The 2nd Annual Head Over Feels Sexiest Man Alive Contest

Posted by Kim and Sage

Get ready to make some tough decisions. The second annual Head Over Feels Sexiest Man Alive tournament is ON.

It’s been one year since we crowned the 2012 co-winners (voted by you!), Joel McHale and Adam Scott. Today, we thank Joel and Adam for their year of service – they didn’t let us down once – and put before you a new crop of delicious and talented guys to ogle and rank. (We are equal opportunity objectifiers; expect the Head Over Feels Sexiest Woman Alive contest to kick off in a few weeks.)

Now that Election Day has come and gone, we can concentrate on the REAL race. Head over to our Facebook page to cast your vote for one of these fine men or write in your own.  Polls close in one week. And now, ladies and gentlemen, for your consideration: this year’s nominees.

James Wolk

From the short-lived Lonestar to Happy Endings to Mad Men to his current gig on The Crazy Ones, James Wolk is EVERYWHERE lately and we can see why.  James defines the term “tall dark and handsome” from his puppy dog brown eyes to his perfect hair to million dollar smile to his dimples that won’t quit.

Aside from his killer looks (does anyone else think James looks like a young Kyle Chandler?), James has the acting chops to back up that pretty face of his.  His Bob Benson was Don Draper 2.0 and he more than holds his own against the manic energy of Robin Williams.  Talent AND good looks? Rude.

 photo tumblr_mu7584dBfm1qi9dhho3_500_zps9c677eaa.gif

Tom Mison

Where and I mean WHERE did this man come from?????  WHERE???  Tom exploded onto the sexy man scene this fall as he stole our hearts with his portrayal of Ichabod Crane on Sleepy Hollow.  Tom is the perfect English Gentleman and Sleepy even REFERS to him as “Tall, Dark, and British“.  He’s witty, he’s sassy, he’s goofy, he’s genteel, and he’s the living embodiment of a Jane Austen character (he’s played one too!).  It’s reached the point with me that I spend most of Sleepy Hollow flopping around on my couch like a fish out of water.  I’m THAT overwhelmed by him.


And oh yeah…he’s just as delightful and handsome, if not more so, in person as he is on the show.  AND SO TALL.  If I recall correctly, my reaction when he walked into the NYCC Press Session was “JESUS H CHRIST”.


Not Sorry.

What happens when you have gumption.

What happens when you have gumption.

Jake Johnson

Just as man-child Nick Miller stole Jessica Day’s heart on New Girl, Jake Johnson has stolen ours.  The amount of character growth Jake has brought to Nick Miller is astounding.  Nick Miller is curmudgeonly.  He’s cranky.  He’s CHEAP.  And yet…you can’t help but love him and want to take CARE of him and all of that credit is due to Jake.

The most appealing thing about Jake is his “Everyman” quality.  It’s that quality that makes you think “YES!  I can get him!  He’s not out of my reach!”  Jake won’t judge you for not putting pants on all day.  He won’t judge you for eating Ben and Jerry’s right out the carton while you watch a marathon of America’s Next Top Model.  In fact, he would be snuggling right there with you.

That’s how it goes in my head anyway.

Oh, and then there is this:

Jon Hamm

This is a MAN right here, folks.  Jon Hamm defines debonair.  He’s like the matinée idols of the Golden Age of Cinema.  He’s Clark freaking Gable.

Plus he’s KNOWN to frequently go commando, so that’s really all that needs to be said.

Chris Messina

Currently making hearts race as half of The Mindy Project‘s will-they/won’t-they centerpiece and annoying Jeff Daniels as media empire heir Reese Lansing on The Newsroom, Chris Messina is a MAN in a world of boys. Plus, he’s got that Clooney half-smile thing going on, which is just unfair.

Thomas Sadowski

Who would have thought that Don “Eat Me” Keefer would turn out to be the romantic hero of The Newsroom? His love affair with Sloan Sabbith brought theater vet Sadoski (nothing hotter to a couple of drama nerds than a stage actor) to a wider audience. And now there are just more of us admiring those pillowy lips and hair you just need to get your hands into.

Thomas Sadoski The Newsroom

David Duchovny

Duchovny naked poetry

Though both of us have been on the Duchovny train since about ’93, he was a last-minute addition to this list. Having met him at New York Comic Con, we can confirm that he just gets better looking with age and that his speaking voice will still curl your toes.Spooky MulderDuchovny Smile

Fox Mulder shirtless

David Duchovny black and white smile

Fox Mulder David Duchovny Emily

David and Gillian Golden Globes kiss

*fans self* Whew! There you have it, folks. If you’re still capable of rational thought, go and cast your vote on our Facebook page right now. And Like us while you’re there, why don’t you? Winners will be announced next week!

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