10 Scenes That Were Hotter Than Olicity’s First Time

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Posted by Kim and Sage

Sage: After nearly three seasons of build-up, Oliver and Felicity finally did it on Arrow this week. And it was…underwhelming.

I mean, I assume that they did it, since they acted like they did the next morning. (Before Felicity drugged Oliver to try to drag him back to Starling City so he wouldn’t become the heir to the demon, like you do.) But you wouldn’t know it from watching the love scene alone. The CW really talked this consummation up, going as far as to describe it as “explicit.” Now, I know we’re on network TV here, but unless all the sex-panicked teachers from my Catholic grade-school were serving as the censors, I don’t have a blessed clue why pants-on neck-kissing deserves that distinction. When I was a kid, I honestly thought that people fell asleep during sex, so many times did I see a show or an edited-for-TV movie cut from tame kissing to waking up in the morning under an L-shaped sheet. That’s what this scene reminded me of.

In the end, it is not about what we saw or didn’t see. Olicity was once a steamy ship – every interaction from about midway through season one on was loaded with tension. But blame the Atom or Oliver’s talent for self-flagellation – they just…deflated a little this year. I’m sticking with Arrow despite its recent missteps, but Jesus, I expected a little more from something that was this long coming. (Or not, as it were.)

Kim: Where is the heat? The urgency? The desperation? The spontaneity? The freaking CONNECTION?

After the episode aired, I sat and pondered why the long-awaited consummation of Oliver and Felicity’s relationship left me cold.  Was it because it was so blatantly spoiled by the promos?  Because my reaction when Felicity came into the room was merely “Oh it’s sex time”.  Was it because of the slightly icky scene with R’as where it was basically like “You need to do this now before he’s lost forever”?  I think that had SOMETHING to do with it, but honestly I feel like it was because everything about the scene was like a sanitized version of a teenage fantasy of what sex should be like.  The only thing missing was rose petals scattered on the bed. HOW was this explicit?  Because she was on top for some of it (god FORBID a lady take pleasure in sex and being in control)? Because she took her bra off and sat in his lap and showed her bare back?  For heavens sake, they didn’t show any kissing below the neck.  No passionate reactions.  I mean come on…at least give me an O-face before calling it explicit.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is a place for candles and rose petals and the like, but this wasn’t it. This was about needing to be the closest you can get to someone.  About needing that CONNECTION that only sex can bring. And I didn’t get that from this.  It felt so blatantly choreographed and like they were going through the motions without actually FEELING them.  It was soulless.  It didn’t have the deep meaning that it needed to…especially in the aftermath.  Really?  You’re going to have Felicity say “Well that happened?”  As if it was not completely calculated?  I don’t care how socially awkward she is, NONE of that rang true.  Not if Oliver is the man she loves with every fiber of her being.  I don’t buy it.  This should have been EVERYTHING…and it wasn’t.

The next morning, I was thrilled to hear that Sage and several of my other lady friends felt the same way about it.  So we set out to find other scenes from network shows that HAD the element of heat and that pushed the envelope when it comes to sex on TV.  For clarification, we stuck to shows that air “The Big Five” (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW/WB/UPN) because they are held to different broadcast standards that your cable and premium cable shows.  In no particular order, here they are.

1) “It’s not too late” – Oliver and Laurel, Arrow

See? Arrow CAN do passion.  We’re by NO means Laurel and Ollie shippers here, but if this scene doesn’t leave you fanning yourself, something may be wrong with you.  There are parallels to the Olicity love scene here (picking the women up is surely Ollie’s signature move) but this scene has a desperation that is lacking in the Olicity one.  It’s in the way Laurel lunges toward him and wraps her legs around him.  It’s the way they cling to each other and it is in the way it seems like they can’t get close to each other fast enough. It has an element of PASSION and carnal desire that is completely lacking in the Olicity scene.

And this is coming from someone who finds that Katie Cassidy and Stephen Amell have very little chemistry otherwise.

— Kim

2) Chuck and Sarah’s Morning Make-Out – Chuck

One of the many instances in which a Chuck and Sarah hook-up was foiled, this scene from the season two episode, “Chuck versus the Colonel” is definitely the hottest. They don’t even get all the way down to business, but it’s clear that they would have – if only someone thought well enough ahead to hide his condom stash from Morgan. Anyway, the ol’ “oh no, we have to share a bed!” trope is a classic for a reason. Chuck and Sarah’s journey to finally getting together for good was drawn out somewhat laboriously over the years, but their passion in this scene feels very real and cosmically inevitable.


