Sexting for Dummies – Scandal Gif-Cap

David Rosen objects Scandal
Season 3, Episode 4: “Say Hello to My Little Friend”
Posted by Sage

Season 3 is heating up, Gladiators! This episode saw Jake and Olivia rekindling their romance (which is Head Over Feels approved, by the way); some hints of Fitz’s involvement in the mysterious Operation Remington; Lisa Kudrow’s debut as Dem Congresswoman Josephine Marcus; a victory dance by our favorite consistently snubbed character, Harrison; and a lot of grainy cell phone photos of people’s genitals. Haven’t these people heard of SnapChat? On to the gifs!

“Olivia, your father would slit your throat and drink your blood if it would serve the republic.”

Modern Family messed up

“I’ve never heard of B6-13! I’ve never heard of you!” As far as I’m concerned, any fight between Jake and Liv is angry foreplay.

Cruel Intentions riding

HARRISON’S DANCE. BEGGING Shonda for more Harrison, always.

Simon Pegg enjoyed the most

“You wanna come up?” “No…okay.” Don’t try to fight the pure, raw sexuality of David Rosen, Abby. You will not win.

Summer Heights fucking love

“Whisky feels like home.” Huck is confessing his fall “off the wagon” at AA, which means more people are DEFINITELY going die.

Crow face

“Open your mouth, Cy, and give it to me.” 

Ru Paul Drag Race See how this


James points out the Republican Party’s very real “wang problem.” Hee.

Horse mask thumbs up

An innocent dental hygienist has been murdered, possibly at the hands of a senator who claims he was sending dick pics to a harem of 20-year-olds because he’s “stressed.”

Colbert Report oppressed white male

But he’s got a supportive wife. JAN LEVINSON GOULD, I PRESUME.

Jan Levinson Gould don't smell me

“Lick em, grab em, squeeze em, until they hit you in the face. I don’t even know what that means.” Pass.

Medallion says that's dumb


Louis CK She's an angel

But we only see her on TV screens in this episode. Such a tease.

“Half of America can’t even spell G8.” Did I say I hated Mellie? Because I meant that I worship her.

Benedict Cumberbatch laugh

“Are we really going to slut shame a dead girl?”

Doctor Donna we'll get right on that

They do it anyway though.

“OBJECTION.” Poor David. Pope & Associates are almost always fucking with him and he almost never knows their game.

Parks and Rec I know this is a trap

Mellie’s mic is still on! Oops. The American people are about to find out how much contempt their First Lady has for them. It’s delightful.

Hillary Clinton laugh

“You killed someone and it felt good? Like a high?” Baby Huck has a terrifying gleam in those eyes. I’d think twice before cutting her in line at Starbucks.

Nick Miller surprised

“We’re both wearing leashes, Huck.” Jake wants revenge, and he wants it now.

Affleck When's gon be my time

“Worst Lady.”

Supernatural Good one

“It’s small. The mole, I mean.” These are the actions of a fairly un-endowed man, I’d say.

Barney HIMYM Is it though

The President is going to give this poor Navy officer a proper burial. That’s sweet, but Toby Ziegler did it first.

The West Wing Toby over the moon

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“This is NOT a Fairy Tale.” – Scandal Gif-cap

Posted by Kim

Forgive me, Gladiators, for I am SUPER LATE with this recap.  It won’t happen again.  And in my defense I only watched the most recent episode of Scandal last night…so REALLY the turn-around on this post is SUPER fast.

For future reference, I would not recommend basically going directly from New York Comic Con to CommuniCon in the span of four days, cause it is killer on both the DVR (mine currently sits at 80% full and that is BEFORE all the shows that air tonight) and the recapping (I KNOW HOW FAR BEHIND ON HIMYM I AM SHUT UP).  Except wait…I TOTALLY recommend doing fan conventions every weekend because it is AWESOME and I basically want to live at cons now permanently.

Anyway.  Back to Scandal

This week’s episode had a strong “case of the week” center but still dropped nice little teases about the ongoing arc of Operation Remington (SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON THERE?) and Olivia’s dad’s shady organization.  The episode had it all…drunken Mellie, sassy David Rosen, operatic manipulator Cyrus, tortured Huck, and a good dash of UST between Olivia and Jake.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Olivia huddled in a corner watching a naked and sleeping Jake, looking both terrified and turned on at the same time.

