“I’ve got a feeling that something ain’t right” – Supernatural Recap – Stuck in the Middle (With You)

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Supernatural Season 12, Episode 12
“Stuck in the Middle (With You)”
Posted by Dawn and Erica

We missed last week’s recap for the amazing and heartbreaking “Regarding Dean” because both Dawn and Jaymee were nailed with what may well have been the Croatoan virus. Poor Jaymee is still feeling the effects, so this week we welcome Erica McCarthy back to the SPN fold. And we’re going to need her, because this was the episode that reduced damn near every SPN fan’s twitter feed to cursing, screaming, crying, and almost total incoherence, resulting in a flood of standing ovation gifs at the hour’s end.

This week SPN basically caved in our heads and our hearts with episode 12: “Stuck in the Middle With You.” It was directed by Dawn’s boyfriend SPN’s favorite archangel Gabriel, Richard Speight, Jr., and aired 10 years to the day after the episode “Tall Tales” aired, which was the very ep where we first met our beloved Trickster.

Our expectations were pretty high. This was Richard’s second time in the director’s chair and he did a great job with “Just My Imagination” (11×8), giving us a sweet and funny episode featuring Sam’s imaginary childhood friend (Erica LOVED this episode, by the by). Plus, the second half of season 12 has been stellar so far, so there was a lot to live up to.

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We didn’t need to worry. Y’all, he nailed it. NAILED IT. Like, nailed it so hard no one even has to worry about stopping Dawn from waxing rhapsodic about Richard because he deserves every accolade. Bring him back. Let him direct more. A lot more.

This recap is going to be split into two sections: On-Screen Heroes and Off-Screen Heroes. The actors get most of our attention every week and rightly so, but the crew needs a whole lot of love this time around because damn. Writing, editing, cinematography, choreography, soundtrack, and every set of hands on a camera created a Chuckdamn masterpiece, and we need to make sure that gets recognized this time. But first, let’s talk plot and cast.

On-Screen Heroes

We’ve said it before and now we are saying it again: give Misha Collins all the Emmys. Castiel has had more to do in the past few eps and it has been flawless every time. This episode almost killed us dead, and if anyone ever doubted Castiel’s humanity and his utter love for these ridiculous humans who always seems to get themselves into trouble and take our poor angel along with them, all those doubts are now gone. Misha made us weep this week when he said goodbye to his family.

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Erica: I damn near couldn’t with this one. Like. For real. It hurt so damned bad – especially after knowing that Cas killed Billie to save all of the Winchesters. After hearing EXACTLY how Cas feels about them, to watch him say goodbye was heart wrenching, and damn near killed ME. Why, oh why, does this man not yet have an Emmy for this role, I’d like to know.
Dawn: I don’t want to hear a bad word about Misha or Castiel ever. From anyone. I will cut you. He is a precious thing and my heart shattered like a glass goblin during this scene. Un. Be. Lievable.

On the opposite end of the emotion spectrum, however, we have Mary Winchester. Mary, Mary, Mary. Girl, what are you even doing? It’s takes some hard work to make us all think maybe John was the better parent after all, so we guess well done there. Mary is just…we don’t even know. Sure, yes, fine, she has a lot to adjust to, but WTF, Mary? The British Men of Letters? They tried to kill your son, remember? They think American hunters are morons. Also we’re all pretty sure Ketch is a sociopath, so really? THIS is who you choose to ally with? Yeah, keep your opinions on Crowley and Rowena to yourself. Your buddies are WAY worse.

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Erica: Okay. So in watching this episode, upon realizing that Mary was…I don’t even know what the hell she was doing, but my first response was “Mary, what the FUCK did you do?” My second response was “Oh Mary. What the fuck. You stupid idiot.” In those exact words, because I have no filter. I really thought she was going to be the GOOD parent–you know, the mom that actually takes care of her kids and shit. Apparently not.
Dawn: Remember when we all thought John was the shitty parent? Good times. I can’t decide if Mary’s Campbell is showing too much because she is being selfish and stupid, which she clearly got from her father, or if her Winchester is showing since she has clearly learned the trait of “keep everything of actual importance from your family members.” Because here’s a thought, Mary – instead of giving the Colt to the sociopath, maybe you might have considered discussing it with your sons first? You know, the ones who have actually killed demons before and have, at this point, more years of actual hunting experience than you do? And also they have an angel, and a demon, both of whom might also have some knowledge on this topic. JUST A THOUGHT, MARY. BUT BY ALL MEANS, YOU DO YOU.
Erica: Dude. I completely forgot about Samuel Campbell and all of HIS “awesomeness.”/sarcasm If there’s one thing about this family that I will never understand, it’s their constant need to “shoot first, ask for help later once you’ve already cocked it all up.”

Now that we’ve vented that spleen, let’s get back to things that make us happy. Crowley. Our King. Hail to the king, baby. He saved the day. He saved the angel – his buddy, “Feathers.” (a moment of collective “awwwww” from the fandom). And he does it all with such damn style. And we got some backstory, which was just the most delicious little amuse-bouche that has left us salivating for a main course. More Crowley, please and thank you. Much more.

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Dawn: Remember when I said I didn’t want to hear a bad thing about Cas? I don’t even want to know a bad thought about Crowley. I will cut you, bring you back to life, then cut you again. Let’s be clear, kids – Crowley has been saving Winchester asses AND Castiel’s ass for several seasons now. SEVERAL SEASONS. And this time? He snapped an archangel’s weapon IN HALF to save Castiel. Snapped it in half. Imagine the power that took, first of all. Now imagine the power in the staff of Michael, and imagine that power in Crowley’s hands and what he could do with it, and yet he STILL snapped it in half to save the life of an angel. He is bad ass; he is clever AF; he is slick and stylish. In fact, given the choice between hunting with the boys and serving as Crowley’s girl friday, I am pretty sure my response would be “How do you take your coffee, highness?” Always.
Erica: MY LIEGE, PLEASE COME BACK. Seriously, though, Crowley in this episode is clutch. This would’ve been the end of Cas entirely were it not for Crowley – and that’s not the first time one of us can say that. In fact, it’s becoming very clear over the course of this season – especially the second half as we’re going through it – that our “villains” are not as villainous as we’ve previously thought. If anything, they’re becoming allies and friends in a way that one wouldn’t have expected. Sure, we’ve seen Crowley get closer to the boys, and there were instances before where Rowena was helpful….to a certain extent. But we’re seeing these characters evolve and I’m curious to see where it goes. Certainly it should be outside Crowley’s character to help as often as he does. And yet.
Dawn: “And yet” indeed. My King.

