“Fashion is the most powerful art there is.” – Emmy Fashion 2016

Posted by Maggie

It was a long summer, devoid of major red carpets with only Louis Tomlinson’s daily trips to Starbucks to sustain us, but the Emmys are finally here. Jimmy Kimmel aside, that was a fun night, right? So many great looks, some pleasant surprises and only a few disappointments. I’m a little distressed by the amount of sheer skirts, but I can handle it. So let’s topple the patriarchy and look at some gowns!


Kristen Bell

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

Hands down, best look of the night. Look at this pattern, you guys, I think I even see birds in it. The silhouette is amazing on her, I love that even though she’s so petite, this gown isn’t overwhelming her.

Art. Source: elserina.tumblr.com

Art. Source: elserina.tumblr.com

Sarah Paulson

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

This hits a lot of buttons for me — I love a v-neck with long sleeves, I love a well executed green look, and my god, do I love beading. Especially when someone can still move gracefully like Sarah, if she was feeling weighed down, it didn’t show. Those earrings were the perfect choice, too.

Allison Janney

National Treasure. Source: elegancia-es-el-nuevo-estilo29.tumblr.com

National Treasure. Source: elegancia-es-el-nuevo-estilo29.tumblr.com

SHUTTING. IT. DOWN. I love everything about this, bow down.

Constance Zimmer

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

I’m so into this. I love how this look could be described as romantic or very feminine, but somehow she still looks tough as nails. I feel like this was the exact right shade of pink, I’m dying over the sleeves, and I need to stop looking at this photo soon before I take it to my hair stylist.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

Okay, THIS is how you do the sheer and black romantic look (ahem, Sophie Turner, but I’m getting ahead of myself). It shouldn’t really surprise loyal readers that I liked this very much overall, and I was especially taken with the criss-cross detail at the bust. I’m really glad that she decided to attend, given the passing of her father last week, not so I could immediately slot her in the best list but because she looked genuinely thrilled when Veep won at the end of the night. I was really moved by her acceptance speech, and I thought it was very generous of her to share it with us.

Priyanka Chopra

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

Yes, the detail at the bust bothers me too, but isn’t this gorgeous? I think this is the best she’s ever looked. I love this color on her and the way the dress moved was stunning.

Kerry Washington

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

No disrespect to the 90s, especially because they really are back (damn), but last time Kerry walked the red carpet while pregnant I thought she looked like an extra from the 10 Things I Hate About You prom. (Yes, that prom was cool as hell but it wasn’t a major awards show red carpet, okay?) But this, you guys. How is this working so well?? She looks so cool and comfortable and breezy and we know it was like a thousand degrees out on the red carpet last night. If you look closely, the boob collar’s not great? But it doesn’t detract too much from overall look.

Kate McKinnon

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

Source: omgthatdress.tumblr.com

I am living for Kate in this classic red. L-i-v-i-n-g. She looks beautiful and comfortable and like a goddamn winner.

Looks like a winner, is a winner. Source: myloveholtzy.tumblr.com

Looks like a winner, is a winner. Source: myloveholtzy.tumblr.com

Kirsten Dunst

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

Source: hollywood-fashion.tumblr.com

There was an unfortunate amount of sheer skirts on the red carpet, and Kiki’s put them all to shame. THIS is how it’s done. I wrote down “DYING I LOVE THIS CABARET HOTNESS” and I love the hair, although I think she might have pulled back too much on accessories.

Taraji P. Henson (Ceremony)

Source: People.com

Source: People.com

This second look was much more the drama that I was expecting from her. It’s sleek, it’s elegant, it’s sparkly. And I love the lighter and darker brown colors in the pattern.

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“This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing.” – SAG Awards 2016 Fashion

Posted by Maggie

Bless the SAG Awards for being on a Saturday this year, my awards show hangover is much easier to deal with on a Sunday, thank you very much. This was kind of an off night in the season; not a lot of wow moments, l could only come up with seven Best looks when we usually include ten. There were lots of sleeves and textures and patterns, which was interesting, but the night was kind of whelming overall? Let’s take a look and then let me know what you thought in the comments!


