“Do You Like Me? Check Yes or No” – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap

Ivy knows that you need wine to watch Smash.

Posted by Kim

“Bells and Whistles”

#SmashBash 2×08

Well, dear SmashBashers, we’ve made it to the halfway mark of the season.  I know.  It feels like the premiere was a decade ago.

The official episode synopsis for this week is as follows: “When Ivy brings Sam, back to town, Tom finds himself in an awkward situation. Jimmy and Derek clash over their vision for “Hit List,” while both Ana and Karen struggle to stand up for what they want.”

So in other words, it’s like every other episode of the second season.  To the gifs!!!

“You see it wrong, no offense.”

Todd Offense Taken

Am I the only one bothered about “Let Me Be Your Star” clearly being in a lower key?

Hodgins does not approve

“I could really use a breather.” IVY.  I love you , bb…but come on.  After fighting so hard and wanting to be Marilyn for SO LONG, when you actually GET her, you start complaining about how grueling the role is?


Though I must say, it is a MASSIVE failure to not have her share a scene with Jesse L. Martin.  As it was with Sean Hayes and Debra Messing never having a scene together. What does this show have against reunions?

Sam is back.  Still bitching about HAVING to be on the Book of Mormon tour. WHO COMPLAINS ABOUT THAT?!?!?!

“I prefer to call it ‘an intellectual salon’.” Yes, because all shows are directed by diplomacy, Tom.

 photo ithought_zps2f3dd808.gif

“Lea Michele??  LEA MICHELE?!?!”

“If you say it one more time, she magically appears!” That is perhaps Derek’s finest one liner in the entirety of the series.

“It’s MY show!!” Yes, Brooklyn Jimmy. Continue to be the most likable character on the show. *eye roll* #aloneinmyprinciples

“We expect our directors and writers to work together.”  Is Theresa Rebeck still writing this?

 photo nickmiller_zps1f5ea126.gif

No, seriously. Who regrets having a LEADING ROLE in The Book of Mormon?

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Your Weekly Dose of Rose and The Doctor Feels – Playlist Post #18

Rose and 10 Tooth and Claw

– Posted by Sage

Here at Head Over Feels, we got a big old case of the Anglophilia. Shocking, I know. But I think I might even be understating it. Maybe we’re not Anglophiles. Maybe we’re Anglo….fanatics? Fiends? Anglopeoplewithtoomuchtimeontheirhands?

Call our disease what you will, the symptoms are obvious. 80% of our favorite things come from the UK – movies, television…men. And music! In this week’s playlist post, we’re paying tribute to artists who hail from our spiritual home, the United Kingdom. After all, who understands our favorite ship better than the people from our show’s motherland?

Robbie Williams – “Heaven From Here”

“I’ll shelter you, make it alright to cry
And you’ll help too, cause the faith in myself has run dry
We are love, and I just wanna hold you near
Know no fear, we will see heaven from here

My shelf life’s short
Wish they’d make it more easy to follow
And I’ve been caught with nothing but love on my mind
We are love. Don’t let it fall on deaf ears
Now it’s clear, we have seen heaven from here.”

I will never forgive the United States for not getting into Robbie Williams like I did, making it virtually impossible that he will ever tour here. Then again, he’s too snarky and tongue-in-cheek to be fully understood and appreciated by the country that made the “Party Rock” guys into superstars. Robbie IS capable of great sincerity though, and “Heaven From Here” is one of my favorite of his ballads.

The Doctor is constantly torn between his personal desires and his moral obligation to the greater good. In Series 2 in particular, you can see – courtesy of David Tennant’s superb performance – that he can FEEL himself prioritizing his relationship with Rose as he never has with any other companion. The line that makes this song so perfectly Rose/Doctor is, “And I’ve been caught with nothing but love on my mind.” He loves her too hard and without abandon, which leaves him completely exposed just in time for the eventual tragedy.

But, as a truly hideous needlepoint up for sale on Etsy for $17.99 once said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” The Doctor doesn’t have the luxury of dwelling on all his sads. He’s got work to do.

Finch: “Their lives are so fleeting. So many goodbyes. How lonely you must be, Doctor. Join us.”
The Doctor: “I could save everyone.”
Finch: “Yes.”
The Doctor: “I could stop the war.”
Sarah Jane: “No. The universe has to move forward. Pain and loss, they define us as much as happiness or love. Whether it’s a world or a relationship, everything has its time. And everything ends.”

