“I like the way Sammy sings’” – Supernatural Recap – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

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Supernatural Season 12, Episode 15
“Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell”
Posted by Dawn and Erica

Oh, Davy Perez, you never let us down. Truth, lies, and some serious demonic mojo were the hallmarks of “Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell,” and it was a terrific ride from start to finish. Also, there was no Mary, which was a really nice break, and family drama took a backseat to moving the season’s plot along. Fire up the Impala and let’s go.

Erica: Do you know, it says something about the fact that I really enjoyed this episode, and didn’t even realize that Mary wasn’t in it? Almost as if her presence really doesn’t matter. Yes, I went there.

Before we get to the meat of the recap, we have to give a shout-out to that scene. That short and glorious scene that everyone went nuts over. Lucille. For those of you living under a rock, Lucille is the barbed-wire-wrapped bat that Jeffrey Dean Morgan, once our own John Winchester, now wields with psychopathic glee as Negan on The Walking Dead.

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So well played. So perfect. Davy Perez, we love you forever.

You might notice the song lyric we used for this recap. It’s from BB King’s “Lucille,” so yeah, we did that, but also, it works. Because Sam Winchester gets an award for finally learning a lesson every single Winchester has failed repeatedly – Sammy told his brother the truth. Can you even? We could not even. Sam came clean about all the recent cases coming not from the program he somehow designed and put into his phone, but actually from the British Men of Letters.

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Dean’s reaction to this was…underwhelming, to be honest, and we’re hoping it’s because big brother is playing a few cards close to the vest. We know he doesn’t trust the BMoL. We are pretty sure he doesn’t trust his mother. And he has to know that his brother has a bad habit of making deals with the bad guys for what Sam thinks is the greater good. (A phrase that makes all of us shrink in horror every time it is uttered.) So please, writers, let us be right about that. That reaction was very not-Dean.

What was very Dean, what was very Winchester brothers and the reason we love this show as much as we do, was the easy banter between the two of them. It was very monster-of-the-week, very funny, and downright adorable. Like when Sam was pointing how exactly how covered in monster bits Dean was:

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Or their conversation outside Gwen’s (the “girl of the week”) door, and Dean’s little awesome comments about what they could say to her:

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Dean warning Sam about being careful with Baby and Sam being absolutely over it.

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It was adorable. It was perfect. It was them. We missed it. We love when we have that back.

So Sam learned a lesson. But it seems Castiel did not because now he’s the one who is lying. And it’s a biggie – Cas is going back up to Heaven to try and straighten things out. Because that’s always worked so well for him. But before that all happened, Misha Collins got to show off his deadpan comedy chops as he learned what happened to Kelly, Lucifer’s baby momma. Agent Solange! Cas loves him some Knowles girls, it seems. And he held the FBI ID upside down again, and also kept a straight face while the restaurant manager prattled on about how reptilian aliens were responsible for the death of a waitress. (“Aliens. Like the Queen of England.”) But the insane manager had a video of Kelly, the angels, and Dagon, including a nice closeup of Dagon’s yellow eyes. So Cas has to confront his family. Again. Who talk him into returning to Heaven. Again. And bless his heart, our baby in a trenchcoat goes for it. Again. And he lies to Dean about it (who notices something is really, really off), and he absolutely knows it’s wrong, but there’s that whole pesky greater good thing. Oh, Castiel. Oh, honey, no.

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Have we mentioned how much we love having Mark Pellegrino back? OK, sure, Lucifer isn’t as scary as he used to be (though we bet that will change), but Chuckdamn, Pellegrino is a comedy master right now. His mumbling and facial expressions in the scene when he is wearing the metal gag…

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The way he dealt with the underlings with a snap of his fingers… (Do all archangels snap their fingers? We are pretty sure they do.)

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The change of expression when Lucifer went from believing he had the upper hand to realizing just how screwed he truly was (at least, for now) was also some terrific acting. We don’t know how he does it, but somehow Pellegrino manages to be over the top and understated at the same time. And it’s marvelous. Will Lucifer get his own back? Probably. But in the meantime, seeing the tables turned on the First of the Fallen is pretty interesting.

And speaking of those turned tables, HAIL TO THE KING, BABY. Crowley was about as BAMF as it gets this episode. He was informative, if cranky about being so. He had to work with Dean, who actually managed to thank him for saving Castiel’s life. He got a thank you from Sam as well, for basically saving the Winchester bacon AGAIN. And then, he had to go Deal With Things, much to Lucifer’s chagrin. Holy shit, your highness. See, we have spent a lot of time for the past couple of weeks wondering to ourselves why our liege was telling Lucifer how he got him back into his cage. That whole explanation back in 12×13 seemed like it was a solid case of “talking too much.” Why, oh why, would you tell him how you got him in his cage? It’s almost like you were daring him to break it. We ALMOST feel bad for Lucifer, thinking he had escaped, that he was home free and Crowley was going to be his bitch again. And then THIS happened:

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It’s almost like Crowley planned it. Which, of course, he did, from the very first. Like the BAMF that he is.
Dawn: Our liege being so damn nonchalant as he beats the shit out of Lucifer with a few mere finger snaps (odd that Crowley can also finger snap, no?) was just amazing. Crowley was like 1000% done with all this nonsense. The girl of the week hugged him. He had to play the hero, FFS. He has no time for an archangel’s bullshit. Done. So done. I hope he had some Netflix and chill when he was done.

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Oh, also there were hellhounds. We always like hellhounds. And Hellhound-O-Vision:

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Dawn: They yelp when they get hurt. I can’t. I don’t care how dangerous they are. They yelp, and I am immediately, “NO, DON’T HURT THE DEMON PUPPER.”
Erica: I mean, yeah demon doggos and all that, but they’re still doggos. Big, scary, deadly doggos. But doggos nonetheless. Though, I will admit a certain “WTF is happening right now?” with the demon doggos. It took WAAAAAY too long for them to tell us what was going on there, it seemed. Like, we know that hellhounds only come out when someone sells their soul, and the bill comes due. Why did it take them so long to tell us that one had just gotten out? You know, like all doggos do, eventually. More than that, it almost makes you wonder how it’s possible that the doggos had never gotten out before? Really, people. Please tell us how you kept the doggos inside for so long – millions of pet parents want to know!
Dawn: Because the kennels are Crowley’s. The hounds, save the one in this ep, are Crowley’s. He loves them. He spoils them. He’s said it. Shit, he calmed one down over the phone by just saying, “Juliet. It’s Papa”in a singsong voice. Crowley loves his puppers and his puppers love him. In my headcanon, Juliet sleeps at the foot of his bed. I won’t hear otherwise.
Erica: Well why the hell doesn’t that work for the rest of us???
Dawn: Because we’re not Crowley. Duh.

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