The Best Performances of 2014

Posted by Kim and Sage

We’ve named our Top 20 moments of 2014 (re-live those moments here and here) and now it’s time to turn our eyes to our favorite individual performances of the year. As usual, we make the disclaimer that we are but two modest bloggers and cannot see everything, so try not to get too worked up if your favorite isn’t here. Still, we live for nothing if not to celebrate great work when we see it. Help us do that, won’t you?

1) Julianne Nicholson – Masters of Sex

masters of sex lillian

Guys, I don’t understand why EVERYONE isn’t talking about Masters of Sex.   I’m still in the midst of watching season two (I watch it on my iPad at the gym, which must make for amazing over the shoulder watching for whoever is on the machine next to me.)  While Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan’s performances carry the bulk of the weight, Masters is incredibly rich in its supporting and recurring characters.  I love Julianne Nicholson’s Lillian DePaul because she is the anti-Virginia.  Where Virginia is warm and emotive, Lillian is awkward and tenacious and to the point.  Lillian is abrasive and seems to always be clawing her way up, believing her intelligence should stand on its own, whereas Virginia smoothly slides herself into the places she needs to be, unafraid to use her feminine wiles.  These women are two sides of the same coin, which is why they gravitate towards each other (even if Lillian does it kicking and screaming).  Obviously, the relationship between Virginia and Bill is the driving force of the show, but the unsung relationship of the show is Lillian and Virginia and what these two women learn from each other.  Virginia helps soften Lillian and teaches her that sometimes intelligence and passion isn’t enough to get you where you want to be, while Lillian, in her incredibly rigid way, teaches Virginia to expect MORE from herself and respect her own intelligence.  It’s a fascinating relationship and I love how Lillian isn’t afraid to call Virginia out for the way the affair with Bill is offensive to her.

“Don’t you understand what you’ve done makes it harder for every woman who comes after you?  Easier for every man that has designs on that same woman?”

The best friendships are the ones where one is not afraid to call the other out.  “Giants” is a spectacular episode for that very reason, as Lillian and Virginia end up screaming at each other in her office.  Neither is in the right, as Lillian disregards Virginia’s emotions, while Virginia refuses to admit that she is doing anything WRONG. (“We’re participating in the study” is the LAMEST excuse ever.)  It’s the kind of fight that would end a weaker friendship.  But when Lillian’s cancer flares up at the end of the episode and she passes out, who does she call?  Virginia. (“I am scared though, for what’s ahead, which means I can’t really afford to be upset with you now, can I?”) And Virginia comes because her friend needs her. FRIENDSHIP.

Don’t even get me started on when Virginia tucks Lillian into bed and kisses her forehead like one of her children.  The pain is too real right now.

Nicholson is so wonderful in the role because she allows you to see the woman behind Lillian’s brittle exterior.  It could have easily been a one-note character, but instead you see a woman terrified that she is losing the one thing she has always counted on and the only thing about herself she’s always prized: her mind.  Lillian has so many wonderful unexpected moments, like when she pulls a bottle of liquor out of her desk to have a post-work drink with Austin or when she slyly refuses to outright apologize to Virginia after their fight (acknowledging the non-apology IS the apology).  Given her character’s diagnosis, I always knew Julianne’s time on the show was limited…but that doesn’t mean I didn’t sob like a baby when Lillian died.  Because she did it on her own terms, blazing her path on her own, like she had always done.  HERO.

— Kim

2) John Barrowman – Arrow

arrow barrowmanarrow barrowman

You all know that John Barrowman can do no wrong in our eyes and we love Arrow for bringing him back to our television screens on a regular basis.  There is little to nothing redeeming about Malcolm Merlyn.  He’s a ruthless business man and an even more ruthless assassin.  His only loyalty is to himself.  Just when you think there might be hope for him in the form of love for his daughter, he turns around and drugs Thea, forcing her to murder Sara (with no memory of doing so) for some reason I’m STILL not entirely sure of other than fridging one female character whilst taking away the other’s agency. (Seriously, writers.  This is supposed to one of the most pro-lady shows on TV and you are failing this gender.)  It takes an actor with an innate sense of over-the-top theatricality to make all of these dastardly deeds seem grounded and realistic.  Luckily, John Barrowman has that in spades.  What elevates Barrowman’s performance is the fact that you can SEE how much fun he is having bringing this bastard to life.  He chews all the scenery with a fervor usually reserved for meals at five-star restaurants.  It’s nothing short of delightful.

