In Appreciation of Seeley Booth

Posted by Kim and Sage

Way back in the infancy of this website (February 2013 was SO LONG AGO you guys), I wrote a post naming my Top 5 TV Boyfriends. Number one on that list? Seeley Joseph Booth. My TV Crushes come and they go, but Booth remains a constant. He’s THAT guy, you know? He’s the Alpha Male who is a gigantic mushball. He believes in romance and fate and soulmates. He laughs at fart jokes and sexual innuendo. He’s dark and twisty and wrestles with his own demons. He loves strong and intelligent women who challenge him. He’s just…SO MUCH. And there are very few leading men on TV that are as well-rounded as he is, so let’s appreciate him, shall we?  — Kim


Look, I get that this is a TV show and the goal is to always cast the most attractive people possible because it’s always more interesting to see pretty people solve crimes and have interpersonal drama every week. But damn if Bones didn’t hit the genetic lottery with David Boreanaz as Booth. Boreanaz is your classic tall, dark, and HANDSOME leading man.  As Booth, he KNOWS he’s handsome, with his sparkling eyes and mischievous smirk. But the knowledge of his handsomeness is not off putting…it’s just a state of being. You know what? I think I’m just going to let the characters speak for themselves here. –Kim

Brennan: I believe that dopamine and norepinephrine stimulate euphoria because of certain biological triggers like scent, and symmetrical features.
Booth: Symmetrical features?
Brennan: Yes it’s an indication of a good breeder. You appear to be a very good breeder.


Angela: Hey, listen. He is very cute.
Brennan: Well, I do respond to the breadth of his shoulders and strong jaw line.

Brennan: [admiringly]: You have a perfect acromion. [Booth looks pleased]

Brennan: I don’t understand, what way do I look?
Booth: Well, you know. You’re structured very well.
Brennan: As are you. 

Angela: Booth is a big, strong, hot guy who wants to save your life. I mean, you actually have a knight in shining FBI standard-issue body armor, so cut him some slack.

Booth: Now you’re looking at me like I’m some piece of meat.
Brennan: I would never look at you like that. I’m a vegetarian. 

Angela: Uh, are we doing experiments on Booth? Because if so, I’d like to help.


Margaret: His eyes are too small to be really handsome.
Brennan: Well, I have to admit, I…find him pleasing to look at.

Booth: That’s like me saying I don’t want to be a sexy FBI agent. We can’t change who we are. (YES I KNOW SAGE USED THAT ONE IN THE LAST POST, IT BEARS REPEATING.)


2. His Strong Moral Code

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Sure, they make good movies. But there’s only so much loose-cannon cops can get done.

Seeley Booth is the polar opposite of that archetype, though he has had to go outside the law on occasion. This is a guy who returned to FBI service even after he was framed for murder by an inside man. He believes that the ideals that law enforcement represents are bigger than any one person, including him. There’s a lot of self-preservation in his dedication to these higher callings. We all hold tight to the things that ground us.

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Unlike his partner, Booth doesn’t take any pleasure in violence. (And thanks for reversing THAT generalization, show.) He’s not a pacifist – not by a long shot. But he does only what’s necessary, and he usually drowns himself in guilt afterwards. Bones never put Booth in one of those male hero situations where the by-the-book officer gets emotional and Loses Control™, giving into some inner wealth of manly rage and animal bloodlust that’s been there the whole time. Booth isn’t an angry guy. He’s not teetering on the brink at every second. He thinks the world is a fundamentally good place and that he’s in a position to make it better. Force is available and sometimes required, but only as a last resort.

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Booth has never used his stormy childhood as an excuse. For anything. (In general, the Jeffersonians are NOT complainers.) Instead, it was a catalyst for his constant pursuit of fairness and nobility. Booth’s father taught him everything that he didn’t want to be: selfish, pathetic, unreliable. Vicious. So if there was anything in Booth’s life that could put him at odds with FBI protocol, it had to be his family. That’s the other golden rule that he lives by: a man takes care of his family. And feeding them and keeping a roof over their heads doesn’t cover it. (Brennan makes more money than him anyway.) It’s being a partner and a parent, someone Brennan and his kids (and Hodgins and Angela and Cam and Jared and…) can count on in every possible way.

Source: donoteattheyellowsnow

Booth’s faith usually comes up when it’s comically at odds with Brennan’s pragmatism, but his Catholic roots are a big part of who he is. It’s really important to me that Booth sees the divine in other people, even if they (like his wife) aren’t believers. Take the chapel scene at the end of “Aliens in a Spaceship”:

Brennan: I’m okay with you thanking God for saving me and Hodgins.
Booth: That’s not what I thanked him for. I thanked him for saving…all of us. It was all of us. Every. Single. One. You take one of us away, and you and Hodgins are in that hole forever. And I’m thankful for that.

God didn’t reach a magic hand down to pull Hodgins and Brennan out of their early grave. As far as Booth is concerned, he gave Angela her skill and Booth his determination and Zack his brilliance. He gave them all this fierce love for Jack and Brennan that wouldn’t let them quit. And that’s why they survived. It’s the same faith that Brennan has in all of them, it just comes from a different place. And though she can’t share Booth’s beliefs, she’ll always respect them. –Sage

3. He’s Got Flair

Yet for all his strong moral code and belief in the SYSTEM, Booth likes to assert his individuality and set himself apart from his peers. How does one stand out when your job requires you to wear suits every day? Accessories, of course!!! Wacky socks. Ties with pin-ups on the back of them. THE COCKY BELT BUCKLE. These are all the little bits of flair that Booth uses to set himself apart. Do you want to feel some pain? The very reason Booth even works in these small rebellions is because Temperance Brennan gave him the confidence to do so.

