“We are in a damn haunted house.” – Sleepy Hollow Recap

Sleepy Hollow see what you have

Sleepy Hollow
Season 1, Episode 9: “Sanctuary”
Posted by Sage

Holy revelation, Sleepy Heads!

The breakneck pace of Sleepy‘s first season continued in “Sanctuary” with a twist that deepened the show’s mythology and showed us another new side of Ichabod Crane. Like any good game-changer, Katrina’s child asks more questions than it answers, and I can hardly wait to see where (and to whom) the newly discovered Crane line leads us.


Sleepy Hollow a little more

“What are holidays for,” Abbie asks, “if not airing our grievances?” Add “Is Seinfeld fan” to the “Abbie Mills Is Perfect” list of qualities and sign Ichabod to do a little grousing. It wouldn’t be Sleepy Hollow without some futile railing against the modern world, and this week’s first target was probably the most deserving yet. How dare McDonald’s not only eradicate a “thrice daily tradition” but also pass off fried potatoes from the Austrian Netherlands as French-Scottish food? Abbie seems a bit of a fast food fiend, so one can imagine just how often Crane is frustrated by the culinary bait-and-switch of the (please to read in Ichabod’s condescending cadence) “drive-thru.” He’s like that angry dad who just wants everyone to SIT DOWN and SHUT UP and HAVE A GOD DAMN FAMILY DINNER. (“I drive a Dodge Stratus!”)

But, Happy Meal pit stops aside, Crane’s real hackles are raised by Thanksgiving and our Pillsbury-Crescent-Rolls interpretation of a traditional Pilgrim meal. Look at the stank face he makes when Abbie mentions cranberry sauce. And TURKEY? Not even. “It would have been a miracle for a single, half-starved pheasant to walk past.” Abbie’s complementary side-eye is expertly thrown, as usual, but she understands Crane’s rejection of the holiday spirit. His wife is stuck in purgatory; her sister’s in a mental institution. No Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving for these two.

But let’s not get too deep into that conversation yet. I still need to point out that Ichabod takes the time during the initial exploration of Fredericks Manor to rag on George Clooney’s Irish heritage; and that his “a little more” gesture when Abbie is pouring him a post-demon-killing-finding-out-you-had-a-secret-offspring drink is pretty much everything. Otherwise, the sass of this episode belongs to Frank Irving, Jenny Mills, and their unlikely camaraderie. But you know what? I’m putting all of that in the #ShippyHollow section, because foreplay.

For Ebeneezer Crane alone, I give this episode 6/10 Donut Holes for sass.


Sleepy Hollow crows

Even Abbie “BAMF” Mills isn’t having it this week. Headless demons she can handle, but she draws the line at haunted houses. And that’s even before she knows about the blood-filled tree-people hanging out in its closets.

Here again is why Sleepy Hollow is so damn good. One minute you’re minding your own business, giggling at the cheesy CGI weeds and the next screaming and flailing about your room only pausing to type “BLOOD-FILLED TREES. THE TREES ARE PEOPLE.” in your notes. Clearly Lena Gilbert is not a Harry Potter fan, and that’s a good thing for the first time ever, as Hermione’s Devil’s Snare trick would probably have gotten her killed.

The Scarecrow is another nightmarish villain to add to our list of Sleepy Hollow characters not to mess with. But for me, the creepiest moment in the episode occurred when Katrina was giving birth and all of the demons who had broken through Grace and Lachlan’s protective barriers were coming after the baby. I jumped a foot in the air when the crows started throwing themselves against the windows. And for all his trouble, Fredericks ends up with a giant branchy-fist right through his stomach. (Gross.) Why does Moloch want Katrina and Crane’s offspring so badly? I still think Katrina’s motives are fishy. I do believe that the child is Ichabod’s, but maybe conceived through some kind of dark magic. So what if the darkness wanted that baby not to destroy but to USE in some way? Lachlan was a warlock; and a member of Katrina’s coven. There’s no doubt laid on the claim that his home was a place of protection. But how close did he have to get to the evil to learn how to work against it? Every movie I’ve ever seen about witchcraft has taught me that the line between light and dark magic is paper-thin and easily crossed. This house is ground zero for both and it still holds plenty of secrets. As Lena said when she walked through the door, “Things happened here that need to be remembered.”

Then again, Katrina looked like a peaceful, radiant, loving mother holding her son for the first time, not exactly the bride of Satan. But if she was happily pregnant, why did she keep it a secret from her husband? Crane certainly isn’t going to rest until he finds out what happens to his child, so we should have some answers soon.