3) Olivia and Fitz in the electrical closet – Scandal

Anyone who has read one of our Scandal gif-caps knows that we are 100% anti-Olitz.  But there is one thing you can’t deny about that relationship and that’s the UNBELIEVABLE heat Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have between them.  This scene is not about love.  It’s about pure unadulterated LUST and need and the “I must have you RIGHT NOW” kind of sex.  And it’s undeniably HOT and sexy, even if Fitz is the worst.  Shonda Rhimes is the modern master of the envelope pushing television sex scene.  AKA the “how did she get the belt unbuckling and the pushing the panties down and the turning Olivia around so he could take her from behind” scene by ABC’s standards and practices division? There’s a reason her shows are on this list three times.

— Kim

4) Danny strips for Mindy – The Mindy Project

“Shut up about Diamond Dan, Sage.” I REFUSE.

I refuse, because this scene changed me and network comedy forever and I don’t care if you think I’m exaggerating.

I’ve already written at length (hey-ooo) about Danny’s striptease, and Kim has too. But allow me to briefly remind you that this is one of the far too few instances in mass market entertainment where the male gaze takes the backseat. Diamond Dan was all about Mindy. And us. And everyone who takes pleasure in watching Chris Messina take body rolling to a new level. Also, we all agree that this little display transitioned into some seriously worshipful sex, yes?


5) Kate and Sawyer in the cages – Lost

I find that this scene from Lost is the most similar to the Olicity scene when it comes to circumstance but they couldn’t be more different.  Sawyer and Kate are in a life threatening situation.  The Others could murder them at any moment.  The only thing they can do is find solace in each other.  Their kisses have a tenderness but the entire scene takes on an air of desperation as they move towards sex.  (clearly I like the desperate sex on TV, what can I say?) It’s about finding comfort in each other and it’s also about feeling ALIVE in that moment and acting on their basest instincts.  It’s everything the Arrow scene SHOULD have been.

Also bless Josh Holloway and his liberal use of tongue kisses.  WHERE WERE THE TONGUE KISSES AMELL?

— Kim

6)  “Dreaming of You” – Scrubs

This was an 11th hour addition to the list, prompted by the fact that the Hannibal threesome fantasy is not on YouTube and we’ve failed as a society. But I have no regrets, because this first love scene between J.D. and Eliot on Scrubs has the distinction of being the most perfectly soundtracked one here. Bill Lawrence shows are always good for some inspired music pairings, and I was introduced to several artists including The Coral via my fave hospital comedy. (And now I’m brainstorming a Top 10 Scrubs Music Moments list – “Overkill,” anyone?)

This is a long love scene for a comedy, paying off the sexual tension that had been building between these two since the pilot. Ignore Braff’s teenage boy torso if you can and focus on Sarah Chalke’s cute underwear set, the immediate need, and how great this show was when it was great.


7) Peter and Alicia in the bathroom – The Good Wife

This is your reminder that The Good Wife airs on CBS, a network famously associated with old people.  And it showcased a scene of a man going down on his wife because he was JUST THAT TURNED ON by how powerful she was in court.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I certainly couldn’t believe that the show got away with it. It got away with him hoisting her onto the bathroom counter, and all sorts of hand business between them, and finally Peter slinking down her body saying “Let me”.  *fans self*

My favorite thing about The Good Wife is that it has ALWAYS showcased the power of female pleasure, which shouldn’t be something unusual, but sadly it is.

— Kim

8) Buffy and Angel’s first time – Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Nothing to raise the hackles of the censors here, unless they’ve got something against slayer/vampire coupling.

What made Buffy and Angel’s first time together so steamy was their status as the most starcrossed of lovers. (See Buffy/Spike for some spectacular hate-sex too.) It all happened off-camera, but the lovin’ was apparently so good that it turned Angel evil. See, CW? You can do this.


9) Meredith and Derek at the Prom – Grey’s Anatomy

Honestly, I can’t talk too much about this right now.  THE PAIN IS FAR TOO REAL AND FRESH.

All I can say is that this (TO ME) is the sexiest scene ever to air on Network Television.  It’s passionate, it’s intimate, it’s tender, and it’s completely carnal all at the same time.  Also it started Shonda’s theme of showing women losing their panties in case we were wondering what was ACTUALLY about to happen. Bonus points for hair pulling and burying his face in her bosom.

