Top 10 Reasons Supernatural Should Help You Move

Supernatural Driving

Posted by Dawn

Hello Hunters, Angels, and Demons! It’s been a while since our last SPN recap, and we swear on Castiel’s wings that we will get back on the creepyfunball this week. Life has a way of getting in the way of our viewing pleasure, especially when dealing with two dogs on an interstate move. In fact, that delightful little trip was fraught with so many frustrations and foibles that it had this recapper longing for a life of shotguns, demon knives, monsters, and (especially) two handsome brothers to make it all a little better. So have this giftastic list by way of apology, and tune in later this week as we rejoin the family Winchesters and whatever is trying to kill them this time.

Supernatural Bring It On

1. First and most importantly, if Supernatural was in charge of moving, the movers would look like this:

Supernatural Sam Shirtless

Supernatural Dean Shirtless

Supernatural Misha Shirtless

2. They would be experts at properly packing your trunk:

Supernatural Junk in the Trunk

What, you never had to make an interstate move with the King of the Crossroads in your trunk? WHATEVER, DON’T JUDGE ME.

3. Car broke down? No problem.

Supernatural Butt Wag

4. You’ve been so busy that you forgot to eat? Dean is on it.

Supernatural Dean Eating

Supernatural Pie

5. MOVING IS FRUSTRATING, RIGHT? Don’t worry. Sam’s got you.

Supernatural Too Precious

Supernatural Keep Going

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11 Ways San Diego Comic Con 2014 Ruined Our Lives

Michael Scott The Office Hurt Like a Motherfucker

Posted by Kim and Sage

Another San Diego Comic Con, another four days that most of us spend in abject agony, knowing that we’re (yet again) missing the fandom event of the year.

We know, we know. The Hall H lines are misery. But frankly, a 4am wake-up call doesn’t sound so bad to those of us watching it all go down through the lens of Tumblr and Twitter. (Especially when one of the Supernatural men brings you your caffeine fix.) Anyway, Kim and I are New Yorkers. We majored in line waiting.

Until we can finally make it there for Sesame Street panels and running into DanRad on the floor in full Spidey garb, we’ll have to settle for live tweets and dispatches from the TV Guide yacht and hope that a little bit of stardust from the lucky bastards who were there can rub off on us. For now, here are the eleven ways that SDCC completely ruined us.

1) The Avengers assemble for a massive lovefest.

Avengers Group Photo

Not since The Lord of the Rings have I been so obsessed with a group of men (and bonus ladies) so genuinely in love with each other.  Every member of Team Marvel is a delight on their own (don’t even get me started on my feelings for Mark Ruffalo right now) but something magical happens when the Avengers assemble.  Lots of hugging and kissing.  Lots of rough housing and shenanigans. Lots and lots of fangirl hearts exploding. It’s all just too much.  It’s going to be a sad sad sad sad when this group no longer has legitimate reasons to all gather with cameras everywhere to document their love.  I think Comic Con should just have a panel with them every year from here on out…even after the movies are done, because we should never live in a world without them together.  –Kim

Evans RDJ Hug

You probably heard that RDJ took the Hall H stage to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and thew roses into the audience (“Playing” Tony Stark? Who’s playing?), but you may have missed it when he told a reporter the real deal about his castmates: “We don’t just hang out on press lines, you know. They’re like family to me.”

Evans Ruffalo Boob Grab

Of course the unapologetically bright Marvel-verse would cultivate this type of cast camaraderie. And maybe it’s not totally necessary for the protectors of our planet to be so damn lovable, but it certainly helps. I’ve got little use for dour superheroes. Dour superheroes aren’t gonna dub Chris Evans “Dorito” for no apparent reason or launch a full-scale assault on their fellow male friends’ pecs or publicly shame Mark Ruffalo (who we like, very much, just as he is) with their inhumanly large biceps.

In addition to flaunting their enviable friendships in our faces, the Avengers were in San Diego to drop an Age of Ultron teaser. Which certainly didn’t leak and which we certainly didn’t watch. Contraband trailer or no, we anxiously await that movie…and the kindergarten press tour that’ll come with it. –Sage

2) Community celebrates a new life at Yahoo Screen

Community Gillian Floor Bitch

There wasn’t much information at this panel regarding the miraculous sixth season of Community that will be airing on the internets (where most Community fans watched the show in the first place…hey-o!) mainly because I think contractual details are still being hammered out and writers are being hired, as much of the current staff has already moved on to new projects.  We DO know that Yahoo Screen is raging against the Netflix model by planning to release episodes weekly (THANK YOU JESUS cause you KNOW that it would all get binged and therefore spoiled for the people like me who can only binge on weekends) and that the show will probably be returning in early 2015.  As for how it will be received?  I think it was summed up perfectly when the panel said “Ratings?  Where we’re going, we don’t NEED ratings.”  It seems like Community was always destined for this and I think it will feel right at home in its corner of the internet.

It was a little sad only seeing 3 of our principal cast on the stage, as previous Comic Cons have featured almost the entire cast.  But Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, and Jim Rash were delightful as always and clearly still in awe that they were even THERE celebrating a sixth season.  A SIXTH SEASON you guys!  We did it!!! The most overwhelming thing to me about Community at this year’s SDCC was the sheer amount of promotion that Yahoo gave it.  All the bathroom signs were the Greendale Human Being.  There were banners everywhere.  The local Subway turned into Shirley’s Sandwiches for the day on Thursday.  It was more promotion in a weekend than 5 seasons on NBC combined.  My heart swells with gratitude.  Thank you, Yahoo.