Booth: The shoes, they’re part of my uniform. The FBI, they just have a way of doing thing.
Brennan: Well, anthropologically speaking, para-militaristic organizations tend to constrain individuality.
Booth: That’s for sure.
Brennan: But any group, no matter how restrictive, the free thinkers, the mavericks, rebels with leadership quality, find ways to declare their distinctiveness.
Booth: I’m a free thinking real rebel.

Booth always had the desire to assert himself and set himself apart from his colleagues, but Brennan gave him the means of doing so. Booth’s flair is a non-aggressive means of declaring himself the alpha male. He’s saying “I’m different and you should pay attention to me.”

Booth: Oh, hey, Doc, Doc, Doc, um…W-why is it that the, uh, the belt buckle is provocative?
Wyatt: Oh, it’s a modern-day codpiece. It forces the eye to the groin.

And if his flair is also a way that he can peacock for Brennan, then’s that’s just that. — Kim


4. He’s Hot-Blooded

I suggested this bullet point without really thinking about what it means. Booth’s hot-blooded! Check him and see. Everybody loves Foreigner, but this is their SONG.

The first time Booth and Bones dance to “Hot-Blooded” is in “Two Bodies in the Lab” when Brennan is shot at on her way to a blind date and Booth steps in as her personal bodyguard. As such, he has to come home with her. And since it’s the best way to get to know anyone, he rifles through her music collection. His selection leads to a premium Booth goofball moment, but he’s not being as spontaneous as it might seem. He’s taking Brennan’s mind off the threat that’s outside her door, that’s obvious. But he’s also making an idiot out of himself to make her more comfortable with him there, in her inner sanctum. Booth knows Brennan values her privacy, and if he has to intrude, he’s at least going to make it fun for her.

Source: youtubersandothers

So I guess that’s what I mean with this one: Booth is FUN. Sex-on-the-washing-machine fun, even. –Sage

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In Appreciation of Temperance Brennan

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Posted by Sage and Kim

She’s as intelligent as Dana Scully; as mission-driven as Buffy Summers; and as capable as Olivia Pope. The Jeffersonian Institute’s crown jewel and the world’s foremost forensic anthropologist should be as celebrated as any of those iconic characters. For the next chapter of Bones Week, we’re going what we two bloggers can to right this wrong. Let’s appreciate the hell out of Dr. Temperance Brennan.

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It wasn’t easy to keep this post to the top ten reasons that we love her. Brennan is a superhero, as far as we’re concerned. Her powers are her massive intellect and heart, and fools of all kinds are her Kryptonite. As played by the absurdly underrated Emily Deschanel, she’s also hard-luck case with a fierce resilient streak, funny as hell, and a somewhat unintentional bombshell. If all women on TV were written as well as Temperance Brennan, this world would be a better place. We’re going to miss her always, except for those four hours a day Bones reruns air on TNT. –Sage


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It’s not the most interesting thing about her, but Temperance Brennan is beautiful. Breathtakingly so.

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It would feel wrong to talk about it if Brennan weren’t so aware of it herself. We get so offended as a culture if a woman who’s attractive dares acknowledge it, even if that’s the basis of her career. But Brennan knows from Western beauty standards and she’s well aware that she fits most of them. She’s collected empirical evidence of the way people respond to her. Her beauty is a fact, and facts shouldn’t be clouded with emotion. It’s never occurred to Brennan to be modest about her looks, though she also doesn’t want to trade in on them to the point where her accomplishments are diminished. (“I don’t want to be a sexy scientist.” “That’s like me saying I don’t want to be a sexy FBI agent. We can’t change who we are.”)

Source: boothseeley

I marathoned Bones HARD this year, and part of what kept me going is that I never got tired of looking at Emily Deschanel. Runway models would murder for that bone structure: the high cheekbones and strong jaw that any number of master portrait painters would like to get their hands on. That shiny, chestnut-brown hair looks good in even the most dated haircuts of the Brennan canon. Her striking blue eyes sparkle with intelligence and curiosity. And she rocks lab coats and hazmat suits as hard as she rocks a cocktail dress. No wonder Booth is always already looking at her when she tries to sneak a peek.

Source: michaelaconlin

Sometimes female characters are so stuffed, shellacked, and stifled into sex-object-as-defined-by-studio-exec territory that watching them feels like looking at beauty that’s behind glass. Brennan fits the bill of the gorgeous female lead, but everything about her is so ALIVE. She’s Elizabeth Bennet after she walks through the mud to be with her ill sister at the Bingleys’ and gets Darcy SHOOK. She’s Athena – the goddess of wisdom – wearing some hideous necklace she picked up her travels. It’s that spirit that goes along with her loveliness that makes people gravitate towards her, even though she’s “odd,” by certain social standards. Brennan lights up a room, even when it’s filled with dead bodies. –Sage

2. She’s an Actual Genius

Source: becauseyoulovemebb
 Let me repeat that: Temperance Brennan is an ACTUAL genius.

