“Dress has always been my Strongest Suit.” – Maggie’s Red Carpet 2016 Wrap-Up

Posted by Maggie

Another red carpet season with Maggie has come to an end. She’s spent the past month sorting through countless photos of every awards show in existence in order to determine her favorite (and most hated) looks of the season. What did she choose? Read on to find out! (Also, your moms are so proud of you, Marshmallow.) –Kim


Saoirse Ronan, Oscars

Looking back, Saoirse’s gown picks were a little uneven for me, but there’s no question: This is the best look from anyone all season. Everything about this works: the sparkling emerald-green (and whose heart doesn’t melt at the fact that she chose it to represent Ireland?), the classy and sexy silhouette, the perfectly tousled hair and low-key yet dramatic makeup, even the mismatched earrings. It wasn’t Saoirse’s year to win, but I think we know she’s a contender and she’ll be back.

Kate Bosworth, Golden Globes

I know, I’m like a raccoon, I can’t resist shiny things. But this dress! How does this pink beading with silver accents manage to look understated? I think Kate looks so lovely here and I know people use “old Hollywood glamour” to death, but this look is the epitome of that feeling to me.

Jennifer Garner, Oscars

Well, well, look who came to play. Jen only had one appearance this season and she certainly made it count. There are always so many black gowns on the red carpet, so they’re not always memorable and they don’t always stand out from the crowd, but this one. This one is flawless. You can see the interesting details in photos, it’s not flat, it’s sophisticated and flattering. She looks beautiful and completely at ease. Well done.

Krysten Ritter, Critics Choice Awards

THIS. IS. A. MOMENT. We didn’t cover the Critics Choice Awards (although maybe we should have, you’ll see several looks made it into this post), but Kim was watching and she texted me a picture of this dress “for future reference.” And looking over the season, it was an immediate lock for the Best list. I’ve loved Krysten Ritter for years (Veronica Mars, Apt. 23, anyone?) but I’ve never seen her look like a star before. She commands your attention in this (burgundy? Brown? Who cares what the color is, it’s gorgeous) gown that’s perfectly suited to her statuesque figure, raven hair and pale skin, and I think she styled it perfectly (the rare occasion I approve of no bold lip!). With Jessica Jones, she’s found the role she was always meant to play and I feel confident she has a long career, and many red carpets, ahead of her, which I couldn’t be happier about.

Alicia Vikander, Golden Globes

I know this look is divisive but I loved it on the night and I love it now. I think it’s just out of the box enough without going too far. It’s deceptively simple. The ruffles, the belt, the subtle stripes and the way the skirt moves. It all works for me. Easily my favorite white of the season (and there were A LOT of white gowns, seriously).


Brie Larson, SAG Awards

This remains one of the most significant bummers of my lifetime. I can’t find anything about this that I like, not even the glacier shade of blue. There’s just so much going on from the twists of fabric to the slash over the bust to the sparkle ties on the side to the slit and can we not even mention the orange luggage strap on the back? No, you’re right, we have to mention it because why. Just why. That’s all I want to know. WHY.

Kate Winslet, Oscars

During one of our many heated discussions about Kate’s style at HOF headquarters this season, Kim insisted that at this point in the game Kate would be choosing fit over flare. And I understood that about her early picks, bored though I was. But look at this, you guys. It makes her gorgeous figure just look… wide? I hate even typing that but this liquid metallic trash bag isn’t flattering, it does nothing for her. It’s just sad.

And you guys know I’m pro-eyeglasses at awards shows (so that, you know, people can see), but you have to straighten them before you walk out on stage. Kate, just like keep an eye on Reese, a real friend would have fixed them for you.

Jennifer Lawrence, Golden Globes

No, absolutely not. Okay, I mean, I like this shade of red. But that’s it. It’s kind of matronly, no? And believe me, it feels weird saying that about a dress with cutouts, but here we are, Dior, are you happy now?? I wish I could see it with her hair down (and maybe not quite that shade of blonde). And whoever tacked on that necklace needs a firm talking to.

