“I’ll Be Right Here.” – How I Met Your Mother Recap

Posted by Kim

The final countdown begins.  T-Minus 55 hours till the legen-you-no-longer-need-to-wait-for it-dary wedding of Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky.  T-Minus what I am guessing is 58 hours (or so) till Ted Mosby finally meets the woman he’s going to marry.  Here we go…

When it was first announced that the ninth and final season of How I Met Your Mother would take place over the course of Barney and Robin’s wedding, I groaned.  Really??  How can you tell a GOOD story with a strong dramatic impetus, yet drag it out over  22 episodes?  And if we really are covering the 58 (or so) hours until Ted meets the mother, each episode will cover about 2.6 hours of a day…and THAT’S if they never sleep.  While the premiere put some of my fears about this structure to rest, it’s going to be a fine line for the show to tread between creating drama out of NOTHING and having episodes with real stakes.  Craig Thomas and Carter Bays have certainly thrown down the gauntlet for themselves in this final season, and I, for one, can’t wait to see them try to navigate it.

But you’re not here to read about my fears about the upcoming season, are you?  You want to discuss the episode!  So…let’s get to it.

As the premiere starts, our gang is all making their way to the Farhampton Inn for the wedding weekend: Marshall and Marvin from Minnesota, Robin and Barney in a limo with our favorite Driver Ranjiit, and Lily and Ted roadtripping.  Let’s break down each individual journey, shall we?

Lil and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I’m all about a fun and leisurely road trip, but I’m with Lily on this one.  A drive out to a friend’s wedding is NOT the time to stop at every cheesy landmark you want to see.  I would have demanded to be dropped off at a train station too.  Lily and Ted’s road trip DID however give me my new favorite insult: “You’re a 21st Century toilet!!”

As we discover, Lily boarding the LIRR is incredibly fortuitous.  She is the first of the gang to have a meaningful interaction with Ted’s future bride (as I would assume Robin and Barney HAVE met her because she’s in their wedding band, but I doubt they sat down and had a meaningful conversation with her).

Let’s get this out-of-the-way: Cristin Milioti is PERFECT as The Mother.  After 8 seasons of build-up, casting the Mother was a tall order, but from the moment Cristin turned around to console a distraught Lily, I was sold.  Of COURSE this is her.  She’s perfect for Ted in every way.  She’s instantly relatable.  But what REALLY works about the mother is that while she clearly has a quirky sense of humor, she manages to not be the manic pixie dream girl stereotype that is so often shoved down our throats these days.  Plus anyone who makes cookies that sound as delicious as sumbitch cookies do, is pretty fantastic in my book.

The Mother didn’t just unknowingly pass Lily’s “Front Porch” test, she aced it with flying colors.  Cristin and Alyson had an instant rapport that was believable and you just KNOW that Lily and the Mother will be the best of friends.  I can’t wait for Lily to see her again at the wedding.  Also I find it incredibly fitting that Lily meets the mother first, because as we all know, if Lily doesn’t think the girl is good enough for Ted, the relationship is ultimately doomed.

Also Lily’s reaction when the sumbitches ran out?  #GPOY

Kissing Cousins?

The Barney and Robin “Are we cousins?” freak out is exactly the kind of creating drama out of nothing moment I referred to in the intro.  It was just silly and false drama.  I’m sure there will be many freak outs and cold feet moments as we get closer and closer to the wedding (and I fear more of them are going to come from Robin, but we’ll get to that later) but this one didn’t feel genuine at all.  Though it did provide a hilarious shout out to Game of Thrones because of COURSE Barney, the guy who thinks Johnny is the real Karate Kid, would find that twit Joffrey to be a fair and wise ruler.

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Happy First Birthday to Us!! Our Greatest Hits (So Far)

Lily Happy Birthday HIMYM

Posted by Kim and Sage

As Jonathan Larson asked in Rent, “How do you measure a year?”

In 219 blog posts?