As usual, Sarah Jane is right.

Ellie Goulding – “Guns and Horses”

“I left my house
Left my clothes
Door wide open
Heaven knows
You’re so worth it, you are.”

I texted Kim a warning about this video this morning, and I extend that warning to you, readers, if you also have serious Nine/Rose feelings.

Every companion holds a special place in my in cold, dead heart (even Martha, despite what you may have read on Twitter), but one of the reasons that Rose is my girl forever is that she has such empathy for the Doctor. Donna did too, while Martha and Amy, I think, see him as being beyond some human emotion. Martha, because she relates to him logically (thanks, Kim!) and Amy because he’s still her imaginary friend and retains some of that magical quality for her. But Rose feels it all, even when its at odds with her own self-interest. (Ahem, “Girl in the Fireplace.”)

“But I wish I could feel it all for you.
I wish I could be it all for you.”

The Script – “Science and Faith”

“Of all of the things that she’s ever said
She goes and says something that just knocks me dead.

You won’t find faith or hope down a telescope
You won’t find heart and soul in the stars
You can break everything down to chemicals
But you can’t explain a love like ours.”

I’ve been complaining a lot about River Song this week, and I do apologize. I like her, I do. She’s ballsy and funny and has fantastic hair. But when Entertainment Weekly calls her the Doctor’s “longtime paramour,” I have to throw up a giant stop sign.

Please correct me if I’ve missed something, but we’ve never had proof from the Doctor that he ROMANTICALLY loves River like she loves him. The flirting is wonderfully entertaining and Matt is brilliant at it, but what does it MEAN? I interpret their relationship as this: the Doctor is very fond of her, but he’s protecting her feelings, or, as Kim once said, “humoring” her. Is that too harsh?

Maybe I’m just biased. But has any scene with River ever had as devastating effect on the fandom as “Doomsday”? Basically, if this love is more epic than his love of Rose, I need to see the receipts.

To any piece by someone who has only watched the Eleven years and refers to River as “the love of his life”:

Matt Smith gives you the finger

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“Gentlemen: good night. Ladies: good mornin’.” – A Justin Timberlake Appreciation Post

Suit and Tie video

– Posted by Sage

Go ahead, you can say it. I promise I won’t gloat. Just let it roll off your tongue: “Sage, you were right.”

Everyone may be all over Justin Timberlake now, but there was a time not so long ago – an era of highlighter curls and denim tuxedos – when he was written off by most as just another Teen Beat pin-up with zero staying power. But ‘N Sync devotees? We knew. We’ve known for years.

Ellen Beyonce Justin Timberlake

I shamelessly love the entire cheesy late-90s pop catalog and its wacky cast of characters, but it was clear even then that Justin just had a little more going on than, say, that guy from 98 Degrees who’s not Nick, Drew, or Jeff. And because I supported and defended him even through his tragic cornrows phase, I feel I’m entitled to take a little credit for his superstardom. It’s so satisfying that the rest of world has finally caught up.

I’ve prepared a little “I Told You So” dance for the occasion.

Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon dance

After six years of relative radio silence, music-wise, this past month has been a veritable buffet of JRT: the Grammys, Jimmy Fallon’s Timberweek, Saturday Night Live, the Legends of the Summer tour announcement and subsequent sellout, and, of course, the release of The 20/20 Experience album itself. Backlash for backlash’s sake bores me to tears, so I turn my nose up at any self-righteous “overload” articles and celebrate the return of one of our greatest living entertainers. Give me more, Timberlake. We’ve got a long way to go to hit my saturation point.

How do I love Justin Timberlake? Let me count the ways.

He was the standout in the greatest boy band of all time:

Bye Bye Bye Justin laugh

*The opinions of this post do not necessarily reflect the opinions of both editors, as Kim is a staunch Backstreet girl. We forgive her for this.*

You know how I feel about these guys. I know every B-side only released in Europe. I’ve seen every award show performance eight times over. I bought a VHS copy of the outtakes of their gig hosting a Top 40 countdown on MTV over the internet for a fee that’s now embarrassing. ‘N Sync were my guys, and they were a cohesive group. Justin’s often referred to now as the “lead singer” or “frontman” of ‘N Sync, but that’s revisionist history culled from his current success. Justin’s role was that of the flash, the cockiness, the swag, just like Chris’s was that of the class clown and Joey the flirt and JC the voice of a goddamn angel. (JC, stop producing music for other people and please come back to me.)