“We need to TALK!” Shut up, Fitz.

Huck looking MURDEROUS at Daddy Pope and then stealthily follows his car.

Fitz and Mellie argue over feeding the baby while Teddy gets progressively messier. 

“I will NOT be trapped at Camp David with that man!!” This is only the beginning of Mellie’s awesomeness in this episode.

TEDDY’S FACE.  Honestly, between this face and Holly on Breaking Bad, it’s an amazing season for baby acting.

“YOU WILL SHOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT YOUR LOVE IS REAL AND SPECIAL.” I will never get tired of watching Cyrus try to wrangle Fitz and Mellie.

“Shut up.” “YOU SHUT UP.” If Fitz and Mellie bicker like this all season, I will be delighted.

“I hacked into her banking account because I can.” Again…Quinn has gone full on DARK SIDE.

“I need to talk to the president about Operation Remington.” 

She has a BOMB strapped to her.  I would have been surprised had they not shown this in the promos.

“No one would LISTEN to me!!!” 

“I VOTED for you!!!”  The timing of this episode with all the government shutdown shenanigans though.

“We have a Remington Problem.” YES BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?!?!?!

“It was a recipe I got off the Internet.” 


“No way in Hell I’m allowing you two to share a headline for the third week running.” Cyrus, my KING.

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Hot Switch Podcast: Episode 6, When Good Characters Happen to Bad Writers

Tangled Wrong About Me

Hot Switch Podcast
Episode 6, When Good Characters Happen to Bad Writers
Posted by Sage and Kim

Don’t you sometimes wish that their creators would turn your favorite characters over to you for safe keeping? The Hot Switch girls are tired of writers using, abusing, and sometimes even assassinating (emotionally and/or physically) our fictional friends. In this episode, we lament the character continuity issues of Glee (a topic that could fill DOZENS of podcasts); the spectacular over-saturation of River Song; whatever the hell it was that happened on the second season of Friday Night Lights; and more. Plus, news about Fox’s Broadchurch remake, early renewals for new shows, and how totally jazzed we are that NATHAN FILLION is on Community this season!

“#BossBitch” – Parks and Recreation Recap

Parks and Recreation Ron's Will

Parks and Recreation
Season 6, Episode 4: Doppelgängers
Season 6, Episode 5: Gin It Up

– Posted by Sage

To keep you up to date on all the cosplay chaos of New York Comic Con, last week’s Parks recap was preempted. But my fellow Pawneans, lest you think that I’d abandon you like an old shoe, I’m making up for it with a double recap this week.

The doubleheader is fitting, since our first episode had the Pawnee Parks Department meeting their Eagletonian counterparts. It seems that, apart from the departments of Infinity Pool Design and Dressage of course, everyone in Eagleton’s City Hall has a direct equivalent in Pawnee. And, due to circumstances not really explained, Leslie the Merger Czar is responsible for shaving down the new staff. No one, especially not the Eagleton folks, seem to particularly care how biased Leslie is in favor of her friends, some of whom are just better versions of George Washington. Though couldn’t she have made an exception and allowed Donna and her new best friend Craig to share Office Manager duties forever? I would also accept the spin-off where Billy Eichner and Retta bro out over Scandal and sexting nasty firemen.

Billy Eichner Parks and Recreation

This arc is just an excuse to cast the hell out of this thing, and I’m totally fine with it. June Diane Raphael was long overdue a Parks role, and Sam Elliott is an incredible get as the crunchy version of Ron Swanson (“What in god’s name is a free-gan vegan?”). With Tynnyfer (“with two y’s”), the writers got to throw all their Bravo star cliches at the wall, but it was April’s reaction to her that made that character work. I have a friend who is so fun to hate things with that when I’m in a terrible situation, I’ll wish she was there just to commiserate with me. I’ll even leave her messages about it. “Why aren’t you here? You’d be SO MAD. It would be amazing.” April’s passion for collecting human oddities is so complete, that she has more fun loathing Tynnyfer than she would spending time with an actual friend. I don’t believe those studies that claim that complaining is psychologically unhealthy. It’s good for the soul – and usually the only joy that can come from a state of misery. I think April would agree.

