“Welcome home, son.” – Scandal Gif-Cap “Baby It’s Cold Outside”

Scandal Season 5, Episode 9
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”
Posted by Kim

This is it, Gladiators.  Our Winter Finale.  Normally, Scandal likes to close out its half-seasons with a massive cliffhanger. Not so with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  This put a DELIGHTFUL period on things.  Sure, it probably won’t last long, but let me revel in this for a while.  Because it’s glorious.  TO THE GIFS.

Olivia doing First Lady Christmasy things looking like she’s dying on the inside. 

Olivia stares miserably at her wardrobe, which suddenly has a whole lot of red, as she gets ready to go to another mindless function. 

Her party dress is aces though. 

“I got punch!” Susan and David still banter and she still has a crush on him and she’s still gonna get her heart crushed, isn’t she?

“I had no idea how many holiday parties were involved.” But IS there a Yankee Swap?

Olivia is asked to solve a problem at a party.  She gets excited then her face falls because the PROBLEM is getting a cookie recipe.


Mellie reads the fine print of a bill and realizes that funding for Planned Parenthood was made “discretionary” which means they could take it away at any moment.  In other words, no fucking way.

“If there’s no guarantee, then I can’t vote for it.” #MellieForPresident2016

“This deal will pass just fine without you, Mellie.” 

“I know the schedule. You don’t need to tell me, I have a brain.” Liv enjoyed this much more when she was President instead of First Lady.

Marcus brings in Christmas Decorations because OPA needs some holiday flair. 

“We don’t decorate. We work.” Okay, Grinch Quinn. Be that way.

“Sorry I didn’t get to wrap it but it was hard to do with your hands down my pants.” 

“David, there’s no need for presents.” LizzieBear is only interested in the D.

“I have the floor.” Mellie, my queen, decides she’s going to speak up for Women’s Rights.

“How about we don’t give that little ladies organization the full amount they’re asking for?” This is everything.

“As much as I would love to get home for the holidays, I refuse to do it at the expense of women’s health.” 


Mellie pulls out a giant binder and starts naming off all the programs that are deemed more essential than funding to Planned Parenthood. 

“You got the underground railroad without freedom fries? Who does that?”  Rowan finds Huck’s lunch order offensive. So would I. French Fries are my reason for living.

“I may be the bad guy but the worse guys are out there.” I mean clearly he means Satan, cause you can’t get much worse than Rowan Pope.

“You are no one’s father and I am not your son!” Huck has no time for this “son” nonsense.

Mellie has to talk for 16 hours to run out the clock on the Senate Session.  No breaks. Nothing.

“The rules state you can’t bring food onto the floor. They say NOTHING about food that is already here.” That’s my Mellie, finding a loop-hole.  Also, God bless protein bars.

Liv watches Mellie go, with a little smile on her face. 

Jake spies on Russell (remember him?), who is talking to some other spy dude about how Rowan is missing. 

“I have so many sons.” So do I, Rowan, but mine are better than yours.

“There is no gratitude in parenting. I don’t know why we do it.” Me either, which is why I don’t.

“YES THERE YOU ARE! THE SON I KNOW!” Dude, Huck is the last person I would taunt about his family tragedy. He will end you.  Which is exactly what Rowan wants.

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It Must Be Nice, It Must Be Nice To Have Olivia On Your Side – Scandal Gif-Cap – “Rasputin”

Scandal Season 5, Episode 8
Posted by Sage

I love it when Scandal makes up countries. It makes it feel even more like an AU version of our own international relationships. The AO3 tags for this episode would include “hat porn,” “closet sex,” “secret gay affair,” and of course, “bondage.” (HI ROWAN.) This is the last episode before the much touted winter finale, so let’s get to the gifs.

“Tell me it’s not true, Liv.” The episode kicks off with an obvious flash-forward: Olivia in a cold interrogation cell and Fitz hoping that her being there is all one big misunderstanding. It never is though, is it?

“A disarmament deal between the United States and the Republic of Bandar.” Fitz DOES do some running of the country between bitching and moaning sessions. His administration is about to end years of sanctions against a middle eastern nation. It would be a feather in the cap of the whole Grant team.

“The biggest push for peace since the toppling of the Berlin Wall.” Hyperbole is the BEST.