Sleepy Hollow those I love without consequence

We got a taste of this last week with Crane’s interrogation of the Horseman, but that was nothing compared to the fury that erupted when Ichabod got all protective father on us. He may seem harmless, with his ponytail and his posh accent, but do not mess. Tom Mison unleashed even further this week, because all reason and caution goes out the window when Crane learns that he has a child that he should have safeguarded. And if he couldn’t have shielded him from danger then, he’ll damn sure avenge him now. Even Abbie looked wary of him when he demanded that she leave him to his business (“Heed my words: do not follow me.”) and then emerged – blood-soaked – from the house. If Moloch didn’t give Crane the credit he should have before, I’m sure he’s smart enough to be afraid of him now.

For bloody trees and Papa Bear Ichabod and those damn crows, I give this episode 7/10 Sandmen.


Sleepy Hollow Company HoldsSleepy Hollow lost more than

Pump those breaks, Ichabbie shippers. Like Kim said in her last recap, the writers seem to be reining in the UST and developing these two further as Ryde-or-Die partners. “Sanctuary” took that bond a step further and began to establish Ichabod and Abbie as FAMILY. And that’s what they both need right now.

Ichabod Katrina

“Her hair is so big because it’s full of secrets.”

Circumstances may change as this story progresses, but Ichabod is still very much in love with his WIFE. (Look at that face, ugh.) Abbie doesn’t resent him for it. (Lena might a little bit – that girl was into him, and who can blame her?) And now she’s been witness to what’s essentially a product of that love. There’s no way she’s going to be putting the moves on him anytime soon after seeing the birth of his child. But “Sanctuary” still gave us some schmoopy friendship moments between these two. Abbie barrels right through his “I want to be alone” walls with a bottle of his favorite rum and reminds him to value what he has now. And Crane pays her the compliment of seeing “the family resemblance” between Abbie and her ancestor Grace Dixon. (“Quite heroically.” RUDE.) I’ll take platonic soul mates for now.

Sleepy Hollow Jenny not a completely terrible

You know who’s definitely NOT platonic? Frank Irving and Jenny Mills, who – in the matter of two episodes – are now THE ship to ship on Sleepy Hollow. Even Frank’s daughter (OMG RUE LIVES) can see it. When Frank tells Abbie that he’s dealing with her sister’s “B.S.,” what he really means is that he’s totally into this damaged lady. But his commitment to the Scoobies will be tested by his commitment to his splintered family. The former Mrs. Irving gave her ultimatum, but at least Macey and Jenny are making friends. Cheers to Sleepy for making the usual, boring police chief character layered and compelling and for giving the impeccable Orlando Jones something new to hit out of the park every week.

For Jenny’s begrudging admittance of some warm feelings for Frank, I give this episode 6/10 Cups of Dream Tea.

Random Observations:

  • “More treasures from the Amazon, perhaps?”
  • I get that Lachlan is a good guy. But really, Sleepy Hollow, it will be ridiculous if you portray every single colonial white person on your show as progressive. Slavery was real, you can show it to us.
  • THIS.
  • I’m curious about Irving’s family. There’s guilt about whatever happened to put Macey into that wheelchair, and it probably led to the break-up. (Are they divorced? It was never said.)
  • Lena Gilbert is welcome back any time. She has a strong tie to the story. She’s brave and she’s not an idiot, contrary to how most shows would characterize a young heiress. And, as I said, she’s clearly taken with Ichabod, which could lead to some interesting obstacles to Ichabbie and Ichatrina.

What did you think of “Sanctuary,” readers? Leave it in the comments!



The Top 5 Things We’re Thankful For This Year

Posted by Kim

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I’m getting ready to head to Brooklyn to cook Thanksgiving Dinner for 10 of  my friends (I TOLD you I was Monica!).  But before I cook all day and then stuff myself silly (but not TOO much, I have a birthday party dress to fit in to in 2 weeks), I thought I would take a moment to reflect on the top 5 Pop Culture things Sage and I are most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  Because without them, this site wouldn’t exist and the world would be a much less flaily place…

1) Community

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: falling in love with Community changed my life forever.  I’ve attended TWO CommuniCons this year.  I’ve met many many Twitter Communies this year, and they’ve moved beyond just internet friends to ACTUAL friends. I’m so so so grateful for this weird little show about a study group at Greendale Community College and the JOY it has brought into my life, through both the television screen and the relationships I have formed because of it.  Thank you, Dan Harmon for your madness.  Thank you writers for your words.  Thank you to the cast for your performances and your love for the fans and being all around delightful Human Beings.

And thanks to NBC (I guess) for airing it.  Season 5 starts in a little over a month!!!