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“Back where we started, here we go ’round again.” – Supernatural Recap – Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

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Supernatural Season 12, Episode 10
“Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

For eight seasons now, everybody’s favorite Angel of the Lord has been a part of Supernatural, so it’s great to finally be getting more background on Castiel. With all the buzz surrounding the upcoming Castiel-centric episodes, we knew the writers would be laying down some serious groundwork, building the history behind who Castiel was and who he has become. We could not be happier with how seamlessly “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets” wove the beginnings of that extensive history into the current plot. Many times in the past, we’ve had “filler” episodes – the random hunt or salt and burn, Monster of the Week, etc. – that sorta had themes that might maybe hint at the overarching plot of the season, but you know they were just sorta…there to keep things moving.

Not so with “Lily Sunder.” This episode directly addressed the current hunt for the Lucifer’s child and the mythos of the Nephilim, and also dove head-first into Castiel’s history, the plight of the angels, the strain between the brothers and Castiel for his actions involving Billie the Reaper, and the big unknown of the season: Cosmic Consequences. Hard to do? Maybe. But writer Steve Yockey nailed every piece and gave us what was overall another phenomenally fantastic episode.

This one was complex, so we’re discussing it chronologically. Let’s go.

Castiel and Dean are giving each other the silent treatment. It’s kind of endearing, it’s kind of hilarious, it’s kind of childish, and it’s really just what we expect from the family dynamic of SPN. Basically, Dean’s pissed at Castiel for jumping in without fully understanding the ramifications of his actions.

Dawn: I’m not. As much as I hated losing Billie, I am fine with what Cas did, because it’s not like our boys ever gave a crap about cosmic consequences. But lots of people are mad, and I understand why.
Jay: Cas did what he felt he had to do. He always does what he thinks is right, is the best course of actions at the time. Sometimes it’s made things worse, sometimes it hasn’t. Now we have to wait and see, just like always.

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The absolute best part of the entire “silent treatment” is Sam stuck in the middle, trying to make Dean and Castiel work through their little tiff. When normally it’s Sam trying to get Dean to talk about what’s bothering him, now Sam has two stubborn fools refusing to say thank you, refusing to appreciate each other, refusing to move on past this rather small issue with unknown consequences. Because honestly, we’ve had worse, and we’ve done this before. Remember that time Cas said “yes” to Lucifer? Or when Sam came back from the pit sans-soul and didn’t tell anyone? Wait, what about that time Dean decided it would be a really swell idea to bear the Mark of Cain…or Sam figuring Demon Blood was part of his balanced breakfast? No? Maybe that time Dean killed Death? OH WAIT! We all love that time they all worked together to release the Darkness into the world. Yeah. They’ve all done worse.

Jay: Personally I think Dean is being a big fat hypocrite! Who is he to judge Castiel’s actions when it was his own idea to make a pact with Billie and not fully understand what he was doing? If anything I think, much like Mary was doing last episode, Dean is projecting his own personal issues with the self-sacrificing angel. We all can’t be martyrs here Dean, you don’t get to sacrifice yourself all the time. I mean, is it weird for you that someone cares as much about you, as you care about Sam? Is it strange for Dean to see someone make the same rash decisions he, himself makes when it comes to Sam? And vice versa? Maybe now Dean and Sam will start to realize just exactly what these types of decisions do to the people who care for them, now that they are on the outside looking in and waiting for the other shoe to drop on Castiel.
Dawn: Well, actually, they can all be martyrs – they martyr themselves for each other all the time. And every time someone OTHER than Dean does it, he gets crabby. He has to learn to share martyrdom. It’s fine, Dean, really – there’s wood enough for everyone to hang themselves on a cross. And that way there will be plenty handy when you need to burn a body.

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While it’s frustrating to see Dean treat Castiel like a child, Dean’s protective instincts are kicked into high gear and Chuck knows he’s done the same with Sam in the past. We get it, Dean: you don’t like seeing your family step into the line of fire, you’re the protector, you take the risks, blahblahblahwhinycakes.

Castiel hears a cry for help over “good old angel radio” from Benjamin, an old battalion friend, but the distress cry is suddenly cut off. Castiel has learned a lot from the Winchesters, notably when someone is in need, you run, so he does and we all get a bit of perspective when Castiel goes to investigate what happened to his old friend, including the end of the silent treatment (but not the end of the attitude, because Dean is, well, Dean).

And you know what’s awesome about all of this? For one of the first times, possibly the first time, we actually see Castiel accepting the Winchesters’ help from start. While normally it’s everybody join hands once things have already gone south, this time Sam is on Cas’ case from the second the angel tries to leave the bunker, wanting to know where Cas is going and offering help. And you know what’s shocking? Cas says yes, as long as it’s both brothers offering, and not just Sam.

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So it turns out that not only was Benjamin’s vessel a woman, but that they were friends and Benjamin would never do anything to put [his vessel] in danger. Thanks to the investigations, a lot of information the relationship between angels and their vessels comes to light. And we see Castiel’s previous vessel.

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Jay: I LOVED this. First of all, Cas is alway hot – only super – attractive vessels for our Angel of the Lord. It makes me wonder is this Jimmy Novak’s great-grandma or something? Dark hair, blue eyes, full lips, neutral-colored overcoat. Either our Castiel has a prefered vessel type or the Novaks have a very strong genetic preference for trench coats. I truly love that really solidifies that Castiel is a Multidimensional wavelength of Celestial Intent. And more importantly, he never cared about gender, cause like, man vessel, woman vessel, whatever, as long as it’s a smokin’ hot brunette with blue eyes, it floats the Castiel boat (and mine too).
Dawn: BRB. Finding someone to sew that cosplay for me immediately.

Unsurprisingly, Benjamin is dead. Murdered. We don’t know who did it but apparently Castiel knows someone who might: Ishim, the angel who used to command Castiel. It’s clear from the get-go that Ishim is not a fan of humans, not that that information stops Sam and Dean from fully getting involved in Castiel’s business like the two nosey brothers they are. Remember when Dean said angels are dicks? Yeah. Zachariah ain’t got nothing on this whackjob.

Castiel is over all of it. Sasstiel in the house, ya’ll. He is 1000% done with everything.