Parks and Rec worst person

“I want to travel the world with her.”

The merger coincides with Ann broaching the topic of her move with Leslie. And Leslie’s season of bad behavior continues. Despite Ann’s valiant attempt to distract her with waffles, Leslie feels personally betrayed and makes Ann’s major life change all about her. She’s terrified, and tries to force the rest of her friends to sign their lives away to her and City Hall (“Fine, you only have to work here till I’m dead.”). When they resist and tell her that she’s acting crazy, the Eagletonians are her new best friends. How angry do you have to make Leslie Knope for her to choose to fraternize with her sworn enemies? In her defense, she realizes her error fairly quickly (it’s only a 22-minute show) thanks to Ron and a mock apology to “Fake Ann.” And you would freak out too if you lost your trusty Oscar-watching buddy. (DON’T EVER LEAVE ME, KIM.) “No comment,” on the Angelina leg, Ben? Not even a Lara Croft reference? Je suis déçu, J-Shot.

I thought the break-up of Leslie and Ann would be what really destroyed me in this cast change, but I’m getting really attached to Chris and Ben. I love that we’re now learning that “Mean Ben” was just phase one of their no-fail budget-fixing strategies. Their working relationship has developed into a true friendship, and the conversation turned bittersweet when they accepted the inexorable truth that partners change friendships like theirs. They’ve come a long way from doing burpees and devouring seasons of Twin Peaks in their nondescript motel rooms, but a tiny part of both of them doesn’t think it would quite mind living that forever. They’re linked forever by the Leslie and Ann sisterhood. They’ll see each other on holidays and kids’ birthdays and email a lot. And that’s really great and also so profoundly sad that I want to call every friend I’ve ever lost touch with right now. Ben and Chris feel that change coming, and I’m glad they got to save Eagleton together as one last accounting bros hurrah. Plus, Ben’s sincere congratulations on Chris’s news is just one more item on the “Ben Wyatt, Da Vinci or DiCaprio” list of attributes.

You're all fired Parks and Rec

 This week’s episode “Gin It Up” was directed by Jorma Taccone, who you might know as 1/3 of The Lonely Island or that naked guy who laid on top of Marnie for a while on Girls. There were no novelty rap interludes, so I don’t know what that meant for the episode. But he’s cute and talented, so I feel obligated to mention it. Annnnnyway, Leslie would like to remind you about two other bullets on the pro-Ben Wyatt list.

Parks and Rec Your heart's in the right place

“Your heart and your butt.”

Ben and Leslie are continuing to fight the good fight against the recall lobby. A farting Leslie doll is no match for these two. (And might, in fact, endear Leslie to some of the immature Pawnee residents.) But never underestimate the ability of the powers that be to blow an innocuous social media post way out of proportion. In a reenactment of my very worst nightmare, Donna forgets to log out of the Parks Twitter before posting a personal tweet. Granted, my graphic tweets are usually directed towards FICTIONAL men. Would that Donna would loan me one of her firefighters.

Jeremy Jamm sees a golden opportunity to create a media circus (“How dare you demean the value of the political points I’m scoring!”) and the similarities to the idiocy of the government shutdown are so blatant as to not even require further comment. Leslie’s used to Jamm’s tactics by now and is hardly fazed. The real conflict comes when Donna’s timeline is mined further and her 140-character complaints about Leslie are made public. And Leslie has to learn the difference between heat-of-the-moment reactions and long-term loyalty. (“You really think I hate you? After all we’ve been through the last 10 years?”) My queens, please don’t fight! Chris Traeger will explain:

Bitchboss parks and recBossbitch Parks and Rec

Meanwhile, only one version of Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany showed up this week to play Nadia Whatever-Her-Name, a D’s Without B’s doctor who visits the office to request a park for a mobile hospital unit. In a snap decision of very sound judgement and realistic outcomes, the smitten Tom decides to go full posh British accent on her. It’s high time for Tom to get with a lady who doesn’t steal other women’s birth control pills, so I was rooting for him in this Zack Morris-style scheme. When the accent doesn’t get the job done, Tom pulls out all the other stops: espresso machines, homemade daiquiris, DJ Roomba, and lots and lots of imaginary paperwork. With Andy still in London (I MISS YOU, CHRIS PRATT), April makes an excellent wingman for Tom (“So, you’ve gone insane. That’s fun.”) Will BBC America allow Nadia to come back for that date? Tom’s been such a good dude lately – he deserves to get some, especially from a girl as obsessed with HOV and B as he is.