When I sat down to reflect on just what has made Bones so damn special, I always came back to this point: the protagonist is a female genius, whose intellect stands unparalleled. Think about it. Mulder, with all his fancy Oxford degrees, was always on the same intellectual level as Scully. Cristina Yang is a genius (“Screw beautiful, I’m brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain!”) but Grey’s Anatomy was never HER story. From the very first time we see her in the pilot, Bones has always been Brennan’s story, with Booth serving as the interloper/catalyst for change. So often the role of the “Difficult and Misunderstood Genius” is assigned to male characters, especially in a procedural type of show, so Bones subverts the entire genre by casting Brennan in this role. (That’s not to say that Booth is stupid, because he’s not. His smarts lie elsewhere, and even he acknowledges that he’s ordinary standing next to her.)

Booth: It’s too early for math, Bones. It’s too early.
Brennan: It’s never too early for math.

Sage touches on this in our next point but the most important thing about Brennan’s genius is that she never apologizes for it or downplays it. Brennan RELISHES her genius. Being the smartest person in the room is a point of pride for her and she never lets anyone FORGET that she is that person. She always uses that beautiful brain of hers to her advantage, be it distracting some Men in Black with science jibber-jabber or clinging to her intellect as a shield against the high school bullies who didn’t understand her curious nature or desire to find something BEYOND the insular world she found herself in. In a world where so often women are told to downplay their intelligence as to not threaten The Men, Temperance Brennan stands tall like a tower of strength and for that I am so so so grateful. — Kim

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3. She Takes Up Space

Source: becauseyoulovemebb

Nothing is more threatening to weak people than a woman who knows exactly how powerful and smart she is and is not afraid to own it. What can be confused for arrogance is trust, in Brennan’s case. She trusts that her colleagues, friends, and partner can handle it and that they will accept her for who she is. And Brennan isn’t just fearless and guileless with them. That’s how she goes through life, and it’s a damn inspiration.

Source: seeleysducks

To my ladies reading this: pick a day to be really conscious of how many compliments you deflect, how many times you refuse to take credit, and how many unnecessary apologies you make just for existing. Then implant this filter into your head: What Would Brennan Do? She’ll say she’s sorry, but never for asking someone to do their job. She expects the best out of people who work with her because she’s damn sure giving hers. She doesn’t let impostor syndrome make her feel unworthy of being the boss. And her Squints love her for it, because her high expectations make them better. Modesty is fine. False modesty is not, and neither is culturally mandated negative self-talk.

Source: michaelaconlin

Booth: Hey, excuse me, you know what, you really need to learn how to speak to human beings.
Brennan: I speak six languages, two of which you’ve never even heard of.

Bones has stayed alive for so long because at its heart, it’s about how book smarts and emotional intelligence inform and complete each other. But everyone is stronger in one of those areas. Imagine how frustrating it must be to Brennan that, though she’s achieved everything she’s wanted to professionally, there are people (including Booth, on their first case) who will ignore those achievements and only focus on where she falls short. When that happens, can you blame her for asserting her extraordinary brilliance?

Source: zhapata

Brennan’s femininity is so significant. You couldn’t gender swap this character and get the same impact. Booth is the heart and Brennan is the brains – we know this. And though rationality is often incorrectly labeled as a “male” trait, Brennan has never been painted as “one of the guys.” She’s proud to be a woman and never hesitates to bring up the matriarchal societies she’s encountered in her globetrotting, if they’re relevant to the conversation. Her life experience as a female scientist and crime novelist – fated to have to answer more interview questions about her plans to start a family than her work – is an intrinsic part of who she is.

But Brennan isn’t a one-note superwoman character who’s completely impervious to self-doubt. She has no fear in her professional life. The emotional obstacle that she sets up for herself is so poetically expressed in this exchange between Brennan and self-proclaimed psychic Avalon Harmonia from the Season 5 premiere, “Harbingers in a Fountain”:

Avalon: No, the riddle you can’t solve is how somebody can love you.
Brennan: *chuckles* Well, I’m beautiful and very intelligent.
Avalon: The answer to the question that you’re afraid to say out loud is yes. He knows the truth about you. And he is dazzled by that truth.

First of all, holy shit. Secondly, Avalon helps us mere mortals to understand why Brennan takes so long to make herself completely vulnerable with Booth and how much courage it must have cost her to finally do it. –Sage

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Fan Video Friday – In Celebration of Bones

Posted by Kim and Sage

Welcome to our second installment of Bones Week!! It’s Friday, so you know what that means…FAN VIDEO TIME. We’ve scoured the depths of YouTube (with the assistance of our resident Bones expert Kelly) to bring you the best of the best of the shipper videos (both angst ridden and not), the best brOTP montages, and the best celebrations of the entire Bones family. What I love most about Fan Videos is that they are like digital scrapbooks of a series. They have the moments that make you go “Aw, I FORGOT about that scene” and “OMG that’s my favorite!!” and they are all set to some of our favorite tunes. (There are songs out there written explicitly for fan videos, no?) So settle in and enjoy the fruits of these GIFTED artists’ labor. (Seriously guys, how do you do it?) — Kim

“Something I Need” 

Sage: I was shown this video by my very mean friends on the night of my Bones indoctrination. Now every time I even HEAR this song, I can feel the wine and new ship endorphins coursing through my system. This video really highlights the rock solid partnership of Booth of Brennan and gets a lot of mileage out of the “I wanna die with you” lyrics. Because they HAVE almost died – together and separately – A LOT.

