“It’s just fashion, it’s supposed to be fun.” – Golden Globes 2017

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And we’re back! I really missed red carpets, guys. I read Anna Kendrick’s new book, Scrappy Little Nobody, over Christmas break and her section on Hollywood turned out to be the perfect warmup for the season. It was interesting to read about her evolving relationship with fashion, from freely exploring it to using it as a weapon to acquiring professional know-how. I love behind-the-scenes tidbits about working with stylists and the reality of attending an award show. (Read this excerpt, you’ll be hooked.) And she’s right: It’s just fashion, it’s supposed to be fun. So thanks to Colin for the book and thanks to Anna for the insight and entertainment, I’m ready to get down to business, let’s have some fun. Two things to know: 1) I can’t cover someone if I don’t see them on the carpet or at the ceremony, seeing someone move in their outfit makes all the difference, and 2) as a form of self-care, I’ve decided to try to get through this season forgetting that Sofia Vergara exists.


Evan Rachel Wood

As I was getting ready to start the red carpet and take notes, I said to Colin “I hope Evan Rachel Wood wears menswear” AND SHE DID. This look was custom but it looks like literal MENSwear, and she’s wearing the hell out of it right down to the flared leg, my god. I know I say this every time but the men are always so boring, so she’ll have to be my fix until Harry Styles does the circuit next year for Dunkirk.

Ruth Negga

Ruth’s not messing around, you guys. This is to die for, easily one of the best metallics of the night. It’s so bold yet sleek? And I love the soft hair and makeup, which complement the gown beautifully.

Kristen Bell

Honestly, this is all I’ve ever needed from Kristen Bell. If her last award show red carpet gown had a bit of a Disney princess feel, then this is the villainess-inspired look and it is working for her. This is how to swerve instead of resting on pretty. It’s killer, right? Flattering as hell and on trend (sparkles, long sleeve) but the dramatic black sets her apart.

Felicity Jones

Controversial opinion time? I love this. I love the subtle mix of blush and bashful, the black detailing, the jeweled bow; and I think it’s styled to perfection. There were some looks last night that I thought had entirely too much going on, but this wasn’t one of them. Lovely.

Viola Davis

Much like Adrienne Maloof, I’m all about a one-shoulder. My only nitpick, as usual with vibrant yellow gowns, is where is my red lip?? Otherwise, this is beaded perfection.

Millie Bobby Brown 

I am so in love with this girl and her savage sparkles, you have no idea. I can’t imagine the challenge of finding something age appropriate for an event like this, but she nailed it. I would have liked to have seen a small earring and maybe sleeker shoes, but that’s the grown-up in me talking.

Thandie Newton

I love this classic white with a splash of fire, and I think Thandie’s sleek pony and backwards necklace are the perfect complement. This striking look wasn’t originally in my top ten, which doesn’t even make sense to me looking at it again now.

Natalie Portman

I went a little back and forth on this one — is it too costumey, is the accent beading working? But ultimately, it’s just so flattering on her and I don’t know how to quit this one. It’s demure, it’s unexpectedly modern, and how she’s pulling off that color I will never know, but she is.

Claire Foy

I’m not usually one for Erdem gowns, but this is very pretty (and reminiscent of Kate Bosworth from last year). The sleeves shouldn’t really work but somehow do and I love the overall shape of it. My jury is still out on the blue ribbon, it doesn’t ruin the look but I can’t tell if I actually like it.

Naomie Harris 

This is somehow both futuristic and elegant, and I love it. Again, there were so many metallics that standing out was a challenge but she pulled it off.


Hailee Steinfeld

Remember when I said there were some looks last night that I thought had entirely too much going on? This is the worst offender. I knew it was Vera Wang because this bust detail reminded me of the tragedy that was Rosamund Pike’s Golden Globes gown two years ago. (I would like to forget, but I can’t so you don’t get to either.) Maybe take away the sleeves and the cape and there’s something to work with here? But as is, there are so many elements fighting each other. And I know Hailee is a young woman, but I think this color choice was a mistake. This just isn’t working for me.

Zoe Saldana

This is like the ugly version of Felicity Jones’ gown in my eyes. I don’t like the clashing shades and, for once in my life, I think there are too many ruffles.

Kerry Washington

I don’t love this heavy brocade but maybe if it hadn’t been see through? And the diamond accents and black detail really throw me off. I hated the length when I first saw it, but it seems less offensive now. I don’t know. Her hair looks amazing.

Carrie Underwood

What kind of fresh bridesmaid hell is this?

