“You see me for what I am.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

I love weddings

Scandal Season 4, Episode 17
“Put a Ring on It.”
Posted by Kim

It’s been so long since Cyrus has had the central story I TOTALLY forgot that he was in a sham relationship with a prostitute.  Whoops.   To the gifs!

Liv is dreaming about Fitz and about throwing the ring in his face and running in the hallway. 

bad feeling star wars

There’s some sort of late night emergency and you know what that means…GLADIATORS ASSEMBLE! Discuss in the comments who is who.

As he hustles to meet with the Gladiators, Cyrus breaks the family portrait of him and James with their (strangely absent this season) daughter. 

Michael was very indiscreet at a bar and got caught in a “compromising” position. 

Michael’s photos are all over the tabloids. 

The only way to diffuse the crisis is for Cy and Michael to get married post-haste. 

“It sounds like a shotgun wedding!” “It is and you’re the pregnant bride.” 

“There is no bigger stage. There is no bigger moment.” 

“I can’t bother the President with my hooker troubles.” 

“A Gay Republican White House Wedding.” Please tell me that was printed on the invitations.

Liv convinces Mellie to host the wedding. 

Quinn and Huck pay off the bartender to tell the reporters that it was just Michael’s bachelor party. 

By hosting the wedding, Mellie can make a break away from her husband’s beliefs, which will gain her votes in her senate race. BECAUSE OF COURSE FITZ DOESN’T BELIEVE IN GAY MARRIAGE.

“Love is love.”  Mellie for President!

“You’re doing great out there.” Leo’s subtext is “I’m going to take you home after this and do naughty things to you.”

We flashback to Cyrus proposing to his girlfriend Janet but all I can focus on is his wig. 

“I am Catholic. I have been saving myself. I can’t get divorced like those girls from Holyoke.”

“I hear we’re running a kooky wedding service out of the White House.” 

Fitz finds out Liv is behind the wedding planning and does the only thing he can do…look constipated.

“The President’s views remain unchanged.” BECAUSE HE IS THE WORST.

“Do I have to be here for this? I have a country to run.” At least we’re admitting that Cyrus is in charge of the country now.

Cyrus tells Michael to stop whining about his parents having to come to the wedding. Put on your big boy underpants, dude, this is all your fault anyway.

On Cyrus’ wedding day we see him and his best man/racquetball buddy/lover. “Happily married men don’t play.”

Sally Langston has her own talking head show because of course she does. 

Sally proclaims that everything about Cyrus and Michael’s relationship is a lie. She also publicly offers 10K for anyone who can substantiate her claim.

“There is a word for you, Sally.” 

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The New Who Yearbook

I love everyone on this TARDIS

 Posted by Kim and Sage

Ten years ago today, the Ninth Doctor grabbed Rose Tyler’s hand and told her to run for her life.  For those who had grown up with the classic series, it was a thrilling new beginning.  For those of us who had never heard of this time traveling alien in a big blue box, discovering the adventures of the Doctor and his companions was life changing.  So how do you celebrate this momentous occasion?  If you’re us, you imagine a ten year high school reunion and then you make a yearbook of all the modern Doctors and their companions and friends, of course.   If all of these characters went to high school together, who would have been the class clown? Prom Queen?  Most likely to succeed?  Read on to find out!  You’re getting a serious look at our head canons here…

– Kim

Best Couple: Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor

Rose Tyler
Senior Quote:
“So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her?” “She rescues him right back.” – Pretty Woman

Activities: Head Cheerleader, Prom Queen, Cross Country team, Glee Club, Soup Kitchen Volunteer, Chips of the Month Club

The Tenth Doctor
Senior Quote:
“Love? Above all things, I believe in love. Love is like oxygen. Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love!” – Moulin Rouge

Activities: Physics Club, Model UN, Track & Field, French Club, Prom King

Biggest Flirts: Captain Jack Harkness and Amelia Pond

Amelia Pond
Senior Quote:
“I know what boys like.” – The Waitresses

Activities: Detention

Amy Pond Kissogram

Captain Jack Harkness
Senior Quote: 
“It’s called chemistry, I have it with everyone.” Jeff Winger, Community

Activities: Track Team, Captain of the Innuendo Squad, Handsome Men’s Club, Homecoming King, President of the Gay-Straight Student Alliance

