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  1. “A Fitting Legacy” – Sleepy Hollow Recap

    November 24, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 9


    Greetings, Sleepy Heads!  I’m super late in posting this recap, so let’s get right to it, shall we?  “Mama” was a densely packed episode filled with details about Abbie and Jenny’s troubled past and their relationship with their mother Lori. It fully utilized the ENTIRE cast (okay, maybe a little short on Ichabod, but he’s done the heavy lifting as of late, so it’s fine) and was packed with GENUINE thrills.  Basically, it was the best episode since the season premiere.  To the ratings!


    Considering that Tarrytown Psych is practically a character on the show, it’s amazing that it took 22 episodes for Sleepy Hollow to explore the whole “Haunted Asylum” trope.   Building on the new trust established in “Deliverance”, Reyes calls Abbie in to investigate a rash of suicides at Tarrytown (“If I had handed this to someone else you wouldn’t have given me a moment’s peace.”).  (Also SEE important things happened in “Deliverance”.)  Much to Abbie’s horror, when she and Jenny (HI I MISSED YOU AND YOUR EYEBROWS) review security footage, they see the ghost of their mother Lori Mills in the room with all the patients right before they kill themselves.  Question: was anyone ELSE able to see Lori on these tapes?  If so, I think Reyes could have phrased it better when she put Abbie on the case (“Hey, Mills, the ghost of your crazy mother is killing people at Tarrytown, can you look into that?”).  This case forced Abbie and Jenny to face their demons, literally and figuratively as they grappled with their feelings regarding their mother and Abbie had her eyes opened to just exactly what Jenny went through while she was an inmate (“I can’t imagine what it was like for you.”  “You learn to deal with the abuse.” UGH my heart.).  What’s the most interesting about the sisters in this episode is how they automatically revert to their childhood roles, with Abbie being the protector of her little sister.  I’ll get into that more in the Shippy Section.

    As Abbie and Jenny delve further into the case, they come to realize that their mother is NOT the one responsible for killing all the patients at Tarrytown (thank God, cause they have enough issues with Mama without her being a mass murderer).  Instead, they discover that it is the super sweet (and therefore super creepy) Nurse Lambert (wonderfully played by Hope and Gloria‘s Cynthia Stevenson) who is dosing patients with a sodium pentothal cocktail and then playing on their despair in order to drive them into taking their own lives.  (She would have been friends with The X-Files‘ Robert Patrick Modell, yes?)  Lambert was executed in the 50’s for being an “Angel of Mercy”, so her ghost has been wandering around the halls of Tarrytown, preying on the weak for decades (but seriously, how are they JUST NOW taking notice of this?”).  She tormented Lori, who despite fighting valiantly, eventually gave into her taunts of calling her a bad mother and killed herself (I am grateful that Abbie and Jenny learned this at least, so they could start to get some closure).  In “Mama”, Nurse Lambert set her sights on Frank Irving, so if shit wasn’t personal with Lambert and Abbie before (HA! It was SO personal), it sure is NOW. Let’s talk about Frank for a second.  It’s amazing that despite his soul belonging to Henremy and being stranded in Tarrytown by a terrible storyline that Frank has managed to maintain both his integrity and a shred of hope that everything will work out for him.  After all, he did this to save his family, and he would do it again.  So I think it’s interesting that despite her reputation for preying on the weak, Nurse Lambert goes after the two STRONGEST characters on the show (Frank and Abbie) and tells them to end it all, that they are “soul(s) that are crying out for it”.  (Abbie’s response to that? “Go to Hell, Bitch.” #Queen) Lambert attacks both Frank and Abbie at their very foundations, and it was TRULY terrifying to see Frank despondently get into the industrial bathtub and tie himself to the bottom.  (Again…sorry for the screaming, neighbors.)  I think Frank serves as an interesting parallel to Lori here, as they are both fundamentally strong characters battered down by their circumstances and the hopelessness that surrounds Tarrytown Psych.

    “Some of us are not strong enough to bear the burden,” Lambert sneers at Abbie as she compares her to Lori.  But you know who IS strong enough to bear the burden? Grace Abigail Mills, that’s who.  Like her mother, Abbie never stopped fighting against Lambert, even as she was forcibly having her mouth opened to swallow the pills (Seriously, this episode was the stuff of nightmares because it had SO MUCH grounding it in reality).  Unlike her mother, Abbie was not alone in her fight, and that made all the difference.  As we have long suspected, magical ability DOES lie in the Mills Family, as Lori directs Jenny to a journal that has a hex that can banish Lambert from whence she came (the journal dated back to Grace Dixon.  Remember her?).  While Jenny performs the hex, Lori protects Abbie with everything that she has, just as she did while she was alive.

    Three are better than one, bitch. Science.

    Thanks to Sleepy Hollow’s own Nurse Ratched, I bestow “Mama” with 9 out of 10 Sandmen.


    The sass in this episode principally comes from Sickabod Crane, who is sidelined from the action by a dreadful cold.  Sickabod is everything you would want him to be.  He’s in denial that he’s actually sick, claiming he fought battles while suffering from dysentery.  He’s petulant, refusing to rest and drink the fluids Abbie gives him (Abbie:”It’s quiet time now.”).  He struggles to open child-proof bottles (It’s okay, Sicky, we all do).  Basically, he’s struck down in the “pribe of libe”.

    Are you saying you don’t want to get with this?

    Sickabod also discovers the wonders of Matzo Ball Soup in the episode, thanks to Hawley (though I prefer Egg Drop Soup when *I* am sick).  In typical Ichabod fashion, however, he refuses to give Hawley the satisfaction of knowing that he was helpful, declaring the soup “somewhat comforting”, despite the look of sheer ecstasy on his face.  None for you, privateer.  NONE FOR YOU.  Hawley fires back at Sickabod, calling him “Mr. Woodhouse”, proving my theory that he sits at home researching  potential nicknames for Ichabod, because you can’t tell me he is THAT well versed in Jane Austen.  Also, now I need to see Tom Mison playing Mr. Knightley, please and thank you.


  2. “You better listen to Meatball.” – The Mindy Project Recap

    November 23, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    mindy project breaking bad

    Season 3, Episode 7: We Need to Talk about Annette
    Season 3, Episode 8: Diary of a Mad Indian Woman
    Posted by Sage

    Welcome to a very special two-for-one The Mindy Project recap! Let’s pretend that this was the plan the whole time and that I wasn’t forced into this by my own over-scheduling. It’s not the end of the world; “We Need to Talk about Annette” and “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman” make a nice little set of TMP episodes, being as they are about Danny and Mindy’s ongoing efforts to fit the puzzle pieces of their lives together.

    The former dealt with the places where Mindy and Danny’s codes of ethics just don’t add up. Mindy has the same outlook towards little white crimes as I do (“It’s not against the law if everybody does it.”), while Danny is – to no one’s surprise – more rigid. (“We go dancing, I make sure the club has a valid cabaret license.”) They have to reconcile these two views when Mindy takes Annette shopping and Danny’s Maverick dream of a bomber jacket walks out the door with them.

    Special shout-out to Annette and Dot, the Golden Girls of Staten. I hate that we’re neglecting Mindy’s coworkers this season, but I can’t hold that against these ladies. I wish I were 35 years older, so I could tag along with them to Synchronized Seniors Aqua Disco and Passion of the Christ movie nights. (“This is my favorite part – Judas is getting his coins.”) It also makes sense to have Annette be witness to, if not always the source, of Danny and Mindy’s conflicts.