Emilia Clarke

I don’t know if we’ve talked about Emilia much before but I’ve noticed she tends to go for let’s say “mature” looks on the red carpet that I don’t think always do her justice, so I basically started seal clapping when I saw her in this. I die for this bold pink and, as you may remember from the Golden Globes coverage, this neckline and skirt shape are right up my alley. Her accessories are subtle, letting the dress do most of the work, and I think the soft wavy hairstyle looks amazing. She looks age appropriate finally, and elegant and fun at the same time.

Marisa Tomei

Easily the best long-sleeved gown of the night. This style and shade of green are so flattering on her and you know I love sparkles. The belt detail really pulled it all together for me.

Amy Poehler

Look at our ginger queen, you guys. This is so good on her, it’s dramatic and yet she looks perfectly at ease and like herself. Amy can be kind of hit or miss on the red carpet but I think she knocked this one out of the park. (Apparently this was my night for subtle accessories and lowkey hairdos.)

Laura Prepon

I know, I don’t think the waist is exactly right either, but I am still here for this poetic noble land mermaid. That bodice completes me and I love the way the skirt of the dress hangs when she’s standing still or flows around her as she twirls. (We call that a ter-wully dress in my family, although I’m not sure of the spelling? due to an adorable mispronunciation of ‘twirl’ by my sister when she was four.)

Anna Faris

Am I crazy or is this so different for her? I love how sleek and elegant she looks, the short sleeves are adorable, and did you see the deep vee in the back? I’m not wild about the slit, but I’m also not really mad at it.

Naomi Watts

There were a lot of textured fabrics on the red carpet and this one was my fave. The blue is gorgeous with her complexion and I love the simplicity of the black belt. Obviously I’m into the bold lip, but I think the hair was not perfectly on point?

Helen Mirren

Take notes, ladies, this is how it’s done. She’s sparkly, sexy and classy all at the same time.

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“On Sundays, we wear white.” – Golden Globes Fashion 2016

Posted by Maggie

Everyone welcome back our fashion blogger, Maggie. (Also it’s her blogaversary with us, so throw some glitter at her. YAY SPARKLES.) Maggie will once again be your guide through the madness that is Red Carpet Season. What were her favorite looks from the Golden Globes? Read on to find out. –Kim

The Top Ten

Taraji P. Henson

Was there really any other choice for the top of our Best Dressed list? Taraji wasn’t the only star stunning in white last night, but she was the one having the most fun working her look. (God help the man who stepped on her train as she walked up to accept her award.) Hair and makeup game strong, and I think her earrings were the best of the night. You could see a little bit of the workings of the bodice, if that makes sense? But it’s impossible to focus on such a nitpick when the fiercest woman in the room is handing out cookies and declaring that she’s waited twenty years so no, she will not be played off, thank you very much.

Kirsten Dunst

Kiki is back, y’all, and I am here for it. This black number reminded me a little bit of Rosamund Pike’s monstrosity from last year in structure, but this look is much more successful — and flattering. I think she manages to look sophisticated while baring a fair amount of fair skin, and somehow what appears to be black velvet looks light and fresh.


I love this color on her and I can’t get over the tiers. The fabric is a touch stiff? But it works to maintain the killer shape. She looks lovely here and the Fashion Police better only have compliments this time around.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I know. I KNOW. This is the best I’ve seen Maggie Gyllenhaal look in a long time. I think the print works beautifully, I love the shade of yellow (in a year of some truly dour yellows) and I’m a sucker for this shoulder detail.

Laverne Cox

I freely admit to being biased here, but just look at her. You know the expression “slay”? Well, I wrote in my notes “straight up murder,” that’s how great I think she looks. She is glam for days, and I think she managed to stand out even in the sea of white with trains. I did see a few wrinkles, but again. I’m biased.

Emmy Rossum

To me, this is the perfect red carpet look. Beautifully fitted, understated red gown. Flowing locks. NECKLACE. Red lip. Done.

Rachel McAdams

Another print! This one is the tiniest bit more couch-like to me, but I love the colors and I think she’s pulling it off. Bonus points for lipstick.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

I love the beading, the neckline, and the shape of the skirt, which I much prefer to some of the more structured prom-y dresses I saw last night. Also pockets! And btw I know we all talk about the Dewan-Tatums as relationship goals, but why/how did she let Channing out of the house with his hair like that last night??