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There are other angels two but they don’t matter and aren’t around long anyway. It’s all about Ishim. Smug, arrogant, disrespectful, disdainful Ishim. We can’t wait for someone to punch him in the face. He was Castiel’s commander before Cas got his own “flight,” as the angels call it. He seems particularly cruel to Castiel for his past transgressions.

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Jay: But, like, guys, listen, okay! Like, the BEST part about Ishim hating on Cas is how PISSED Dean gets, like, “no one makes fun of my family but me, jackass.” It’s sooo great! And really it just completely solidifies the “Cas is family” that Dean’s been saying for the past, what, six seasons? Yeah, totally, no one will ever get me to believe any differently about Cas being a Winchester.
Dawn: I don’t understand how anyone doesn’t see that. Dean said it flat out — you’re our brother. And therefore Dean will whup the ass of anyone who gets up in Cas’ grill.

Dean puts up with standing around outside for what probably amounted to ten minutes, and now the brothers meet the new angel and it is a thing of beauty.

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There’ll Be Sleep When You’re Done – Supernatural JaxCon, Part II

“A lot of people mistake success of an actor with celebrity status and that’s not always the case.” – Julian Richings, JaxCon 2017

Posted by Dawn and Jaymee
Additional Photography by Shannon Laree Photography aka @reelnerdy and ToniAnn Licata Photography

The Creation Stands Convention was a whirlwind of activity, as we told you in Part One. If you haven’t read part one, what are you doing here? Go back and read it! There are just too many fantastic panels to cover in one post, so here in section two you will hear about Julian Richings, Alaina Huffman, Mark Pellegrino, R2M [Richard, Rob, and Matt], and the SNS or Saturday Night Special, the con-exclusive concert by Louden Swain.

Alaina Huffman

Being the first panel of a con is undoubtedly stressful. Following an opening by Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict can’t be easy. Being the only female actor to appear during the convention is sure to be difficult. At least, we think so, but damn girl, Alaina Huffman didn’t break a sweat. Taking the stage as the very first panel, at the very first con of the 2017 season, she stole hearts. She told deeply personal stories about her life as a mom and the impact acting has on it, what it was going from playing a character as good as Black Canary on Smallville to playing a character as bad as Abaddon on Supernatural, and about that time when Richard Speight Jr. ran into her father-in-law, who was Rich’s Uber driver.

“I didn’t know my father-in-law drove Uber …I guess he retired and he was bored and… he sent me a picture [of him and Rich] and it’s like the cutest thing ever…”

Alaina fielded a lot of questions about what’s it is like for a woman in the industry. She never shied away from them and was stoutly in support of being a mother and a woman and an actor. She spoke eloquently about women not apologizing for working. It was clear she hoped her views came through with her portrayal of Abaddon, a strong, unapologetic, character on Supernatural:

…I love that, as a bad guy [on Supernatural],I’m not hated.”

“Abaddon was meant to be a beacon of female empowerment.”

We believe that Alaina met her goal with Abaddon, She was a take charge character, strong independent and not afraid to go after what she wanted. Alaina was able to portray her with conviction and we think that’s one of the main reasons why, no matter how evil Abaddon was, she isn’t hated throughout the fandom. To further cement our love of Alaina she said this:

“…these conventions have been the highlight of my life.”

And we all swooned with how heartfelt her words were.

As always, no one who’s been on the show for more than five episodes escapes a panel without being asked about the pranks that happen on set. Alaina was in hysterics when she recounted the prank of her, Ruth Connell (Rowena), and Misha Collins wallpapering Mark Sheppard’s trailer with large prints of Castiel’s face from that years’ calendar.

“We put them everywhere, in the microwave, in the toilet, even in his shower. It took forty minutes and I went into Mom mode, ripping the calendars apart, organizing everyone until everything was covered in Misha’s face.”

We, and all fans, love hearing about what it is like to work with Jensen and Jared. Alaina was gracious enough to recount how their very first conversation was somehow about Vanilla Ice and she cannot remember why or how! She speculated with a fan about the kind of night on the town Abaddon and Rowena would have, as two of the more powerful female “villains” in the show.

“I think they’d go to the spa, maybe, as Ruth would say, a wee cafe, drinking, dancing, out on the town. Maybe they would team up.”

We do wonder what Rowena would say if she found out that Alaina’s favorite moment in the show was when she got to beat up Crowley.

“I think it was the time I got to beat the crap out of Crowley. All the crew were taking numbers for their turn.”

Though when it comes to her favorite line we have to agree with her when she said:

“‘I’ll stump ya to death, It’ll be swell.’”– I mean who even says that!”

Jay: I have to say I was so incredibly impressed with Alaina. For the very first panel of the con she really got it off on the right foot. She was so well spoken and so open and friendly I needed more. I actually went right then and bought a ticket for her photo-op and signing. She was an amazing sport and so fun in the photo-op. She was very liberal with the fans, taking time to talk to each one before the shutter snapped and she was down for anything! It was super fun!

Dawn: She was a doll and I kinda wish I had done the photo-op now. Also her energy during Friday karaoke was infectious.

Jay: She was so wonderful and agreed immediately to reenact the scene with me where she has Dean gripped by the back of his head. She laughed and said Right on, of course! — P.S She is super pretty and it was way intimidating for me when she slipped back into the Abaddon role.

Julian Richings

For a man cast to play Death himself, Julian Richings could not be farther from the character he portrays. From the moment he stepped on stage to Rich singing “Oh, Death” in a ridiculous falsetto followed by Rob playing”Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult, he was a ball of energy and exuberance. He bounded from one end of the stage to the other, filling the room with joy and excitement. Julian has truly embraced the fans love of him and his character, dressing in a tshirt with an adorable cartoon miniature Death– scythe and all– on it.

Julian started out by confessing he found out about his character, Mr. Hanley on Heartland, being killed off by stumbling upon the episode while watching TV and seeing the ambulance riding off down the road.

“I’m dead and inside! So I learned of my death in that way. I have died in both shows now.”

He talked about how he finds inspiration for each character he plays:

“In a funny way, I don’t differentiate so much between characters. I try to find the humanity in all the characters that I play, so in a way they are all aspects of me, I guess.”

We couldn’t agree more, as it is clear that Julian is just as passionate about food as Death was. He spent a lot of his panel expounding on his love of pizza–Chicago style is the best in his opinion–and how pepperoni was considered a special snack in England, and how delighted he was to find it so readily available on pizza in the US.

Jay: Julian was a ball of energy, he was funny and insightful, and I don’t think I’d have that much energy on a normal day let alone in front of hundreds of other people.