“Raise Your Glass” 

Kim: What a stone cold pack of weirdos. “Raise Your Glass” is the ULTIMATE fan video song to celebrate a giant ensemble of odd balls. What’s so beautiful about the Jeffersonian crew is that on their own, they ARE just a group of underdogs who never really fit in anywhere. But together? They are a family.  Kudos to the vidder for tying in “It’s so fucking on right now” to Booth shooting the door down in “The Proof in the Pudding.” Perfection.

“All This Time” 

Sage: I usually think of Hodgins and Angela as “the fun ones” but this video proved me wrong and then laughed in my face. It may not seem so after being stretched out over 12 seasons, but Hodgela have been through as much angst as Booth & Brennan. (More, when you take Jack’s paralysis – which this video doesn’t include – into account.) But even when they were broken up, Hodgins and Angela had nothing but love for one another. To me, the “all this time” in the lyrics refers to that long, bittersweet period when they took their sweet time getting back to each other.

“What Makes You Beautiful” 

Kim:  Well, it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t find a way to work One Direction into this post. This song works so perfectly for Booth and Brennan because while Brennan knows empirically that she’s beautiful but for the longest time, she couldn’t see what made her beautiful to BOOTH.  This whole video is basically an ode to Booth’s pining face. (Don’t worry, we’re going to wax poetic on that later this week.) She really DOES light up his world like nobody else, you guys.  And one only need to watch the sexy librarian scene from “The Passenger in the Oven” to know that the way she flips her hair gets him overwhelmed.

“A Thousand Years” 

Sage: It’s been done for every OTP, but you know why? Because “A Thousand Years” always delivers. I love that the editor chose the duet version for this video so they could show the long road to FINALLY being a couple from both Brennan’s perspective and Booth’s. Nearly every major B/B pining moment is represented here. Putting Booth’s “I’m that guy” move over the “I will be brave” lyric is aggressive, but that’s how I like it.

“Girls Just Want To Have Fun” 

Kim: I mean, this is basically Brennan’s theme song, so we HAD to include this one. Will I EVER get over Booth’s awe and blatantly adoring heart eyes in the karaoke scene? The answer is absolutely not. Look at that head over heels in love ASSHOLE.

I love that this video celebrates all the complicated and powerful ladies of Bones.  The women have always been the driving force of the ensemble and that’s what has made the show so special to so many people.  They’ve got all the dudes wrapped around their little fingers while the men just wonder how they got so fucking lucky that these incredible women chose them.

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The Bones Yearbook

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Posted by Sage & Kim

After 12 seasons of romance, murders, and hard hard science, the doors are about to close on the Jeffersonian forensics department. (Or be blown up. Whatever.) Whether you’ve loved Bones from the beginning like Kim or crammed hundreds of episodes into a whirlwind binge like me, you’re probably as sad as we are to see this cast of characters go. We’re SO sad, in fact, that we’re honoring Booth, Brennan, and the rest of their family with a dedicated Bones WEEK. Let’s kick it off now with the Bones Yearbook, a concept we’re stealing from our own New Who Tenth Anniversary post. Because it’s just good fun to imagine that, in some universe, everyone from Max right on down to the Squinterns made up one wacky, BRILLIANT group of seniors. So here it is: the Bones graduating class of 2017….


Prom Queen & King: Temperance Brennan & Seeley Booth

Valedictorian: Temperance Brennan

Source: jvwbreaker

Senior Quote: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood.” – Marie Curie

Activities: Chemistry Club, Biology Club, Physics Club, American Field Service, Krav Maga, Chorus, Peruvian Gourd Art Appreciation Society (Sole Member)

Most Popular: Seeley Booth

Senior Quote: “Let’s have faith that right makes might; and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.” – Abraham Lincoln

Activities: Starting Quarterback, Varsity Hockey, ROTC, Sharpshooters, Eagle Scouts, Ceramics, Chorus (because Brennan)

Homecoming King & Queen: Jack Hodgins & Angie Montenegro

Class Clown: Jack Hodgins

Source: jvwbreaker

Senior Quote: “When convention and science offer us no answers, might we not finally turn to the fantastic as a plausibility?” – Fox Mulder

Activities: Debate Team, Founder of the Conspiracy Society, Entomology Club, First Prize at the Science Fair (no matter what Zack says)

Most Talented: Angela Pearly-Gates Montenegro

Source: jvwbreaker

Senior Quote: “Maybe mistakes are what make our fate…without them what would shape our lives? Maybe if we had never veered off course we wouldn’t fall in love, have babies, or be who we are. After all, things change, so do cities, people come into your life and they go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart…and if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away.” – Sex and the City

Activities: Art Appreciation, Yearbook Photographer, Computer Science Club, ASPCA Volunteer, Varsity Football Water Girl

Most Likely to Succeed: Camille Saroyan

Source: jvwbreaker

Senior Quote: “It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but even more to stand up to your friends.” – Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

Activities: Governor of Youth Legislature, Model UN, National Honor Society, Youngest Morgue Intern Ever