— Kim

3) Jenna Coleman – Doctor Who

doctor who jenna coleman

2014: The Year of Clara Oswald.

Before Series 8 premiered, I was very lukewarm on Clara as a character.  This is not a slam against Jenna Coleman at all…she’s always been wonderful on the show, she was just saddled with bad writing and being reduced to a plot device.  Clara was a cipher, a puzzle for The Doctor to figure out, which did not do much for her in terms of a personality.  She showed flashes of who she was outside of being “The Impossible Girl” in “The Day of the Doctor” but that was lost in “The Time of the Doctor”.  Then Matt Smith regenerated into Peter Capaldi and EVERYTHING changed.  In the wake of having the Doctor go through an identity crisis, Clara’s personality solidified and what emerged was WONDERFUL.  Clara became a Type-A control freak who desperately wanted to “have it all” in her life.  Gone were the days of her being a nanny (really…what was that?) and she blossomed in her position as an English Teacher.  She moved past her hero-worship of The Doctor and became unafraid to push his buttons and call him out on his shit.  She demanded more of him because she KNEW the type of man he was capable of being and she did not accept him being any less.  She fell in love but refused to compromise herself or bend to Danny Pink’s demands of the relationship.  She is passionate, she is self-assured, she is empathetic, and she is ruthless.  She is devoted to The Doctor to a fault and she’s addicted to the life that he has shown her though their travels.  She is incredibly difficult and complex.  She’s not an easy woman content with simple pleasures, and I love her all the more for it.

With better material, Jenna emerged as a brilliant actress who was capable of bringing incredible pathos to Doctor Who.  In Peter Capaldi, she got a scene partner who pushed her to bring her A-Game every episode…and she did.  Their chemistry is electric and unexpected and thoroughly watchable (and shippable WHOOPS).  If you had asked me a year ago if I was ready for Clara to move on, I would have probably said yes.  Now?  I screamed with joy and almost flailed off my bed when she was confirmed for Series 9.  Don’t ever leave me, Jenna.

— Kim

4) Jesse L. Martin – The Flash

the flash jesse l martin

I’m still grappling with the notion that Jesse Martin can play a character with an adult child. For heaven’s sake, who’s holding down the anarchist movement at MIT??

Regardless. With Coach Taylor out of the game, Jesse’s Detective Joe West is the best dad on TV right now. Built on the sturdy base of Arrow, The Flash hit the ground running (hee) this year. The series boasts quality writing and very un-cheesy effects. But The Flash‘s ace in the hole? Its superhero casting. Grant Gustin is a find – heroic and unequivocally good, but without laying on the “gee, whiz” routine. I love the ingenuity of casting erstwhile nice guy Tom Cavanagh as the ambiguously unsavory Dr. Wells. And then, there’s Jesse. He’s just so WARM, you guys. I want him to bear-hug me into a coma.

I’m a sucker for a father/son relationship, especially a non-traditional one. And with Barry Allen’s biological dad (heeeeeey Mitch Leery) taking the rap for his wife’s murder, it’s Joe who’s held that position for most of Barry’s life. Like its sister show, The Flash wins at humanizing its heroes by focusing on the people who build them up and give them a reason to do what they do. In Joe, Barry has a boss, an ally, a possible future in-law, and the family he needs to keep on being that light. He’s the guy behind the guy.

