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The great Ron Swanson said that awards are stupid, but they are less stupid when they go to the right people. No disrespect yet ALL the disrespect to the Emmys, but when it comes to television there are WAY shows more shows and performances than the principle awards bodies can possibly recognize. (Plus the Emmys are fucking lazy and repeatedly nominate the same people based on history and celebrity, whatever it’s fine.) The thing we love about the Feelies is that they are completely determined by YOU. We may choose the nominees but the outcome is in the hands of whatever fandom chooses to mobillize. Any of these nominees would be worthy winners. We wouldn’t pick them if we didn’t think so? So who deserves to be the Feelie champions for 2016? Read on to see who we think deserves a shot at the mantle.The rest is up to you. –Kim

Best Comedy

Broad City
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Jane the Virgin
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Sage: The urban adventures of Abbi  and Ilana raged on in the third uproarious season of Broad City. The girls grappled with period emergencies, apartment shares websites, snooty co-ops, and clever cameos by Vanessa Williams and Tony Danza. But as ever, the best lady friendship on TV was at the heart of it all. Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s skilled and diverse (YAY) ensemble has relaxed into each other, and the continued viability of the Jake and Amy relationship proved that Mike Schur still knows how to make a ship canon without killing our buzz. The cop comedy keeps on quietly slaying with sharp, character-based humor and unexpectedly poignant moments. Veep went into this year with a new showrunner, but the best (and at this point, most true) political comedy on TV didn’t lose its momentum or its foul-mouthed edge. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is still beyond-excellent; the scripts are still sharp enough to draw blood; and the season ended with a stroke of genius game-changer.

Kim: Last year’s champ Jane the Virgin delivered another stellar season filled with heart, ridiculous melodrama, meta commentary, and telenovela antics as Jane and Petra tackled the challenges of learning to be a new mom without completely losing their sense of self. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt took its quirky humor to new heights as Kimmy continued to take ownership over her new life while coming to terms with her traumatic past. And lastly, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend took all the things we love in life (musical numbers, searing feminist commentary, cute boys, body positivity) and blended them into one delicious confection of a television show that EVERYONE needs to be watching.

Best Drama

Doctor Who
Jessica Jones
Penny Dreadful

Kim: Never one to rest on its laurels, series nine of Doctor Who took all sorts of creative risks, from structuring the entire series into two-parters to having one episode be a 45 minute soliloquy for Peter Capaldi to having an entire episode constructed out of “found” footage. (Well, like all risks in life, you can’t win them all.) It also punched us right in the feels as we bid a devastating goodbye (or is it a see you soon?) to Clara Oswald. After a lackluster fourth season, Scandal was revitalized by both Olivia kicking Fitz to the curb and the political intrigue of the Presidential Campaign. (Grant/Ballard 2016, y’all!) In what turned out to be its swan song, Penny Dreadful deftly balanced the terror of the supernatural (DRACULA) with the terror of a more human nature (misogyny, daddy issues) all while Eva Green stood in the center of the storm, giving the bravest performance on television.

Sage: A superhero show that tackles rape culture, toxic masculinity, and survivor recovery? I devoured Jessica Jones in a two-day binge, dazzled by its bravery and neo-noir style. Anyone who tells you that Outlander is a mere bodice ripper has been misinformed. Bodices were ripped in Season 2, thank god, but the superbly-acted genre-defying series also moved effortlessly from the salons of Paris to the battlefields of Scotland to the 1960s and took its characters to the brink yet again. UnREAL had a bit of a stumble in its sophomore outing but technically the Feelies season falls such that Season 1 can also be considered. And Season 1 of UnREAL was a doozy. Anchored by two female anti-heroes (TWO. In one show. And they’re FRIENDS.), the Lifetime drama exposed the seedy underbelly of reality TV and thus, became just as addictive.

Best Actress in a Comedy

Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Ilana Glazer as Ilana Wexler, Broad City
Abbi Jacobson as Abbi Abrams, Broad City
Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer, Veep
Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

Sage: I know. It feels impossible to separate the performances of our Broad City leading ladies, so much do they rely on and compliment each other. There’s trust and fun emanating from every scene, which is probably why they can collectively take it so far. But both women deserve a personal shout-out. As the more grounded of the two, no one does crushing embarrassment and millennial self-questioning like Abbi Jacobsen. And her Ilana impression in the co-op episode was a true thing of beauty. Kooky Ilana Glazer shined in a different way this season when faced for the first time with her very best kween keeping a secret from her. It was effectively disconcerting to see the worst employee Deals! Deals! Deals! ever had to take something seriously for once. And really, what is there even left to talk about when it comes to Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘s performance on Veep? She can kill a scene with a single reaction and yet she’s the ultimate team player in a devastatingly funny ensemble. JLD may have another iconic character in her past, but petty, under-qualified Selina Meyer is the role she was born to play.
Kim: Look, I know we give the Golden Globes a lot of shit when it comes to their celebrity thirst, but they know where it’s AT when it comes to recognizing new talent in television. Last year, the award went to Gina Rodriguez (who was the Feelie winner as well), who continues to deliver a LUMINOUS performance on Jane the Virgin. There’s no other word to describe Gina’s work, really. She glows and emanates pure warmth on screen and she can flip between comedy and drama in the blink of an eye. This year the Golden Globe went to Rachel Bloom, whose work on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a masterclass in comedic shamelessness. There is no length Rachel won’t go to in order to land a gag, from throwing her heavy (and glorious) boobs into a musical number to fearlessly showing the ugly sides of Rebecca’s personality. She is a GIFT and we should all treasure her. Finally, in a lesser actress’ hands, Kimmy Schmidt would be grating and overly saccharine but Ellie Kemper brings the perfect amount of salt to the role. She may be sweet and sunny but she’s also tough as nails when it comes to getting what she wants. Females are strong as hell, y’all.

Best Actress in a Drama

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser, Outlander
Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, Doctor Who
Eva Green as Vanessa Ives, Penny Dreadful
Tatiana Maslany as the Leda Clones, Orphan Black
Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark, The People vs. OJ Simpson
Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, Jessica Jones
Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Scandal

Kim: I’ve said it once in this post already but Eva Green‘s Vanessa Ives is one of the bravest and boldest performances I’ve EVER seen on television, this year or any other year. Vanessa is broken and beaten down by the world around her, yet she stands tall in her strength and defiance and HOPE. Eva brings a raw, almost feral quality to Vanessa, with her scratchy smoker’s rasp and her giant alien eyes that have seen horrors we can’t even imagine. I don’t understand why she hasn’t been showered with awards for the past three years, it’s a travesty. There not much that can be said about Tatiana Maslany that hasn’t been said before. She infuses each of the Leda Clones with such a distinct personality, posture, and voice that you forget that it’s ONE actress. She makes it look easy, y’all, and I would hate her if I didn’t respect her so goddamn much. After several seasons of being rendered spineless by her father and Fitzgerald Grant, Olivia Pope found her backbone again, doing what she does best (being a Political Bad Ass) and Kerry Washington flourished. Anyone who was surprised by Olivia FINALLY snapping was watching the show wrong, even if the way she snapped was shocking.

Sage: Look, I don’t understand how the Emmys can sleep at night knowing that Caitrona Balfe‘s work on Outlander is going unrecognized. I won’t say she worked the hardest of any actress this year, because this list is so stacked with BEASTS. But the show asks so much of the woman playing Claire Fraser, especially this season. We saw Jamie’s bride scheme and connive among the elite in Paris; get some practice-mothering in by nurturing Mary Hawkins and Gavroche 2 (I know that’s not his name); and say goodbye to the one, true love of her life. Once to his face and once at his grave. (Or IS it?) But Cait’s shining moment came when tragedy befell the growing Fraser family. Her baby stillborn, Claire loses herself completely in grief and shock. It was primal, her clinging to the body of her child, eyes unfocused and posture tense. These aren’t just pretty faces, you guys. Life is change and change is Doctor Who. Still, it wasn’t easy to say goodbye to Jenna Coleman, who so consistently BROUGHT it as the most polarizing, headstrong, MAGNIFICENTLY messy companion the show has ever seen. I’ve said it before, and absolutely no disrespect to Matt Smith, but Peter and Jenna are magic together. Twelve and Clara’s tragic co-dependency defined this series and the petite, wide-eyed companion got to be the strong one. If any companion deserved and needed that ending, it was Clara Oswald. Sarah effing PAULSON. I wish she wasn’t shackled to American Horror Story because she’s one of our most interesting actresses. Against all odds, the OJ show worked and Sarah turned in a desperately human performance as bullied DA Marcia Clark. I’ll never be over how she played Clark’s bafflement at the relevancy of her haircut to a double murder case or her sweet and sexy chemistry with Chris Darden. (What HAPPENED there, you guys? I need to know.) And Jessica Jones succeeded on the back of the flawless casting and compelling performance of Krysten Ritter. Who else would you get to play a whiskey-swilling, leather-jacket-wearing defender of women? Jessica may wear her damage on her sleeve, but she also allows it to motivate her. Krysten nailed the show’s moments of dark comedy (“I can’t get her to wear a dress for the life of me.” “I’ll wear one to your funeral.”), but also beautifully expressed Jessica’s sarcastic and tender friendship with Trish and her determination to move through her fear to bring Kilgrave down. And if we had some kind of stunt Feelie, rest assured she’d get it for those headboard-breaking sex scenes with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage.

