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“Are You Drunk Already?” – NYCC 2014, Day 2



Posted by Kim and Sage


We’re running on little to no sleep. We’re already planning the yoga/massages/full on spinal realignment we’ll be getting after this thing is over. And Kim clued me in yesterday to a handy little tip: preemptively pop the Advil. Your lower back will thank you. Those concrete Javits center floors are unforgiving.  (Kim checked her iPhone fitness tracker last night and it showed that we walked 6.8 miles yesterday.  No wonder our feet hurt.)

But I took the subway into the city in full Peter Quill cosplay yesterday morning while everyone else was commuting in for work, so who can complain? Comic Con is a marathon, not a sprint. And we’ll sleep when we’re dead. DAY TWO.

– Entry was considerably more organized on Friday morning, so points for improvement. Without a main stage panel on our must-list, we were spared the Queue Hall lines for a day. Instead, Kelly (the TV Mouse), Kim, and I walked the floor, pretending to look at merch but actually mentally preparing to be in the presence of Gillian Anderson, whose autograph session we were heading to later. We failed.

We did snag this variant cover of the FIRST Sleepy Hollow comic ever though.

We did snag this variant cover of the FIRST Sleepy Hollow comic ever though.

– We’d all wracked our brains to come up with the perfect item for Gillian to sign. The price of the autograph usually includes a nice glossy photo for those who haven’t come with anything from home. And of course Gillian’s table had some gorgeous shots (including my personal favorite: Bedelia and her wine), but glossy 8×10’s are for amateurs. Kelly brought a “Mulder, It’s Me” print; Kim brought a gorgeous Mulder and Scully fan art; and I brought the “I Want To Believe” poster I’ve had since I was 14 years old. It was literally the first thing I ever ordered from the internet.

We are not ready/worthy.

We are not ready/worthy.

– She looked stunning, obviously, and was poised, relaxed, and friendly. Rules are strict about photos in the autograph line, but that’s alright. We each had our moment. Kim told Gillian about the X-Files license plate she had in college; I told her she was fabulous in Streetcar (AS IF SHE DOESN’T KNOW) and asked her if they were bringing it to New York (“We’re trying!”) But new X-Files convert Kelly maybe won this session. Because Gillian signed her “Mulder, it’s me.” print like so:

Mulder, it’s me.



Gillian Anderson

By the way, if you haven’t checked out Kelly’s “Times Mulder and Scully Should Have Made Out This Week” posts, you must. I’ve been eagerly anticipating them every week, because I enjoy watching my friends fall apart in real time over the ship-of-all-ships.

– The temporary barricades in the Javits are the opposite of sturdy, so they hit the ground all the time. (And everyone cheers, like in high school when people dropped chairs in the cafeteria.) Anyway, a showboater tried to swoop under the barricade to join Gillian’s line. As soon as he grabbed the pole, it went down and so did he. Apparently Gillian’s response was “Are you drunk already?”, which Kelly and Kim failed to tell me until the end of the day. We are no longer speaking.


– Then it was back to the floor. Thursday was busier than ever this year, but Friday felt like the real kick-off of the Con. The Exhibitors hall was packed with cosplayers, us among them. Kim got lots of love for her “Fires of Pompeii Donna Noble” (and should seriously consider going red for a while); Kelly was a screen-accurate River Song; and, going rogue and deviating from the Who theme, I went for a femme-y Star Lord. It’s ironic, because neither Donna nor River would stand for any of Peter’s nonsense. Imagine River and Star Lord in the same room though. The flirting. The galaxy can’t even handle them right now.


– And now, a Day 2 cosplay photo dump!



If you've failed this city, look out.

If you’ve failed this city, look out.

Tragedy strikes NYCC.

Tragedy strikes NYCC.


Consider this my missed connections post, because I think this Chris Pratt lookalike and I need to get married yesterday.

Consider this my missed connections post, because I think this Chris Pratt lookalike and I need to get married yesterday.

One of the little boys in the picture asked to touch Khaleesi's dragon and she said, "Yes. Because you asked." #cosplayisnotconsent

One of the little boys in the picture asked to touch Khaleesi’s dragon and she said, “Yes. Because you asked.” #cosplayisnotconsent



An excellent Bob Belcher

An excellent Bob Belcher

– After a refuel in the food truck lot (yesterday, Greek), we went searching for The Mary Sue lounge. I’d gotten the scoop from a Mary Sue editor that the lounge was relatively chill and not at all busy, unlike the Press Lounge which is a little more frantic this year. It’s kind of a heavenly respite. There are bean bag chairs, charging stations, a reading nook, free wi-fi, and CRAFTS.