    Mindy has no issue with “victimless” crimes that movie torrents and anime pornography. Her honor code comes into play when Danny might get hurt. He’s delighted that his “two best girls” are getting along, then Mindy is forced to decide whether or not to tell Danny that the new crown jewel of his wardrobe is hot. “Hot” like stolen, I mean. But also “hot” like let’s lock the door and put on “Take My Breath Away” and see what happens.

    the mindy project danger zone

    The Annette/Danny/Mindy dynamic doesn’t feel old yet, because the alliances shift. Sometimes, Annette is solidly on Mindy’s side. (“I used to listen in on his confessions – so boring…I’m glad he’s with someone who pushes his buttons.”) But she also counts on the endlessly forgiving, look-the-other-way nature of her “little Blue Angel.” The struggle of dating a mama’s boy is real. After Mindy uncomfortably broaches the shoplifting topic with Danny (“I just wanna say that your mom’s keepin’ her body real tight.”), he invites her to a Catholic shame dinner, to reap the guilt that her inaccurate though not entirely baseless accusation over Tamra’s missing charm bracelet deserves. (“Mindy doesn’t understand social mores – she’s from Boston.”)

    keep calm and don't mention

    She brought up the thing even though Jeremy warned her not to bring up the thing. (Jeremy, from the motherland of not mentioning the thing until everyone who knows about the thing is dead.) But even Danny can’t hold up his mother’s side of the story when the blue security tag on his bomber jacket blows. Bolstered by old-world righteousness, he marches his girls back to the store. But first, he apologizes to Mindy for doubting her. He should know that she’d never make up a story like that without cause, because it certainly didn’t earn her any points with either Castellano. Despite being somewhat abused the whole episode, Mindy saves the day at the store. When it’s clear that the management is taking the theft a little more serious than they expected, Mindy challenges Danny and the “do the crime, do the time” philosophy he internalized early through mass and Dragnet reruns. Annette is family. The rules don’t apply to her, or to Danny and Mindy’s drunk trust fund kid, who’ll need occasional rescuing from the White Party.

    look like mindymindy eyes up here
    Meanwhile, we and Peter had to bid a cheese-covered farewell to historic romance novelist Abby Berman, who seemed like Dr. Prentice’s ideal woman. Their nights of crazy sex were not followed by mani-pedi appointments, brunch, or visits to passive aggressive sisters (“What’s this monster you’re describing?”) but with “hard lemmies” and “outlandish football bets.” Even Tamra is quite adorably on board with Peter and her best friend hitting it off. Who knew Tamra cared about any of coworker’s love lives or general happiness? Unfortunately for those of us who adore and appreciate Allison Tolman (that better be all), the momentum of Peter’s sprint into adulthood is holding steady. He’s figuring out that he has all kinds of choices and that Abby’s non-stop party lifestyle not necessarily being right for him doesn’t mean that their time together was a waste. They had fun, she’s great, no one got hurt. What a grown-up break-up.

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  3. Dancing On My Own – Scandal Gif-Cap

    November 22, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    scandal dancing

    Season 4, Episode 9: Where The Sun Don’t Shine
    Posted by Sage

    All the fixers who independeeeent. Throw your hands up at meeee.

    Scandal winter finale….go.

    “Liv, we will find him.”  Liv sits silently watching Jake and Fitz plan, looking not at all confident that they will.

    2 broke girls dead inside

    “Did they show it to you? The place where your father kept me? Did you see it?” Mama Pope is back! And she’s got some complaints about the accommodations at Chez B6-13.

    this house is a fucking prison

    “Murder, terrorism, treason, to start…As for my father, hunt him, find him, and kill him.” You heard the lady.

    twd butcher or cattle

    “What did you do to him?” Ugh, Huck’s kid is kind of a crybaby tbh.


    “And the vice president…” “Of the United States?” Not the conspirator you were expecting.

    joe biden ladies watch out

    “There’s a special place in hell for woman who spout that entire quote to support their bad behavior.” YOU BETTER LET ‘EM KNOW.

    scott pilgrim deserve each other

    “Elizabeth is in bed with your vice president. Both literally and figuratively.”

    ewan yeah a lot

    “‘Explicit gay sex’ is how we’re describing these photos.”  You’re not wrong.

    jgl well said

    “So,  Cyrus would basically own me.” “As opposed to just renting.”

    west wing sam and his prostitute friend

    “A kill card is the shut down procedure for B6-13.”

    sherlock thinkn i'm going to die

    “Doesn’t the fact that we could go any minute make you just want to affirm life, Robin?” We all saw this coming.

    karen fun place to sit

    “We need a fingerprint.” “Well, we do have a finger.” Quinn uses a severed finger to trick the scanner, like it ain’t no thing.

    it crowd more normal

    “I don’t need a gun, why would I need a gun?” I don’t know, maybe because of all the people who want you dead?


    “The sun went down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up.” Poetry.

    south park kanye

    Andrew and Lizzie Bear have sex in her office. Gross. (Show me more.)

    golden girls want details

    “Most important document of his presidency – completely artless.” Everyone’s a critic.

    the office keep it simple

    “Today, sir, I’m a joke. A punchline. I’m of no help to you.” Dammit, Cyrus.

    jerry pie parks

    “Thank you for your service, Cy. It’s been an honor.” I don’t think anything that happened in that White House could be called “honorable,” but I’ll let him have this one.

    hunger games salute

    “Is it true that you’ve been subpoenaed by the Attorney General?” Abby has to be deposed by her ex. That won’t be at all awkward, surely.

    simpsons awkward

    “Do you have an alibi for the night of March 25th?” “Yes.” “Who?” “Leo Bergen.” AW SHIT.

    tyra banks damn

    And now, a brief slow jam interlude. “Myyyyy endless looooooveeeee…”

    beyonce jt dancing


    dany betrayed me

    “What are you doing here?” “Songs in the Key of Life. Remember the first time I played this for you?” Actually, trying to forget everything about you, psycho dad.

    erasing you eternal sunshine

    He pulls a gun on her. “SIT.” So, we can call this charade officially over then?

    like a father

    “You can’t disappear, become a normal person. Because dad? You’re not normal.”

    hey weirdo scrubs


    30 rock don't be so dramatic

    “It is your life that is sad. It is you who cannot be normal. It is you who has no comprehension of love.” I don’t know, guys. Haven’t we been having this same conversation for 6 or 7 episodes?

    frozen don't know what love is

    “So what? Your stomach turns every time you look at me? Well let me be the one to break it to you, Olivia. You are simply looking in the mirror.”

    heidi don't look good

    “Olivia? Watch yourself.” She picks up the gun. She won’t do it, but I wish she would.

    breakin bad do it

    She pulls the trigger – there’s no bullet.
    “Are you kidding me Are you kidding me? You just shot your own father.” 

    don't play games with me

    “Stevie Wonder sang. And you were out in ten minutes. No matter how hard you try to deny it. You will miss me when I’m gone.”

    gonna miss me so bad

    “Oh, crap. My tooth.” “The new one?…I can’t kill you Robin.” “You hurt me.” “You hurt me first.” Aw. Their twisted relationship actually saved her life.

    knows me darkly

    “You ruined Huck’s life.” “I guess I can…unruin it.” Charlie kept some B6-13 files for himself. Not Huck can prove his story to his wife.

    himym references

    “You have a phD in his crazy. You must have some idea where he is. Where he’s gone. I WANT SOME ANSWERS NOW.” Olivia still thinks she can squeeze something out of Mama.

    gossip girl crazy bitch

    “Girl. You need to move on. All you two do is talk about each other.” I cheered when she called Olivia “boo.”

    your love is weird

    “Cry me a river, Livvie. WHATEVER.” 

    mad men wah wah

    “I’m thinking Europe. They have a long history of accepting failure and disgrace.” I hear there are some openings in Genovia.

    princess diaries fall

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  4. Fan Video Friday – Twelve and Clara

    November 21, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    12 clara

    Posted by Sage

    In the barren TV landscape of summer, we brought you several Fan Vid Fridays – curated collections of the best (and most devastating) fan videos on YouTube. Now, don’t get too attached. The on-season means that Kim and I are drowning in recaps on a weekly basis. There’s no way we can bring you these posts with any kind of regularity between late September and mid-May. (At least not until someone pays us to do this all day.) BUT. But. We are dropping an extra special November edition of Fan Video Friday for you today, in the name of our new favorite May-December (LATE December) romance. Welcome aboard the S.S. Twelve and Clara.