— Kim

10) Connor extracts information the fun way – How To Get Away With Murder

We decided to stick with network sex scenes on this list to prove that Arrow had the room to give us a little more. But if we hadn’t limited ourselves, the very first Justin and Brian scene from Showtime’s Queer as Folk would have been here. Back in 2000, it was the first display of a certain tongue-dependent sex act on premium cable. In 2014, Shonda Rhimes brought that same act to network television. What a time to be alive.

On How to Get Away with Murder, Connor’s loose morals are the gift that keeps on giving. We got familiar with them early on, when our little legal minx takes one (or more) for the team in the show’s pilot. Shonda, meanwhile, deserves all three of her placements on this auspicious list, for diversifying sex on TV (and the people having sex on TV) like she does. Hooray for inclusion and normalization, is my point.


Was the long-awaited Olicity scene all you wanted?  What are YOUR favorite network sex scenes? Let us know in the comments!

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64 thoughts on “10 Scenes That Were Hotter Than Olicity’s First Time

  1. pjoy says:

    I don’t watch the show but I saw the gifsets on tumblr and I thought: What is this? They look so awkwardly uncomfortable. Every move seemed so calculated and there was no chemistry. And now I see even the fans thought the same. Sorry.

    • Sara says:

      If you’ve watched the build up for these two over the last 20 episodes you would see the love and respect they have for each other. As an Olicity shipper I was happy and didn’t feel it was awkward personally. Did u get to watch the full scene? It’s hot and sweet. 🙂

      • HeadOverFeels says:

        We both have watched every episode of this series and shipped Olicity heavily, which is exactly why this was such a let down. –S

  2. I must vehemently disagree. The scene for Oliver and Felicity wasn’t necessarily all about doing the deed itself – it’s what was built up behind it. I personally didn’t expect something where it was just uncontrollable lust taking over. This was more about making love. The way he took her glasses off – that was a heads up that this was different. Meant to be different. When she stood to take her jacket off and they took of their shirts – they never broke eye contact. Connection. Meaning. Chemistry. The way she caresses his scars – love and passion. There was some definite hip action as she straddled him on that bed too and then him laying her down with one arm wrapped around her and what appears? You blink and you miss it – a sheet is covering them. There’s some other action going on at that point… If you get my drift. To each their own, but I know what I saw from my perspective. I saw the passion, the love, connection and chemistry.

  3. emily says:

    from all the list I can only find two better than olicity (the buffy one and merder). lauriver at the first place is ridiculous. lauriver were having sex, olicity were making love so you can’t even compare them.

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      We said the scenes were in no particular order, the Laurel and Oliver scene was just listed first, not given first place.

      Honestly the “but they were making love” argument holds no water for me because “making love” should be hot too. Nothing about their faces or how it started to me read that way. FOR ME.

      • emily says:

        oh right I didn’t read the ‘in no particular order’.
        however Oliver looking Felicity in the eyes while undressing was pretty much one of the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. and I watch many, like many tv shows.
        you have to make a difference. hot doesn’t mean vulgar. many sex scene here are vulgar for me, they are just sex not hot (btw I watch GoT so I have no problem with some vulgarity, I’m just saying that this are really different things).

        • HeadOverFeels says:

          I find it sociologically interesting (and sad) that it’s always the scenes that showcase female pleasure that are called “vulgar.” –S

        • HeadOverFeels says:

          Some of the point in our choices as we noted in the intro is that much of the CW hullabaloo was touting it as the most explicit scene they’d ever done. I’ve seen scenes on Reign more explicit than this.

  4. Guest says:

    I loved the Olicity scene, not all love/sex scenes have to be throwing the other person up against the wall and (for a lack of better word) fucking them… it can be slow, romantic, intense and intimate, it is called making love for a reason.
    And please do not even get me started on that lauriver scene, laurel’s expressions looked like she was crying (and not in a soft, i love you way), and the majority of that scene’s focus was on Tommy’s expression.

    • Shannon says:

      I absolutely agree that love scenes can be intense while still being slow and intimate. But there still needs to be heat and connection between the two people involved. And I didn’t see that here at all. It felt cold and staged and there was nothing inherently “Oliver and Felicity” about this scene, nothing that made it unique to those characters and set it apart from any run of the mill sex scene. Which I find bizarre considering Emily and Stephen normally have kickass chemistry despite script issues. Your mileage may vary, of course, but as someone who previous to this season LOVED this relationship, I was left cold.