Parks and Rec Nadia

“Yes, please.”

And I don’t know what we did to deserve this, my friends, but this week brought us the first Ron and Ben storyline of the season. Ben pulls Ron kicking and screaming to a lawyer to draw up a will for his family. You see, the one he wrote when he was eight years old is practically unintelligible, except to the animal or man who kills him, of course. Ron’s had to learn to compromise his ideals of privacy and independence this and last season. He’s got a family now, and Ben is able to convince him that not doing this would be irresponsible for a father. And though Ron thinks lawyers are useless, numbers guy Ben is there to speak the language.

Accountants are more bad boy

As we suspected, Ron is massively rich. He’s got noble ideals of not spoiling his kids (“I will leave my children $50 a piece for the cab home from my funeral and a steak dinner.”); but, Ben tells him, money that isn’t legally entailed will go straight to the government. So the girls and new baby Swansong will each receive 5%, and, should something happen to Ron, Diane, and the 90-year-old maitre’d of Ron’s favorite steakhouse, Ben and Leslie get the kids. (If Leslie’s the godmother, I’m gonna die.) Our big strong mustachioed baby is all groweds up.

Random Thoughts/B-Stories

  • I wanna be a spanish man named Terrence, but that didn’t happen.”
  • Pawnee’s medical history includes the only known occurrence of “Lou Gehrig’s other disease.”
  • “I don’t think a baby could get out of there if it tried,” a line that wouldn’t have been out of place for Raphael’s Julie on the brilliant Burning Love.
  • It pains me to say this, but the Jerry/Gerry/Larry arc is running out of steam. The intro of his family brought new life last year, but the writers need to come up with something else to keep it fresh. Right now, I’m pitying him again, and we can’t have that.
  • “Mmmm…sugar mustard.”
  • Councilman Dexhart is fantastic in small doses, i.e. his admiration of Donna’s sex-tweets.
  • “We have to talk.” “That’s never been true.”
  • I wonder what Andy and Lord Fancypants are doing right now. Slumber party in the Tower of London? Spitting off the Millennium Bridge? Prank calling William and Kate?

And now the fall hiatus begins. Thanks a lot, The Voice. What do you think of the season so far, readers? Are you as ready for the recall vote to be over as we are?

“Presidential Balls” – Scandal Gif-Cap

Scandal Olivia Wine

Season 3, Episode 2: “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”
Posted by Sage

I know, I know. It’s my debut Scandal gif-cap, and I’m incredibly late. Buuuuuuut…

The Guild I was drunk

So you forgive me, yes, Gladiators? On to the episode!

“You want a doggy bag?” “Every Sunday.” That white hat feeling pretty good, Liv?

Amy Poehler This hat

“I’m trying, you try too.” Even when he’s pretending not to be a terrifying assassin, Olivia’s dad isn’t exactly cuddly.

Parks and Rec April hug

Olivia’s dad used to work at the Smithsonian? I thought he killed people just to watch them die.

Men in tights see the script

“I’ll make an honest woman out of you at any time.” Team Edison. Not marrying him was the biggest mistake Olivia ever made.

Chandler and Joey thumbs up

Huck goes completely HAM on the purse snatchers. Look out.

Price is right shock

“I miss you.” “Stop.” No, really. Stop. I judge anyone who thinks Olitz is the love of a lifetime and not a toxic co-dependent obsession.

Oprah calm down

No one is making jam, Fitz. You ARE THE PRESIDENT.

SATC Big Kill Me Now

The White House hasn’t confirmed the affair. What’s up, guys?

The Newsroom shrug


SNL Britney Will laughing

Olivia destroys her press conference, as usual.

Iron Man glasses

“I can kill a man with very little effort and a lot of joy, but I try not to, okay?” Poor Huck has no legal hobbies. Perhaps he should take up needlepoint or writing really violent fan fic.

Rocky Horror It's not easy

“I don’t like wine. I don’t have the taste for it.” I prefer chocolate milk!