Also, Joel McHale?  I CANNOT WITH YOUR FACE.  How DARE you, sir.  –Kim

What she said. — Sage

3) Benedict Cumberbatch attends. Against all odds, not ripped to shreds.

sdcc benedict armSDCC Benedict Shoe Size 2
What’s miraculous is not that Benedict escaped Comic-Con in one piece but that he seemed truly delighted to be there.  It’s always the fear when a megastar comes to their first mega-con…that they will have no idea what to do when surrounded by that much love and adoration (we had that fear when Billie Piper went to Gally) and that they will freak out and never want to come again.  It was wonderful to see Benedict just drink it in.  He was delightfully cheeky in all of his Q&A’s and gleefully selfied with his Hobbit castmates (we’ll get to that later).  It was a joy.  Come back again, Benedict.  And next time…bring Sherlock with you.  –Kim

SDCC Benedict Gentleman

While he did sit on The Hobbit panel too, Benedict was actually at SDCC to promote The Penguins of Madagascar, of all things. Attendees were strictly forbidden from asking any Sherlock-related questions, so it was up to Ben to entertain a gathering of adoring Cumberbitches, none of whom had any idea Dreamworks was still making Madagascar movies. How’d he do it? Dick jokes, obviously.

Meanwhile, half of me is convinced that Benedict braved the San Diego beast just to have more things and people to point at in pictures. –Sage

SDCC Benedict Penguin

4) Stephen Amell’s got abs and he knows how to use them.

Stephen Amell SDCC No Regrets

We’ve seen our friends live-tweeting and screaming about Arrow for two seasons now.  Sage and I both held out on watching though…for reasons neither one of us can remember now.  What we DO know is that we’ve both watched half of season one since Comic-Con ended.  And that Stephen Amell wearing a shirt is a crime against humanity.  –Kim

SDCC Stephen Amell Abs Close-Up

Part of the reason I embarked on the Arrow marathon is that Stephen Amell is already a confirmed guest for New York Comic Con in October. And now I know what I’m asking him to do in our photo op. –Sage

SDCC Arrow Cast Clapping

5) No one is safe from the charm of the Sleepy Hollow cast.

SDCC Sleepy Hollow Marry Fuck Kill

I spent most of the weekend in the Tom Mison tumblr tag yelling “OH MY GOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH” at my computer screen.  Our reigning Sexiest Man Alive and Best Actor in a Drama was in rare form all weekend from playing MFK with historical figures to constantly expressing his love for John Noble to having the world’s SASSIEST eyebrow (how does it NOT have its own Twitter handle?).  The Sleepy Hollow delight didn’t stop with Tom though.  Nicole Beharie continued to prove that she has the world’s best facial expressions, Orlando Jones expressed his desire to be a unicorn (don’t we all want that?), and the rest of the cast gushed with love for their show and for each other.  I need this show back on my eyeballs post-haste.  Is it September 22nd yet? –Kim

SDCC Sleepy Hollow Orlando Jones

Sleepy Hollow is a show that was surely conceived with the Comic Con audience in mind. And if the concept wasn’t enough to hook the fandom, Fox went ahead and cast it with actors who seem born to sit on an SDCC dais. (“Hashtag Ichabbie!” – Tom Mison) I don’t anticipate a second season slump, but it’ll still be interesting to see where Sleepy takes its season one momentum. SDCC brought us new artwork, which seems to indicate that this new crop of episodes will be heavy on both the mythology and the scares, and a new clip of Crane in a bank, which seems to indicate that Ichabod has made little progress in conforming to the little inconveniences of the modern world. We wouldn’t want it any other way. –Sage

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“If we don’t win a bloody Emmy…” – SYTYCD Recap

Ricky Valerie SYTYCD Backbend

Posted by Sage

Am I crazy or have we usually heard the panel congratulating themselves on selecting the best crop of dancers in So You Think You Can Dance history several times by this point in the season? It’s not the party line this year. And frankly, the judges can only blame themselves. They played it too safe putting together season 11’s Top 20 and here we are. I’m missing the drive, the energy, and the way the show fulfills its purpose when someone truly shocks us with what he’s capable of doing. Maybe I’m feeling the lack of the Dance For Your Life solo here. Either way, something is missing.

That’s not to say that this performance episode was a complete bust. There were triumphs. There were bold recoveries. Ricky wore guyliner. And it was good.

Bottom 6

Bridget, Marquet, Brooklyn, Serge, Tanisha, Zack

Bridget and Emilio’s “Happy” jive was in our Top 5 performances last week, but one half of that partnership still made it into the bottom. Fans are connecting with Emilio, possibly in part due to the injury that prevented him from competing last year. (That’s the injury that brought us hunky tapper Aaron though, so I remain fine with it.) Kim predicted that Brooklyn and Zack would be here, and that Jacque would benefit from the audience’s investment in her showmance with Rudy. The judges have practically been instructing everyone at home to not vote for Marquet. There’s clearly something about him that sticks in their craw, though I just don’t see the flaws they do. Serge has been a fixture in the Bottom 6, though plenty of dancers in the annuls of SYTYCD have hung tight there week after week and ended up still in the game at the bitter end. There’s no excuse for Tanisha to be anywhere near the bottom of the ladder. WAKE UP, AMERICA.