In over 112,500 page views?

In 313 Twitter Followers and 252 Facebook Likes?

In the end, I think Larson gets it right.  You measure in love.  And we’ve had a LOT of love this past year.

A year ago today we launched Head Over Feels.  I know I can speak for Sage when I say that it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  This year has been challenging, intense, frustrating, exciting and above all rewarding.  And it’s been all the better that we have done it together.  I know I could have never kept this up for a year without Sage.  We’ve kept each other accountable.  We’ve talked each other through writer’s block and difficult posts.  We’ve flailed about over every form of social media.  We’ve tortured our friends with news of our adventures.  We bought our domain name and upgraded our photobucket accounts to premium ones to maintain all our gifs.  We’ve laughed and we’ve cried and we’ve memorialized all of our feels for all the internet to see.

Most of all we’ve been OVERWHELMED by the response to our site.  I never in a million years dreamed that we would have posts linked on such sites as Awards Daily, TV Without Pity, and Buzzfeed or that cast members and writers of some of our favorite shows would read the posts and retweet them to their followers.  Obviously, I had hoped it would happen, but to see it become a reality is a dream come true.  So whether you are a friend of ours or a complete stranger who googled “Rose and The Doctor love each other”…THANK YOU for reading!!

We’ve got some big plans for the year ahead.  New York Comic-Con.  CommuniCon 2.  The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.  Recapping as much television as possible.  Maybe finding a show that we love to hate watch as much as we loved to hate watch Smash.  An epic seven part series on Harry Potter.  Gallifrey One.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Even as we look forward, we thought we would take today to reflect on the past year.  We selected the 12 posts (or series of posts) we were most proud of this year.  Some we chose because they were the ones that went viral, others because we just think we did a damn good job writing them.  After all, if there is ever a day to celebrate yourself, it’s your birthday isn’t it?

Thanks again for going on this journey with us!  We hope to provide you with many many many more feels in the years to come!

And someone tell Buzzfeed to hire us already.


–  Our Top 15 Episodes of The X-Files

Our X-Files series was probably the most intense week of our blogging life.  We marathoned our top 25 or so episodes over the course of a weekend.  Sage and I yelled at each other over Twitter about the selections and then ranking of the episodes.  The battle over what should be number one (#SHOWDOWN) was one of the greatest tests our friendship has endured.  And all of that happened BEFORE we started writing.  We got these posts up in three consecutive days leading up to the 20th Anniversary Panel at San Diego Comic-Con.  I wept and screamed and derided my writing skills as I struggled over writing the section for our top episode as I raced to get it up before the panel started.  I did…5 minutes before.  I have loved the response these posts have gotten from friends and strangers alike.  Friends have been inspired to rewatch or watch for the first time.  One stranger even commented that this series was among the best and most comprehensive X-Files lists out there.  And since a stranger said it, you know it’s true.  –Kim

–  Our Top 10 Episodes of The Office

I was a former Office super-fan turned ambivalent viewer, so the solid final season and the exercise of coming up with our list of definitive episodes was like falling back in love. I remembered how much the show meant to me in its first few seasons (one of them PERFECT), and, though it’s long disappeared from our lists of favorite shows, Kim and I were able to send it off as passionate admirers once again. Also, we completed the posts just in time to watch the series finale and retrospective together. All those emotions the pieces brought back to the surface manifested themselves in many tears. And some screaming. That’s what she said. –Sage

–  “I love you and I like you.” – Parks and Recreation Recap

Leslie Ben Wedding Kiss

One winter evening, I was walking out of my gym and casually checked my phone for any texts I might have gotten while I was suffering through my workout. I was greeted by a dozen flail-y tweets and several capslock texts from Kim. “RETTA.” “YOUR RECAP.” I cried on the street.

