“Life isn’t all diamonds and rosé.” – Looking Back at the First Season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Posted by Maggie

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns tonight with the premiere of season seven and, guys, I am excited. Much to my dismay, I’m the only resident HOF alpha female who watches Housewives, although I’ve had some limited success recruiting within our friend group. We all have our things that others might term “guilty pleasures,” and I’m certainly not above watching for the drama and the lifestyles of the rich and famous of it all, but, for me, the core of these shows has always been the depiction of female friendship. Our friendships with other women can be some of the most significant relationships in our lives, and I love watching these dynamics play out on-screen. Sometimes conflict between two Housewives is a simple matter of different friendship styles. Sometimes one Housewife is playing to the cameras when another thinks she’s being genuine. And some of these friendships span years and seasons, and I think it’s so interesting to see how they evolve. Honestly, I could write my dissertation on female friendship based on season three of The Real Housewives of New York alone. RHOBH has the added dynamic of two sisters in the cast which, as the youngest of three girls, I really appreciate, and might be partly why this city is one of my faves. Also, I can think of at least three examples from over the years of a Housewife coming across badly all season only for viewers to find out later she was going through a custody dispute or marital problems off-screen, which is a good reminder to try to reserve judgment because someone in your life might being going through a hard time that you don’t know about. The thing is, even if a medium is meant to be superficial, when real people are involved, it can’t help but capture real human moments.

In my excitement for the premiere, I thought what better way to get ready than to take a look back at the iconic first season of this franchise? Season one was a simpler time. Pre Brandi. No one had ever uttered the word “Munchausen’s.” We didn’t know yet how dark Taylor or Kim’s problems were, and we thought Adrienne and Paul were happy. We had no idea who Alene Too was (and still don’t, to be honest), and we’d never heard of “patting the puss.” Camille was quickly named the most hated Housewife in America (it was on a magazine cover!), although she looked great doing it. And it included my all-time favorite, most oft-quoted Housewives moment:

RHOBH is a flagship franchise, the best example of the aspirational wealth of it all – and the fashion, my god, the fashion. Now, after the first season of every city, the clothes and everyday outfits get more polished and the ladies look more put together, and while the same is true of Beverly Hills, these Wives had a much better grasp on what worked for them right out of the gate in season one. (Although it has to be said they are very attached to a hoop earring.)

Listen, 2016 has been rough. Things got dark. And no, life isn’t all diamonds and rosé. But it should be. So if you’re able to hit pause on real life for a moment, grab a glass of rosé (but not Whispering Angel, as loyal Bitch Sesh listeners know, we’ve turnt on them) and join me in taking a look back at my favorite ten looks from this iconic season of Housewives.

  1. Camille at the Tonys


Look at this.


Have you ever??


And from the back. That cut-out!

Camille shut it down with this red gown when she attended the Tonys with her soon-to-be ex, nominee Kelsey Grammer. I’m not very familiar with that red carpet so I did a little googling and, as suspected, this was an event-appropriate look, but would most likely stand out even for a nominee, let alone a date of. The lost footage specials that run at the end of many seasons are usually garbage, cutting-room-floor stuff, but I’m so glad I rewatched this one because Camille explains that Kelsey wanted her to wear another, more low-key option so she wouldn’t draw as much attention, and that’s why she chose the red even though it was raining that night. For the most part, S1 Camille was no treat, but I’m so proud of her for doing that. (And he got his understated date the next year, so don’t feel sorry for him.)

2)  Taylor at Kennedy’s birthday tea party


I don’t love that Taylor used her 4-year-old daughter as an excuse to throw herself a lavish party, but I do love this simple print dress.


Sorry for the unflattering photo, but she was determined to pose on that table for her professional photographer (yes, really) and I was determined to show you the pink feather in her hat that just misses ruining the entire look.


And I feel bad that Kennedy didn’t want the attention, but I’m glad this closeup of her hiding her face behind Taylor’s skirt shows that gorgeous print in detail. Don’t you love?

3)  Lisa at Mohamed’s dinner party


Shout-out to Mohamed Hadid, father of Gigi and Bella, for hosting this glam dinner for Lisa. I wish the velvet bodice detail on her gown showed more clearly in photos, because it was to die for.


If you look closely past RHOBH’s answer to Kato Kaelin, you can see there’s a bow on the back of her gown and you know I love a bow.


And look at the sheer back! I can’t, she looks so elegant yet modern and just rich (and I don’t mean price tag, but I’m guessing it was hefty). There are times when Lisa plays a little too into the British grande dame look, but this is definitely not one of them.

4 Adrienne at the Jay-Z concert

The interesting thing about Adrienne is that her taste often hews tacky even though her net worth over her lifetime has got to be the highest of all the ladies (but money can’t buy you class, right, Countess?). I always knew there was a taste-level issue there, but rewatching the season specifically for the fashion, I kept going, “oh, Adrienne.”


THIS, on the other hand, I love. That blue sparkly one-shoulder (and I’m only just now realizing how about a one-shoulder she was) is very Adrienne, but in a classy, almost restrained way.


Okay, yes, the shoulder pad is a little intense but I don’t mind it. I do mind the glitter extensions, though; let’s get another look at those:


Do you see what I mean? Taste. Level. Issue.

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“We’re getting the band back together.” – Supernatural Recap – Rock Never Dies

source: bringmepieassbutt.tumblr.com

source: bringmepieassbutt.tumblr.com

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 7
“Rock Never Dies”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

Thank Chuck for Robert Berens. The Season 12 head writer never fails to deliver. We have made our love for him clear already, and he is also our favorite SPN writer to flatter on Twitter, because he is doing a hell of a job at the helm. This episode was a little disjointed in places, yes, but it still worked, and it seemed to progress the primary plot line, we think…? Because at this point it’s still not really clear exactly where our main plot is. Stopping Lucifer? Sending him back to the cage? Working on his Daddy issues again? We could speculate all day. The point is, we’re not sure.

DAWN: I am of the opinion that it might have been done that way on purpose, that it was supposed to quick and jarring and a little all over the place in order to set and maintain the tone of chaos that this Lucifer is bringing. Because this Devil DGAF, and he had the monologue to prove it.

JAY: So yeah, this was flash and bang all over the place, jumping from one scene to another, it may have been intentional, most of this ep’s POV was Lucifer, so maybe the viewers were being shown the world from his view but honestly I’m done with this Lucifer. He’s darker than anything we’ve seen on this show in a long time. Even Azazel didn’t make a lady carve his name into her chest. Granted, he did cut open Mommy’s womb and burn her on the ceiling but still, we only got that second-hand. And honestly maybe it was the guy liner, but I don’t think Azazel was ever as creepy as Vince was. Maybe that’s due to Azazel having a plan, having order and Lucifer was pure anarchy. IDK I was creeped out and I’m sorta glad we are done with Rick, who don’t get me wrong was great, but also… really fucking creepy. *shivers*

DAWN: That’s exactly why I love him. We have been missing a real, proper, evil bad guy for a long time. This Lucifer had terrific potential.