2) Parks and Recreation

Parks is the ultimate show about optimism and finding the goodness in people.  I swear my heart grows three sizes every time I watch it.  Amy Poehler/Leslie Knope is obviously our life hero.  I could wax poetic on all the characters, but that would make this post WAY too long.  Parks has the best ensemble on television, and that’s coming from a die-hard Community fan.

NBC has been scaring me with its treatment of Parks this year, which leads me to think, that with the loss of Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe, this COULD be its last season.  I truly hope not.  Television will be a less sunny place without the citizens of Pawnee.

3) Doctor Who

I think Sage said it best in her post on “Day of the Doctor” , it is a WONDERFUL time to be a Whovian.  We may be relatively new to the fandom, having loved the show for only a few years, but being the fangirls we are, we love deep and we love hard.  Our mutual feels about the Doctor was one of the driving forces that made us START this blog.  We are so thankful for our Doctor, his companions, and their adventures.  We are thankful to Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat for destroying us with emotions.  We are thankful to Doctor Who as a whole for celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary. All of time and space…

This Christmas we will witness our first LIVE regeneration.  While we are excited for Peter Capaldi, we know we will be destroyed by the loss of Matt Smith’s Eleventh (Twelfth?) Doctor.  In the words of Ten…we don’t want him to go.

4) Sleepy Hollow

We are thankful for Sleepy Hollow for many reasons.  One, it gave us our Sexiest Man Alive in the form of Tom Mison.  Two, it was an unexpected DELIGHT in a fall season that has been lean in new television hits.  We never expected to love #SassyHollow as much as we do…and now we can’t imagine our lives without it.  It has been amazing getting in with this fandom on the Ground Floor.  It’s been a totally new experience for me, as while I was with a show like Lost from the very start, it was before I fully allowed my inner fangirl to flail about freely.  It has been amazing discovering this show right along with everyone else.  I can’t wait to see how the season ends.

Though I can imagine the ensuing eight months without my Ichabod and Abbie fix.

5) Tom Hiddleston

Because everyday during the press tour for Loki: The Dark World I woke up to a twitter conversation screaming over something ridiculous he had done.

That’s what we’re thankful for this year!  What about you, dear readers? Let us know in the comments!  And enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Day of the Doctor: A Comprehensive List of All the Times We Overreacted

David Tennant Excited

Posted by Sage

It’s been a beautiful week to be a Whovian.

Not that it isn’t always. But it’s not every week that we get to celebrate the five-decade history of our most precious show. The plans have been in motion and anticipation building in the back of our minds for so long that, by the time the anniversary finally came around, it almost took us by surprise.

Obviously, we still had the wherewithal to plan a little viewing soiree complete with authentic Jammy Dodgers, marshmallow Adipose, “fish fingers and custard” and a whooooooole lotta vodka for five girls. (Check out blog/IRL friend Kelly’s piece on the party over at the TV Mouse!) Emotions were high. Expectations were higher. And, oh my Gallifrey, did “Day of the Doctor” deliver. And so we give you a comprehensive list of all the times we overreacted during Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary special.


Billie Piper Day of the Doctor

If you don’t have anything nice to say about Rose Tyler, kindly show yourself out of the HOF door. Kim and I had an insane caps-locky text conversation the morning the BBC announced that Billie and David would be returning for the special. But the elation soon took a turn into fear and even dread. Moffat doesn’t like Rose. He’s called her a “needy girlfriend.” (Continuing his campaign to be named Male Showrunner Feminist of the Year, I see.) When last we left Rose, she was snogging TenToo on a beach, heading towards a happy life in Pete’s World with her half-human Doctor. What if Moffat blew holes in our ship? Or worse, minimized Rose and her importance in the canon?

Those fears were unfounded. Even though Billie wasn’t playing Dame Rose Tyler of the Powell Estate and there was zero interaction between her and Ten, we’re actually quite pleased. Why? Because The Moment chose Bad Wolf Rose as the form to take to appear to the Doctor. Out of any companion from his past or future, THIS is what it chose. And though the misalignment of the time streams mean that the War Doctor won’t remember any of these events once he regenerates into Nine, you cannot convince me that some vague flash isn’t triggered the first time he hears “Bad Wolf” in Series 1. Or could it even be that it’s this latent memory that actually leads him to the basement of Henrick’s that night? I NEED A MINUTE.

Doctor Who The Interface is Hot

I’ll say.