Kate Bosworth

I’m super particular about beading (foreshadowing) and I love what’s happening here. The pink is so beautiful and the pattern created with the silver just. I love it. I think she looks overall amazing here and I hope to see more of her on the red carpet.

Bonus shot from the back, mainly because this PICTURE is stunning.

Alicia Vikander

Okay, so I know this might be controversial, but I loved this. I thought it was just out of the box enough without going full apron or anything. It’s really flattering and it has a belt! What more do you want from me? I wasn’t sure what to expect from Alicia, but I was pretty sure she would do something less traditional and I, for one, am glad she did.

Also, lounging goals.

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“Smug breeders” – The Mindy Project Recap


The Mindy Project Season 4, Episodes 2 & 3
“C Is For Coward
” & Leo Castellano Is My Son
Posted by Sage

I’m so sorry, you guys. Leo Castellano arrives and I just abandon you! I’m a deadbeat recapper. I’m so ashamed.

I wasn’t having a baby on a subway car or anything, but there was some travel and life stuff going on. But I’ve returned with my sincere apologies, and a double recap for the second and third episodes of The Mindy Project season 4. These were big ones, with our characters making more huge strides, so let’s get straight to it.

This show just rolled right through that pregnancy, didn’t it? Mindy is ready to burst at the beginning of “C Is For Coward, both with child and with crazy-making sexual frustration. Because Danny is an old-school dad, he’s got an old-school sitcom dad problem with sticking his little guy into his other little guy’s uterine oasis. ( “How would you like it if you were minding your own business and a big penis just came and hit you in the face?” “That’s my life you’re describing.”) That weird insecurity gets a grudging pass, even though it had Mindy cheating on him “with a banister.” The real dick moves come later, when Danny gets a load of Mindy’s birthing plan: Step 1) check into the most luxurious birthing suite in the city; 2) get injected with all the drugs; and 3) wake up when baby is placed in her arms.  So far, I’m not seeing any problems.


No mother of his child is “checking out” for the birth, so Danny empties his arsenal of birth-inducing techniques to get the kid on the way before Mindy’s appointment for the “5-Day C-Section Knockout Package” comes around. I don’t buy that Danny had to tip Brendan Deslaurier for this information; granted, everything I know about-pregnancy and birth has been gleaned from sitcoms, but wouldn’t a regular-person OBGYN who knows that “paleo birth” is a ridiculous scam also know the spicy foods trick? Plot hole aside, that detour got us Brendan suggesting that Danny “initiate a conversation on race” and insinuating again that the dad-to-be’s control issues stem from an inappropriate relationship with a priest in his past, plus Danny’s reaction to both of those things, so it’s fine.

As soon as Danny makes a move on Mindy on the couch (“Did you just tweak my tit”? Thanks, Hulu!), she wises up to what’s going on. And it’s another opportunity to enjoy The Mindy Project‘s imperfect feminism in all its shoddy, hungover glory. Yeah, Mindy’s ideal birth is indulgent and outrageous, but is it any more so than the Earth Mother package sponsored by the Deslauriers, the smuggest of the smug? In this episode, there are two camps of dudes advocating for an idea of this process that they’ve romanticized on their own – and in the midwives’ case, commercialized too. Mindy Lahiri doesn’t wake up every morning planning to be a feminist crusader, but sometimes she stumbles over it, just by arguing for what she wants. “Why should only women have to suffer through pain?” she asks her fiance. “Why don’t you get your next cavity filled without Novocaine?” SHOTS FIRED. The idea that a mother needs to experience every ache and cramp and (I’m sorry but it’s true) poop on the birthing table in order to be considered a member of some warrior sisterhood is stupid and damaging, and also just another way to pit women against each other in some arbitrary Olympics of having a vagina. I’d drop the mic, but they’re expensive.