Dawn: I loved his “awkward schoolboy dance” every time he talked about having grown up in England.

When a fan inquired as to how, with such a bubbly personality, did Julian’s agent think he would make a good Death? We loved his response:

“I have cheekbones, I have an English accent, so right away it’s like: bad guy. So I’m always the creep who kills people in the first two minutes of the movie and then by five minutes in, I’m dead! I’m that guy.”

Julian really gave us some insight as to how he got involved with playing the character Death, how the producers were looking more for the dynamic between the Four Horseman than they were strictly looking for Death. So when he was asked to read for one of the Horseman, he actually read for Pestilence.

When I got offered the job … I thought oh great I’m going to play Pestilence, and my agent said, ‘Oh no you’re going to play Death.’ Oh yes, Death, yes … So it goes back to one of the earlier question. Sure, I play Death but I try to bring as much humanity to Death as possible and see him as part of the cycle of life.”

After sharing a wonderfully personal and slightly horrible story of how he got a concussion by running head first into a plate-glass window while trying to catch a bus, he milked the crowd for all the aww’s he could get. It was adorable, especially when he politely said Thank you, after each chorus of aww. Julian Richings panel was entertaining and delightful. He was highly energetic and fully embraced the fans and their questions. By the end of it all it had been decided: Death Lives. Now we just have to wait for the writers to get on board.

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There’ll Be Sleep When You are Done: Supernatural JaxCon 2017

“You people are devoted, and dirty, and we love you!” — Richard Speight Jr., JaxCon 2017 intro

“This fandom, fans, there’s nothing like you. You are a small change in the world. You get behind us, you back us up.” — Mark Sheppard, JaxCon 2017.

Posted by Dawn and Jaymee
Photography by Shannon Laree Photography aka @reelnerdy (unless otherwise noted)

DAWN: I love sleep. So much. It’s probably my favorite hobby and I have long been trying to figure out how to get someone to pay me to sleep. Now, you may be asking, “Hey, lady, wtf does sleep have to do with JaxCon? Shut up and talk about the boys already.” Well, let me quickly answer that–Over the JaxCon weekend, I probably got 12, maybe 14ish hours of sleep. And I was having so much damn fun that I literally thought, “Whatever. I’ll sleep when I’m dead*.”

*”Dead” does not include all the times we died and went to fangirl heaven. Which were many, at JaxCon.

JAY: I had a lot of expectations going into this con, I love conventions and have spanned the USA, from east to west coast and a few places in between, attending cons of all different topics and genres. Cons are kinda my hobby. I have to say nothing I expected even came close to how much I enjoyed the Panels. Of all the conventions I’ve attended, of all the functions put on at these varied cons, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed anything as much as I enjoyed listening to the actors of Supernatural speak.

Let’s get Dawn’s obvious bias but still very true observation out of the way first — Richard Speight, Jr. is an amazing emcee and a gift** to Supernatural conventions and the fandom. Also, Rob Benedict and Louden Swain are the perfect accompaniment to said emcee and also every single panel. We may never be able to get Rob singing “Mr. Crowley” out of our heads, and we are totally fine with that. (Dear Louden Swain: Please do a cover album of all the SPN panel intros. Everyone will buy it, we promise. Love, us)

**Jay would like it noted that since we’ve only experienced a con emceed by Rob and Rich, we really can’t comment on his/their skill versus, say, Kim and Bri, but since we usually let Dawn gush about Rich, we are going to allow it here too.

SPN cons are a whirlwind. You run from panel to photo-op to panel to autographs to random guitar sessions someone just tweeted about to cramming food down your throat and trying desperately to remember to hydrate, and then suddenly it’s time for dinner and a quick shower and getting ready for the nighttime events on Friday and Saturday. There’s also meeting people, making friends, shopping, and, like any fun ride, a lot of waiting on lines. Then you get up in the morning and do it all over again, for anywhere from two days to four, depending on how early you got there and how much you decided to do.

And then you get home and finally break out of, what the fans have dubbed “the post-con depression,” you have to figure out how the hell to organize it all so you can post an article about it all. Thank Chuck we live-tweeted this con so that we have things to jog our memory. We’ve thought about how to do this report and decided to take it in two parts,  person-by-person, with two bonuses for karaoke and the Saturday Night Special concert.

Here’s the thing about this fandom and this show, for those who might be unfamiliar. It’s called the SPNFamily for good reason, and one of the strongest reasons behind it is how much the actors themselves make themselves part of that family. Being part of the SPN Family was a tremendous part of the weekend and was mentioned in almost every panel, by almost every actor, and always in a positive, smiling, heartfelt way. They say they love being part of this family and we believe them, because they back it up, from campaigns like Always Keep Fighting and You are Not Alone to every amazing story about meeting the actors at cons or by accident, and how welcoming and genuine those meetings were every time.

JAY: This convention took place during the Women’s March, which was a global event, a global movement, to draw attention to women’s rights. I for one, was shocked and pleased to see how much the social and political climate affects the actors on this show and how much they spoke, eloquently, and most importantly positively about the movement and our role in it as fans. There was not one panel, not one moment, where the actors were on stage where they didn’t talk of solidarity, of coming together and being united, of how proud they were of what this fandom has done and will continue to do. I wasn’t expecting it.

DAWN: I would also like to throw-in special shout-outs to Misha Collins, Rob Benedict, and my boyfriend Richard Speight, Jr. for their tweet streams about the women’s marches. All three of them kept the tweets coming fast and strong Saturday. I thought I couldn’t love them more. I was wrong.

Jared and Jensen

We know what you want, it’s the boys first even though they were, in fact, one of the last things at the con. Sunday was their day, starting with the gold-only panel, which sadly we were not able to attend. We were at the normal panel, though, and it was a Chuck-damn delight.

Jared opened the panel by saying, “Who’s a first-timer? Welcome to the family.” And then it was question and answer time, and terrific stories. We learned the the one time Jensen came on set with his hair styled to the right Jared was so confused about what had changed and why Jensen looked ‘weird’ that now he can only ‘dress left’, as they say. The infamous “Pudding!” line from 5 x 11 was originally supposed to have been Sam’s, but when the boys saw the script, they decided it was ‘a Dean line’ and changed it. All those “Wanted” posters on the set? Names and pictures of real crew members. Jared confirmed Misha’s story about the time a pre-dad Jared fed Misha’s son sugar packets, then assured the audience that karma was paying him back because “according to my text messages, I currently have two demons at home.” Yes, Gen was texting him about their kids, and his face lights up with the most adorable smile every single time her name is mentioned, and his face, let us just tell you, the adorableness is fatal. In fact, when someone asked How the show has impacted his life on a personal level, he answered simply, “Well, I married Ruby.” The audience as a whole applauded and cheered. We love LOVE, people. What can I say? And Jared agrees:

“Now more than ever, it’s important to spread love and acceptance.”