Did I mention that Billie was AWESOME? That outfit. That voice. We saw the special again in theaters on Monday night and – with the absence of our own screams – were able to hear her dialogue that much better. It was intense and mysterious and SO Time-Vortex-Rose. RTD must be proud. “You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing, groaning. That sound brings hope wherever it goes.” It felt good to see Bad Wolf Rose again as a guardian angel for her Time Lord love. “I want you safe, my Doctor.” Sigh. Thank you for respecting our favorite companion, Moffat. A basket of mini-muffins is on its way.

David Tennant’s Entire Being

Day of the Doctor Tennant Glasses

I love Matt. I love Eccles. There are no flaws in either of their performances and I accept them both 100%. But every single time David Tennant was on screen, my body (and my mouth, as our friend Jaime pointed out), would scream, “MY Doctor.” Everyone has one, and he is mine.

After almost four years, Tennant stepped easily back into character (and into the same suit). And it was just like he never left. He’s still got the face, the sass, the unmistakable body language. And an “Allons-y!” has never sounded more beautiful. His joy is palpable, and I hope this won’t be the last time Ten runs into himself. Speaking of…

Eleven + Ten = BROTP

Day of the Doctor Ten and Elevent

Screw paradoxes. Can’t these two join forces and travel together forever? Chinny and Sandshoes to the rescue? No? Fine.

If we had to settle for this one glorious buddy-comedy of a special, then at least it gave us plenty of gif-able moments. Ten popping on a fez. Eleven ribbing Ten for being so emo and girl-crazy. Let One Direction try in their entire career to generate the amount of squeals that David and Matt did when they put on their glasses at the same time. As a pair, they were everything we fangirls could have possibly wished for.

The War Doctor Meets His Future Selves

Day of the Doctor His companions

We assumed that John Hurt’s Doctor would be dark and intimidating and no fun at all, really. But despite being the one regeneration that he never speaks of, he’s still the same man. And that man is a cheeky old bastard.

You can imagine how this grizzled warrior-type must feel when he runs into these dreamy, nattily-dressed whippersnappers. And that dialogue was some of the best in what I think is one of Moffat’s finest scripts. “Am I having a mid-life crisis?” Hee.

“No, sir. All thirteen.”

Doctor Who Peter Capaldi Eyes

Apologies to anyone in a half-mile radius of our viewing party because we LOST OUR DAMN MINDS when Capaldi showed up onscreen. Any qualms anyone had about the decision to cast him should have been blown TO TINY PIECES by this split-second preview. That’s our Doctor, you guys. And I can’t wait to meet him.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Day of the Doctor Nice Scarf

Modern and Classic Who references were everywhere and we’ll probably find new ones every time we watch it. Spotting each one was a little thrill, from River’s shoes, to the sign from “An Unearthly Child,” to Jack’s vortex manipulator to the machine that goes “ding” when there’s stuff. We FINALLY know why Elizabeth I has a vendetta against the Doctor. And Four’s scarf couldn’t have landed on more worthy shoulders than Osgood, the heroic and science-y asthmatic who represented the entire fandom. For as much grief as we give Moffat, he made US a character in the 50th Anniversary. And an incredibly important one too. Aw. Deep down, he loves us. He really loves us.

That Moment Where Ten’s Hearts Pounded Right Out of His Chest

Did You Just Say Bad Wolf

This Ten/Rose close-call was our second loudest reaction of the day. How could we not when David’s face was doing the thing? Look at him. He has literally forgotten everything else that’s going on (you know, the pending genocide) and only cares where and how and from whom the War Doctor got those words. And just like that, the moment passed.

Day of the Doctor Bad Wolf GirlDay of the Doctor Yep That's Going to Happen


May we also point out that, while Ten’s hair was relatively (and disappointingly) flat throughout the rest of “Day of the Doctor,” he has a noteworthy “hair boner” (copyright Kim Rogers) only when he’s sharing the frame with Rose? And don’t you dare say that the height and placement of David’s hair is not significant, because it is the most reliable barometer of Ten’s emotional state that we have. You know this is true.

The Doctor Forgives Himself

Don't Have to Do It Alone

I don’t want to say that I spend a lot of time thinking about Steven Moffat’s balls, but he sure must have some big ones to completely flip the script on the show’s mythology. In Modern Who, the Doctor’s entire character and thereby the plot of the show is built on the foundation of his guilt over destroying the Time Lords with the Daleks on the last day of the Time War. Though “Day of the Doctor” didn’t change anything for Nine or Ten (who are still miserable, womp womp), it DOES rescue Gallifrey from certain doom and set Eleven (and Twelve, I’m sure) on a mission to find it. And it gave the Doctor the opportunity to forgive himself for what he did when he couldn’t find another solution. Freezing Gallifrey could ONLY have worked with every regeneration working together, so there’s no reason to hold the War Doctor’s actions against him any more.

