The Resistance Wore Sequins – SAG Fashion 2017

Posted by Maggie

It would be naive and offensive to pretend that the SAG Awards were the only or most important thing that happened this weekend. However, as depressing as it is to acknowledge, we’re in for a long four years. We need to pace ourselves when it comes to engaging and resisting so we don’t lose steam. So I was happy to end the weekend with the SAG Awards red carpet and ceremony, which turned out to be lit. I’ve always been fine with celebrities using their platform to discuss issues that matter to them, as long as it’s sincere and doesn’t feel exploitative.


So I loved that from Ashton Kutcher opening the ceremony all the way through to Taraji P. Henson’s acceptance speech for Hidden Figures at the end of the night, there were so many messages of unity and acceptance. For a couple of hours, I felt so much hope. And sure, it was terrible to wake up to the news cycle on Monday morning, but I felt a little more ready to face it.



Sarah Paulson 

source: Vanity Fair

I adore this. Head to toe, she looks amazing. That cape jacket! It’s so perfectly dramatic.

source: E!

And even without the jacket, this is flawless: Dress. Earrings. Clutch. Red lip. Well done, Sarah.

Viola Davis 

source: CNN

GORGEOUS. Fit for the queen she is. My only nitpick is apparently I now want a red lip with absolutely everything, but even still.

Michelle Williams 

source: CNN

YAY SPARKLE STRIPES. We got a lot of stripes this time around and I, for one, am here for it. I think this is so elegant on her. The perfect shape to carry all that metallic. And I’m not going to lie, I like the little scarf and think it’s working here. (I can’t wait to see what she wears around her neck for the Oscars.)

My first complaint about E! for the night is that I did not see Busy on the red carpet but there is photographic evidence of Michelle’s bestie supporting her.

Yara Shahidi 

source: E!

What did I say about stripes? I’ve heard that Yara is a rising star but I think this is the first time I’ve really taken note. She looks sophisticated but youthful and vibrant.

source: E!

She’s having fun and so are we.

Evan Rachel Wood

Source: Wenner Media

Evan killed it again in this subtle blue custom menswear look. I love that she went for a fitted pant this time, and check out this open detail at the back:

source: E!


Naomie Harris

source: Wenner Media

My second complaint about E! for the night is that they didn’t show this look full length so I had no idea it was a jumpsuit at first. What the hell, man? Anyway. I’m really into this, it feels a little more runway than red carpet, but that’s an uneducated opinion. It’s unusual but very appealing, and I think it was a great choice for the SAGs.

Janelle Monae 

source: popsugar

Make no mistake, this look doesn’t work without her. On someone else, it might seem busy but she makes it chic. You really see the simple, classic foundation of the dress before taking in all the accoutrements.

source: popsugar

Even in closeup, she’s not getting lost in the details.

Millie Bobby Brown

Source: CNN

Full disclosure, I don’t like the headband, but I love everything else. Was anyone else wearing red? (Who cares?) This is stunning. The details at the shoulder are so cute, and that belt. I think she looks adorable and event appropriate, a combination she’s proven to be really good at.

Taraji P. Henson 

source: Wenner Media

Real talk, if you add a bow or two to your gown, you automatically double the chance that I will like it. I could do with a little more sparkle coverage on the bodice, but I really like how this is sexy and demure at the same time. She manages to be a little princessy without being twee (even with the bows!). Also, this color is beautiful on her.

Nicole Kidman

source: Vanity Fair

I know this was pretty universally hated and I might get a lot of heat, but I like it. Maybe Harry Styles has desensitized me to crazy fashion, maybe I just want to watch the world burn, I don’t know. But look at this! The fit: perfection. The color: GORGEOUS, and you know how picky I am about green. The sparkles: Yay! And it doesn’t look heavy, which it easily could have given the details at the sides. The neckline: to die for.

source: SMH

You want to talk about the parrots? Okay, let’s talk about the parrots. I don’t mind them! I feel kind of happy looking at them, and I’m not going to apologize for that.

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Live Blogging the 2016 SAG Awards and Red Carpet

Posted by Kim and Sage

Welcome to the 2016 SAG Awards everyone! Join us for all the fashion, celebs, and awards. Will Kate and Leo walk away winners? Will Spotlight take home the Best Ensemble Award? Will SAG ever learn that there is a difference between a leading performance and a supporting one on Television? Join us to find out.

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“Fashion show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at Lunch!” – SAG Fashion Post

Posted by Maggie, with commentary from Sage and Kim.

Let’s get right to the fashion, shall we?  Who do we think we are?  The E! Red Carpet team vamping until the famous people show up?

Best Dressed

1) Julianne Moore

Maggie: Look at this beautiful emerald-green goddess. Full disclosure, I am a sparkle enthusiast (YAY SPARKLES) so I was immediately drawn to this. I can’t get over how perfect this beading is and this shade of green. It is to die for. Can we all agree Julianne should stick to sparkly Givenchy for always and ever? I also thought the purple earrings were an inspired choice and again, I liked her hair down and loose (I do think it kept its shape better than at the A/C-less Globes).