Best Actor in a Comedy

Tituss Burgess as Titus Andromedon, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Billy Eichner as Billy Epstein, Difficult People
Santino Fontana as Greg Serrano, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh Chan, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sage: I feel a kinship with actors who’ve made their name in part by being LOUD, and that thought includes the delightfully shrill Billy Eichner. The comedian finally gets to scale it back and be a true lead in Hulu’s Difficult People aka the life of every struggling, cynical New York artist that I know. We’re coming out hard as Team Greg on Head Over Feels, because we do love an emotionally constipated boy with a nice singing voice. But really, actual Disney prince Santino Fontana deserves the credit for selling Greg’s crippling fear of inadequacy and his good, good heart. The dude is a mess, but name me one other guy who could sweep you off your feet while bragging (in song) about giving you a UTI? Andy Samberg‘s Jake Peralta is still THE unproblematic fave. Professionally, Jake is actually one of Brooklyn’s finest, but Andy makes sure the audience knows that deep down, Jake is playing one career-long game of Cops and Robbers.

Kim: While Tituss Burgess is Emmy nominated as a Supporting Actor for his work in Kimmy Schmidt, we at Head Over Feels feel that he merits a leading actor nomination. Titus Andromedon remained a hurricane of ego and melodrama in season two but he ALSO fell in love in the sweetest and most unexpected way and it was delightful to see how it threw him for a loop. It’s no easy task to play the dream guy that the heroine is willing to overhaul her life for (just ask Felicity‘s Scott Speedman) but Vincent Rodriguez III brings such a sweetness to Josh Chan that you completely buy Rebecca being the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend who gave everything up for him. I may hold my own shipping beliefs but you can’t deny Josh’s simple goodness (and cluelessness) as he fights the undeniable pull he has towards Rebecca. The fact that Vincent looks like the lost member of the Backstreet Boys is just a bonus.

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“That’s so f***ing metal!” – SDCC 2016, Part II


Posted by Kim and Sage

In every Comic Con, there’s That One Day. You know it: it’s the day where everything you want to do is happening with little-to-no breaks in between. The day where you have to woman-up, be your best pre-planned self, and power through so you end That One Day with some sore feet and mild fatigue but no regrets. This year at SDCC, that was our Friday. Tally ho. –Sage

The Big Bang Theory Writers Panel


It is the very nature of Comic Con that you will have to sit through some panels you’re not interested in because you want to have good seats for subsequent panels. That’s just how it works. The Comic Con Gods have QUITE the sense of humor because for the second year in a row the schedule dictated that we sit through The Big Bang Theory Writers Room panel. (Okay but WHY don’t they bring the cast? The cast member moderators are always charming AF and I can guarantee I would at least enjoy a panel with all the actors even though I can’t stand the show. SOMEONE EXPLAIN.) Let it be known that both times we’ve endured this panel we’ve gone into it with the intent to just sit silently and read our fanfic and ignore it. (Please note how Sage’s face is lit up from her kindle.) But we can’t remain silent when a white male writer jokes that the female Latina writer (the only woman on the panel BTW) actually meant SORTING SOMBRERO while she was talking about what Hogwarts House she would be sorted into and we can’t remain silent when someone pipes up that Penny’s lack of last name didn’t matter until she got married. It’s like they are DARING us to rage tweet with gifs. (I don’t know how we got through that panel last year without the gif keyboard. THANKS TWITTER.)

Once again our buddy Graeme Burk storified all of our tweets. You can find them here. You’re welcome, America. — Kim



My fervor for Bones may have weakened over the past few years (“HOW IS BONES STILL ON?” “I DON’T KNOW.”- me and Kelly over gChat multiple times) but as soon as they announced a farewell panel that would feature the entire cast (in recent years they’ve just brought David and Emily or skipped the con entirely), I knew we were going to have to be in the room. I felt even more strongly about this when Season 11 closed with its strongest finale in YEARS. YOU GUYS. Zack Addy is back. And he’s the Marionette Killer. (He’s not. He will be redeemed, he has to be. MAKE IT SO.) It’s a genius move by the Bones team and it feels like a way to bring the beloved series full circle. I can’t wait to see what they do with these final 12 episodes (The pipe dream is that it will have one continuous arc without some of the It feels so good to be excited about Bones again. Just when I think I’m out…they pull me back in. — Kim

  • The sizzle reel that served as an ode to a decade of Bones made me SUPER nostalgic. When Bones was firing on all cylinders, it was EVERYTHING to me. The way Booth and Brennan pined for each other was some Mulder and Scully REALNESS…except they were way more blatant in VOICING their pining, which almost made it worse? GAH.
  • With the season finale having just aired the night before, many fans were unaware of the Zach reveal since they were all Comic-Conning. (THANK GOD FOR PRESS SCREENERS CAUSE I WOULD HAVE BEEN SO PISSED.) The lovely girl sitting next to us had NO IDEA what was coming and her squeal of delight made me smile so much. This is WHY I hate spoiler culture because a reaction like that was so pure and good and that’s how we should ALL watch television. *gets off soapbox*
  • While I love the idea of having someone who has been a part of the show moderating (it was done PERFECTLY with the Supernatural panel on Sunday), Dave Thomas had a hard time corralling the rowdy panel. Though I imagine MOST people have a hard time corralling David Boreanaz. He is a precious flower but he is also A LOT. He had the energy of a small child who chugged a case of giant Pixy Stix. I kept waiting for Emily to bop him on the nose to get him to settle down.
  • “I have no idea what’s going on but what I do know is that Hodgins can get it.” — Sage, who has seen exactly two episodes of Bones but knows exactly what’s what.
  • The first thing Emily Deschanel did after sitting down was shade Fox for only airing the last 20 minutes of the finale on the West Coast because Trump’s RNC speech ran for a million years. Add that to the long list of reasons he shouldn’t be president.


  • When TJ Thyne and Michaela Conlin were asked about the strain put on Hodgins and Angela’s marriage this season and their road to recovery, TJ earnestly replied “I think Jack and Angela will always make it.” GOOD. Those episodes where it seemed like they were going to fall apart absolutely DESTROYED ME.
  • Tamara Taylor revealed that Cam and Arastoo WILL get their wedding in the final season. Bones has always done weddings well so I can’t wait to see what they have in store.
  • Emily: “You’re more likely to get struck by lightning than bitten by a shark.” David: “Says who?” Emily: “Science.” Their real life banter is SO Booth and Brennan it caused me physical pain.
  • Regarding the return of Zack, showrunner Michael Peterson simply said “You asked for it, we brought him back.” He also confirmed that they have Eric Millegan for “3 to 4” episodes and there is a definite arc plotted out that promises to be very exciting. Personally, I hope they spread his appearances out throughout the season instead of knocking it all out straight away.
  • When asked about their favorite episodes, Emily chose “Double Trouble in the Panhandle” aka the Circus episode where we first met fan favorite aliases Buck and Wanda Moosejaw. David chose the 200th episode and Michaela chose season one’s Christmas episode. All fine choices but we know the CORRECT answer to that question is “Aliens in a Spaceship,” which is what TJ chose.