Captain Jack Harkness Naked Ladies

Class Clown: the Eleventh Doctor

Senior Quote: “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams” Arthur O’Shaughnessy and Willy Wonka

Activities: Captain of the Football Team, Modern Dance, Millinery and Haberdashery club, sole member of the Giraffe Appreciation Club, National Forensics Champion in Storytelling

Wittiest: Donna Noble

Senior Quote: “No one’s ever gonna shag you if you cry all the time.” – Love Actually

Activities: School Newspaper, Junior Detective’s Club, Typing, Improv Team, Library Assistant

Donna Thin Air

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“Weird, passionate, and gross.” – Community Recap

Community Season 6, Episode 1
Posted by Kim

“Welcome back to Greendale!”

I’m not going to lie, I teared up when that was the first sentence of Community‘s season six premiere.  Against ALL odds, Community has made it to its destined sixth season.  The Human Beings lived perpetually on the bubble at NBC.  We lost our showrunner and then we got him back…only to lose Chevy Chase and Donald Glover.  We were ACTUALLY canceled and then Yahoo swept in and saved the show at the eleventh hour and fifty-ninth minute.  We lost Yvette Nicole Brown in the interim.  At what point does Community no longer resemble the show we all fell in love with and fought SO HARD for all these years?  Dan Harmon and company address this question full on in “Ladders”.

Much like the pilot, “Ladders” opens with the Dean thanking the “Save Greendale” committee over the PA while we check in with the 4 remaining members of the Study Group.  HELLO EXTERIOR SHOTS. We haven’t seen those in forever…thanks for that money, Yahoo.    However, like Garrett, Greendale can never TRULY be saved, right?  When Dean Pelton says they saved the school from 534 critical emergencies, Annie pauses. She runs to their board in the study room and finds a star that had fallen behind the cabinets: “Frisbees on roof”.  Outside (OUTSIDE!! Not over it) an errant frisbee lands on the roof joining a massive pile of them.  It’s the straw that breaks the camels back.  The roof in the cafeteria collapses under the weight of the frisbees, nearly killing Fat Neil…erm…Garrett.  Welcome back to Greendale indeed.  It’s still a toilet, but it’s OUR toilet.

The Save Greendale Committee gathers in the study room where Annie reluctantly informs Abed that Shirley has moved to Atlanta to take care of her father and Chang worries that white people are taking over the group.  Right as Jeff, the leader of the White People, assures him that’s not true, the Dean strolls in with “New Shirley” Frankie Dart…a very white Paget Brewster who will always be Cathy from Friends and therefore cannot be trusted because she will definitely come between two best friends.  Frankie has been hired to evaluate how to ACTUALLY save Greendale.  Frankie is by-the-book.  She believes in rules and order.  She’s evaluated the core members of Greendale and found them to be “weird, passionate, and gross” (best compliment ever).  Her motto is “Someone needs to say I’m in charge and that person is me”.  She carries plain black binders.  Naturally the Study Group hates her on sight (“Who in the crazy bitch?”).

Frankie goes about whipping Greendale into shape.  She goes through the class schedule and gets rid of the nonsense (I get that the “When it is okay to shake a baby?” class had to go but getting rid of “Magic Wands” is unforgivable).  She questions Britta’s poor management of Shirley’s Sandwiches, saying it’s “consuming your happiness and turning it into burned bread and debt”.  She gets rid of booze in the teacher’s lounge.  She checks off a season’s worth of emergencies in Annie’s binder in a matter of seconds.  It all leads Jeff to ponder how much you can improve a place before it doesn’t resemble itself anymore (META!). Frankie didn’t suffer for Greendale, after all.  What right does she have to make it better?

As they tend to do when their world and their routine is threatened, the study group reverts to their basest selves and they cling to their normal with a blind ferocity.  Everyone except Abed, that is.  It’s funny that Abed is the one perpetually treated with kid gloves when it comes to massive change because out of all of them, Abed WANTS to be open to change, even if he’s not capable of it.  (A great example of this is how he was the first one recruited for the glee club in “Regional Holiday Music”.)  Abed doesn’t see Frankie as a threat, he sees her as a new character in his show.  He does worry that it’s the end of “our show” and isn’t sure what Frankie has to offer because she is too similar to Annie physically and she seems to be too grounded to fit in.  To her credit, Frankie tries to speak Abed’s language (sure, she does it for somewhat nefarious and manipulative reasons, but this wouldn’t be Community if she wasn’t hiding SOMETHING).  “I myself am exceptionally boring, and I am quite proud to be that way, because it allows me to help the less boring people turn quirks into results.”