There was magic in seeing him live, whether he was singing the last verse of “God Must Have Spent” to a little girl in the front row, writhing on the stage during the bridge of “Gone,” or “throwing” the pyro with his own two hands. He was just as fun to watch offstage, always on for whatever camera happened to be in his face. Even eating his lunch:

From MMC to ‘N Sync, Justin grew up in front of us. Say what you will about his bravado, but the career that he’s built for himself post-child stardom is pretty damn impressive.

A nightly beatbox solo? Don’t mind if I do.

I want to go back in my TARDIS and tell this kid that someday, he’s going to tour with Jay-Z.

I’m pretty sure the FutureSex/LoveShow choreography can get you pregnant:

FutureSex Justin thrust
FutureSex Summer Love thrust

Those tickets should have come with complimentary birth control. This is just rude. Also, I now bitterly regret quitting dance when I was 7 and missing out on this being my job.

But he really just wants to love and marry you, girl:

Some Prince Charming Shit Justin Timberlake

“You are, you are the love of my life.” – “Mirror”

“I was ready to give you my name.” – “What Goes Around Comes Around”

“This ring here represents my heart
But there’s just one thing I need from you (sayin ‘I do.’).” – “My Love”

“Didn’t have to run, I knew it was love from a mile away.” – “Pusher Love Girl”

“But girl I’m ready to marry you
Yeah right here in the restaurant
And start on our honeymoon
While you still got your dress on.” – “Dress On”

All of Justin’s songs are pretty much about DESTROYING you on the dance floor and then making an honest woman out of you. What’s not to love about that?

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YOU Get A Marilyn. And YOU Get A Marilyn! – A #SmashBash Gif-cap

Sebastian hope you appreciate
Season 2, Episode 7: Musical Chairs
– Posted by Sage

The Smashbash lives for another week! I sadly can’t report a miracle ratings spike, but we’re not at the point of cancellation yet. Instead, NBC is moving it to Saturday nights in April. (Said my friend Sam: “Are there even shows on Saturday nights?”)

As the episode title suggests, there was quite a lot of role-shifting in this week’s episode. And actually, we kind of ended up with teams that make a teensy bit of sense. Well done, Smash! Logic is your friend.

Let’s catch up with our favorite hapless musical theater folk!

We begin with Brooklyn Jimmy, clad in a stylish low-cut tee, singing with generic free spirit roommate, who is ostensibly intended to replace Karen in Hit List.

SNL Deep V

He’s Blake, the lighting designer, btdubs.

Rachel Green bitchin

Those kids are just…bouncing on chairs. Smash doesn’t even know how children work.

Schmidt Youths

“Really? I don’t see it that way at all.” Well then, it’s a good thing you’re not the DIRECTOR, isn’t it, Karen?
Martha Jones shut up

“Derek isn’t here anymore.” “Yeah, I know.” You’re not the boss, Karen.

This aggression will not stand

“It’s like we’re speaking different languages.” Unknown lead doesn’t get along with the director? I have a solution.

Sam Seaborn fires you


Where's my mac and cheese? 30 Rock

I’m sorry, that new choreo happened in one day? Nice job, invisible choreographer!

Psych what

“Without the right person at the helm, this ship will go down.” NOW you think directors matter?

Tom Hiddleston laugh

There’s a Rent poster in Scott’s office. In case you missed the last 17 hints that Brooklyn Jimmy is the exhumed genius of Jonathan Larson.

Sam Weir choke

“Don’t listen to him. He’s not good with feedback. We’ll do whatever you want.”

HIMYM could you please be cool

“I don’t see what is so bad about putting up a show in an 80 seat theater and seeing how it goes.” This is the first lucid thing Brooklyn Jimmy has ever said. Did he go off his meds too?

Just Do it Amy Poehler

Dangerous Liaisons plays its first performance to dead-silence. Come on, Smash. People pity-applaud at even the most tragic failures.

Jasmine eyeroll

“Gwen Verdon would have left if Fosse quit.” Excuse me?

What's this what's happening Will & Grace

“The boys need to grow up.” TRUE.

Horse you are smart

“Of course, he sent you here to come check up on us.” Here comes Karen, the wise old Broadway sage, to drop some knowledge on these newbies. If I squint, she looks almost like Mike Nichols.