When you first moved in with us, I thought it was going to be too much. I was already a single dad, finances were tough and you were a little boy who just lost his mother. But, man, I was wrong. Within two weeks you changed the whole dynamic of the house. Suddenly the house was filled with this light, this energy. I mean, you brightened up everything. You’ve seen more darkness than any man will in a lifetime and you never let it dim your soul. So there I was thinking that I’m changing your life by taking you in, but the truth is, you changed mine. So don’t lose that light, now, Bar. The world may need The Flash, but I need my Barry Allen. Let’s go home.

I think there’s something in my eye…


5) Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl

gone girl rosamund pike

While everyone hemmed and hawed over the casting of Ben Affleck, Rosamund Pike situated herself comfortably in the title role of this whole nasty business. (Also, Ben Affleck is an actor. He’s going to do movies. You may as well get used to it.) And she nailed it. Amy Dunne is a Hitchcock blond on Adderall. She’s cunning, merciless, vulnerable, and utterly insane. She scared the bejesus out of me. But because she also did that to every man in America, I root for her. Just a little bit.


6) Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything

The only thing I can compare Eddie Redmayne’s performance in The Theory of Everything to is Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot.  Both are extraordinary PHYSICAL performances that could easily feel gimmicky or like a blatant awards grab…but they are so rooted in the humanity of the men that they are portraying that they feel nothing but completely natural.  The difference in the performances is that Christy Brown was BORN with cerebral palsy, while Stephen Hawking went through a gradual decline thanks to ALS.  This gives Redmayne the opportunity to also grapple with the incredible struggle of being a healthy and brilliant young man being crippled by a horrible disease.  It’s a daunting challenge for any actor and Eddie Redmayne immerses himself in the challenge fully. The result is extraordinary. Physically, I don’t know how Eddie managed to contort his body for hours at a time…just looking at that gif makes my neck hurt.  The best part is how, despite the deterioration of his body, Eddie always keeps Hawking’s MIND alive.  It’s an incredibly aware and alive performance.  The wheels never stop turning, his eyes never lose the sly twinkle, even after he is no longer able to use his voice.  That’s right. In the final act of the movie, Hawking loses his ability to speak, leaving Eddie Redmayne with only his FACE to convey all the things going on in Stephen’s mind.  It’s mind-boggling.

— Kim

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And The Tony Award Goes To… – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap

The Office One Delicious Moment

#SmashBash 2×17

“The Tonys”

– Posted by Sage

Before the curtain comes down on this well-intentioned, ill-advised series, we’ve got one more #SmashBash to go. Kim recapped the first hour of the grand, two-hour series finale. Now it’s my turn to take us out.

Spoiler alert: the entire series was not revealed to be the dream of a little future sociopath named Ellis. Unfortunately.

The entire cast meets onstage for a metaphysical singalong of your gif-capper’s favorite song, “Under Pressure.”

Happy Endings That Ish Cray

That’s quite a Freddie scream, Brooklyn Jimmy.

Anchorman I don't know what

“Tom, ready to work? Only twelve hours till the Tonys.” And the brand new number you’re writing isn’t finished yet? Who you think you is, Lin Manuel?

Ghostbusters Everything You Are Doing

“My future husband was sitting behind me.” “Your future husband isn’t even gay!” “Tell that to his upper arms.” BOOM.

Vader dance

“You see how appropriately gracious I was.” Well done on using real footage of Queen Bernadette’s Tony win for Annie Get Your Gun.

Princess Diaries People Just Fawn “Have you been stress-eating again?”  The Big Bang Theory Watching My Figure

“I told you I was bringing supplies.” “I thought you meant more booze.” Stop playing mom, Karen. The man has a plan.

Terrible Plan

“It’s disgusting.” Again, let’s just remember that Derek promised this girl a part for sleeping with him, she did, HE did, but she’s the only one we’re supposed to hate.

Doctor Who toothpick

“Where should I send your deposit?” Could Brooklyn Jimmy be leaving the mean streets of Greenpoint and setting out for Santa Fe?

Benedict Oh my god

Eileen goes to get her man.

Almost Famous It's All Happening

“They refuse to do the number.” Because professionalism is out the window at this point anyway.