“I’m always happy for a chance to see Miss Pope.” Cyrus worries that the Bandarians(?) will shun Olivia as a whore, but they already love her because guess what, she’s handled some things for them.

“The president gets all the credit while we do all the work.” Susan’s dropping some truth bombs and it’s delicious.

“Kill me now. Do not translate that.” LizzieBear clearly thinks that working with Susan is below her.

“But I need your help…I would like to defect, can you help me?” The interpreter for the minister of energy slips in some cries for help when he’s translating for Olivia. She takes the Minister to meet the chef (also from Bandar) and the translator tells her that he will give her the location of a secret nuclear facility if she can get him asylum.

“He didn’t looked smitten, he looked scared.” Navid isn’t dazzled by the “blue jeans and the mini skirts” as Cy suggests. Fitz okays it for OPA to handle digging into Navid and his claim.

“I’m okay, Red. We’re living in a new world, Red. A world where Olivia Pope is judge, jury, and executioner.”

“If you go back on the deal, I’m going to tell Fitz what we did. What you did.” Mellie pops into the episode to threaten Liv about their misguided girl plan to free Rowan.

“Helen of Troy…hello.” Oh, TOM. Get some new jokes.

“I’m being hunted, Olivia…Ballard is the least of my concerns.” Look who’s back, with his old-school soul soundtrack.

“You should be afraid.” “Why?” “Because am afraid.” Rowan claims that if the people who’re looking to take him out succeed, Olivia loses her protection. And she’ll just be ceding control to an organization worse than B6-13.

“Oh, Olivia. I take tremendous pride in who you have become.”

Huck has never heard of Lazarus One. But he likes their mission statement: kill Rowan Pope.


“Any chance this guy’s a spy?” Huck finds “no chatter” indicating that Navid’s intentions are anything but pure.

Navid gets sick at a meeting, and ends up safe in a hospital bed. Olivia had given him a pill, like some haute couture Friar Lawrence.

“If this checks out, you’ll have your asylum.” America! Fuck yeah!

“You want me to put my foot in my mouth.” “Yes, Susan, I do.” “Well why didn’t you say so?”

“But what do I know, I’m just a woman.” The President of Bandar steps away from the negotiation, just as Grant hoped he would. Bless Susan Ross for never, ever putting her own ego over serving the country.

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“This is what power looks like.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

Scandal Season 5, Episode 7
Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance”
Posted by Kim

Fitz has avoided impeachment.  Cyrus is back in place as Chief of Staff.  Mellie is on a spa vacation (WHERE WAS SHE THIS WEEK?).  Olivia has essentially moved into the White House.  Rowan Pope is a free man.  Jake is out for blood.  LizzyBear is scrambling for power.  And David Rosen is just exasperated with all of these idiots.  So basically business as usual…right?  To the gifs!

“How proud and humbled I am to be your President and to say how sorry I am.” Are you though? ARE YOU SORRY, FITZ?

Fitz apologizes to parents for the uncomfortable questions they had to answer. GROSS.  Apologize to ME now.

“Let’s be honest this was a victory for the White House. This is not a day to gloat.” Cut to Fitz gloating, natch. Also this is the first thing that came up when I image searched “gloating”, so.

“To Congress, may their heads depart from their asses…”

“How did you do it? How the hell did you get the information to end the impeachment?”  Abby knows EVERYTHING and she knows that Liv pulled some shit.

“I don’t want to lie to you. Don’t make me.” At LEAST Liv is being honest about that.

“You get to date the most eligible bachelor in the country.” GAG ME.

“I could give you a ride in my motorcade.” Susan has a crush on David Rosen, guys.

“Mr. President we have an emergency.” “Well, that was fast.” Time for Fitz to find out that Rowan is MIA.

Liv acts like she doesn’t know ANYTHING. 

Liv makes eye contact with Abby and Abby nods.  TELEPATHY.

Liv comes home and her spidey senses tell her someone is sitting in her apartment in the dark.  

“I said SIT DOWN.” SO FORCEFUL. Jake is terrifying and I really shouldn’t be turned on by this but here we are.

“You…you preach about wearing some dumb white hat.” Jake is so done with Liv’s shit we need a new word for it.

“Are you BLIND, Olivia? Do you refuse to see or do you really not know what you are?” 