I meant everything I said in my recap of the Beslie wedding about the power of this kind of comedy, so it was amazing to see Retta describe it as “a sweet review of the #WyattKnopeNups.” It was amazing that Queen Retta tweeted the link to all of her followers, resulting in our biggest traffic day EVER, but it was even more amazing that we hadn’t sent it to her. She found it herself through a Google Alert, read it, and thought enough of it to share it with everyone. I still dream a little bit that maybe Mike Schur or one of her castmates might have clicked that link too. –Sage

“One Nominator to Rule Them All” – SmashBash

derek drinking

We love all our #SmashBashes equally and will miss them dearly this upcoming season.  We chose this particular post, which was my recap of part one of the series finale, because it was picked up by the TV Without Pity forums.  We love when our posts go viral and it was especially rewarding when one of the comments on the forum said “What a treasure trove of Smash recaps there is on headoverfeels.com!”  That made enduring the madness that was Smash entirely worth it. –Kim

The Ballad of Josh and Donna

josh donna hug

The success of our West Wing posts has a little to do with my obsessive love for that show and everyone in the Bartlet White House and a lot to do with timing. I started marathoning right as the series was added to Netflix streaming and the fandom arose like a phoenix from the ashes. And, like me, most of that fandom was driven half-mad by the sa-looooooooow burn of certified idiots Joshua Lyman and Donnatella Moss. This post continues to be one of our big sellers, as almost every day, someone finds the blog by searching (probably holding a glass of hard liquor in a trembling hand), “WHEN do Josh and Donna get together?” Be patient, bbs. It’s worth it. –Sage

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Head Over Feels Live Blogs the Emmys

Posted by Kim and Sage

Join us as we live blog TV’s big night!  Will Breaking Bad dethrone Homeland as TV’s best drama?  Will Jon Hamm FINALLY win an Emmy for playing Don Draper (we’re guessing no)?  Will Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey take home trophies for the farewell season of 30 Rock or will Amy Poehler FINALLY win for playing Leslie Knope?  Will we be able to avoid being spoiled on the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, which we will be watching as soon as the show is done?  And just how much will host Neil Patrick Harris sing and dance?  Join us at 8/7C to find out!

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Head Over Feels Endures Giuliana Rancic and the Emmy Red Carpet

Posted by Kim and Sage

Who will be the best dressed on the red carpet?  The worst?  Just how obnoxious/offensive/inane will Giuliana Rancic’s interviews be?  Join us as we live blog E’s Red Carpet Coverage of the Emmys starting at 6 PM!

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“What I have can’t be taught.” – In Appreciation of Don Keefer

Don Keefer Newsroom Cha

Posted by Sage

The second season of The Newsroom ended last Sunday night with Atlantic Cable News reporting on the reelection of President Barack Obama and Reese Lansing prohibiting the resignations of the News Night senior staff, but one important question was left unanswered: When the hell did Don Keefer become the best character on this show?

Newsroom Lester I'm Gonna Lose

It was difficult to see how truly WONDERFUL Don is back in season one, when his main duty was to be the third side of the Jim-Maggie-Don love triangle – and the least sympathetic side at that. I’m all for an unrequited love story, but you gotta give me some character. The audience never bought Don and Maggie; they were a device, not a relationship. And Don was unfairly painted as a jerk, his very existence somehow “trapping” Maggie, oblivious to the longing looks shooting back and forth over his head. The fog lifted in season two when Jim and Maggie became impossibly self-pitying and frustrating, and Don emerged as a knight (A news knight? I hate myself.) in shining armor. Lucky us. Lucky Sloan.

The Newsroom Don Keefer Responsbility

I’ve been aware of Thomas Sadoski as a stalwart New York City theater actor, but haven’t been lucky enough to catch any of his productions. That’s probably because they’ve been (Other Desert Cities, reasons to be pretty) far too popular, and thus expensive, especially for someone who survives on discount theater. His long and impressive stage career poised him perfectly for Newsroom success though – he’s built for that A-Few-Good-Men-cadenced Sorkin dialogue. Take this scene with Neal, one of my favorite Don moments from this past season:

Don: “I too believe Will and Sloan can be a little smug and I think you guys are showing a lot of wisdom by having me be the one to fix it.”
Neal: “You were really the only one left.”
Don: “The only guy for the job.”
Neal: “The only one left.”
Don: “The only one who could get it done.”
Neal: “There was nobody else.”
Don: “Nobody but me.”
Neal: “Left in the office.”
Don: “One man-”
Neal: “There she is.”