      • HeadOverFeels says:

        YES the staging of it AND the aftermath. Really, cutting to Ollie fully dressed and deep in his pain after? That ruined it.

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      Of course slow and romantic and intense can be passionate too – not all of the scenes we listed above were about pace or roughness. For me, there was more heat in Felicity and Oliver’s first kiss – which was deliberate and almost chaste – than there was here. Like I said in my intro, it’s not about what we saw or didn’t see. This scene didn’t feel like it fit with the rest of the story this episode was telling. It’s a narrative problem – not one with the actors, as clearly, their chemistry and hotness is unquestionable. But yes, a big disappointment for me still. –S

    • Lin says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it was about throwing someone against the wall and having your way with them either. I liked that it was kind of slowed down because they were finally on the same page with each other. Yes Oliver was going to become Al Sah-Him very soon but there wasn’t urgency to have sex. The urgency was for Felicity to finally say she loves him before he joined the League and she would have to leave. After that – they had all the time in the world to enjoy being together in that moment.

  5. Sara says:

    They literally could have stopped it at the moment where they locked eyes and he took his shirt off while staring at her dead in the eyes and that still would have been hotter than any of lauriver make out scenes combined. Respectfully disagreeing… I remember watching that lauriver scene when I was still neutral on shipping territory, leaning way more towards lauriver than olicity and I felt nothing – probably coming from the fact that they were betraying someone they both loved but that’s besides the point. I felt more tingles during the oliver/sara hook up and it lasted about 10 seconds before it faded to black. At some point, it has to be about more than heat and while it was, that back shot was effective enough to bring in just the right amount of passion in my eyes.

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      I can understand that. And I’m FIRMLY in the Olicity camp, believe me. It’s just for ME and for the circumstances, something was lacking. Thanks for your comments, we genuinely did want to spur on a discussion.

    • floacist says:

      The Sara hook up just made me rage. Really Oliver? Again?

      Nobody talks about it but I liked the Oliver and McKenna love scene.

  6. For a moment i was actually paying attention to the post. And then you had Oliver and Laurel’s scene as hotter that Olicity. Im sorry but this one scene with the radioactive music in the background was not hot. I didnt see the connection you seem to suggest was missing from the Olicity one, i just saw two people trying too much to appear passionate. So yeah,you had me for a moment and then you lost me.

  7. Sara says:

    The scene was perfect! The entire episode showed they love each other deeply and the sex scene was sweet, romantic, full of love, and tons of passion. I’m not going to list chemistry because I know that’s subjective but for me the chemistry between them is ozzing out of every scene. I don’t think olicity shipper or the articles I’ve read had any problems with it.

  8. Anyssa says:

    The whole Oliver and Felicity scene leading up to and including the sex showed how much they truly love each other and it had an insane amount of chemistry and passion! this was definitely the hottest sex scene on TV and I believed every single second. The lauriver sex scene just made me uncomfortable.

  9. Douglas says:

    I liked most of your choices but this is more of a question response. Since everyone’s big thing was Oliver and Felicity doing ”it” what ship/combo do you think that you did not list or hasn’t happened yet would have the best chance to be on this list?

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      I’ve been waiting 20+ years for Mulder and Scully to get one of these. Make it happen, revival. –S

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      DOUGLAS! An answer to your question on couples where the sex hasn’t happened but would make this list if they did and it was done RIGHT: Abbie and Ichabod on Sleepy Hollow.

      I knew I would think of one 😉

  10. wonderwall says:

    I respectfully disagree with this entire article. This scene wasn’t about heat or urgency or spontaneity. This scene was about reciprocity. It was about Felicity finally giving into her feelings for Oliver. They were friends for two years and this was their first time. First times are almost /always/ awkward. What I got out of this scene wasn’t ‘oh my god they’re so hot’. What I got out of this scene was just how much they loved each other. Every touch reaffirmed my belief that Oliver treasures Felicity, and Felicity loves Oliver. They were both succumbing to their love for each other, not succumbing to passion or lust. THAT is why people gravitate towards Oliver/Felicity. And THAT is why that scene was important.

    Not only was this scene about reciprocity, it was tinged with sadness too because the circumstances weren’t ideal. They knew they were going to say goodbye, this was a bittersweet moment.

    Oliver and Felicity will always be more about love than lust. If you’re looking for them to push each other against the wall during a turbulent time in both their lives, then I really question why you loved Oliver/Felicity in the first place.