Jessica Chastain

I love Jessica Chastain and I hate everything about this look. She’s very suited to bold colors and I think this washes her out, which isn’t helped by hiding away all those if-only-they-were-flowing ginger locks. I don’t like the actual gown either, it’s aiming for a certain type of femininity and missing the mark, and I don’t like how it’s fitted. She deserves better.


Soulmates: Michelle Williams & Busy Philipps

I love years when Michelle is nominated for every damn thing and brings BFF Busy as her date. I think the kids say friendship goals, right? And that’s what these two are, proof that your soulmate doesn’t have to be romantic. Even stepping down from the E! platform, they didn’t need help from Ryan, thank you very much, because they had each other. (Here’s hoping that Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner’s friendship will be as enduring.)

And since we’re equal opportunity friendshippers here at HOF, look how cute besties Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal are:

Not all heroes wear capes: Meryl Streep

I don’t know about you, but I really needed to hear that speech. I can’t do it justice, you should just watch it again.

Actual footage of us at home watching.

But sometimes they do: Mandy Moore

At first I thought this looked a little heavy and more mature than dramatic, but on second look it really is light and fresh which is impressive for a cape in a dark color, yes?

Oh, Jessica Biel’s in this?

Ticky tacky hot mess but she’s so boring I can’t even get worked up over it.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Janelle Monae

As a known black and white enthusiast, I am here for Janelle’s aesthetic. I love this from waist up and, while I don’t love the skirt, I respect how well she’s working it. Janelle was my favorite part of Hidden Figures (not Hidden Fences! That’s not a thing!) and I hope she’s here to stay on the red carpets we cover.

Are you shining just for me? Emma Stone

The stars are a little too on the nose for me and I just don’t like them, which is a shame because otherwise this is gorgeous.

Best surprise: Riley Keough

All I really know about Riley is that she dated one of Ashlee Simpson’s ex-boyfriends, so I was not expecting this art deco goddess on the red carpet.


I need Chrissy to attend every red carpet, please and thank you.

Love the speech, don’t love the look: Tracee Ellis Ross

You couldn’t help but feel some of Tracee’s joy when listening to her acceptance speech, but I can’t quite get on board with this look. I think I would have liked a more straightforward gown with a necklace, I hated the rings overload, but the cool thing about Tracee is she doesn’t care what I think. You can tell from her insta just how much she’s feeling this, and you know what? Four for her.

English Rose Gold: Lily Collins

I really love this. I think with this look, it would have been very easy to fall on the side of too youthful but Lily still looks like an adult.

HEAR ME OUT: Nicole Kidman

I think it’s so cracked out that it may have come all the way back around to good. I don’t know, I think I like it.

Worst styling: Sienna Miller

I like this understated Michael Kors gown a lot, Kate Hudson should be sitting at home and taking notes, but the styling? The pearls are just… not right, and Sienna looks very cute but I just don’t think this is the ponytail for the Golden Globes.

This is like a Rorschach test: Drew Barrymore

I think I see jellyfish. What do you see?

Throwback Sunday: Winona Ryder

This easily feels like it could be from a red carpet twenty years ago and if you think that’s a negative, then you’re underestimating my child-of-the-90s love for Winona. And how cute was she talking about looking forward to seeing Christian Slater?

Where. Is. My. Red. Lip: Reese Witherspoon

I like this gown very much and love the callback to her iconic yellow cocktail dress from 2007, but for the love of god, Reese, why aren’t you wearing a red lip?

Why do you insist on doing this to me? Kristen Wiig

Every time.

I wish I had seen on the red carpet: Gillian Anderson

I didn’t even know she was there until I saw glimpses of her at the Netflix table. And look how glamorous she is in this photo! I would have loved to have seen her on the red carpet and been able to discuss this look in full. (Side note, I also wish I had seen Lola Kirke for accessory reasons.)

Most Missed: Naomi Watts

I’m still so sad that she and Liev Schreiber broke up and we won’t see them on the red carpet together anymore.

I Can’t With This Bitch No Matter What She Wears: Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Every time. Even when she doesn’t show up.

I Can’t With This Bitch No Matter What She Wears Runner-Up: Blake Lively

There’s a new bitch in town, guys.

I know, I spent my whole intro talking about Anna Kendrick and then totally ignored her gray gown. I thought it was kind of eh, let me know what you thought of it and the rest of the red carpet in the comments!

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7 thoughts on ““It’s just fashion, it’s supposed to be fun.” – Golden Globes 2017

  1. Michelle says:


    1. I liked Anna but I hated the bust details which were too reminiscent of Hailee’s.
    2. I HATED Nicole’s dress. Straight up fug. Maybe without the glove sleeves but I really don’t like it. It reminded me of some Nina dress a bride would die over on SYTTD.
    3. I think my fave’s for the night were Kristen & Mandy.
    4. Lastly, I agree ERW looked STUPENDOUS!