    Doctor/Rose has ruled Head Over Feels since the day this little blog was born. Series 1 and 2 planted this pairing right next to Mulder and Scully on the top of my ship list, and I’ve been stunting for them ever since. How could I ship Eleven and River when the Doctor was clearly still thinking of Rose? I didn’t need another love interest for that regeneration and I’ve been happy to take some of his more wistful comments as proof that one of his hearts was in another dimension. (“This isn’t a ghost story. It’s a love story.”) That was the truth of that character for me.

    But then Steven Moffat cast Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. This all started because the pre-show buzz was so aggressive about insisting that there would be no flirting in this relationship and that this regeneration was no heartthrob and YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, BBC.

    Kim was making fun of me the other night because my dream man is at least 30% emotionally unavailable. (Feelings – when not about TV couples or fried chicken – are gross.) I think I see why in Capaldi’s Doctor and in the other fictional men I idealize. (Josh Lyman, Fox Mulder, Danny Castellano.) Twelve is not effusive. He barely tolerates company. But he needs Clara with him. He desires her company alone. He’d go to hell for her, and he wouldn’t even go to the mailbox for anyone else. There’s something romantic about that, if not particularly healthy. Clara, for her part, is a mess with this guy, which makes her vastly more interesting than Eleven’s Little Miss Perfect. Other features of this ship include alluring age and height differences, and intense eyes on both sides of the equation. No convinced yet? These videos should do the trick.


    I clicked on this video, assuming the wait-they-don’t-love-you-like-I-love-you “Maps.” Instead, it’s an acoustic version of the Maroon 5 track by a mystery female vocalist. (Anyone recognize her? Comment, please!) It’s the perfect song to showcase the tumultuousness of this Doctor/companion relationship.

    “Cross My Mind”

    Lighthearted Twelve/Clara videos exist! I dare you not to smile at this one from beginning to end. It’s set to a jaunty Twin Forks song (“Why don’t you stay for a while/it’s been too long since I smiled/There’s too few people I trust.”) and highlight’s the Doctor’s adorable uncertainty about where he stands with his friend.

    “Stay With Me”

    Inevitable and yet, so necessary.


    In which Clara is way more attracted to the darkness in this Doctor than she’d ever admit. Also, I never before realized how much sexual tension is in the look they share over Danny’s head at the TARDIS door in “The Caretaker.”

    “Love Like This”

    Let’s all live in denial, where Clara Oswald will never leave us.


    You just can’t go wrong with setting a heartbreaking montage to Ryan Adams’s moody cover of “Wonderwall.” Prepare for lingering looks and lots of slow motion.

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  5. “You Have Forsaken Me.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    November 19, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Scandal Season 4, Episode 8

    “The Last Supper”

    Well then.  After beating the crap out of him the last few episodes, Fitz has finally come around to the idea that Jake can be an asset (even if he is doing it purely to get into Olivia’s pants).  And thus the unholy alliance of Olivia, Fitz, and Jake is formed to take Rowan down.  But have they forgotten that you can’t pull one over on command?  Let’s get to the gifs to find out!

    “So now I’m innocent is what you’re telling me.” I mean, he’s always been innocent, but let’s not argue about details.

    “You’re not my friend, Mr. President.” FITZ IS NO ONE’S FRIEND.

    “I don’t want justice, I want to kill your father.” Awkward.

    “I will call you whatever I want to call you.” Even though they are on the same team now, Fitz refuses to treat Jake with respect because he is the worst.

    “You and me…we stand in the sun.” He said “stand in the sun”, so everyone should take a drink.

    “That’s one of our catchphrases.” I love that Jake throws that in Fitz’s face, no matter how childish it is.

    Lizzie’s phone is being bugged and she calls Liv in to find out who it is.

    “No Elizabeth, you’re great, we’re besties.” Cheers to Kerry Washington for her delivery of this line.

    “I don’t have to be your friend to do my job brilliantly.”

    “Consider it handled.”  SHE SAID THE THING, GUYS.

    Andrew’s car was rigged to explode and the only reason he wasn’t in it was because he decided to shake hands with the wait staff.

    “Do not call me unless you are in the hospital.”  Liv’s rant here was VERY Miranda Bailey in the Grey’s Pilot.  She has five rules.

    “I wasn’t aware we were on speaking terms, Dad.”

    “Jake is not family.”  “HE IS TO ME.”

    “I will be here for you long after these boys reveal who they are.”

    “I will always be there waiting for you.”


    Andrew rips Mellie’s shirt off (dig the red bra, gurl) AND THEY DO IT RIGHT THERE IN THE OFFICE.

    David is brought in on the plan to bring down Rowan.  “We need you to handle this discreetly.”

    Fitz goes in for a kiss and Liv DENIES him.  Maybe she still has all her senses after all?

    “You don’t want me to kiss you because of Jake?” No, she doesn’t want to kiss you because YOU ARE GROSS.

    “Is it disloyal to me or is it disloyal to him?” OH MY GOD FITZ YOU TWO ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP.  ENOUGH WITH THE CREEPY.

    “This one’s free, it’s just you and me.” I really need to take a shower after this scene because I feel GROSS.

    “Kiss me Olivia, you know you want to.” SORRY I HAVE TO DO THIS.

    And Liv kisses him passionately.  And I throw things.

    Cyrus confesses to Liv about Micheal.  Liv, queen that she is, remains calm and does not yell at him like I would.

    “He was a whore sent by Elizabeth North to trap me.”

    “They are going to destroy us, everything we’ve worked for.”

    “Clients are plenty, friends are few.” Ain’t that the truth?


  6. Me and My Shadow – Supernatural Recap

    November 19, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    supernatural shadow

    Posted by Sarah and Dawn

    Sarah: I don’t know anything about this episode other than that it maybe involves family drama. I’m still mad at SPN for last ep’s cannibal bullshit.

    Dawn: This is a Kripke ep, so it’s all mythos and dysfunction, all the time. Also there is likely to be some John-rage on my part. Let the angst begin.

    This week’s gif theme is Sleepy Hollow. Because a) why not, and b) Tom Mison.

    sleepy hollow these are good

    Apparently, three hot Winchesters aren’t enough for us. So shall we?

    Season 1, Episode 16: The Benders
    Written by: Eric Kripke

    The Story So Far: brothers, fathers, dysfunction, bickering, and a crazy blonde who is not to be trusted. Also, never let her make a phone call.

    The ever-helpful chyron tells us we’re in Chicago, IL. A slim brunette in an outfit last seen in the 90s (were the 90s retro in 2005?) walks down a dark street with both earbuds in, because this episode was directed by a dude. A guy shoulder-checks our presumably Deadshirt!RockerChick on an otherwise empty street. She continues on, listening to a guitar solo as she rounds the corner onto another dark street. When her sound suddenly cuts out, she stops in the middle of this deserted, dark street, annoyed.

    Sarah:Does SPN even have a woman in the writer’s room? Because I will suspend my disbelief and be all about the monsters, but shit like that is covered in Lady Street Survival 101.
    Dawn: Clearly it’s been a while since you’ve seen the idiots in heels they don’t know how to walk in heading down the street. I still see this shit far, far, far too often.

