of Supernatural. Hold on to your heart.


Source: thespookylordmisha

THE STORY SO FAR: All of last season. Read our recap because we are not going through all of that again. Music game is already on point, with the montage accompanied by April Wine’s “Bad Boys.”

We open exactly where we left off: Dean in the woods in the middle of nowhere, staring at the face of his now-alive mom (thanks, Amara!). Dean reaches for his mom. She, in turn, sends Dean to the ground with a serious arm behind the back hold (and a kick to the ribs, we think) and asks, “Where am ? Who the hell are you?”  Dean responds, “I’m Dean Winchester. I’m your son.”  And Mary quite reasonably shoots back, “No, my Dean is four years old.”  “I was,” Dean says. “When you died.”  And Mary’s memory of the night that started it all comes rushing back. She lets go with a gasp.

Dean offers her a quick run of facts: when she was born and to whom, where they lived, everything Dad told him. He tells her when she and John met and how, and gives her enough details that she believes the unbelievable. She even ends his story by saying, “And then I burned.” Both Jensen Ackles and Samantha Smith (Mary) are to be credited for their acting in this scene, and we love Mary instantly. When they finally hug, it yanks heartstrings right out. Dean’s face is everything we have been waiting for, as he gets something he thought was out of reach forever.

Source: the-clumsy-one-from-paris

Source: the-clumsy-one-from-paris

A truck driver is heading down the road when a meteor blows right through a billboard for “The Mystery Spot”and damn near into his truck. Dawn briefly holds her breath for a cameo and is only slightly disappointed when the meteor turns out to have been Castiel. So now we know what happens to angels when they are banished. He wants to know where he is, specifically how far he is from Lebanon, KS. It’s three hours. Cas wastes no time. The driver’s mind is wiped clean, he falls to the ground, and Cas takes the truck. Awww. His first grand theft auto.

Source: consultingpiskies

Source: consultingpiskies

Dean and Mary are sitting on a bench, talking about how John died and how the boys became hunters, and how often she has actually met her adult son, both alive and dead. She remembers nothing of the meetings, and is trying to wrap her head around everything. “It’s a lot,” Dean says. “I know it’s a lot.” This is the understatement of the decade.

Now we are outside an unknown house, and the British bitch who shot Sam is waking up the cranky doctor who lives inside. She shows him the trussed and bleeding Sam she has in her trunk and calmly tells him to remove the bullet from Sammy’s leg. The doc, who is actually a veterinarian, is like “WTF, no”; Toni (with a Chuck-damned i at the end, FFS) is like “how about YES” (helped by her bodyguard showing off his piece), telling him, “Animals, people, they’re all meat.” She’s charming. We can’t wait until Mary kills her. Doc is still like, “nope.” He changes his mind when she opens her bag and flashes literally piles of bound $100s. He’s now very helpful. Student loans are a bitch, yo.

Now there’s a dead guy with his eyes burnt out lying on the floor of another house. Crowley (Hail to the king!) is looking over him, a rather thoughtful expression on his face. Two guys in suits – sorry, demons in suits – come through the door. The chubby bearded one is bitching about work; the bespectacled one seems more gung-ho about working for Lucifer. They find the dead guy on the floor; Crowley is not there. Our king is eavesdropping, angel blade in hand. The demons are there to clean, then “go meet the man.”

Back to Toni, who is on the phone telling her kid that she misses them and loves them “so, so much.” All while Sam is chained and bound to a wooden chair (that looks like it was made by a freshman wood shop class) in the basement. Also she is still wearing jodhpurs, which Dawn finds irrationally infuriating.

Dawn: Who wears jodhpurs to a torturing? And she’s not even wearing riding boots with them. Who wears pumps with jodhpurs? I hate her already.

Jay: Also, like, who the hell picks the the open door leading to your prisoner as the one place in your hideout to talk to your kid on the phone? That just screams poor planning; leaking your one true vulnerability within any distance of your enemy. ALSO, super cliche dressing the British girl in horse riding attire. Jodhpurs with a blue blazer. Come on we get it already, “She’s not from round these parts, ya’hear.”

We are calling her Jodhpurs from now on. Jodhpurs has a friend, who happily jolts Sam awake with a cattle prod as Jodhpurs takes a seat and says, “Now, Sam, let’s begin.” Sam knows who she is and he would like to know where they are, because…


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Essentially, the British branch of the Men (and Women) of Letters has been watching our boys “for years” and they are rather fed up with the Winchester penchant for breaking the world, so they’ve decided “things need to change.” Cue the unearthly laughter of several thousand preternatural beings who are like, “You have not been paying attention.” Sassy Sam is sassy. Jodhpurs assures Sam that if he just answers her questions, he can walk right out the door. Sam essentially tells her to go fuck herself and reminds her that he has been tortured by no less than Lucifer, “And you, you’re just an accent in a pantsuit. What can you do to me?” Freezing cold water boarding, apparently. We are always up for some soaking wet Sammy, but this is definitely not our kink. He is shivering before long, but that doesn’t keep him from telling them both again, “Screw you.”


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Dawn: I would also like to point out that the cold shower is a sprinkler attached to a garden hose and stuck to the ceiling. Frankly, I expected more from the London Chapter.

Jay: First, Sassy Sammy is best Sammy, and his outlook on torture is getting hilarious. Second, I just want to have a Sam Winchester torture counter, cause, like, what is this, 5-6 times now? At least once every season since he came back from the cage. In fact, I think the whole season after he got his soul back should count twice.

To the Bunker! Where there is blood on the floor and an angel banishing sigil on the wall. Dean hands his mother a revolver that was taped underneath the map table and goes to search on his own. Mom does the same, briefly fascinated by the books in the library. She hears a door open, ducks into a doorway, then turns the gun on the intruder: “Hands in the air, get on your knees.” Damn, Mom.


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It’s Cas, who has about as much patience as Mary right now. He wants to know who she is; she doesn’t give two fucks what he wants. Dean walks in to see his mother training a gun on his best friend. He gets mom to stand down, and is rewarded with a huge bear hug from Cas. Dean’s embarrassed but relieved smile is precious. He wants to know where Sam is; Cas wants to know how he is still alive. Mary wants to know who the hell her son is talking to.

Dean: He’s an angel.
Mary: Come again?

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Source: canonspngifs

We loved us some Casifer but damn, it’s good to have Castiel back. Our angel briefly explains what happened, but he doesn’t really know much. Dean does a quick computer search, then decides it’s time to head out.

Hold on your hearts, please. Dean takes Mary to see Baby. “Hi, sweetheart,” she says softly to the Impala. “Did you miss me?” And this is us:

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

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