We got the band back together!. No, not Ladyheart, but Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley, all ready to fight the big baddie himself, Lucifer, still in the form of Vince Vincente, rock star, and a newly — if temporarily — revitalized vessel. Whom our boys have to chase to LA, much to Dean’s chagrin. This episode gave us a few fond family moments, like Dean playing not-Words-with-Friends-at-all-we-swear with Mary, who’s “not quite ready for Snapchat.” (We kinda can’t wait until she is.) Also, the scene with Sam and Dean in the car, with Sam trying everything he can to assure his brother that, no, of course he is not listening to Vince Vincente and Ladyheart! It’s totally just boring history podcasts that Dean would have no interest in whatsoever. But Dean is no fool! He remembers Season 10×17 “Inside Man.”

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
source: themegalosaurus.tumblr.com

JAY: I really like moments like these because it’s obvious that Sam has an idea of what Dean thinks about him and he tries to play it up, reinforce the nerdy bookworm stereotype as Dean tries to enforce the meathead persona he often has. Also Sam’s not a good liar, especially to people he cares about, and it’s moments like this when he’s put on the spot and has to stumble through that make him so endearing.

DAWN: When Dean finally proves what Sam is listening to, it becomes every conversation I had with my younger sister about music in the late 80s. Dean, I have never felt closer to you.

There are our boys again, snarking at each other and acting like two siblings trapped in a car for far too many hours. Love. So much love.

Before we get into the whole reunion, we need to talk about Mark Sheppard. Hail to the King, baby. Crowley was altogether back this ep, in all his dark, snark, rightfully-arrogant glory, and oh my Chuck, have we missed him. Please, someone give Mark Sheppard some awards, please? No one chews scenery better than him, and his Crowley is just glorious. Also? “Hello boys.” There is no better greeting on this show. Dawn will hear no argument on this.

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

JAY: Sorry beautiful, I’m totally going to argue for “Hello Dean.” as the most perfect greeting in the show. So… there.

DAWN: You are a treasonous trollop.

Mad props to the special effects makeup department as well, for handling Lucifer’s first appearance after Rowena banished him to the bottom of the ocean in a decaying vessel. That makeup was so well done. You could feel the ick and the ooze.

source: castielamigos.tumblr.com

source: castielamigos.tumblr.com

Robert Berens’ writing of the opening scene went perfectly with it, as two black-robed yahoos tried to summon the devil. It was perfectly reminiscent of so many 80s horror comedies involving that very same trope. Beautifully done, guys.

Oh! And Berens made it clear, via cell phone screen, that it’s Cass, not Cas, and fandom freaked out on Twitter because they are not letting go of “Cas.” It’s kind of adorable how the writer – the HEAD WRITER, people – kind of apologized. The fan service this cast and crew gives us is wonderful, and it’s part of the reason the show and the fandom has held on for so damn long. Robert Berens, never change. Never.

JAY: He didn’t kinda apologize HE SAID HE FAILED US! #CasNotCass He knew what he did and he knew it was wrong….

DAWN: He’s the WRITER. But, yes, ok, saying he failed us was adorable.

Yes, Astroglide live tweets Supernatural. They are a treasure. source: spnapplepie

Yes, Astroglide live tweets Supernatural. They are a treasure. source: spnapplepielife.tumblr.com

DAWN: Also, Headbanger’s Ball references. Like three of them. As we said on our twitter, Berens, we missed you, Never leave us again.

Los Angeles was the main scene for this ep — “My city,” as Crowley calls it, and damn if it isn’t right because it seems accurate to us. Ladyheart’s reunion is all over social media and people are excited, and there are groupies and secret shows. Lucifer has an ulterior motive, of course, and one poor groupie finds that out the hard way. Plus the rest of Ladyheart doesn’t seem as into this as Vince himself. Gee, we wonder why.

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“Relax your eyes and look through it.” – This Is Us Recap – The Trip

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com

This Is Us Season 1, Episode 9
“The Trip”
Posted by Shannon

Much of the focus for This Is Us has been on the long-term reverberations of decisions made by parents and parent’s parents; it’s a generational exploration, significantly larger in scope than we typically find in a family dramedy. Of course that still plays a part of the story this week, but this episode shifts focus to narrow in on the significance that community and family hold on a daily basis. “The Trip” is all about the importance of holding each other up in the here and now. Generational impact is all well and good, but where would any of us be without the people in our lives who will always stand within eyeshot when you need their support, or be willing to sacrifice their emotional security for your own? And what becomes of us when we don’t allow loved ones into our internal struggles?


Jack and Rebecca start off this week by carting the Big Three to the grocery store. It’s a relatively uneventful errand with standard levels of chaos and confusion, which Randall uses to sneak away.  Fresh from a science unit on inherited traits, Randall is armed with a new test in the search for his biological family: he’s taken to approaching any and all black adults he can find and asking if they can roll their tongues. His curiosity on the subject has made a natural progression from his subdued notebook to something more active; he’s even taken to making up stories to Yvette’s kids about who his birth father might be. The options he’s rattling off range from a cook to a famous basketball player to a mailman: all roles, Yvette points out, that Randall has seen filled by black men. He’s actively seeking out adult black males to look up to, and while he hasn’t got many options in their small town, it hasn’t stopped him from looking.

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com

Interestingly, during Randall’s first year of private school, Jack and Rebecca have switched places in their parenting styles. While Rebecca was the one to see past Jack’s misgivings about taking Randall out of school for what they really were (fear about his own career and the path his work life had taken), the situations have reversed. This time, its Jack pushing Rebecca to consider making a change on behalf of their son’s emotional well-being by tracking down Randall’s birth parents. Even Jack’s gentlest prodding, and his loving concern that he doesn’t want Randall “sticking his tongue out at strangers when he’s 80” sends Rebecca into a fit of anxiety, which she promptly takes out on the dishes.

On Yvette’s recommendation, and knowing how vital the need for a more tangible connection to the black community is becoming for Randall, Jack signs him up for a martial arts class. The studio is a haven for Randall; it’s full of black men and boys, and the teacher, Ray, emanates strength, calm and focus. He promptly takes Randall over to a photo of Ron van Clief, a renowned black martial artist, and starts to explain the Black Dragon and his legacy. This is precisely the kind of exposure Randall desperately needs, and exactly what Jack knows he and Rebecca can’t offer. Hard as they might try, the two will never be able to draw from a black experience. The best they can do is actively put him in environments like the dojo, with people who can offer that level of guidance and identity.

