“Sing out Louise!!” – A #SmashBash Gif Cap

My thoughts whenever I turn on the TV for Smash. I’m a masochist.

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#SmashBash 2×04

“The Song”

The show we love to hate lives on for another week!  We’re gif-capping while we still can, because seriously y’all.  The ratings.  I think the only thing that is keeping Smash on the air is the fact that NBC doesn’t have anything ELSE at this point, and it will likely get a boost when The Voice returns later in March (as will struggling sitcoms Go On and The New Normal).

While “The Song” wasn’t QUITE as rage inducing as last week’s episode, “The Dramaturg” (still not over it), I had plenty of moments of feelings that could only be expressed in gifs (especially Tyra Banks ones).   So let’s get to it, shall we?

“The Big Bad Wills” Oh look! You made a funny Derek! #no

Can we take another moment to discuss the HUGE loft that Jimmy and Kyle manage to rent on bartending Wages and being struggling composers? They must be the best Bartenders in the city.

“How fast can you get into Manhattan?”

(I think this is what Karen thinks happens on the G Train)

Yes, Julia, clearly a writer would be coming in to SPEAK at a acting class.

I’m just gonna copy and paste my tweet from when Jimmy got mad that Tom didn’t like his songs: “OH MY GOD BROOKLYN JIMMY ENOUGH WITH THE FUCKING SASS YOU ARE A NOBODY. #SmashBash #aloneinmyprinciples”

Julia’s outrage at people critiquing her book for Bombshell

(Did she never take a writing class?  Cause that’s what YOU DO.  You read your stuff out loud and then get freaking FEEDBACK. ARRRRRRRRRRRGH!)

Apparently the entire company of Bombshell has nothing to do but be in Veronica’s show.

“Scotch. Weed. Coke. Just Space.” Oh Brooklyn Jimmy, you are soooooooooooo dark and tortured.

Yzma photo disney1.gif

“Sondheim wrote ‘Send in the Clowns’ in one night. Tom and Julia wrote “Don’t Forget Me” in less than that.”

Because obviously Tom and Julia are on par with Stephen Sondheim.


Also Kyle’s mournful/jealous look as he observed Karen working with Brooklyn Jimmy. Me thinks a love triangle is brewing.

Julia picking apart the play Peter wrote to get back at him for the acting class thing.


Smash continues to portray all directors as screaming borderline abusive artists. But it’s WORTH it cause they get the performance out of you. Also, they are continuing to plant the seeds of Tom becoming a director. Might he be the one to steer Bombshell to Broadway?

Megan Hilty has yet to sing in this episode.

 photo angrycat_zps63393b18.gif

I was just WAITING for Veronica’s Mommy to start singing “Rose’s Turn”…seriously, the whole Veronica story was just a toothless version of Gypsy.

“Give me 5 minutes, I deserve that!”

 photo tumblr_lgg7qcdlJ71qb1u9to1_500.gif

WHY? Why do you deserve it, Jimmy? There are a million people like you in the city trying to do the same thing. Oh, right. He’s the next Jonathan Larson. I forgot.


This is all I have to say about the Eileen and Nick scene.

 photo jack.gif

(Also this is your reminder that Anjelica Huston is an Academy Award winner.)

Poor, tortured, talented (but no one will give him a break) Jimmy runs off and disappears to go on a bender.

 photo drinking_zpsd07dfef7.gif

Kyle looking for the love of his life Brooklyn Jimmy all over the city whilst singing a Billy Joel song.

 photo sosad.gif

“They should have given me a Standing O.”

It’s a toss-up between who is the MOST unlikable in this episode between Julia and Brooklyn Jimmy.

“The kid may be a jerk, but he’s good.” OH TOM NOT YOU TOO.

Brooklyn Jimmy on Drugs:

Me WATCHING Brooklyn Jimmy on Drugs:

 photo tumblr_mhkddk1qc51qh9pcao5_500_zps6ba26c42.gif

Julia has her big epiphany about the problems with her book after day drinking with Peter. 

 photo drink.gif

I feel you Julia. I often have epiphanies after mimosa brunch.

Though is this REALLY the epiphany? The fact that Marilyn’s story should be told through the eyes of the men that define her? This show hates women just about as much as Seth MacFarlane does.

I love that 3 episodes ago Karen couldn’t stand to be in the same ELEVATOR with Ivy and now they are sexy dancing and singing back-up together in Ronnie’s show without so much as a dirty look. #continuity

Well damn. Brooklyn Jimmy’s song is AMAZING. And Ronnie/J-Hud sings the shit out of it.

But really, we’ve spent a whole episode focusing on a character we’re never going to see again. Why?

Oh Julia.  By “getting away” you know he means “sexy times”, right?

“Bombshell will be the biggest hit Broadway has had in years.” Wait. I thought the book was total crap. MAKE UP YOUR MIND SMASH.

“I’m putting the rest I owe you in the mail … Ellis.  Don’t ever contact me again”

 photo Masterisangry.gif


He’s not even on the show anymore and he is still the WORST.

Reminder that Megan Hilty never sang in this episode.

 photo tumblr_lpn1dcn8yP1qii6tmo1_400.gif

And that’s it for this week!  We’ll be back next week for Episode 5, “The Read Through”.  Where “Julia’s fears increase when Tom airs his suspicions of Peter. Jimmy and Kyle confront their own crisis of confidence as “Hit List” is read for the first time. Meanwhile, Ivy realizes her triumph might not be all she hoped when she meets her new co-star, Terry Falls, and Karen wonders if she can trust Jimmy.”

So basically just every episode of season 2 so far, minus J-Hud and adding Sean Hayes.  WHOOOO!

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