Sadoski’s obviously handsome, but in an almost chameleon-like way. When Don was the obstacle to Jim/Maggie, he was slick and smarmy. Then he’s crusading for truth and championing Sloan and, look out, we got a dreamboat in the house.

Don Keefer The Newsroom You're impressive

Whether you ship Sloan/Don (Doan? Slon? The ship name possibilities are far too unsexy for these two.), you must admit that it was largely their budding friendship that humanized Don. (More on that later, don’t you worry.) Though, he was already making strides into likability by the end of season one. Don’t forget that, in the pilot, Don jumped the News Night ship for Right Now with Elliot Hirsch after Will’s rant went viral and tried to take Maggie with him. He balked at Will and Mac’s movement to revolutionize TV news, a plan that he found foolish and resented because their loss of viewership would chip away his numbers in the 10 o’clock hour. Don was the ratings guy, towing the company line. He was also an amalgamation of two character sketches, which Sorkin combined and beefed up once he saw Sadoski in action. It took a while for it all to gel.

The Newsroom Don Keefer A doctor

But Don lives and breathes the news, and this kind of take-no-prisoners, have-no-personal-life singlemindedness is almost always worshiped in the Aaron Sorkin universe. It’s romantic. It’s tilting at windwills, in the best possible way. (He even made that Zuckerberg guy a hero.) And in that idealistic universe, it’s possible for Will’s values and work ethic to transform everyone in that building. On The Newsroom, the bad guys aren’t even bad guys any more. At least not internally  – Don manned up and joined the right team, Leona and Reese are already won over. ACN is a unit now. You come at one of them, you come at them all. Jerry Dantana, the outsider, was a common villain for the office to unite against and for the audience to loathe. Like on The West Wing, it’s much more fun to keep the conflicts between the coworkers either light, personal, or both and keep the real threats coming from outside the bubble. It just wasn’t in the cards for us to stay mad at Don forever, especially after he stood up to Reese and refused to rush a story without the facts just to stay ahead of the competition. We knew we were meant to start rooting for him because our patron saint and leader Will McAvoy went from describing him – not inaccurately – as “dickless” to giving him the highest compliment available to the ACN team of greater fools: “You’re a fucking newsman, Don. I ever tell you otherwise, you punch me in the face.” Don’s response? “Okay, but you’re back in 30.” Like a boss.

The Newsroom Don Keefer

“When Don says, ‘Eat me,’ it’s usually the end of the conversation.”

And then, there’s Don and Sloan.

Tom Hiddleston OMG
In each other, Don and Sloan each found a friend, confidante, and colleague who believed in them more than they believed in themselves. If the self-esteem boosting seemed skewed in Sloan’s direction this year, it’s because Don was repaying the attitude-adjusting reality check that she gave him in the season one finale.

The Newsroom Don Sloan Not a bad guy

Sloan: “Somebody or something convinced you of it, because you think you’re a bad guy… and you’re just not. I’m socially inept, but even I know that. So because you’re a bad guy you try to do things you think a good guy would do. Like committing to somebody you like, but maybe don’t love. A sweet, smart, wholesome midwestern girl. I could be wrong. I almost always am.”

Spoiler alert: she wasn’t.