Girls feelings

“The theme you’re looking for is already there. It’s about reinvention.” I thought it was about a bunch of starving artists living and loving on the Lower East Side? Fiiiive hundred twenty five thousand six hundred miiinnn-no?

Fuck not found X-Men

Julia and Scott know each other and something is up with that. I can tell from the trademark Smash anvil-size hint.

Jason Mraz peace

“I’ve never done this before. I’m still learning.” Tom, my love. YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR. YOU WROTE THE GODDAMN SHOW. And now you’re GROVELING to KAREN? Have some self-respect.

The Inbetweeners car

“I wish I could get out of this show. I really hate it.”

That Thing You Do pig in competition

“Let’s have some fun, like in the old days like before you went off your meds.” GOOD NEWS! More actors are just deciding to completely overhaul their own productions, and there’s not a director in sight.

Peter and the Starcatcher stache

“Is it ahmahzing? How high do you belt?” Seth Rudetsky!

Jonas 5-second dance party

“Of course she does, she’s a star.” I’m gonna need people to stop saying that.

Grace Adler bombshell

“I don’t think we need to scream what it’s about in every scene.” Brooklyn Jimmy is like, “SLOW DOWN, SHADES! “THAT THING YOU DO” IS A BALLAD!”

Shrimp Shack Shooters

“You really loved him, didn’t you?” Pretty much a useless, throwaway line in anything ever. Only used to state the completely obvious.

Sure what you're suggesting Game of Thrones

“I’m not going to lie. Seeing the two of you together makes my heart beat faster.” *shudder*

How dare you speak to me Jeff Goldblum

“I’m not threatened, just incredibly frustrated.” Aren’t we all, Tom. Aren’t we all.

The Wedding Singer charming

Terry and Ivy decided, ON THEIR OWN, to make Liaison broad again and somehow, in one day, changed the orchestrations, choreography, performances of all their castmates, Terry’s SINGING VOICE, and got some live sheep on stage.

Justin Timberlake Gurl

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“Fracking for friendship.” – Parks and Recreation Recap

Parks and Recreation Bailout Promo
Parks and Recreation
Season 5, Episode 16: Bailout
– Posted by Sage

I’ve often wished that science would clone the swaggie perfection that is Jean Ralphio Saperstein. But until we get over our stupid ethics (playing god, schmaying god), twin-sister-from-the-same-mister Mona Lisa is the best we’re going to get.

Parks and Recreation I will start a fire

I’ll leave the Freudian analysis of why Tom was so ready to give the D to the female version of his best friend to the professionals, but I WILL say that Jenny Slate is always a complete delight. She’s also the object of my most ardent jealousy, getting to work with Ben Schwartz on this season of House of Lies too. (By the by, are we supposed to be shipping Marty and Jeannie there? Weird. I digress.)

They’re family, yes. But Jean Ralphio thinks she’s…well, I’ll let him tell you:

Parks and Recreation the worst

Mona Lisa’s got all her brother’s style and complete ignorance of societal norms, PLUS a fairly violent streak. While Tom has stopped letting Jean Ralphio peer pressure him into all the things, he hasn’t developed that tolerance to the influence of his twin. Mona Lisa wraps Tom around her well-manicured, terrifying finger. Even Chris’s parenting can’t sway him into giving up a few torrid weeks of public sex and Pitbull concerts. Or public sex AT Pitbull concerts? I bet they get that a lot.

But Chris is satisfied enough with his sack-of-flour experiment to get over his hang-ups about “negatively affecting any living thing” and deliver the good news with his most joyous “Ann Perkins!” Now, when Ann popped the question, that question was about being her sperm donor. When Chris comes to give his answer, he tells Ann that he’s ready to raise a child. And she’s thrilled. Chris and Ann are not just having a baby, you guys. They are making a family. My shipper heart! Let’s raise a glass of your cheapest wine, because I honestly can’t tell the difference.

Hold up, though. Does Leslie even know about this? As far as we’ve seen, the only people Ann has told about asking Chris to be the father of her child are Ron and April. Is she afraid that Leslie wouldn’t approve? Or, more likely, that Leslie would have involved herself in some kind of scheme to get him to accept? I can’t wait for her to find out.

