Supernatural Glossary

Our resident Supernatural experts have put together this handy guide of terms to help you speak fluent SPN. Or more specifically, Sarah and Dawn’s SPN.

Alias of the Week: 1. The names the Winchesters use along with their (many) fake IDs. By the middle of Season One, aliases are almost exclusively based on classic rock musicians.

Baby: 1. the 1967 Dodge Impala that John Winchester left to his son Dean. 2. Dean’s one true love.

Supernatural Baby

Basil and/or Cecil Exposition: 1. Whatever guest star(s) is responsible for the important info dump required to move the story along. Based on an Austin Powers character of the same name. 2. Our nicknames for Sam and Dean when they are the tools of exposition.

Bitch: Dean’s pet name for Sam. See also “Jerk.”

Bitchface: 1. the particular expression Sam Winchester adopts whenever his older brother does something that Sam disapproves of greatly.

Supernatural Bitchface

Black Eyes: 1. Evidence of demon possession, wherein the eyes of the possessed are solid black in appearance.

Black Smoke: 1. How Black Eyes come to be. Black Smoke originally entered through the eyes but has since changed to enter via the mouth or nostrils.

Corpsify: 1. How Deadshirts become dead. Similar to being a Darwin Award Winner.

Crowley: 1. The common replacement for the word “god” in our recaps. 2.Something we can’t tell you any more about until we get to the recap of Season Five, Episode Ten, because spoilers, sweetie.

Scary Demonbits: 1. John Winchester’s hunting notebook.

Supernatural John Winchester Journal

Deadshirt: 1. Any guest star on SPN that is clearly destined to die. 2. Our take on the infamous Star Trek Redshirt.

EMF Meter: 1. A tool used to measure ambient (surrounding) electromagnetic fields, which paranormal investigators believe to be an accurate way to detect haunted objects, paranormal activity, or movement by non-human forces. They are most commonly referred to as simply EMFs. 2. The thing Dawn has on her iphone that she uses to freak out friends, family, and strangers in antique shops

EVP: 1. Electronic Voice Phenomena, a term for supposed recordings of ghosts and other paranormal creatures. EVPs are normally heard among, amidst, under, or over static and often have to be filtered to be heard properly.

Hunter Homework: 1. Research germane to the plot

Impala Exposition: 1. Any important plot points that take place as the result of a talk in, on, or just outside of Baby.

Jerk: Sam’s pet name for Dean. See also “Bitch.”

Puppy Dog Eyes: 1. Sam Winchester’s uncanny ability to to lie, cajole, and generally charm the pants off or information out of damn near anyone simply by showing them his big, green eyes. Surprisingly, this also works ON his brother. See also “Winchester Charm.”

Sam Winchester Puppy Dog Eyes

Sammy Sense: 1. Dean Winchester’s uncanny and lifelong-learned ability to just KNOW when his brother is in trouble.

Winchester Charm: 1. The brothers’ uncanny ability (together and separately) to lie, cajole, and generally charm the pants off or information out of damn near anyone they meet. See also “Puppy Dog Eyes.”

Winchester Menstrual Syndrome (WMS): 1. The particular angst between the brothers and their father in Season One, and the brothers themselves in all seasons.