    Anyway, the music cuts out and the wind screams, MEREDITH, which is probably Deadshirt!RC’s name, and not a subtle admission that Grey’s Anatomy is popular in the demon world.

    sleepy hollow growling

    Deadshirt!Meredith keeps hearing her name called, and she tries to respond. Eventually she realizes that she’s being chased by the world’s creepiest talking shadow and she RUNS all the way home to her alarmed apartment, where she finally relaxes, though she probably shouldn’t because this is, after all, Supernatural. While Deadshirt!Meredith checks her messages, the world’s creepiest talking shadow creeps across some walls and kills her by Wolverining her shadow. There’s even blood spatter on the shadow.

    sleepy hollow crane

    One week later. The boys park Baby across from Deadshirt!Meredith’s building and prepare their Alias of the Week– alarm company employees, complete with costumes Dean cannot stop bitching about. Sam looks chuffed. That’s really the only word for it. Dean is all freaked about the cash (“You think credit card fraud is easy?”), while Sam is pleased as punch to have a uniform to back up their sure-to-be ridic story.

    Sarah: Dean just called Our Town “cute.” ::grumbles::

    The boys easily talk their way inside. The landlady is none too impressed with their company’s services, seeing as how the system had stayed armed the entire time D!M was being torn to pieces inside her apartment. Landlady is kind of awesome in her crabbiness. She gives them a chance to look around, as they want to make sure it “never happens again.” Sam is even more pleased because he isn’t having to lie to make his alias work.

    Once the landlady departs, Dean and Sam get to work. They chat about what Dean was able to glean from his perky, officer-of-the-law friend (Amy, who is charming and perky and a Sagittarius who loves tequila and has a tattoo, because priorities). She couldn’t tell him anything they didn’t already know…except for one little detail they kept out of the papers: D!M’s heart was missing. Dean thinks maybe werewolf, which is a neat little tidbit to tuck away in the back of your SPN mythos file, since actual werewolves won’t show up in this show until Season 2. Sam is convinced it’s a spirit. This seems to spark some kind of idea in Dean’s formerly tattoo-and-tequila-stuck mind, because he takes another look at the blood-spattered carpet and asks Sam to find some masking tape.

    All that Sam is apparently able to find was some kind of black tape (Sarah thinks electrical tape, but Dawn thinks it tears way too easily for that), but that’s fine because all the better to make a weird symbol stand out when Dean starts taping the blood spatter together. Neither of the boys have ever seen that symbol before. Nor does anyone explain how Dean knew exactly what spatter to connect to what spatter, since it didn’t appear that any of them were numbered. Or why some of the spatters didn’t get connected. Maybe Scary Demonbits has a special section that works like Connect the Dots. Or maybe that was a skill Dad taught his boys when they were kids. Seems very John Winchester. “Ok, boys, it’s family fun night! Daddy splattered pig’s blood all over the motel room wall. See how it’s like a bunch of dots? Here’s some tape. Make some shapes for Daddy.” That’s John Winchester. Putting the fun in dysfunctional.

    Sleepy hollow crane surprise

    Anyway. To the bar! (Which is probably where John was while the boys were playing Connect the Spatters. Dawn is still mad at John.)

    At the bar, Dean is chatting up a very pretty bartender. That’s probably an SPN Life Lesson. Been a while since we had one of those! SPN Life Lesson #34: Dean’s priorities are 1) Sammy, 2)hot chicks, and 3) the case; in the event (1) being in danger, (2) & (3) mean NOTHING, along with the rest of the world and everyone in it. But as long as Sammy is ok, bring on the chicks and the weirdness.

    Anyway, Priority #1 walks through the door, so Dean leaves pretty bartender behind. Sammy, Scary Demonbits in hand, is all about the research. But he also knows his brother, so he asks if Dean got anything other than her number. Dean can’t resist for more than a minute before flashing a grin. And the number. Sammy responds with one of the best lines of the night:

    sleepy hollow upstairs brain

    Other than said number, Dean’s come up empty. Meredith was a regular waitress with a regular life, right up until the moment she got Deadshirted. Sammy also doesn’t have much — Dad’s notebook has nothing resembling the symbol they found/entirely made up. They back-and-forth about the first victim, a banker, and then Sam’s attention is suddenly elsewhere, to the point where he gets up without saying a word and make his way across the bar to a blond, sitting alone.

    Hey there! It’s Meg! From “Scarecrow!” Good old “I need to make a call can I borrow blood from your jugular” Meg. She’s super, huh?

    sleepy hollow excuse me

    Well, Sam sure thinks so! Because he has no idea she’s a darksider yet. She flashes him a super innocent a grin and acts totally surprised to see him and he falls for it. Possibly because of the big hug. He’s all kinds of perplexed to discover her in Chicago when she said she’d be in Los Angeles. She has a ready story, and he buys it, eagerly. “Gosh, Sam, what are the odds we’d run into each other?” And Sammy is just smiling away. Oh, Sammy. She MAKES the odds.

    sleepy hollow what is wrong

    Dean clears his throat and Meg snarks at him instantly, causing Sam to have to introduce them. Meg proceeds to lights into Dean for dragging Sam around and treating him like luggage. Dean is understandably WTF and he makes his exit, presumably to go talk to a chick who actually wants him around.

    sleepy hollow exercise freedom

    Once Dean walks away, Meg “apologizes” for snarking at Dean, but is also sure to add that if she were in Sam’s shoes, she’d kill Dean. YEP, SHE SURE WOULD. She oh so subtly suggests they get together while they are both in town, because she will show Sam a “hell of a time.” YEP, SHE SURE WILL. This chick is dropping hints like ANVILS, ffs, but Sam is seemingly oblivious. He takes her number and we also get her last name — Masters. Meg Masters. Get to know her, kittens. She never quite becomes a series regular, but she’ll be popping her infernal little head up for several seasons. She gets better, though, and eventually way more interesting. Winchester’s Honor.

    We leave the bar. Dean understandably wants to know who the hell that was. And hooray! Sammy is not as gullible as we thought. In fact, he thinks it’s crazy weird that he’d run into Meg in Illinois. Way to go, Sam! For the record, it’s because she’s a crazy weird demon lady. You’re welcome!

    sleepy hollow easy target

    Sadly, Sam can’t hear us. And also there is something more pressing at hand, because Dean is pissed. HERE COMES THE FAMILY DRAMA!! Dean asks Sam if he’s being kept against his will and Sam reminds him that back in Indiana (all those episodes ago), they were having a pretty huge fight. And since that’s all over now (it’s never over), Sam wants to get back to the case, which he is sure is their kind of “weird.” And also that Meg is their kind of weird, since he doesn’t buy that her random coincidence is all that random (that’s our Stamford Sammy!) So he suggests a role reversal — Dean does the research while Sam watches the hot (demon) chick. He doesn’t put it that way, of course, but Dean mocks him about it anyway, with a nice call back: “Maybe you’re thinkin’ a little too much with your upstairs brain, huh?.” But he agrees, because priorities. And off they both go to their respective duties.

    duty to one another sleepy hollow

    A few hours later, Dean calls Sammy. He found Meg Masters in Andover — even her high school photo. So nothing useful there. But he was able to find the symbol, which is Zoroastrian magic meant to call up something called a Daeva (which sounds like Beyonce or Lady Gaga but is actually more akin to a “demonic pit bull,” making it nasty in the traditional sense as opposed to the Ms Jackson sense). According to Dean’s research — which included a call to one of Dad’s hunter friends, it takes a major player to control a Daeva. Dean clearly thinks there’s trouble a-brewing.

    Dawn:Do you think the Hunters have lodge meetings where they all sit around drinking cheap whiskey and comparing notes, and instead of watching skin flicks, they watch horror movies and talk about all the things they would have done in place of the dumb teenagers in the movie? Fan ficcers, get on that for us, would you?

    sleepy hollow i like it

    So. Nasty ancient demon, super dangerous to control, requires a major player. We all pretty much know that’s Meg, right? Right.

    And by “we all,” we mean all of us but the Winchesters. Because Dean is totally trying to wingman for Sammy, who hangs up on him.