Cat Deeley Scale of Awesomeness

Cat Deeley SYTYCD Laughing

We’ll start – as Cat does – with her wardrobe. This week, she sported a long-sleeved sparkly mini-dress with soft waves, matching dove gray eyeshadow, a gigundo cocktail ring, and sick-nasty shoes. How can one person look so bangin’ and so approachable at the same time?

I have decided that Cat, who I once thought of as a den mother, is actually like the cool camp counselor for this ragtag group of dancers. At Camp SYTYCD, Cat would be curled up on your cot doling out advice about boys and french-kissing during bedcheck. Therefore, Rudy is going to be answering giggly questions about his progress with Jacque every Wednesday for the forseeable future.

This Week’s “Jidges” Score of Awesome: 9/10. 8 for all of the above, plus an extra point for the way she says “Shazaaayyym!

Performances of the Night

Tanisha and Rudy, Hip Hop

I’m sure I’ll get comments asking why I rank this number over Bridget and Emilio’s contemporary, but I stand by my order. Prior to this routine, Hip-Hop hadn’t had its Season 11 day in the sun. Our Top 20 was light in that department, and no dancer from another style had truly broken through to Alex Wong or Chelsie Hightower levels of adopted (Appropriated? I don’t have the strength.) swag. So it was a hallelujah moment to see Rudy and Tanisha successfully attack this piece.

We all agree that NappyTabs are brilliant, but the show has benefited from branching out with other Hip-Hop choreographers. This has been Dave Scott’s stand-out piece so far in the competition, from the sexy comic-book concept to the slinky moves to the perfect song choice. With those ingredients, Rudy and Tanisha cooked up the hottest number in a season generally lacking in sex appeal. They acted the crap out of it too. Rudy continues to succeed at charming America with his grin and then wiping it off when he needs to get down to business. And Tanisha. Tanisha was that backless catsuit. She and the catsuit were one. On the whole, I lost interest in guest judge Misty Copeland during her second consecutive appearance on the panel, but I couldn’t help agreeing with her response to Tanisha’s “look at me” attitude: “Where do we start?”

Bridget and Emilio, Contemporary

That said, Bridget and Emilio’s contemporary piece was stunning. Travis Wall’s choreography was relentless and unsettling. There was not one movement that didn’t communicate the story he wanted to tell – that of a person trying to escape the negative, oppressive elements of his life. I don’t understand the significance of the bedframe, thought it did provide a structure for Emilio to be escaping from. He and Bridget are connecting really nicely; I think that’s more difficult for most couples in the angsty, un-romantic routines. Speaking of Miss Bridget, she snaps a neck quite gracefully. And Emilio looked for all the world – at least the world of laypeople -like a contemporary dancer. Nigel’s pandering compliment won’t be repeated here. He is the worst.

Valerie and Ricky, Bollywood

Resident cutie-pie Valerie was previewing her routine with Ricky when she struck her intro pose in a Bollywood-inspired outfit. It felt good to see them outside of their comfort zones, though they seemed mighty sure that their smiley good looks would translate. And they did. The judges were pretty crazy about their take on Nakul Dev Mahajan’s bright and joyful choreography and their performance was energetic and frankly, exhausting to even watch. Still, not a one of them even mentioned the few awkward lifts I’m sure I spotted in there. But Ricky and Valerie are clearly the prom king and queen of this season’s crop and will have to fuck up pretty decidedly to fall off their pedestal.

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Fan Vid Friday – “Not A Bad Thing”

Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake and Amy

Posted by Sage

Fan Vid Friday returns from a Feelies-related hiatus! We’re back with some visual goodies to guide you through those few excruciating hours that stand between you and two days of freedom. Well, relative freedom. Do your laundry. Wash a dish.

This week’s selection is Justin Timberlake’s “Not A Bad Thing,” the second single off the second volume of The 20/20 Experience. It’s a departure from the style we’ve come to expect from JT’s solo career – a mid-tempo, guitar-driven love song. The Timbaland beat is still there (yes, still in our lives), but I’m partial to the song because I can almost close my eyes and pretend I’m listening to a long lost *N Sync track. It’s rare for J. Timb. to break out of his falsetto, but I think he can wring more emotion out of his voice when he stays in his lower register.

Seeing as it’s a love letter to just being there for someone, “Not A Bad Thing” is a fan video artist’s go-to choice for “just friends” types, particularly of the sitcom-y persuasion. (I have no greater fan vid pet peeve than when someone assigns a comedy couple a way-too-schmaltzy ballad.) Maybe someone in our ship needs a little convincing. Maybe she’s looking everywhere else but where she should be. But Justin (and our hero) could be “that guy”! He’s got a guitar and he’s telling you “you’re worth it”! See what’s right in front of you, you fool!

Even the official video to “Not A Bad Thing” is a fan vid of sorts. Justin and his team made it their business to track down a couple who got engaged on the LIRR thanks to the song and met a bunch of adorable couples on the way. We’re so close to mainstreaming this concept, you guys.


Okay, without further ado, here are our picks for the best in “Not A Bad Thing” fan videos!

Emma and Hook – Once Upon A Time

I confess that I don’t watch Once Upon A Time, but these people are really pretty and look like they like each other a whole lot. That’s really all I’m looking for in a fan vid.

Danny and Mindy – The Mindy Project

There’s no question that this is a Danny/Mindy song all the way, though I do wish this artist could have held out till the end of the season to set their budding ship to the sweet, sweet sounds of our reigning Prince of Pop. It starts off all hopeful with the “I kissed Danny” and the I’m-carrying-soccer-balls-and-looking-at-the-girl-I-love crooked grin and then ends with sadness and solitary cigarettes and “Why did you even start this?” Can we get a Version 2.0 over here?