Still, Jack can’t shake the feeling that the dojo alone isn’t enough. One hour a week won’t be enough exposure to the black community to truly give Randall a sense of self, and Jack again mentions to Rebecca that it might be worth searching for the birth parents. Jack’s initial sensitivity at Randall looking elsewhere for a father figure is nowhere to be seen. Instead, he’s willing to make his own life more difficult, emotionally and practically, if it means giving Randall a more comprehensive, “inherent understanding” of his identity.  He even comes prepared with a PI recommendation to get the ball rolling. Rebecca, though, is painfully uncomfortable with this conversation, and only becomes more anxious the more Jack brings it up.

Of course we know Rebecca wouldn’t need a PI to track down William. When Randall first started asking questions, in the early days of his intense drive to find his birth parents, Rebecca once again found herself speaking to William without telling Jack; she knocks on William’s door, hoping he still lives there. And he does. (Rent control is a beautiful thing.) I’m not sure that Rebecca truly knows what she wants out of the meeting, but what she sees must have been a comfort and a horror all at the same time. William has already turned his life around; he’s been sober for over five years, he’s working at an instrument repair shop, he’s playing music in the back room during off hours, he’s attending Narcotics Anonymous. He’s more or less returned to the William we first met on the bus; writing often, living alone, and cautiously curious about how Kyle’s doing. His eyes lit up when Rebecca explained that they took his advice and changed his name; it was even more impactful to William that Randall’s namesake was Dudley Randall, after William’s favorite poet. The two share an uneasy but kind-hearted dialogue; Rebecca tells William all about Randall’s penchant for GI Joe’s, his skills at math and science, and his innate kindness.

source: sseureki.tumblr.com

William is moving through so much in this moment: sadness, nerves, gratitude, and regret, but he takes comfort in knowing that Randall is living a happy, healthy life. Rebecca stops short of telling William he can or should meet Randall; what she says, rather, is that Randall has been asking questions, that he wants to meet his father, and that’s why she’s there. William, still struggling with his separation from his child and seeing an opportunity, jumps on it. His response is a little manic, and immediately he switches into turn of phrase that both had avoided thus far: “My boy wants to meet me.” All of a sudden, William launches into a whirlwind, offering a tour of the instrument repair shop, music lessons, even sleepovers and poetry collections that William had written for his son. It’s too much, too quick and too horrifying for Rebecca – she sneaks out the front door while William is searching for his poems, not saying goodbye, and certainly not leaving any way for William to get in touch.

These are exactly the fears Rebecca had in her mind when speaking with Jack. She doesn’t see any potentially positive outcome from Randall meeting William. She’s terrified by every option – that William could fall back into drugs, leaving them to decide what to tell Randall – or, maybe even worse for Rebecca, there’s the fear that Randall’s birth family would be great. That they would love him just as much as the Pearsons, and that they would want him back. I’m no expert on adoption laws, so I’ll take Rebecca’s comments here to be truth; without a paper trail for the adoption, without the Hills having legally given Randall up, it would be feasible for William to make a case to take Randall back, away from Jack and Rebecca and the twins. And that risk, no matter how slight, is a non-starter for Rebecca. She won’t budge, no matter the cost to all of them: to her, for having to keep the secret from Jack and Randall, to William, denied contact with his son, and to Randall himself.

source: echoeslane.tumblr.com

Jack, seeing how deeply Rebecca is set against a search for the birth family, continues taking Randall to the dojo. During Randall’s first formal class, Ray begins an initiation. He formally welcomes Randall into their community, acknowledging that while Randall’s life is generally positive, there will be ups and downs and challenges ahead. But at every turn, the community he’s built will hold him up, beginning with his father. The ceremony begins: Jack enters the formal dojo, and with Randall on his back, completes push up after push up, representing the support he will continue to give to his son. Ray prompts Jack to make a pledge, and Jack follows every “yes, sir” with a glance to Rebecca. He’s not just promising to Randall, and to Ray, and to the community at large that he will do anything and everything for his boy: he’s promising Rebecca, too. Even after Ray gives Jack the all clear to stop, Jack just keeps going. He goes, and goes, and goes, and for who knows how long; he only stops when he physically can’t continue, and by that time Rebecca has gone to his side.

source: echoeslane.tumblr.com

It’s a powerful, phenomenally moving gesture, but it’s also completely necessary.  Jack needed to prove to himself that he would push as hard as physically possible for his son to feel loved and supported, no matter the differences between them. He needed to show Rebecca that he would go as far as he could to make her feel comfortable and safe within their family unit. And of course, Randall needed to feel that support, and to see it made by his father in the community that they’ve joined together; both are outliers in a community of black men and their sons, but they are no less included in that community. Rebecca sees all of this as proof that she and Jack are all Randall ever truly need. Without knowing how William would have reacted to actually meeting Randall, without knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that their family unit would grow rather than shrink, she makes the call, writes the letter to William, and never contacts him again.

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com


After her “seize the day” moment on the plane, Kate is holding steady to her decision to get gastric bypass surgery. While Kevin insists that she’s being too flippant about a dangerous procedure, Kate is never someone to take a decision like this lightly. She’s run the numbers (of course she has) and found that if her current weight loss rate stays steady, she’d be 106 by the time she reached her goal weight. Between this and the breakup with Toby, Kate is in the middle of one of those moments we all face from time to time: she’s thrown all the pieces of her life up in the air, mixed them up, and let them fall into a new order, hoping the new combination lets her feel more like herself.

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The Head Over Feels Most Handsome Young Man 2016


Posted by Kim and Sage

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!! Not Christmas, you jags. It’s Most Handsome Young Man time!

Harry Styles will always be in our hearts as the Most Handsome Young Man of 2015, but it is time for him to step down and join Joel McHale, Adam Scott, Tom Mison, and John Cho for a scotch in the Handsome Young Men Hall of Fame. Thanks for giving us that Another Man Photoshoot before you stepped down, Hazza. We are eternally grateful for the fuzzy sweaters, the COLLARS, and the outrageous suits. The summertime, butterflies all belong to your creation.

So who will carry the Most Handsome Young Mantle into 2017? As always, we’ve put a LOT of thought into our potential nominees (the things we DO for you guys, it’s so hard) and we feel that our chosen six represent the best of the best. We cackled with glee at the thought of putting your faves up against each other, so may the odds ever be in their Handsome favor. Remember, age in this poll is but a number. The Most Handsome Young Man should be Handsome on the outside AND the inside. He should fill your heart with glee and rage at the same time because HOW DARE HE exist on this planet. The Most Handsome Young Man represents YOU, dear readers. We can’t wait to see who you choose.