    Sam is parked outside Meg’s apartment, where there HAPPENS to be an open window, where she HAPPENS to be standing in front of when she HAPPENS to take off her shirt. Screw it, let’s call that SPN Life Lesson #35: Demons are not subtle. (Yet.) Sam watches and is rightfully interrupted by a woman who calls him a pervert.

    sleepy hollow helping

    By the time he’s recovered from his shock at being called out on behavior that is normally Dean’s domain, Meg is dressed and on the street. Sam tails her to a seemingly abandoned building. He tries the door, which is locked and somehow he doesn’t have his lockpick kit on him, so instead he finds an elevator shaft and begins to scale it. You know, like you do. And also it’s kind of hot to watch Sam scale a metal cage (SO much better than last ep’s cage, gotta say).

    He climbs all the way to Meg’s floor, where creepy mannequins and a lot of melty black candles abound. He watches and hears Meg’s bloody phone call home, which makes it very clear that she a) is not who she claims she is and b) knows exactly who they are. Neither he nor we have any idea who she is talking to — certainly someone higher up the demonic food chain than she is, though.

    Meg hangs up, as it were, and blows out the black candles. She leaves the room, which gives Sam the opportunity he needs to squeezes through the grate and get a good long look at her black altar, which comes complete with Meg’s dial-a-demon bowl, all kinds of nifty brass goodies, the Daeva-controlling symbol drawn in blood, and oh look! A burnt human heart.

    sleepy hollow this is unacceptable

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  7. “Are you paying attention?” – The Imitation Game and Benedict Cumberbatch at 92Y

    November 18, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    benedict cumberbatch imitation game

    Posted by Sage

    “He’s the only person who had the power to forgive, in my mind, and he can’t. Because we destroyed him.”

    That’s Benedict Cumberbatch on stage at the 92Y Sunday evening, responding to an audience question about the Queen’s 2013 pardon of World War II codebreaker Alan Turing and whether or not it was “too little, too late.”

    benedict cumberbatch 92y

    The Imitation Game is a fictionalized account of a victory that became a deep national shame. And Benedict is earning Oscar buzz for his portrayal of a brilliant man whose work saved millions of lives before institutionalized homophobia and fear took his legacy and his life. “His photo should be on the covers of textbooks,” Benedict told us. “Not just Maths, but History books.” It’s not, though. And most students won’t hear from their teachers how Alan Turing’s brilliance managed to crack the Nazi’s code and cut the war short by at least two years. Or how the “universal machines” he envisioned and built would become commonly known as “computers.” I first heard of Turing on a This American Life episode that aired right around the famously tardy pardon of his conviction for “indecency,” and like Cumberbatch, I was thunderstuck by the fact that his was not a household name. An “aching need to serve his legacy,” Benedict called the draw he felt to the project. All that Oscar stuff is a bonus.

    benedict cumberbatch imitation

    The screenplay for The Imitation Game was a first time feature by screenwriter Graham Moore and sat on the top of the famous “Black List” – an industry-voted survey of the most promising undeveloped scripts out there. Norwegian director Morten Tyldum (Headhunters) joined the newbie writer to make up an unlikely team to churn out a Best Picture frontrunner. Soon after, Benedict was on board or, in his words, “On board with the idea of being on board.” His Skype chat with Tyldum was followed by an in-person meeting, and soon enough, director and star were in “a beautiful marriage, really.” Don’t say “marriage” in front of your fans yet, Ben. We’re still adjusting. (But seriously, mazel.)

    imitation game interrogation

    The film is a pretty accessible one – its boldness is focused on portraying Turing as he was, without being particularly concerned that the audience will like him. The story is told, as moderator Annette Insdorf described, “in concentric circles.” Three eras of Turing’s life are layered on top of each other and we move between them steadily. In reverse chronological order, they are: his arrest and interrogation in 1951; his application and acceptance into MI6 and his work at Bletchley Park; and finally, a formative year at school with his best and only friend Christopher. The title of this post is the first line in the film – it’s Turing speaking to his interrogator – and the narration is snippets from their interview. “I have an aesthetic nervousness about voiceovers,” Benedict told us. And I’m with him – more often than not, they are evidence of laziness. Very rarely, they’re Goodfellas. Benedict softened to this one because it’s used sparingly, and because it’s actually dialogue in disguise.

    benedict cumberbatch 92y

    Beyond the jumps in time, character takes precedence over fancy filmmaker showboating. Benedict credits Tyldum’s steady hand for saving the film “from potential cliches.” In other hands, Turing’s story could have been milked for melodrama. Instead, the director lets the twists and turns of his life dictate The Imitation Game‘s shifts in genre. Benedict has significant experience portraying socially awkward genius; some of his lines in this film could fit comfortably into a Sherlock script. There’s a lot of humor in the movie and even in Turing himself. Early on, he meets with Commander Denniston (Charles Dance – what up, Tywin Lannister?), the old-school military heavy of the piece, for the most disastrous interview that’s ever resulted in an offer. You can’t tell where his inability to read social cues ends and his delight in throwing this blowhard off-base begins. Turing has difficulty working in a team (his first successful project is to go above Denniston’s head to Winston Churchill and get his superior fired), and his co-workers react to him with a mixture of annoyance, amusement and fear. One of my favorite scenes involves Turing trying to make nice with Hugh (Matthew Goode – still fine), John (Allen Leech – still Branson), and Peter (Matthew Beard) by bringing them apples, explaining why he’s bringing them apples, and then telling them a joke he’d memorized. They come to be very protective of him and their support ensures that he can continue his work to solve the Germans’ Enigma machine. And Mark Strong steals all his scenes as Stewart Menzies, a spy who clearly delights in his man-of-mystery persona. On the other hand, The Imitation Game is a thriller. Strong’s character tells Turing early on that British soldiers are dying at a rate of three per the length of their short conversation and that urgency persists through the rest of the film. Turing describes the Bletchley project as a war against the passage of time rather than a war against the enemy. The Germans change the settings on their encoder each day, so every midnight means that the previous day’s work is essentially meaningless. If I remember correctly, we don’t see the face of a single German soldier throughout the movie. But see an abundance of clock faces and ticking hands.

    benedict kiera imitation game

    Platonic though it is, the richest central relationship of the movie is the one between Turing and Joan Clarke, a mathematics student who served as the only female codebreaker in MI6 and my new life hero. Let it never be said that I don’t change my mind. It took me years to get all the fuss about Keira Knightley, and I still think she used to confuse looking petulant with acting. But between this and her role in Begin Again, she has me eating crow this year. There’s a lack of vanity and self-consciousness in her acting, and I think aging out of the ingenue category has a lot to do with it. It’s Joan who convinces Turing that he’s made stronger by having allies. And it’s Joan who completely accepts his otherness. One of the benefits of his overly analytic mind is that he doesn’t see hers – or at least why her gender should have any effect on what she can accomplish. They understand each other and they make each other better. I wish we’d had a chance to hear Benedict talk about how he and Keira found that relationship, but…you’ll see.

    Before I tell you more about the Q&A, I have to mention Alex Lawther, the young actor who played Alan Turing during his school days. Benedict called him “the real discovery” of the film and it’s a phenomenal performance. He doesn’t look particularly like Benedict Cumberbatch (TV Mouse Kelly: “No one looks like Benedict Cumberbatch), but he mimics him like a champ. In emotional moments (and trust me, he’s got emotional moments…Turing doesn’t name his machine after Christopher for nothing), Lawther’s mouth trembles and works, like he’s tasting every bit of heartbreak and disappointment that’s coming for him.