Ross and Rachel – Friends

Kim sent this link over to me prefaced with “I KNOW you are anti-Ross/Rachel…” I mean, fair. But I wasn’t always! And I can admit that this song suits their ship better than it would have Joey/Rachel. Cause nobody pined like Ross Gellar pined. But I ask you, Friends video artists: where’s the Mondler version of this video? And if one of you decides to make it, can you please omit the weird, scroll-y watermarks we have here?

Oliver and Felicity – Arrow

Baahhh, I don’t watch Arrow either. But I do have a casual, from-afar crush on Amell and this cute girl with the thick-glasses and dark eyebrows. They have a pleasing height difference.

Emma and Knightley – Emma Approved

This vid on the much-awaited sequel to The Lizzie Bennet Diaries wins for best interpretation of the song’s very first line. (And what a first line – I always get the flutters.) It may also take the prize for style-envy – who does the wardrobe for Emma Approved and can he/she take me and every guy I have to look at shopping?

Rory and Amy – Doctor Who

It took Amy two and a half seasons to prove to Rory that being with him was in no way settling. They were each other’s hero; the Doctor was just a friend they loved very much. I’m making myself cry. Bye.

Jake and Amy – Brooklyn Nine Nine

The best of the bunch, in my opinion. I love what Brooklyn did with Jake and Amy in its first season. There was playground teasing, harmless flirtation, and some nicely sincere moments from Andy Samberg. I like that Amy is looking for professional respect, not for every boy to like her. And I like double-like that Jake doesn’t punish Amy for her obliviousness. Once he becomes aware of his motives for giving her a hard time, he changes course. This song fits their vibe perfectly; whenever I hear it from now on, I shall think of Detective Right All The Time and Detective Terrible Detective.

While we’ve got this playlist of “Not A Bad Thing” fan videos, I’ve also found some egregious oversights. How can there possibly not be odes to these couples set to this song? Get on these, respective fandoms:

Harry/Sally (“You say things like that and you make it impossible for me to hate you.”)

Chandler/Monica (“How about we move in together and you understand what I’m saying?”)

April/Andy (“That’s what makes the sauce so awesome.”)

Early Days Beslie (“Aw, Mean Ben has a soft spot.”)

Jim/Pam (“Um, I don’t know, Mom. He’s my best friend.”)

Bridget/Mark (“But the thing is, um, what I’m trying to say – very inarticulately – is that, um, in fact, perhaps despite appearances, I like you. Very much. Just as you are.”)

That’s all we’ve got for this week, readers. Take to the comments to tell us about your favorite or to suggest songs for coming weeks. Now go enjoy that weekend.

“You guys are DANCERS.” – SYTYCD Recap

Posted by Kim

I have no excuse for why this is so late.  So I will just say I am sorry, dear readers!  I had most of this recap written in my head, but I have yet to figure out how to plug my computer directly into my brain to get all my thoughts onto the screen.  Someone get on that PLEASE.  BUT last week’s recap IS up before tonight’s show, so that is something!

Last week the top 18 danced for our votes and a few favorites began to separate themselves from the pack, a romance bloomed, and Cat Deeley made us all want to wear jumpsuits so we could be as fabulous as she is.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The Bottom Six

Jourdan, Emily, Bridget, Stanley, Teddy, Emilio

Now we are starting to see couples being punished for bland or unmemorable routines.  I have to admit that I feel better when a complete couple is sent to the bottom in these early weeks.  Sage accurately predicted Bridget and Emilio for bottom six-dom in her recap and I can’t for the life of me remember what Emily and Teddy danced last week, so there you go.  Jourdan returns to the bottom six proving that America just doesn’t like her (will Nigel start pushing her through like he did with permanent bottom dweller Jenna last season?).  Stanley is paying the price for both the boring Telephone Cord number AND losing his partner, who America hated from the beginning.

The Cat Deeley Scale of Awesomeness

Queen Cat was in excellent form tonight both sartorially and personally.  Let’s talk about the outfit first: Cat looked RESPLENDENT in a black silk jumpsuit, sparkly green necklaces, perfect smoky eyes, and Veronica Lake waves.  Seriously this woman is a goddess.  It also made me ponder if *I* could ever pull off a jumpsuit (a thought that usually crosses my mind once a summer) and then I remembered I carry all my weight my middle, so no.  Jumpsuits are really made for one type of woman, and that woman is Cat Deeley.  And Mindy Kaling (who needs to teach me her ways).

Cat was also on fire as a host tonight from her bashful deflection of earning yet another Emmy nomination (CAN THIS BE HER YEAR PLEASE?) to her flailing over the fantastic group routine to her astute questions to the judges that forced them to clarify some of their critiques (specifically the Marquet critique about the balls of his feet).  We’ve said it before, but Cat’s emotional investment in the contestants is what makes her so wonderful.  Her teasing and delight over the Jacque and Rudy showmance was completely genuine.

This Week’s “Jidges” Score of Awesomeness: 10/10.  I know Sage said we were going to wait for a really wacky outfit or tears before we gave the next 10, but I think Cat’s flailing over all her little ducklings being in love = tears over a soul crushing Travis routine.

