Our Friends

The TV Mouse
We adore Kelly, our Gally co-correspondent and occasional live-blog partner. You’ll find tons of insightful recaps and spotlights on her blog, with a particular focus on The X-Files, Parks, Bones, and Doctor Who.

Crash Chords
If music is your life, this podcast and website is your destiny.

Verity Podcast
Intelligent women talking Doctor Who? Why ever would we be totally obsessed with that?

Cookies + Sangria
Cookies + Sangria is as loose and joyous as a much-needed happy hour, and Molly and Traci are the friends who keep you out way after the drinks have gone back to full price.

Mutter’s Spiral
Doctor Who is this podcast’s bread and butter, but John and Will also dip into Sherlock and Torchwood territory on occasion.

It’s All Geek to Me
Cate and EM not only host a weekly geekly radio show, they also keep us informed on events, contests, and all the pop culture news in between.

Nerdy news, reviews, and a truly kick-ass events calendar.

Uber Star Trek and Community Fan Clinton’s podcast that, in his own words, “is an short-form scripted comedy podcast. I like to describe it as “mostly work safe and kinda family friendly.” After all, who am I to judge your taste?”

Taylah Talks TV

Taylah is new to the blogging game but already a damn pro. Check her out for “A lot of TV, a little of other things.”

Reality Bomb

We’ve both been lucky enough to make appearances on one of the best produced Doctor Who podcasts out there, but that’s not the only reason you should subscribe, like, now.

Clever Girls

Co-author Lauren is one of our SDCC buddies but really the selling point of this Geek Girl blog is that their motto is modeled after Ellie Sattler’s famous “Women inherits the Earth” line from Jurassic Park. “Man creates internet. Internet eats man. Woman inherits the fandom.” WE APPROVE.


Jordan keeps us dressed in the coolest Fandom T-Shirts at every con. They are clever, comfortable, and CUTE.

The Colorful Geek

If we’re not sporting one of Jordan’s shirts, we’re probably wearing one of Elena’s OR sporting some of her great fandom jewelry.

Charging Moose Media

Ned and Marcus are the masterminds behind Charging Moose, which is all about creating unique, high quality pieces of entertainment across a wide range of mediums. Check out their web series “The Hunted: Encore” and their podcast “At The Table,” which focuses on recording readings of new plays!

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