Julianne Moore, SAG Awards

When she misses, she really misses. I fully hate this. I could have been convinced to get on board with the color but that fabric just looks so itchy to me and I hate the strap/bandeau/cutouts/weird trim of it all. Hard pass.

Rachel McAdams, Oscars

I don’t think this shade of green is doing her any favors, this (wrinkled!) fabric was a terrible choice, and it just looks cheap. Period.

You thought you could get me with a train, Rachel? Nice try, but I remain unmoved.

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“Little black dress just walked into the room.” – Oscar Fashion 2016

Posted by Maggie

It’s the Super Bowl of Red Carpets! Who scored a touchdown? Who fumbled at the 1 yard line? Who made a two point conversion? Who missed an easy field goal? How many more sports metaphors do you need? Let’s get to Maggie’s picks for best and worst of the night!


Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse slayed, you guys. The dress is to die for. Her hair was perfect. I even liked the mismatched earrings! She is a smoking hot, classy, emerald-green mermaid and I for one am delighted.

The very definition of tasteful side boob. Also paging Niall Horan, this is your future wife.

Jennifer Garner

Listen, I think we all know who the phoenix is and who the ashes is, okay? Jen looks flawless here, down to every detail. The beading and the swoosh of fabric (I know, we’re getting super technical here) could have easily tipped toward too much but this is simply elegant and if you try to tell me different, I will take umbrage.


Cate Blanchett

My personal feelings are she’s Cate fucking Blanchett, she can wear what she wants, but friend of HOF Shannon put it more eloquently, “she looks like Venus emerging from sea foam, I am all about it.” SAME.

Charlize Theron

I am not strictly crazy about the straps, but it’s a minor nitpick. Charlize is wearing the hell out of this dress and I love the necklace.

Bonus Emily Blunt preciousness.

Daisy Ridley

I think her hair is too severe and I’m not sure about the detail in the middle, but I am in love with this overall look. I think the metallic is so lovely on her and the length, you guys. This is just so refreshing, I can’t wait to see more from her.

Margot Robbie

Here’s what I love about Margot: she knows how to look like a grownup without looking matronly. She’s not afraid of a long sleeve and she can really pull it off. I’m super attracted to shiny things, so of course I’m really into the gold, and that CLUTCH. I know the hair could be better, but honestly I don’t even care.

Naomi Watts

At first I wasn’t sure about the kind of 80s accent colors in the dress but the sparkles won me over, as they always do. I think this dress is so flattering on her, and she’s styled to perfection. The soft waves and bold lip really pull the look together.

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“This is a really volcanic ensemble you’re wearing.” – SAG Awards 2016 Fashion

Posted by Maggie

Bless the SAG Awards for being on a Saturday this year, my awards show hangover is much easier to deal with on a Sunday, thank you very much. This was kind of an off night in the season; not a lot of wow moments, l could only come up with seven Best looks when we usually include ten. There were lots of sleeves and textures and patterns, which was interesting, but the night was kind of whelming overall? Let’s take a look and then let me know what you thought in the comments!


Emilia Clarke

I don’t know if we’ve talked about Emilia much before but I’ve noticed she tends to go for let’s say “mature” looks on the red carpet that I don’t think always do her justice, so I basically started seal clapping when I saw her in this. I die for this bold pink and, as you may remember from the Golden Globes coverage, this neckline and skirt shape are right up my alley. Her accessories are subtle, letting the dress do most of the work, and I think the soft wavy hairstyle looks amazing. She looks age appropriate finally, and elegant and fun at the same time.

Marisa Tomei

Easily the best long-sleeved gown of the night. This style and shade of green are so flattering on her and you know I love sparkles. The belt detail really pulled it all together for me.

Amy Poehler

Look at our ginger queen, you guys. This is so good on her, it’s dramatic and yet she looks perfectly at ease and like herself. Amy can be kind of hit or miss on the red carpet but I think she knocked this one out of the park. (Apparently this was my night for subtle accessories and lowkey hairdos.)

Laura Prepon

I know, I don’t think the waist is exactly right either, but I am still here for this poetic noble land mermaid. That bodice completes me and I love the way the skirt of the dress hangs when she’s standing still or flows around her as she twirls. (We call that a ter-wully dress in my family, although I’m not sure of the spelling? due to an adorable mispronunciation of ‘twirl’ by my sister when she was four.)