I'm an adult SNL

Papa Pope is lying through this teeth about B6-13. And I’m getting more and more uncomfortable.

Scary dogs

“You’re evil.” “You’re welcome.” Mellie and Cyrus are my frenemy OTP.

Perfection Fassbender

The instant messages that can clear Jeanine are on the White House network. And I doubt we’re gonna get ’em.

That's the shit Burn After Reading

“God, he seems so…normal.” Quinn, don’t you recognize the lord of darkness?

Satan Grey's Anatomy

“How do I know he isn’t already dead?” “You don’t.” Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.

Simon Pegg Neutron Shake

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“…but it’s REALLY good!” – Head Over Feels at the Sleepy Hollow Press Session

Posted by Kim and Sage

Other than get us into the Javits through a special entrance with no lines, our fancy press passes ALSO meant we got invited to special press sessions.  A week or so before the Con, we got the crown jewel of emails…an invite to the press session for our new favorite show, Sleepy Hollow.  Naturally, we RSVP’d immediately, hoping that we would score a spot.  Days went by with no word as to whether or not we had gotten in.  We resigned ourselves to the fact that unless Tom Mison decided to wander the show floor, we would miss him, as the Sleepy Hollow panel was at the same time as the Doctor Who Big Finish panel (which preceded the X-Files panel, which as you all know was our main goal of the whole Con).  And then Saturday night, magic happened.  I was getting a post-Con drink with Sage when I checked my email.  I promptly started screaming and hitting Sage when I discovered a message from the Fox PR rep.

We. Were. In.


As Sage said in her post about Day 4, The Comic Con scheduling Gods smiled down upon us on Sunday.  The press session fit perfectly in the window of time between the Gareth-David Lloyd panel and the Big Finish panel.  After charging up our phones in the press lounge (seriously…what WOULD we have done without that lounge?), we checked in at the press table and were promptly escorted back to the interview room (how much more LEGIT can we get, y’all?).  We snagged seats at our assigned table (super close to where the talent would sit, naturally) and started chatting with our fellow journalists.  After much flailing with one of the girls sitting next to us, I grabbed a business card and said “You’d probably like our blog!”.  She took it and looked at it and THEN SAID “Oh!  I’ve actually read this blog before!”

You know that moment in When Harry Met Sally where Marie quoted an article that Jess wrote BACK to him?  Well now Sage and I know exactly how he felt in that moment.

The format for the press session was a photo and video interview session first, followed by Roundtables with the talent.  Feeling oh so professional, we lined up with everyone else as the talent started filing in…

Katia Winter (Katrina Crane)

Katia Winter (Katrina Crane)

Good God.

Good God.

Guys.  The photos don’t EVEN do Tom Mison justice.  He’s absolutely beautiful and charming and has NO idea that he is on the verge of being super famous.  As he was posing for pics, Sage and I noticed his very chic two toned green and brown boots.  Since we have zero filter, we said that we liked them and he heard us.  “Oh, thanks,” Tom said.  “My dad said they were rather snazzy!”  “AND they match your scarf,” I said.  “So the whole outfit is working.”  He grinned at us and then kept posing as we desperately tried not to faint from his dreaminess.

Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) looking FIERCE.

Nicole Beharie (Abbie Mills) looking FIERCE.

Orlando Jones (Frank Irving)

Orlando Jones (Frank Irving)

Nicole Beharie and Orlando Jones arrived shortly after Tom and Katia for their photos.  We complimented both of their outfits as well, even getting an “Oh, STOP!” from Orlando when we told him how dapper he looked.  What can we say?  We love fashion here at Head Over Feels, and we always feel it is important for someone, be it a celebrity or a regular joe, to know that we think they look good.  Pay the compliments forward, people.

Once the photos and video interviews were done, we settled in at our tables for roundtable interviews with the talent.  Luckily, we got Tom (who was oh so Britishly cradling a cup of tea) and Katia first.  Sage and I also learned our lesson about being bold with questions after our experience at the “Asylum of the Daleks” Doctor Who roundtable last year, so we weren’t afraid to speak up.  Tom proved to be just as wry as Ichabod, frequently interlacing his interplay with the table with quips like “These WILD assumptions” when asked about the Ichabod/Abbie ship or telling one journalist she had a “silver tounge” when she talked about the differences between Irving’s portrayal of Ichabod versus his own.  He also adorably pointed his fingers at Katia behind her back when he was asked about what characters may not be all that they seem.  Like I said before, he’s completely charming and is now seriously threatening to break into my Top 5.

