“Faster Than A Shark Attack” – Our Favorite Backstreet Boys Deep Cuts

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I’ve always made my Boy Band Allegiance known.  I’m a Backstreet girl through and through, and I will NEVER be ashamed of that fact.  When Sage suggested that I should do a “Deep Cuts” post for BSB, it was a no brainer.  It’s also a perfect time to do so, as we’re seeing them play at Jones Beach this Sunday (Sage: Do I HAVE to sit thru Avril Lavigne? Kim: Why do you have to make it so complicated?).  I have not seen the Boys live since the Never Gone tour in 2005, so needless to say I am a little more than excited.  Do not fear…I will have a full recap of the concert next week!

The Backstreet Boys have been together for TWENTY ONE years now.  They have eight studio albums, so there is a wealth of material that was never released as a single to choose from.  There are obvious choices (if you don’t IMMEDIATELY say “Don’t Want You Back”, you may want to check your fan card at the door) for this list and there are some not so obvious choices (I would have just submitted the ENTIRE Never Gone album if the parameters allowed).  But one thing is certain: these are ALL great songs and I will scream my lungs out on Sunday if they sing any of them.

1) “Heaven In Your Eyes” (aka “I Need You Tonight”) – A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys

“Heaven In Your Eyes” was Nick’s solo for the concert special “A Night Out With The Backstreet Boys” (back when they didn’t have enough group music and each boy was given a full solo song) and was later repackaged as “I Need You Tonight” for Millennium, where they slapped on some backing vocals from the rest of the Boys for the final chorus.  Presumably they did this because Nick was being marketed as “the heart-throb” of the group, though I don’t know WHY they allowed him to have that haircut.  I mean…it was a long blond butt cut, you guys.  Do you think Nick and Justin Timberlake had each other on speed dial regarding their unfortunate hair styles?  I like to think they did.

Nevertheless, Nick’s vocals here are STELLAR and quite impressive considering he is a wee eighteen year old bb.  I never GOT Nick’s appeal until Black and Blue (precisely…the moment he threw the papers in the video for “Shape of My Heart”) but I can certainly see why the tweens liked him.

Favorite Lyric: I know that we have been through so much pain but I still need you in my life this time.  

2) “Don’t Want You Back” – Millennium

“Don’t Want You Back” was very nearly the fourth single off Millennium.  The Boys were running a “Choose Our Next Single” contest on Total Request Live (how much do I miss the heydays of TRL you guys?) and it was between “Don’t Want You Back” and “The One” .  “DWYB” was WINNING until Nick Carter had to go on the show and open his big mouth and say that HE preferred “The One”.  And thus, the Nick fangirls mobilized and “The One” was named the fourth single.  (I’m sure the label preferred that too as “The One” showcased the shiny happy Backstreet Boys, whilst “DWYB” was ANGRY Backstreet Boys…who I sometimes prefer.)

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE “The One” and I love the music video which shows highlights from the Into the Millennium tour.  But a VIDEO for “Don’t Want You Back” would have been AMAZING, no?  Another MASSIVE tragedy about “DWYB” never being released as a single is that we never got a mash-up with *NSYNC’s “I Want You Back”.  Get on that, internet.  I searched YouTube for one and it doesn’t exist.

Favorite Lyric:
You hit me faster than a shark attack
You saw my picture on the Backstreet’s Back, alright
And you were more than just a pretty face
But how you fooled me, I’m still amazed babe.

3) “Back To Your Heart” – Millennium

Obviously I am going to be partial to any song that is not only co-written by my Boo Kevin Richardson but also features him on the piano.  You all know how I feel about boys playing the piano.  I always imagined Kevin to be the angsty type so of course he would write this deliciously plaintive ballad…and if *I* was the girl he wrote this song for?  He would be back in my heart in a nano second.  I also think “Back to Your Heart” is a perfect showcase for A.J.’s soulful rasp (his remains my favorite VOICE of the group) and his wailed “Oh”s over the final chorus get me every time.

Also, can we discuss Kevin’s eyebrow game?  FIERCE.