She also says that she assumes (because she doesn’t own a TV) that good shows are capable of change, so she shouldn’t be a threat to him.  “I think you scare people because you live in the real world and not up your butt,” Abed ponders as he meets with Frankie and Chang the next day.  Living in a world of drama and conflict is exciting and easy, but to quote our friend Ron Swanson, we shouldn’t confuse drama with happiness.  Unlike his friends, Abed is at least WILLING to give Frankie’s reality a shot…even if he can’t resist spicing up her reality with some “Improving Greendale” and “Sending emails” montages. (“If you change your clothes one more time, you’re fired.”)

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“The United States of Kink” – Scandal Gif-Cap

you're olivia pope

Season 4, Episode 16
“It’s Good to Be Kink”
Posted by Sage

Lena and her wig are having a moment. I’m so glad this episode fell on my turn. Let’s gif busy. (You heard me.)

“I did nothing illegal…I’m human. I’m a man.” “You’re disgusting.” Leo did a thing. A thing that Abby finds “disgusting.” With a lady, perhaps?

held hands scott pilgrim

“You’re not a saint. I’ve been between the sheets with you. You’ve taught me some things.” This is not the right route to take in this argument Leo. Abort. Abort.

oh god always sunny

“I will take care of it…I AM IN CHARGE NOW.” And you should always be, Ms. Whelan.

august eat your fish

“Some woman…who slept with a large swatch of DC power players.” “Claims to have slept.””It’s not fake. You saw the part about the guy she calls the ‘Dustbuster’?” OH, YOU LIKE IT LIKE THAT, DO YOU, LEO? Has anyone fanfic-ed this chapter of Sue’s memoir yet?

wolf of wall street

“I need you to stop this book. I need you to shut it down.” Booooooo.

shutting this bitch down

“Oh my god, you’re Olivia Pope. Hold on, am I in trouble?” It’s Lena Dunham in some horse hair pigtails! And she might liked to be punished.

be more professional the office

“I mean, define ‘violate,’ for you.” Her delivery of this was very Shoshanna.

sherlock stick to the facts

“Make that book disappear from the planet.” Do we have to round up the guys? Please say we have to round up the guys.

crazy capers newsradio

“Thank you, Liv. I’ll have Leo send over a check.” “Tell him it’s on the house.” I feel like this is the only time I’ve heard mention of OPA actually getting paid for their work.

doctor who that's a first

“I need immunity from prosecution.” Huck demands immunity from David as they go after B6-13. He won’t give up his family again.

shaggy it wasn't me

“Where have you been?” “Dentist.” “The DENTIST.” Lie better, Huck.

amy headdesk

“I grew. I came here to tell you in person that I won’t publish the book. If you give me 3 million dollars.” Yesssss, play the game, Sue.

i know things cookie

“You mean a ‘whore’? When did you become so weak?” Well, this got interesting.

a hypocrite silver linings

“The power you wield in this town, Olivia, it’s legend. You used to exude it. It came out of every pore. It gave other women a contact high. So I must admit I’m a little disappointed by your behavior towards me.”

damsel in distress hercules

“As if picking up a hot stranger in a bar for a dirty screw is a crime…I’m not ashamed.”

the weird stuff dr horrible

“I stood in this office and I promised Clarence Burk a change.” Fitz thinks he can get mandatory body cams for police officers through a Republican Congress. Also, he’s actually President-ing. This is new.

what is happening ru paul

“I’m running for senator of Virginia.” Sign me up for the United States of MELLIE.

mindy now we're talkin

“Wow, that’s history making. Good for you and good for Virginia.”

you win forever josh hutcherson

Mellie wants Leo to run her campaign (smart lady); Abby makes up some bullshit reason why he’s not available, leaving out the words “dust” and “buster.”