Let me tell you how soothing it was to just sit and color for 15 minutes.

Let me tell you how soothing it was to just sit and color for 15 minutes.

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“I’m A Really Big Star, You Guys.” – NYCC 2014, Day One

"On Thursdays We Wear Scully."

“On Thursdays We Wear Scully.”

Posted by Kim and Sage

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  Convention Season (because that’s what it is…we have THREE conventions in the next 5 weeks!) kicked off this morning with the first day of New York Comic-Con.  For the second year in a row, we’re proud to be accredited members of the press (we’re so fancy!), so we’ll be bringing you all the scoop, cosplay, celebrities, and panel highlights from all four days of the con.  And this time, because we believe in spreading joy, we’ve got friends with us. TV Mouse Kelly is covering the con for the Entertainment Weekly community (so be sure to look for her posts there) and several friends from Twitter came in for the party as well.  Because NYCC is always better with friends!  Day One was jam-packed, so let’s get right to it, shall we?

– We arrived at the Javits Center bright and early this morning to queue up for main stage panels.  NYCC is trying something different this year with the main stage.  Unlike previous years, they are clearing the room between panels, so there is no camping out in the main room all day just to wait for a panel late in the afternoon (a BIG difference from the famous Hall H at SDCC).  This is good because it potentially allows more people to see the marquee panels, as there are separate lines for each panel, and then wristbands are given out once the line is capped, so you are free to leave the line and then come back for your panel later in the day.  The BAD thing about this new policy is that it makes it hard for you to do more than one panel in the main room, so you are forced to choose which one you want to do the most.  And then things like THIS happen:

Sage all alone in the Bob's Burgers Panel Line.

Sage all alone in the Bob’s Burgers Panel Line.

That’s right.  The unthinkable happened.  As I wanted to do the Disney Studios panel and Sage wanted to do the Bob’s Burgers panel, we were forced to separate for a big chunk of Day One.  It was terrible and can never happen again.  Until it happens tomorrow.

– Once our wristbands for the panel were acquired, Sage went off to the press session for Bob’s Burgers while I did what I do best…I got seats on the third row in the center for the Big Hero 6 and Tomorrowland panel.  2014 marks the first time Disney Studios had a major panel for New York Comic-Con and they did not disappoint.  The first half of the panel (moderated by everyone’s favorite Nerd, Chris Hardwick) focused on the latest project from Disney Animation, Big Hero 6.  We were shown several EXCLUSIVE (until they released them on the internet moments later) clips from the movie, which looks FANTASTIC.  I had seen the trailer several times and had always giggled at the lovable inflatable robot Baymax as he tried to squeeze his giant belly into a suit of armor or when he would cover his punctures with scotch tape, but I did not expect to be as DELIGHTED as I was by all the footage.  It was so clever, and it had all the visual gags for the kiddies and the super sharp dialogue for the grown-ups that we’ve come to expect from Disney.  If you were a fan of Wreck-It Ralph (that movie is a GEM), you’re going to love Big Hero 6.

The Voice Cast of Big Hero 6

The Voice Cast of Big Hero 6

– One of my favorite moments of the Big Hero 6 panel was when Scott Adsit, who voices Baymax, expressed his sheer delight and awe that he was on the main stage at New York Comic-Con.  “I always come to this con,” he said. “And I can NEVER get into this room because of crazy people like all of you…and now here I am ON the stage.  It’s amazing.” Stars…they are nerds just like us.  (And my heart grew three sizes in that moment.)

– When asked about the arc for his character Hiro, Ryan Potter said, “He’s a kid who is on a wrong path until he meets Baymax and all these weird and cool geniuses…and they help him find his way and realize the good in him.” So what you’re SAYING is that this movie is going to leave me a blubbering mess, right?

– Up next was Tomorrowland, directed by Brad Bird and written by Damon Lindelof.  The movie is so super secret, I still can’t even tell you what it’s about.  And that’s not me smugly lording Comic-Con secrets over you (I’ll tell you when I am doing that, I promise).  That’s me saying that even with the footage they showed us, I STILL have no real idea what the movie is about.  But I know it looked awesome.



– When trying to describe her character Casey, Britt Robertson (RIP Life Unexpected) said “She’s a girl…(looks at Lindelof, terrified she’ll say something she’s not supposed to) and that’s all I’m going to say about that.”  Adorable little Raffey Cassidy literally recited a character description (“She’s full of Hope”) that Lindelof whispered in her ear.  And world treasure Hugh Laurie said “I’m a GOOD guy…or BAD…I just don’t know.”  It was amusing and ridiculous and everything you want Comic-Con to be.