“My wife. She’s dead. He killed her. Actually, it was you.”

“Really, Olivia? You didn’t think about the body count?”

“How does someone as brilliant and accomplished as you not know what you are?”

“You are Rowan’s greatest achievement. Power hungry, entitled, dangerous. And the beauty of it is you don’t even know it.” This is SO SCATHING and I love it.

“You’re grieving and I’m so sorry for that but I want you to go.”


“We need a plan to reset your image.” First up is bestowing the Medal of Freedom on Feminist Author Frank Holland.  Cause he needs to get women back on his side.

“Hi Liv.” “Hi Cyrus.” Cyrus is super suspicious of Olivia always being around and Liv is DARING him to call her out on it.  Yes, I got that from them saying hi to each other.

“He’s going to bring back B613.” Huck is understandably freaked out by the fact that Rowan is out and about.

“OPA is out of the spy business. Is that clear?” I give this whole “We aren’t spies” thing 2 episodes.

“I saw you on TV and I figured since you know the President you could talk to him.” Liv’s new client is a young woman named Hannah Taylor, who needs OPA to handle her rape case.

“We can’t just go straight to the President, that’s not how this works.” 

“The man who raped me is Frank Holland.”  WELP.

“His dedication to feminism and freedom is truly American.” Oh no.

Did I mention that Abby, who is herself a victim of domestic violence, totally fangirled over Frank? I feel ill.

“Where is she going?” “To tell the President he may have just hung a medal on a rapist.”

“I hate the new normal.” SAME, QUINN.

Abby meets up with LizzyBear to catch up.  Their coat game is strong.

“I don’t have to explain to you how high Sally Langston’s ratings are.” Lizzy has been offered a tell all interview from Sally.  She tries to blackmail Abby in exchange for a job.

“Everything in this town runs on power. I’ve got to get mine from somewhere.” 

“He’s a person, it’s personal.” Aaaaaaaaare we calling Fitz a person though?

“I need an answer in 48 hours or else I’ll become a Lover of Liberty.” 

Fitz calls in Jake to track down Rowan.  Liv: “Oh.”

“That’s a shame.” “It is.” Jake plays along with Liv’s innocent act.

“Maybe Jake and I should talk in private first.” “Whatever you say about my father you say in front of me.” Subtext: I need to know exactly what’s going on so I can maintain my web of lies.

“When I do, I’m going to look him in the eye and put a bullet in his head.”

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Impeachment Week 2K15 – Scandal Gif-Cap

Scandal Season 5, Episode 6
“Get Out Of Jail, Free”
Posted by Sage

The investigation into President Grant’s conduct rages on, and Sally Langston is truly living her best life. Lovers of Liberty, the smell of blood is in the air and wolves are circling. On to the gifs.

“It’s Impeachment Week here at the Liberty Report, and boy do we have a treat for you.” Sally is filled with barely restrained glee at Fitz’s misfortune, and I’m kind of with her.

random citizen

“Just remember Senator, if there’s anything there that makes you uncomfortable, you can just say ‘I don’t recall.'” Mellie is being coached on her testimony, and promised that the committee will go easy on her.

“So before Miss Pope made that announcement, you had no idea.” “No idea at all.”

“It’s an ambush.” The committee has a signed affidavit from Jeanine Locke, the campaign staffer who took the fall for Olitz almost two years ago. They’re confronting Mellie with it in the middle of the hearing.

“I was about to go on TV and say I never slept with the president, when the First Lady approached me…” “Keep reading.”

“I don’t recall.” “WE SEE YOU, GRANT FAMILY.”

“That might save me from having to testify, but what about Olivia?” Fitz could be smart and invoke his Executive Privilege, but he continues to think with his dick. Much to the dismay of the rest of his team.

“We called you here to discuss a wedding. Our wedding.” If Fitz and Olivia get married, Olivia won’t have to testify. But she’ll also be MARRIED. To Fitz.

“Passport, ID, all ready to go.” ELISE IS VISITING ROWAN IN PRISON.

A guard leads Rowan to the lobby and stabs him. Rowan chokes him out with his own nightstick.

“Have you stopped to consider how insane this idea is?” Yes, marrying Fitz IS insane. You see what’s happening to the last woman to make that mistake.

“I MARRIED A WHORE.” Cyrus took one for the team, why can’t anyone else?