And let’s not forget Clara’s role in this momentous decision. The “Impossible Girl” finally got a little character and it’s looking really good on her. What she did wasn’t mystical or alien or fantastic. She simply empathized with her Doctor. She couldn’t stand to watch him push the button, knowing how it would break him. In as unbiased a way as I can, I’ll say that she reminded me so much of Series 1 Rose in that scene. I’m so glad her mystery is solved and we can get to know Clara Oswald as a person.


War Doctor Regenerates

Yes, yes, we all know that Eccleston has vowed never to return to Doctor Who. But I wasn’t going to give up hope of seeing him until the very end of the closing credits. When the War Doctor started to regenerate, all five of us watching together stood up, held hands, and screamed at the top of our lungs like we were trying to conjure him. Were fangirl powers worth the strength of our love for Nine, he probably would have appeared in the middle of that very room. Alas, he did not. Maybe he’ll get over his issues by the 75th.

Ten’s Last Words – Again

Day of the Doctor I don't want to go

No. Nein. Nyet. Nope.

Our theater was relatively quiet until this scene, when all the “aw”s broke loose. How could we forget that seeing Ten again meant we’d also have to say goodbye to him again?

Tom Baker Melts Your Cold, Dead Heart

Day of the Doctor Tom BakerDay of the Doctor Tom Baker Perhaps I was you

The fourth Doctor returned to Doctor Who for the first time ever as “The Curator” (hmmm….) and shared a scene with Matt Smith that could not possibly have been more sentimental or affecting. I’m jealous of young fans who watched with their parents, who I’m sure feel the same way about Baker as we do about Tennant. He is the ORIGINAL Mad Man with a Box (look at those eyes, still!) and again,Moffat hit it out of the park with this scene. It was a gorgeous tribute to the show’s history and I can imagine that there wasn’t a dry eye on the set when it was filmed.

Day of the Doctor ending

Happiest of birthdays, Doctor Who, from Head Over Feels. We wouldn’t exist without you. Here’s to 50 more years of space and time.

This Is All Your Fault, Vermont – Scandal Gif-Cap

Gosling No

Season 3, Episode 8: “Vermont is for Lovers Too”
Posted by Sage

I’m too infuriated to even write an introduction for this post, so let’s just get to it.

“Our daughter’s been asking about you.” Why is Olivia’s mother locked up? Why does Papa Pope look almost afraid of her?

Britney I just don't get it

“I’ve been sitting in this cell for over 20 years.” Well, shit.

Clooney surprise

“I’ll do it if I have to, but it’s much more fun to pretend I’m your boyfriend.” While Batman and Robin are dark and twisty even for this show, they still might be just a smidge healthier than Olitz.

Lana Del Rey You like your girls insane

“Track down whoever killed the security guard.” And there’s no way Huck won’t get that done, so you better be getting your affairs in order, Quinn.

Vampire Diaries You're screwed

Cyrus is throwing James at Sally’s husband. What could possibly go wrong?

Castle Don't ruin my story

Candace’s laptop has been stolen! And it’s got tons of important campaign information on it, we assume.

Where the fuck Peter Capaldi

Mellie is all starry-eyed rewatching the interview when Fitz defends her.

Get It Together

At least Olivia ignored his call. And went one step further by also destroying her phone.


Terrified Scream

Quinn runs into Jake, while she’s being “proactive.” 

Madagascar You didn't see anything

“She chewed her own wrists, sir.” Okay, then I suppose Daddy has a pretty decent reason to be slightly wary of her.

School of Rock live hardcore

Abby and David have a little lovers quarrel about searching Reston’s office for Candace’s laptop. They’re just so beautiful.

Pushing Daisies Sad Face

“Don’t the gays just have all the fun?” If I’d been as mistreated by every man in my life as Mellie has, I’d be on my way to a lesbian commune right now.

Michael Cera straight is awful

“I owe you?! After what you did, I don’t owe you anything.” GOOD GIRL.

HIMYM It's a mistake

“So, are you here to babysit me now?” “Maybe if you’re good, I’ll let you stay up past your bedtime.” Candace and Harrison have sexual tension and I SHIP IT INSTANTLY.

David Tennant and Matt Smith Graham Norton

The Gladiators are getting closer and closer to identifying Quinn. Run, bitch. RUN.

Rob Ford Run

“We have no statement to make at this time.” BAM. MIC DROP. Marcus 2014.

Drake started from the bottom

“Bring over a nice bottle of bourbon. Have a drink or two. He’ll open right up.” Hee.

Bridesmaids giggle

“That’s your daughter. That’s Olivia.” He’s withhold every SHRED of information about her for 20 years? No wonder she’s cray.