“He really liked you.” “I really liked him too.” Poor Tommy.

GOB Hello Darkness

“Are you not going to be there?” Okay, enough hinting – let’s just get to the part where Brooklyn Jimmy tells Karen that he’s not going to the Tonys and she makes a blandly inspiring speech to get him there.

Charlie Day I ain't got

“Oh yeah, for sure, yeah. Spending an evening in a room of sanctimonious pricks who’ve got it in for me. Yep, I’ll be there.” <—How I feel about my high school reunion.

Bill Haverchuck laughing

“For much of our marriage, he was there.” Well, that’s not something you wanna hear.

Batman Ouch

Jimmy shows up in a tux and he’s actually looking pretty adorable. So let’s get that thing off, shall we?

John Krasinski take my clothes off

Lillias White presents the Featured Actress Tony. Leigh and Ivy both lose.

George Michael Charlie Brown walk

Daisy wins. We do hate her. We hate her a lot.

13 Going on 30 Rude Mean


Nick Jonas fork bending

Tom and Julia win! And I realize that this show has tricked me into actually caring.

Dean Awesome

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No Day But Today – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap

Posted by Kim

“The Phenomenon”

#SmashBash 2×14

I am a RentHead through and through.  So this episode MAY have caused me to slip into a rage induced coma.  I took this shit PERSONALLY.   Let’s get right to it, shall we?

I count three bottles of beer and 2 bottles of wine between Karen and Derek. Yikes!

“Do you really want to do this?” SOMEONE JUST DO SOMETHING PLEASE.  Karen hestitates cause she’s Karen, but then appears to go for it FINALLY.

Guys…I’m seeing two Brooklyn Jimmys.  And it’s terrifying.

Brooklyn Jimmy singing to his strung out self.  In Brooklyn Jimmy’s defense, whenever I am upset about something, I imagine myself singing to me too.

I love that Brooklyn Jimmy went to Karen’s apartment and climbed up the fire escape Joey Potter style.  Seriously…just use the DOOR like a normal person.

“I was a total ass, I ruined everything.”

“If I pull this play I lose my job.” Scott is a TERRIBLE artistic director, you guys.

Imitation of Life, Harold and Maude, Roadhouse.  What ARE these Original Musicals?

So we’re in a universe with all these ridiculous original shows, yet the current revivals of Pippin and The Mystery of Edwin Drood exist.  Okay.

 photo tumblr_lmjid22lP41qk3l9oo1_500_zps38ab8350.gif

Oh, Tom, I love you think you could compete with Diane Paulus’ work in Pippin.

Bright Light in a Bad Show.  Are they really playing at Ivy getting two nominations?  (Also that philosophy DOES apply.  See also Carolee Carmello getting a Best Actress nomination for Scandalous.)

“We stopped ourselves.” In other words, Karen is the world’s biggest tease.

“He’s gone” And here comes all my rage about how Smash is raping the story of Jonathan Larson…

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“Let’s Sweep the Tonys.” – #SmashBash GifCap

It’s the DAY OF THE SHOW, Y’all!

Smash 2×12

“Opening Night”

Posted by Kim

Opening night of Bombshell is upon us at LAST.  Will it get good reviews?  Will Karen seethe with jealousy?  Will Brooklyn Jimmy somehow find a way to ruin it all by being the worst? In a word, yes.

To the gifs!

Seriously, Bernadette’s Bombshell costume and look is a straight up rip-off of one of her looks in Gypsy.

Gulliver’s Travels the Musical.  Lord of the Flies the Musical. Julia is clearly perusing Leo’s school required reading lists for musical ideas.

“A musical can be built around the poetry of Ezra Pound.” WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?
 photo high_zpsa9aec1bd.gif

“Julie Taymor-y with Puppets.” Oh, Smash. You and your theatre references.

 photo tumblr_ml4aordGpu1qd1agyo1_500_zps3bebdd4c.gif

“Text him that you’re not wearing any underwear.” Oh, God.  I did NOT need that mental image.

 photo donvomit_zps1689dc0a.gif

How did Eileen have enough tickets lying around to invite the entire cast of an off-Broadway show? Also, I feel that will DEFINITELY end well.