    Unfortunately, the experience of seeing this work and hearing the artist talk about it afterwards was marred by some brazen rudeness by the patrons of the 92nd Street Y. As Benedict and the moderator were speaking, droves of audience members had no qualms about loudly collecting their things, crawling over their neighbors, and making their way to the exits. The house staff did nothing to curb this behavior or to minimize its effect on other patrons. I had been concerned that my fellow Cumberbitches (I’m owning that term, deal with it) would react to him in a way that was…inappropriate to the setting. However, fans were perfectly behaved and engaged. Many of their hands were still raised with questions when the discussion was abruptly cut short. The situation was so bad that Benedict himself made a self-deprecating comment. I sent a lengthy email to the venue’s customer service email (because of course I did) and got a reply that thanked me for my feedback and hoped I’d come again soon. I guess this is how we treat people now. But I don’t want to end this post on a massive downer, so here…look upon him again:

    benedict cumberbatch imitation game 92y

    Tidbits from the Q&A:

    • Benedict started to explain, in detail, the cell mutations that Turing was studying at the time of his death and must have seen the overwhelmed looks on our faces: “I’ll keep it simple, because trust me, I am quite simple.”
    • Eddie Redmayne came up, as Benedict also played Stephen Hawking once upon a time. He had nothing but praise for the actor he described as a dear friend. “Everything he does is profoundly investigated and realized.”
    • He talked about feminism for a while and I may have cried tears of joy.
    • Moderator: *mentions that screenwriter is also a novelist who wrote a book called The Sherlockian.*
      Benedict: “Yeaaaaaaaah….” (He was just sheepish because he hadn’t read it yet.)
    • Benedict sees this film not just as a biopic, but “something we can carry forward.” Alan Turing was broken down by “the very democracy he had saved,” thanks to judgement and fear mongering. And those concepts have yet to go out of style. However: “Prejudice in any form cannot be excused.”

    Are you looking forward to The Imitation Game, readers? And what are we gonna do if Ben wins an Oscar?

  8. “Secret desires burn brightest.” – Sleepy Hollow Recap

    November 16, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    katrina abbie heartless

    Season 2, Episode 8
    Posted by Sage

    After a one-week detour into fan wars commentary, we return to our standard Sleepy recap format. That’s not to say that the drama is over and contentedness reigns – “Heartless” was another disappointing episode for the Sleepyheads who are sick of Hawley, Katrina-in-peril, and Katrina in general. But Kim very articulately gave our take on the writer/fan feedback circle last week, so I’ll keep my criticism to the episode itself.

    Previously on Sleepy Hollow, Katrina joined Team Witness (sort of?) and halfway accepted modern fashion in a way that makes her look like a high school senior who loves My Chemical Romance but also wrote a fan letter to Nick Carter once and is now applying for a part-time job at Hot Topic. I like her chances. Also, she technically had a demon miscarriage, right? Would you give condolences in that situation? I’m so glad I haven’t run into her at the grocery store – I wouldn’t know what to say. Meanwhile, Jenny is still nowhere to be found; Abbie promised Frank she’d save his soul and then promptly forgot to do anything about it; and Ichabod drank the “there is still good in him” Kool-aid, prompting much hand-throwing amongst the fandom. Caught up? Let’s get to the rankings.


    sleepy hollow hawley succubus

    As I mentioned in the intro, Katrina couldn’t bring her demon spider baby to term. Henremy being Henremy and used to failure obviously had a plan B. Plan B involved everyone’s favorite topic from 11th grade World Lit, the succubus.

    My World Lit teacher knew that our hormonal teenage minds were comforted by generalization. So, on the first day of class, she told us that if we only remembered one theme of all the texts we would read from all over the globe it should be this: “Women are evil.” It’s really remarkable how many words have been written to explain how men are usually minding their own business when women show up to force them into sex and then steal their money and start a bunch of wars. The legend of the succubus is that the demon takes a female form, preys on weak men, and literally sucks the life out of them. This is a super-dramatic way of complaining about being forced to stay awake and talk for two minutes after getting off.

    Henremy conjures a naked succubus (with boob-covering mermaid hair) in Shady Hill Cemetery – but only after securing the correct permits, thank you very much. We found that nugget of good still in him – the one that the Cranes keep talking about. It’s his impeccable citizenship. Anyway, the succubus heads off into the night to take advantage of the lonely hearts of Sleepy Hollow. (Point of contention: towns this small do not have enough sexy young people to pack into a nightclub of this size.) A few bodies turned up charred and crispy, and with the same set of suspicious small wounds. Katrina, Crane, and Abbie work “together” (hold thoughts till the Sass section, please) to identify the creature they’re dealing with. By the time they do, the succubus has already set her sights on Hawley, who’s got a serious case of the Abbies.

    Another point of contention: I think the writers missed a huge opportunity to play with gender and desire a bit in this storyline. I don’t think Sleepy has an obligation to be terribly accurate when it comes to its use of folklore. So wouldn’t it have been fun to switch up the succubus’s perceived gender at least once? I’d give more points to the lesbian encounter if the approach hadn’t read so strongly as GIRLS=EMOTION, BOYS=BONERS. What’s the point of being a show with so few rules if you’re going to stick so soundly to the dumb ones? /rant.

    Oh, and between conquests, the succubus meets up with Henremy to vomit the life force of her victims into his handy collection jar. See, kids? This is where babies come from.

    For continuing a long tradition of stoking a healthy fear of murderous vaginas, this episode gets 5/10 Sandmen for creepiness.


    sleepy hollow aspirin
    If any of the Sleepy inner circle are reading this, could you do me a solid and send me a script so I know just how many of Abbie’s incredulous expressions are written in and how many should be credited directly to Nicole? I dream of a format change that would allow her to look directly into the camera, in Jim Halpert fashion.

    Abbie is the audience this season – she’s reacting to the Cranes’ staying willfully blinded to reality just as we would: by rolling her eyes so far into her head that they might not ever come down. We compare Crane and Abbie to Mulder and Scully a lot, because they’ve got that mutual respect down pat. The main difference between the two pairs is that Crane and Abbie are both believers. When even the audience was screaming at Scully to LOOK UP JUST LOOK UP AND SEE THE SPACESHIP IT’S RIGHT THERE, we don’t have to do that with Abbie. But Abbie is the skeptic when it comes to Henremy’s redemption. There are no spaceships to narrowly miss or alien corpses to explain away with science (hard, hard science). There is no indication that Henremy can be saved and every indication that Katrina is being played. This episode should have just been called “Abbie Has Had It.” Before I watched the episode, Kim texted me to say that “There were scenes that NEEDED TO HAPPEN.” She also texted me “YOU NEVER KNOW WHO IS A SUCCUBUS, SAGE,” but that’s a whole different thing. The point is, “But he’s our son…” isn’t going to help Katrina’s case here.

    sleepy hollow my problemsleepy hollow my problem
    Abbie’s status as Crane’s Work Wife lives in that pointed “we.” Just a friendly reminder that she and Crane have been through it, usually for Katrina’s benefit. (Please observe Crane trying to avoid the conversation entirely.) It’s a shitty situation for a character as strong as Abbie to be in – to be in charge of holding the Cranes together at the expense of doing what she has to do. (Ahem, FREE FRANK IRVING.) But I do take some comfort in the fact that she’s right, and that the audience sees her as the level-headed member of the team. (Actual dialogue: “Ugh, this again.”) I also respect Abbie for never treating Katrina like she’s weak. Despite her perpetual damsel status (and fainting AGAIN in the crypt – WTF, Katrina?), Abbie lets Katrina have her say. And she doesn’t try to force her to stay on Team Witness when Katrina decides she’d be more useful with Abraham. I wish for better writing where these two could have a bigger, juicier relationship. But here we are.

    sleepy hollow hawley succubus

    Elsewhere, Hawley is cool and devil-may-care even after nearly boning a hell-beast. Abbie emasculates Hawley when he gets too cocky on her. (“I’m sure you’ve misread women before.”) Katrina and Crane cozy up to watch a janky Bachelor parody, which Katrina finds romantic and  means their relationship is already doomed. (“This is not romance. This is shameless groundling kabuki.”) Do kabuki performances even have groundlings? Crane is mixing his theater references and I love it. He also feels the same way about clubs that I do, so he’s welcome to come to my house for Friday night Netflix and ice cream and bed by 10:30pm.

    sleepy hollow attacking the walls

    I give “Heartless” 7/10 Donut Holes for Sass, almost entirely due to Nicole Beharie’s face-acting.