Anna Faris

Am I crazy or is this so different for her? I love how sleek and elegant she looks, the short sleeves are adorable, and did you see the deep vee in the back? I’m not wild about the slit, but I’m also not really mad at it.

Naomi Watts

There were a lot of textured fabrics on the red carpet and this one was my fave. The blue is gorgeous with her complexion and I love the simplicity of the black belt. Obviously I’m into the bold lip, but I think the hair was not perfectly on point?

Helen Mirren

Take notes, ladies, this is how it’s done. She’s sparkly, sexy and classy all at the same time.

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“On Sundays, we wear white.” – Golden Globes Fashion 2016

Posted by Maggie

Everyone welcome back our fashion blogger, Maggie. (Also it’s her blogaversary with us, so throw some glitter at her. YAY SPARKLES.) Maggie will once again be your guide through the madness that is Red Carpet Season. What were her favorite looks from the Golden Globes? Read on to find out. –Kim

The Top Ten

Taraji P. Henson

Was there really any other choice for the top of our Best Dressed list? Taraji wasn’t the only star stunning in white last night, but she was the one having the most fun working her look. (God help the man who stepped on her train as she walked up to accept her award.) Hair and makeup game strong, and I think her earrings were the best of the night. You could see a little bit of the workings of the bodice, if that makes sense? But it’s impossible to focus on such a nitpick when the fiercest woman in the room is handing out cookies and declaring that she’s waited twenty years so no, she will not be played off, thank you very much.

Kirsten Dunst

Kiki is back, y’all, and I am here for it. This black number reminded me a little bit of Rosamund Pike’s monstrosity from last year in structure, but this look is much more successful — and flattering. I think she manages to look sophisticated while baring a fair amount of fair skin, and somehow what appears to be black velvet looks light and fresh.


I love this color on her and I can’t get over the tiers. The fabric is a touch stiff? But it works to maintain the killer shape. She looks lovely here and the Fashion Police better only have compliments this time around.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

I know. I KNOW. This is the best I’ve seen Maggie Gyllenhaal look in a long time. I think the print works beautifully, I love the shade of yellow (in a year of some truly dour yellows) and I’m a sucker for this shoulder detail.

Laverne Cox

I freely admit to being biased here, but just look at her. You know the expression “slay”? Well, I wrote in my notes “straight up murder,” that’s how great I think she looks. She is glam for days, and I think she managed to stand out even in the sea of white with trains. I did see a few wrinkles, but again. I’m biased.

Emmy Rossum

To me, this is the perfect red carpet look. Beautifully fitted, understated red gown. Flowing locks. NECKLACE. Red lip. Done.

Rachel McAdams

Another print! This one is the tiniest bit more couch-like to me, but I love the colors and I think she’s pulling it off. Bonus points for lipstick.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

I love the beading, the neckline, and the shape of the skirt, which I much prefer to some of the more structured prom-y dresses I saw last night. Also pockets! And btw I know we all talk about the Dewan-Tatums as relationship goals, but why/how did she let Channing out of the house with his hair like that last night??

Kate Bosworth

I’m super particular about beading (foreshadowing) and I love what’s happening here. The pink is so beautiful and the pattern created with the silver just. I love it. I think she looks overall amazing here and I hope to see more of her on the red carpet.

Bonus shot from the back, mainly because this PICTURE is stunning.

Alicia Vikander

Okay, so I know this might be controversial, but I loved this. I thought it was just out of the box enough without going full apron or anything. It’s really flattering and it has a belt! What more do you want from me? I wasn’t sure what to expect from Alicia, but I was pretty sure she would do something less traditional and I, for one, am glad she did.

Also, lounging goals.

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“My extraordinary, ordinary life.” – About Time Review

About Time Twirl

Posted by Sage

Brothers and sisters in feels, we are now on a mission. Come hell, high water, or cynical, heartless film critics who think sentiment is a dirty word, we CANNOT allow Richard Curtis to actually retire. If he wants to give up directing because it’s too grueling, fine. But I can’t deal with a world in which a new Richard Curtis screenplay isn’t in the future. About Time is just too charming.

