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Forgive me, Gladiators, for I am SUPER LATE with this recap.  It won’t happen again.  And in my defense I only watched the most recent episode of Scandal last night…so REALLY the turn-around on this post is SUPER fast.

For future reference, I would not recommend basically going directly from New York Comic Con to CommuniCon in the span of four days, cause it is killer on both the DVR (mine currently sits at 80% full and that is BEFORE all the shows that air tonight) and the recapping (I KNOW HOW FAR BEHIND ON HIMYM I AM SHUT UP).  Except wait…I TOTALLY recommend doing fan conventions every weekend because it is AWESOME and I basically want to live at cons now permanently.

Anyway.  Back to Scandal

This week’s episode had a strong “case of the week” center but still dropped nice little teases about the ongoing arc of Operation Remington (SERIOUSLY WHAT IS GOING ON THERE?) and Olivia’s dad’s shady organization.  The episode had it all…drunken Mellie, sassy David Rosen, operatic manipulator Cyrus, tortured Huck, and a good dash of UST between Olivia and Jake.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Olivia huddled in a corner watching a naked and sleeping Jake, looking both terrified and turned on at the same time.

“We need to TALK!” Shut up, Fitz.

Huck looking MURDEROUS at Daddy Pope and then stealthily follows his car.

Fitz and Mellie argue over feeding the baby while Teddy gets progressively messier. 

“I will NOT be trapped at Camp David with that man!!” This is only the beginning of Mellie’s awesomeness in this episode.

TEDDY’S FACE.  Honestly, between this face and Holly on Breaking Bad, it’s an amazing season for baby acting.

“YOU WILL SHOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT YOUR LOVE IS REAL AND SPECIAL.” I will never get tired of watching Cyrus try to wrangle Fitz and Mellie.

“Shut up.” “YOU SHUT UP.” If Fitz and Mellie bicker like this all season, I will be delighted.

“I hacked into her banking account because I can.” Again…Quinn has gone full on DARK SIDE.

“I need to talk to the president about Operation Remington.” 

She has a BOMB strapped to her.  I would have been surprised had they not shown this in the promos.

“No one would LISTEN to me!!!” 

“I VOTED for you!!!”  The timing of this episode with all the government shutdown shenanigans though.

“We have a Remington Problem.” YES BUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?!?!?!

“It was a recipe I got off the Internet.” 


“No way in Hell I’m allowing you two to share a headline for the third week running.” Cyrus, my KING.

“The President does not negotiate with terrorists.” Anyone else get Air Force One flashbacks?

Olivia demands one more phone call…to Fitz one presumes.

NOPE.  She called JAKE (who then called Fitz, but whatevs).

“I’m a little sore, you’re in a room with a BOMB.” 

Abby and David scene!!!

“You really want dinner THAT badly?” I JUST WANT DAVID AND ABBY TO WORK IT OUT OKAY?

“My boss, the Attorney General,  like totally hates when I aid and abed terrorists.”  Sassy David Rosen is my FAVORITE.

“I’m sorry if you were expecting a little small talk”  I was rolling on the floor this ENTIRE scene.

“What’s that phrase again? October surprise…” 

“She’s right. I’m sorry.” Turns out Chris was a CIA mole!

“Chris Lawrence was an American hero, but you can’t tell her that.” THIS IS HORRIBLE.

FBI killed him cause they did not know. WAY TO GO GUYS. #government

Olivia’s face that entire phone call.  Kerry Washington again proves how she was ROBBED of an Emmy.

“Is the truth worth 57 lives?” This.  Is.  HORRIBLE.


Mary, devastated by the “news” about her son, shoves Liv out of the office and detonates the bomb. 


MELLIE DRINKING HOOCH.  I’ve never loved her more than in this scene.

“How many presidents have had sex on this table?” DRUNK MELLIE, I LOVE YOU.

“You’re drunk.”  “That’s impossible, a lady never gets drunk!”

Mellie’s monologue about why Olivia dying would be her worst nightmare has GOT to be on Bellamy Young’s Emmy Reel this year. GLORIOUS.

“As long as she’s alive, she’s your flaw.”

“Cheers, BABY!” Like I said…I’m very much in love with Mellie right now.


“Don’t worry I’m not here to kill you. I’m all killed out today.” I really can’t handle this Huck angst.


OH MY GOD NOOOOOOOOOO HUCK!   That was MUCH WORSE than killing her father!

“He OWNS me, Liv.”  Guillermo Diaz was masterful in this scene.  Poor, poor, poor tortured Huck.  It blows my mind that he can turn into this terrifying killing machine in the blink of an eye.

I really need Jake and Liv to have some “I’m so glad you’re alive” sex. 

“I just kept picturing your face.  Your face SAVED me.” OMG stoooooooooooooooop Jake.

“This is NOT a Fairy Tale.” Duh doy.

“He’s going to find a way to use you against me because he owns you…and he still owns me too.”

Like I said before, now that things have settled down, we will be more prompt with getting these posted.   See you on Twitter tonight, gladiators!  White hats on!

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