Source: cortexifansquint

Most Dependable: Lance Sweets

Source: saraquinz

Senior Quote: “Every story, new or ancient/Bagatelle or work of art/All are tales of human failing/All are tales of love at heart” – Aida

Activities: Literary Magazine Editor, Yearbook Editor, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Mentor, School Death Metal Band Lead Guitarist

Mr. Congeniality: James Aubrey

Source: becauseyoulovemebb

Senior Quote: “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Activities: Competitive Eating Society, Home Economics, AV Club, Drama Club Spotlight Operator, Alternate for All Other Clubs

Favorite Faculty Member: Caroline Julian

Source: boothseeley

Senior Quote: “Lord, what fools these mortals be!” – A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Activities: Civics Teacher, Faculty Adviser for Mock Trial & Student Government, Always Knows Who’s Dating Whom

Biggest Case of Senioritis: Max Keenan

Source: wandering-muggle

Senior Quote: “I am warning you Javert/I’m a stronger man by far/There is power in me yet/My race is not yet run” – Les Miserables

Activities: Playing Hooky

Most Likely to be ID’ed When They’re 30: Zack Addy

Source: drinkupthesunrise

Senior Quote: “Why should I quote someone else to represent myself?” – Zack Addy

Activities: Physics Club, Biology Club, Chemistry Club, First Prize at the Science Fair (no matter what Hodgins says)

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“Suck it up and run the world.” – Scandal Gif-Cap – They All Bow Down

Scandal Season 6, Episode 5
“They All Bow Down”
Posted by Sage

Hello again, Lovers of Liberty! It’s SO good to be with you again, since the gif-cap took a bye week on episode 4. To sum up “The Belt”: prison is NO place for a former Chief of Staff, and Tom admitted that he was paid by someone to say that Cyrus ordered the hit on Frankie Vargas. Our assassin is still out there and the country still doesn’t have an incoming president. So, shall we see what Jake Ballard’s been up to this whole time?

“Not since Christ stood among the lepers has there been such excitement.” InDecision 2016 is Sally Langston’s domain, and she is currently living. (When isn’t she?) She seems to be a proponent of Mellie and Jake, but we all know she’s a fickle bitch.

Vanessa: “I feel like Jackie O. or something.”
Jake: *rolls eyes* 

“America is not electing Olivia Pope. They are electing Mellie Grant and Jake Ballard.” Vanessa tells Jake not to get so grumpy about his “sister” (yikes) telling him what to do and instead to keep his eye on the prize. (Kim: “Every woman on this show is Lady Macbeth.”)

“He is after all…a murderer.” Sally is reveling in Cyrus’s bad luck.

She’s also teasing a sit-down interview with picture-perfect patriot couple, Jake and Vanessa. Who hate each other.

“That’s political money.” “It’s a political lie.” Jake is so done with this campaign and his fake marriage.

Quinn wants to help Cyrus, but Liv does not want to hear it right now.

“Huck found Vanessa.” Olivia spins some yarn to Sally about Vanessa having a vicious flu and being unable to make it out of bed for the interview.

“Lady, you are nuts.” “Maybe, but I ain’t sorry.” In reality, Vanessa is drunk and disorderly and just crashed her car into a tree with a himbo bartender in the front seat. She’s also defiant af.

“Did you wake up this morning knowing you were going to ruin our lives?” “Like you give a damn what I woke up thinking.” While the Gladiators erase all evidence that Vanessa’s little “accident” ever happened, Vanessa and Jake perform a modern revival of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?

“You say dance, the monkey dances.” Jake’s version of “playing nice” is being faux-deferential to Olivia, insisting on calling her “boss” and “m’am” until she’s about to either slap him or do him on the desk. (Pick the second one, please, it’s been so long since we’ve had Jake/Olivia hate-sex!)

“Let’s get this over with because I am late for getting away from you.” Get Liv some ointment for that burn.

“I don’t want to win, I have to win. There has to be a point.” Olivia needs to win a “clean” election to redeem her shady dealings in Defiance during Fitz’s first run. She’s a good person, that’s her thing…

“Are you sleeping with her?” Vanessa isn’t an idiot. She senses the intensity between Jake and Liv and totally calls it. So, of course, Jake tells her she’s crazy. Then he fills up her glass, because no one will take a drunk, jilted woman seriously.

“There are places we can send you, nice places.” EVERYONE IS GASLIGHTING HER, THIS POOR WOMAN.

“Give me one more reason to LAY YOU OUT, RIGHT HERE, Vanessa…I am not here for it, not today.” Wow, Liv is only a champion for other women when it suits her, huh?

“I remember because it was when the redhead took my champagne away.” Someone was texting Jake on election night who wasn’t Olivia, according to V.

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“It’s a mutual admiration society.” – Gallifrey One 2017

Posted by Kim and Sage

Sage: This isn’t a normal time — not to go to a con or to eat a sandwich or anything else. But Gallifrey One 2017 still happened. Not rain, not sleet, and apparently not the speedy death of democracy can keep Doctor Who fans from gathering yearly at the LAX Marriott over President’s Day Weekend (THE IRONY) to hug, drink, and talk shop. L.I. Who happened the weekend after the election, and the general mood of the con was utter shock and numbness. But a few months passed, and the next geeky fan get together we attended was basically Resistance Central. Gally1 was political af this year without the despair and depression that can come with that. There was camaraderie and joy and and a lot of “hell no, we won’t go.” The whole weekend felt like a declaration of who we are, what we stand for, and what we absolutely will not abide. Is that a fair characterization?