Performances of the Night

Tanisha and Rudy, Broadway

Tanisha and Rudy’s joyous Broadway routine, choreographed by 2014 Tony Winner Warren Carlyle was the highlight of the evening (note to Nigel…please bring on more LEGIT Broadway choreographers).  On a night where many of the dancers were accused of pulling faces, Tanisha and Rudy sold this dance with a pure ebullience that never crossed into cheesiness.  They looked amazing (she looked ready to walk in to the role of Roxie Hart) and they gave the show a much-needed jolt of energy in the pimp spot of the night.  Tanisha is clearly the more skilled of the two (THAT BACK BEND) but what Rudy lacks in technique, he makes up for it in spirit and personality.  I allow that in the first few weeks of competition, as long as he continues to grow dance wise.  Plus, his reactions are adorable.

Ricky and Valerie, Viennese Waltz

My second favorite routine of the night and not just because I am predisposed to like any routine that features a Jason Mraz song.  Lacey Schwimmer showed up her brother this week, choreography wise,  by creating a dance that played to the contestant strength but was still fully in the style of the Viennese Waltz.  Ricky and Valerie have a LOVELY chemistry together and this waltz was sweetly romantic and sweeping.  Like Tanisha and Rudy, one is clearly more trained than the other (that would be Ricky) but I have yet to feel like Valerie is holding him down.  If anything, it’s forcing her to rise to his level and she has met the challenge two weeks in a row.  She acted this routine PERFECTLY (she has an AMAZING face)…it’s always a good sign when I contentedly sigh after a routine like that.  And like the judges said, props to the costume department, because I had some serious envy over her sparkly dance shoes.

I AM ready to see Ricky to get DIRTY choreography wise cause he’s been lobbed softballs so far…never being pushed to NOT be graceful and show off those ridiculous lines.  It’s time for something along the lines of Alex Fucking Wong and Twitch’s hip-hop.

Bridget and Emilio, Jive

A) Of course there would be a jive to “Happy”.  Fitting song is fitting.

B) Hai Pasha and Anya!

C) I automatically liked this one because Polka Dots.

In all seriousness, this routine was super cute.  Was it the best jive in SYTYCD history? No.  But Bridget and Emilio sold it (and were challenged by it but not TOO MUCH, so well done Pasha and Anya) and it left a giant smile on my face.

Teddy and Emily, Contemporary

Teddy and Emily’s desperation at being in the bottom 6 combined with a rather restrained (for once) routine from Tyce Diorio equaled an outstanding performance that will surely keep them from the bottom 6 this week.   Teddy and Emily are both all arms and legs and their combined ganglyness was used to an incredible effect in this routine.  They are also have a strong chemistry and connection that is lacking in several of the other pairs so far.  Also I LOVED Misty’s comment about Emily’s body speaking French.  Dead on accurate.  These two could be dark horses, you guys.  I’m excited to see what they do on this week’s show.

Carly and Serge, Hip-Hop

When Nigel started his critique saying he didn’t like this dance, I yelled “What are you smoking?” at my television.  Thankfully Mary and most astute guest judge ever Misty Copeland agreed with me on this one.  I DO think Carly was the star of this one.  She completely nailed the skeleton conceit and truly danced like her head was removed from the rest of her body.  Girl is FIERCE.  It could also be that her skeleton costume FIT her better, with the bones lining up close to where they should be, as Serge’s pelvis design  seemed to rest around his stomach and therefore just looked weird.

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Announcing the Winners of The First Annual Feelies!

Ricky Gervais Better Award

Posted by Kim and Sage

This year, instead of uselessly railing against yet another set of disappointing Emmy prospects, we decided to take matters into our own hands. And thus, the Feelie was born.

After coming up with our own nominations for 10 major categories (see our nominee post here), we handed the power over to you. Since Monday, our polls have been open to anyone with an opinion, making this the real People’s Choice Awards. (Unlike that other one, which should actually be called Awards Conveniently Won By People Who Will Actually Deign To Show Up To This D-List Ceremony.) There were close calls and late surges and, at one point, a three-way tie. Some categories you probably guessed. Some may surprise you.

Without further ado, we give you your winners. May I have the envelope, please?

Best Comedy Series

The Nominees Were…

Parks and Recreation

The Mindy Project

Trophy Wife

Brooklyn Nine-Nine



Parks and Rec You Ready

And the Feelie goes to Parks and Recreation!

Despite a last minute surge (coming only 3 votes short of a total victory) by TV’s most improved comedy, The Mindy Project,  that comforting bacon topped macaroni and cheese of television Parks and Recreation reigned supreme.  While some of our favorites had uneven seasons (Community) or downright disappointing ones (I’m just going to say it…New Girl), Parks and Rec never failed to deliver in both laughs and overall heart and soul (I dare you to find a more heartfelt comedy on television).  From its season premiere in London to the finale that felt like a series finale before it rebooted the entire show in the last 2 minutes (perhaps the ballsiest move of the television season, second only to The Good Wife), Parks had us laughing, smiling, and FEELING things all season.  What I love most about Parks is that embraces character growth and plays to the strengths of the greatest ensemble of actors on television.  These are not the same people we met in season one…the Parks deparment has grown and evolved and matured and we’ve gone on that journey with Leslie, Ben, Ron, Tom, April, Andy, Donna, Ann, and Chris.  Oh…and Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry I guess.  We’ve got 13 episodes left in that journey and I can’t WAIT to see where they end up.