  • In a confession that rocked me to my very core, TJ admitted that he has always hated bugs and that playing Hodgins has done nothing to change that. MOM HOW MANY LIES HAVE I BEEN LIVING?
  • “I feel like I’m the boss everywhere I go,” Tamara quipped when asked about how playing Cam has affected her in her personal life. Always be the boss. That’s a good life philosophy to have.
  • Since Bones has never been afraid of killing off characters, a fan asked if we can expect more of that in the final season. “A little bit…maybe,” Peterson said evasively. (That means yes.) Later, Eugene Byrd, who plays Clark Edison, crashed the fan Q&A, saying “You were talking about killing recurring characters?” He joined the panel full-time after that, with Emily going as far as going backstage to get him a chair. Precious.
  • The panel had their own little song “Fan questions, fan fan questions” that got longer with each new fan that stepped up to the mic. One fan took a long pause before finally asking her question. “I didn’t want to interrupt their singing!”

Emily’s lipstick was ON POINT.

  • Whenever David got a question about his past work on Angel, he graciously steered the question back to Bones and his castmates as quickly as possible. (This resulted in a long back and forth about who everyone would play if they spun off together in a Whedon show.) It was SO classy. I get that fans want to talk about Angel but a panel celebrating the show David has done for over a decade is neither the time nor place for it.
  • “David ALWAYS needs the last word. We call him Last Word Jones on set.” This does not at all surprise me.
  • Needless to say, there was a huge amount of love on the panel. “It’s such a great environment to be a part of. I’ve been blessed to be with these people, they’ve seen me through a lot,” David said. TJ shared that the things he is going to miss the most about Bones are “the in-betweens. All the stuff you don’t see that’s just for us.” Aw, shit, now I am going to cry.
  • Fittingly, the last fan at the mic was a Brennan Cosplayer which made Emily squeal in delight.
  • I flitted off to the bathroom as soon as the panel ended as to not miss the start of The 100 panel. I skipped the super long line at the ladies room right outside Ballroom 20 and opted for the shorter line much further down the hall. I chose wisely because it was also the ladies room that the talent used and I saw Michaela and Tamara and good lord they are gorgeous and TALL.

The 100


Don’t speak, you might get killed off next.

What a difference a year makes.  Last year the cast of The 100 entered Ballroom 20 like rock stars, triumphant off their critically acclaimed second season and ready to take on the world with season three. This year the vibe was…weird and subdued. It’s no secret that season 3 of The 100 was tumultuous, both on and off-screen. Questionable character decisions were made (JUSTICE FOR THE CHARACTER ASSASSINATION OF BELLAMY BLAKE), The City of Light was a whole bunch of nonsense, and minority characters were disposed of carelessly. While it wasn’t QUITE Sleepy Hollow level, it was completely disheartening to watch a show that had previously been so BOLD in its choices slowly implode over the course of 16 episodes. Then there were the reports of what it was like on set. After fan favorite Lincoln was shelved for most of season three and then unceremoniously executed (SERIOUSLY his final shot was from a distance and he didn’t even get a goodbye), Ricky Whittle spoke out about the conditions on the set, accusing showrunner Jason Rothenberg of essentially bullying him off the show by cutting down Lincoln’s screentime. (No wonder he was delighted when American Gods offered to pay him in candy and cuddles.) Needless to say, we were fully prepared for this panel to be awkward as hell. What we weren’t prepared for was the fact that it was so effing boring (YAY screening the hard questions so they wouldn’t have to address the mess. *Side-Eye*) that we popped out as soon as we found out on Twitter that our next destination, Room 6BCF, was walk-in at that current moment. — Kim


  • There was a LOT of Lincoln in the sizzle reel which was really just rubbing salt in the wound.
  • The sizzle reel concluded with a massive storm cloud overtaking the tower at Polis, setting up the theme for season four: The Earth Strikes Back. We’ll be getting back to the survival aspects in season four as Clarke deals with the knowledge that they only have six months left to live on the ground. GOOD. The man vs. nature element is SO much more compelling that all this warring tribe nonsense we’ve been embroiled in.
  • Notably absent from the panel was Bob Morley (and his broad shoulders). Bob had been previously announced for the panel but mysterious “scheduling conflicts” prevented him from making it. I mean, we’re gonna TRY and not read anything into that, but knowing what we know now, it’s hard not to. Even more troubling is the fact that Bellamy wasn’t mentioned ONCE in the panel, other than the fact that they once toyed with the idea of Kane being Bellamy and Octavia’s father. If there was one character arc that we NEEDED some reassurance on, it was Bellamy’s (please…try and justify those decisions, I beg you), so it was incredibly disheartening that it was swept completely under the rug.


  • “Octavia tried to bandage the hole in her heart by taking revenge, but we all know that doesn’t work,” Marie Avgeropoulos explained. “She’s going back to what she knows best next season, which is killing people.” RIP Linctavia. Rise, Octavia Blake, Warrior Princess.
  • Lindsey Morgan hinted that Raven may have run out of fucks to give in season four. “I’ve been to hell and back and frankly it was kind of boring. What else do you got?'” she said regarding Raven’s ordeal with ALIE. Rothenberg added that Raven was due for a little fun in Season Four. YA THINK?
  • “I love that for him, honestly,” Richard Harmon said regarding Murphy’s blossoming romance. “For the first time, I can see the possibility of a happy ending for him.” HA. We’ll see about that.
  • “Foolishly, I thought I would win the election.” – Henry Ian Cusick talks as if he is actually Kane, you guys.
  • Bob and Ian call each other Dad and Son on set. UGH.
  • The City of Light is DEFINITELY gone (THANK YOU JESUS) and Lexa is DEFINITELY done on the show (sigh).
  • When asked what other characters they would want to play, Eliza said Monty, while Henry said he loves Kane and would only want to play him (aw). When Richard commented that he would want to play Lexa, Lindsey quipped that it was only because he loves make-up. “Damn straight,” he replied, flashing his painted nails. We love a man who appreciates a good manicure.
  • Richard also dropped that he originally auditioned for Bellamy. That would have been an INTERESTING choice.
  • “What Alycia did was untouchable,” Richard commented regarding Lexa. There was a LOT of love for Lexa throughout the cast and I’m not going to say it felt pointed but it felt pointed.


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HOF at SDCC AGAIN – Our Expectations and Wildest Dreams

only at comic con

Posted by Kim and Sage

It’s almost the day of the show, y’all! San Diego Comic Con is just over a week away. Surely the city is neck-deep in preparations for the hordes of nerds about to roll in from all corners of the world. It’s our second ever SDCC, so we’re coming back a little seasoned, a lot wiser, and very well-educated on the danger of sand fleas. (Hall H line: bug spray is your friend.) The full schedule dropped this weekend, so we’ve been honing our own. Read on for a sneak peek at the panels and parties we’ll be live-tweeting from SDCC 2016, plus our craziest fantasies and sensible expectations of what they’ll entail. –Sage

Preview Night

happy hunger games

Wildest Dream: We have very little concept of what preview night entails, since we were ensconced in the Hall H line the whole time last year. So our wildest dreams clearly entail getting all the exclusives and swag we want in one fell swoop so we don’t have to lug purchases around the rest of the con.

Expectation: We go home early because this one is on America’s Got Talent that night.



Classic Nickelodeon Animation Panel


Wildest Dream: We’ll be launched back into our childhoods by the sheer force of nostalgia. No bills, no periods, no Tinder matches who text gross things after seeming normal for a while.

Expectation: Every millennial at the con will be in this room.

Moana: The Art of Story

Wildest Dream: Lin Manuel Miranda will make an appearance; jump on the dais to perform “My Shot”; and then stay for two hours afterward to take selfies with everyone.

Expectation: Some footage, MAYBE a clip of one of the songs.

The Good Place Screening and Q&A

Wildest Dream: We’ll get to meet Mike Schur and thank him for making inclusive comedies with diverse casts that make us feel like the world isn’t a four-alarm trash fire 24/7.

Expectation: We’ll skip this entire thing to get into the Mr. Robot line.


Wildest Dream: One or both of us will be lured back in to this show.

Expectation: We’ll ogle Josh Holloway and get spoiled on the first season.

Mr. Robot

mr robot

Wildest Dream: Sam Esmail, Rami Malek, and the rest of the cast will be able to answer any audience question about season 2 without being cryptic and vague.

Expectation: Upon realizing she’s breathing the same air as Rami, Sage will cease doing so and therefore die.