On Being Cast: “I had dinner with these two. I don’t remember that dinner…just that suddenly I was in the movie.”

– Talk inevitably turned to Mega Movie Star George Clooney and what it was like to work with him.  Raffey and Britt sung his praises, but Hugh was having none of it.  “The thing no one is talking about is all of his shouting…and his drinking…JUST AWFUL HE IS.”




11 Ways San Diego Comic Con 2014 Ruined Our Lives

Michael Scott The Office Hurt Like a Motherfucker

Posted by Kim and Sage

Another San Diego Comic Con, another four days that most of us spend in abject agony, knowing that we’re (yet again) missing the fandom event of the year.

We know, we know. The Hall H lines are misery. But frankly, a 4am wake-up call doesn’t sound so bad to those of us watching it all go down through the lens of Tumblr and Twitter. (Especially when one of the Supernatural men brings you your caffeine fix.) Anyway, Kim and I are New Yorkers. We majored in line waiting.

Until we can finally make it there for Sesame Street panels and running into DanRad on the floor in full Spidey garb, we’ll have to settle for live tweets and dispatches from the TV Guide yacht and hope that a little bit of stardust from the lucky bastards who were there can rub off on us. For now, here are the eleven ways that SDCC completely ruined us.

1) The Avengers assemble for a massive lovefest.

Avengers Group Photo

Not since The Lord of the Rings have I been so obsessed with a group of men (and bonus ladies) so genuinely in love with each other.  Every member of Team Marvel is a delight on their own (don’t even get me started on my feelings for Mark Ruffalo right now) but something magical happens when the Avengers assemble.  Lots of hugging and kissing.  Lots of rough housing and shenanigans. Lots and lots of fangirl hearts exploding. It’s all just too much.  It’s going to be a sad sad sad sad when this group no longer has legitimate reasons to all gather with cameras everywhere to document their love.  I think Comic Con should just have a panel with them every year from here on out…even after the movies are done, because we should never live in a world without them together.  –Kim

Evans RDJ Hug

You probably heard that RDJ took the Hall H stage to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” and thew roses into the audience (“Playing” Tony Stark? Who’s playing?), but you may have missed it when he told a reporter the real deal about his castmates: “We don’t just hang out on press lines, you know. They’re like family to me.”

Evans Ruffalo Boob Grab

Of course the unapologetically bright Marvel-verse would cultivate this type of cast camaraderie. And maybe it’s not totally necessary for the protectors of our planet to be so damn lovable, but it certainly helps. I’ve got little use for dour superheroes. Dour superheroes aren’t gonna dub Chris Evans “Dorito” for no apparent reason or launch a full-scale assault on their fellow male friends’ pecs or publicly shame Mark Ruffalo (who we like, very much, just as he is) with their inhumanly large biceps.

In addition to flaunting their enviable friendships in our faces, the Avengers were in San Diego to drop an Age of Ultron teaser. Which certainly didn’t leak and which we certainly didn’t watch. Contraband trailer or no, we anxiously await that movie…and the kindergarten press tour that’ll come with it. –Sage

2) Community celebrates a new life at Yahoo Screen

Community Gillian Floor Bitch

There wasn’t much information at this panel regarding the miraculous sixth season of Community that will be airing on the internets (where most Community fans watched the show in the first place…hey-o!) mainly because I think contractual details are still being hammered out and writers are being hired, as much of the current staff has already moved on to new projects.  We DO know that Yahoo Screen is raging against the Netflix model by planning to release episodes weekly (THANK YOU JESUS cause you KNOW that it would all get binged and therefore spoiled for the people like me who can only binge on weekends) and that the show will probably be returning in early 2015.  As for how it will be received?  I think it was summed up perfectly when the panel said “Ratings?  Where we’re going, we don’t NEED ratings.”  It seems like Community was always destined for this and I think it will feel right at home in its corner of the internet.

It was a little sad only seeing 3 of our principal cast on the stage, as previous Comic Cons have featured almost the entire cast.  But Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, and Jim Rash were delightful as always and clearly still in awe that they were even THERE celebrating a sixth season.  A SIXTH SEASON you guys!  We did it!!! The most overwhelming thing to me about Community at this year’s SDCC was the sheer amount of promotion that Yahoo gave it.  All the bathroom signs were the Greendale Human Being.  There were banners everywhere.  The local Subway turned into Shirley’s Sandwiches for the day on Thursday.  It was more promotion in a weekend than 5 seasons on NBC combined.  My heart swells with gratitude.  Thank you, Yahoo.