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“The F-Word.” – Head Over Feels Takes New York Comic Con, Day 4

Frodo It's gone

Posted by Kim and Sage

If our first experience at New York Comic Con HAD to come to an end (but WHY, though?), at least we went out with a mile-high mic drop. Sunday was our most productive day; from the second we stepped into the Javits Center, we were making moves, sucking every last second of nerdy joy out of our final hours. I swear that something wibbly wobbly occurred, because time flew by. Before Kim and I could get a grip on what was happening, we were spit back out onto 11th Avenue with the rest of the crowd, a little dazed and a lot elated. Hey, at least we got to meet Tom Mison.

The Daily Show Mission Accomplished

A Mison Mission, if you will.

  • Having learned our lesson from our failure to get into the Who panel on Saturday, we booked it over to the Gareth David-Lloyd Q&A the minute the doors opened. (Line free. Thank you, press passes.) Of course you know Gareth as the enigmatic tea boy turned bad-ass operative (and Jack Harkness sex toy, but really, who isn’t?)  Ianto Jones on Torchwood. I demanded we show up for his panel as our penance for missing The John Barrowman Bottomless Variety Hour at Stage 1-E the night before. And Kim, though I told her she was guaranteed to learn Ianto’s fate before the first question was even asked, was still game to accompany me. Only fair really, since the The Walking Dead panel spoiled me like it was My Super Sweet Sixteen. (“Not THAT car, Mom. I wanted it in BLUE. *cries* You’re such a BITCH.”)


Gareth David Lloyd Q&A

Where’s my pizza, Ianto? GOD.


  • Gareth was solo onstage and moderated the panel himself, so cheers. We were warned by some Con veterans that some of the audience would be writers trying to work out plot points in their fic. But that couldn’t be true, right? Until about five different versions of the question, “So…say Ianto came back. HOW would that happen? Exactly. In as much detail as you can give us,” were asked, we didn’t believe it. Write your own stories, girls. Gareth isn’t going to do it for you. But he DID express his desire to play an evil, alt-universe Ianto, so get to work on that one, Woodies.
  • Predictably, we spent a big chunk of the session discussing the whereabouts of John Barrowman’s member at any given time. Like in this exchange:
    Audience member: “Were there any props that you stole or wanted to steal?”
    Gareth: “There are lots of props I’ve wanted to steal, but you never know which ones John Barrowman has touched with his penis.”



  • Gareth also had to dispel some rumor about an untoward incident in the filming of the shed scene that John was apparently spreading in HIS panel. “He twists things around,” Gareth said. “He accidentally touched MY knob.” I don’t know WHO to believe, but at least somebody was touching SOMEONE’S and that’s all that matters.
  • We talked about Gareth’s band Blue Gillespie (Ianto has a metal band – who knew?), who are on hiatus for the forseeable future; his Hogwarts house: Slytherin, clearly; what Ianto would be like as a companion (“Brilliant!”); and how the absence of the Welsh backdrop affected the vibe of the Miracle Day series. He further won us over with his responses to questions about his character’s sexuality (“I don’t see how it’s different from playing anyone else.”) and by remembering the name of the THRILLED little boy who was obviously Gareth’s biggest fan. Thanks to Mr. David-Lloyd for an informative, funny panel and, most of all, for that threadbare t-shirt.


Jack Harkness can't tell you what


  • After holding the door for Gareth, his wife, and baby daughter (Kim: “We are nothing if not polite), we scurried up to the Press Lounge to check in for the #SassyHollow press roundtable. Check out Kim’s post for all the details on our interviews with the stars and creators of our new favorite genre series!


More for us.