“But she’s most active on Land-O-Kink.” “Two million members and counting.” “The United States of Kink.” OPA logs in to sift through the guys on the database.

an adult fresh prince

“To keep it from being hacked? That’s old school. Respect.” Sue typed her manuscript on a typewriter and Huck is impressed.

fist pound it crown

“Hi, Colt?” “You must be Sue.” Quinn and Huck send Sue out on a date with CHARLIE. Also, “COLT”?

oh shit spiderman

“I’d tie your arms to the rafters then I’d nail your feet to the floor.” Um, pass?

reasonable hour friends

“Mentally, she’s a mess. She carries her gun with her everywhere she goes. Won’t go out at night. Won’t even order take-out. I have no idea how she’s surviving.” Fitz and Jake have creepy boys nights where they gossip about Olivia’s fragile mental state.

i don't know why friends

Time for a “reading the book” montage! Let’s meet Sue’s conquests.

gentlemen donna parks

“Joystick.” “Thruster.” “Sit and Spin.” You forgot one.

heliocopter dick lonely island

“Only one left: The Doctor.” HE WOULD.

what do you think doctor who

*Only the “this is my dick” gif would have been appropriate here.

“It’s not his occupation, it’s his initials. D.R, Liv. D.R.” David Rosen also tripped the Sue Fantastic. I need all of the details.

broad city happiest day

“I was dead inside, I needed to feel.” “DISGUSTING.” But really, poor Abby. Two dudes she’s been in serious, real relationships with.

don't tell me you're sorry

“Let me remind you: after your little failed coup. You work for me. Your time is my time. So get your ass off the swings. Get up on the hill. Get me my votes. Understood?” Cyrus has Lizzy Bear in his pocket and he’s putting her to work on body cams. Could be a worse mission though.

things happening doctor who

“Gentlemen, please, if you’ll just calm down.” OPA gathers all of the men Sue wrote about. If they each contribute $175,000, they can buy the book. There’s a lot of yelling and people being VERY IMPORTANT.

start a fight whose line

“You think this is funny, Bergen.” “A little.” Never leave me, Leo.

cinderella story why i love you

“STILL IN.” Just stay here forever.

quite fond flash

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“The person in the mirror.” – The Mindy Project Recap

mindy im done.gif
Season 3, Episode 20
“What to Expect When You’re Expanding

Posted by Sage

In January, my friend Brittany invited a group of ladies (including me) into a health and fitness support group. Not the kind of support group with burnt coffee and a moderator named Milton who has a pre-teen’s wispy mustache and alimony issues, this one takes place mostly over e-mail and a lifestyle tracking app. It’s a built-in cheering section and resource center for a handful of busy humans who are just trying to handle things. And unlike those humiliating public weigh-ins that serve as a front for pushing so many Weight Watchers branded plastic snacks, this group approach doesn’t feel like our punishment for being born women.

Like Mindy Lahiri, so many of us (women in general) can’t remember a time when we weren’t planning on losing a little weight. We put our lives on pause until we can hit a goal that we never reach. We’ll start running or reconnect with that high school friend or go on a beach vacation or start dating only when we’re perfect, and not a second before. What this does is set us up for a never-ending cycle of disappointment and, at the end of our days, a bucket list with nary a check on it. THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE.

mindy project what

Mindy’s confidence has inspired me from the get-go with TMP; I love how loud and unapologetic it is. Mindy Kaling is fucking gorgeous. Dr. L’s wardrobe is to die for. There’s no reason for her swag not to shine like the damn sun, except for the long-standing television rule that female characters who don’t fit into the size spectrum of a Limited Too store must be ashamed of their bodies and constantly bitching about the “last ten pounds.” A woman who doesn’t hate herself shouldn’t be a sitcom revelation, but she is.

In this episode, Mindy’s self-love is addressed head-on when she pregs right out of her normal person clothes and quite nearly loses it. None of her fabulous frocks fit and she’s already had it with the bullshit maternity compliments. (“If one more person calls me frickin’ radiant, I’m gonna kill someone.”) Worst of all, she’s not in the mood to “take the D-train into Seduction Junction”, aka have sex with her matinee idol of a boyfriend. (Guys, she’s broken.) In fact, Danny’s good looks aren’t doing him any favors at the moment. His George Clooney-style advancing sexiness is reminding Mindy of her Rosemary Clooney-style expansion. And not even “Mambo Italiano,” known sonic aphrodisiac, is of use when Mindy feels so damn unpretty. (“That is a hot song, babe. Want me to put it on?”)