Fandom Comic Con Party


Wildest Dream: There won’t be a line to get in. The swag will be sick. The promised “celebs” will be B-list or above.

Expectation: We’ll get shut out and have to eat overpriced rubbery burgers at the actual Hard Rock Cafe.


The Big Bang Theory Writers Panel

Wildest Dream: Chuck Lorre and crew do an hour-long apology for how this show ACTUALLY makes fun of nerds instead of celebrating them. Mayim Bialik returns and does a sacrificial bonfire of all the misogynistic scripts.

Expectation: Graeme Burk storifies our snarky tweets again.



Wildest Dream: Creator Hart Hanson makes a surprise appearance and reveals that Sweets ACTUALLY isn’t dead but has been in Witness Protection this whole time and he’ll be returning for the final season.

Expectation: We get an hour-long LOVE FEST as this long-running favorite says farewell to SDCC ahead of its final season. We get the season finale spoiled for us since it will have just aired the night before.

The 100

the 100

Wildest Dream: Ricky Whittle will storm the panel, demanding justice for Lincoln with Alycia Debnam-Carey at his side carrying a banner for Lexa. Everyone holds Jason Rothenberg accountable for how the show went off the rails this season and he says it was all a fever dream.

Expectation: Ricky and Alycia are too busy STARRING ON THEIR OWN SHOWS to be bothered with this. Rothenberg is let off the hook since the rest of the cast fears for their jobs. Bob Morley’s shoulders are broad.


Wildest Dream: Danny Pudi and Vanessa Hudgens grace us with a song and dance number. Danny says “Cool. Cool cool cool.” at least once during the panel.

Expectation: We find ourselves completely endeared by this comedy, dooming it to cancellation.

American Gods

ricky whittle

Wildest Dream: Our queen Gillian Anderson and our BFF Orlando Jones are last-minute additions to this panel.

Expectation: Ricky Whittle charms the whole room. Bryan Fuller wears an outrageous suit. We see a sizzle reel for the upcoming premiere.

Orphan Black


Wildest Dream: Graeme Manson tells us he was just kidding with that whole “Next season is the final season” thing. Tatiana Maslany does the whole panel in character as Helena and/or Krystal.

Expectation: Jordan Gavaris’ natural speaking voice fucks us up once again. Everyone worships Tatiana for the goddess that she is whilst the lady herself gets SUPER bashful about the praise. There is either a party or a protest regarding Tat’s Emmy Nomination. We’ll know which way that cookie crumbles on July 14.



Wildest Dream: Our dear friend Samuel Anderson has let HIS good buddy Dominic Cooper know how awesome we are and WE become friends with Dominic too, bringing us one step closer to becoming best friends with James Corden. THE HISTORY BOYS, Y’ALL.

Expectation: Joe Gilgun (Cassidy) having a British Accent as opposed to an Irish one FUCKS US UP. Dominic Cooper smolders.


stag night

Wildest Dream: Benedict Cumberbatch drops by, since he’s in town for the Doctor Strange panel.

Expectation: We drink too much wine and start saying “Am I a pretty lady?” to each other.

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The Top 20 Television Moments of 2015 – Part Two

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Another year of television in the books. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried and we’ve flailed. We’ve fallen madly in love and we’ve had our hearts broken. We’ve said goodbye to beloved shows and embraced new ones. It’s the ciiiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife and it mooooooooooooves us allllllllll.

We’ve already posted the first half of our annual year-end celebration of all the hours we spent in front of the telly this year. What else made the list? Read on to find out! –Kim

11) Patricia Arquette wins an Oscar, demands equality for women. 

Patricia Arquette ran the table during Awards Season, picking up every single award there was for her performance in Boyhood.  Her speeches for most of the season were typical. She always pulled out a written speech, which drove me bananas, because GURL at this point you know you are going to win. Memorize your speech. (Says the girl who has never won a major award and had to get up and talk in front of thousands of her peers, so you do you Patricia.)  However all the sub-par speeches were forgiven at The Academy Awards, when Patricia got up in her black and white gown, reading glasses, and fierce red lippy and closed out her speech with this:

“To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America.”

Cue Meryl Streep, Jennifer Lopez, and every other woman in the audience losing their shit. Does anyone have more fun at awards shows than Meryl? I think not.

Bless you, Patricia, for using entertainment’s biggest stage to stand up for your fellow women. GENDER EQUALITY? What a concept.  –Kim

12) “Buddy” – Parks and Recreation

When NBC decided to burn off the final season of Parks and Recreation by airing back-to-back episodes every week, Kim offered to share my Pawnee recapping duties to lighten the workload. Tag-teaming season 7 kept me sane (and I loved getting to read what my brilliant co-blogstress wrote about Leslie and the gang), but it wasn’t easy to let my baby go. I didn’t get to recap “Leslie & Ron” for the site, and I admit: I was a little bitter about it.

Because this episode was the heart hug that Parks fans had been aching for since the show’s victory lap began. It was disconcerting and friggin’ scary to time-warp to 2017 and learn that Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope were no longer speaking. Every couple is an odd-couple on Parks, but Leslie and her former boss had been a testament to the power of putting friendship and respect over side-of-the-aisle debates. They’d overcome so many differences in all the years they’d known each other; it was their similarities that had pulled them apart. Leslie and Ron are the most stubborn characters on the series (and probably in the fictional midwest in general); and the length of their feud reflected it. Fed up, Ben and their friends lock their Ron and Leslie in the Parks office to work their out their shit. And work it out, they do. After Leslie systematically tries to wear Ron down with jeers about wood (“You guys, Ron loves plastic!”), a friendship flow chart, and her own batshit version of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” (“Peter Piper, pee-pee poopy, Daddy ate a squirrel!”), the former work proximity associates finally get down to brass tacks. Pride is everything to Ron. He swallowed it and got burned. And he closed right up for a while.

Leslie: Ron, you were going–
Ron: I was gonna ask you for a job. In the federal government. Just saying it out loud feels dirty.
Leslie: You missed your friends, and you wanted to come up to the third floor and work with us again. I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been for you. God, why didn’t I see that? Ron, I am so sorry. I should’ve been a better friend to you.
Ron: Honestly, Leslie, it’s fine. It was a punctuation mark on a sentence that had already been written. My time in government work was over. Sure, I loved shutting things down and bleeding the rotting beast from the inside.
Leslie: Your metaphors are so beautiful.
Ron: But it was time for me to leave, and I didn’t feel like explaining why to you or anyone. Everything that happened after– the fight we had, not giving you a heads-up when my company took on the Morningstar development and bulldozed the nurse’s old house– I do regret that.
Leslie: I had a good run here.
Ron: But after you and Tom and Donna and April and Terry left, when I looked around this office, nothing was the same.
Leslie: Yeah, well, there’s a way to fix that.

As the sun comes up in Pawnee, Leslie and Ron bury the hatchet in the office where their hard-won friendship was forged, over a bottle of Lagavulin with Willie Nelson’s “Buddy” (Ron’s contribution to the Parks Department BBQ Mix) scoring the montage. There’s a distinct sense of making up for lost time as they give in to their silliest impulses. Parks always takes care of its audience’s emotional needs, and those brilliant fuckers knew that they couldn’t end the Leslie and Ron reunion on an apology and a handshake. Instead, we get to see them having stupid, ridiculous fun together, and we know that their relationship is now even stronger for what it’s been through. –Sage

13) Amber’s baby shower – Parenthood

 The 100th episode of Parenthood was a humdinger. The Bravermans gathered in the hospital as Zeek endured another heart episode. Hank proposed to Sarah in the hospital parking lot and (naturally) she went running, telling him she’d think about it. The Luncheonette was robbed, putting Crosby and Adam at odds regarding its future. Joel and Julia eased their way back to each other after some much-needed make-up sex. But the emotional gut-punch came when the Braverman women threw Amber an impromptu baby shower in the hospital cafeteria. No silly games or outrageous presents. Just Amber’s mother, her grandmother, and her aunts imparting what they’ve learned about being a mom. So simple, yet so unbelievably heart-warming and emotional.