Jared talks a lot more than Jensen, but Jensen got a few great things in, including something he’d like his kids to learn:

“Respect for others. It’s something I pride myself on.”

“My procrastination skills are amazing! But I don’t want my kids to learn that from me.”

It was our first experience with the pomp and circumstance that comes with the J2 panels ‘Final Question’. Rob Benedict comes back on stage to join Jensen in singing a short rift as Jared escorts the lucky fan on stage to ask… The Final Question.

Dawn: But IMO, Jensen’s shining moment came when a fan was brought on stage with them to ask the final question, and as Jared just chatted away busily, Jensen leaned right in, gave her a wink., and stole her attention utterly. It. Was. Hysterical.

Jay: I was completely enthralled at how Jared made it a point to ensure he maintained contact with the fan, keeping his hand on her shoulder. It was obvious that his goal was to ensure she felt safe and comfortable in, what could be, a very stressful situation. I was utterly impressed with the concern, care, compassion, and attention Jared showed in that moment and really, in every moment he has with the fans.


Lucky fan Kathleen Pereira getting the “how you doin’” look from Jensen Ackles (courtesy Diane Elyard)

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Don’t Fear the Reaper – Supernatural Recap – First Blood

source: ohmysupernatural.tumblr.com

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 9
“First Blood”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

The Road So Far: The last episode, “LOTUS,” saw the defeat* of Lucifer, we lost the human woman expecting Satan’s nephilim baby, and our boys were arrested by the Secret Service for trying to assassinate the “president.” Mary was still mostly M.I.A, Rowena and Crowley have done their patent disappearing act, and the British Men of Letters (BMoL) are always lurking in the background. And Castiel, well, he was left to pick up the pieces and deal with Sam and Dean going missing all on his own.

Dawn and Jay: *Defeat as in we think this is temporary and we will be seeing Lucifer again, soon.

First things first. 250 episodes. Two Hundred and Fifty Episodes!! What a 250th episode it was. “First Blood” was the episode we wanted, needed, the episode we didn’t even know we needed until it was there in front of us, demanding to be recognized for its brilliance. “First Blood” hit so many points we, and the entire fandom, have been waiting for. It pulled on our heart-strings, made us laugh in a way that only the pop culture sass of a Winchester can, and it reaffirmed the many, many reasons we have stayed with this show and supported its many twists, turns, transgressions, and redemptions for as long as we have. It made us once again thankful for the heart and soul the actors, directors, crew, and fans have put into making Supernatural reach a place very few other TV shows have gone, now 12 seasons strong.

Now with that out-of-the-way, let’s start: Blood and Family.

Blood: Dean and Sam

This episode showcased the brothers really taking control of their lives. No longer swept along in the turmoil of “destiny,” being pushed and pulled, torn apart and always reacting to what’s happening around them, they take charge. It’s also the first time we get some true and honest perspective on just how dangerous these brothers really are. You know, after breaking out of a top-secret, not on any map, military compound.

source: littlehobbit13.tumblr.com

For all of the times we have seen Sam and Dean go up against some mythical creature, god, demigod, demon, witch, King of Hell, angel, archangel, or, you know, Satan, we very rarely see them go up against plain old humans. We have spent seasons with them fighting huge, monumental, apocalypse-level threats, and because of this, it is incredibly easy to forget how truly, practically dangerous the Winchesters are. Our perspective of their abilities is skewed by all the supernatural threats, so it was both terrifying and refreshing to see them put their ample training and natural abilities up against their own kind.

source: justjensenanddean.tumblr.com

source: themeglosaurus.tumblr.com

Sam and Dean are truly capable and absolutely terrifyingly dangerous to everyone, human or not. Their skills are shown in a stark light as they face off against some of the United States Government’s most highly trained soldiers. But there is something there besides the danger–there is mercy. Because while the boys make easy work of these soldiers, they do it without mortally wounding anyone. They hold back; they show restraint; they provide aid and assistance and ensure that everyone makes it out alive. They take found objects and Home Alone the crap out of these highly trained soldiers, because they do not want to kill, because they do not kill bystanders, because no matter what the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, or the local police say, they are not mindless serial killers. They hunt things. They save people. That is the family business.

source: supernaturaldaily.tumblr.com

And that’s another thing “First Blood” gave us. It gave us vindication, validation, verification! The Winchesters are heroes. They save people, all people. They saved the world multiple times. We know it, and it felt like finally, they know it, too. The hunter community knows it. The angels, demons, and Alphas know it, and it’s about Chuck damn time the humans knew it. This was monumental for Sam and Dean–to speak to someone outside of the hunter community about what they have done for the world.

source: itsokaysammy.tumblr.com

Family: Castiel and Mary Winchester

We take what Bobby said to heart, and “First Blood” really solidified it for us: “Family don’t end with blood.” And if you talk to either Dawn or Jay, the Winchesters are made up of four people: Dean, Sam, Mary, and Castiel. This episode made it clear just how much Castiel has become part of their family. The absolute turmoil he went through, the pain and confusion, the isolation; we wept, we cried, we cursed, and we broke down.

DAWN: And now, an appeal to the Academy for Television Arts & Sciences: Please give Misha Collins an Emmy. While all of the actors did an amazing job in this episode, it was our beloved Misha who took our breath away.


We, the fans, were Castiel in this episode. Part of our family was missing. Who can we turn to? Who was left? Crowley flat out says no. Mary hasn’t quite lived up to the standard yet, and she had a hell of a nerve giving Castiel shit. We cheered when he stood up to her–she asked why he had left the boys, why he didn’t turn to her for help, and his response of “You were out” was everything we have been wanting someone to say to her. Castiel stepped up because Castiel always steps up, because that is what family does.

JAY: I really feel that Mary “scolding” Castiel for losing the boys was projection. She was angry with herself, for not being there, for leaving, for abandoning them when it was so obvious they needed her. She took that realization out on the one person who has always and will always be there for Sam and Dean, the one person who everyone always relies on. It was so powerful when Castiel showed her what she was doing, showed her why no one turned to her for help. I think this moment in the episode was pivotal for Mary. I think it woke something up inside of her, some missing piece slotted into place and finally it all clicked.