That's my baby Will SMith

Fitz blackmails Olivia to get her to Vermont.

David Brent eye roll

“You know who I am, Olivia.”

John Watson Mustache

“This house is yours. Ours. I had it built for us.”

Monty Python You Make Me Sad

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“Death Will Not Be Silenced” – Sleepy Hollow Recap

 Posted by Kim

Apologies, Sleepy Heads.  Sage and I were both slammed with real life events and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary fandom events this past week, which has kept us from blogging.  But never fear, we still watched Sleepy Hollow and still had many feelings about it.  And hey…at least we’re getting this post up before tonight’s episode, right?


“A dead guy, a mental patient, and a time traveler from the revolution” – Frank Irving.

“That’s our team.” – Abbie Mills

The sass in #SassyHollow is not just limited to our beloved Ichabod.  True, he had his sassy moments in this episode, especially with his name dropping of Thomas Jefferson (AGAIN) and how he prepared to deal with devils through his negotiations with the French.  Captain Frank Irving brings the sass too, especially in his glorious eye-rolling at said name dropping.  I’m really growing to love Orlando Jones’ droll interpretation of Irving, who IS the straight man of the show, but he’s the straight man who can no longer deny what’s going on around him.  He’s in it now, and the Scooby gang (hai Buffy shout-out) of Ichabod, Abbie, Jenny, Abbie, and Andy Brooks (sort of) is a glorious one.


Another classic sass/only Tom Mison could make this work was the DELIGHTFUL “My Apologies” when he started leading Zombie John Cho and Abbie in the wrong direction towards the Horseman’s cell.  Just as magical was Ichabod’s denial that he “had game”.  First of all, Ichy, yes…you DO have game.  To paraphrase Swingers, you have so much game you don’t even KNOW how much game you have.  Secondly, the way Tom enunciates every modern phrase with a dripping disdain (and perfectly timed look of disgust/confusion) in that beautiful accent of his, well…you get the picture.

By the way, is anyone else kind of shipping Frank and Jenny?  (I just went in the Jenny Mills tag on tumblr, and yep, people are.  Glad to know my feels are not unfounded.) They are SASSY badasses when paired together.  Their side adventure at the power plant this week was awesome enough to have me start dreaming of a spin-off series for them.

And with that exchange…a new ship was launched.

Aided by the Frank and Jenny show, I hereby give the Sass in this episode 7/10 Donut Holes.


The past few episodes have reminded us that at its core, Sleepy Hollow is a thriller.  A sassy, fun-filled, feels-filled thriller, but a thriller nonetheless.  “The Necromancer” stepped up the creepy even higher, making it the scariest and twistiest episode yet.  First of all we had the mere fact that Ichabod interrogated the HEADLESS horseman via Zombie John Cho.  Let’s take a moment to appreciate Sexiest Man Alive Tom Mison and his commitment to his performance, because God knows what he was actually acting against.  Also…applause and vomit to the extreme detailing of the Horseman’s bloody neck stump.

I’ll say it again later, but angry and taunting Ichabod was HOT.  He’s usually so restrained and genteel, so to see him let loose…

Sorry.  I’m letting my Mison feels distract me from EVERYTHING.

The big twist in the episode, the one that had me send a “UM WHAT” tweet, was the reveal of the Horseman’s true identity as Ichabod’s former best friend Abraham.  Abraham, so filled with rage after Katrina dumped him for Ichabod, gave his soul to Moloch in exchange for revenge against his friend.  And if he could be rewarded with Katrina.

Is anyone else starting to wonder if Katrina has gold in her lady parts?

Golden lady parts aside, I was truly surprised by this reveal and thought the way they did it, with contrasting Ichabod and Abraham’s initial duel with his sword fight with the Horseman was fantastic.  Well done, show.  You got me.  And of course this reveal now makes this battle against the Apocalypse PERSONAL.


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The Head Over Feels Sexiest Man Alive 2013 – Winners!

Cougar Town Giant Make Out Party

Posted by Kim and Sage

The readership of Head Over Feels has spoken and we have a new Sexiest Man Alive.

And no, People Magazine, it’s not Adam Levine.


Your Sexiest Man Alive of 2013 is….Sleepy Hollow‘s Tom Mison!!  Let’s cue up some T-Swift and party on, Team Mison!

