“On Sundays, we wear white.” – Golden Globes Fashion 2016

Posted by Maggie

Everyone welcome back our fashion blogger, Maggie. (Also it’s her blogaversary with us, so throw some glitter at her. YAY SPARKLES.) Maggie will once again be your guide through the madness that is Red Carpet Season. What were her favorite looks from the Golden Globes? Read on to find out. –Kim

The Top Ten

Taraji P. Henson

Was there really any other choice for the top of our Best Dressed list? Taraji wasn’t the only star stunning in white last night, but she was the one having the most fun working her look. (God help the man who stepped on her train as she walked up to accept her award.) Hair and makeup game strong, and I think her earrings were the best of the night. You could see a little bit of the workings of the bodice, if that makes sense? But it’s impossible to focus on such a nitpick when the fiercest woman in the room is handing out cookies and declaring that she’s waited twenty years so no, she will not be played off, thank you very much.

Kirsten Dunst

Kiki is back, y’all, and I am here for it. This black number reminded me a little bit of Rosamund Pike’s monstrosity from last year in structure, but this look is much more successful — and flattering. I think she manages to look sophisticated while baring a fair amount of fair skin, and somehow what appears to be black velvet looks light and fresh.


I love this color on her and I can’t get over the tiers. The fabric is a touch stiff? But it works to maintain the killer shape. She looks lovely here and the Fashion Police better only have compliments this time around.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I know. I KNOW. This is the best I’ve seen Maggie Gyllenhaal look in a long time. I think the print works beautifully, I love the shade of yellow (in a year of some truly dour yellows) and I’m a sucker for this shoulder detail.

Laverne Cox

I freely admit to being biased here, but just look at her. You know the expression “slay”? Well, I wrote in my notes “straight up murder,” that’s how great I think she looks. She is glam for days, and I think she managed to stand out even in the sea of white with trains. I did see a few wrinkles, but again. I’m biased.

Emmy Rossum

To me, this is the perfect red carpet look. Beautifully fitted, understated red gown. Flowing locks. NECKLACE. Red lip. Done.

Rachel McAdams

Another print! This one is the tiniest bit more couch-like to me, but I love the colors and I think she’s pulling it off. Bonus points for lipstick.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

I love the beading, the neckline, and the shape of the skirt, which I much prefer to some of the more structured prom-y dresses I saw last night. Also pockets! And btw I know we all talk about the Dewan-Tatums as relationship goals, but why/how did she let Channing out of the house with his hair like that last night??

Kate Bosworth

I’m super particular about beading (foreshadowing) and I love what’s happening here. The pink is so beautiful and the pattern created with the silver just. I love it. I think she looks overall amazing here and I hope to see more of her on the red carpet.

Bonus shot from the back, mainly because this PICTURE is stunning.

Alicia Vikander

Okay, so I know this might be controversial, but I loved this. I thought it was just out of the box enough without going full apron or anything. It’s really flattering and it has a belt! What more do you want from me? I wasn’t sure what to expect from Alicia, but I was pretty sure she would do something less traditional and I, for one, am glad she did.

Also, lounging goals.

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Crank It Up – SYTYCD Recap

SYTYCD We Said We'll Dance

Posted by Sage

Phase 1 of Season 11 of So You Think You Can Dance closed out in Atlanta this week. The last stop on this audition tour always brings out some serious hip-hop talent and even the mainstream debut of a few new styles. Am I allowed to be disappointed that not one contestant gave us the “peace up, A-Town down”?  That’s the one ATL move I can do. Maybe in another 10 years, crankin’ will have trickled down to an Usher frat party track so we can all get in on it. And until then, let’s leave the hard stuff to Dragon House. Annnnnnnndddd…cue music!

Cat Deeley Scale of Awesomeness

Cat Deeley Lauren Froderman

Queen Cat seemed particularly low-key and relaxed this week. She could host this show under a double dose of Nyquil and still be the most charming. Even her style read “kickin’ it” – dig that embellished sweatshirt. She still shined, of course, especially when she gleefully hoisted up a girl who’d just been given her ticket and bemoaned the fact that dancers are now auditioning who started watching the show in elementary school. (“Which makes me 107.”) Please be with us until that day actually comes, Cat. You’ll still be fabulous.

This Week’s “Jidges” Score of Awesome: 10/10. Always a 10, this girl.

Audition of the Night: Ricky Ubeda

Ricky is the dancer who told Cat he grew up watching the show and it makes sense. He’s molded himself into the ideal contestant. This 18-year-old cutie-face will definitely command the teenybopper vote and in this case, I’m fine with it. Ricky’s impeccably finished extensions and impressive power wowed the judges, and he won me over instantly with his music choice. (Coldplay’s “Us Against the World”) Contemporary choreographers are gonna go nuts for him – think about that inevitable Travis Wall number – and he’s certainly got the strength to be a solid partner. Plus, he loves his mama. Gotta love a boy who loves his mama.

Top 20 Material:

Angelina Granitz

I’m so enamored with everything about Angelina Granitz from her goofy demeanor (“Hello, I’m back.”) to her insane control and poise on the floor. But most of all, I’m enamored with her brother, who featured heavily in her pre-audition package and is fine.

Cristina Moya Palacios

No word on whether Nigel finds Cristina to be a “miracle dancer,” but he and the rest of the panel were certainly dazzled by her technique. I’m no expert, but I don’t think she was messing around with the level of difficulty in this routine. From the pirouette that opened up into an arabesque to the sort-of bridge pose with one leg extension, her solo showed that Cristina is in it to win it.

Mariah Reives

I feel like we’ve seen more jazz auditions than usual this audition tour and I’m not complaining. Mariah opened the show this week with a refreshing solo that was all sass and cool. She can act the crap out of a number without resorting to pulling silly faces. That slow-mo drop into a split made my thighs hurt. She even worked a little tap step in there. I get the feeling that she’s super versatile – we’ll see next week how she handles callback craziness.

Eric “Silky” Moore

Silky is a great dancer and a good man, as I would have gone all Sideshow on Nigel if he rudely cut off my routine right at the start like that. He’s supes presh though, with his purple pants and his “here’s my thing about the ballroom.” He definitely knows how to pick a piece of music and his interpretation of it was so much more than move after move after move. He used the floor, which is an issue with some animators. He got his ticket not just because he’s good at what he does, but because he made an effort in his solo to hint at the other styles he’s “dabbled” in but could really tackle with some instruction.

Marissa Milele

“Princess Warrior” Marissa Milele wants none of your delicate, frou-frou, music box contemporary, thank you. The routine she showed up with makes it look “like I’m about to fight somebody,” she told Cat, and no that’s no joke. I’m with guest judge Jenna Dewan Tatum, who was totally into it. And look at that body. I like a lady dancer who looks like she could squeeze the life out of a man with her thighs.

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