God, the women of Parenthood were amazing. They were all vastly different but all incredibly strong and their advice reflects their characters so perfectly. “Drink wine.” “Embrace and own life’s curveballs.” “Do right by yourself. Don’t ever give up on your dreams.” “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it all. You can.” “Don’t be too proud to ask for help.” The best part about this is that it’s not just MOM advice, it’s life advice. These words can apply to anyone and what was so beautiful about the women of this show is they all refused to be seen as only mothers.  They have so much love for each other and their bond is unbreakable. (Sarah: “No matter what, I’ll always have your back.” Amber: “I know.”) Then Camille, lovely, strong, elegant Camille, who has presided over all these amazing women as the family matriarch brings it home. “Amber I would say to you that life is short. You cannot know how impossibly fast it goes by. So just enjoy this baby. Cherish this time. Cherish every minute of it.” I’m not crying, it’s just raining on my face. –Kim

14) Lily shows her cards – Penny Dreadful

Ah, Penny Dreadful. The feminist literary horror masterpiece of my dreams.

The creatives behind the Showtime drama were smart enough to cast Doctor Who alum and my future wife Billie Piper, but she didn’t have much to do in season 1 besides cough up blood, be Irish, and look sad. When Brona Croft succumbed to TB and Piper was still on the call sheet for season 2, her future as a “bride of Frankenstein” figure seemed set. HERE’S WHERE IT GETS GOOD.

John Clare aka Caliban aka Mr. Nice Creature forces Victor to make him a mate. Lily, as Brona is known in her second life, is the fantasy of both men: a malleable, amiable flower – innocent and eager to please. They’re both too busy projecting onto her to see her as she really is. They make it so easy to play them, don’t they? Men always do.

In an X-Files episodes about some suburban Satanists under siege by a demon, Mulder asks, “Did you really think you could call up the devil and ask him to behave?” Lily has literally been to hell and back, but Victor and his creature don’t give a thought to the side effects of man-made resurrection. (Though they’ve both lived those consequences.) The audience knows that something’s up though. Lily’s simplicity and purity are too absolute to be genuine. Her motives become clear when she seduces a man and snaps his neck mid-tryst. Lily/Brona has been used by men in life and in death, and she. Has. HAD IT. There’s coldness in this diatribe, but there’s life too. It’s a seering performance, and I believe I stood up and clapped when it was done.

Lily: How can you imagine that I could care for you? Does that face belong alongside this? Doesn’t the world smile on us? Don’t we make a beautiful couple, “thee and me”? Shall we wander the pastures and recite your fucking poetry to the fucking cows? You are blind. Like all other men.
Clare: And you are unlike all other women.
Lily: You tell me how. We flatter our men with our pain. We bow before them. We make ourselves dolls for their amusement. We lose our dignity in corsets and high shoes and gossip and the slavery of marriage! And our reward for this service? The back of the hand. The face turned to the pillow. The bloody, aching cunt as you force us onto your beds to take your fat, heaving bodies! You drag us into the alleys, my lad, and cram yourselves into our mouths for two bob when you’re not beating us senseless! When we’re not bloody from the eyes, and the mouth, and the ass and the cunt! Never again will I kneel to any man. Now they shall kneel to me.

Billie Piper growling at men to kneel is 100% my aesthetic.

Later, Lily asks the same prostration from Dorian Gray.  (Is “kneel, boy” her catchphrase? I think sooooo…) But him, she has use for. Dorian has no more illusions about his humanity. He lives to take, but at least he’s up front about it. Lily is so done with men who simper to her face, but want only to possess her body (those grody old men she takes to bed) or her soul too (her creators). Dorian can be her partner in honest depravity – a soulmate who also sees the vice and malevolence simmering just under the surface of polite society. What WILL they get up to next season? I can’t wait to find out. –Sage

 15) Team SharNick dances to “Backstreet’s Back” – Dancing With the Stars

Everyone knows that I am Backstreet Boys Trash for LIFE, so needless to say I was ecstatic when Dancing With The Stars FINALLY booked one of the boys. Nick Carter proved to be the perfect type of DWTS contestant. He was naturally talented but still struggled learning some of the specific styles. He was a showman but was not afraid to make himself vulnerable as he opened up about his marriage and their struggles with fertility. But the best part about Nick was that he was completely willing to milk his status as a Backstreet Boy. He knew EXACTLY why people were voting for him and he gave the people what they wanted. Week 4 of the competition was the ALWAYS great theme week of “My Most Memorable Year” (I famously made all my friends watch this night after the HIMYM finale and we all ended up weeping over Amy Purdy).  Naturally, Nick chose the year he joined the Backstreet Boys and he opened up about just how much the boys saved him. All of his boys were part of the interview package, with AJ even showing up for rehearsal.  Nick danced to “Backstreet’s Back” recreating the iconic choreography and basically being just hot as hell with his partner Sharna Burgess (a goddess in her own right).

My favorite thing is how Nick just soaks it all in when it’s done. This man has been through hell and back and it warms my heart to see him in such a good place. I DIE over AJ in the audience screaming for his little bro. I die over Joey Fatone cheering him on because boy banders support other boy banders (HEY GUYS CAN YOU ADOPT ONE DIRECTION TOO, IT’S ALL I WANT). Nick ended up finishing in second place (I blame them returning to the BSB well for their freestyle) but he was always first in my heart. –Kim


The Winners of the Second Annual Feelies!

one direction what did we win

Posted by Kim and Sage

The time has come! Welcome to the prestigious (in our opinion) Feelies award ceremony, where we announce the winners of our second annual reader poll! Voting opened last Monday for several categories in TV drama and comedy. (You can check out the nominee post here.) The competition has been fierce, especially where our nominees’ official social media accounts got involved (what up, Jane the Virgin?!), and, in some cases, the leaderboards have been constantly changing. But in the end, each race could only have one winner. We’re proud to bring you those winners today.

The Feelies go to….

Best Comedy Series

The nominees were: Broad CityJane the VirginThe Mindy ProjectParks and RecreationSelfie, and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

THE WINNER IS: Jane the Virgin

Kim: Much like last year’s winner (and this year’s runner-up) Parks and RecreationJane the Virgin is a comedy that is driven by its heart.  On paper, the premise is a little ridiculous (a virgin is accidentally inseminated when going in for her annual check-up) but Jane the Virgin is so much more than its telenovela roots.  At its core, Jane the Virgin is about family, both the family we are born with and the family we choose. It’s about three generations of women being there for each other no matter what. It’s about love. It’s about the eternal struggle of balancing reality and dreams (I FEEL you and your writer dreams, Jane!). It’s about the choices we make and how they define us. It’s the most delightful show I’ve watched in a long time and I am so proud that it won.

What makes Jane the Virgin so special is the way it deftly balances the comedy and the drama.  It plays with telenovela stereotypes and fully commits to every outrageous twist and turn. It gives you the giant romantic gestures we all want to see on TV (who DOESN’T swoon when Rafael and Jane finally kiss?) and then turns around and drops truth bombs everywhere (the Immigration issues with Alba).   The show is peppered with fantastical elements like posters of Rogelio coming to life and talking to you. And yet the outlandish is always grounded in the reality of Jane’s journey.  There is not a weak link among the ensemble.  The writing is the definition of sharp.  Every character is fully realized…and has been from the very first episode.  This is clearly a show whose team knows what they are doing.

It would be so easy to make fun of Jane’s choice to save herself for marriage or to make her insufferably sanctimonious about it.  The show does neither. I love how the show doesn’t judge any of its characters.  They are just who they are and no one makes apologies for it. Jane struggles with her choices on a daily basis and that’s what makes her so REAL.  That’s really the best word to describe this crazy little telenovela that should have never translated to American audiences. REAL. That’s why it’s connected with audiences.  All the female empowerment and pretty men are just a bonus.

Best Drama Series

The nominees were: Agent CarterBroadchurchDoctor WhoThe FlashMad Men, and Masters of Sex

THE WINNER IS: Agent Carter

Sage: Everybody say, “Heeeey, Miss Carter…”

The voters have spoken, and they know Agent Carter‘s value. In eight short episodes, this freshmen Marvel series courted a devoted fanbase with tight plotting, dope period costuming, elegant ass-kickings, and true emotional beats. Peggy Carter isn’t an Avenger. There isn’t a SHIELD to speak of yet. But her story is one worth telling. Why? Because she says so.