But just because Mindy doesn’t choose pain doesn’t mean she can’t take it. And Danny wouldn’t be Danny if his misguided attempts to steer Mindy’s birth plan over to the stoic Catholic lane didn’t come from a place of pure love for his future child and its mother. In the season premiere, we saw what Mindy’s life would be like if she was with someone who never once tried to challenge her. It’s no good. “She’s scared,” Danny tells Jeremy about Mindy’s plot to essentially skip the birth. And he doesn’t realize that that paralyzing fear is what’s driving her until that moment. Instead of sharing that fear and taking some of it off her shoulders, he told her what to do. But the baby is on his way, and with a fast enough Castellano sprint, he still has time to fix it. (“My girl’s havin’ a baby.”) God, I love it when he runs.

Both Mindy and Danny’s birthing plans are in the shitter, and Mindy’s water has broken onto Brendan’s feet on the (let’s assume) 1 train, scattering bed bugs everywhere. Public births are well-worn sitcom territory, but not like this. Mindy begs Brendan to knock her out with the only tools he has (besides sage: nature’s anesthetic): his bare hands. (“Mindy, I’ve wanted to punch you in the face for so very long.”) With her ‘Yonce mix inaccessible, she has to settle for Duncan’s ukelele rendition of “I Been Workin’ On The Railroad.” And she even courts the Beygency in order to provoke Tamra into an attack that will hopefully end in Mindy unconscious. (“Beyonce’s really 44…that did nothing, and I betrayed Beyonce.”) Finally, Danny makes his way onto the car. Because as annoying as he is when he thinks his word is law in this family, at least he fucking cares. (Stay tuned: that’s the theme of the next episode too.) And when the chips are down, and baby Lahiri-Castellano just won’t wait any longer, Danny knows the exact right things to say. He believes them. It’s a nice bonus.

stronger stronger 2
stronger 3 stronger 4

All my romantic dreams for the rest of my life will be of some man calling me a “stone cold bitch” with this much fearsome love in his eyes. Well done, Ma and Pop. And welcome to the world, Leo Castellano.

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“It’s like a totally important designer.” – Emmy Fashion 2015

Posted by Maggie

This time last year, Sage and I were delighted to get an email from our friend Maggie in which she broke down every single look from the 2014 Emmys.  We did not ask her for this email, she did it because she needed to talk to someone about all her fashion feels.  Thus, a beautiful blogging friendship was born. Here we are a year later and for the first time, Maggie is recapping the awards show that started it all.  We love you, Marshmallow.  Thanks for gifting us with your presence.  NOW GET TO WORK. 



Laverne Cox


Look at this COLOR. It is gorgeous on her, and the fiiiiiiiiiiiit you guys. I don’t even like a cutout but I love this. I don’t even know what else to say. I just.

Kerry Washington

I think this is my favorite look of hers ever. I flailed so hard when I saw it. Metallic game strong, hair flawless, makeup great. She looks effortless. I was surprised to see it isn’t full length, but it works for me.

Kim: I have to butt in and say that Sage’s first reaction when Kerry hit the red carpet was to shout “OH MY GOD FINALLY”.  I couldn’t agree more.

Viola Davis

LOOK AT THIS. I’m dying for the black laurel pattern on the white paired with my favorite, a red lip. It’s like she’s trying to hit all of my buttons.

Sarah Paulsen

Is it me or is this fairly unexpected for her? It’s more of a straightforward red carpet gown than she usually goes for? Anyway, it’s sleek and classy and I just want to stare at this forever. Is it black and black? Black and blue? (I know it’s not white and gold, ahahaha I’m hilarious.) Anyway, beautiful sparkles, great earrings, love the red lip.

Lady Gaga

YOU GUYS. LADY GAGA LOOKED CLASSY AS SHIT. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, she’s a glamorous gorgeous movie star from 50s.

Elisabeth Moss

Holy god do I love her in this hot pink. And that black detail at bust is love. There was a lot of pink last night and this is definitely one of my favorites.

Laura Prepon

I said out loud “oh my fucking god” when she showed up on the E! red carpet coverage. This metallic top over the most beautiful RED, I can’t. The red on its own is gorgeous but the gold top just kills me. And the earrings she chose were perfect to complement the metallic, not compete with it. I don’t know about you, but I’m not really about the raven hair on her? But her updo looks amazing and I barely even miss her ginger hair and have totally forgotten how cute she is blonde.

Aubrey Plaza

Kim texted me that she would fight me if I left Aubrey out and she was totally right. This is a clear personal best for her and I love it. If you asked me to describe her personal style, I don’t know if I would have said sexy sparkles but she’s totally slaying it in them. And the hair is ADORABLE.