Voting will run until 5:00 PM EST on Friday, December 9th. You can vote once per hour. We heartily endorse social media campaigns for your favorites, especially when they come with photos and gifs. Vote early, vote often. This contest can turn on a dime (just ask 2014 Winner John Cho, who won on the very last day). Nobody is a sure thing, so you should never rest on your laurels. Good luck, gentlemen. You’re all so HANDSOME.   –Kim

Sterling K. Brown

It happens EVERY. DAMN. WEEK. Just when I think Sterling K. Brown can’t knock me out any more on the tearjerker ensemble dramedy This Is Us, he goes and does it. As the adult version of Randall Pearson – adopted son of a white family, devoted husband and father, corporate perfectionist, and aspiring pianist – Sterling gives the kind of dexterous performance that’s rooted in a bone-deep understanding of his character and circumstances. Sterling K. Brown KNOWS Randall – inside and out – and so his work is unpretentious, unaffected, FUNNY, and so, so human.

His wife Ryan Michelle Bathe plays Yvette, family friend of the Pearsons

Looking through his filmography, I see that I’ve seen Sterling in one-offs in some of the series that I keep up with. But I started really paying attention early this year when he played Christopher Darden in FX’s American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson. In Darden’s goatee, wire-rimmed glasses, and department store ties, Sterling was one of the keys to that show’s success. And by “success,” I mean the avoidance of a sensationalist car crash. It could’ve gone that way; we all know it.

Yes, please.

Instead, The People vs. O.J. Simpson was a snapshot of institutional incompetency and bias, as well as the frustration and heartbreak experienced by the people caught up in it. The most wonderful surprise of the show was the tender friendship and sizzling chemistry between Sterling as Darden and Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark. (WHAT HAPPENED THERE, YOU GUYS?) I…had no idea I shipped two lawyers arguing the Trial of the Century so much. (Besides F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro, I mean.) But damn if this show didn’t perfectly capture the way professional respect and personal fondness can grow into something more urgent when the stakes are high and the hours are long. Plus, Chris was me, watching helplessly as the media reduced Marcia to a haircut and a custody hearing. My favorite scene is the one in which a (shirtless) Chris calls into a talk show polling listeners on whether Marcia is “bitch or babe.” He dials the phone with a fury in his eyes. “I VOTE BABE.” And then he hangs up.

Sterling won an Emmy for that role. And if there’s justice, he should be pulling down another nomination for This Is Us. Nothing makes me happier than a working actor finally getting that defining part. And Sterling K. Brown got TWO in one year. Every episode, I feel that This Is Us is teetering on the edge of schmaltz. But its actors pull it back from that edge. Sterling does his thing, and it never feels like he’s trying to coax a specific reaction out of you. I appreciate that – that he trusts the audience to come along with him. And for that reason, Randall is my favorite character in the Pearson clan: a softhearted, stand-up guy who demands the best of the people around him but ultimately holds himself to the highest standard. Randall never half-asses anything: not cataloging his grievances, not Thanksgiving, and not hotel shower sex with his beautiful wife followed by room service burgers in bed. It’s very hot.

Sterling K. Brown is the latest addition to our nominees, so enamored are we with what he’s done this year. Talented, deserving, and above all: handsome. –Sage

Chris Evans

Definitive proof that not all straight white cis boys are here to ruin our lives: Chris Evans.

Chris Evans’s most basic appeal can be summed up in a single contradiction: he’s a Disney-loving woke nerd in the body of a frat house pledge master. I’m Team Cap in large part because I’m Team Chris. I’m a sucker for his accessible charm. When he laughs, he uses his entire body. He has an inner Prince, who I bet comes out to play late-nights at his favorite townie bar. He tweets about football and it’s not annoying, because he also tweets to condemn racism, xenophobia, and the embodiment of those evils: Donald Trump. If he were a Disney princess, he’d be Belle. He could barely get through this push-up challenge because his dog wanted to give him kisses, and LISTEN TO THE GIGGLES.

I DIG that All-American boy thing. And it PAINS me, because it can be a harbinger of something problematic and even sinister. But Chris Evans renews my faith in backwards caps and nice arms. In Under Armor and the overuse of the word “awesome.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with these things, of course, but it helps to be aware of your privilege, which Chris very much seems to be. I also suspect he has the soul of artist. Chris Evans is the kind of guy who would build you a cabin with his bare hands in which to hold your feminist book club meetings. Then he’d come every month. And he’d bring the beer. Something cheap and domestic, and everyone would secretly love it.

Source: buckypupbarnes

PURE. Source: buckypupbarnes

Let’s talk about Captain America: Civil War. Firstly, that press tour was a damn gift. So many attractive and funny people giving each other shit. So many times Chris laughed when Sebastian Stan talked about the lube he needed to get himself into Bucky’s metal arm. Also, Chris seemed perturbed that certain Stucky scenes were cut from the film, so it’s a reasonable conclusion that he ships it. Anyway, Steve has the potential to be the most boring character on the team. But Chris has grown with the role, and there’s an undercurrent of anger that makes the golden boy fascinating to watch.  The anger, and also this bicep-popping stunt.



Chris Evans has made a habit of giving back, visiting hospitals in his Cap uniform and sharing campaigns on social media. But he’s also contributed to the world in an even more personal way, by being forthcoming with his struggles with social anxiety. Anxiety and mental illness in general can be isolating. But if Captain America dreads red carpets and speaking in public, then none of us are really alone.

Blue eyes, a body built to smash, a gigantic heart, a generous spirit, and a good dog – does it get more handsome than that? I doubt it. –Sage

Source: buckypupbarnes

Source: buckypupbarnes

Santino Fontana

The thing that is most outrageous to me about the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the suggestion that Greg Serrano would be the one that Rebecca would SETTLE for. Excuse me? In what universe is this guy second place? NOT OURS. Greg Serrano is the type of guy I would shove other women aside for in order to get to him. I would FIGHT for him. I would catch a grenade for him. And that is all due to one Santino Fontana.

Yes, you. You goofball.

I said it back when we wrote about him for The Feelies, but the entire REASON Greg Serrano works as a character is because of Santino Fontana. It’s the puppy eyes. It’s the little dimples he gets when he smiles. It’s the smart-ass smirk. It’s the fact that he looks SO DAMN CUDDLY AND WARM all the time. (You KNOW he’s a human furnace. That’s a scientific fact.) Greg is all sarcasm and self-deprecation but it works because Santino does it with a twinkle in his eyes. He plays Greg like he knows that he’s in on the joke. He makes it easy to see right through Greg’s hard candy shell and makes it obvious that he’s actually just a mushball who wants to love and to be in love. I completely understand the ultimate arc that Greg had on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend but that doesn’t mean I have to like it because now I don’t get to see Santino’s face on my television every week. Greg needed to spread his wings and pursue his dreams beyond West Covina; keeping him there once he had the opportunity to leave would have been a betrayal to the story and the character. But I’m never going to give up the hope that once Greg finds himself that he’ll come back for Rebecca and he’ll be the person that he needs to be, for both of them. LET ME HAVE THIS.