It’s no secret that here at Head Over Feels we have an affinity for Sexy Brits and 31-year-old Mison exploded onto the sexy Brit scene this fall and stole our hearts within minutes of the Sleepy Hollow premiere.  I think my very first tweet about the show was even “Oh my…Ichabod is PRETTY.”  And it’s only gotten worse as the show has progressed.   Tom is the total package: tall and dark with piercing blue eyes and expressive eyebrows that just won’t quit.  Add the oh so self deprecating Britishness to the mix and well…you have a new addition to my top 5.  Sorry, Ryan Gosling.  What have you done for me lately?

One of the sexiest things about Tom is his utter commitment to the character of Ichabod.  Our favorite new show is absolutely insane, and it wouldn’t work without his performance (as well as Nicole Beharie’s) to ground it.  He brings so much SASS and so much humor and so much gravitas to what could very easily be a silly role and show.  Like I have said in our Sleepy recaps, I would be completely willing to watch an entire episode of Abbie explaining the modern world to Ichabod as he looks on, entirely perplexed by modern culture.  And let’s not even TALK about how Ichabod gives all ALL SORTS of feels.  I was SO GLAD that I lived alone the first time I watched “The Sin Eater” because I almost flailed off the couch during the final scene.

And let’s be honest.  He really works the hair and Ichabeard.  NEVER CHANGE HIS HAIR ALEX KURTZMAN.

What really sealed the deal with me being firmly on #TeamMison was New York Comic Con, where Tom proved to be just as delightful in person as he is on the show.  He IS that tall.  He IS that Handsome.  He IS that British.  His eyes are THAT blue.  He is, in a word, otherworldy…yet his wit and personality makes him accessible, which just makes him the perfect human specimen.  I think it is a testament to me and Sage’s professionalism that we did not SWOON when he walked into the press session…because I damn near did.


Like many of our loves, Tom has a big theatre background and is only now breaking into the mainstream (aka viewable for the masses whenever they need a fix) world of entertainment.  For those of you (including me) who want to expand their Mison knowledge, he appeared in 2011’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which co-stars HOF Favorite, Ewan McGregor (well THAT just went up to the top of my Netflix Queue) and (in perfect casting) played Mr. Bingley in the mini-series Lost in Austen.  He even appeared in Secret Diary of a Call Girl…TOM AND HOF WIFE BILLIE PIPER, Y’ALL.


So Tom’s career is only beginning.  And when he is named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2020, let it be known that the readership of Head Over Feels recognized his sexiness first.  WELL DONE GUYS.

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“Thank God I Still Love Doctor Who” – Graeme Burk and Robert Smith? at LI Who

Posted by Kim

While I was at Long Island Who (a general post about the weekend is coming, I promise) I also had the pleasure of spending a good amount of time with Graeme Burk and Robert Smith?, authors of Who is The Doctor and the new book Who’s 50 – The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before You Die. Who is the Doctor is an analysis of the new series, episode by episode, through the end of Series 6 and Who’s 50…well that is self-explanatory, is it not? I think that these two books are must haves for any Whovian’s library, and I am not just saying that because I think the authors are delightful human beings.  The books are smart, they are chock-full of tidbits and history, and they are funny.  They read like the transcript of the impassioned debate over your favorite episodes that you have most definitely had with your friends at your local pub or on Twitter.

But what is the best about these books is that the overwhelming love that Graeme and Robert have for Doctor Who is evident in every word.  So often these “Unofficial Companion” books can feel dry and “facts only” but that is not the case here.  What’s one of the most engaging things about the books is that Graeme and Robert have very different opinions on how Doctor Who should be made.  As Graeme put it at the con, he tends to look at the episodes more in the context of the big picture of the series, while Robert gets analytical about the details of the episodes.  These differing opinions lead to some great and impassioned debates about the merits of episodes and their place in the Who canon.  I can’t recommend the books enough, so I’ll leave it at that and stop gushing.  For now.

Graeme and Robert hosted a panel at the Con where they talked about the process of whittling down all the Doctor Who episodes to their top 50 and they also read excerpts and took questions about their choices.  They came up with their list by individually making their own list and then comparing notes (which made me chuckle, as that was the exact way Sage and I came up with our lists for our top episodes of The Office and The X-Files!).  They actually matched on 33 out of 50 (wow!) and then broke up the remaining episodes between them and decided that neither one of them could object to the episodes that the other chose…which I LOVE.  That is how, as they put it, some unconventional episodes wound up in the book.  It wasn’t about picking the BEST or most IMPORTANT episodes (because there are tons of books that do that), it was about picking out the episodes that meant the most to THEM…which is why Who’s 50 stands out among the rest.

Whoops.  Gushing again.