Kim: This dress is everything. Maggie would have been fired if she hadn’t picked this for the post. I need it in my closet.

Kristen Schaal

Ahhhhhh she looks so CUTE, you guys! I love the color and the shape of this dress and it fits her like a dream. Also, if you want a primer on how to do less formal hair on the red carpet, look no further. And the simple accessories just clinch it for me. I don’t know, she may be an unexpected choice? But I wasn’t sure what to expect from her and I LOVE this. Just a lovely surprise.

Tina Fey

I know, I’m sorry I’m such a slut for black and white, but I straight up GASPED when I saw Tina on screen. To me, the blocking reads like a black tuxedo with white shirt and I am just incredibly down for it. I’m always into a tiny sleeve and eyeglasses on stage. Hair and makeup were subtle but on point, and I really liked the earrings.


Jaimie Alexander

Oh no, Jaimie. First, I don’t get the hair. Why does she look like she just got out of the pool? Well, okay, maybe she did because everyone and their mother was talking about how hot it was in L.A. last night. But then why the long sleeve?? And I feel like I’m betraying my love of a horizontal stripe, but I just hate this pattern.

Kim: She told Seacrest (or Giuliana, I can’t remember which, they are basically the same) that the long sleeves were because she has a hard time getting all the tattoo make-up for Blindspot off, so the sleeves were covering it up. IDK maybe don’t sign up for a sure to be shitty series where you have to be tattooed then.

Maggie: Or find something that’s not so ugly.

Anna Chlumsky

Literally nothing about this works for me. We just. There must be no overlap in our tastes whatsoever, it pains me that I never like her red carpet looks because I love her.

Kathryn Hahn

Okay, but this is really the one that pains me. But I have to be honest and say I just hate this. It’s like she repurposed a carpet. Badly. And I LOVE HER. At least her hair looks amazing.

Tracee Ellis Ross

I’m so not into this. It just looks altogether phoned in to me.

Taylor Schilling

I don’t like the top and I hate the detail at the bottom and just call me Ron Swanson because I love nothing.

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“The person in the mirror.” – The Mindy Project Recap

mindy im done.gif
Season 3, Episode 20
“What to Expect When You’re Expanding

Posted by Sage

In January, my friend Brittany invited a group of ladies (including me) into a health and fitness support group. Not the kind of support group with burnt coffee and a moderator named Milton who has a pre-teen’s wispy mustache and alimony issues, this one takes place mostly over e-mail and a lifestyle tracking app. It’s a built-in cheering section and resource center for a handful of busy humans who are just trying to handle things. And unlike those humiliating public weigh-ins that serve as a front for pushing so many Weight Watchers branded plastic snacks, this group approach doesn’t feel like our punishment for being born women.

Like Mindy Lahiri, so many of us (women in general) can’t remember a time when we weren’t planning on losing a little weight. We put our lives on pause until we can hit a goal that we never reach. We’ll start running or reconnect with that high school friend or go on a beach vacation or start dating only when we’re perfect, and not a second before. What this does is set us up for a never-ending cycle of disappointment and, at the end of our days, a bucket list with nary a check on it. THIS IS NO WAY TO LIVE.

mindy project what

Mindy’s confidence has inspired me from the get-go with TMP; I love how loud and unapologetic it is. Mindy Kaling is fucking gorgeous. Dr. L’s wardrobe is to die for. There’s no reason for her swag not to shine like the damn sun, except for the long-standing television rule that female characters who don’t fit into the size spectrum of a Limited Too store must be ashamed of their bodies and constantly bitching about the “last ten pounds.” A woman who doesn’t hate herself shouldn’t be a sitcom revelation, but she is.