“Okay. We’ll find another way.” Cy is going to have a stroke.

“You were actually our second call. Do you know an Elise Martin?” Elise was the only other person to visit Rowan in prison besides Jake. Jake does not like this news one bit.

“Don’t lie to me.” Jake cocks his gun and aims it at Elise.

“I’m here to kill him.” YAY, you can still be friends.

“This should be good.” The hearings are going miserably for the Grant camp and Sally is getting off so much on it.

“We’re trying to avoid perjury.” “Or worse.” OPA is back in business, and even Abby is there! Feels like old times.

“Most importantly, he is freaking hot.” I don’t want to hear video Jeanine or anyone else compliment Fitz ever again.

The committee calls Huck by his civilian name, Mr. Munoz.

“It was Harrison.” “And he’s dead – that’s great!” OPA blames the video leak on Harrison, cause he’s not there to argue about it.

“We’re all going to hell.” They’ve been through worse.

“I’ve been attacked….My life is in danger.” Rowan calls Olivia from his hospital bed and begs her sympathy. She hangs up on him.

“You’re probably the most discreet person in the country.” “One of them.” Susan Ross visits David Rosen to find out if there are legal obstacles to resignation. “I want to quit my job as Vice President of the United States.”

“Don’t you feel weird? Eleanor Roosevelt had sex in here.”

“This isn’t traffic court, it’s the US government.”

“And if I get married…what in the hell do you think this is?” LIFE WITH FITZ IS ITS OWN PRISON.

Quinn visits Rowan to tell him she won’t help him either. WHY WOULD ANYONE.

Olivia walks into Fitz’s bedroom and finds rose petals, candles, and Fitz on the balcony in a tux. God, I hate him so much.

“This is my do-over. I get it, Liv, why you weren’t crazy about the marriage idea.” He gets down on one knee…

“Fitz, please get up.” Olivia moves to leave.

“This is not what I wanted…not this…not some fake storybook romance.”

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“A criminal, a whore, an idiot, and a liar.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

Scandal Season 5, Episode 5
“You Got Served”

Posted by Kim

FITZ MAY BE IMPEACHED!!!! Is our long (fictional) national nightmare finally over?  Let’s get right to the gifs to find out.

Cyrus is in his jammies, surrounded by booze and junk food, watching telly.  Basically living my dream life.

To remind us that he still exist, Michael appears, looking as handsome as ever.  He tries not to judge Cyrus’ coach potatoness by saying he knows this is his Super Bowl.

“The Super Bowl happens every year. This is the moon landing!”

“This is the day the Lord has made…he’s made it for me!”

Footage of Fitz and Liv waltzing around together is intercut with the Judiciary Committee announcing their investigation. 

“I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG!!” Reminder that Fitz is a CHILD.

“Do you know what an impeachable offense is? You don’t need to spend time thinking about that because you don’t.”  David has no time for this shit.

“This isn’t a normal trial, Mr. President, it’s a political trial.” 

“It won’t just cost you your presidency, they will put you in jail.” 

Liv calls Abby, who can’t talk to her about anything.  “I need a loan.” Say what?


“Thing 1 and Thing 2 and a new addition to the bestiary!” Can we start a petition for Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce to be canceled so Paul Adelstein can join this show full-time because I LOVE HIM.

“You’re his Monica, his Marilyn.”

“We are going to spin it into the greatest romance ever told.” Well…second greatest. #LarryIsReal

Liv, however, refuses to sell her romance.  “What else you got, Leo?”

Olivia Pope, Woman of the People.

“That’s the thing about the great ones, they perform no matter what utter crap they are dealt.” 

Leo goes thru Liv’s wardrobe. “If you cannot buy it from the mall, you can’t wear it out of the house.”

“Where’s all her food?” “You mean her wine and popcorn?” Huck has been so on point this season.

“Of course not you’re too busy getting your freak on with the prez.” 

Leo sends Liv out to the grocery store in schlubby clothes. 

“They need to be told by someone, someone they respect, that you are in fact human.” 


HI EDISON HOW YOU LIVIN’? Remember when he and Liv were a thing? 

“You look uncomfortable.” “Coming here was not easy.” 

“Should I feel sorry for you?”

“A criminal, a whore, an idiot and a liar.” That sounds like the beginning of a very good joke.