“The whole cast wasn’t the lead of the show.” Let’s not forget that it was a show you quit WILLINGLY, Karen.

 photo tumblr_m9mrr1j7Kl1rxuoymo1_500_zpsd75bdba1.gif

Adam is not just Jimmy’s dealer but his BROTHER.

Directing that show is a full-time job. Is it? IS IT REALLY?! *head desk*

Also a big YES to a revival of City of Angels PLEASE.

Step AWAY from the message boards Ivy! (At least she was on All that Chat though and not Google like Tom was a few episodes ago. She knows where to go.)

LEO.  And I love that the FIRST thing we hear him asking about is Ivy’s nude scene.

Gatsby the Musical.  I could get behind that actually.

(Side note: please, oh PLEASE let this movie be good.)

“I’m gonna talk to Karen tonight…about everything.” Yes, because a Broadway Opening is a PERFECT place to tell your girlfriend all about your sordid past Brooklyn Jimmy.

 photo emma-watson-hermione-granger-Favimcom-369053_zpsc114d71c.gif

Shaiman and Wittman cameo. It’s about time, actually.

“You have until the curtain goes up to tell me about your brother.” Again, a totally appropriate place to be having this conversation, guys!  Shouldn’t she have called Jimmy as soon as Ana told her all of this? Eh, what does it matter?

 photo idiots_zps6d474e1e.gif

“Kyle saved me.” On the lonely barricade…wait…

“I wasn’t a good person, but since I met you that’s all I want to be.” Oh, Brooklyn Jimmy. Blatantly stealing lines from romantic comedies.

“You fought like hell. And you got that role. You are Marilyn Monroe on Broadway.” Hell yes you are.

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I Brought You Liza! – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap

Derek has a vision for this gif-cap

Posted by Kim

“The Surprise Party”

Smash 2×10

Can we all agree upon the fact that two episodes of Smash in one week is just TOO MUCH? Smash aired on Tuesday for the last time this week and then aired another episode in its new Saturday time slot, where (surprising no one) it hit a new series low in the ratings.  I mean…who stays at home on a Saturday night to watch television?

Oh, wait.  I do.

To the gifs!!

“I haven’t gotten it right yet.”  Speaking for the viewers right off the bat, Tom.


Ivy, I know you are mad at Tom for casting  your mom, but you could at least TRY and respect your director. Oh wait. That would imply Smash thinks directors are worth respecting.  My bad.

“Your son is visiting colleges without you and having the time of his life.”  Julia, stop pretending you care about Leo.

“IT’S TECH!!” Oh, we’re back to that as an excuse for everything again, are we?

 photo tumblr_m1wzn2KAx91r2e1lj_zps33dadc85.gif

Brooklyn Jimmy and Karen making out in a wardrobe closet DURING REHEARSAL. #professionals

“Cant wait to get out of here and get drunk.” #gpoy

 photo tumblr_lzi58wBV8O1qhnr1lo1_500_zps01416ec1.gif


 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-20526-1363140621-1_zps39ac80ce.gif

“Call Liza.” I love that Tom just randomly has her number.

(Devastated I couldn’t find a gif of this, so this will have to suffice.)

WHAT IS THIS HIT LIST SONG?  It sounds like “Call Me Maybe” meets Taylor Swift meets the crappiest Disney Channel musical ever.

I still have no idea what Hit List is about.

“How would you fix it?” I’mma gonna let Loki answer this one:

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Mama’s Lettin’ Loose – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap

Eleven I survived

Season 2, Episode 9: The Parents
– Posted by Sage

It’s double the Smash and double the #SmashBash this week, ya’ll! Derek and his minions are making the move to weekends this Saturday and Kim will have you covered with that gif-cap. Saturdays are the last stop before Cancellation Station, so let’s make these last few count. Remember: ain’t no party like a #SmashBash party, ‘cos a #SmashBash party is a piece of shit produced by Steven Spielberg!