ACTUAL singing Prince Charming.

You know we love our multi-talented gentlemen here at Head Over Feels and Santino is the definition of multi-talent. He sings! He dances! He moves seamlessly between plays and musicals! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Santino’s theatre work on many occasions and this is a guy who was BORN to be on stage. I feel like Santino is the kind of Musical Theatre Leading Man that’s a dying breed. He’s the definition of OLD SCHOOL. He’s not overly poppy and he is just EARNEST in a way that’s so pure. His voice is designed to sing the classics and he has a thorough understanding of musical phrasing and how to tell stories through song. (It’s WHY he was so suited to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and why Greg’s numbers were always standouts.) Take a look at him in action and you’ll understand why we bought tickets to see him sing Lerner and Lowe at the 92nd Street Y as soon as they went on sale even though we are broke AF. I hope you’re ready for a Head Over Feels sandwich, Santino, because we’re coming for a snuggle.

If he is not cast as Matt Flamhaff in the rumored musical of 13 Going On 30, then I know NOTHING about how casting works. Is there another Musical Theatre Actor out there who can capture the essence of Mark Ruffalo and play the sweetest guy Jenna Rink has ever known? The answer is no, there is not. Make this happen, theatre gods. Santino didn’t give up his sweet TV gig for nothing, after all.

Much like fellow nominee Sterling K. Brown, we can’t even be mad that Santino is off the market. How can we be mad when Cinderella’s Prince Topher ACTUALLY married Cinderella? How can we be mad when his vows to his future wife included promises like always protecting her except when she doesn’t want to be protected (WOKE) and to never stop making her laugh and to never stop promising her anything? How can we be mad when his bride says that he shows the characters he plays the same love and respect that he shows his friends and family? HOW CAN WE BE MAD AT THAT? We can’t be. All we can do is show some mad respect for the woman who managed to win the heart of this ACTUAL Prince. –Kim

Bowties are cool.

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“The pieces are moving faster now.” – This Is Us Recap – Pilgrim Rick

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com
This Is Us Season 1, Episode 8
“Pilgrim Rick”
Posted by Shannon

Family dynamics are unique and strange and phenomenally individualized, so it’s no wonder that every annual celebratory gathering (holiday or otherwise) develops its own patterns. Traditions can grow out of anything – quiet, peaceful moments, casual repetition, or even extreme and unplanned chaos. For the Pearsons, what originated as chaos has evolved into a beautiful, cozy holiday celebration. This week, we see a holiday experienced from both sides: we have the origin story and the comfortable patterns that have taken root across three generations. Think of your weirdest holiday tradition – now ask yourself if the annual Pearson family celebration is really all that extraordinary.


source: bigthree.tumblr.com

source: bigthree.tumblr.com

It’s Thanksgiving in the 80s for the Big Three, and Jack and Rebecca are gearing up to spend the holiday with Rebecca’s family. Nobody’s very excited to go, and from the sound of things, I can’t say I blame them. Rebecca is as anxious as we’ve ever seen her, laser-focused on perfecting the cranberry sauce so she can avoid passive aggressive commentary from her mother. Jack isn’t looking forward to hearing his brother-in-law wax poetic about his new, top of the line CD player, and Randall is dreading a subtle but odious tendency from his grandmother, who keeps requesting photo shoots with “just the twins.” (Rebecca has called her on it, several times, to no avail. And Kevin wondered why she was protective of Randall.)

Jack, who had hoped that he and Rebecca could develop their own traditions now that his parents have passed, still puts on a smile, packing the car with snacks and Paul Simon records. The kids are enjoying the day before they end up stuck in the car; Kevin and Randall are actually hanging out and having a good time together, and while Kate is annoyed by the itchy sweater her grandmother knitted, she’s still ready to wear it for the day. All in all, it looks like the Pearsons have made the best of their newly annual six-hour road trip – until the boys knock into Rebecca and her cranberry sauce. The day gets exponentially longer, as they now have to kick things off by bouncing from grocery store to grocery store in search of a replacement side. Jack tries to keep the kids in line, but alas – Graceland really loses its powers of distraction after the fifth listen.

source: NBC

source: NBC

While Rebecca probably couldn’t imagine a worse start to the holiday, the Thanksgiving disasters have just begun; a tire blows out, and while Jack manages to keep everyone safe, he can’t avoid veering off the road and taking out a fence. It’s a 3.4 mile hike to the nearest gas station, but there’s nothing else for it, and the whole family sets out for the walk. When the animal noises kick off from the woods, Jack and Rebecca get their first opportunity to come in with a stellar distraction technique – the Thanksgiving game, where everyone describes how they want to celebrate the holiday when they grow up. Kevin’s the only one who gets out a proper plan – he intends to play for the Steelers, and eat a whole turkey after his game – but Randall throws a wrench in works by declaring that he won’t have Thanksgiving as an adult, since “when you’re an adult, you don’t have to do things you hate.” (Oh, kid. If only.)

The rebellion reaches Kevin and Kate, too, and before their parents can blink, the Big Three have revolted against the entire holiday. The quiet pain in Rebecca’s voice is palpable; she’s SO distraught that her holiday tensions have rubbed off on her kids. But it only gets worse when she hears that she’s a part of the problem, too; all the pressure of handling her family turns Rebecca into a walking ball of stress, and each one of the Big Three picks up on the change in her personality. Jack, who sees the situation coming more and more unglued, tries to assure her that the “kids are delusional from the cold” and don’t really mean it. But Rebecca has heard her family’s complaints, and the impact is already taking hold.

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com
Once they arrive at the gas station, things don’t get much better – the attendant can’t get a tow truck to come out on Thanksgiving, and he suggests calling someone to come pick them all up until the car can be fixed in the morning. Rebecca puts her head down and gets ready to call her family, but it’s clearly out of instinct and not any real sense of security. It takes just a few sentences from her mother for Rebecca to lose all patience. Once her mom’s been assured that everyone is ok, she lists out what must have been a tirade of complaints – why are they so late, why didn’t they call earlier, why did it take so long to get in touch. But now that Rebecca has really felt the pain that has trickled to her kids, something switches within her. It’s not just that she’s worn down enough to take a stand – she’s making a change on behalf of her entire family, and refuses to “subject my kids to that this year.” With the slamming of a payphone, the Pinewood Lodge becomes the site of this year’s Pearson family Thanksgiving.