    I honestly don’t know why Lauriver is on this list. I guess it’s personal preference. I found that moment to be disgusting enough to turn off my tv. It wasn’t hot, and it reflected just how toxic this couple was. I mean they even had radioactive as their soundtrack? Ridiculous.

  11. lilyb says:

    “It has an element of PASSION and carnal desire that is completely lacking in the Olicity scene.”

    Thankfully the Olicity scene is also completely lacking Oliver’s best friend watching him screw the woman he loves through an open window.

    • wonderwall says:

      Lmao. That Lauriver scene really just disgusted me. It wasn’t hot at all. It put the spotlight on just how terrible this couple is and that’s not what sex scenes are supposed to do.

  12. While I’m on the “hot” side of the debate over the sex itself, that is not what is bothering me over the scene.

    I would have traded all the sex – hot or not – kisses and ILYs, even from Felicity, for just one moment that showed even though Oliver was going to become the new Ra’s, he was actually going to fight to stay human and fight for a real life with Felicity when he returned, BEFORE going all Al-Saheem. What I truly want as an Olicity man isn’t sex, but Oliver FINALLY rethinking his beliefs that he’s supposed to be alone/can’t have Felicity/doesn’t deserve Felicity/has a right to dictate what she deserves/Felicity needs a “normal” happy life. And if sex with Felicity didn’t even remotely change his mind on that, or isn’t revealed to have changed his mind on it later, then it really had no point.

    Leaving aside Oliver’s “let’s not say goodbye” line and the sex, there was nothing truly different from every other time this year Oliver walked away from Felicity, gave up on himself/Felicity/his self-worth/humanity, never ever once considered another alternative with Felicity/his team, and believed he had to martyr himself no matter how Felicity didn’t want him to. All I wanted was one little hint that sex had made Oliver realize he wanted to eventually come back to her, want more than a night with her and didn’t intend to stay in Nanda Parbat forever – but as far as I could tell, he felt none of that.

    Unless they’re gonna fake us out in the finale, a la the “I love you” gambit, and reveal Oliver has been faking all along to take down Ra’s from within and couldn’t tell anyone, and that he truly was planning to come back and then try to be with her the entire time, then all this was was Oliver doing the same routine yet again — the same thing he’s done for 20 straight episodes

    If he still hasn’t truly reconsidered his way of thinking after 20 eps, then how will it make sense for him to finally change his mind that suddenly in just three — especially if he’s Al-Saheem for most of that time? And even if he’s under Thea-like mind control for his really dark deeds, it doesn’t negate how he chose to stay and sex never changed his intention to leave forever, come back to Felicity or be anything other than Al-Saheem forever, unless he really is planning something else in secret. But then again, even that would go against another lesson he needs to learn by the finale to let TA plan stuff and be by his side no matter what.

    Anyway, that is what really needs to be debated about this scene and its actual point, not the sex itself, IMO. To me, the sex is immaterial if it doesn’t do anything to make Oliver truly rethink the things he really needs to change about himself, his way of thinking about Felicity and about his own tactics/humanity – and THAT, not the quality of sex, is what I see missing up to this point, both on Wed. and in this entire season.

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      This is a magnificent comment and I agree 10000%. Thank you for putting my deeper issues with this storyline in general and episode specifically into words. –S

    • wonderwall says:

      I really love your articles, Robert! I must say, I think that the sex wasn’t about Oliver’s humanity whatsoever. Like I said above, it was about the reciprocity of love. Oliver made this decision to stay for his sister. And I think he knows that if he leaves, Ra’s would rain hell upon everyone he loves and not just Thea. I don’t think Felicity thought that far ahead, Oliver did. So Oliver staying in Nanda Parbat had nothing to do with Felicity and everything to do with Oliver succumbing to Ra’s and his nefarious plan to get him to be his heir.

      In the end, Oliver didn’t walk away from Felicity, he was ripped away from her. At least that was my interpretation of this whole thing.

      Oliver’s “Let’s not say goodbye this time” leaves me hope that he has a plan up his sleeve. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t.

      I’m curious to see how Felicity will tap into Oliver’s humanity as he becomes Al Saheem. I’m pretty sure she’ll be vital in him becoming Oliver once again, otherwise, what was the point of this season for this couple?

      It’s only episode 20, so I understand why now wasn’t the time for Oliver to make his realization that he doesn’t have to be alone. I mean he’s about to become Ra’s’ heir, I understand why he doesn’t feel like he can be with anyone. I just hope that he realizes this by the season finale.