Also, Joel McHale?  I CANNOT WITH YOUR FACE.  How DARE you, sir.  –Kim

What she said. — Sage

3) Benedict Cumberbatch attends. Against all odds, not ripped to shreds.

sdcc benedict armSDCC Benedict Shoe Size 2
What’s miraculous is not that Benedict escaped Comic-Con in one piece but that he seemed truly delighted to be there.  It’s always the fear when a megastar comes to their first mega-con…that they will have no idea what to do when surrounded by that much love and adoration (we had that fear when Billie Piper went to Gally) and that they will freak out and never want to come again.  It was wonderful to see Benedict just drink it in.  He was delightfully cheeky in all of his Q&A’s and gleefully selfied with his Hobbit castmates (we’ll get to that later).  It was a joy.  Come back again, Benedict.  And next time…bring Sherlock with you.  –Kim

SDCC Benedict Gentleman

While he did sit on The Hobbit panel too, Benedict was actually at SDCC to promote The Penguins of Madagascar, of all things. Attendees were strictly forbidden from asking any Sherlock-related questions, so it was up to Ben to entertain a gathering of adoring Cumberbitches, none of whom had any idea Dreamworks was still making Madagascar movies. How’d he do it? Dick jokes, obviously.

Meanwhile, half of me is convinced that Benedict braved the San Diego beast just to have more things and people to point at in pictures. –Sage

SDCC Benedict Penguin

4) Stephen Amell’s got abs and he knows how to use them.

Stephen Amell SDCC No Regrets

We’ve seen our friends live-tweeting and screaming about Arrow for two seasons now.  Sage and I both held out on watching though…for reasons neither one of us can remember now.  What we DO know is that we’ve both watched half of season one since Comic-Con ended.  And that Stephen Amell wearing a shirt is a crime against humanity.  –Kim

SDCC Stephen Amell Abs Close-Up

Part of the reason I embarked on the Arrow marathon is that Stephen Amell is already a confirmed guest for New York Comic Con in October. And now I know what I’m asking him to do in our photo op. –Sage

SDCC Arrow Cast Clapping

5) No one is safe from the charm of the Sleepy Hollow cast.

SDCC Sleepy Hollow Marry Fuck Kill

I spent most of the weekend in the Tom Mison tumblr tag yelling “OH MY GOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH” at my computer screen.  Our reigning Sexiest Man Alive and Best Actor in a Drama was in rare form all weekend from playing MFK with historical figures to constantly expressing his love for John Noble to having the world’s SASSIEST eyebrow (how does it NOT have its own Twitter handle?).  The Sleepy Hollow delight didn’t stop with Tom though.  Nicole Beharie continued to prove that she has the world’s best facial expressions, Orlando Jones expressed his desire to be a unicorn (don’t we all want that?), and the rest of the cast gushed with love for their show and for each other.  I need this show back on my eyeballs post-haste.  Is it September 22nd yet? –Kim

SDCC Sleepy Hollow Orlando Jones

Sleepy Hollow is a show that was surely conceived with the Comic Con audience in mind. And if the concept wasn’t enough to hook the fandom, Fox went ahead and cast it with actors who seem born to sit on an SDCC dais. (“Hashtag Ichabbie!” – Tom Mison) I don’t anticipate a second season slump, but it’ll still be interesting to see where Sleepy takes its season one momentum. SDCC brought us new artwork, which seems to indicate that this new crop of episodes will be heavy on both the mythology and the scares, and a new clip of Crane in a bank, which seems to indicate that Ichabod has made little progress in conforming to the little inconveniences of the modern world. We wouldn’t want it any other way. –Sage

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Discussing Rose and The Doctor on CrashChords!

Posted by Kim

Earlier this week we sat down with our friends at Crash Chords to record a podcast in which we narrowed down our mammoth 49 Hour Rose and the Doctor Playlist into a more manageable hour-long mixtape.  It was not an easy task and Sage and I spent a good deal of time debating what songs we felt MOST signified the OTP that truly launched this site.  We were quite happy with our picks though and we sat down with the boys and discussed the songs themselves, both musically and how they fit into the playlist as a whole.  And then of course we discussed our feelings about how we felt the songs fit within the Doctor Who universe as a whole.

You can find the episode here.  Enjoy!

Podcasting Delirium!

Podcasting Delirium!

“Always the lead, darling.” – Falling All Over Paul McGann at Gallifrey One

Paul McGann Gally1 Panel

Posted by Sage

We GET it, Paul McGann.

You’re smooth and suave and enormously talented and infuriatingly nonchalant about all of it.