Kim: Red hair + Green = WIN.  I think the FugGirls put it best…Julianne knows she’s running the table here, and she definitely upped her game.  I would still like some more volume in the hair, but it DOES look better than the Globes.  Also I hope she did some serious twirling in this dress cause the beading is like a Dancing with the Stars costume in the best way possible.

Sage: Julianne looked so at-ease. Like she was hostessing a garden party in the Hamptons. You could tell she loved that dress.

2) Tatiana Maslany

Maggie: Tatiana hit almost every button I have: BLACK AND WHITE. STRIPES. (#healthybodyimage) EARRINGS. BIT OF A SASSY PONYTAIL. RED LIP. It is a travesty that she doesn’t attend more awards shows and get all the recognition she deserves for Orphan Black in part because she is straight up killing this red carpet. And how cute was her genuine moment of panic at the thought of doing the mani cam with dry skin? (Girl, same.) I need more Tatiana in my life.

Kim: STRIPES.  I’m obsessed.

Sage: This is dead-on for the SAG Awards. Not glitzy enough for the Globes, a little too whimsical for the Emmys. It’s glam and youthful, without trying too hard.

3) Viola Davis

Maggie: Viola is so strikingly beautiful always but especially in this white gown. I love the neckline and peephole, and she styled it perfectly with natural hair, strong makeup game, and did you see that bracelet? Also, I can’t discuss her acceptance speech without just a lot of emotions. Can Viola give me lessons on how to live rather than how to get away with murder?

Kim: I think Viola has such an exquisite skin tone and this white showcases it BEAUTIFULLY. I love the little pop of color in the earrings that coordinates with her eye make-up.  And agreed re: her speech.  I never want her to stop throwing shade at that New York Times article.  You are a GODDESS, Viola.

Sage: I bow to everyone’s earring game at this ceremony. Viola’s dangles paired flawlessly with this regal column gown. And like my girls here, I think life-long classy rage towards that NYT piece is absolutely warranted.

4) Natalie Dormer

Maggie: The cut of this gown is perfect and I can’t get over the splash of color. I will never be over the splash of color. I’ve seen other people attempt this kind of look but no one has ever gotten it quite right like this. I thought opting for a fresh face without heavy makeup was exactly the right choice, and while I wasn’t crazy about the hair, I do think it worked overall.  She was like the perfect canvas for that work of art gown.

Kim: I DO wish her hair had been up, mainly because I want to see more of this gorgeous watercolor gown.

Sage: Natalie usually plays the bad-ass or the temptress (it’s the eyes), so I definitely see the appeal for her in going totally flowy and pretty every once in a while.

5) Reese Witherspoon


Maggie: This look was pure understated glam and I couldn’t forget it once I saw it. I love the one shoulder with sparkly beading and the cute little sleeve set off the look perfectly. Add in a sassy pony and I’m sold. I think it’s Julianne’s year thanks to Givenchy and her performance in Still Alice, but Reese isn’t going down without a fight. (Although not an actual fight, there’s a lot of love and #ladiessupportingladies in their category this year. Bless.)

Kim: I’m so obsessed with everything about this look.  I love the more conservative front and then the daring back (HER ASS THOUGH).  The ponytail is everything and her face is flawless.  Elle Woods for President.

Sage: Reese has been through this gauntlet already and came through the other side with an Academy Award. This time, it feels like she’s just livin’ it, you know? Maybe it’s because Julianne is such a lock or maybe it’s because Wild was an exercise in learning to let go, but Reese gives no fucks. She is here to party, and so is dat ass.

6) Felicity Jones

Maggie: I didn’t quite get this look at first, I wasn’t sure it was the right look for Felicity. But I kept coming back to it, and I’ve completely reversed my position. Talk about Old Hollywood glam. She’s a pure Audrey Hepburn dream in this delicate pink. I love the earrings, but remain unconvinced about her hair. It’s thisclose to gym hair, or am I crazy?

Kim: It’s definitely gym hair.  Emilia Clarke’s dress was also similar to this, with the crisscrossed top, but I prefer Felicity’s.  When you stop focusing on the hair, she looks like a Peach Princess.

Sage: I’m loathe to disagree with the panel, but I was underwhelmed. The color is sweet, but the criss-cross top actually made the dress look too big on her. Felicity is such a slip of a thing, she has to be careful of volume that swallows her up.

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Head Over Feels Live Blogs the SAG Awards

Posted by Kim

Hello dear readers!  While Sage romps around London with the likes of Matt Smith, Billie Piper, and Hiddles, I am here in New York City lying on my couch in my sweatpants on a Saturday Night.  But it’s not just any Saturday Night! It’s SAG Awards night!  Join me at this space starting at 6 PM Eastern for the red carpet.  I’ll be blogging with Kelly of The TV Mouse (and ordering in Mexican food and making cheese dip), so open up a window with her site and join us for a night of snark and feels!

Where’s my wine?

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