“You implied that I was clinically insane for suggesting that you were screwing the President.” 

“If you want me to help you, you’re going to be honest with me.” 

“You tried to make a fool of me for seeing you exactly as you are.” 

“I pray for her.” Edison, God love him, sells the CRAP out of this.

Cyrus LAUGHING with popcorn at the interview.

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“She’ll be a household name, mark my words.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

what are you doing scandal

Scandal Season 5, Episode 4
“Dog-Whistle Politics”
Posted by Sage

The White House is still in fallout mode after Olivia admitted publicly to her affair with the President. Shonda Rhimes uses this plot to expose media tactics and coded language used to draw lines in the sand and prod the American people to choose sides, get angry, and (mostly) keep watching. Scandal is at is best when it’s imitating life, so let’s get to the gifs!

“Who are you working with?…What happened at the Louvre was Larzarus 1?” You mean this, Jake? I think it could have been planned a smidge better.

“He once told a colleague that he was on a quest to do the impossible: to raise an African American girl who felt fully entitled to own the world as much as any white man.” Can’t fault Papa Pope’s intentions, can you?

“It’s as if you’ve learned nothing from me. I think I’ve failed with you.” Papa is playing the disappointed father role with Jake, but Jake is unmoved.

“Is Olivia Pope still seeking to fulfill her father’s dream?” Some ho is telling Olivia’s life story on TV and it’s all such condescending yellow journalism, I want to reach into my TV and then into Olivia’s TV and pull her hair.

“Boy, I am always free. No one will ever cage me.” Demon!

“But you don’t have a date with Layla, Marcus, you have a date with me.” I mean, finally. The Pope & Associates offices were looking deserted.

“You won’t just be some corporate spinner, you’ll be one of us.” You may remember Marcus from such scandals as boning the mayor’s wife. He’s also a friend of Clarence Parker’s and helped the family push the Brandon Bill.

one of us

“And I am not crazy. I’m a gladiator in a suit…Do you want to be a gladiator in a suit?” “…No.” Marcus knows a lost cause when he sees it.

“Liv’s blindfolded on her knees in front of a firing squad and we’re doing nothing.” Fitz tries to fire Abby AGAIN, but Lizzy Bear won’t let him.

“I’m not asking you to work for free, I’m asking you to work for your life.” And for a salary, hopefully?

“Did you just call me an idiot?” You want to hear how women really feel about you, Fitz, give me a call.

“I do not need to be rescued. I find it offensive.” Why are they having this personal conversation in front of all of Fitz’s advisers though?

“My dream job? The White House. I want to work there.” The TV documentary includes a clip of Olivia as a young woman, setting her sights on some lofty goals. Then it implies she slept her way there.

“I know the drill.” Huck and Quinn help Liv go into hiding, going so far as to rent the apartment across from hers so that no one can monitor her from there again.

“Whatever’s going down, you two should be able to handle it. Understood?” Liv doesn’t want any rookies joining the team in her absence. Huckleberry Quinn have got to de-weird themselves enough to keep the client list happy.

“She’s got more kills than you and me put together. She’s legend. Oh, and she’s hot. Like, sexy hot. I’ve been working on her for years.” Jake and Charlie are on a man-trip to Paris to meet their European contact, Elise. Well, now she’s Elise.

“Jake? That’s what you’re calling yourself? Well, Jake. Deal is off.” She knows Jake, and shuts down the second she sees his face. What happened?

“This isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. This is about peckers. Too many peckers.” This lady for president.

“They wanna impeach them. All the women of the Senate.”

“They wanna impeach a man because all they ever hear is that women are controlled by their hormones but what is more hormonal than a man who can’t keep it in his damn pants? They wanna impeach a man because he broke his vows and disturbed the office of the presidency with his libido and the only person who gets raked over the coals is the woman he screwed.”

“This is it. Your chance. Either you go after your husband now and claim the White House for your own or you do nothing and be that sad, well-meaning freshmen senator sitting on that do-nothing sub-committee…” YES, Cyrus. I don’t care if this is for your own selfish vendetta, you get your boss heated enough to take Fitz down.

“Cream? Where do you guys keep the cream?” Marcus reconsidered the offer and is now on board at OPA as their media mouthpiece. Get the man some cream.