Mary’s struggles continue, but she is coming along. All her contacts may be dead or retired, but there’s a job to be done. She hunts what needs hunting while working with Castiel to find the boys, which somehow doesn’t seem to be hitting her as hard as it it hitting him. When Castiel reminds her exactly how long they have been gone–6 weeks, 2 days, and 10 hours–it’s like she finally realizes this is real. Her KIDS are MISSING. They are captive and missing. WAKE UP, MOM. It takes Castiel suggesting a return to tried and true methods of going to Crowley and Rowena in order to find them for Mary to really go all-in. Refusing to take the same routes the boys so oft do, she turns down the King of Hell and his mama.

JAY: Which honestly, thank goodness. I am so tired of a Winchester making a deal with a demon, reaper, Death himself, in order to sort out a problem. It always leaves me floundering as to what the consequences are, because nothing is free and often these types of solutions tend to exacerbate the problem.

DAWN: Well, yes, but I am not sure the people they DO make the deal with are the smarter option. In some ways, I feel like it’s far worse.

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“The Devil Went Down to DC; he was lookin’ for a soul to steal” – Supernatural Recap – LOTUS

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 8
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

Amidst questions of “Too soon?”, SPN writers took a ‘haters gonna hate’ attitude and went right for the jugular with Lucifer’s story arch for the mid-season finale. Social commentary? Political intrigue? Sex, love and threats of nuclear warfare? We’ve got it all, as you will see, since Lucifer has found his vessel, the one and only P.O.T.U.S; President of the United States. GET IT! We did LOTUS, P.O.T.U.S, yeah we see what you did there. (And, TBH, no one was really questioning Lucifer as the Commander in Chief, in fact quite a lot of Twitter thought it would be a vast improvement, but we digress.)

The mid-season finale for S12 was overall very good, Hell, some points were down right amazing, But there were a few issues, which didn’t surprise the fandom because this ep was written by Bucklemming, the two-person writing team of Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming who have consistently made the worst writing decisions ever on this show. If you tell an SPN fan that Bucklemming are writing, we expect errors, things we will hate, and general groans of “That trick never works.” If you are new to the fandom but also someone who has binged like a MoFo in order to be up to date, let us give you a few examples of fucking Bucklemming:

  • The vengeful, racist truck? –> Bucklemming
  • Killing Kevin? –> Bucklemming
  • Killing Charlie OFFSCREEN FFS?? –> Bucklemming
  • Cas getting “honey-trapped” and then killed (and then saved but that’s not the point)? –> Bucklemming
  • That “yeah, I get it; he’s a fan” bullshit from S9E21? –> Bucklemming

We could go on, but we won’t. Except we will, for just this little bit more.

JAY: YO! I fucking hate those guys, Chuck damn it. They took both Charlie and Kevin! Not cool bros; not cool at all. You know what? That’s it, I’m bringing back those chain letter emails that make you forward them to 10 of your friends or else you get bad luck and I’m going to make it my mission to fill their Bucklemming inboxes! Hell, I’ll even send them snail mail. Like when your Grandma finds a cute cat picture and prints it out and mails it to you, BUT WITH BAD LUCK, yeah, that’s me bitches. I’m gonna rain some serious Hoodoo down on these jokers! BRB, I gotta go buy some stamps.

DAWN: It’s like they don’t watch their own show. They are the reason SPN needs to hire a fandom/mythos consultant. They don’t know the mythos, or else they do and they just don’t care because they do what they want. I want to meet them, sit them down, and explain how character arcs work, also with maybe a lecture on the hero’s journey, how mythology works, and how to do their damn job. As a professional writer and editor, they are a personal affront to me, and I want to kick them in the shins. Hard.

JAY: I will lend you my combat boots. They are designed for shin kicking.

We said last week that we got the band back together, but this time we really mean it because yas, queen, Rowena and her flawless eyeshadow joined the party this week. Every single scene with Rowena and Crowley was PERFECTION, and yes, we are shocked to say that given the writers. But credit where credit is due, though we are giving most of the credit to Mark Sheppard–who both Dawn and Jaymee agree is absolute perfection, especially when paired with Ruth Connell. Their chemistry is getting better and better, every time we are blessed with their presence on the screen; in their precious, adorable, dysfunctional way, we squeal with delight.

Crowley’s little self-satisfied smirk at the end. We ship it. Familyship is also a ship, shut up. Source: adoringjensen.tumblr.com

But anyway, back to Lucifer. He took a brief body-hopping tour of the rich and the powerful, including a bishop who makes crosses turn upside down when he walks past them, because it’s not like the devil is supposed to be subtle or anything. Oh and also, Bucklemming, you morons, Catholic bishops don’t wear red. CARDINALS wear red. Get it? Cardinals? Red? Research. It’s a thing.

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

DAWN: Seriously, I want to punch them.

JAY: They write scripts like bad FanFictions. No research, no background, just whatever I say goes, goes. WELL NO, that’s not how this works. . .you know what, just whatever.

So Lucifer finally lands where he wants to be — in the body of the President of the United States, who is also a widower and a Catholic. Now, we were not privy to the entire internal convo between President Jeff and Luci, so we have no idea how he talked a Catholic President into giving control to the First of the Fallen. Because that’s not important plot point or anything, right? From what we could gather, they’re going to be partners and better humanity or something like that; it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense that anyone devout would just be like, “Sure, Satan, have my meat suit,” but whatever. We found we had to do that a few times this episode. Just “whatever,” and enjoy the ride. So, yeah, Lucifer is president and also he was a virgin. No, seriously. This was a way better plot point, Virgin Lucifer, because why not.

source: onthelandofmydreams.tumblr.com

Yeah. We know.