Though it hasn’t single-handedly resurrected the long dead genre of the rom-com. Not because it doesn’t work, but because About Time ISN’T ONE. Take the Notebook-y trailers and TV spots with a grain of salt. The PR machine is marketing a sweet, optimistic dramedy in the only way it knows how: as a beacon for weepy women who are hungry for the grand gesture. (And Kim and I certainly don’t know A THING about that.) About Time is about love in all forms: familial, friendly, and yes, romantic. But despite the fact that Bill Nighy isn’t even on the movie’s POSTER, it’s mostly about the love between a father and a son and how that father prepares his boy for life.

About Time Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy: Treasure of us all.

Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) is Tim, a Cornwall boy whose dad (Nighy) lets him in on a little secret when he turns 21. The men in the family have the ability time travel within their own lives. (“I can’t kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy.”) There’s no explanation for it, but whatever deity bestowed this gift gave it to the right family. Tim and his dad are the kind of fundamentally good people with which Curtis populates his work. (There IS mention of an uncle whose greed got the better of him, but only as a cautionary tale to a curious, not avaricious Tim.) Dad (known only as this throughout the movie) used his time to read everything. EVERYTHING. Twice. And Dickens three times over. Dear, precious, awkward ginger Tim uses his newfound power to pursue and win Mary (Rachel McAdams in her third time travel movie – good girl), an honest and saucy American. I say again that this IS NOT a rom com, but man, can Curtis write a meet-cute. “I used to think this phone was shit,” Tim says after Mary gives him her number, “but now it’s my most precious possession.”

About Time My Whole Life

Gleeson (that’s Bill Weasley to my Potterheads) has got a FACE, you guys. As far as I’m concerned, the entire movie rests on this performance, and my god, what a gloriously expressive face. Tim isn’t a huge personality, and despite his little quirk, is largely a normal guy. There aren’t any outlandish traits to play up. But Gleeson quietly involves us completely in Tim’s story – we always know what he’s feeling. “But Sage,” you say, “there’s a voiceover. Of course we know what he’s feeling.” I know what I’m about, son. While voiceover can be incredibly exhausting in a film, Curtis knows what he’s doing. His voiceovers, even though they’re first person, sound more like beautifully composed stage directions. We know by the way Tim looks at Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson) that he loves his wild and vulnerable sister, but should we then be denied words like, “In a house full of sensible sweaters and haircuts, there was this nature-thing”? Imagine the opening credits of Love Actually without Hugh Grant’s “Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world” monologue. Unbearable, I know.

I’d consider McAdams more of a supporting role than a leading lady in this one, though there’s no doubt that she’ll always be right to play the love-at-first-sight girl. What made Mary such a refreshingly different love interest was her straightforwardness and aversion to bullshit. After Tim ruins their first magical meeting by re-doing the night to help out his sour playwright roommate Harry (Tom Hollander – EVERYTHING), he tries to throw himself in her way again. We see how Mary would be on a regular, non-magic day when some too-eager stranger is all up in her grill – annoyed and brusque, hardly a manic pixie dreamgirl. She also pulls what may be the ballsiest first date move in history. After dinner, she asks Tim to walk her to her car…which is parked in front of her apartment. (Kim and I may have applauded.)

George Costanza clapping

Enough about Mary, though. On to the true love of Tim’s life. I am a complete sucker for a good father/son story, and this one pushed all of my buttons. First of all, it’s got Bill Nighy as a ping-pong obsessed, highly literary, and affectionate papa. And when has Nighy been an iota less than sheer perfection? And then there’s the time travel element, a clever metaphor for the transient nature of life. I love how the process of traveling is so simple – it seems like anyone could do it, if they only tried. So, it’s truly a gift that Tim’s dad gives to him. Of course, there are rules (and no River Song to show up and shoot holes in every paradox), and there’s nothing anyone can do to bring time to a standstill. And if it came down to it, we wouldn’t want to anyway. “You’ll cry buckets,” I’ve been telling people about this movie. “But it’s not depressing.”

Here be spoilers.