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  9. “Soul of the Fandom” – CommuniCon 3

    November 16, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    community celebration

    Posted by Kim and Sage

    The lead up to the third officially unofficial gathering of Community fanatics and the creatives who love them filled me with trepidation. Don’t get me wrong – I was counting the seconds until I’d be reunited and, in many cases, united for the first time with members of this small internet army. But despite watching the show since Jeff Winger hastily put together a “study group” to get into Britta Perry’s pants, I didn’t know if I’d quite meet the super-fan requirements for CommuniCon. It’s common knowledge that Kim is the Greendale authority in our partnership, and my casual live-tweeting has nothing on the hours and hours she’s spent promoting the show. What if I couldn’t hang? Cue Hulu and a mainlined, full-series rewatch.

    I shouldn’t have worried. (Zero regrets for that marathon though.) CommuniCon isn’t about some established fan hierarchy. It’s the Greendale of cons, free of standards judgement. You love the show? Well then, you’re already accepted.


    Let me back up for the benefit of the n00bs. CommuniCon is a fan-run convention created to celebrate and support Community. Like last year’s, CommuniCon 3 was held at the Embassy Suites in Glendale, CA. (And the hotel will hopefully will remain its home, because we’re now thoroughly spoiled by the nightly open bar.) Organizer and dear HOF friend Gillian Morshedi packs the itinerary with panels and meet & greets. Other features include a mini-Artists Alley to assist you in emptying your wallet; the full-size DARSIT, available for photo ops; and even a game station where you can Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne, 8-bit style. Basically, it’s a Communie playground.

    We escaped rainy New York City and landed in sunny California the Friday morning of the con. Thanks to the careful pre-planning of the abundance of Monicas in our hotel room, we quickly rounded up Communies from a handful of different terminals and headed out to Glendale together. (Shout out to the SuperShuttle and the family we rode with. Sorry we talked about the finer points of the Mindy backdoor episode the entire ride.) After the obligatory In-N-Out meal and gas station wine run, our first show-related act as a unified fandom was to take on a Community trivia that just happened to fall on the same weekend. I was ready to back out when I learned that the cafe hosting us didn’t have a liquor license. (Whoever heard of a dry trivia? That’s on par with a dry wedding. Why do you hate your friends?) But Kim had already sorted us neatly into cars (Monica), so fine.

    Team Precocious Little Bitches reporting for duty.

    Team Precocious Little Bitches reporting for duty.

    Precocious Little Bitches wasn’t just a name, it was an attitude.  Being a trivia host myself, I firmly believe a) that the job of the host isn’t to show off his own obscure knowledge but to facilitate fun-times and friendly competition, and b) that anyone who carefully watches a show should do reasonably well on that show’s trivia, even if they don’t spend their spare time scouring the IMDB pages of anyone who’s ever been involved with it. So maybe we were a little vocal about calling bullshit on a whole round on the cast’s various connections to obscure horror movies. While our wife-friends trounced the rest of the competition and walked away with some extra-rare crew hoodies, we were given prizes by the hosts, I swear to god,  just for complaining. (Those guys were total sports.) “Don’t be so negative!” you might say. But I didn’t get this Joel McHale-signed “Modern Warfare” script for being a positive person, so.

    modern warfare talk about luck

    CommuniCon officially kicked off the next morning. When we hit registration to get our badges, we were each handed a swag bag from Yahoo Screen. The streaming service saved the show after its cancellation by NBC and has already been treating Community like the asset it is. From SDCC to NYCC and all the internet in between, we’ve seen Yahoo reaching Community fans and would-be fans where they live – the nerdiest reaches of the culture. It almost goes without saying that NBC never showed its network-y face at any CommuniCon event. Yahoo Screen was there with us all weekend, recording panels, engaging with the fandom, and making sure we all had our official Greendale student IDs.

    Also there all weekend: CON RIBBONS. We borrowed stole this idea from Gallifrey One and it’s a keeper. Dozens of CommuniCon attendees jumped on board and had their pre-ordered ribbons ready to trade. A few of our favorites:

    • “It’s like a thought with another thought’s hat on.”
    • “Oh, the Koog approves! That’s a five!”
    • “Lava Joust?”
    • “Technically Jeff, you ARE about to get screwed in the biology room.” (Kim’s)
    • “How long does peyote last? Just…asking for a friend.” (Mine)

    After welcoming everyone, Gillian played for us what Kim and I consider our contribution to the con. The week before we left for LA, we saw Danny Pudi in the original musical Found Off-Broadway. We caught up with him at the stage door and talked showtunes and Community for a good while. He was so jazzed to hear that we were going to the Con and graciously (nay, enthusiastically) recording a greeting for us to take with us. He wants you all to know that he loves you a lot, and that musicals are more exhausting than sitcoms.

    communicon no small parts

    Vicki, Garrett and Dean Spreck

    The very first panel of the con was a fan favorite: No Small Parts. The Community universe reaches far beyond the Greendale 7, and this hour gave us the chance to find out what it’s like to be a guest star, a recurring character, or even a stand-in. Our panelists were Erik Charles Nielsen (Garrett), Danielle Kaplowitz (Vicki), Brisco Diggs (Black Hitler and Donald’s stand-in), Jordan Black (Dean Spreck), Brady Novak (Richie), Dominik Musiol (Pavel), Deanna Moore (Alison Brie’s stand-in/photo double), and Ben Zelevansky (Postman).  We learned the Jordan doesn’t exactly watch the show – how very City College of him (“I told you I was going to come off as an asshole. You can relax, I already know.”); that Dominic spent 2.5 hours pouring water over Danny Pudi’s head to create Abed’s romantic ’80s movie moment; and that Deanna’s favorite moment on the show was getting to act with Alison Orphan Black-style in the Darkest Timeline episode. The actors hung way longer than they were supposed to in order to sign and take photos for everyone who wanted to meet them. The Meet & Greet line uncovered a few more revelations: my favorites being that Ben also played the ranger who asks to see Ron Swanson’s permit for roasting an entire pig in a park (“This just says, ‘I can do what I want.'”) and that this very blog is one of the top 10 Google results for Erik’s name. (It’s cool, Erik. We all Google ourselves from time to time. Also, IF YOU ARE READING THIS, HI. YOU ARE GREAT.) You can watch the entire conversation online at Yahoo Screen (our favorite streaming service EVER) even though Charley Koontz (Neil) is making that CSI money now and is too famous for us.

    communicon no small parts collage

    At any given break, you could find us buying up Artists Alley. My own haul included a gorgeous set of paintball postcards, a PayDean button, framed Brittabot print, and an activity book and one-of-a-kind commission from THE Julieta Colas. My only request was “something Jeff/Britta” and THIS is what she handed me.

    communicon julieta jeff britta


    From small parts to smaller on the outside telephone boxes, we rolled right into the Inspector Spacetime panel. Travis Richey and the gang were there to clue us in to their progress on the crowd-funded Untitled Motion Picture About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time. Honestly, the work so far looks impressive and expensive. The Spacetime team were adamant that they approach their Inspector spin-offs as high-quality standalone stories. And that’s why they were able to court Star Trek‘s Robert Picardo and Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, both of whom contributed painfully adorable videos to the fundraising campaign. Check those sweet old motherfuckers and the rest of the panel here.

    inspector spacetime panel communicon

    darsit wives communicon

    DARSIT poses at the ready.