    • Sasha says:

      Oliver has always been in the mindset of just accepting things. He usually needs help from either Felicity or Diggle in this department, usually Felicity. “Maybe there’s another way.” Surprisingly, this season Felicity has just accepted things as well. She has not fought for him or for them. (We finally got a glimpse of it in this episode.) I know you wanted sex to have an impact on Oliver and give him a reason to fight for them, but I think it will have a greater impact on Felicity. He’s known since the beginning of the season how much Felicity means to him and what she does for him, but for reasons has pushed her away. Felicity on the other hand I feel gave up too easily. In a lot of ways Felicity is a more of a fighter than Oliver, but in this instance she didn’t fight. I think the sting of rejection of not choosing her over the city was somewhat to blame. She was hurt. And Oliver was giving her nothing as far as changing his mind about this. Even him “dying” did nothing to change his stance on his position. So instead of fighting for Oliver, fighting for them, she thought that she could just move on. I just don’t think she realized the depth of her love for him. I hated the whole Ray thing because it was so not needed, but I do think it made her realize that Oliver was it for her. She can’t love anyone else, no matter how perfect they may seem for her because she is and will only ever be in love with Oliver. I think her finally opening up and expressing to Oliver how she feels is key. Now that it’s out there she needs to do something about it. I think we just saw the beginning of her fight. She didn’t want to leave him there. She drugged him. Yes, it was not a well thought out plan, lol, but she tried. With a clearer head I believe she will try again. It will be up to her to fight for his soul and for them.

      Yes, it would be great for Oliver to find another way, a way for them to be together, but this really makes more sense for Felicity to do this. This is who Felicity is for Oliver. She is the positive to his negative. The yang to his yin. While he has come along way he’s still a work in progress.

      Anyway, I LOVED the scene and the implications for Felicity moving forward.

      • HeadOverFeels says:

        That’s a really interesting take on Felicity, Sasha. I viewed her walking away from him in “The Calm” as a challenge to him to stop hiding from the whole “I can’t be with you because I’m the Arrow and you’ll be in danger” arguement. Ollie denies himself happiness a LOT because he feels like he doesn’t deserve it or he can’t have it because of everything he’s done. But he kept Felicity on the hook with implied meanings and “I love you”s that always came with a “but”. And she realized she deserved better and she’s been challenging him to GIVE her better ever since.

        She HAS been saddled with shitty writing for most of the season though, which is a shame. The Ray relationship has done a LOT of damage to the character, IMO.

        Thanks again for reading and commenting!

        • Sasha says:

          I agree I feel like propping Ray for spinoff has damaged her character. I would have been more accepting of the cliche triangle if it didn’t bring her down. Ray made her look dumb, bottom line. I think it was a mix of challenging him and feeling rejected. She wanted him to choose her. In 309 she mentioned to Ray, indirectly that she felt rejected, that Oliver regretted their kiss. At this point I don’t think she was sure of his feelings. I’m fine with her not fighting then, but after 312 and def 315, I felt it was time for her to step up. She knew how Oliver felt. There was no question at this point how he felt for her. She needed to stop letting Oliver make decisions for her. He loved her and she loved him. She needed to take the risk and fight for that.

  13. Maria says:

    Interesting. I’m a glass half-full kinda gal, so I was just thrilled that it happened, but I did feel like it could have been more. To me, the goodbye scene at the end was the most beautiful and most ‘them.’ But there’s one thing that made me enjoy the love scene more than you did. I adored the fact that the moment Felicity told Oliver she loved him, he completely let go of everything he’s been holding back all season and he just let himself love her and couldn’t take his eyes off her. That sold it for me. And also I feel that it needs to be stated that Amell is so crazy, blazing, illegally hot that very scene he’s in is fire. Most Handsome Young Man 2015, perhaps? 🙂

  14. heroandbeloved says:

    I have got to say that I disagree respectfully. It is sad that you think that Olicity sex didn’t gave you the feels that it gave me. “Where is the heat? The urgency? The desperation? The spontaneity? The freaking CONNECTION?”

    For me I definitely saw the heat and the connection. Where do I even begin from? Was it the moment where he removed her glasses right after Felicity’s love confession, or was it when Oliver never once looked away from Felicity when he removed his shirt and neither did Felicity. It was so freaking intimate and intense that how do I even explain. If you know Olicity, it is always the little moments about them that is the most special e.g. shoulder caresses, hand holding etc. Even in this scene it is the little moments about them.