Best Actress in a Comedy

The Nominees Were…

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Malin Akerman as Kate Harrison, Trophy Wife

Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath, Girls

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, Veep

Ilana Glazer as Ilana Wexler, Broad City

Leslie Knope Often Inspired By Myself

And the Feelie goes to Amy Poehler!

Life hero.  Imaginary best friend.  Icon.  These are all terms that can describe Leslie Knope AND the woman that brings her to life, Dame Amy Poehler (she’ll get that title SOMEDAY).  As Sage said in the nominee post, there is not much for us to say about Leslie/Amy that we haven’t said before.  She won this category with 50% of the vote so you are all agreed that she’s amazing.  The fact that she is a perpetual “also ran” at all major awards ceremonies BAFFLES me.  Perhaps they don’t think she is acting because the Leslie persona feels like how Amy would be in real life?  Perhaps they think that giving her awards WOULD make her the perfect human being that no one else could ever live up to?  Whatever the reasons are, they are crap.  Amy deserves all the awards and we are so proud of our readers for recognizing this.  Amy, we’ll be proud to give you your award next time you are in NYC.  Cocktails will be on us.

Best Actor in a Comedy

The Nominees Were…

Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt, Parks and Recreation

Chris Messina as Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Geoff Stults as Sgt. Pete Hill, Enlisted

Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, Community

Louis C.K. as Louie, Louie

Danny Castellano You and me okay

And the Feelie goes to Chris Messina!

After some initial competition from co- HOF Sexiest Men Alive 2012 Adam Scott and Joel McHale, the runner-up for HOF Sexiest Man Alive 2013 (what can we say? We like our sexy men talented) handily won this category with over 40% of the vote.  Danny Castellano is more than a crotchety dreamboat who wears old-man glasses.  In Chris Messina’s hands, Danny is a man of ambition and integrity.  He’s a man who has been hurt before and is terrified of the emotions and the vulnerability that comes with falling in love with his best friend.  He’s a man who will learn about Micheal Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch and Bradley Cooper because he knows you like them.  He’s also a MAN who is not afraid to man the fuck up when the situation demands it.  He’s a man who will always go for the ass grab when he kisses you.  He’s a man with the sexiest goddamn half smile on the planet and sweet dance moves that he uses just for you.

He’s perfect and we would like to thank Chris Messina for ruining our lives all season.  It would be offensive if it weren’t just so damn perfect.

Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy

The Nominees Were…

Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

Marcia Gay Harden as Diane Buckley, Trophy Wife

Michaela Watkins as Jackie Fisher, Trophy Wife

Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer, Veep

Kate McKinnon as Everything, Saturday Night Live

Natasha Lyonne as Nicky Nichols, Orange is the New Black

Kate McKinnon Angela Merkel

And the Feelie goes to Kate McKinnon!

10 Minutes before the polls closed this race was a three way tie between McKinnon, Natasha Lyonne, and Aubrey Plaza.  Kate eked out this victory by ONE VOTE.  The tightness of this race throughout the entire voting period (the top 3 all held a solo lead at one time during the week) proves that we picked excellent nominees in this category and that the field of supporting actresses in comedy is SO RICH with talent.  Well done, ladies.

It’s hard to believe that this season was Kate McKinnon’s first as a principle cast member on Saturday Night Live. She proved to be an invaluable player in what many considered to be a rebuilding season of the show and she is poised to join the ranks of the all time female SNL greats.  She heightens every sketch she is in whether she is doing her remarkable Ellen DeGeneres impression or one of her wacky Weekend update guests.  And to think…she is just BEGINNING.  We’ve got so much more to see from her and I can’t wait to see what she does in the coming years.

Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

The Nominees Were…

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation

Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir, Community

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Albert Tsai as Bert Harrison, Trophy Wife

Timothy Simons as Jonah Ryan, Veep

Ron Swanson I regret nothing

And the Feelie goes to Nick Offerman!

Like with Amy Poehler, there is very little to say about Ron Swanson and Nick Offerman that we haven’t said before.  Years from now television scholars will look at this character and actor and write essays on why awards bodies were FOOLS not to shower him with all the things.  The best thing about Ron’s character growth is that we have seen that the man who claims to love nothing actually loves EVERYTHING and he loves it DEEPLY, even if he doesn’t always know how to express it.  It has been such a joy seeing him softened by his friendship with Leslie and by becoming a husband to Diane and father to his children.  Don’t let the gruff exterior fool you.  Ron’s a big old softie and he is a fount of wisdom for all the people he encounters.  There are few things better than a Ron Swanson smile or giggle and I love that the show has let that side of him come out more as he has evolved.

Plus, he’s right about frozen yogurt.  Be ice cream or be nothing.

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“I can’t get enough of you.” – SYTYCD Recap

So You Think You Can Dance Extension

Posted by Sage

Our apologies for the hiatus, America. We weren’t here to hold your hand through the hurried Los Angeles Week (which still doesn’t have quite the ring of Vegas Week, sorry) and Green Mile episode, or the first live performance show. But we’re here in time to meet the pairings who will be endeavoring to enchant us with their skills and chemistry over the next few weeks, as well as our first eliminations. And as Queen Cat says, those first ones are always tough. When the Bottom 6 were announced, we learned who already has the audience’s hearts and who needs to earn them. But before we got to the tough stuff, we were treated to an energetic opening number to the On the Town score by Broadway choreographer Josh Bergasse. (Not Tyce. Rejoice!) Turns out, our winning dancers will have a spot in that show’s New York ensemble, a perfect gig that can be molded to fit any styles and strengths. And good news for me. Now that Newsies is closing, I need a new regular Broadway meet-up spot with some of America’s Favorite Dancers.

