The Head Over Feels Sexiest Man Alive 2013 – Winners!

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Posted by Kim and Sage

The readership of Head Over Feels has spoken and we have a new Sexiest Man Alive.

And no, People Magazine, it’s not Adam Levine.


Your Sexiest Man Alive of 2013 is….Sleepy Hollow‘s Tom Mison!!  Let’s cue up some T-Swift and party on, Team Mison!

It’s no secret that here at Head Over Feels we have an affinity for Sexy Brits and 31-year-old Mison exploded onto the sexy Brit scene this fall and stole our hearts within minutes of the Sleepy Hollow premiere.  I think my very first tweet about the show was even “Oh my…Ichabod is PRETTY.”  And it’s only gotten worse as the show has progressed.   Tom is the total package: tall and dark with piercing blue eyes and expressive eyebrows that just won’t quit.  Add the oh so self deprecating Britishness to the mix and well…you have a new addition to my top 5.  Sorry, Ryan Gosling.  What have you done for me lately?

One of the sexiest things about Tom is his utter commitment to the character of Ichabod.  Our favorite new show is absolutely insane, and it wouldn’t work without his performance (as well as Nicole Beharie’s) to ground it.  He brings so much SASS and so much humor and so much gravitas to what could very easily be a silly role and show.  Like I have said in our Sleepy recaps, I would be completely willing to watch an entire episode of Abbie explaining the modern world to Ichabod as he looks on, entirely perplexed by modern culture.  And let’s not even TALK about how Ichabod gives all ALL SORTS of feels.  I was SO GLAD that I lived alone the first time I watched “The Sin Eater” because I almost flailed off the couch during the final scene.

And let’s be honest.  He really works the hair and Ichabeard.  NEVER CHANGE HIS HAIR ALEX KURTZMAN.

What really sealed the deal with me being firmly on #TeamMison was New York Comic Con, where Tom proved to be just as delightful in person as he is on the show.  He IS that tall.  He IS that Handsome.  He IS that British.  His eyes are THAT blue.  He is, in a word, otherworldy…yet his wit and personality makes him accessible, which just makes him the perfect human specimen.  I think it is a testament to me and Sage’s professionalism that we did not SWOON when he walked into the press session…because I damn near did.


Like many of our loves, Tom has a big theatre background and is only now breaking into the mainstream (aka viewable for the masses whenever they need a fix) world of entertainment.  For those of you (including me) who want to expand their Mison knowledge, he appeared in 2011’s Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which co-stars HOF Favorite, Ewan McGregor (well THAT just went up to the top of my Netflix Queue) and (in perfect casting) played Mr. Bingley in the mini-series Lost in Austen.  He even appeared in Secret Diary of a Call Girl…TOM AND HOF WIFE BILLIE PIPER, Y’ALL.


So Tom’s career is only beginning.  And when he is named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2020, let it be known that the readership of Head Over Feels recognized his sexiness first.  WELL DONE GUYS.

Now. Should Tom find himself unable to perform duties of the Head Over Feels Sexiest Man Alive (It’s in the fine print, Tom. Very standard stuff. Don’t bother reading it, just sign right there…), our runner-up will step in. And we don’t think anyone will be complaining.

Chris Messina Smile

Our Facebook fans voted none other than The Mindy Project dreamboat Chris Messina as Mison’s sexy second. Though he’s been around for years (remember Claire Fisher’s sweet Republican boyfriend in the last season of Six Feet Under?), it’s the 38-year-old’s turn as sweet, grumpy Danny Castellano that has permanently embedded Messina into our hearts.

Messina Realization Hug

It took us a while to get on board with our beloved Mindy’s new series, but it has finally hit its stride, largely thanks to the intensifying Dandy ship. Recent episode “You’ve Got Sext” lit the fandom basically ablaze, and there was much rewinding of what we here at HOF like to call, “The Realization Hug.” Look at that face. Those protective arms. The way he looks at her. God, he’s awful.

Messina Puppy

There are certain characters across Kaling’s writing career whose voices she just GETS so completely. Michael Scott was one, and Danny is another. He wants to read his Ludlum in peace. He gets all riled up when someone calls it “the city of New York” or doesn’t have a clue who Derek Jeter is. He can’t tell if a guy is hot, okay? Just masculine. And he’s still confused about Stephen Colbert. But he also tells Mindy that she looks great in her scrubs and makes her pancakes and pretends to accept Morgan’s marriage proposal so he won’t be embarrassed in front of the National. And can I get an “amen” for the entirety of “Wiener Night?”

Messina Smile 2

Now that you’ve fallen in love Danny and his red reading glasses, it’s time to check out the rest of Chris’s filmography. How about Rashida Jones’s charming rebound in Celeste and Jesse Forever? Or a misunderstood living statue in The Giant Mechanical Man? He’s the only reason to watch Shyamalan travesty Devil on Netflix and a bright spot in the otherwise sexist and dismal Made of Honor. Basically, that boyish, crooked smile makes everything better. Even Patrick Dempsey vehicles.

Messina Shirtless Mindy Project

So, here’s to you, Chris Messina. For making our Top 5s sweat a little bit. For being a hot grown-up in a world of Harrys, Liams, and Austins. And for diligently posing for so many of Mindy’s Instagrams, which give us life between episodes. You are a worthy #2.

Messina Banana Republic Ad

May Tom and Chris’ reign as our Sexiest Men Alive be ever life ruining.  I THINK they are up to the task.  Coming in Decemeber…as let it never be said that we aren’t equal opportunity objectifiers, we’ll have our Sexiest Woman Alive contest!  Stay tuned and in the meantime let us know your feels about our winners!

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    Tom Mison is drop dead sexy, a great actor and very charismatic so I approve of the choice whole heartedly.

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