    More Riley info. Her show “Girlfriend Experience” is pretty good, not great but I liked it. Also, her grandfather is Elvis.

  2. Shanleigh says:


    -Evan Rachel Wood is pretty much the embodiment of my sexuality here.

    -Kristen’s and Thandie’s sequins are singing my heart’s song. I cannot get behind Claire’s. There is something entirely too show choir about it and I’m starting to get PTSD twitches from looking at it.

    -Also not here for Felicity’s look. The drawn-on ruffles just make me think of one of those tuxedo t-shirts, or like a t-shirt sold for nine-year-old girls at Limited Too, if that still existed.

    -While I love Viola, I am not a one-shoulder girl. I feel like I’m disagreeing with everything Maggie said and it’s hurting me.

    -That said, yes to Millie, Natalie, and especially Naomie.

    -As someone planning her wedding, “bridesmaid hell” is fucking right.

    -I feel like I’ve seen Emma getting all kinds of praise for her glib response to Seacrest asking about her dress (“it’s pink and there are stars on it”) but it actually really irked me. If you’re going to borrow a fancy dress from a designer, part of the deal is telling everyone what you’re wearing, and not acting like a snot about it. All she had to do was say “It’s Valentino” and move on.

    -I don’t love the top of Riley Keough’s dress because it makes me feel like I’m seeing double, and as a glasses/contacts wearer who drinks a lot that’s an uncomfortable feeling for me. But I love her, and as Michelle said she is Elvis’ granddaughter and was ALSO in Mad Max Fury Road, the most amazing film ever.

    Here endeth my thoughts (haha yeah right).

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      I feel like when you have an upper body like Viola’s you show it off as much as possible. -K

    • Gillian says:

      SL, I totally agree about the Emma Stone thing. I loved that dress all over the place, and I get the Ask Her More thing. But it’s not “Only Ask Her Other Things.” You’re walking around in art for Christ’s sake. People want to know who the artist is.

  3. Everyone seemed really thrown by “tell me about your dress” which I didn’t really understand, but also I don’t know why Seacrest was dismissive of “who are you wearing” so in conclusion that was all annoying

  4. Gillian says:

    Ok look what I want to do more than anything is go person by person and rate them from Soulmate Level Agree —> Maggie WTF No. But I cannot imagine literally anyone else wanting to read that. So instead I’ll just pick one for each end of that spectrum, and then die a little inside. Here goes:

    Ok psych before I do that I’m going to cheat and just say that I’d swap Felicity and Zoe. Like, not that I think Zoe should be in the best, I just like her dress better than Felicity’s, which has no business being in the best list. OK NOW REALLY HERE GOES:

    Soulmate Level Agree: Kristen Bell. Listen, I obviously agree so GD HORD re: Evan Rachel Wood and Ruth Negga, but I feel like anyone with eyes connected to brains would/should agree with us on those two. So they don’t prove Soulmate Level status. I chose KB for this because when I saw it oh-so-briefly and from afar the night of the awards, I immediately thought “oh my God I think I love it but Maggie might rightly say it would be perfect if only the deep U were a *bit* narrower.” (Remember a few award shows again where there were a weird number of just-too-wide U’s? I can’t remember who was too wide and who got it just right that night, but that’s what HOF pays YOU for.) ANYWAY, I was so happy to realize once I had a chance to look again/closer that she is pulling it off like whoa and it doesn’t need to be even a centimeter more narrow. I fucking love Kristen Bell and I’m so happy we’re on the same decollePage. (Sorry but you know I’m not fucking sorry.)

    Maggie WTF No: Natalie Portman. Maggie, WTF? No.

    Honorable mention disagreement goes to Kristen Wiig. I love that dress/look and I’m not sorry. But I also absolutely understand why/am not surprised you don’t.

    I think I was going to add one last thing about Reese, but I fell asleep.

    • Margaret Kelly says:


      Listen, I don’t even caaaaaaaare, I loved Felicity Jones and she has business in the best list BECAUSE IM THE DECIDER. I only know for sure of one person who agrees with me, though. SHRUG.

      It was love at first sight for me with Kristen Bell and her dress. PER-FECT.

      That gown was flattering as hell on Natalie Portman and her hair makeup were looooovely, so. There.

      I can get behind more the idea of Kristen Wiig’s dress but NOT the execution. If you’re gonna do it, DO IT. Like the mini nude slip, I don’t want to see that.


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