We’ve been double-teaming our Gallifrey One recaps with Kelly of The TV Mouse, our travel buddy and most direct “pay-it-forward” Whovian creation. She’ll readily agree that we destroyed her life with this fandom in general and David Tennant’s face, specifically. You can read part one of our adventures at the largest and longest running Doctor Who fan convention in the US here. Part two is here. If you read those already, you might have noticed that Kim and Kelly skimmed over all McGann (full name: Sexy Beast Paul McGann) specific happenings. Why? Because Paul deserves his own post. Always the lead, darling.

Paul McGann Whatever It Is You're Planning

Also, if he ever finds this, I’m moving to Karn.

Here at HoF, for better or for worse, we fall hard and we fall fast. It was 6am and I was still bleary-eyed from sleep when the BBC posted a pre-50th Anniversary webisode that finally opened my eyes to everything the Eighth Doctor could be. (For more waxing poetic on “Night of the Doctor” and Paul’s performance in it, check out our picks for the Best Performances of 2013.) So we’d been giddy about being in his presence at Gally since the day he was announced. We weren’t the only ones. A couple hours into day 1, we’d already swapped for handfuls of Eight-specific ribbons, including “The front crashes first, think it through,” and the two-fer of, “This is a ribbon,” and “But probably not the one you expected.” But there were at least two people in LAX Marriott that weekend who hadn’t yet had the experience of watching that 6-minute shove straight into womanhood. One was our friend Gillian. The other was Paul McGann.

So: Saturday morning, right after we watched “Closing Time” with live director commentary and willed Eleven to really french It’s-Always-Been-You-Craig this time, Paul came out on stage and settled in for his spotlight panel. And when I say he “settled in,” I MEAN IT.

Paul McGann Gally 1 Lounging

“Loungin'” – LL Cool J ft. Total and Paul McGann

I’m not fully convinced that Paul McGann has bones (though he’s free to prove it to me, hey-oooo), because he practically liquified himself onto the Marriott’s blood orange couches at every opportunity. My camera’s got a fly zoom, as you can see, but by the end of each of his panels, he’d sunk below the heads of people in front of us. This poor man’s bald spot was not supposed to be the focus of this photo, FYI.

To prove my point that Paul is half Irish/half the silver goo from Alex Mack, see this highly sophisticated time lapse photo series.

Paul McGann Is Sinking Gallifrey One

Paul McGann is Sinking Part 2 Gallifrey One

Paul McGann is Sinking Part Three Gallifrey One

Sidebar: Is that Bald Spot I see again in photo #2? Who did he screw to get an assigned seat?

Paul is just as chill professionally, since he didn’t even need to see a script before signing on do the webisode. Good thing, because Steven Moffat hadn’t written one yet. Paul told us that Moff was waiting until he got his actor on board before he penned the Eight to War Doctor regeneration story. No time for Moff to waste. He’s a busy man, what with all the character assassination he had to work into Sherlock series 3 and the Who Christmas special this year.

McGann Moffat kick

Let’s not mock Moffat too much today, especially because he and RTD were always allies of Big Finish and the audio dramas where Eight embarked on most of his adventures. There’s even a shoutout to his audio companions in NoTD. Cass, very un-companion of that story, was also with us at Gally 1. Emma Campbell-Jones joined the panel halfway through and got to be on the receiving end of Paul’s aggressive informality. In other words, his head was almost in her lap.

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It’s Raining Tens – A Weekend at Gallifrey One

Waiting to meet our Queen.

Waiting to meet our Queen.

Posted by Kelly of The TV Mouse


“They always throw it on Valentine’s Day because Doctor Who fans are available.”

That’s what actor/ writer/ comedian Toby Hadoke said on Friday night to a packed room full of Whovians. Fair play, Toby. But if you’re not going to surround yourself with people who love something enough to fly across the country and talk about it, what exactly is the point of Valentine’s Day?

And it’s not just the fans who love talking about this show. I’m still not over the fact that Billie Piper, sick with the flu, got on a plane to Los Angeles anyway. Flawless queen. Our first major Gally event was our photo op with her, and as we took our places, she draped her arm around Gillian, who was standing where Billie was looking, and asked the staff about medicine–some beautiful sounding medicine that we don’t have in the States, which led to a conversation about what she needed and an extra long time in Queen Bil’s presence. (Gillian: “That flu is the best thing that ever happened to me.”) Then she apologized for keeping us. Billie, you can keep us forever.


To be clear, this is how gorgeous Billie Piper looks with the flu. It would have been my honor to catch a cold from her, but my immune system had to pick this weekend to work perfectly.