babies are shady mindy


Enter Tamra’s oft-mentioned cousin Sheena, to get both Danny and Mindy’s minds right. I haven’t watched Orange Is The New Black – I haven’t forgiven Jenji Kohan the slow, sad deterioration of Weeds – and so my life has a serious Laverne Cox deficit. Thank you to Mindy K for casting her, and especially for casting her as an actual transperson. (So very believable that Mindy – or anyone – would be too dazzled by her beauty to notice.)

mindy too hotmindy too hot
Sheena is an “aspiring stylist,” but her inspiring philosophy of self-image make her more of a life coach. “You look fine,” she tells her new client. “It’s your attitude that’s terrible.” She stands behind Mindy as Mindy considers her body. Sheena asks her if she’d ever talk about a friend the way that she talks about herself. Of course, not. An enemy, sure. This is Mindy Lahiri we’re talking about. But not a friend. “You ARE talkin’ to your best friend,” Sheena explains. “You.”

as any other bitch in the room mindy
Which brings me back to my little group of motivators. Women crap out at losing weight for a lot of reasons, and none of those have anything to do with willpower or strength of character. It’s because we’re doing it for our husbands or our moms or the judgey ladies at our book group instead of us, or because we’re so very terrible at forgiving our humanity that any one setback can lead to an emotional implosion. We save our most cruel judgements for ourselves. And that’s why we need our Sheenas. With my team of Sheenas on call, hiccups that would have sent me straight down the barrel of a sleeve of Thin Mints were quickly rationalized and forgotten.

candy wrappers mindymindy candy wrappers
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Gimme Kimmy Schmidt’s Fuchsia Lip!

kimmy schmidt

Posted by Lacroix

HOF is proud to welcome another fab contributor, Lacroix of Lacroix the Beauty Blog to give us tips on recreating looks from our favorite shows!

Gimme. Kimmy. Schmidt. Spring. Lip. (say that 3 times fast).

After managing to wind down to 7 tv shows this season (Broad City, Mindy, Sleepy Hollow, New Girl, Empire, Fresh Off the Boat, Blackish, Better Call Saul, Helix), I finally gave into adding yet another show onto my queue. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I burned through Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this past weekend.

kimmy schmidt head nod
I’m sure you heard about Unbreakable in some way, shape or form. Whether it be Kimmy’s disdain for velcro or your colleague at work who bursts out with “PINOT NOIR” at the desk next to you…oh wait – that’s me.

kimmy streets

These streets have me like…

The blatant display of Spring in every aspect of the show is so aptly illuminated through Kimmy’s style, from her canary yellow cardigan and peter-pan collared shirts to her matching fuchsia pants and lip look.

While Titus Andromedon’s radiance can be achieved naturally (my confidence shines when it’s at least 60 degrees), I need/want Kimmy’s fuchsia lipcolor now!

I did some research, and here are some lipsticks that I recommend:

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick – Flat Out Fabulous

mac fuchsia

Described as a “matte bright plum.”

Chanel Rouge – Coco Jean (454)

chanel fuchsia

Described as “Deep Fuchsia”

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes – Faint For Fuchsia

maybelline fuchsia

The colors presented are mere suggestions, in no way shape or form do we profit from the links provided to the product. Feels tested and approved!

“How’d you like to live with Uncle John?” – Gallifrey One 2015, Part 3

gally tardisPosted by Kelly

Just before we left for Los Angeles, Sage sent us the following gif. Caption? “Us by day three.” Accuracy? Astounding.

Con life is a commitment. If you don’t throw your body and soul into it, you’re not doing it right. This is as true for guests as it is for attendees, because while we were “Uptown Funk”-ing you up to the bitter end on Saturday night, John Barrowman was stuck in a bathtub. If he could wake up the next day and command an auditorium full of Whovians, we could certainly get out of bed to watch him. So we did. And when we turned on the television, Burn Gorman was there. You know you’re at Gally when real life is better than your dreams.

Every Christmas is “Last Christmas”

Our day began with “Last Christmas” playing in the big auditorium, which was a nice way to ease gradually into the morning with DEBILITATING FEELS OH HELP CLARA’S OLD BUT SHE’LL NEVER LOOK ANY DIFFERENT TO THE DOCTOR. IT’S TOO EARLY FOR THIS.