Oh and because this show doesn’t have ENOUGH Daddy issues, he’s also going to be a father. Of a Nephilim. Great. Again, we know. Angel Radio loses its shit. Castiel almost collapses from the pressure of all the Angels everywhere freaking out all at once; because apparently Lucifer’s Nephilim isn’t just a regular nephilim, no, it’s like a super-powered, seriously dangerous Nephilim.

source: bridget-malfoy-stilinski-hale.tumblr.com

So, the plan, according to Dean, is “impeach LOTUS, find Rosemary’s baby.” Excellent summation, Dean. The brothers and Cas head out to intercept Lucifer but they get pulled over by the Secret Service because LOTUS (yes, this is happening) told his men that the boys are cult members, planning to assassinate him. But luckily, the cavalry arrives. No, not Crowley and Rowena. It’s, uh, “Arthur Ketch, British Men of Letters,” who thinks he can boss Castiel around like he is some sort of tool to be kept between the shotguns and the grenade launchers. Again, yeah, we know.

source: bagginshield.tumblr.com

Ketch is smug bastard and only involved because sneaky Sam called him. Kinda. He called and then hung up, but that was enough for the British Men of Letters to send in reinforcement. Honestly, why Sam felt he had to call the B.M.O.L., we truly don’t know. And as we’ve said in the past, hiding things from your brother always works so well, doesn’t it, Sam? #NOT. Anyway, he did it and it’s done and now Ketch is here. Team Free Will is like, “Uh, no.” More so when the smug bastard calls Cas, “Halo.”

You tell ’em, Cas. source: disneyandthefamilybusiness.tumblr.com

DAWN: Shin kicks for everyone.

JAY: I think Mr. Ketch is growing on me. At least he’s getting Cas to stand up for himself again, and Dean was maybe a little turned on over that grenade launcher. I know I was.

DAWN: He’s a smug douchecanoe and I hope he steps on Legos.

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“We’re getting the band back together.” – Supernatural Recap – Rock Never Dies

source: bringmepieassbutt.tumblr.com

source: bringmepieassbutt.tumblr.com

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 7
“Rock Never Dies”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

Thank Chuck for Robert Berens. The Season 12 head writer never fails to deliver. We have made our love for him clear already, and he is also our favorite SPN writer to flatter on Twitter, because he is doing a hell of a job at the helm. This episode was a little disjointed in places, yes, but it still worked, and it seemed to progress the primary plot line, we think…? Because at this point it’s still not really clear exactly where our main plot is. Stopping Lucifer? Sending him back to the cage? Working on his Daddy issues again? We could speculate all day. The point is, we’re not sure.

DAWN: I am of the opinion that it might have been done that way on purpose, that it was supposed to quick and jarring and a little all over the place in order to set and maintain the tone of chaos that this Lucifer is bringing. Because this Devil DGAF, and he had the monologue to prove it.

JAY: So yeah, this was flash and bang all over the place, jumping from one scene to another, it may have been intentional, most of this ep’s POV was Lucifer, so maybe the viewers were being shown the world from his view but honestly I’m done with this Lucifer. He’s darker than anything we’ve seen on this show in a long time. Even Azazel didn’t make a lady carve his name into her chest. Granted, he did cut open Mommy’s womb and burn her on the ceiling but still, we only got that second-hand. And honestly maybe it was the guy liner, but I don’t think Azazel was ever as creepy as Vince was. Maybe that’s due to Azazel having a plan, having order and Lucifer was pure anarchy. IDK I was creeped out and I’m sorta glad we are done with Rick, who don’t get me wrong was great, but also… really fucking creepy. *shivers*

DAWN: That’s exactly why I love him. We have been missing a real, proper, evil bad guy for a long time. This Lucifer had terrific potential.

We got the band back together!. No, not Ladyheart, but Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley, all ready to fight the big baddie himself, Lucifer, still in the form of Vince Vincente, rock star, and a newly — if temporarily — revitalized vessel. Whom our boys have to chase to LA, much to Dean’s chagrin. This episode gave us a few fond family moments, like Dean playing not-Words-with-Friends-at-all-we-swear with Mary, who’s “not quite ready for Snapchat.” (We kinda can’t wait until she is.) Also, the scene with Sam and Dean in the car, with Sam trying everything he can to assure his brother that, no, of course he is not listening to Vince Vincente and Ladyheart! It’s totally just boring history podcasts that Dean would have no interest in whatsoever. But Dean is no fool! He remembers Season 10×17 “Inside Man.”

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
source: themegalosaurus.tumblr.com

JAY: I really like moments like these because it’s obvious that Sam has an idea of what Dean thinks about him and he tries to play it up, reinforce the nerdy bookworm stereotype as Dean tries to enforce the meathead persona he often has. Also Sam’s not a good liar, especially to people he cares about, and it’s moments like this when he’s put on the spot and has to stumble through that make him so endearing.

DAWN: When Dean finally proves what Sam is listening to, it becomes every conversation I had with my younger sister about music in the late 80s. Dean, I have never felt closer to you.

There are our boys again, snarking at each other and acting like two siblings trapped in a car for far too many hours. Love. So much love.

Before we get into the whole reunion, we need to talk about Mark Sheppard. Hail to the King, baby. Crowley was altogether back this ep, in all his dark, snark, rightfully-arrogant glory, and oh my Chuck, have we missed him. Please, someone give Mark Sheppard some awards, please? No one chews scenery better than him, and his Crowley is just glorious. Also? “Hello boys.” There is no better greeting on this show. Dawn will hear no argument on this.

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

source: canonspngifs.tumblr.com

JAY: Sorry beautiful, I’m totally going to argue for “Hello Dean.” as the most perfect greeting in the show. So… there.

DAWN: You are a treasonous trollop.

Mad props to the special effects makeup department as well, for handling Lucifer’s first appearance after Rowena banished him to the bottom of the ocean in a decaying vessel. That makeup was so well done. You could feel the ick and the ooze.

source: castielamigos.tumblr.com

source: castielamigos.tumblr.com

Robert Berens’ writing of the opening scene went perfectly with it, as two black-robed yahoos tried to summon the devil. It was perfectly reminiscent of so many 80s horror comedies involving that very same trope. Beautifully done, guys.

Oh! And Berens made it clear, via cell phone screen, that it’s Cass, not Cas, and fandom freaked out on Twitter because they are not letting go of “Cas.” It’s kind of adorable how the writer – the HEAD WRITER, people – kind of apologized. The fan service this cast and crew gives us is wonderful, and it’s part of the reason the show and the fandom has held on for so damn long. Robert Berens, never change. Never.

JAY: He didn’t kinda apologize HE SAID HE FAILED US! #CasNotCass He knew what he did and he knew it was wrong….

DAWN: He’s the WRITER. But, yes, ok, saying he failed us was adorable.

Yes, Astroglide live tweets Supernatural. They are a treasure. source: spnapplepie

Yes, Astroglide live tweets Supernatural. They are a treasure. source: spnapplepielife.tumblr.com

DAWN: Also, Headbanger’s Ball references. Like three of them. As we said on our twitter, Berens, we missed you, Never leave us again.