We don’t officially know where the Pinewood Lodge is located, but this is a weird, small New England town if I’ve ever seen it (and I grew up in one, so trust me). This lodge has it ALL: separate tiny cabins for each of its guests, a moose head on the wall (and it’s definitely real, despite Jack’s assurances otherwise), a furnace stuck on high and zero television reception. The real star of the Pinewood Lodge, though, is the hotel clerk – complete with a fancy hat, he creepily asks the “kiddies” if they’ve heard of the Mayflower, and refuses to answer to anything except his designated character name, Pilgrim Rick. No matter how firm she was in her decision, the whole set-up is unsettling enough to make Rebecca question whether or not she’s done the right thing. But the decision has been made, and the family settles in for a very different Thanksgiving evening.

source: kepnerrrd.tumblr.com

source: kepnerrrd.tumblr.com

Jack’s not a perfect father. No one is. But Rebecca was right when she said that Jack is an 11 when he sets his mind to it, and that quality really shines this week. He completely turns the evening on its head – under the guise of ducking out to talk to Pilgrim Rick about the furnace, he returns in character, knocking on the door and pretending to be Pilgrim Rick himself, at the room on a mission to fix the heating. The entire family’s reaction to Jack is so joyful – every single one of the kids is giggling, and Rebecca, who had been genuinely nervous when she thought Pilgrim Rick was knocking on the door, is clearly relieved – the family is finally LAUGHING, and they each really feel like themselves for the first time all Thanksgiving. In a whirl, a terrible gas station dinner becomes a thrilling floor picnic, complete with cheese dogs and Police Academy Three. Rebecca closes it all out with one last touch; Kate’s itchy sweater is coming undone, and it’s hard to avoid the symbolism here – while the family truly branches out to become their own unit, with their own celebrations, they physically destroy the only thing in their room that represents the holiday they were “supposed” to be having. Each family member yanks on the string, says what they’re thankful for, and throws the sweater to the next person. And so the holiday origin story is complete; the Pearson family traditions are born, the kids are enchanted, and the Thanksgiving holiday morphs from something each child was dreading into a truly special celebration of their unique identity.

source: thisisusedits.tumblr.com


source: NBC

source: NBC

Stuck on the West Coast with Toby, Kate’s position as the outlier was particularly intense this week. Even though Toby has decided to leave the group in peace, she’s still attending meetings, and this week the group focuses on each person’s Thanksgiving struggle. Everyone has a trigger that they’re particularly worried about, but Kate perks up when a member of the group mentions her gastric bypass surgery. It’s been a difficult road for the group member, but so far it’s been successful – she’s lost 30 pounds, and cautiously tells the group that the journey has been worth it. Frustrated with her lack of progress so far, and feeling particularly vulnerable after the change in Toby’s diet, Kate is visibly curious about the procedure.

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“I love the cereal but I need eggs.” – Jane The Virgin Recap – Chapter Fifty

source: villaderogifs.tumblr.com

source: villaderogifs.tumblr.com

Jane The Virgin Season 3, Episode 6
“Chapter Fifty”
Posted by Kim

Lessons learned from this week’s Jane the Virgin:

  • Never trust someone with a British Accent who tells ridiculous stories and name drops like there is no tomorrow.
  • Always make sure your arepas are moist.
  • “If you love someone, you say it right then. Out loud. Otherwise…the moment just…” “Passes you by.”
  • Bruno Mars fixes everything.
  • No matter how hard up you are, don’t date your baby mama’s cousin. JUST DON’T. IT’S GROSS.  (I don’t CARE that you actually never had sex with your own baby mama. It’s still gross.)

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Jane the Heartfelt

source: michaelandjane.tumblr.com

source: michaelandjane.tumblr.com

When we last saw Jane, her long-lost cousin Catalina had literally just shown up on her doorstep. Our Narrator spent the intro of the episode reminding us how Jane used to have tea parties with her stuffed animals, longing for a sibling of her own to share them with. In Catalina, Jane appears to have all her dreams for a sister fulfilled. She’s vivacious, she’s spontaneous, she’s full of glamorous stories, and she even speaks Jane’s language in regards to believing in signs. The two cousins stay up all night talking and it seems too good to be true. Which means that it likely is. All of Catalina’s outrageous stories about just how awesome her life is reminded me a WHOLE lot of Malin Akerman in 27 Dresses – meaning that there is absolutely no way that she is telling the full story here.

Do I believe that Catalina flits about the globe? Sure. Do I believe that she doesn’t have a care in the world and everything has worked out exactly as she says? Nope. Me thinks there is a hell of a lot more to the story of just how Catalina wound up in Miami on Jane’s doorstep and I am scared to know what the answer is. My Spidey Senses are tingling, y’all. You know who is with me on the trepidation train? Michael. You can tell by every micro-expression that flits across that Brett Dier’s face that Michael is not fully on board with this but at the same time, he doesn’t want to rain on Jane’s parade when he knows how much this means to her. Thus, despite his obvious reservations, he agrees to Jane’s request that Catalina crash with them for a few days. (The way his voice goes all high-pitched when he says “Yeah, why not?” though. His distress is so subtle yet so obvious at the same time.)

source: aprilkeepner.tumblr.com

Catalina’s influence on Jane is swift. Professor Donaldson sets Jane up for an assistant interview with a Romance Publishing company (since she lost her TA gig due to Bachelorette Party shenanigans) and when Jane expresses her worries about not being able to properly prepare for the interview, Catalina breezily tells her to fake it till she makes it. (She also tells another outrageous story about how she faked her way through an interview and Michael’s face = me. Mmmmmmm OHMIGOD. Stop fuckin lyin’.) Listen, part of Catalina’s advice is sound: you should always lead with confidence when you go into a job interview. What you should absolutely NOT do is lie about your skills, especially when you are asked a direct question. A very harried Leslie (hey Kelly Rutherford) asks Jane if she is familiar with a software program, and when Jane lies and says yes, Leslie immediately asks her to help her troubleshoot a document. RUH ROH. Jane has no idea what she’s doing and accidentally erases not only the document Leslie had spent hours on but all the goodwill Jane had built up in the interview. Someone’s clearly not getting the job. A failed interview means naught to a free spirit like Catalina. She launches into yet another story (Michael’s inner monologue = BE COOL DON’T START YELLING) about how she was besties with Zac Posen’s assistant when she fucked something up during fashion week in Milan (WHO ARE YOU) while she sends Leslie’s assistant a pithy “Did I get the job?” text. Catalina is right on the money when it comes to buttering up assistants though. Her text opens up communication between Jane and Leslie’s assistant, Alice, so maybe that job isn’t a lost cause after all.