    Since the Inspector’s panel led right into the annual CommuniCon costume contest, I should mention that Kim, myself, and our friends Mary and the Shannons had been, for the entire day, in full “Geothermal Escapism” mode. When the floor is hot lava, there’s nothing to do but Mad Max it out. We’d been plotting cosplay domination remotely for months. And even though we lost our Abed, we made quite the BAMF study group when we were finally together. (Kim: I was the first member of our group to make an appearance on the con floor that morning, and BOY did I make an entrance.  Everyone was lined up to register, and I was one of the first cosplayers there, so I was met with raucous applause.  “WELCOME TO SHIRLEY ISLAND BITCHES!” I declared, because all I need in life is for people to applaud me where ever I go.)

    communicon modern warfare cosplay

    To those looking to achieve my Britta hair: Sleep in foam spiral rollers, stick a thousand bobbie pins into your skull, and attack that shit with an entire can of hairspray.

    Because Kim has fancy staff privileges, she had also had intel on a couple of surprise judges. Gillian Jacobs and Yvette Nicole Brown became three-time CommuniCon veterans that weekend and we love them for it. They both thanked us all for staying so passionate and Yahoo Screen for believing in the show. And Yvette went on to assure us (to huge applause) that even though her family concerns prevent her from being a part of the cast, she will always be a part of the family, on social media and everywhere else. After bemoaning the lack of Shirley cosplayers last year, Yvette geeked out over Kim’s Shirley Island outfit in the green room (Kim: I had tweeted Yvette a picture of my costume earlier in the day (as I was super proud of it)and she flipped out over it.  I popped into the green room not long after she and Gillian arrived, and Yvette FREAKED OUT over seeing my costume in person.  “It’s YOU!!” she exclaimed.  “THIS is how you cosplay!  You have just made my life today!”  She also offered her condolences to the teddy bear I had beheaded the night before to make my scepter. Honestly, I don’t know how I didn’t burst into tears.)  Because people listen to Yvette Nicole Brown (and also because she made no bones about being a biased judge),  there was also small parade of Shirleys in the costume contest finals. (Glinda Shirley, Sam Jackson Shirley, Security Shirley, etc.) So well done on all of us for making Yvette feel loved and appreciated.

    Shirley and Shirley

    Shirley and Shirley


  10. “Pain is a gift.” – Doctor Who Recap

    November 15, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    doctor who mr president conquer the universe

    Series 8, Episode 12
    Death in Heaven
    Posted by Sage

    Pain is a gift. Fear is a superpower. And the only man you’d possibly want in charge of all the world’s armies is an idiot.

    I watched “Death in Heaven” on a bed full of friends in my hotel room at L.I. Who, with a sippy cup full of wine in my hand and Paul McGann, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant and other Doctor Who royalty just a few doors down the hall. And no matter their content, I almost always enjoy the episodes I watch in company more than those I watch alone. This is a series that’s meant to be shared. So, kindly indulge my rosy take on things and blame it on the 3-day Whovian love-in.

    I’m not alone in my feelings. After the episode, we booked it downstairs to an instant reaction panel moderated by our girl Deb Stanish (and almost got kicked out, but that’s a story for another post) and the response from our fellow fans was pretty positive, across the board. Maybe it’s because Moffat was working with an established villain, but the series 8 finale buttoned up story in a way his past season-enders have not. There are ends that remain untied, but time will tell which are continuing mysteries and which are plot holes, cheerfully skipped right over. Obviously, we’re all hoping for more of the former.

    doctor who cyberman graves

    Absolutely NOT.

    After the show totally went there with Danny Pink and revealed Missy as the Master, the time came to reveal her devious bat-ass-shit-crazy-as-frick plan. And in the TARDIS team (and friends) response to that threat, all the questions swirling around this series joined hands and formed a giant chain of THEME. Is this regeneration a good man? What does being a soldier tell you about a person? What doesn’t it tell you? Why are we so obsessed with the concept of an after-life? Why do people without a clue continue to call this a kids’ show?


    We’ve been teased with visions of the Nethersphere all season. (And wondered right here on this blog why only people who gave their lives for the Doctor or to ensure his eventual victory seemed to end up there.) Now we know that this place is actually a data cloud of consciousness – “hell” to some, “the promised land” to others. Missy has been traveling (presumably since John Simm’s Master dusted himself off after “The End of TIme”) back and forth along the Doctor’s timeline, “saving” unwitting accomplices to her Cyberarmy. (“Bit of an upgrade.”) She preys on vanity, on fear of death, and on sacrifice. While the Doctor is constantly chasing opportunities for humans to surprise him, the Master uses what she knows of humanity against us. She’s good.

    But why, the Doctor keeps asking. Why, why, why? He needs motive. Motive is usually his way in. Most of the villainous species he runs up against are trying to survive, to protect, to grow. But The Master? The Master only ever thinks of the Doctor. (“I need you to know we’re not so different. I need my friend back.”) She has no other motive. Not money, not power. Her plans are always designed to draw the Doctor in, which makes them difficult to avoid and impossible to predict. I wrote in my “Into the Dalek” recap that if anything, the Doctor defines himself by what he is not. And every one of his personal codes is tested when he runs into his childhood friend. Because, on the other hand, the Master is the only creature in this dimension who also knows what it’s like to feel the turn of the Earth.

    doctor who payrollon the payroll doctor who
    Missy had to have foreseen UNIT’s getting involved in this whole global Cyberman takeover, though I’m not sure that she anticipated the President of the Earth business. Me? I’m just happy to see lady Earth defenders extraordinaire Kate Lethbridge-Stewart and Osgood swoop in for their first (and in SOME horrible cases, last) adventure with Twelve. Ingrid Oliver remains adorable, especially since Osgood has traded her multi-colored scarf for a new, more streamlined accessory.

    doctor who osgood bowtie

    *ugly cry*

    Osgood’s death hurt like hell. I’d never pretend otherwise. She represented the fan girl in all of us and we could have used her clear-headed assistance a few dozen more times. Some audience response has decried her death as pointless and cruel. Well…yeah. Isn’t that just the Master’s way? I do believe that’s the point – that she didn’t go out in a blaze of glory, and that Missy didn’t need to kill her to advance her scheme. “Why does one pop a balloon?” Missy asks her. “Because you’re pretty.” One might also pop a balloon to ruin a child’s day. The Master sees the Doctor’s companions as his distractions – his playthings. And she’s forever jealous of them. Osgood died because the Doctor admired her, and we have yet another TARDIS pair that could have been but never was.

    time and space doctor whodoctor who i'm sorry
    Frankly, it’s the only item on my bucket list, Doctor. Anyway, Osgood’s death is quick and dirty because the real linchpin of Missy’s operation is Miss Clara Oswald. Moffat knew his “master” plan (rimshot please) at least as early as series 7B. Missy was the “woman in the shop” who gave Clara the Doctor’s number in “The Bells of St. John” and the “needy ego-maniacal game player” who placed the “Impossible Girl” advertisement in the newspaper in “Deep Breath.” Since she’s been stomping all over the Doctor’s timeline, isn’t it possible that Missy saw several shades of that impossible girl along the way? She hand-picked Clara for this job, just like The Moment hand-picked Rose Tyler as its interface. This was the one who would lead the Doctor right where Missy wanted him.

    doctor who control freakdoctor who go to hell
    And here’s where all the “control freak” comments pay off. My mom said to me on the phone the other day, “You have high standards for people, and sometimes they’re impossible to meet.” That’s the kind of control freak I am, and the kind Clara Oswald is as well. It’s why she puts the Doctor through his paces like few companions have and why she won’t sit and be chastised by Madame Vastra when she smells hypocrisy. Missy knew that Clara simply wouldn’t accept the death of someone she loves, especially one so mundane and unworthy of him. This means that Missy or one of her “boys” definitely killed Danny Pink, right? I imagine her behind the wheel, looking like something like this.

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