Next up was the Big Finish panel, featuring Eighth Doctor/ professional life ruiner Paul McGann (or “Sexy Beast Paul McGann,” copyright Kim and Sage).  Last fall, the man stole our hearts in just six minutes with his 50th anniversary prequel, but being in a room with him takes it to another level entirely. This was such a world-shaping experience for us that we’ve decided to devote an entire post to him, which Sage will be bringing to you shortly. Just know that he ruins people’s lives.

The benefit of sitting in on Paul’s interview, aside from quite literally everything, was that it gave us great seats for the next event: the Companions’ Panel. Everyone at Gally who’s ever traveled with the Doctor was up there, from the adorable Deborah Watling—whose Victoria traveled with the Second Doctor, and whose every comment was just overflowing with gratitude for the show and its fans—to Arthur Darvill, who was wearing a t-shirt with a cat on the pocket. Arthur would later comment that he didn’t plan to pack so many cat t-shirts, but I’ve seen him sing “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat” with his girlfriend and I don’t believe him.

These Two…

They seated the companions in order of their appearance on the show, meaning Arthur and Billie shared a couch and reacted to everything in tandem, like siblings. Billie Piper’s reaction faces are golden. When Frazer Hines said of Sixth Doctor Colin Baker that they’d “shared a woman,” her eyes grew so wide that I think she was trying to summon David Tennant into the room with her just to share the moment.

The cast of Classic Who was loose and fabulous all weekend. They sassed each other freely, but they were very serious in their appreciation of the show. Rose Tyler got a lot of love up there, obviously. My favorite comment came from Nicola Bryant, who played Peri in the 80s, who still looks exactly the same, whose Twitter bio is “Who girl—always, all ways,” and who needs to start some sort of charity where in exchange for a donation she comes to your house and tells you stories over a plate of pancakes. Nicola explained that after her requests to go over her character’s backstory were denied, she just wrote up a bio for herself, a whole history of everything that mattered to Peri. Even if no one else ever read it, she wanted to know that her character was someone. She said she felt like all of her homework had been read in Rose.

 It hurts how proud I am.

We carried all of our Doctor Who emotions to a panel by Graeme Burke and Robert Smith?, authors of Who’s 50—The 50 Doctor Who Stories to Watch Before You Die. Kim already befriended them at L.I. Who last year (check out her write-up), and I can now echo her recommendation. Buy this book if you enjoy the show, if you think you might want to start the show, if you’d like to be better versed in the classic series, if you enjoy crying in public places, and/or if you like arguments. No two people can have the same list, and part of the fun of the book is in reading the authors’ dueling opinions and considering what your own list would look like. Mine would be heavier on Tennant, as would my life.

Fortunately, the hotel lobby made up for what my life has otherwise lacked, aka people dressed up as the Tenth Doctor. All weekend, there were pinstripe suits and long coats. Friday night, we found Ten in his tux and black converse sneakers. Because it was after 6, and he’s not a farmer. (And also because it was Casino Night.)


After mingling, we popped in on Toby Hadoke’s show, “My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver,” which turned out to be a celebration of the way TV shows in general, and the Doctor in particular, can bring people together. Then we decided against the casino room, because who wants card games when there are Rent songs to be sung at karaoke opposite Mickey Smith and Captain Jack? Priorities.

Read the Rest Over at The TV Mouse…

No Whovian Left Behind or How We Made It To Gallifrey One

"On Wednesdays we wear pink."

“On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

Posted by Kim

If there is ONE thing I hate about living in New York City, it’s dealing with travel in the winter months.  Last year I BARELY beat Winter Storm Nemo out of New York to attend the inaugural CommuniCon in Los Angeles.  So needless to say, as our trip to Gallifrey One approached this year, I watched the weather forecast like a HAWK.

First…a little background.  Gallifrey One is the biggest and longest running Doctor Who convention in existence and it’s held every year over President’s Day weekend in Los Angeles.  Tickets always go on sale for the following convention right after the current one ends (tickets for Gally 2015 go on sale March 21!) with the hotel block opening up a few weeks later.  So we (we being Sage, our friends Michelle and Gillian, and myself) had our trip to Gally booked for almost a year.  The last things bought were the actual plane tickets and we booked 7 AM flights out of JFK on the day before the convention actually started (even though the Thursday night “LobbyCon” is the unofficial kick-off and this year Gally scheduled actual events for Thursday evening).  As we were booking the flights, buoyed by my CommuniCon close call the previous year, I stressed to Sage that we needed to be on the first flight out that day.  Just in cases.  #foreshadowing

As Gally drew nearer and nearer, we got more and more excited.  Sexy Beast Paul McGann (copyright pending) would be there.  Arthur Darvill would be there.  QUEEN BILLIE PIPER HERSELF WOULD BE THERE (they announced that on my birthday, which I chose to believe it was a present from the fandom gods).  Our excitement could not be contained as we planned which t-shirts we would take, what our cosplays would be, and what our badge ribbons would look like.

