“We’re all stories in the end…”

Doctor Who 7 x 05
The Angels Take Manhattan

Posted by Kim

“…Just make it a good one.”

And what a good one it was.

I can’t bear to watch the episode again.  I woke up this morning, thought about it, and started crying again.  Luckily Tumblr exists and I can see all the key moments without having to actually watch it.  So here are my thoughts, posted after the jump for any spoilerphobes out there who haven’t seen the episode yet.


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“Take this compass. All great adventurers need one.”

Soda Tax

Parks and Recreation
Season 5, Episode 2: Soda Tax
– Posted by Sage

Taking last week’s premiere and this week’s episode into consideration, it’s pretty obvious that the theme of this season of Parks will be Leslie adjusting to being the small fish in a bigger Pawnee pond. Now, this is a HUGE hurdle for her to overcome, and not because of her ego. It just seems that the more powerful you are, the more obstacles stand in the way of you getting shit done. There’s an Obama joke in here somewhere, but I’m just a pop culture blogger.

Even Leslie Knope’s enthusiasm and determination have their limits. When she crashes, she crashes hard; and that’s the time that her friends rally around her, individually or as a mighty Parks Department. Last week, it was up to Andy (who’s been wearing a bandanna as underwear for three days) to remind Leslie that her awesomeness still stands, even in the face of crippling bureaucracy.

This week, Leslie turned to reluctant mentor and hater of feelings and emotions, Ron. Her proposed giant soda tax resulted in a town divided down the middle and a threat of layoffs from the miraculously bitch-named Kathryn Pinewood. Should Leslie bend to the pressure and protect herself or vote her conscience? Ron laid out some Swanson-brand tough love by showing Leslie her personnel file. Turns out, he started the process to have her fired no less than 4 times. Her bubbliness being the main reason in most cases. The Ron moral of the story: not everyone is going to like you right away. Not everyone is going to like you at all. But if you have your handy adventurer’s compass, you won’t let that stray you from your path.

Random thoughts/B-storys:

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Kim just can’t quit Grey’s Anatomy

Posted by Kim

Yes.  I still watch Grey’s Anatomy.

There was a long time where I was really embarrassed to admit that.

I mean, seriously y’all…do you remember the whole arc with Dead Denny and the ghost sex?  Embarrassing.  Those were dark days.  If I didn’t break up with the show then, clearly I am never going to.

The reason I just can’t break up with  Grey’s is that it STILL gets me right in the feels after all these years.  The Ninth Season (!!) premiere was no exception.  There were tears and they were UGLY.

Even if I hadn’t known all summer that Eric Dane was leaving the show, based on the season finale I could have guessed that Mark Sloan was not long for this world.  There was CLEARLY some internal bleeding happening there.  And I knew as soon as Webber referred to 5 PM that they were going to be taking Mark off of life support before the end of the episode.  Even with all that knowledge, I STILL wept when they actually did it.  The scene was beautifully played by Patrick Dempsey (who has never gotten enough credit for how good he has been on this show) and Sara Ramirez.  Callie and Derek were both losing their best friend, and I hope the show explores how those two are now bonded.  Also, Callie clearly played a big part in reconstructing Derek’s arm and hand.  We haven’t seen these two characters interact all that much, so I look forward to this hopefully becoming a new friendship.  I also loved how Jackson said goodbye to his mentor.  His last words, “Don’t worry…I’ve got this,”  destroyed me.

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“What needs to be done you can do, when there’s two of you…”

“Screw it, we’re doing this.”

The fact that we both subscribe to this philosophy has always been one of the best parts of our friendship.  In other words, when faced with a potential celebrity encounter, if one of us starts to chicken out, the other is always there to say, “Nope, this is happening.”  Some may call this behavior enabling.  We call it making sure our lives are as awesome as possible.  Allow us to reflect on how this mantra has worked for us.


Earlier this year I went to a screening of Friends With Kids with Sage and our friend Samantha.  This wasn’t any ordinary screening, mind you.  This was a screening that had a Q&A with the Sexy Elf King himself, Adam Scott (who happens to be in Sage’s Top 5).  First of all, if you haven’t seen Friends With Kids, bump it to the top of your Netflix queue IMMEDIATELY.  It’s fantastic, and Adam is perfect in it.  We got seats at the front of the theatre so we could have the best possible view of Adam and his epic hair.  And believe me…the hair is more epic in person.

No zoom on this. We were that close.

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Why I am so Open with my Feels

It doesn’t take much to please me.

Susan knows the way to my heart

My friend Susan is the Associate Company Manager of Broadway’s Tony Award Winning musical Once.  And every week, she has to do reports that happen to be my job to collect.

I am nothing if not open about how I feel about all things pop culture.   And Susan, God love her, follows me on Twitter…so she REALLY knows how I feel about EVERYTHING.   Because she is an awesome friend, every once in a while she adds a fun note to me in her reports.  Imagine my squeal of delight when I am going though my mail and then see a picture of Joel McHale.  Or The Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.  Or the casts of Community and Parks and Recreation (the week after the Emmy Nominations came out, no less!).  The only thing that could make me happier would be Joel McHale actually delivering those reports in person.

So thank you, Susan, for brightening my day.  Don’t ever stop.

Pick Your New Favorite IRL Ship for Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler Emmys

Look: We all know that Queen Amy don’t need no man (snaps in Z-formation), but this is the internet. And on the internet, we like to dream up and flood the Tumblr tag of every possible pairing of attractive celebrities who probably have never even met while we sit around in our pajamas eating almond butter by the spoonful. Welcome!

Now Kiss!

Now that the dust kicked up by The Day We All Realized There’s No Point and Deleted Our OKCupid Accounts in a Sullen RageTM has settled a bit, it’s time to pick a new fantasy boyfriend for our fantasy best friend/big sister.

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In which Kim rages over the Emmy Awards…

Preach, Ron Swanson

Honestly, I don’t know why I watch the Emmys anymore.  Because all I seem to do, beginning with the day the nominations come out, is hate on them.  As a somewhat (HA!) passionate TV viewer, it just makes me nuts that so much quality television, ESPECIALLY in the Comedy category is ignored every year.  Heads up to Emmy voters, and I say this as a fan of the show, but there are more comedies on the air than just Modern Family.  That being said…let’s look at what went down last night.

My Red Carpet Thoughts:

–I hope whoever invented the Mani-cam dies a slow and painful death.

–Hey, did you guys know that Giuliana Rancic is a mother now? *eye roll*

–I will never forgive E! for deeming the casts of Sherlock and Downton Abbey not good enough for their coverage.  I NEEDED TO SEE MY BEAUTIFUL BRITS.

–I cheered when Tina Fey hit the red carpet in color.  She so often sticks to black/neutrals and she looked flawless in that burgundy.  She’s my best dressed of the night, with the runner-up slots going to Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

–Least favorite dress was Emily Van Camp.  I’m over illusion paneling and that color did NOTHING for her.

On to the ceremony…nothing will ever top Jimmy Fallon’s “Born to Run” opening ever.  But nice try, Kimmel.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy: I refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of this category as it does not include Parks and Rec’s Nick Offerman, Community’s Danny Pudi and Jim Rash and HIMYM’s Neil Patrick Harris.  Honestly, I think they should put a cap on how many people from one show can be nominated because the Supporting Actor in a Comedy is TOO DEEP to fill 4 of the slots with people from the same show.  Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet wins (a bit of a surprise, I was expecting Ty Burrell) and gives a very sweet shout out to onscreen hubby Jesse Tyler Ferguson in his speech.

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