“Maybe Anna forgot her keys.” “No, she would call first.” She would?

I do not accept this Tennant

“It’s your Dad!” “Hannah, sweetheart, just checking in on you and your OCD…wait, wrong show.”

Will Smith surprised

“Okay. Oh gosh. Shirt. Here’s your shirt.” I can see that you WANT me to find flustered!Karen sexy and endearing, but…

Cabin in the Woods I just want this moment to end

“That’s the fifth time this morning. I wonder what’s so important.” Perhaps a major plot point?

Fozzie head in hands

“I wish I was starring on Broadway, instead of in the ensemble.” YOU QUIT THE BOOK OF MORMON TOUR BECAUSE OF SOMETHING THE GUY YOU’RE SLEEPING WITH SAID AT A PARTY. This one’s on you, my friend.

Piss poor attitude

“Are you writing an email? I thought you were doing a pass on today’s scenes.” This is why neither of these shows are finished. No one actually works around here.

Mean Girls Go home

“Patti Lupone?” “Well, no. Someone a little closer to home.” Patti, I know you have better taste than this, but why haven’t you been on this show?

Patti LuPone seems an awful waste


Bernadette is Fabulous

Julia’s outfit is cute for once! A kicky side pony, patterned black and white dress, nerd glasses, and chic blazer. Well done. For once.

Hello beautiful Harry Potter

Karen is singing. And everyone is entranced. Everyone but me.

Stanley do not care

“Will I remain the same or will I change a little bit? Will I feel broken or totally complete? Will I retain my name when I’m the biggest, hugest hit?”

Big Bang stop listening

“Do we even have time to pull this off?” “Almost definitely not.” But that’s never stopped us before!

Kitchen Nightmares piss around

“I still can’t quite see why you left Bombshell for this?”

Baby Benedict this

“This is boring. I want my catfight already.” The Greek Bitch Chorus speaks for the rest of us.

Barney bored

“She tried to kidnap you when you were a small child by stuffing you into a duffel bag.” And forced me to sing backup for my sister June!

I'm a pretty girl mama

“Perhaps I can repay you for your kindness with dinner next week.” Eileen is now whoring her bangs out to get some publicity for Bombshell.

Fringe Olivia eyebrow raise

“I knew you was alive.” “It’s nowhere near what I owe you.” Brooklyn Jimmy just wants outta the game, you guys. And I’m BORED.

Lizzie Bennet twirling

“Nice jacket.” I see what you’re doing here, Smash. As usual, I’m seeing it from a mile away.

Maya finger

“I know how sad Ivy was when you left for the tour.” Can we please stop talking about this like Sam was kidnapped by Scott Rudin and forced to dance and sing in the SOLD OUT tour of the BLOCKBUSTER TONY-WINNING Book of Mormon?! Please?

Preschool toys present

“The fundraiser for the Manhattan Theater Workshop?” Nice try, writers, but your reasons for the Bombshell team being in the room for a fundraiser for another production are tissue paper thin.

Crazier than crazy PLL

“At least the best part of my career is still ahead of me.”

Chastain I regret nothing

Broadway, here I come. Broadway, here I come. BROADWAY, HERE I COME!”  Or not.

Michelle Obama eyeroll

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YOU Get A Marilyn. And YOU Get A Marilyn! – A #SmashBash Gif-cap

Sebastian hope you appreciate
Season 2, Episode 7: Musical Chairs
– Posted by Sage

The Smashbash lives for another week! I sadly can’t report a miracle ratings spike, but we’re not at the point of cancellation yet. Instead, NBC is moving it to Saturday nights in April. (Said my friend Sam: “Are there even shows on Saturday nights?”)

As the episode title suggests, there was quite a lot of role-shifting in this week’s episode. And actually, we kind of ended up with teams that make a teensy bit of sense. Well done, Smash! Logic is your friend.

Let’s catch up with our favorite hapless musical theater folk!