Leslie was distracted this week by the tribulations of the Pawnee Videodome and its owner Dennis Lerpiss, played by our second guest star and fellow Bored to Death (RIPalum Jason Schwartzman. The indie-centric video store is failing because, as Joe Mande kept reminding us, everything is online. For free. All the time. Leslie can’t stand to see the neglected store go under, even though she can’t bring herself to be interested in bleak foreign films or Japanese slime candy. What she loves about it is that Dennis hosts screenings and discussions where the few Pawnee film buffs can get together and talk movies. Leslie is a modern lady with plenty of use for virtual expression. But she’s also a community builder who feels the loss of face-to-face communication those advancements create. Her solution, to Ron’s dismay, is to use government resources to have the store declared a historical landmark and give Dennis a chance to make it more accessible. And that’s how, to Ron’s delight, Leslie ended up inspiring the creation of Pawnee’s first porn emporium. It’s wildly successful. You gotta give the people what they want.

And what Ann wants, second to Chris Traeger’s fastest swimmers, is for April to like her. April’s faux-disdain of Ann is a holdover from her crush on Andy and how insecure it made her feel. By now, she’s only going through the motions. Ann’s ready to crack right through that thinning ice. She starts with a healthy does of blackmail, holding her recommendation of April to vet school hostage. Then she moves on to a heavily scheduled day of BFF activities. But what gets April to finally come around is that Ann shares her anxiety about Chris. She confides in her. She gives her that friend privilege. And that’s what April responds to. April may be uncomfortable with sincerity, but she despises pretense.

Aw, my girls. Well done. Let’s have a best friend singalong! Donna’s invited too.

Parks and Recreation Time after Time

Random Thoughts/B-Stories:

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“You’re both MONSTERS!” – An Early Review of August: Osage County

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-27471-1357850857-6.gif

Posted by Kim

Last night Sage and I had the privilege of being among the first ever audience to see the film of August: Osage County.  I saw the play twice on Broadway (once with the Original Cast and once with Phylicia  Rashad in the role of Violet) and I count it as the greatest play I have ever seen.  Seriously.  The play was over three hours and it felt like NOTHING.  When I met Amy Morton (who played Barbara) through work, I completely fangirled over her.

Needless to say, when the movie was announced I had a LOT of feelings, especially about the casting.  I had heard from Amy herself that Julia Roberts was circling her role, and I was appalled.  JULIA ROBERTS??  The same Julia Roberts who hasn’t done anything to challenge herself since Erin Brokovich?  The Julia Roberts who it has seemed has been content to coast by on her Julia Roberts-ness?  How could SHE be the one to tackle the complex, brittle and viciously witty role that is Barbara Weston Fordham?? (Personally, I had cast Laura Linney in that role)

And Meryl as Violet? Could you be anymore obvious?  Yes, it is the greatest living actress in quite possible one of the greatest female roles of the past decade, but it just felt like the safe choice.   And would Julia Roberts REALLY be able to hold her own against Meryl Freaking Streep?  The dynamic between Barbara and Violet is SO important to the story, and the women have to be true equals to make it compelling.  And to top it off, the movie was being helmed by a television director making his first feature film.  Would he be able to wrangle a sprawling ensemble full of movie stars and a script that depended heavily on timing? (At the time of his announcement, I was unfamiliar with John Wells and his work on both E.R. and The West Wing, both of which have large ensembles and fast paces.)

So yes.  It was with great trepidation that I went into this screening.

*The screening was run by Nielsen.  I may have shamelessly asked an employee that was sitting behind us to give me a Nielsen Box.  #sorry #notsorry*

Me through most of the movie

Well.  This is me taking back everything I said in the intro.  Especially regarding Julia Roberts.

I’m happy to report that August: Osage County is AMAZING.  It’s one of those movies that is so engrossing that you completely forget what is going on in your life for those 2 and a half hours and you leave it invigorated.  It was exactly what both Sage and I needed yesterday.

The screenplay was adapted by its playwright, Tracy Letts, so the majority of A:OC remains intact from its stage incarnation, which thrilled me to no end.  As there always is in an adaptation, especially with a play that had a three and a half hour running time, there are something elements that are cut.  But there was nothing I found egregious and many scenes (including quite possibly the greatest scene around a dinner table EVER) are lifted directly from the play with no sort of adjustment.