Favorite Lyric: It’s not that I can’t live without you.
It’s just that I don’t even want to try.
Every night I dream about you
Ever since the day we said goodbye

4) “Get Another Boyfriend” – Black and Blue

I will NEVER understand why they only released three singles off of Black and Blue (it must have been because the label rushed the Greatest Hits album, yes?).  There were several other tracks that could have EASILY been a fourth single and “Get Another Boyfriend” is at the top of that list.  It’s danceable, has a soaring hook, and it would have been a KICK ASS video.  I saw the Black and Blue tour three times, and this one was always a favorite live, mainly for how A.J would always scream “GOOD GOD” right before the chorus kicked in.

Favorite Lyric: Let’s talk about what
He’s done to become your number one.
Or was it all the promises of diamonds,
pearls and party dresses that turned you on?

5) “Not For Me” – Black and Blue

“Not For Me” was another SUPER fun number done on the Black and Blue tour as evidenced by this video from the Yahoo! Livecast of the show (which a friend and I stayed in on a Friday night and watched even though we had literally seen the show on the fourth row two weeks before.  #sorrynotsorry).  WIND MACHINES!  RIPPING OFF SLEEVES (hai Kevin’s muscles)!  RAGEY BOYS!  (I told you I was a sucker for their angry songs).  The “No No Uh Uh” chorus that gets stuck in your head for hours on end.  It’s classic BSB.

Favorite Lyric: I don’t want to be part of your screenplay
Just tell me…did you rehearse on me?

6) “Poster Girl” – Never Gone

I will forever assert that, despite the critical response, that Never Gone is the best overall Backstreet Boys album.  In my mind, there’s only one clunker of a song (“Weird World”) and even that one’s not BAD, I just don’t care for it.  It tends to be the album I return to the most and it’s HEAVILY featured on the Rose and The Doctor playlist (FIVE out of the 12 songs are on there).

BSB lore is that “Poster Girl” is inspired by Nick’s relationship with Paris Hilton (REMEMBER THAT??) but the song is so damn catchy, we’ll forgive it for that.

Favorite Lyric: Jodie was a long way from home
She could make alone look pretty.
Her attitude made her part of the landscape
Riding her bike through Alphabet City

And for a bonus, enjoy this video of the boys at a sound check and AJ and Nick have to read the lyrics off an iPad…

7) “Climbing the Walls” – Never Gone

“Climbing the Walls” proudly holds the distinction of being the most played song on my iPod.  I just love it.  Everything ABOUT it.  The lyrics, the vocals, the driving beat of the drums and guitar…it’s a perfect soaring mid-tempo Backstreet Boys song.

Also it’s a massive failure that there is no Doctor and Rose fan video to this song. CLIMBING THE WALLS.  Come on.

Favorite Lyric: Close your eyes, make a wish
That this could last forever
If only you could stay with me now.

8) “Siberia” – Never Gone

As I said in the intro, the “Never Gone” tour was the last time I saw the Boys live.  They played Radio City and my friend Tevy and I had fantastic seats in the Mezzanine. I had always enjoyed “Siberia” but seeing it live in concert is what sealed the deal for me…cause it freaking snowed on stage.  A little on the nose?  Sure.  BUT WHO CARES.  The song is a great showcase for Brian and A.J.’s vocals.  I love the mix of Brian’s gentle and pure vocals (it’s almost like he’s resigned to his fate) and A.J.’s soulful and mournful wail (he has NOT accepted it).  Nick does a fantastic job with all of his wailed ad-libs as well.  It’s definitely one of the most depressing Backstreet Boys songs in existence and I LOVE IT.

I’ve also been known to play this song on repeat when I get in a rather angsty mood and sing it at the top of my lungs.  It’s rather cathartic and I highly recommend it.

Also who IS this bitch…”If you want to talk, you can call…you know it’s not your fault.”  #RUDE

Favorite Lyric: Then my heart did time in Siberia
Was waiting for the lie to come true
‘Cause it’s all so dark and mysterious
When the one you want doesn’t want you too

And here’s an acoustic version they have been doing at their shows lately and if they do it Sunday, I will EFFING DIE.

9) “Something That I Already Know” – Unbreakable

I will fully admit to being less knowledgeable of both Unbreakable and This Is Us, mainly because I was THAT sad that Kevin had left the group, and it just didn’t feel the same without my favorite Boy.  I am in the process of remedying that as I prepare for the concert “Something That I Already” know always had the classic Backstreet Sound along the lines of “Incomplete” to me.  It has a radio-ready sound to it…it really would have made a great single.