To open the panel, Robert read an excerpt from their section of “The Green Death”, a Third Doctor story, and the first episode he ever watched.  To give you a taste of just how good this book is, I’m going to share some of what he read…

“I’ve seen amazing episodes of this TV show – including falling in love all over again with the New Series – that I continue to adore.  But no experience in my life has ever been or ever will be as profound or worldshaking as watching the thrilling finale of “The Green Death” at five years old and losing my Doctor Who virginity.  I went in as a boy and came out a fan.”


Since the New Series is my area of expertise, I thought I would take a look at the episodes that they chose to include in the book.  Several of them matched up with the list that Sage and I chose for people who wanted to get into Doctor Who, which again made me feel like we were doing things right here at Head Over Feels.

Ninth Doctor: “Rose” and “Dalek”

Graeme and Robert DID point out that the episodes they ended up choosing for the new series remained fluid right up until the very end.  They were originally going to spotlight “End of the World” and “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances” from Eccleston’s run but finally settled on “Rose” and “Dalek”, which I wholeheartedly agree with.  The completist in me says you absolutely can NOT have a top 50 episodes of Doctor Who without including “Rose”, which was the jumping off point for SO MANY fans (including me).  It’s the perfect introduction for those unfamiliar with the Who Universe and had it NOT been good, the series probably would have flatlined.  Having rewatched “Dalek” recently, I also feel this episode is an excellent choice.  So much of Series One was about introducing a new generation of fans to the Doctor Who canon and “Dalek” introduced the storied battle between the Doctor and the Daleks in a wonderful way.  Eccleston really brings his A-Game in this episode, showing all sides of The Doctor, but especially tapping into the darkness that we all could tell was lurking just under the surface.  But what is also important about this episode is that it shows just how much Rose’s compassion and utter humanity is beginning to change the Doctor and heal him.  It’s a truly fantastic episode and I high recommend a rewatch of it if you haven’t visited it recently.

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“I’m his WIFE” – Scandal Gif-Cap

Posted by Kim

Scandal Season 3, Episode 7

“Everything’s Coming Up Mellie”

Welcome back to another crazy week in the world of Scandal!  This week we took a MUCH NEEDED closer look at our sad queen, the woefully misunderstood First Lady Mellie Grant.  Now, it’s been fanon so far that Fitz and Mellie’s marriage was one of pure political strategy and convenience, and for me, that notion was COMPLETELY dispelled in this episode.  This episode made us see that pre-politics, pre-Olivia Pope, Mellie and Fitz were very much in love and happy…which of course makes it all the more sad to see the shambles that they are in today.  On the other end of the spectrum, we had Olivia and Company delving further into the mystery behind Operation Remington.  With the revelation that Fitz was involved in shooting down the plane carrying Olivia’s mother, this shit has gotten PERSONAL and the Gladiators will not rest until they get answers.

In other words it was a jam-packed episode.  To the gifs!

This reporter is played by Slater from Community and Rose from Grey’s Anatomy, so I have automatic free license to hate her. 

“I haven’t had time to do my hair.” Cyrus, you’re so wonderfully vain and I love you.

Quinn hanging out at the shooting range with Brian McKenzie.  As you do.

FLASHBACK CYRUS IS SO SHABBY!!! No wonder he was so vain at the top of the episode!

OMG Liv’s GORGEOUS black and white coat!!

Liv ignoring and then running back desperately to answer the Fitz phone.  SIGH.

“You don’t get to ask me how I am.” I REALLY wish Liv would just STOP answering the phone when he calls.

“I’m surrounded by murderers, THAT’S how I am.” Seriously Olivia, it’s time to start re-evaluating your choices.

“I don’t expect you to forgive me.” Ever the martyr, Fitz.

Fitz: “I love you.” Liv: “So What?” Our girl Liv is FINALLY showing some backbone when it comes to Fitz.  ABOUT DAMN TIME.


“Do you feel like you lost a piece of yourself when you got married?”  SHUT UP SLATER.

Shabby Cyrus calls Fitz and Mellie “Richie Rich and Snow White”

“You’re better at picking out hookers than china patterns.” I love when Cyrus and Mellie plot together.

“I want to kill you and have sex with you at the same time.” James and Cyrus: The perfect marriage…

“Liv’s father is a dangerous man.” Understatement of the Century.

“I am more than just some crazy adrenaline junkie.” Actually…

“Grants don’t take orders.” (They just whine about them)

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Fitz with all these daddy issues? 

Abby to Liv: “I’m going to hug you now.” 

Quinn spying on Brian McKenzie in the WORST WAY POSSIBLE.  It’s like Huck taught her NOTHING.

Next thing you know, he’s got Quinn up against the wall and they are making out. 

Mellie’s face when Fitz isn’t in the Oval Office like she planned. My Sad Queen.

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