Bottom 6

Brooklyn, Casey, Jordan, Nick, Marlena, and Serge

What we saw in these voting results, particularly for the girls, were the consequences of being a Top 20 contestant who didn’t get much audition/LA screentime. The folks at home don’t feel like they know Brooklyn and Jordan yet, really. It’s up to those ladies to make us remember. Marlena didn’t surprise me; she suffers from Bitchy Resting Face.

As for the boys, Nick is the only one I would have predicted. He’s a wee one. And as fast as his feet may be, he’s not going to be able to deliver the explosive lifts and tricks we’ve come to expect from our top couples. Casey also suffers from lack of camera time. And I don’t know what Serge is doing here unless America got wind of this bizarre coupling.

Cat Deeley Scale of Awesomeness

Cat Deeley Dancing

First of all, big ups to Cat for another well-deserved Emmy nomination for Best Reality Host! There’s little hope that the Emmys will go to the people who actually deserve them (especially since most of those people weren’t even nominated – vote for The Feelies instead!), but maybe this is her year.

Cat went casual chic this week with a belted, long-sleeve leopard print dress, black ankle booties, and simple make-up and hair. She had an animal-print moment with Emily after her Hip Hop number (“Digging your pants, girl!”) and gave us her best Boris and Natasha after Marquet and Jordan’s interrogation-themed piece. (“We have ways of making you talk.”) Nigel gave her shit for the weak first pitch she threw at the Dodgers game, but who cares, she looked fucking fabulous. She also provided emotional support to the Bottom 6 and the eliminated dancers – just another duty of an Emmy-nominated hostess.

This Week’s “Jidges” Score of Awesome: 9/10. Now that we’re in performance shows, I’m going to be a little tougher on her. (Tough, as you see, is a 9.) Saving the next 10 for a crazier outfit or when a Travis Wall piece makes her cry.

Performances of the Night

Valerie and Ricky, Contemporary

I’m just going to say it: Valerie lucked out. There’s no question that Ricky is head and shoulders above most of his competition, but that divide was considerably more apparent when he was paired with the tapper. Not to be down on Valerie. She rose to the occasion in this Travis piece; I was particularly impressed with that back bend lift. Still, anyone can see that she’s not a trained contemporary dancer. The flexibility and effortless flow aren’t there quite yet, but Ricky certainly isn’t going to make her look bad. He’s untouchable. And he’s going to keep her in this competition.

Carly and Serge, Contemporary

Sonya obviously didn’t hear that “Latch” belongs to Maks and Meryl, so she went ahead and choreographed this number for Carly and Serge. It was a fairly conventional and romantic piece for Sonya; the pair showed us an emotional connection; and we know how America loves to see the dancers in this element. Will it be enough for Carly to make herself stand out from this season’s pack of brunettes?

Jordan and Marquet, Hip Hop

Mark my words: Marquet is going to be on this stage until the bitter end. He’s a spark plug; the energy just flows through him. Ballroom dancers usually get the character thing on a deeper level than their peers and I hope we get to see Marquet act his little heart out every week like he did in this Sean Cheesman number. I didn’t have the same issues with Jordan breaking character as the judges did. I was mostly impressed that the ballerina got down to this. Of all the girls who drew Hip Hop this week, Jordan worked the deepest into the floor. And you know you better work, bitch.

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The First Annual Feelies

Posted by Kim and Sage

As I ranted and raged about the Emmy Nominations on Thursday, I tweeted “Maybe we should just do our own awards on Head Over Feels”.  Less than an hour later Sage and I had compiled our nominees in Comedy and Drama and the “Feelies” were born.  The Feelies have no bias against genre shows.  The Feelies don’t vote for things just because they are on HBO.  The Feelies don’t nominate movie stars just because they are movie stars deigning to do television.  And the Feelies know the difference between a DRAMA and A MINI-SERIES (NONE FOR YOU TRUE DETECTIVE!!).

Side Note: We don’t watch enough Mini-Series to fill a category.  Maybe next year.

But most of all the Feelies are about celebrating the shows and performances that gave us all the feels and flails over the television season.  While we want to celebrate our favorites, we also wanted to remain objective and REALLY focus on the quality of the work over the course of the season.  The Winners are going to be determined by YOU, dear reader.  The polls will remain open for a week, after which we will do a post to announce the winners.  Sage is gonna walk us through our comedy nominees, while I will make the case for our drama choices.  It’s all in your hands, guys.  Make us proud.

Disclaimer: Header Gifs in no way indicate our choices in each category.

Best Comedy Series

The Nominees Are…

Parks and Recreation

The Mindy Project

Trophy Wife

Brooklyn Nine-Nine



There are few greater feats than getting a new comedy off the ground, particularly a good one and particularly on network TV. So our dream list of nominated comedies includes a few sadly posthumous nods. Trophy Wife showed us how a modern family sitcom could be broad enough to be a living room staple and still have something to say. Losing the inspired Army comedy Enlisted was another heartbreak, as a 13-episode run with the Hill brothers and the rest of their bumbling yet well-meaning Rear D platoon was hardly enough. Veep remains the quickest and most verbally dense comedy on TV, with a cast that slays its material weekly. Brooklyn Nine-Nine put as much care and energy into creating relationships between its diverse cast of characters as it did setting up punchlines, a Mike Schur specialty. After struggling to find its voice and Mindy’s character in season one, The Mindy Project hit us with a squee-ful rom com homage and a practically perfect season two. And finally, Parks and Rec kept right on delivering Pawnee-style storytelling, pushing through cast shake-ups and, oh yeah, boldly rebooting the entire show in the final minutes of its season.