  • We ended up not needing the Reserved Seating passes we scored for the Big Finish/Doctor Who panel in the main stage. The queue hall was strangely empty, with the brain-eating fervor of Saturday’s Walking Dead fanatics but a memory. If the session had been about the 50th or the television series in general, it would have been a different story. Still, 1-D was packed with fez-wearing, sonic-carrying Whovians. We wondered if the tween Claras and teen Elevens we saw would be disappointed by an hour-long discussion on radio dramas starring the Doctors from the classic era. And, though they were there to pimp the new audio story The Light at the End, the first question asked of panelists Nicholas Briggs (voice of the Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, and more); Big Finish producer Jason Haigh-Ellery; and Sixth Doctor Colin Baker was, “Can you tell us anything about what happens in the 50th?” *sigh*



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“It’s Called The X-Files” – Head Over Feels Takes New York Comic Con Day 3

Never gonna be over it.

Never gonna be over it.

Posted by Kim and Sage

Our feet are swollen and aching from standing.  We greet the volunteers at the Javits Center now as if they were old friends.  We’re living on a diet of granola bars, chocolate covered pretzels, probiotic trail mix, hot dogs, GIANT soft pretzels, Gatorade, and water.  We measure time not in minutes but in percentage of phone battery left.  We’re exhausted from flailing about all day.  And hot damn if we’re not having the greatest weekend of our lives.

Welcome to New York Comic Con, Day Three.  We would stay here forever if we could…


* Our third day at the Javits Center started out with a bit of a disappointment: we were denied entrance to the “50 Years of Doctor Who” panel, which was one of the first panels of the morning.  We had thought since there was nobody super famous on the panel (no disrespect to the panelists, as they are all well-known Whovian academics who have written fantastic books on the show that everyone needs to read) we would be able to get in the room a mere 40 minutes before the panel.  WRONG.  We stupidly underestimated the Whovian fandom (who are we? BBC America using for the “Asylum of the Daleks” premiere?) and their passion for hearing anyone talk about their favorite show.  Let it be known that our press passes can only do so much.  And one thing they CAN’T do is allow us to jump the line.

Not Allowed at NYCC

* While we were sad about the Who panel, we refused to let it bring us down.  We’re at COMIC CON for God’s sake…and for every opportunity missed, a golden one lies right around the next corner.  We went up to the Press Lounge to regroup and recharge our phones and plan the rest of the day.  It was then that we realized that the ever delightful Zachary Levi was at Nerd HQ taking pictures for Operation Smile, so off we went back to the floor. Props to the staff and volunteers at The Nerd Machine booth, who managed to snake a line with multiple sections quickly and fairly through the Con main floor. (Because that could have gotten reaaal ugly, REAL fast.) And to Zach, who showed up on a grueling two-show day to shake hands and look pretty with his adoring fans. He’s taking part in a fundraiser that Sage is planning in November, so they had a lovely chat about looking forward to it. And now it’ll be that much easier for her to be cool in his presence when she sees him again. Or not, we’ll see.

Sage with Zach Levi

Said over and over again each time we looked at this picture: “He’s just so TALL.” *dreamy sigh*

* We learned from the handsome and effortlessly sassy Clark Gregg (who was tragically in LA, much to our despair) on Twitter that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.s Fitz-Simmons were appearing over at the Marvel headquarters. Sage headed over to check out the precious Brits (who – confirmed on the panel – are NOT supposed to be brother and sister, so ship away, my friends) and ended up connecting with Marvel Television PR to get a solid in to the panel later that day. Head Over Feels: forever hustling.

* While Sage was starting a Nerd Revolution with Zach, I made my way back to where the Who panel was to meet up with the panelists once it was done.  On my way there, I spotted Grace from Rotten Tomatoes, who had been one of the moderators of the panel we had attended the night before.  She was once again in her bad ass Cylon costume, so I had to stop and compliment her not only on her hotness but on what a great job she did the night before.  We had a great chat about movies and writing and fandom in general.  AND I won a free Starbucks gift card from a survey, so my coffee tomorrow morning is already paid for!

Certified Fresh

Certified Fresh

* After I met up with the Who panelists, we made our way back to the floor and the Doctor Who shop booth where they were all signing their books (again…you should buy them).  Sage met up with me back there and we witness a completely spontaneous Whovian cosplay photoshoot that was nothing short of epic.  It all started with a couple of VERY accurate Nines and a Rose and grew from there.  Anytime a Whovian Cosplayer passed by they would jump into the picture.  Even Captain Jack Harkness showed up eventually.


And then there was THIS little guy representing both Doctor Who and Harry Potter.  I snapped this after getting permission from his parents and he delightedly posed for me.


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