What I DO love about this whole situation with Catalina is that Jane stays very open about it with Alma, despite the fact that things are still very stilted between them. It shows just how much Jane respects her Abuela, because she could have very easily kept the whole thing on the DL since Catalina was only supposed to stay a few days. But that’s not the kind of person Jane is. And ultimately, keeping a chasm between her and her granddaughter is not the kind of person Alma is. Despite all her reservations about the whole situation, Alma agrees to have Catalina over for dinner because she hates feeling distant from Jane. The whole thing sounds like a recipe for disaster, especially when Catalina shows up free-boobing and clutching a rival platter of arepas. To the surprise (and delight) of Jane and Xiomara, Alma and Catalina get along swimmingly, as they laugh and tell stories of young Alma and her adventures. (She sounds like she was a saucy minx, which makes complete sense in regards to her total personality turnaround after the family fallout.) However, the evening comes unraveled when Catalina brings up Cecilia and Mateo. See, from HER point of view (since this is how Cecilia was telling it) ALMA was the one who did the man-stealing because Cecilia had her eyes on Mateo first. (This is also the story the rest of the family tells since Alma hasn’t been around to tell her side.) Naturally, Alma is enraged because to her, Catalina doesn’t know what she’s talking about. “Your Abuela is a LIAR,” Alma spits. “You’re as bad as your grandmother. And your arepas are dry.” LOW BLOW, ALMA. (Well done though.)

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“You have the forceful stream of a leader.” – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap – Why Is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?

Source: felicitybarry

Source: felicitybarry

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 4
“When Will Josh and His Friend Leave Me Alone?”
Posted by Sage

It’s morning in West Covina, on the first day since she’s arrived that Rebecca Bunch hasn’t been chasing after Josh and/or Greg. Not that she’s over it. No, no, no – she’s so predictably fixated on the absence of them that Heather has made a business out of it. It’s a wonder that Rebecca’s new roommate isn’t a successful entrepreneur; it costs her no shame to monetize Rebecca’s weakness, instead, she calmly notes the debt Rebecca is racking up in $5 Josh increments. Heather is a secret genius: confirmed.


Source: bunchofbloom

Source: bunchofbloom

Heather is no commiserating partner. But Rebecca has her eye on another. When she spotted a bare-faced, carb-loading Valencia last week, Rebecca finally saw the weakness in her she’d been searching for all last season. But now she doesn’t want to exploit it. Well, not for boyfriend-stealing purposes, anyway. She wants to tap into Valencia’s misery vein, where they can feed off of each other’s pain in a primal, cavewoman kinda way. Rebecca even needs validation to be sad. Heather cautions that Valencia doesn’t want to hear anything about Stone Age female empowerment from Rebecca. She just wants to get her “now donut and her later donut” and get the hell outta there. “She hates you,” Heather reminds Rebecca. But Rebecca grins at her like a woman possessed. “She just thinks she does.”

Valencia gets the full force of Rebecca’s mania turned on her because she’s Rebecca’s last link to Josh. She figures it out pretty quickly when Rebecca shows up to her apartment uninvited and suggests they “ingest each others pain and sorrow.” But they’re not in the same situation, Valencia argues. Rebecca was the dumpee; Valencia was the dumper. But emotionally stable yoga teachers don’t fall into muffin binges for no reason. Rebecca is right on one count: Valencia is sad. She just doesn’t know it yet – or doesn’t know why she should be.


Source: bunchofbloom

Source: bunchofbloom

Rebecca can’t put her primitive bonding plan to work in the middle of a strip mall haven like West Covina. Fortunately, a solution presents itself in the form of Darryl and White Josh, who are preparing to head out to the dessert for Electric Mesa, a Burning Man-esque festival of self-indulgence and hipster cultural appropriation. Emboldened by the event’s promise to “connect, refresh, heal,” Rebecca knocks unannounced on Valencia’s door again. She coaxes the moper out of her apartment with the promise of Dairy Queen chicken baskets and blizzards (rude). Instead, she kidnaps her to Electric Mesa, still in her pajamas. After an hour of Rebecca’s begging, Valencia relents and gets out of the car. She’ll mesa, but only under protest.


Source: bunchofbloom

Source: bunchofbloom

You guuuuuuuyyyyssss. Rebecca doesn’t whisk Valencia away with pure intentions, but still: Rebecca and Valencia bonding. For real this time.

The festival does get off to a rocky start. Rebecca pesters Valencia with Josh talk during her “sensory bath,” going against the one condition under which Valencia promised to hang out. (“So what IS Josh looking for? ‘Cause you and I are amazing.”) V sics Sherpa Allen on her kidnapper, and when the sound system dies out, she ditches the bath to look for an Uber. Frantic and looking for a reason for Valencia to stay (“I saw a woman with a bikini top made of the Bill of Rights!”), Rebecca drags her over to a tea stand. The thirsty girls down two cups of “earthy water” under the wide-eyed stare of the vendor. “You guys must have a really high tolerance.” They don’t get it. “A Triceratops tolerance? The hallucinogen Triceratops? A.K.A. 3-Tops? Meketyltrichlorocaine? Mixy, Toxy, Cloxy?” Excellent festival rule of thumb: do not ingest ANY unidentified substance, as you might end up in your own dream ballet. And that’s the best case scenario, tbh.

But before we dive into that inspired dinosaur-themed dance piece, let’s check in on our other characters. Josh, as is his way, has NO idea that these two women are pounding laced beverages because of his inability to be in a grown-up relationship. To be fair, he has his own problems. And he doesn’t seem to understand those very well either. Alex finds Josh in the Aloha break room, six hours early for his shift and organizing every thing he can get his hands on. Josh runs down the list of life events that are stressing him out, and Alex grabs onto the relationship side of things. “You’re a girlfriend guy, I can tell,” he says, coyly suggesting that he’ll be coupled up again soon. Josh protests that he’s actually fine being alone. But when Alex leaves, Josh turns his attention to untangling a mass of cords and batting away the negative notions that cross his mind. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is about mental illness as much as it is about independence. And this song tells me that Josh Chan has mild anxiety disorder, plus a touch of OCD. Even better, it’s an incredibly sharp parody of Jack Johnson and other ’00s surfer folk pop. Remember “Bubble Toes?” It’s that. And it’s SO GOOD.

Vincent Rodriguez III has been on another level this season. It feels like Rachel and the writers are writing FOR him a lot more, especially when it comes to the songs. “Ping Pong Girl” is in my regular rotation, and “Thought Bubbles” will be too. I can’t get over how well the hand-drawn animation represents Josh’s man-child nature. The “Obamas’ dog” line is 100% gold. From visuals to lyrics to performance, the season 2 musical numbers are nailing it.