    It was hot and passionate when Oliver effortlessly picked Felicity up with one hand hooked around her leg and the other wrapped around her waist. It was hot and passionate when Felicity didn’t even bother to wrap her legs around him because she knew he will handle it just fine. It was hot and passionate when Felicity pushed Oliver down on the bed and began to take control because she wanted to show him her love for him her way, it was hot and passionate when Oliver allowed her to do so because he finally allowing her to love him. Oliver is finally accepting Felicity’s love which is a huge thing. It was hot and passionate when Oliver pushed himself up and kissed her down the neck, taking the control from Felicity. It was hot and passionate when Felicity took back the control and unclasped her bra quickly and desperately and flicked is across the room. It was so freaking hot when Oliver ran his hand up and down her bare back and then down almost towards her ass. Don’t even get me started on how he used one hand I repeat one hand to pin her against the bed and continue kissing her. I could go on and on but the truth is this wasn’t just about sex, or lust it was about love. Oliver and Felicity made love. Period.

    The sex wasn’t just about the physical (although there was a lot of thrusting and hip grinding going on damn) but it was also about the emotional part. The emotional part of this sex made it even more hotter, The fact that Oliver and Felicity were finally surrendering themselves to each other (physically and emotionally) by Felicity realizing that she will never stop loving Oliver and Oliver realizing that he is better of allowing himself to be loved by Felicity then pushing her away makes it seems hotter, And the fact that you wanted the urgency, the desperation, it was all there. Not in physical form where they rip each others clothes of and jump on to each other like rabbits,but in the emotional form where they are desperate and urgent to feel each others love, desperate to give the other person love. That’s where it comes from. The olicity sex scene was beautiful and so freaking hot at the same time. It is really sad that you felt differently.

  15. @nurseya33 says:

    I’m one of the few who don’t ship olicity. I just can’t get past grumpy Oliver. That being said I’m all for a good sex scene. But I wasn’t feeling it. I just don’t see any heat there. BTW being a fellow sleepyhead I thought for sure you’d toss an ichabbie wedding vow in there as something hotter than Olicity’s first time!

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      LOL!! We kept this list purely to sex scenes (or scenes that led to sex, like Mindy Project). I did reply to another comment that asked what couples that HADN’T done it yet that could make this list with Ichabbie though 😉 -Kim

  16. Nerdfanfave says:

    I agree completely, those two actors had no passion in that scene, it seemed as if they just wanted to get it over with, it was pathetic. And I agree that the Lauriver sex scene was done so much better, and imo it is because both KC and SA put their all into it, those two characters are soulmates no matter what the Olicity fans might think, and the actors did an excellent job in expressing those emotions.

    • What kills me about the sex scene is that I was also left cold but only because I thought the editing and direction was sloppy. Only through the magic of gifs and fan-edits do I feel like we’re getting the sex scene we should have gotten and the ones the actors were really bringing….

  17. Sasha says:

    Okay, I just watched the Lauriver scene, really? Half of it was in a window in front of Tommy, his best friend who he told to go after her and the rest of it was just him carrying her. I mean he ripped off his shirt (I guess this could be considered passionate?) The scene wasn’t even for them. It was for Tommy to see them. Anyway, my issue with the scene is primarily in the words spoken. She knows him better than anybody? Really? She means more to him than anybody? Really? I got none of this throughout the whole season. I spent the whole scene rolling my eyes. It’s just hard for me to see how anyone can find anything passionate or romantic about this scene. To each his own I guess.

    The Olicity sex scene was not meant to be sex against the wall passionate, that will come later. When they’re happy and have a future. (The flirty Oliver and Felicity from 301 would have this sex) That sex would require them to be in a frame of mind that they just aren’t in. This was a weird mix of goodbye but don’t really want to say goodbye sex. It’s just hard because what are they suppose to do? Oliver is determined to stay. Well, he has to. That was part if the arrangement. Felicity doesn’t want him to, but knows he won’t change his mind. So Oliver is solemn and resigned in knowing what he has to do and Felicity is trying to figure out what she has to do, find a way to not lose him. He’s accepted his fate and she has not. They are in different places. While it might not have been the perfect time for them to have sex it was the last time that they might. It was a seize the opportunity type sex.