“Eventually we both know you’re going to let me in because you always let me in.” Jake shows up to Elise’s door. They keep up use of their new codes names, even when they’re alone.

“I was late but I was there.” “I waited.” Some time in the past, they were supposed to meet each other at Grand Central to escape their lives, but Elise didn’t show up. The nightmare. The exquisite tragedy. The Susan Heyward of it all.”

“I thought you were dead…I thought…I grieved…I really loved being married to you.” Mar-wha?

Senator Gibson is a Republican who wants Fitz to meet with a group from the party to answer some questions about the affair and how it affected his service.

“How do we lose a whole boy?” Fitz puts his human mask on to play with Teddy, one of those kids who never once factored in to the decisions he’s made.

“If you don’t hurt me, I won’t hurt you. Okay?” Mellie softens to see them together; she won’t be the one to destroy the father of her children. This time.

“Keep an eye on her. She’ll be a household name. Mark my words.” Past Cyrus praises Olivia, and do you think Kerry Washington and Jeff Perry will get a scene together this season?

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“Think like a champion.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

Scandal Season 5, Episode 3
“Paris is Burning”
Posted by Kim

I love when episodes take place as if they were in real-time.  This week on Scandal, we have Abby Whelen and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as Abby desperately tries to keep the White House running after Olivia outs herself to the press as Fitz’s mistress.  My notes for my initial watch of this episode were well over a thousand words, so a LOT of shit went down.  Let’s get right to it, shall we?  Fasten your seat belts, this is a long gif-cap.

Abby scurrying around in a panic after Olivia’s admission to the press.  She does a LOT of scurrying in this episode.  In power heels, no less.

“Shut it down or get fired, people.” Abby is NOT fucking around here.

Meanwhile, Fitz and Mellie are bullshitting their way through their “We’re totally happy” interview. 

Abby ditches her heels because they are slowing her down. 

“Olivia has been an important friend to us.” Mellie’s buzzing.

Abby runs in and stops the interview because she can’t allow this farce to be released now. 

Fitz and Mellie see Liv on TV.  Mellie is enraged (“Yes? YES?!”) while Fitz bites back a grin. 

LizzyBear rallies the staff.  “The word of the day is SILENCE.” 

“Oh look, it’s the girl who can’t shut her legs or her mouth.” 

“We can spin this…” aka “You have several options. They are all terrible, but you have them.”

“I am not saying ANY of that.” Of COURSE Fitz chooses to dig his heels in and throw a tantrum.

“We cannot lie, we have no choice.” 

“We will inform you when it’s time to do the interview.” Mellie is shoved out of the room like SHE’S the one who did something wrong and I just really am ready for her to go Daenerys Targaryen on their asses.

“There are other options to consider.  You cast me as the trashy home wrecker.” 

“I loved what you said.”  Fitz and Liv smile and make out like they haven’t just caused a National Scandal.

“I can’t imagine what else you must be feeling.” Mellie just rewards Abby with a stony glare and I LOVE IT.


“Oh crap.” This is the only proper response to this development, really.

“The Junior Senator of the great state of Virginia has asked me to serve.” THIS IS EVERYTHING I HAVE EVER WANTED.

“There are going to be some things we would like in return.” Cyrus/Mellie 2016, y’all.

“What do you want?” “I want to destroy Olivia Pope.” Hell hath no fury like Mellie Grant scorned.

“This is a very important moment, don’t waste it being human.” Good old Cy, always thinking bigger.

“Think like a champion. Think like a warrior.” 

“Tell me what the inscription on your monument will be when history books glorify you.” GOOD GOD I MISSED CYRUS AND HIS ARIAS.

“What do you want?” “I WANT THE OVAL.” OMG IT’S HAPPENING.

“She’ll get nothing and she’ll like it.” Honestly, Fitz, I don’t know how you think you’re in any position to not give Mellie EXACTLY what she wants.

“You can’t be involved.” I do mildly feel bad that LizzyBear has been tasked to babysit Fitz even though that’s technically in her job description.


“So fire me. I am doing my JOB, Sir.” This is the most I have ever liked LizzyBear, who is tired of his shit.

Back at the Pope and Associates office, Quinn is fielding calls and Huck is plugging away on the computer. 