In this episode, Mindy’s self-love is addressed head-on when she pregs right out of her normal person clothes and quite nearly loses it. None of her fabulous frocks fit and she’s already had it with the bullshit maternity compliments. (“If one more person calls me frickin’ radiant, I’m gonna kill someone.”) Worst of all, she’s not in the mood to “take the D-train into Seduction Junction”, aka have sex with her matinee idol of a boyfriend. (Guys, she’s broken.) In fact, Danny’s good looks aren’t doing him any favors at the moment. His George Clooney-style advancing sexiness is reminding Mindy of her Rosemary Clooney-style expansion. And not even “Mambo Italiano,” known sonic aphrodisiac, is of use when Mindy feels so damn unpretty. (“That is a hot song, babe. Want me to put it on?”)

babies are shady mindy


Enter Tamra’s oft-mentioned cousin Sheena, to get both Danny and Mindy’s minds right. I haven’t watched Orange Is The New Black – I haven’t forgiven Jenji Kohan the slow, sad deterioration of Weeds – and so my life has a serious Laverne Cox deficit. Thank you to Mindy K for casting her, and especially for casting her as an actual transperson. (So very believable that Mindy – or anyone – would be too dazzled by her beauty to notice.)

mindy too hotmindy too hot
Sheena is an “aspiring stylist,” but her inspiring philosophy of self-image make her more of a life coach. “You look fine,” she tells her new client. “It’s your attitude that’s terrible.” She stands behind Mindy as Mindy considers her body. Sheena asks her if she’d ever talk about a friend the way that she talks about herself. Of course, not. An enemy, sure. This is Mindy Lahiri we’re talking about. But not a friend. “You ARE talkin’ to your best friend,” Sheena explains. “You.”

as any other bitch in the room mindy
Which brings me back to my little group of motivators. Women crap out at losing weight for a lot of reasons, and none of those have anything to do with willpower or strength of character. It’s because we’re doing it for our husbands or our moms or the judgey ladies at our book group instead of us, or because we’re so very terrible at forgiving our humanity that any one setback can lead to an emotional implosion. We save our most cruel judgements for ourselves. And that’s why we need our Sheenas. With my team of Sheenas on call, hiccups that would have sent me straight down the barrel of a sleeve of Thin Mints were quickly rationalized and forgotten.

candy wrappers mindymindy candy wrappers
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“Powerful depictions of awesome ladies.” – Happy International Women’s Day from Head Over Feels!

smart sensual woman tina

Posted by Sage

Every day is International Women’s Day here at Head Over Feels. But we’d never pass up a chance to throw some extra virtual roses and appreciation to our favorite ladies of pop culture. This list is hardly exhaustive – it’s more of a cross section of the fierce-ass females who make us proud. Why not leave your special recognitions in the comments?

Eva Green’s performance on Penny Dreadful

eva green penny dreadful

I punished myself for weeks after I neglected to leave a spot for Miss Eva Green on our Top Performances of 2014 list. If you’ve been watching Showtime’s sumptuous and campy horror series, you know that SHE DOES NOT PLAY. As the haunted Vanessa Ives, Eva holds back nothing and she’s certainly not concerned with keeping things pretty and lady-like. The first season’s seance possession scene was easily the most terrifying sequence I’ve seen on television, all thanks to Eva’s nerve and audacity as an actress. Bring on season two.

The “Pie-Mary” episode of Parks and Rec

pie mary parks and rec

Several people who obviously know me incredibly well assured me that I would adore “Pie-Mary.” The episode perfectly skewered the time-honored reality of political sexism and the trendy meme of internet-fueled “meninism.” “You’re ridiculous, and men’s rights is nothing.” Seal claps all around.

Viola Davis

Viola Davis speech

Listen, I hope that Viola Davis never stops humiliating the New York Times and the insipid Alessandra Stanley for their now infamous profile of Shonda Rhimes, the President and CEO of Thursday Nights. There are times when it’s enough to do your job and (like Viola has, deservedly) collect the accolades. But then there are prejudices and stupidity that should never be allowed to fade into hazy memory.

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar acceptance speech

patty arquette speech

In which Kim and I did the play-at-home version of Meryl Streep’s epic whoop of approval. LADIES SUPPORTING LADIES.

Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Pacific Standard

reese witherspoon leading rolesreese production company
I’ll probably never recover from the inexcusable snubbing of Wild, when 127 Hours gave all the Academies giant boners just a few years prior. But I know that won’t deter Reese and Pacific Standard from bringing us future projects where women are allowed to be messy, tough, and totally fucking crazy. (And if we could get some diversity in there too, that’d be everything. Thanks, girl.)
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