    Now, the goodbye scene, when they were on the same page, was just heartbreaking. They BOTH knew it was goodbye though they couldn’t say it. If sex scene happened then when they were both in this frame of mind it would have been different. I think sex scene was perfect for the point in the story they were in.

    • HeadOverFeels says:

      What has bothered me a LOT as I’ve ruminated on all of this both since the episode aired and from the great discussion everyone has brought to this post is how the POST-coital scene was handled. No holding each other in bed and sweet post sex kisses? Transitioning to Ollie dressed and staring out the balcony? Felicity saying “well that happened” as if their relationship hadn’t been building to that moment for a long time and they RANDOMLY decided to have sex? Ollie being like I’m GLAD it did (the use of glad is so weird to me)? It took away from the weight of it to me. If the post-sex scene had been better, I may have been sold on it.

      I DO agree about the Tommy thing in the Laurel scene. It’s creepy. What makes that scene sexy to me is the way she lunges into him. The way she reacts when he picks her up (Felicity just kind of dangled and she even FIXED HER HAIR in the middle of it). I totally agree with never buying them as love Interests otherwise. Believe me I’ve been on the SS Olicity since their first interaction. I just wanted more. -Kim

      • Sasha says:

        She didn’t really fix her hair. She was getting it out of his face, lol, I agree the post coital sex was written poorly, it was mainly to set up drug. He had to be dressed so Diggle and Malcolm could come in. Otherwise she would have had to dress him. I think they could have explained why he was dressed. Maybe they could have said he was going to visit Thea, lol. Yeah, they could have done without Felicity’s line. I mean it was way after the fact. I can accept Oliver’s though. I just think it was a way for him to say he didn’t regret it. He was in a weird mood though, but he had a lot on his mind. I’m just looking at this as seize the opportunity sex, both not really sure what it means. When they are together and they have a future it will be different. I need for them to be happy. This season has been too much doom and gloom. We couldn’t even get happy sex.

      • Sasha says:

        Oh, and I am seriously okay with her dangling. I mean he if he felt the need to pick her up I’d rather her dangle than wrap her legs around him. That would have been too similar to the lauriver scene. So I’m good, lol.

        • HeadOverFeels says:

          All very good points. Like we said, picking up the lady is CLEARLY Ollie’s signature. Hasn’t he done that with EVERYONE?

  18. Milla Rose says:

    Just wanted to say that this was a well written blog and I agree with you on all points. I saw in the comments that people found a lot of those scenes used as an example as ‘vulgar’ and I agree with you ‘headoverheels’ for stating that just because a woman is visibly being pleasured on t.v. it is often just shut down as inappropriate.

    I don’t know if you guys are at all familiar with the British show ‘Misfits’ but one couple on there Simon and Alisha had a very passionate relationship. A lot of their scenes were slow burns and the eventual sex scene it led to was just off the charts hot and clearly ‘making love’ even if others might find it somewhat distasteful.

    I will link the clip below and you can tell me what you think. I think it has everything that makes the viewer actually feel the intensity we are supposed to feel in watching a sex scene between two people who are soul mates.

    Just a bit of a heads up *SPOILERS*

    Their relationship has a lot of time travel and tragedy to it some which is referenced in the clip but not too much if people want to eventually watch the whole series.

    • HeadOverFeels says:


      Is the whole series on Netflix or streaming? I’m intrigued…

  19. Milla Rose says:

    I am not sure if it is on American Netflix. I know it was removed from the UK one because channel 4 wanted to move all their shows to their online streaming 4OD. But check just incase. Also I think it is available on hulu! 🙂

  20. Hi! Fist of all this is the first time I write in your blog and also English is not my native language, so forgive me for any grammar mistake.
    I partially agree with you on this topic. It’s true it wasn’t hot, but I kind of liked it.
    I mean was I expecting more passion? YEAH! I mean, have you seen Damon and Elena sex scenes? That is the deffinition of HOT. So, if they wanted to make it hotter I think they could have totally do it.
    That’s why I believe they chose to make it the way it was. May be it wasn’t about passion or lust, it was about these two people being expressing their love in a tender way.
    I’m still very confussed about this scene, I don’t know how I feel about it. This season had so little olicity that may be I just liked because I got to see them together in a scene.

    Anyways, this is delena scene (for the recod I stop watching tvd a long time ago) in the CW!


    • HeadOverFeels says:

      I’ve heard about scenes on TVD. I’ve never watched it, and neither has Sage, hence it not being here. Will check it out though. Thanks for commenting 🙂

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