“You were going to turn off the internet?” “Oh no, I was going to erase the internet.” THAT is the Huck we fell in love with, y’all.  Not the creepy as fuck super tortured Huck. MORE OF THAT PLEASE, SHOW.

Jake comes in and unplugs all the technology. 

“We’re just going to sit here and do nothing.” Jake tells Huckleberry Quinn that Olivia has no grand plan for them so what’s the point.

“My plan is to sit here and drink the majority of this vodka, get remarkably wasted, and watch the world end.” AKA just a typical day.

“First of all, the President will support the Senator’s bid for the White House. That doesn’t mean waving a few pom-poms and phoning in a couple of interviews on the Sunday circuit. It means that, politically, the President is her bitch. He will be by her side on the trail, at the click of her ruby-red heels. He will fill her collection plate as many times as she asks. Got it?” 

Mellie’s other demand is that Fitz and Liv can’t go to public functions together. “Not until Senator Mellie Grant becomes President Mellie Grant.”

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Little White Lies – Scandal Gif-Cap

give me an oh yeah

Scandal Season 5, Episode 2
Posted by Sage

Just when you thought our Scandal gif-caps couldn’t get any more absurd, Kim dared me to do my first one of season 5 entirely in One Direction gifs. And seeing as I never back down from a challenge that involves me sifting through hundreds of moving images of the cherubic face of Harry Styles, here that gif-cap is, in all its glory. Scandal: season 5, episode 2. Take it away, boys.

“With that seductress Olivia Pope distracting him, with a body made for…” Calm down, Sally. Everybody’s body is made for that.

“Liv. Liv. Everything is going to be okay.” Fitz and Olivia’s relationship has just been outed to the entire world and he leaves her alone the second after it happens. Still a fuck-nugget, I see.

“So you’re telling me this leak is internal.” NOT THE ISSUE RIGHT NOW, FITZ.

“The leak is really not the issue…There’s blood in the water. We’re going to need a statement. We’re going to need a game plan. We’re going to need…a bigger boat.” This. This is what Abby Whelan has been training for. Shine, Abby, shine.

“If a statement is being made, Olivia and I are making it together.” Someone please assassinate him, already.

“It’s Liv, she’s the best in the business. The president’s about to get Poped.” 

“She will not be able to hide.” She’s just gotta keep moving, is all.

“Put the gun away. They’re reporters, not assassins.” Huck is about to splatter a tabloid journalist all over the conference room, but sure, Jake “fixed” him.

“I need to work.” Liv wants a case to calm her nerves and restore some normalcy.

chill out

“Well for starters, I am here so you can apologize to me.” MELLIE.

“She’s not just a mistress now. She’s America’s mistress. History will preserve her as such.” There are worse things. Ask Marilyn Monroe. Or don’t…okay, there aren’t worse things.

harry princess

“It was smart. Risky, but smart.” The president thinks Mellie did it because he’s a reactive, close-minded idiot.

“They make Senator Grant look weak and frigid and sexless and like she can’t keep a man. And we both know America will never elect a woman who can’t get laid.” I want to establish an American monarchy just so Mellie Grant can be queen.

“David’s here!” And surely will make no personal or professional gain from cleaning up everyone else’s mess.

“This whole situation is a load of malarkey and doo-doo.” Susan is here to defend the president’s honor, but he’s got nothing left to defend.

“That Olivia is in the wind and she took the strings with her…she handled it wrong. I want the puppet to dance.” Lizzie Bear is flying blind without Olivia’s advice on this one.

“Lay off, Perkins, he’s here to help.” Quinn is still mad at Huck, because mass murders do take some time to process.

“How does a guy facing a murder charge even get bail?” “By being rich and white.” 

The case-of-the-week is to find Gavin Price, aka G-Preezy, a spoiled brat who was arrested for the murder of his father and then ran.

“You don’t say no to Liv. Besides, she took my car keys.”

“Right now, you are no better than some two-bit, bus stop divorce attorney.” David gets no respect. No respect at all, I tell ya.

“You got it, Ruthie.” Olivia and Huck track Gavin’s father’s watch to a pawn shop.

“Table’s ice cold.” “Hopefully I can warm it up.” Liv finds Gavin at a nearby casino and cuffs his weak, posh-boy ankle to the stool.

“My plan just arrived.” “Nice to see you.” JAAAAAAAKE.

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