Kim: I feel like I stumbled through a lot of LI Who in a state of bewilderment. That’s not to say that it wasn’t an AMAZING experience (remember when we interviewed Paul McGann on the mainstage?) because it was. I just had never experienced a con where the main feeling was almost…”Is this the right thing to do at this moment? Is this whole experience silly when you look at what’s going on in the world?”  Gally felt like a giant bottle of Gatorade to my parched soul. It was revitalizing. It was a time where we could immerse ourselves in both our fandom AND our friendships. I left Los Angeles on Monday afternoon physically exhausted but emotionally? I was raring to go.

TL;DR, yes, that’s absolutely a fair characterization. And it’s a big reason why this con is so freaking special to every person who comes and why it’s the CANNOT MISS convention on my calendar every year.

The Resistance starts here.

What blows my mind the MOST about Gally is that the attendance is right up around 3000 people, and yet it feels like a family, especially the more times you go back. I know there are a TON of people there I don’t know yet every face at the con looks familiar. You can barely walk more than a few yards on that con floor without running into someone you know and having a chat or hugging that person you flailed in line for a photo-op the previous year. How special is that?

Sage: I can only speak confidently for myself, but I’d wager that I’m not the only person at this con who went through a period of my life where I felt invisible and socially inept. (Everyone: “Yeah, dummy, it’s called high school.”) My point is that Gally brings together a lot of scrappy folks who haven’t had it easy, and this is a place where they can strut confidently down the halls in whatever it is they want to wear, live their fandom out loud, and be surrounded by people ready and willing to embrace them. It feels like I’m reaching back in time to tap the friendless 13-year-old in the Han Solo t-shirt and tell her that someday she’ll find her tribe.

And what a tribe it is.

But enough teenage sob stories. Let’s talk about the important stuff: ribbons.

The Gally ribbon game is always strong, but this year it was TOO LIT. “Black Lives Matter.” “Don’t You Think He Looks Tired? (with clip art of Tr*mp)” “Bustin’ fascists makes me feel good.” Those practical pronoun declarations!

The 2017 ribbon game is TOO LEGIT. #levelup #blacklivesmatter #RESIST #Gally1

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Swapping ribbons has always been a big part of the fun for me, because it’s like I’m getting little pieces of everybody I meet to take home with me. And though there were the requisite Doctor Who quotes and podcast promo designs, I was so delighted to see that people were using those little scraps of fabric to make a real statement. And you can tell us in the comments if it happened to you, but I personally didn’t see anyone take any shit for a political ribbon. I really hope that’s representative of the whole weekend.

Kim: One of my favorite things in the build-up to Gally is the Ribbon Exchange group on Facebook, where everyone shares the designs they are planning to bring to the con. What’s super fun about that group is that it feels like people took inspiration from each other and one politically themed ribbon would spawn at least five more. I think it was a combination of the current state of the world and the fact that we only had “Doctor Mysterio” to provide inspiration for new ribbons that REALLY spurred people to up their creativity. There were so many Star Wars ribbons! My final ribbon count was 215 and there are STILL a few ribbons that I am SUPER upset that I didn’t get. Namely the “But when all is said and done, Saxon has beliefs, Tr*mp has none.” one. I will cry over not getting that one for a long time.

Stick it to the man.

Speaking of taking inspiration from each other, I have to bring up our Punk Companions Cosplay. What started as an idea inspired by some Punk!Bucky art we saw at San Diego Comic Con became so much more than that. We debuted the Punks at LI Who as just a fun chance for our girl group to get creative and have fun together because we aren’t screen accurate cosplayers, for the most part. And it’s a cosplay that works the best within a large group because individually we may not be recognizable but when we’re together, it’s like “Of course! There’s Clara, there’s Romana, etc.” The Punks got taken to the next level for Gally when Alyssa (@WhovianFeminism) suggested that we add protest signs themed to all our companions. It was perfect because we did our cosplay on the same day as the first General Strike, so it felt like we got to have the best of both worlds – Being massively creative Doctor Who nerds while making our own political statement. And the best thing about it? We didn’t get any sort of blow back from it. Other than a few trolls on the Nerdist Instagram post anyway.

Punk Modern Companions.

Group Selfie Time!

Another really important aspect of Gally is that it feels like a safe space for you to push yourself outside your comfort zone. While I didn’t do any formal panels this year, I definitely upped my participation level, which is always something I’ve been HORRIBLE about. I’ve sat on the front row of “In Defense Of” EVERY YEAR and judged the hell out of the BS coming out of the participant’s mouths (which is the fun of the whole thing) but I’ve never had the guts to put myself on the line. It’s silly, really, because if you can’t make a fool of yourself at Gally, where can you? After Michelle’s triumphant performance at LI Who, I promised myself that I would do it. That didn’t stop me from breaking out into a cold sweat the moment Deb Stanish called my name though. “In Defense Of” is like an out-of-body experience in the BEST way. You just have to give no fucks in regards to whatever comes out of your mouth (I actually tied Tegan getting the snacks to women throughout history being water-bearers?! I don’t even know where that came from.) or turn your OWN criticism on topics into sarcastic defenses (Shippers NEED to be told by old school fans how to think about Doctor Who, you guys). I was RELIEVED when I finally was dethroned but it was the MOST FUN and I’m so glad I did it.