A few weeks before we were to leave for Los Angeles, we hit an unexpected bump in our plans.  Michelle fell ill and was unable to travel, which left us with an open spot in our hotel room and a Gally Badge up for grabs.  Moments after I posted on social networks that we were looking for a friend to take Michelle’s place, our dear friend Kelly of The TV Mouse wrote me a capslocked facebook message saying “TELL ME ABOUT THIS GALLY BADGE”.  I told her and she did what any good fangirl would do: she immediately booked a ticket to Los Angeles.  Luckily online ticket transfers were still open, so we transferred all of Michelle’s info to her and we were set to take Gally by storm, Head Over TV Mouse style.


Given the fact that I am Monica Geller, once we were a week out from flying, I began studying the weather forecast daily.  And there it was: Winter Storm Pax and it was due to hit New York City on Thursday.

As it became more and more clear that it definitely WOULD start snowing the day we were scheduled to leave, we did our best not to panic.  “We have a 7 AM flight,” I kept saying.  “We’ll make it out before it gets really bad!”.  By Tuesday the forecast looked DIRE.  I called Virgin America and tried to rebook us on a flight Wednesday (despite the fact we didn’t have anywhere to stay that night) and was told there were no seats available.  So the die was cast.  All our hopes laid on that 7 AM flight Thursday morning.

Wednesday morning at 6 AM I was awoken by my phone buzzing over and over again.  I blearily looked at my phone to discover frantic text messages from Sage: VIRGIN CANCELLED OUR FLIGHT OVERNIGHT (at 3 AM to be specific) VIA EMAIL.  Sage was met with the same response that I had faced the day before…the earliest Virgin could rebook us was Saturday…which was no help considering the con ended Sunday.  And they couldn’t put us on standby as their standby policy was only for “day of” your flight.  “BUT YOU CANCELED ALL THE FLIGHTS THURSDAY” was her response.  She then conferenced in me and Kelly and we worked out a game plan.  We decided to show up at JFK as soon as we possibly could and demand to be put on standby.  There was no way they could say no to our faces, right?

I should point out that none of us were packed.  I had planned on taking Wednesday to clean my apartment for my friend that was dog-sitting, so my apartment was in shambles.  None of that mattered anymore.  I called my boss saying I wouldn’t be in that day.  I made sure Renee could come a day early to dog sit.  I threw everything in my suitcase, managing to forget my toothbrush but remember my sonic screwdriver, and was in a cab to JFK by 8:15.  I beat the girls there and begged and begged the ticket agent to put me on standby.  She put me on standby for a flight to Vegas that would connect to L.A., which I tearfully (with blessings from the girls) accepted, despite my desperate wish not to get on a plane without Sage and Kelly (NO WHOVIAN LEFT BEHIND).  The ticket agent escorted me to the front of the security line, told me the fastest way to get to the gate, and wished me luck.

As fate would have it, I did not get on that flight.  I was automatically put at the top of the list for the 1 PM flight to L.A. and by that time, Sage and Kelly had sweet talked their way into being put on standby as well, much to the gate agent’s chagrin.  “Who keeps putting people on standby?  You’re NOT going to get on a plane.  They are all full,” she declared.  “When is the last flight to the West Coast?” I asked.  “Eight PM.”

And then I looked at her with a steely determination.  “We’ll be here waiting all day then.”


Three Doctors, A Consulting Detective, A Demi-God and The Entire Wizarding World: A UK Adventure, Fandom-Style

Ron Swanson London Landmarks

– Posted by Sage

A true American like Ron Swanson may not understand the constant pull we fetish-izers of British culture feel to return to the Motherland. But anytime I’m not in London, I’m usually wishing that I were, scone in one hand, umbrella in the other. This January, thanks to the fine people who price the flights at USAirways, I was able to make a UK pilgrimage for what I usually drop in a couple of Etsy sprees. And you know I had to do it up fandom-style.

Doctor Who British Flag

*Anglophilia intensifies*

As you know, the British Isles are home to many fictional characters we adore. Not only that, but – until we can seduce them over to Broadway – several of the actors who play said fictional characters can usually be found treading the boards in London. So, to sum the goals of my trip up in just a few words: 1) pay appropriate homage to British fandoms 2) watch the men I know as super villains and cheeky aliens stretch out their ample theater muscles and 3) eat all the pub food I can find. All of it.