I have issues with the character quirks and tribulations Sorkin selected with the intent of making a brilliant economist who looks exactly like Olivia Munn relatable, but I have no issue with the way he wrote Don’s relationship with her. By the time Sloan gives Don her assessment of him, he’s already alienated almost everyone in the office. She gets him, he realizes, and it’s a shame that he wasn’t free to ask her out when she basically invited him to. Instead, they became allies. Don knows Sloan’s a hell of a lot smarter than him (“She’s got 50 IQ points on both of us, there’s nothing I could ‘put in her head.'”) and Sloan knows that Don sees her as a full human being and doesn’t cherry pick from her smarts, looks, or insecurities. After an old boyfriend leaks naked pictures of Sloan on the internet, Don knows instinctively how to be the exact kind of friend she needs in that moment. I love how, even in that incredibly intimate scene where he sits next to her on his office floor while she cries, Don doesn’t make any move to hug her or wipe her tears. He knows that the last thing she’d want right then is a guy – any guy – to touch her. He just sits with her, calls her “impressive” (swoon), and helps her move from the humiliation stage to the rage stage. I admit that I groaned at the first mention of the naked picture subplot, but it revealed so much about the character of the guys Sloan usually runs into and how hard Don puts them to shame. The ex – I can’t recall his name, so let’s just call him AIG Asshole – is so threatened by Sloan’s existence – so offended that someone who looks like that can be also be so much more impressive than him – that he doesn’t even treat her like a human being. When it comes time to give AIG asshole the literal kick in the balls that he needs, Don lets Sloan do the honors and serves as a reliable second. Did you scream? I screamed. A little bit.

Don Keefer The Newsroom No No


The book bit that finally got them together in the finale was very sweet, but it was in “News Night with Will McAvoy” that Don earned Sloan. I can’t wait to see what season three (ANNOUNCE IT, HBO) has in store for them. Keep your life jacket and water wings; I will go down with this ship.

The Newsroom Don Sloan Kiss

I miss the ACN newsroom already, but Don? Don I miss the most. What did you think of this past season, readers? Are you as enamored with Keefer as I am? Leave it in the comments.




In Appreciation of Monica Geller

Posted by Kim

I am Monica Geller.

I know people say things like this all the time…”oh this TV character is TOTALLY me!” “She is my spirit animal!” etc etc etc…but really.  I AM Monica Geller.

Well…except for the obsessively clean part. Other than that, I’m totally her. My friends know it.  Last night while watching the premiere of New Girl, I tweeted “Is it sad that I am sitting here worrying whether or not Nick and Jess have their passports?”  Within moments two different friends replied “No, because you’re a Monica.”  I am the mother hen in my group of friends.  I’m competitive to a FAULT.  I’ve been accused of being loud and/or shrill more than once (I have a resonant voice, okay?).  I mourn the fact that I now live in a studio apartment (with walls that I painted purple) because it means I can no longer be the hostess.  I wage a war with my inner fat girl and whether or not to let her eat on a daily basis.  So I knew that when we decided to do these tributes to all six of our Friends, I had to do the Monica post.  Because I am her and she is me.

I feel like Monica (and Courteney Cox’s portrayal of her) never gets enough credit.  Courteney was the one cast member over the ten-year run of Friends who never got an Emmy nomination and that’s just plain wrong (And clearly she has wronged the Television Academy as she has yet to score an Emmy nod for her wonderful work on Cougar Town).  As Rachel says to her as she prepares to leave for Paris, none of this would have happened without her.  Monica (and her apartment) was the glue that held this little tribe together.  So let’s pay tribute to our little Harmomica, shall we?

1) Fat Monica

How can you not love Fat Monica, defender of full fat mayonnaise?  What I always loved about Fat Monica is that she was never played as a sad sack.  Sure the visual gag of Courteney Cox in a fat suit was always hilarious, but you never felt like Monica was out right being made fun of or that her weight held her back.  She was still best friends with the most popular girl in school.  She still had a date to the prom (a legit date too!  Not just some guy who felt sorry for her).  As we see in “The One That Could Have Been”, she had boyfriends.  And because it is mother effing destiny, we learn that she and Chandler would have always fallen in love, no matter what size she was.