Kim's team DOMINATED Paul Cornell's "Would I Lie To You?" because they are all compulsive liars who can't be trusted. #Gally1

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When you combine that experience with doing a live Comedy Sketch for Reality Bomb and participating in Paul Cornell’s “Would I Lie To You?” game show, so much of my panel experience was performance oriented and fly by the seat of your pants improv, which was a totally new thing for me. And it felt GOOD remembering that part of me that went kicking and screaming into my college improv troupe before I ended up loving it.


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“She’s just a girl in love.” – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Recap – Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2, Episode 13
“Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?”
Posted by Sage

Ah, the season finale wedding. A classic move. (This is actually Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s second consecutive season-ending nuptials, though last year’s couple were both minor characters.) There are only so many surprises to be pulled with a rom-com plot point like this. I thought I’d seen them all. But, in its unlimited, deconstructive genius, CXG leaned into its ruthlessness and blew up the whole damn thing. Josh and Rebecca’s dream wedding nearly ends with Rebecca hurling herself off the scenic cliff where she and the “man of her dreams” are supposed to take their photos. And that’s not even the most shocking thing that occurs.

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Rachel Bloom apparently has a five-year plan for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. And since it’s taken two full seasons to even unpack the title of the show, we’re really in for it. “Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith” reveals that Rebecca isn’t JOSH’S crazy ex, she’s Robert’s. “Who the Dickens is Robert?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Robert is a spineless piece of shit straight outta the daddy issues playbook. A professor at Harvard Law, Robert slept with Rebecca, promised to leave his wife for her, and then unceremoniously dumped her, because hello, he was never planning on uprooting his life for the silly kid. (“You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right.”) Rebecca’s attachment to Robert is one of the many instances in which the abandonment issues she got from her “garbage father” have reared their ugly head. And with Silas Bunch in town for the wedding, all of it comes screaming back.

It’s so painful to watch someone exert the majority of the effort while hoping against hope that their one-sided relationship won’t always be that way. Rebecca is reduced to frantic self-loathing in the presence of her dad who obviously has no qualms about being so casually cruel with her. In the opening of the episode, she sends the “Westchester Sperm Machine” a text to test the waters that mirrors the one that she oh-so-breezily sent Josh in the pilot. (“Well….buzz! *Bee emoticon.*”) She’s never stopped chasing either of them, not really – not in her beautiful, imbalanced brain. And sure, her dad still seems distant. But when he gets a load of Rebecca in the supremely normal context of a heterosexual wedding, well, that might be “the version of [her] he’ll stick around for.” All her hopes for the future are right there in “Rebecca’s Reprise,” a song that foreshadows so much tragedy I yelled at her through the TV to run. Run while she still could.

Silas isn’t worth what Rebecca’s putting herself through on his behalf, and someone has to get through to her on this. But Naomi’s advice to Rebecca isn’t about Rebecca. It’s about how Silas wronged HER and her annoyance that Rebecca still favors him. (“What about my mother daughter dance? You know how fast I pick up choreo.”) Trusty Paula comes through with a reality check that’s at least a little unbiased. She cautions Rebecca not to raise her expectations too high for this single interaction with her historically deadbeat dad, who’s not “a completely different person” than the guy from a few days ago who only decided to come to his only daughter’s wedding because a private plane pulled up outside his door. But Rebecca is too caught up in fantasies of father-daughter dances and many holiday visits with “the two most important men” in her life to float back down.

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If there’s a villain in Rebecca’s own story, it’s Silas Bunch. He should be groveling at her feet for walking away from her when he did; instead, he feeds into her insecurities by never moving beyond politeness and continuing to withhold the approval she craves so badly that the lack of it has dominated her entire life. Dr. Akopian can once again see the light at the end of the tunnel when Rebecca tells her the ghastly truth of why Silas even bothered to show up: he needs money for his other kid’s braces, and Rebecca is a big-time lawyer. Her shrink begs Rebecca to let go of the loving father fantasy completely; her dad has shown his true colors and will never, ever change. Instead, Rebecca shows up to his hotel room with 14 Father’s Day cards, apologies for being the “needy kid” who caused him to run away, and a check. He’ll stay for the wedding. But then he’ll disappear, and the cycle will continue. Rebecca will keep believing that it was up to her – a child – to make her dad want to be around her. And that the responsibility still lies with her.

Everyone listen to White Josh. Source: crazyexedits

While Rebecca battles her childhood demons, Josh is trying to warm his cold feet. And the way his story plays out here is so unexpected yet SO in character. He’s spooked by the Robert talk, because Josh is afraid that he doesn’t REALLY know Rebecca. And of course, he doesn’t. She’s never shown him her real self for more than a few hours at a time. Josh drops the loaded name around the family, but can’t make out the whole story. Silas tells Josh Robert had something to do with Harvard Law, and that he only knows that because it was supposed to be a secret from him, not because he actually cares about Rebecca’s welfare. (Fuck OFF, Silas, you son of a bitch.) Naomi lies directly to Josh’s face and tells him that Robert was the name of Rebecca’s beloved dog who “got those lumps dogs get.”