What every single Cumberbitch will do during this movie

And the ENSEMBLE.  There is not a weak link in it.  Everyone from Abigail Breslin to Ewan McGregor to Emmy Winner (and probably Supporting Actress nominee) Margo Martindale to Queen Meryl is in top form.  Benedict Cumberbatch fans (aka Cumberbitches) are going to lose their MINDS over him in this movie.  Little Charles is definitely a supporting role, but it’s a meaty one and he has three excellent scenes.  In fact, the projector broke during Benedict’s last scene and Sage and I went NUTS.  The screening paused for a good 20 minutes, which while it was a shame to break up the pace of the movie, it was great to be able to sit and discuss it with people around us.  A girl behind us hears us say the phrase “Cumberbitches” and immediately started fangirling with us.  The guy sitting next to her butted into the conversation when he heard us start talking about Doctor Who, saying “Wait…girls watch Doctor Who?”


Yes.  Girls watch Doctor Who.

He then proceeded to ask us which episode he should start on if he wanted to watch.  Obviously, we said “Rose”.  OUR WORK IS NEVER DONE.

Finally, the projector was fixed AND they rewound the movie to the point at where it had broken.  Which thank God, because Benedict’s final scene.

He plays piano and sings a song, y’all.  Get ready, Cumberbitches.  You’re gonna die.

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Another Openin’, Another Show…

I am loathe to use a gif from Glee, but here you go.

Posted by Kim

Tony Season is about to kick into full gear here in New York City, and I have had theatre on the brain lately.  Last week I saw the fabulous production of the new musical Kinky Boots.  Next Saturday, I am performing in a concert to benefit a friend’s upcoming production of Rags (give up your Starbucks for the day and donate a few bucks to the production, will you?  Every little bit helps!).  I watch (and bash) Smash and Glee every week because the theatre geek in me still believes that somehow these shows could live up to their potential.  Perhaps this is why (well…along with the copious amounts of beer I consumed) I dreamed last night that Jerry Mitchell staged a musical that starred me and all of my ex-boyfriends.

It was not good.  It was horrendous in fact.  No offense to Mr. Mitchell.  The material was the horrid part.  I’m sure he would stage it beautifully.

Let’s do a Broadway themed top 10, shall we?

After seeing Kinky Boots, I got to thinking about opening numbers.  While the one for Kinky Boots was fine and fun, the show really didn’t kick into high gear until the entrance of Billy Porter’s Lola four songs later.  That’s when the show really started for me.  I got to thinking later that night about shows that HAD ME from the very first song…and here they are.

(A Caveat: Before you yell at me for leaving out your favorite, I DID limit this to shows that I have actually SEEN productions of, even if it wasn’t the original cast.  And I kept it to productions on Broadway only. )

10) “Good Morning, Baltimore” – Hairspray

Confession time.  I didn’t get on the Hairspray bandwagon until the movie came out.  Their first year on Broadway, the cast made a really tasteless joke in their Gypsy of the Year skit about skinny girls stuffing themselves with pillows so they could look fat enough to audition for Hairspray.  I KNOW.  In a show that was supposed to be preaching about body acceptance and confidence!  As a “Will Always be Curvy No Matter How Hard I Try” kind of girl, I got really offended and right then and there swore to never give the show any of my money.

However, if there is one thing I can’t resist, it’s a movie musical.  So I saw Hairspray opening weekend, and (surprise, surprise) loved it.  “Good Morning Baltimore” is such a perfect opening number for the show.  It’s giddy and infectious with the perfect dose of clever snark that is one of the trademarks of a Shaiman and Wittman score.  And it endears you to Tracy Turnblad immediately.  You can’t help but smile and cheer for her.

I DID eventually see Hairspray on Broadway in its closing months.  However, it was a comp ticket, so in a way, despite loving the show, I stuck to my promise of never giving it my money.  (And before you say…but Kim, you paid for the movie and own the DVD, so you gave them money!  I used a free ticket to see the movie and the DVD was a Christmas gift. So there! #aloneinmyprinciples)

9) “All That Jazz” – Chicago

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate the glory that is Bebe Neuwirth as Velma Kelly.

I’ve seen Chicago many many times in my almost 12 years of living in New York City.  Back in the days when Rush Tickets were 20 bucks, this was always a surefire hit with any friends who were in town visiting.  And let’s not discuss the multiple times I saw the show when my favorite Backstreet Boy (KEVIN) played Billy Flynn.  Seeing his opening night performance and meeting him at the stage door is one of my most treasured theatre memories.