Up until the fateful Thanksgiving that her future husband called her fat, you never got the sense that Monica was unhappy with how she was.  She still had the same joie de vivre…if not  more so, because she never denied herself a Kit Kat when she wanted one.

Also let’s talk about the fact that she lost the weight principally to seek revenge on Chandler (“Yeah, I mean yeah, I look great. Yeah, I feel great and yeah, my heart is not in trouble anymore! Blah, blah, blah! Y’know I still don’t feel like I got him back, y’know? I just want to humiliate him. I wanna, I want him to be like naked and then I’m going to point at him and laugh!”).  THAT is why Monica is a QUEEN.

Much credit for the likability of Fat Monica goes to Courteney Cox herself.  Like I said, this could have been an easy way to make fun of Monica or put her down.  But Courteney imbued her with such sweetness and innocence that you couldn’t help but love her and want to be her friend.   Plus, she had some super sweet dance moves.

2) Her Career Perseverance

Monica went through a lot in pursuing her dream of being head chef.  Catering a party for her mother where Judy had lasagna in the freezer as a back-up for when her daughter pulled a “Monica”.  Making recipes with Mocklate.  Enduring an interview where she was questioned about how firm the tomatoes were and how dirty the lettuce was.  Working at a cheesy 50’s themed restaurant where she had to wear flame retardant boobs.  Working in a kitchen where everyone hated her and tortured her on a daily basis and where she had to hire Joey as a ringer that she could fire so she could get respect (“DRAGON!!”).  But she never gave up.  She KNEW she was a good chef and was capable of reaching her goals, so she endured through the crap until she got there.


3) Her competitive spirit

Remember what I said about the fact that I am competitive to a fault?  Let me tell you a story.  One spring break we were playing the Planet Hollywood trivia game (yes, that was a thing) and my team was losing.  I was not handling it well and my friend Sam was enjoying taunting me over it.  “Sam,” I said.  “If you keep this up, I’m going to slap you.”  Well…he kept it up.  So I slapped him right across the face.  And he had the nerve to look shocked.

I DID warn him.

I have also been known to shout at my teammates when they get things wrong (I am SUPER fun at game nights, y’all).  So when Rachel gets the TV Guide question wrong in “TOW the Embryos”, I COMPLETELY related to Monica shouting “RACHEL!!! USE YOUR HEAD!!!”.  I related to her even more at her horrified “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” when she realized she had lost the trivia game.

Monica hates losing at anything from Pictionary (hide the plates!) to Poker to her beloved Geller cup to ping-pong to merely tossing a ball around for 24 hours.  Some people may call that obnoxious.  I call it refusing to be anything but the best.  She expects the best out of herself (“Take that last year me!”) and she expects the best out of the people around her.  That’s not a bad quality to have.  Go Team Monica!!

4) She always hosts Thanksgiving

Over the course of living in New York City for nearly 12 years now, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday, because I always spend it with my friends and I always cook the big meal for them, even if it is no longer at my own apartment.  I will never forget the feeling of sheer panic the first time I realized the whole meal fell to me (see also: Monica’s “It’s my first Thanksgiving!!!!” meltdown in “The One Where Underdog Gets Away”) and then the PRIDE I felt when it all turned out delicious (see also: every other Thanksgiving episode).

I think I love being in charge of Thanksgiving for the same reasons Monica does.  Yes, it’s about being the hostess and being in charge (and getting your kicks from that) and using cooking skills and recipes that you don’t get use all the time.  But that is not the only reason Monica hosts Thanksgiving every year.  It’s also about love and expressing your love for your friends through the meal you cook for them.  It’s a gift Monica gives the gang every year and she takes pride in doing that for them.

And she knows that when all else fails, you can always dance around with the turkey on your head.