Los Angeles was the main scene for this ep — “My city,” as Crowley calls it, and damn if it isn’t right because it seems accurate to us. Ladyheart’s reunion is all over social media and people are excited, and there are groupies and secret shows. Lucifer has an ulterior motive, of course, and one poor groupie finds that out the hard way. Plus the rest of Ladyheart doesn’t seem as into this as Vince himself. Gee, we wonder why.

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“Reunited (And It Feels So Good)” – Supernatural Recap – Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

Source: prettyboydean

Source: prettyboydean

Supernatural Season 12, Episode 5
“Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”
Posted by Dawn and Jaymee

Yeah, we went there with the song lyric and we are not sorry. Because after “The One You’ve Been Waiting For” left us cold and kind of appalled, Steve Yockey turned out to actually have been the one we were waiting for when he gifted us with an episode that was all we ever wanted and more. Hunters galore, a family dynamic that actually went where we wanted it to go, and terrific one-liners. Sure, we missed Cas and Crowley – again – (who are thankfully back next ep) and we’d like to get back to the overarching mythos of the season (and more Rick Springfield, please), but this episode was our everything and we just couldn’t be happier.

The Hunters

So. Many. Hunters!! We have never seen a happy gathering of hunters before, and we had no idea how much we needed it until it happened. Yes, we had the roadhouse, but mostly that was just quiet hunters drinking on their own. We’ve seen other hunters before, but that rarely ended well. This time was different. This time, we had a shitload of hunters at a proper Irish wake, getting drunk, telling stories, and having as good a time as is possible at a funeral that also ends up with a demon body-hopping like mad. When our boys first showed up and everyone was like “Holy crap, The Winchesters?”, Dawn cheered out loud. Sam had a fanboy, for Chuck’s sake. It was glorious.


Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs


Source: subcas

Source: subcas

JAY: Yeah, yeah, Sam’s fan boy was glorious, or maybe not, because honestly that’s every episode so far that they have brought up Sam’s time with Lucifer, so this is either foreshadowing or just…What…what is this?! WE KNOW ABOUT LUCIFER! We were there! We know, so unless you are bringing back Mark Pellegrino as Luci, I just don’t want to hear about it anymore. Jesus, Sammy, we get it. Lucifer’s chosen son. I’m over it. #BringBackMark

DAWN: That “he said that she said that Garth said” line might have been my fave line of the entire ep. And also, shut up, I love Rick as Luci. I loved Mark too, but this is a new Lucifer and I am liking the darkness Rick brings to him. #youbetterlovesomebody

Speaking of legends, pour one out for Asa. He had such potential and we wish there had been a lot more of him. The tales of his exploits were legendary in the community, to the point where there is a hunter drinking game based on them. Sure, his mother is an asshole, but from all we saw, Asa was well-loved and well-respected. We hadn’t seen a lot of that among hunters in previous seasons and we would have liked to get to know him better. Also, apparently he and Jody were a thing, and she kinda blushes when she talks about it.

The Banes Twins, Alicia and Max were young, hot, snarky, and competent. They were raised by a witch who taught them about bad witches, and good witches, and also some surprisingly helpful magic (apparently that’s more Max’s territory). We love them. Bring them back soon. Or give them a spinoff. (We ask for a lot of spinoffs, don’t we? Sorrynotsorry about that.)

s5 s6 s7

Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

JAY: Did we say hot cause, dayumn, I could look at Max’s face all day and never get bored. Sadly, apparently not his type.

DAWN: Yes, you are missing a vital piece of equipment.

And in case you were wondering if it was official, yes, Sheriff Jody “BAMF” Mills is a bona fide hunter now, not just to the Winchesters, but to the hunter community at large, and everybody loves her. There are rumors and tall tales about her. She is Chuck-damn famous already.

Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

Seeing how Jody, who in reality is a relatively new hunter, has already found herself a place in the hunter community really gets us thinking about the support system the Winchesters have been going without. Sure, they have Cas, but really who else do they have? Jody finding her feet in the community so quickly puts a stark light on how withdrawn and solitary our boys have become. Gone are the days of Ellen, Jo, Bobby, Rufus and Ash, our extended little hunter family. The rumors and legends about the “marveled and mysterious Winchester brothers” are, perhaps, so exaggerated because virtually no one in their own community knows them well enough to do more than that. Sure, the tales of bravery are super fun, but they don’t hold a candle to the reality of what our boys have done – good and bad.


Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

It makes us wonder, how could things have gone differently and who, if anyone, would show up to salt and burn of one of our boys? Where is their family, their community, their support? And don’t think they don’t know what they are missing. But maybe that’s the point. Push everyone away because they will only get hurt if you let them in. Chuck knows, that’s been Dean’s line since the beginning. He’s wrong, of course, but we understand why it’s not easy to make him see that.

Source: canonspngifs

Source: canonspngifs

With Jody such a stable figure in the hunter community, well, honestly, we don’t ever want to hear how SPN can’t write strong female characters ever again because look at her. Bask in her glory. Revel in her BAMFness. She is Wayward AF and we couldn’t love her – or the amazing Kim Rhodes, who plays her – more. In fact, more on Jody in the next section.

Can we get some mad applause for Billie the Reaper? She is a hunter in her own right – a hunter of Winchester souls, if she has her way. While we desperately miss Death and long for his return, Billie is filling those shoes like whoa. Here we have another strong, strong woman, the Reaper who has taken over for Death himself and who has no time for nonsense of the Winchester brand. (Also Lisa Berry, the actress who plays her, is so effing beautiful, she makes our hearts ache with both admiration and jealousy.)

s13 s14 s15

Source: subcas

Source: subcas

JAY: So there is something so ethereal about Billie, and I don’t know if it’s the fact that she doesn’t blink, like ever, or if it’s her flawless complexion. I want to think it’s that she doesn’t blink. It separates her from humanity, reminds us that she is unearthly, a being beyond that of mortals. She has this way of staring at her target, much like Cas does, but with Billie it is as if she already knows the answer, where Cas is still searching for it. With Billie we get these deep obsidian pools of her eyes, wide, large, eyes that draw you in compel you and the fact that she like never blinks, that there is never any reprieve from her gaze…well shit. It’s almost creepy! Totally everything a rules-abiding Reaper of Death should be.

DAWN: It’s her entire being—her stance, her walk, her expressions. Billie is not to be fucked with and every single thing about her makes that clear.

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