As we reported in our SDCC posts, Agent Carter was being repped all over San Diego this July. Red fedoras were the headwear of choice. Peggy fan art was selling out all over the place. And any mention of the show received more enthusiastic Ballroom 20 cheers than its panel mate, Agents of SHIELD. The love that Agent Carter has engendered is passionate. Because this is what the people want: Hayley Atwell’s holy light, sexual tension that knows no gender, and the most feminist piece of art in Marvel’s collection.

Best Actress in a Comedy

The nominees were: Karen Gillan (Selfie), Ilana Glazer (Broad City), Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project), Ellie Kemper (The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), and Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin)

THE WINNER IS: Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin

Kim: What a GIFT Gina Rodriguez is. She’s so refreshingly pure in her performance as Jane.  She just IS Jane.  We don’t see any seams in her performance.  It’s rare to see an actress know her character so thoroughly from the VERY START of a series and that’s what Gina Rodriguez did this season. It’s one of the most honest performances I’ve ever seen and I can’t WAIT to see what else she is capable of doing.

What’s amazing about Gina is her ability to deftly switch between the comedy and drama of Jane the Virgin without skipping a beat.  She’s not afraid to fully commit to her performance and that’s WHY everything about the show works. Because while the circumstances may seem ridiculous to US, they are not ridiculous to Gina (and therefore Jane), so we the audience is willing to go on the journey with her. Plus, girlfriend can cry on command and do it BEAUTIFULLY. Teach me your secrets, you wizard.

Like Peggy Carter, Jane Gloriana Villanueva is a character we NEED on TV right now.  She’s just so GOOD but not insufferably so.  She believes in herself and she always wants to see the good in others. She dreams of being more than she is and she struggles with her sense of responsibility.  She’s devoted to her family. She demands the best out of those around her.  She’s both sass and compassion.  She’s sunshine and rainbows.  She’s a character that you root for and a character you truly want to find happiness and success. Basically, she’s perfect.

Best Actress in a Drama

The nominees were: Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter), Caitriona Balfe (Outlander), Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex), Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who), Olivia Colman (Broadchurch), Eva Green (Penny Dreadful), and Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black)

THE WINNER IS: Caitriona Balfe, Outlander

Sage: Following in the footsteps of last year’s winner (and this year’s runner-up) Tatiana Maslany, Cait Balfe is another brunette force of nature. Outlander itself is technically genre, but it doesn’t really feel like it. That’s because its leading lady (and man, we’re getting there!) deliver the material that they’re given with all the ferocity and gravity that they’d offer to the most A-list, Oscar-bait costume drama. The time travel conceit is almost beside the point; there’s so much else to know about nobility, commitment, and survival.

Cait is everything that she needs to be. And that’s a lot, since Outlander is essentially her story. She meets Claire’s challenges with courage when necessary and humor when it suits her. Claire stands up for herself and for the downtrodden, but still listens and respects her place as a newcomer to this culture and this time. There are “strong women,” composed entirely of sassy comebacks and barely concealed damseling, and then there are just women, who deal as best as they can with the shit they’re given and enjoy some good 17th-century castle oral every once in a while.

So thank you, Sassenach, for being at the forefront of one of TV most pro-lady shows. While I’m sure the paychecks and those love scenes with your costar are reward enough for your efforts, now you’ve got a Feelie to go along with them.

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Vote for the Second Annual Feelies!

Posted by Kim and Sage

Welcome to The Second Annual Feelies, where we herald our favorites of the television season and seek to right the wrongs of the Emmy Nominations.  While there may have been less to quibble with in this year’s nominations (TATIANA FINALLY), the Television Academy still shows an unbearable bias against genre shows, which are showcasing some of the best work on television.  There is no such bias here.  In fact, the only thing we could be accused of is TOO much bias towards niche shows.  What matters to us is not subject material but the EXECUTION of the material and how the actors and shows make us feel.

While we may have determined the nominees, the choice is in YOUR hands.  We encourage you to vote with your heart and NOT be like the Emmys and just click on a name because you like the show or the actor. Be discerning.  Be passionate about celebrating good work. Be better than the Emmys. We WANT you to struggle choosing a winner.  We very much sat cackling wickedly as we thought about asking you to choose between Tatiana Maslany and Hayley Atwell or between John Cho and Chris Messina.  That’s the POINT.  May the best performances win.

Voting will be open through Friday, August 7th.  Vote hard, vote often, campaign for your victor.  It’s all in your hands.


**choices of header gifs in no way disclose preferences in each category**

Best Comedy Series

Broad City
Jane the Virgin
Parks and Recreation
The Mindy Project
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt  

Sage: Broad City continued its gleeful assault on comedy norms in its second season, with the girls – still the most loving, loyal friendship on TV – taking on consignment stores, dog weddings, oral surgery, and (“This is the greatest day of my LIFE.”) pegging. We bid a fond farewell to Parks and Recreation, but not before an inspired look into the future of our dear Pawnee friends. April found her calling, Ron and Leslie finally acknowledged what they mean to each other, and Jean Ralphio (poorly) faked his own death. Meanwhile, on Netflix: Ellie Kemper, whose Office character I always found a little grating, stepped into the role she was born to play on Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s new series, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Kimmy had all the wacky set pieces and inexplicable running jokes as 30 Rock, plus a dark and gooey center, a new and unexpected take on the rich and bored Upper East Side trophy wife, and some Peeeenoooo Noiiiiiiiiiiirrrrr.

Kim: The concept looked ridiculous on paper but Jane the Virgin delivered in spades, giving us a hilarious and ridiculous telenovela that had a HUGE heart that grounded it in reality.  The circumstances surrounding the characters may be farfetched but the exploration of family dynamics, the bonds between mothers and daughters, and the struggle of pursuing dreams versus adhering to responsibilities made them all relatable.  Selfieas we have often said, was a show too beautiful to live on network television.  More than just a modern My Fair LadySelfie was about two lonely souls looking for connection in all the wrong places and it was a caustic takedown of our obsession with social media. It’s truly the great tragedy of the TV season. The Mindy Project defied all the critics who worried that Mindy and Danny being in a relationship would kill the show.  Its third season seamlessly moved from a yearning romantic comedy to an honest exploration of what it’s like to be in a relationship in your 30’s.  TMP didn’t shy away from showcasing Danny and Mindy’s emotional issues that were stumbling blocks towards their happiness.  It was often raw and honest and tough to watch (yet never lost its sense of humor)…and that’s what made it great.


Best Drama Series

Agent Carter

Doctor Who
The Flash
Mad Men
Masters of Sex

Kim: The arrival of Peter Capaldi completely invigorated Doctor Who.  Series 8 saw the Doctor going through an identity crisis, questioning everything about what made him a “good man”.  This crisis lent itself to Clara Oswald, free from the “Impossible Girl” device, becoming a fully realized character who brought strength to the Doctor’s weakness.  Their journey from the Doctor being unable to tell her apart from Strax to “Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?” was a thrilling one that kept us glued to our screens every week. We said goodbye to Mad Men in style as we watched Don Draper wander the country aimlessly before a moment of zen helped him realize that he’d like to buy the world a coke. The Flash built on the foundation laid down by big brother Arrow, deftly balancing bad guys of the week with its overarching mythology. While Arrow faltered in its third season, Barry Allen and company hit all the right marks in their debut season, building to a finale that left us positively breathless.

Sage: Agent Carter‘s arrival wasn’t as hyped as that other (and messier) Marvel Television production Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but damn if Tara Butters and her fellow EPs didn’t show their colleagues a little something about storytelling. Carter is equal parts fun and sorrow; Queen Hayley Atwell regularly kicks the asses of full-grown men and trades banter with the real live Jarvis, but she also spent the season putting Steve Rogers to rest in her heart. The whole cast is terrific, but Peggy Carter is a character we need on TV right now. We can’t wait to see her again. After the dismal American version finally took a step off those northern California cliffs, the original and far superior Broadchurch rose like a phoenix. A rumpled, grumpy phoenix. Alec Hardy finally solved the case that haunted him throughout the Latimer investigation, but let’s be honest: Broadchurch 2 is about Hardy and Miller, the Former Detectives Club – now partners by choice. Masters of Sex dug deeper into its fathomless characters in its second season. More impressive guest stars were pulled into the wake churned up by the partners’ research (Keke Palmer, Betsy Brandt, Christian Borle), as Bill and Virginia became more intertwined.