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Hot Switch Podcast: Episode 4, The Evolution of Fandom and Our Own Heroic Origins

Fandom blob

Hot Switch Podcast
Episode 4, The Evolution of Fandom and Our Own Heroic Origins
Posted by Sage and Kim

In this episode, the whole gang is back together to talk fandom culture: how it’s evolved; how it’s affected our lives and friendships; and which fandoms were the first to suck each of us so greedily in. Plus, we groan over the 50 Shades of Grey casting news, put odds down on the new Dancing with the Stars competitors, and weep over Tom Hiddleston and Cookie Monster.

“Gary King and the Enablers.” – The World’s End Review

The World's End Drink

Posted by Sage

It’s been a borderline unbearable summer here in New York and I can’t be alone in anxiously anticipating the fall. Bring on new boots, comfy sweaters, pumpkin-spiced EVERYTHING, college football, and purposely going out of my way to step on that crunchy leaf. And after a maddeningly inconsistent summer at the movie theater, I’m also ready for autumn’s influx of Oscar-bait films. The World’s End is the perfect movie to shepherd us through the transition from popcorn blockbusters to more cerebral and emotional fare – a thoroughly loud, offbeat, and entertaining film with something to say.

But what else would you expect from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost in the conclusion to their celebrated Cornetto Trilogy? Unfamiliar with the series named for the Anglo ice cream novelty? I’ll explain. After falling in collaborative love on charming slacker Brit-com Spaced (all 14 episodes are on Netflix – you can knock it out in a weekend), the threesome moved on to the big screen in 2004. First up was Shaun of the Dead (so far, the only zombie movie to make me cry), followed by buddy cop homage Hot Fuzz. The traditional Cornetto line-up has Edgar and Simon writing the screenplay; Edgar directing; and Simon and Nick playing characters who are, were, or will become best buddies. Otherwise known as the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, the three films aren’t installments of the same story. Shaun, Fuzz, and The World’s End are linked by common actors, themes, recurring cameos and references, and, most importantly, by the appropriation of a genre and its tropes to explore themes like friendship, duty, and what it really means to be an adult. No, wait. Most importantly: the fence gag.

The World's End May Be Blind

In The World’s End, Simon Pegg (Kim: “You’re going through a serious thing with him right now, aren’t you?” Me: “Yes.”) plays Gary King, who ruled his hometown as a teenager and still drives the same car, listens to the same mix tapes, wears the same Sisters of Mercy t-shirt, and uses the same expressions. In a desperate bid to recapture the glory of his youth, he rounds up his estranged gang to – he expects – swagger back into town and complete the ultimate pub crawl: The Golden Mile. They last attempted it on the day they finished high school and, for Gary, life never got better than that night.

Reluctantly and motivated by a mix of pity, curiosity, and some even some grudging nostalgia of their own, Gary’s grown-up friends Steven (Paddy Constantine), Peter (Eddie Marsan), Oliver (Martin Freeman) and Andy (Nick Frost) humor him by showing up. Gary could drink himself through Newton Haven or any other sleepy town in England alone. But the key to his whole Golden Mile plan is dragging his teenage friends to meet him back in their old lives. What’s a king without his subjects? I should also mention that the guys’ last names are, respectively: Prince, Page, Chamberlain, and Knightley. Because – didn’t you know? We’re on a medieval quest for redemption and glory.

The World's End Five Guys

“Sixty pints.” “Steady on, alkie!”

Have you ever taken a trip back to your hometown, looked around at the new buildings and the closed up restaurants and the high school kids hanging out in the parking lots who look so much younger than you felt and thought, “Was I ever even here? Did it mean anything?” That’s how nostalgia works – people remember you, places don’t. But Gary doesn’t particularly care that his friends think he’s a right asshole, because all that will change when they roll up into pub #1 (The First Post, for those keeping score) and the whole town falls at their feet. The rest of the boys can guess that the succession of near-identical, cocky, drunken teens who came after them probably dulled everyone’s memories of Gary King and the Enablers, but they prooobbbably didn’t guess ROBOTS.

Spoilers ahead. Drink up and let’s boo boo.

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