“Mummy on the Orient Express” live commentary 

New honorary member of our club Jamie Mathieson took the mic first for a live commentary on his rollicking, Agatha Christie-inspired train adventure, also known as Sage’s entire bucket list. He was moderated by Who’s 50 author Robert Smith?, who stepped up and knocked it out of the park when writing partner (and, yes, one-time Head Over Feels guest contributor) Graeme Burk came down with a cold. (Feel better, Graeme!) Our sparkling kaffeeklatsch conversation with Jamie obviously helped him prepare to discuss the episode, because he hit on a lot of the same points, but with added shippiness.

  • Jamie on the Doctor and Clara’s early conversation in the corridor (but really any scene): “They said there was gonna be no flirting, but you look at this, and it’s sizzling.”
  • He didn’t specify in the script that Clara would wake up on that beach so far from the TARDIS, but obviously the Doctor carried her until he found the perfect spot.
  • Clara’s “I love you” was also not scripted toward the Doctor, so we can thank the director for that glorious moment of tension, and we can thank Kim for asking about it at the kaffeeklatsch in the first place.

In conclusion, Jamie Mathieson is one of us, Jenna and Peter know exactly what they’re doing, the directors ship it, get on this literal space train.

An interview with John Barrowman

We were already girding our loins for Barrowman’s arrival when we saw his tweets.

No objections.

For all of Barrowman’s panel antics, our official theme song courtesy of Eve Myles and Burn Gorman, and the rest of our final day at Gally, head on over to The TV Mouse!

“You could use something good right now.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

Scandal Season 4, Episode 15
“The Testimony of Diego Munoz”
Posted by Kim

After a brief detour into “very important episode” territory, Scandal (and thus our gif-caps) returned to soapy and scandalous form this week.  Just how we like it.  Not that we didn’t like “The Lawn Chair”, BECAUSE WE DID, it just felt a little icky snarking on that one.  And what is Head Over Feels and Scandal without snark and animated gifs?  Very little.  Let’s get right to it!

Susan Ross preps for her Vice Presidential Confirmation hearings. 

“As a single mother, I have a unique perspective.” 

Susan freezes for what feels like an eternity.

“A little odd, isn’t it, that I’m going to tell you a cute little story about my daughter…” Abby and Cy’s faces say it all: “ABORT! EVERYBODY PANIC!”

Susan loses it and starts laughing hysterically.  One might call it panic laughter.

“So that happened…”

Liv drinks alone in her apartment, clutching a gun and her phone. 

“I’m not coming back.  There is no back.” Someone needs to run off to an island again and her name is Olivia Pope.

Liv hears the “Where’s the black lady?” lady arguing with the super across the hall.  She eavesdrops Boo Radley style.

“You can’t change the locks for five more days,” Liv says through her peep-hole.  Olivia Pope, creeper defender of tenant’s rights.

The lady’s name is Rose and she insists that Lois would never leave without telling her. 

Olivia puts Huck and Quinn on the case of finding Lois’ body. 

Huck’s ex-wife shows up saying her husband Diego Munoz worked for B613 and she has files.  Did we just learn Huck’s real name?

“The laugh heard round the world.” 

“My job is simple: to take away the questions.” Leo, my treasure.

“Got it. No more laughing. How do we begin?” “More laughing.” Yes, I support this strategy.

They send Susan on a talk show tour regarding the laugh.

“You need to be one with the core conservative base.” I CAN SEE RUSSIA FROM MY HOUSE!

“Who doesn’t love a gay wedding?” “You, Susan. You.” Petition for Leo to be a series regular in season 5.


“I do love the Bible.” 

“Please don’t break out the freshman psychology.”

“This is fun.” “I know.” Leo and Abby turn each other on so much.

David goes to Jake and Huck about the files and starts rattling off movie lines. 

“Don’t speak about murder in front of the Attorney General.”

“Fine let’s just find the guy I’m NOT going to kill.”

“Being President is an exhausting job.” You have to do lots of things.

Susan quits.

“This is just theatre! Play acting.”

Huck and Quin talk about the ways that they would have gotten rid of Lois’ body and it feels like weird foreplay.

“You don’t just tell anyone about B613.”

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