Best Actress in a Comedy

Karen Gillan as Eliza Dooley, Selfie
Ilana Glazer as Ilana Wexler, Broad City
Mindy Kaling as Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project
Ellie Kemper as Kimmy Schmidt, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation
Gina Rodriguez as Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

Sage: Clearly, we were predisposed to like Amy Pond in anything she’d do after. But then Karen Gillan had to go and pick a nuanced romantic comedy and a stereotype-smashing reforming party girl character, both of which were doomed by their own quality. As Eliza, Gillan was funny, sexy, and vulnerable, and nailed her American accent which, frankly, Scots’ usually mangle. (Sorry, guys. We love you anyway.) It hurts not to be able to co-nominate Ilana Glazer and her co-star Abbi Jacobsen, but such are the rules of the Feelies. On Broad City, Glazer is a bundle of filthy joy, an accidental style icon, and questionable life hero. In other words: yas, kween! Mindy Kaling has always been a phenomenal writer, but her performance leveled up in this past season of The Mindy Project. Dr. L realistically struggled with a potential cross-country move, an unplanned pregnancy, and a shoplifting Staten Island Italian, and she did it all in style.

Kim: Ellie Kemper‘s inherent sunniness makes her makes her a perfect Kimmy Schmidt, a character that in lesser hands would have been a one-note punchline.  Bedecked in her signature bright colors, Kimmy is joy personified, but Ellie never lets her fall into caricature and she lets you see the steely edge beneath the innocence. You can’t help but cheer for her. Amy Poehler‘s Leslie Knope is both a feminist and television ICON and the fact that she only has one Golden Globe to show for it is one of television’s greatest injustices. Leslie doesn’t need your praise…she’s too busy running the country.  Gina Rodriguez was the revelation of the TV season and is the giant heart at the center of Jane the Virgin.  She can have you rolling on the floor with laughter one minute and then weeping the next. Her performance is achingly honest and I had her marked to WIN the Emmy this season…and then she didn’t even get nominated. Whatever.


Best Actress in a Drama

Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Agent Carter
Caitriona Balfe as Claire Beauchamp, Outlander
Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson, Masters of Sex
Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald, Doctor Who
Olivia Colman as Ellie Miller, Broadchurch
Eva Green as Vanessa Ives, Penny Dreadful
Tatiana Maslany as The Leda Clones, Orphan Black

Kim: As Sage pointed out, Peggy Carter IS the character we need on television right now and Hayley Atwell embodies her so fully you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins. She knows her value…anyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. Lizzy Caplan continues to do incredibly nuanced work on Masters of Sex, defying the critics who had labeled her as solely a sardonically comic actress.  Her Virginia is a woman torn between traditional duties and her dreams of changing the world with her work.  She’s truly ahead of her time. Speaking of characters ahead of their time, Caitriona Balfe imbues Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser with ferocity and gravitas that grounds the fantasy of Outlander in reality. She’s a heroine for the ages, staunchly uncompromising her beliefs to mold into the gender roles of 18th Century Scotland.  Olivia Colman‘s Ellie Miller is a wounded animal recovering from the devastation of her family.  She masks her pain behind a steely demeanor but is never afraid to let the cracks in her armor show.  Series Two is all about Ellie’s journey BACK to the person she was before and Colman brings incredible depth and vulnerability to the role.  Never count out DS Miller, people.

Sage: With the character evolution of Clara Oswald came new opportunities to appreciate what Jenna Coleman is doing with the part. She clicked immediately with Peter Capaldi, but let’s not give chemistry all the credit. Clara made some controversial choices this year and Coleman grounded those choices in palpable human emotion. Series 9 is a victory lap well-earned. Penny Dreadful might be too camp for some, but rest assured that former Bond girl Eva Green is doing work on that show. She approaches the haunted Vanessa with such intensity that you don’t know whether to be scared for her or of her. Let’s go with both, just to be safe. But maybe the hardest working woman on television is Orphan Black phenomenon (freak of nature?) Tatiana Maslany. She just keeps on slaying; we’ll never not be flabbergasted by how fully she possesses so many completely rounded characters. And season 3 brought us a new Leda (and an immediate fan favorite): the perceptive and sweet nail technician Krystal.

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“I know my value too.” – SDCC 2015 Part II

bad blood 2bad blood 3 
Posted by Kim and Sage

Sage: By virtue of scheduling, our SDCC decreased in intensity as the convention went on. After a few hours of sleep on an actual mattress, we were back in the heart of it all on Friday morning and ready to spend almost all day in Ballroom 20, the convention center’s second biggest panel room. As we are mostly a television blog, we made the call to cover as many serialized TV panels as we could. That, coupled with the fact that Star Wars fans had started lining up before Thursday’s audience was even loaded into Hall H, meant that seeing Harrison Ford in the flesh was not in the cards for us. (Massive nerd girl failure: we know.) On the plus side, our early bird arrival to the exhibit hall line meant that we were able to snag the BBC America SDCC exclusives that had eluded us on preview night. Successfully geared up with the Doctor Who merchandise that we definitely needed (my dresser is literally falling apart because I have too many fandom t-shirts), we installed ourselves in our home sweet home for the next several hours. And may no one ever say we don’t suffer for our craft, because that first panel was a great test of dickhead endurance, patience, and our devotion to Peggy Carter. WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME REMEMBER THIS?

The Big Bang Theory



Fate, you cruel, cruel mistress.

At least some good came out of our torment. Our friends were so amused by our anguished tweeting that one of them Storifyed our comments for posterity. Instead of re-living this 40 minutes in feminist hell, I will simply point you to that link. Thanks to HOF contributor and Doctor Who author/podcaster Graeme Burk for doing something productive with his giddy schadenfreude.

Falling Skies

Dr. Carter: could still get.

Dr. Carter: could still get.

Kim: As Sage said, we were firmly ensconced in Ballroom 20 in order to secure seats for panels later in the day, so we sat through some panels we wouldn’t have normally chosen to attend. Unlike The Big Bang Theory, the panel for Falling Skies was a delight.  And not at all misogynistic. On paper, Falling Skies is a show that I should have been obsessed with from day one. It has a 90’s heart-throb who has only gotten better with age. It has aliens. The aliens apparently have robots. It’s about the human race struggling to survive in the face of the apocalypse.  It has “KIM WILL LOVE THIS” written all over it.  So why am I totally ignorant about it? I will fully admit that I’ve never seen an episode because I have an unexplainable bias against TNT Originals even though they CLAIM that “they know drama”.  Because to me, TNT is where I go to watch Bones re-runs when I am home sick from work.  So kudos to this panel because now Falling Skies is in my ever-expanding queue of shows I need to watch.

  • On the panel: Noah Wyle (Tom Mason, Forever Dr. John Carter), Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass), Drew Roy (Hal Mason), Will Patton (Captain Weaver), Sarah Carter (Maggie), Connor Jessup (Ben Mason), Colin Cunningham (John Pope), Doug Jones (Cochise), and Executive Producer Olatunde Osunsanmi.  It was moderated by our writing crush Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly, which was an added bonus.
  • We were treated to an extended trailer for the final episodes and it looked epic. Part of my unexplained bias against TNT shows is that I always believed they were cheesy and low-budget.  This proved me wrong…it looked spectacular.
  • Falling Skies is in the midst of its final season and you could TELL that everyone was savoring their final appearance at SDCC together.  The panel was the very definition of a lovefest.  It also made the entire thing very accessible to newbies like us because it was more about reminiscing about their time together as opposed to talking about every single death or shocker that had happened over the course of the show’s run.  I left the panel feeling PRETTY unspoiled, which was nice.
  • The two women on the panel, Moon Bloodgood and Sarah Carter, also did a good job of wooing me to their show, thanks to their passion for their characters being badass women. “I was so happy to be out of the love triangle and on to REAL stuff,” Sarah Carter reflected on Maggie’s journey. I don’t know what that means but I loved that she was so excited about being more than a love interest.  Later, Moon threw a little shade for wanting more women on the show when she responded “How do I answer this? They are all MALES.” when asked what other character she would have wanted to play.
  • The actors do a LOT of their own stunt work.  “In retrospect, you feel GREAT about jumping off a three-story building,” Sarah said, when asked about her favorite moments of the series.
  • Noah’s son got up and asked a question during the Q&A and it was precious.
  • Noah makes his directorial debut in episode 8 of the current season.  When he said that, my jaw dropped because I don’t know HOW he never directed an episode of ER because it feels like the entire cast took a turn behind the camera at some point.
Doug Jones and Connor Jessup

Doug Jones and Connor Jessup

  • Doug Jones wins the fashion award for this panel with his matching plaid vest and tie.
  • Possibly one of my favorite Sage tweets of the convention: “Noah Wyle is so precious. I hope he realizes now that Dr. Benton was only so tough on him because he saw his potential.”
  • The panel closed with a fan requesting that each member of the panel describe the first impression they had of the person sitting to their left.  Noah: “My impression of Moon was that she intimidated me.” Moon: “GOOD.” (I’m obsessed with her.)