We begin with Brooklyn Jimmy, clad in a stylish low-cut tee, singing with generic free spirit roommate, who is ostensibly intended to replace Karen in Hit List.

SNL Deep V

He’s Blake, the lighting designer, btdubs.

Rachel Green bitchin

Those kids are just…bouncing on chairs. Smash doesn’t even know how children work.

Schmidt Youths

“Really? I don’t see it that way at all.” Well then, it’s a good thing you’re not the DIRECTOR, isn’t it, Karen?
Martha Jones shut up

“Derek isn’t here anymore.” “Yeah, I know.” You’re not the boss, Karen.

This aggression will not stand

“It’s like we’re speaking different languages.” Unknown lead doesn’t get along with the director? I have a solution.

Sam Seaborn fires you


Where's my mac and cheese? 30 Rock

I’m sorry, that new choreo happened in one day? Nice job, invisible choreographer!

Psych what

“Without the right person at the helm, this ship will go down.” NOW you think directors matter?

Tom Hiddleston laugh

There’s a Rent poster in Scott’s office. In case you missed the last 17 hints that Brooklyn Jimmy is the exhumed genius of Jonathan Larson.

Sam Weir choke

“Don’t listen to him. He’s not good with feedback. We’ll do whatever you want.”

HIMYM could you please be cool

“I don’t see what is so bad about putting up a show in an 80 seat theater and seeing how it goes.” This is the first lucid thing Brooklyn Jimmy has ever said. Did he go off his meds too?

Just Do it Amy Poehler

Dangerous Liaisons plays its first performance to dead-silence. Come on, Smash. People pity-applaud at even the most tragic failures.

Jasmine eyeroll

“Gwen Verdon would have left if Fosse quit.” Excuse me?

What's this what's happening Will & Grace

“The boys need to grow up.” TRUE.

Horse you are smart

“Of course, he sent you here to come check up on us.” Here comes Karen, the wise old Broadway sage, to drop some knowledge on these newbies. If I squint, she looks almost like Mike Nichols.

Girls feelings

“The theme you’re looking for is already there. It’s about reinvention.” I thought it was about a bunch of starving artists living and loving on the Lower East Side? Fiiiive hundred twenty five thousand six hundred miiinnn-no?

Fuck not found X-Men

Julia and Scott know each other and something is up with that. I can tell from the trademark Smash anvil-size hint.

Jason Mraz peace

“I’ve never done this before. I’m still learning.” Tom, my love. YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR. YOU WROTE THE GODDAMN SHOW. And now you’re GROVELING to KAREN? Have some self-respect.

The Inbetweeners car

“I wish I could get out of this show. I really hate it.”

That Thing You Do pig in competition

“Let’s have some fun, like in the old days like before you went off your meds.” GOOD NEWS! More actors are just deciding to completely overhaul their own productions, and there’s not a director in sight.

Peter and the Starcatcher stache

“Is it ahmahzing? How high do you belt?” Seth Rudetsky!

Jonas 5-second dance party

“Of course she does, she’s a star.” I’m gonna need people to stop saying that.

Grace Adler bombshell

“I don’t think we need to scream what it’s about in every scene.” Brooklyn Jimmy is like, “SLOW DOWN, SHADES! “THAT THING YOU DO” IS A BALLAD!”

Shrimp Shack Shooters

“You really loved him, didn’t you?” Pretty much a useless, throwaway line in anything ever. Only used to state the completely obvious.

Sure what you're suggesting Game of Thrones

“I’m not going to lie. Seeing the two of you together makes my heart beat faster.” *shudder*

How dare you speak to me Jeff Goldblum

“I’m not threatened, just incredibly frustrated.” Aren’t we all, Tom. Aren’t we all.

The Wedding Singer charming

Terry and Ivy decided, ON THEIR OWN, to make Liaison broad again and somehow, in one day, changed the orchestrations, choreography, performances of all their castmates, Terry’s SINGING VOICE, and got some live sheep on stage.

Justin Timberlake Gurl

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