Best Actress in a Comedy

The Nominees Are…

Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project

Malin Akerman as Kate Harrison, Trophy Wife

Lena Dunham as Hannah Horvath, Girls

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, Veep

Ilana Glazer as Ilana Wexler, Broad City

Just saying that four of the six performances on this list come from series with one or more female showrunners. And even those that don’t have their leading ladies doubling as producers. Just putting that out there. Lena Dunham showed new levels of Hannah’s neuroses and self-absorption in Girls season three as she struggled with middle-class guilt and insecurity over her boyfriend’s budding success. Nobody can do what Julia Louis-Dreyfus can do with a look and a finely-crafted insult on Veep. Malin Akerman ended up as the emotional center of the Trophy Wife cast, essential, but in a particularly tricky part. What can we say about Amy Poehler that we haven’t already? Leslie Knope is, at this point, iconic. I fell in love with Comedy Central’s girl BFF comedy Broad City this year and with Ilana Glazer’s bonkers and unpredictably warm performance. And as Dr. Lahiri finally fell for Dr. Castellano, Mindy Kaling showed us what she can really do.


Best Actor in a Comedy

The Nominees Are…

Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt, Parks and Recreation

Chris Messina as Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Geoff Stults as Sgt. Pete Hill, Enlisted

Joel McHale as Jeff Winger, Community

Louis C.K. as Louie, Louie

Adam Scott and Chris Messina put movie leading men to shame on Parks and Mindy, respectively. And they’d better, to stay on the level of their formidable ladies. Ben came into Pawnee as the straight man, but has proven himself to be just as goofy as the rest of the crew. And anytime he plays Mr. Wyatt drunk or sick or high, it’s is nothing short of poetry. Messina is so well cast that I want to scream. Danny Castellano is infuriating and dreamy and crotchety and truly the heart of that show. Andy Samberg has proven that he can carry a show and even be a romantic hero in his own right. (That Jake/Amy scene from the finale!) We love all the brothers on Enlisted, but Geoff Stults deserves the nod for playing Pete’s PTSD storyline with humor and grace. Community had another uneven season as Dan Harmon returned to the show, but Joel McHale can still churn out a sly and vulnerable performance as the Study Group’s leader. And Louis C.K. challenged us with another conversation-generating Louie season and himself with doomed love affair with his non-English speaking neighbor.


Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy

The Nominees Are…

Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate, Parks and Recreation

Marcia Gay Harden as Diane Buckley, Trophy Wife

Michaela Watkins as Jackie Fisher, Trophy Wife

Anna Chlumsky as Amy Brookheimer, Veep

Kate McKinnon as Everything, Saturday Night Live

Natasha Lyonne as Nicky Nichols, Orange is the New Black

Trophy Wife should be to this category what Modern Family has been to the actual Supporting Actor Emmy. Meaning that it should dominate. Marcia Gay Harden clearly delighted in playing hard-assed alpha mom Diane and even gave her a gooey, emotional center. Michaela Watkins channeled a little Phoebe Buffay as hippie-dippie yet ever-so-secretly wise Jackie. Anna Chlumsky had even more to do on Veep this year as Amy’s DC ambition and slowly withering spirit waged a war inside her. I think people assume that Aubrey Plaza is playing herself on Parks, but it’s just not true. April has come into her own this year without losing the edge that made us love her in the first place. Nicky is OITNB‘s most compelling character, and the show comes to life in Natasha Lyonne’s scenes. (We’re not just saying that because we still want to be Jessica in America Pie.) And Kate McKinnon is just destroying sketch after sketch on SNL. Dyke and FatsHer Bieber. Her Billie Jean King. Her Ellen. Her life-giving Russian accent. She’s a superstar and one of the few nominations the actual Schm-Emmys got right.


Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy

The Nominees Are…

Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, Parks and Recreation

Danny Pudi as Abed Nadir, Community

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother

Albert Tsai as Bert Harrison, Trophy Wife

Timothy Simons as Jonah Ryan, Veep

WE FIXED IT. The snubs in the original list in this category inspired us to burn Utica to the ground and then rebuild. There’s simply no good excuse anymore as to why Nick Offerman isn’t constantly in his woodshop, building new shelves to hold all the awards he’s received for playing Ron Swanson. We’ve also been campaigning for years Chris Pratt to get some recognition as the straight up comic genius that he is. (Though maybe he’ll just have to settle for being a movie star.) We may still be smarting over the way the conclusion of How I Met Your Mother went down, but it just doesn’t seem right that NPH never took home a statue for creating Barney Stinson. Danny Pudi has the toughest job on Community and has consistently shown a deep understanding and love for his complex character. We’re still not over Troy and Abed’s goodbye (or his Nicolas Cage meltdown. –K). There’s throwing a cute kid into a cute situation and then there’s what Trophy Wife creators found in little Albert Tsai. We’ll miss everything about that show, but precious Bert we’ll miss most of all. And finally, though Tony Hale gets all the Supporting Actor attention for Veep (residual love for Buster Bluth plays a role here), we’re lobbying for Timothy Simons. Jonah Ryan is one of television’s truly great bastard-people and we’ll continue to love-to-hate him for as long as he slimes around Washington.

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