Favorite Lyric: No you wouldn’t have to lie to me
If you would only let me go
And I don’t wanna wait another minute to hear
Something that I already know 

10) “Trust Me” – In A World Like This

“Trust Me” just SOUNDS like a summer jam, does it not?  It makes me want to be sitting outside in the sun with a cold adult beverage in my hand.  I love how the song, like many on this album, showcases all five Boys.  Those songs are my favorites.  In A World Like This is still a relatively new album, so there is still TIME to release this as a single this summer, Boys.  Just do it.

Also Howie D?  Congratulations on aging spectacularly.  He looks GOOD, y’all.

Favorite Lyric: The grass is greener on the other side
There’s no other side when it’s you and I

So what are YOUR favorite unsung Backstreet Boys songs, dear readers.  Let us know in the comments and until then…#KTBSPA

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7 thoughts on ““Faster Than A Shark Attack” – Our Favorite Backstreet Boys Deep Cuts

  1. Jessica Miller says:

    Okay well since you did 10, I’ll list my top 10.

    1. As Long As You Love Me

    It’s just a song I’ve always loved ever since I was little. It’s fun, it has a great beat and instrumental, and I love the words <3

    Fav lyrics: Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
    I'm leavin' my life in your hands
    People say I'm crazy and that I am blind
    Risking it all in a glance

    2. Show Em What You're Made Of

    It may be a song they wrote for their kids, but aside from the "I see myself in you", it can be soooo taken as an inspirational song. Anytime life drives me nuts, especially work, I listen to the song and it kind of pumps me up to, you know, show em what I'm made of

    Fav lyrics: You gotta stand for something
    Even if you stand alone, don’t be afraid
    It’s gonna be alright

    3. In A World Like This

    This is really close to SEWYMO. This song, just….it feels like an anthem of my life at the moment. I've had a rough relationship past and almost gave up on the world but then I found my boyfriend (ironically through an ex) and he's just too perfect. We have been together for 8 months and havent fought once, just love. So I think of him everytime I hear this song.

    Fav lyrics: In a world like this where some back down
    I, I, know we're gonna make it
    In a time like this where love comes 'round
    I, I, know we're gonna take it
    In a world like this where people fall apart
    In a time like this where nothing comes from the heart
    In a world like this,
    I've got you

    4. I Still…

    This also kind of reminds me of someone, someone I messed up real bad with. They were in my life for so long, then gone like they never existed. I love the overall feel of it, the music video kicks ass, the feels are just hardcore. I've felt this way before, it's a rotten feeling. I guess the songs just relatable.

    5. Everybody (Bakcstreet's Back)

    It'slike their ANTHEM if they were to pick one. I love how true the one part of the lyrics are. How they're still here and here they'll probably stay. In fact I have a thermos with their picture and these words on it xD The music video was a tad goofy, but the dance moves rock!!

    Fav lyrics: So everybody, everywhere
    Don't be afraid, don't have no fear
    I'm gonna tell the world, make you understand
    As long as there'll be music, we'll be comin' back again

    6. It's Gotta Be You

    Honestly, I feel like this could have been a single. It played after the concert I just saw saturday and so many people were singing along. I just wanted to keep partying with it! It just sounds like a backstreet boy-esque song. Maybe it's the beat, but whatever it is, I always want more of it.

    Fav lyrics: Mmm, you really make me lose my head
    My hungry heart must be fed

    7. I Wanna Be With You

    It's a rather early song, only released on the "red album", but OMG that beat. THIS is what I think of when I think of backstreet boys, heavily (….cant think of the word, but the musical part). It doesn't say a whole lot throughout, but the song is just so catchy and amazing, to me anyway.

    Fav lyric: I'd like to know your policy
    When it comes to me
    Like to know what's in your mind
    It's not easy to see

    8. Satellite

    It may be only a bonus track, but I feel this is one song that needs accounted for. It's instrumental alone makes me want to love it, but then they were referencing space and I was hooked. It's fun without being all dance-pop-y.