Paula doesn’t have a song this week, but she does have her first day at law school. Rebecca drops her off at class, reclaiming the extra juice box she so thoughtfully packed for her. One of Paula’s classmates mistakes Rebecca for Paula’s daughter because of her “me me me” vibe. And in defending Rebecca’s honor, Paula blurts out that she just had an abortion and hasn’t been able to tell her friend about it because she doesn’t feel like she’s entitled to that space. (“I get it, I’m Barb, she’s Nancy.”) Her classmate, Sunil, has a good heart. I know this because he sees how uncomfortable her outburst made Paula and he evens the conversation out by telling her about his own recent life-changing event. His wife committed suicide, and he hasn’t been brave enough to tell his children what really happened. (“I told them she went to a mom farm upstate where moms run around all day.”)

Sunil and Paula bond over being the older students in the class and – as many of the greatest friendships I have were formed – through hating the same people. They struggle to keep up with the lecture and are entranced by a fellow student’s high-tech, low-effort note taking app. When Paula politely asks for the name of the program, the WASPy jerk responds that it’s Nunya. “Nunya business, biiiiitch.” Sunil and Paula are already feeling out of touch and silly, and this aggression will not stand, man. They have to get that app, even if they have to break into that kid’s American Psycho Junior dorm room to do it.

skulking skulking-2
Source: bunchofbloom

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“Reunited (And It Feels So Good)” – Supernatural Recap – Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Source: prettyboydean

Source: prettyboydean

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 5
“Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

Yeah, we went there with the song lyric and we are not sorry. Because after “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” left us cold and kind of appalled, Steve Yockey turned out to actually have been the one we were waiting for when he gifted us with an episode that was all we ever wanted and more. Hunters galore, a family dynamic that actually went where we wanted it to go, and terrific one-liners. Sure, we missed Cas and Crowley – again – (who are thankfully back next ep) and we’d like to get back to the overarching mythos of the season (and more Rick Springfield, please), but this episode was our everything and we just couldn’t be happier.

The Hunters

So. Many. Hunters!! We have never seen a happy gathering of hunters before, and we had no idea how much we needed it until it happened. Yes, we had the roadhouse, but mostly that was just quiet hunters drinking on their own. We’ve seen other hunters before, but that rarely ended well. This time was different. This time, we had a shitload of hunters at a proper Irish wake, getting drunk, telling stories, and having as good a time as is possible at a funeral that also ends up with a demon body-hopping like mad. When our boys first showed up and everyone was like “Holy crap, The Winchesters?”, Dawn cheered out loud. Sam had a fanboy, for Chuck’s sake. It was glorious.


Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs


Source: subcas

Source: subcas

JAY: Yeah, yeah, Sam’s fan boy was glorious, or maybe not, because honestly that’s every episode so far that they have brought up Sam’s time with Lucifer, so this is either foreshadowing or just…What…what is this?! WE KNOW ABOUT LUCIFER! We were there! We know, so unless you are bringing back Mark Pellegrino as Luci, I just don’t want to hear about it anymore. Jesus, Sammy, we get it. Lucifer’s chosen son. I’m over it. #BringBackMark

DAWN: That “he said that she said that Garth said” line might have been my fave line of the entire ep. And also, shut up, I love Rick as Luci. I loved Mark too, but this is a new Lucifer and I am liking the darkness Rick brings to him. #youbetterlovesomebody

Speaking of legends, pour one out for Asa. He had such potential and we wish there had been a lot more of him. The tales of his exploits were legendary in the community, to the point where there is a hunter drinking game based on them. Sure, his mother is an asshole, but from all we saw, Asa was well-loved and well-respected. We hadn’t seen a lot of that among hunters in previous seasons and we would have liked to get to know him better. Also, apparently he and Jody were a thing, and she kinda blushes when she talks about it.

The Banes Twins, Alicia and Max were young, hot, snarky, and competent. They were raised by a witch who taught them about bad witches, and good witches, and also some surprisingly helpful magic (apparently that’s more Max’s territory). We love them. Bring them back soon. Or give them a spinoff. (We ask for a lot of spinoffs, don’t we? Sorrynotsorry about that.)

s5 s6 s7

Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

JAY: Did we say hot cause, dayumn, I could look at Max’s face all day and never get bored. Sadly, apparently not his type.

DAWN: Yes, you are missing a vital piece of equipment.

And in case you were wondering if it was official, yes, Sheriff Jody “BAMF” Mills is a bona fide hunter now, not just to the Winchesters, but to the hunter community at large, and everybody loves her. There are rumors and tall tales about her. She is Chuck-damn famous already.

Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

Seeing how Jody, who in reality is a relatively new hunter, has already found herself a place in the hunter community really gets us thinking about the support system the Winchesters have been going without. Sure, they have Cas, but really who else do they have? Jody finding her feet in the community so quickly puts a stark light on how withdrawn and solitary our boys have become. Gone are the days of Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Rufus and Ash, our extended little hunter family. The rumors and legends about the “marveled and mysterious Winchester brothers” are, perhaps, so exaggerated because virtually no one in their own community knows them well enough to do more than that. Sure, the tales of bravery are super fun, but they don’t hold a candle to the reality of what our boys have done – good and bad.


Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

It makes us wonder, how could things have gone differently and who, if anyone, would show up to salt and burn of one of our boys? Where is their family, their community, their support? And don’t think they don’t know what they are missing. But maybe that’s the point. Push everyone away because they will only get hurt if you let them in. Chuck knows, that’s been Dean’s line since the beginning. He’s wrong, of course, but we understand why it’s not easy to make him see that.

Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

With Jody such a stable figure in the hunter community, well, honestly, we don’t ever want to hear how SPN can’t write strong female characters ever again because look at her. Bask in her glory. Revel in her BAMFness. She is Wayward AF and we couldn’t love her – or the amazing Kim Rhodes, who plays her – more. In fact, more on Jody in the next section.

Can we get some mad applause for Billie the Reaper? She is a hunter in her own right – a hunter of Winchester souls, if she has her way. While we desperately miss Death and long for his return, Billie is filling those shoes like whoa. Here we have another strong, strong woman, the Reaper who has taken over for Death himself and who has no time for nonsense of the Winchester brand. (Also Lisa Berry, the actress who plays her, is so effing beautiful, she makes our hearts ache with both admiration and jealousy.)

s13 s14 s15

Source: subcas

Source: subcas

JAY: So there is something so ethereal about Billie, and I don’t know if it’s the fact that she doesn’t blink, like ever, or if it’s her flawless complexion. I want to think it’s that she doesn’t blink. It separates her from humanity, reminds us that she is unearthly, a being beyond that of mortals. She has this way of staring at her target, much like Cas does, but with Billie it is as if she already knows the answer, where Cas is still searching for it. With Billie we get these deep obsidian pools of her eyes, wide, large, eyes that draw you in compel you and the fact that she like never blinks, that there is never any reprieve from her gaze…well shit. It’s almost creepy! Totally everything a rules-abiding Reaper of Death should be.

DAWN: It’s her entire being—her stance, her walk, her expressions. Billie is not to be fucked with and every single thing about her makes that clear.

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