The 100

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor

Kim: I am a fairly recent convert to The 100, having finally given in to the demands of our friend Beth, who is a professional show-pusher (she’s also responsible for getting us into Arrow so basically the CW should hire her).  So I was quite excited that their panel coincided with our Marvel TV panel plan. Sage has yet to see an episode of The 100 (she promises it’s on her list) so this continued our con tradition of Sage sitting through a panel of a show that has no mercy when it comes to offing characters and getting spoiled on everything.  I promised her that this was no Walking Dead though, that The 100 treated its characters, especially its female ones, with respect.  But I think what sold her on bumping the show up in her queue was the guy taking the axe-blade to the face in the first few seconds of the sizzle reel. “You weren’t kidding about it being intense.” “No, I was not.”

Isaiah Washington, Marie Avegerpoulous, Bob Morley

Isaiah Washington, Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley

  • On the panel: Showrunner Jason Rothenberg, Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), Isaiah Washington (Dr. Preston Burke…erm…Thelonious Jaha), Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia Blake), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), and Ricky Whittle (Lincoln). Sadly NOT on the panel? Henry Ian Cusick aka Marcus Kane aka Desmond Hume, forever in my heart.
  • Bob was sporting a “Blake” trucker hat. Ricky one-upped him when he walked out wearing a “Linctavia” trucker hat.  Just in case you wanted any indication of how this panel was going to go.
  • Season three will open with a slight time jump to a few months after Clarke bailed to go on her walkabout.
  • “I’ll assume he’ll do what Clarke couldn’t do and become a leader.” – Bob Morley on Bellamy’s journey in season three. He loved throwing (loving) shade Clarke’s way because it would get Eliza all riled up in defense of her character’s actions.
  • The panel gave a standing ovation to those who had camped out for the panel the night before.  What I love SO MUCH about panels like this is seeing the actors truly understand and respect how much people love their show.

  • Being that The 100 is all about trying to maintain your humanity in the face of horrendous circumstances, there were many questions about the characters’ moral code (according to Rothenberg, the arc of season two was “at what point does the good guy become the bad guy?”).  “Lincoln’s moral compass will never change,” Ricky asserted. He later pointed out that “There are no good or bad people on our show.  There’s only perspective.”  Rothenberg also stated that “Our goal is to paint them into situations where there is no easy answer.” Subtext: don’t expect things to get any easier in season three.
  • “I skip through all the pages and go straight to all my parts.” – Marie, on when she gets a new script.  I do the same thing when I get a part in a play, so we are obviously kindred spirits.
  • “I get to play someone with a disability on TV, which is really important. AND she kicks ass.” – Lindsey on her affection for Raven.  What’s in store for her in season three? “Raven’s coming out on top.”
  • Lindsey and Ricky, given that they were the furthest away from the moderator, were the unruly children of the panel.  At one point, Ricky surrounded himself with four of the microphones on the table so he could be heard properly.
  • Lexa will be back at some point in season three, as the show was able to juggle production time to accommodate Alycia Debnam-Carey’s new role on Fear the Walking Dead.  As far as whether there is hope for Clexa, Eliza and Rothenberg only teased that Clarke is PISSED so the road to reconciliation is a rough one.
  • Rothenberg did the same kind of ship teasing when it came to Clarke and Bellamy.  “Their chemistry is undeniable, so I never want to rule it out,” he said, like the ship-baiter he is.  Eliza pointed out that while Bellarke makes a great team, “but there are going to be some issues”.  Basically, everyone is pissed at everyone and ain’t nobody got time for romance.
Ricky Whittle and Lindsey Morgan

Ricky Whittle and Lindsey Morgan

  • “Are you strong or are you weak? That’s the only difference that matters.” – Rothenberg on the amount of diversity on the show.
  • Isaiah pulled a Christine Lahti at the Golden Globes in the middle of the panel. Just because the water bottle is on the table doesn’t mean you have to DRINK all of it.
  • Eliza admitted that filming the season two finale took a big emotional toll on her.  “I needed a shower!”
  • “I forget I’m in the show! That’s how engrossed I get.” – Isaiah, on watching episodes for the first time.
  • Sage on Bob Morley’s VERY wide shoulders: “How does he fit through doors?”
  • During the Q&A there was a Clarke cosplayer who was completely screen accurate. “I tracked it all down online and then altered it to match,” she admitted when Eliza questioned her about it.
  • Also during the Q&A a girl got to the mic and promptly burst into tears. Ricky jumped off the dais and went to hug her, only prompting more tears.  He then stood with his arms around her as she managed to finally ask her question.  And THIS is why I love Comic Con.
Ricky and a fan.

Ricky and a fan.

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HOF at SDCC – Our Expectations and Wildest Dreams

Posted by Kim and Sage

It’s finally here.  Tomorrow we get on a flight to head to the Super Bowl of Fandom: San Diego Comic Con.


We still can’t believe that we’re going.  After weeks of arduously reading every fan forum we could in order to get insider information, after studying the schedule meticulously, after making to-do list upon to-do list, the time has finally come to just shut up and DO THIS.  We’re ready…yet not ready.  As professional attendees of New York Comic Con, we’re aware that no schedule can be set in stone. Panels fill up unexpectedly and things can change at the very last-minute.  Nevertheless, we have our ideal schedule along with our expectations and dreams for them.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram all week for our updates.  Detailed posts will go up when we return from the con bruised, bloodied, utterly content, and ready to do it all again in 2016.  LET’S DO THIS.

— Kim


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

hunger games cast

Wildest Dreams: Jennifer Lawrence orders pizza for all of Hall H and we just hang out for an hour.
Expectation: Actually, that could happen.

Doctor Who

doctor who cast

Expectation: We get a trailer for Series 9 and Steven Moffat swears Hall H to secrecy.  Peter Capaldi will be dead sexy in his first Comic Con appearance.

Wildest Dreams: Said footage will include canon Whouffaldi. Peter and Jenna spy us in the audience and demand that we be cast in the Christmas Special.

Con  Man

con man cast

Expectation: Someone in the audience makes a “Sudden but inevitable betrayal” reference.
Wildest Dreams: Con Man is actually the production code name for Firefly Season 2

Geeks Go Glam Party

felicity wedding

Wildest Dreams: We actually get there in time to get gift bags.

Expectations: We party for 20 minutes before passing out Gallifrey One style.

And we're spent. Good night moon. Good night room. Good night Gilian's face. Good night Gally 1.

This never ceases to amuse us.


The 100

the 100 cast

Wildest Dream: That Sage won’t be spoiled for the entire series.

Expectation: She will be.

Minority Report

Expectation: No one misses Tom Cruise.

Wildest Dream: Stark Sands jumps on the table and gives us a little “Soul of a Man”, reprising his Tony-nominated role from Kinky Boots.

Marvel Television Presents

nailed it hayley james

Expectation: Hayley Atwell is flawless and makes a reference to 90’s hip-hop.  James D’Arcy makes us swoon.  Clark Gregg is a precious feminist sunflower.

Wildest Dream: Kim starts to care about Agents of SHIELD.

Orphan Black

orphan black cast

Expectations: Tatiana Maslany is a perfect unicorn and makes the whole room cry. Everyone mourns Delphine.  Kristian Bruun is a teddy bear.  Kristian and Tatiana recreate the Alison and Donny twerking scene.  We weep outside the doors of this panel because we stayed at the Marvel Panel too long.

Wildest Dreams: Jordan Gavaris gets locked out of the panel too and we spend the whole panel gossiping and trading skin care tips in his hotel room.

Nerd Nite Party sponsored by National Geographic Channel

breakfast club brian

Wildest Dreams: We find nerd boyfriends.

Expectation: We stuff our faces with the free food.

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