Anyway, even with seeing the show multiple times, “All that Jazz” never ceased to thrill me.  That Fosse choreography! It’s amazing!

8) “Rent” – Rent

Back when I first moved to New York, I would enter the Rent Lottery at least once a week, as I lived right down the street from the Nederlander Theatre.  There was NOTHING like seeing Rent in those first two rows of lotto seats.  It was ELECTRIC and overwhelming and wonderful.  I can’t even remember how many times I saw the show from those first two rows, but I DO know it is double digits.

Yes, technically the “Tune Ups” and “Voicemails” are technically the opening numbers of the show, but Rent doesn’t TRULY get going until Mark’s line “The power goes” and the drumbeat and guitar line for “Rent” kicks off.  That’s the moment all the Rentheads in the first two rows would start cheering.

7) “Company” – Company

Can Stephen Sondheim write an opening number or what?  When I first sat down to brainstorm this list, it was FULL of Sondheim shows…to where I decided I would limit the list to 2 shows per composer.  So my apologies to fans of West Side Story, Sunday in the Park with George (I prefer the finale of that show anyway), Assassins, and Into the Woods, all of which were in the running for this.

I’ve said it before in this post, and I will continue to say it: what is so great about “Company” is that it fully sets the tone for the show Company, especially in establishing Bobby as a character.  We know by the end of the song what his motivations are and what his life is like and the journey his character is going to take.

Also, this production at the NY Philharmonic was wonderful.  While I didn’t see it in person, I saw a screening of it at the Ziegfeld that had a Q&A with the director (Lonny Price) and several of the cast members (sadly, no NPH) afterwards.  So it was just as good as seeing it in person 🙂  And while Raul Esparza may be my defnitive Bobby (would that the whole production were better!  And reminder that Raul STILL doesn’t have a Tony.), NPH did a damn good job in this production.

6) “Willkommen” – Cabaret

I remember watching this number on the Tonys and being BEYOND intrigued.  It was so seedy and sexual and dark…it was something little ole’ Southern me had never seen before, but I knew I WANTED to see it.  That’s what makes “Willkommen” and the 1997 Revival of Cabaret so wonderful.  I did eventually see the production, though sadly not with this cast, and it blew me away.  Everything about it, from the transformation of Studio 54 into the Kit Kat Club to the fact that the ensemble would interact with the audience before the show, was immersive.  You didn’t just see this production of Cabaret, you experienced it.  And “Willkommen” sets that tone perfectly.

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It’s Just Fringe – A #SmashBash Gif-cap

What I say every time I watch Smash.

Posted by Kim

“The Fringe”

Smash 2×06

Another week, another ridiculous episode of Smash.  BUT the ratings went up oh so slightly this week!  Mainly because everything was in repeats, but still.  We just want to keep bashing through the end of the season, you guys.  That’s all.

In this week’s episode… (from the official promo description) Derek and Karen  find themselves at a surprising crossroads, forcing one of them to make a difficult choice. Jerry’s uneasy partnership with Eileen hits a snag, as does Hit List’s first performance at the Fringe Festival. Meanwhile, Ivy’s last-ditch effort to save her and Terry’s show has unexpected results.

Who cares about plot? You read these for the reaction gifs! So let’s get to it!

“It’s for tourists. It isn’t art.”

Derek and Julia, bitter party of two.

(I don’t blame them though.)

Are they trying to be Moulin Rouge or Strictly Ballroom or Baz’s La Boheme with that Pepsi sign in the background? Sacrilege.  Baz should sue.

It could also just be product placement.  BUT STILL.

“Could you guys like shut up?” Every viewer cheers.

“It’s not just a show in a basement!”


“I haven’t slept in 4 days”

Seriously, how is the director of Dangerous Liaisons not taking charge? DOES ANYONE WORK HERE? 


Do the writers have ANY idea how the Fringe Festival works?  While they are close to on the mark about how frenzied the tech process is, people prepare their shows for MONTHS for these festivals.  It is an insult to all of them to say you can just go in and throw up the first draft of ONE ACT.

“Sorry, love.   I guess we’re both stuck here. Whether we like it or not.”

My friend Jenn used this amazing hashtag after that line: #thingscharactersORactorssaid. I would add “or recappers” to that 🙂

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