Adrift, Josh turns to his bro and spiritual leader, Father Brah. He’s a good, smart guy and he really cares about Josh’s happiness. It’s good advice that Brah gives him when Josh asks if he should swallow his concerns. If he’s really going through something, Josh should go straight to Rebecca with his problems. “She’s the one you wanna face them with, right?” Brah asks. He then gently informs Josh about a pattern that’s obvious to everyone who’s been playing along at home: his usual strategy is to pin his hopes on the nearest cute girl, envisioning her (in this case, Sarah the basketball coach) as some problem-solving angel. Rebecca and Josh are more alike than either of them know.

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Josh is grateful for Brah’s sound counsel. TOO grateful even. And the hints of what’s coming have been planted throughout the season, not just this episode. He’s overwhelmed by the emotional complexities of other people. He’s felt purposeless. His anxiety plagues him. And there’s this offer on the table that’s meant to take all of that away and streamline his life. Josh listens to Brah talk about how easy it was to decide to “marry Jesus.” He wants to be that sure of ANYTHING. And the free t-shirt? Well, that’s a plus too.

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“You don’t get to have both.” – Scandal Gif-Cap – Hardball

Scandal Season 6, Episode 2
Posted by Sage

It’s week 2 of Scandal Season 6 and America still doesn’t have a president picked out. (Just like IRL! No president…no president at all.) Olivia is 500% sure that Cyrus ordered Frankie Vargas’s assassination, but the White House isn’t going to help her prove it. Meanwhile, Mellie has to choose between her personal life and her career when she’s presented with two attractive propositions. To the gifs!

We’re back at the RNC and Marcus is tearing up during Mellie’s acceptance speech Huck is like,”You’re embarrassing us.”

So Marcus’s feelings for Mellie run DEEP. It’s not just a sex thing. But can it also be a sex thing?

“We made this campaign together so now, let’s make history together.” She’s killing it and she knows it. The crowd goes wild.

“You cried, well I think that’s beautiful.” Mellie and Marcus have a moment over some champagne, and Olivia is watching them like a hawk.

Olivia: “Knees together.”

Olivia comes to the Oval to play the incriminating voicemail from the dead videographer for Fitz and Abby so they’ll finally start taking Olivia’s accusations against Cyrus seriously.

Gimme that orange coat.

“Just because he killed Frankie doesn’t mean he didn’t feel bad about it.” Olivia is immune to Cyrus tears.

Meet FBI director Angela Patterson, another black woman in a position of power!

“The election is over, Liv. And so is this meeting.” Fitz threw his support behind Cyrus, so an investigation would look bad for HIM. God, Fitz is the fucking worst.

“I’ll take care of Mellie, you make sure we get that confession.” They’re going to pin the assassination on their guy whether he did it or not.

“Tweets like, “get that dumb Mexican off my television.” Their guy IS a racist dick, so they’ve got that going for them.

“It’s a less polite way of saying go have sexual intercourse with yourself.” McClintock won’t sign a confession, even though they’re offering to make a deal. He maintains that he didn’t shoot Vargas. They’re wasting their time.

“It’s Mr. McClintock as in my parents came to America before yours did David…ROSEN.” Aw, an antisemite too. How perfectly irrelevant to the current state of our government!

Olivia orders Quinn to get to what’s left of the videographer’s cabin to search for evidence.

“I’m reminded of a movie where two women drive off a cliff together.” “We’ll drink later.” Update: Mellie and Olivia are still best girlfriends.

“Get it done.” Aware that Mellie also believes Cyrus killed his running mate, Fitz makes her sit down with him to “compromise.”

“You’re gonna kill me right. I’m assuming that’s your plan.”

“I want you to join my administration as vice president on a unity ticket.” Whaaaat.

“I’m supposed to serve you? I’m suppose to allow you to just walk away with a job I have worked for, I have bled for, I was born for?” Mellie ain’t accepting no consolation prize.

“If you think the only presidential candidate left in this election is going to get down on her knees and be a good little girl for YOU, the man who tried to murder his way into the Oval, honey, you better think again.”

“I’m not the bad guy here, Mellie. Not this time, at least.” The Cyrus who cried wolf? I don’t think so.

“You can do this. You have me.” Another flashback. Marcus is teaching Mellie how to pitch so she can impress white male voters with her all-American-ness.

“I can’t think of anything better than this. Can you?” “No.” I’m reminded of another uber romantic late night baseball date…

“Show me how you grip it.” “No, no, Miss Scully, the pleasure’s all mine…”

It’s all too intimate and obvious. Mellie freaks and leaves before she can do something stupid like kiss him.

“Who’s going to walk you down the aisle?” Charlie and Quinn are dressed like FBI agents and coming through the cabin wreckage. But Charlie wants to talk wedding planning. That ceremony is gonna be lit.

They find Jennifer’s laptop, but have to hand it over to be cataloged.

Abby calls in Jake to help her get a confession out of McClintock. HI JAKE.

“Stop doing that. Coming up to me with your concern. You didn’t choose me. Nobody does.” In the present, Marcus finds Mellie after her meeting with Cyrus and checks in on her. Something SO HAPPENED.

MOONSHINE TIME. Another flashback: Mellie and Marcus watch her throw out the first pitch. She kills it, does a dirt-off-the-shoulder move. The people love her. Mellie wants to celebrate with her favorite booze.

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