Sherlock Adventuring

Here’s what I found when I crossed the pond, plus a few tips for getting the most out of your UK vacation.

American Psycho at the Almeida Theatre

Blasting straight through my jet lag, I spent my first night in London at the 325-seat Almeida Theatre in Islington. I’d known of the musical adaptation of the Bret Easton Ellis novel for quite a while – since its successful Kickstarter campaign, really – and had it on my “probably” theater list for months. That is, until the morning that the Almeida announced that Matt Smith’s first post-Doctor Who role would be that of Wall Street psychopath Patrick Bateman. I hightailed it to the ticketing site immediately and snagged the last seat for this performance.

Matt Smith James Corden Doctor Who Tea

Watching THIS guy slice and dice hookers? How could I resist?

Adaptations are just that – with heaps of artistic choices dictated by their medium. So, while not expecting American Psycho: The Musical to look exactly like American Psycho: The Novel or American Psycho: The Christian Bale Movie, I did have high expectations. The book by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa pins down the particular humor of the existentially bleak source material; and Duncan Sheik’s original score, with the exception of one or two extraneous numbers, successfully leverages synthy ’80s pop to drive home the glossy and gothic materialism of Patrick’s world. Actual hits from that decade were inserted sparingly and to great effect, especially when Bateman commutes to work with “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” blaring through his Walkman.

And what of Matt? Respectable American accent, serviceable singing voice, imposing stage presence, and really quite exquisite abs. You may have heard that he makes his entrance in a “tanning bed” wearing nothing but tighty whities. I’m glad I was able to mentally and emotionally prepare myself to watch that in the middle of a room full of strangers. Add some cool graphic direction by Rupert Goold and a supporting cast full of cute boys (special shout out to Jonathan Bailey of Broadchurch who played Tim Price like the young version of McConaughey’s character in The Wolf of Wall Street), American Psycho kept a weary traveler awake and excited about the future of musical theater. Did I mention that Matt Smith was totally in his underwear?

Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse

The hottest ticket in London right now is to a 251-seat theater for a little-produced, late-career Shakespeare play. Possibly because, under Artistic Director Josie Rourke, the Donmar has been consistently popping out work that makes a splash at home before an almost guaranteed West End or US transfer. Well, that…and Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston Coriolanus moves

My brain and body were practically humming after seeing Tom on stage for the first time and in such a tour-de-force. But one thought rose above the general clamor: this is the beginning of his career. This man is 33-years-old. Think about the body of work he has ahead of him. It’s unfathomable.

I don’t want to be that jerk and say that Hiddleston was just so present in his role. But I’m going to be, because he was. Like I wrote in our “Entertainer of the Year tribute to him, Tom approaches every role with the same amount of careful preparation and gusto. And in this part, he gets to rage, sass, patronize, kiss a boy, kiss a girl, sword fight, take a shower onstage, and break our hearts with wet eyes and a single speech. In the climax of the play, Coriolanus’s mother pleads with him to spare Rome. Until this point in the scene, Coriolanus has been cold and unmovable, even to his best friend and his wife. He faces the audience, his back to his mother. As she talks and without moving a single muscle, he just starts weeping. Full on, snotty-nosed, wet-faced weeping. I could not breathe. GET THEE TO BROADWAY, HIDDLES.

The rest of the cast give knockout performances too, particularly Deborah Findley as Coriolanus’s steely mother, Hadley Fraser as his sworn enemy, and the one and only Mark Gatiss as – obviously – a dry-witted intellectual. Mark was battling a cold and didn’t come out to sign after the performance. A disappointment, since I really just wanted to shake his hand, thank him for Sherlock series 3, and get a Mycroft bitchy-resting-face picture with him. We were told by the staff that Tom was no longer able to come out to sign post-performance. It makes sense, since the Donmar doesn’t have the space to put up barriers, set up extra staff, or do much really to keep overeager fans from ripping his clothing to shreds. This is why we can’t have nice things, you guys. Behave yourselves.

So no Me + Hiddles 4Ever picture to show you all, sadly. It’s cool though, since I happened to be sitting just two seats away from my sun and stars, Billie Piper.

Rose Tyler Excited


Being that I usually refer to Bills as my future wife, you’ll be impressed that I stayed relatively cool. She’s a featured guest at Gallifrey One in Los Angeles next week, so I decided to save the fangirling till then and satisfied myself with acting like a normal person in her presence. I did notice her take a photo and chat to a fan, so rest assured that she wasn’t putting off “leave me alone” vibes. She’s luminous and perfect and wonderful, always. So.

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