    Fav lyrics: We walked on Jupiter
    Flew around the moon a time or two
    Left a mark on every star we could find
    But now I’m burning like a meteor
    That never hits the ground
    Wish that I could fly away from you

    9. Hey Mr. DJ

    So when I was little, I hated song like this. It was scary to me a bit (long story), but now that Im older, understanding the meaning of it, and realizing how awesome this song is, I LOVE IT. Also, I dont know if you've seen the performance in Live In Orlando or not, but omggggg AJ goes freakin crazy! I love it! Total AJ fan here xD

    Fav lyrics: As we keep on dancing
    I am hypnotized
    By the rythum of your body
    And the music in you eyes
    And I was lost inside your world with you

    10. You Can Let Go

    Although this list doesnt have much from Unbreakable, it's one of my personal favorites. I could listen to it for days and not get tired of it. ANYWAY this song just feels good to me. It's like another Show Em What You're Made Of but of course not about children. I just wanna clap along. It completely could have been a single.

    Fav lyrics: I can see in your eyes
    Broken windows, fallen skies
    Baby, baby what you hidin' from
    The light that followed you around
    Lately nowhere to be found
    Don't you know that I'm your place to run

    sorry for the rant xD

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      LOVE this! I don’t know Satellite, so clearly I’m a failure.

      If I were to make a list of their released singles, “I Still” would DEF be on there. Like I said, the Never Gone album is flawless.

      Love and encourage long comments so I LOVE your list 🙂 stay tuned for our recap of the concert next week! -K

  2. Lina says:

    Difficult task, but I totally agree with your list. However I made a list of other great songs. I’m impressed you can say which one is your favorite because for me it’s impossible to pick one. I just can’t. Anyway, here it is:
    – Like a Child. Love the last part when they sing different lyrics simultaneously.
    “Coz I can’t face another day without your smile”
    – That’s what she said. Love the melody and Brian’s voice
    “There are people who say what you wanna hear”
    – Everyone. Love the circus sound haha
    “We know who you are and this one goes out to…”
    – Permanent stain. Sticky and love Howie’s and Kevin’s parts.
    “No one else can teach me how to love again
    – Spanish eyes. Love Howie’s voice and melody
    “Knowing that hate is wrong and love is right”
    – Safest place to hide. Harmonies are impressive
    “When the storm is raging outside you’re my safest place to hide
    – Helpless. Great dance song
    “I can’t live without you, don’t wanna figure out how to”
    – Treat me right. Sticky rhythm.
    “How would you feel if you were on my shoes?”
    – Downpour. When I listen to it I want to go outside and wait for the rain 🙂
    “Let it all just wash away in the downpour”
    – Breathe. Another master piece. Love the violin sound.
    “And I never knew alone wherever you are is home”

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      Everyone will FOREVER make me think of the opening of The Black and Blue tour. 🙂 -K

  3. Kayleigh Butler says:

    My top 3 you already mentioned here. I always thought Back To Your Heart should’ve been a single of Millennium and the same with Get Another Boyfriend. My friend and I still shout GOOD GOD before the chorus when it comes up on shuffle!
    3. Don’t Want You Back is such a fan favorite I’m surprised it took them so long to incorporate it onto the set list but I’m so glad they have!
    4. Last Night You Saved My Life
    it’s an unreleased track from Never Gone but it’s one of my favorites. It’s so damn catchy and I think Nick’s voice really shines here.
    5. It’s Gotta Be You
    Baby its the way you make me kinda get me go crazy never wanna STOP
    It was never my favorite off Millennium but it was never one I skipped over either lol
    6. What Makes You Different
    I LOVE this song. First, it makes me think of Princess Diaries and second, I love the message and Brian’s voice just sounds so heavenly on this track.
    When One Direction’s debut song came out I ALWAYS called it what makes you different on accident haha!
    7. I Still
    For me, this song on Never Gone really felt like old school bsb and it’s probably one of the reasons I love the album so much. IAWLT and Never Gone aren’t really that difference sound wise to me. They’re both in that pop range but some songs are more acoustic or have a rock feel and it’s a nice blend.
    8. Anywhere For You
    I’m just a sucker for old school BSB and any song where Brian is heavily showcased is OK with me 😉
    9. Soldier
    I instantly liked it when I heard it for the first time.
    10. Yes I Willl
    What girl didn’t fantasize about their favorite boy singing this to them? I also loved the all white suits they performed this in. The Black and Blue tour was my first ever BSB show and even though I don’t remember a whole lot from it I loved seeing them when they were at the prime of their popularity.

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