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  1. “Everyone lives, no one is happy.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    February 22, 2015 by HeadOverFeels

    scandal steven no more blood

    Season 4, Episode 13: No More Blood
    Posted by Sage

    Is there anything better than a surprise return by a beloved character?

    Yes: Olivia eviscerating Fitz with a blistering monologue.

    It was a good week in Shondaland. On to the gifs.

    “The woman says they’re playing us.” Meanwhile, Olivia is playing errrybody. She’s the boss.

    course not boss

    “Everyone lives, no one is happy.”

    ill allow it chang

    Olivia manages to sabotage the Iran exchange with neither her captors or her buyers being the wiser.

    “I do not know what you are talking about, Red.” Abby knows that talks are happening about Olivia’s capture, but Cyrus plays dumb to avoid telling her what’s going on.

    have to go feed my cat

    “Liv’s okay.” Jake tells Quinn that the transfer didn’t go through. Quinn breaks down and cries on his chest. This is very stressful for all of us, gurl.

    broadchurch actively needs tea

    “We both know why we call it a race. It’s because someone wins. And it’s never you.” I’m always here for Mellie emasculating Andrew.

    reedus sorry not sorry

    “Any time I like, I can whisper in a reporter’s ear. Tell ‘em how rough you like it. What filthy names get you off. And how loudly you moan.” Friendly reminder that we used to root for this guy.

    anastasia going to upset me

    “We have four countries. Four. Who will discover that the deaths of their leaders were not by natural causes.” The CIA estimates that there’s only a 30% chance of Olivia’s successful extraction. All their secrets are in jeopardy.

    aladdin get caught

    “Sir?” “We extract her. We stick with the plan.” Fitz won’t listen to any of his advisers. He’ll put the entire free world in danger to bone Olivia again.

    capaldi fuck you

    “Oh, for the love of god. You moron, you CHILD.” CYRUS, YES.

    yes exactly sherlock

    “You can take your flowers and your daisies and your ‘love conquers all’ and your hope and you can choke on it. Because I don’t work here ANYMORE.” Yes. All of this. All of it.

    coriolanus talk to the hand

    “….Cyrus? Don’t you agree?” HE WAS ONLY IMAGINING IT?

    whatd you do tommy boy

    “Even the scales, show some solidarity, sister.” Lizzy Bear needs to get her hands dirty, just like Mellie did.

    rules of feminism

    “Feels good, that’s the problem. Warm blood on your hands feels good. The music…of the screams.” Jake has an inner monster too. He keeps it inside, and Huck has to learn how to do that.

    black like my heart

    “You may be Liv’s puppy, but I’m kind of yours.” Quinn needs to know that Huck won’t lose it again if they lose Liv. “No more blood, I promise,” he swears.

    freaky friday chill

    “Forget I said it. Of course you’re right.” David tries to calm Abby about the possibility that the CIA will neutralize Olivia. Just get back together already, you two.

    daddy's got you

    “You want me to kill him, is that it?” “Just…do whatever it is you do. You have free reign. Full creative control. Just make him pay. Make him HURT.” Lizzy Bear appeals to Huck’s inner monster, just as he promised to hide him away forever.

    han scared

    “I’m sorry. I don’t do that anymore.” Aw.

    what kind of crazy

    “We stop that beating heart.” Cyrus goes around Fitz, who can never think straight when it comes to Olivia’s magical hoo-ha.

    in your honor torchwood

    “Make one step towards the Oval and I will have you arrested.” Abby tries to tell Fitz what Cyrus is up to.

    felicity looking at it

    “Go, Chechnya, go!” Liv’s kidnappers are watching the auction like it’s the big game.

    tom hanks typing

    “Who is Marie Wallace?”

    mindy call my crotch

    “We tied?” “This isn’t a high school soccer match. There are no ties.” “Marie” is matched with a bid from Russia.

    zayn how does that happen

    “Take her bid and then demand more at the drop. She will pay it.” Liv tries to swing the buy to Marie. Gus sees that that’s where she wants to go, so he accepts the Russians’ bid.

    find a way out jean ralphio

    “Red, need ya in the bullpen.” Cyrus again stops Abby from telling Fitz about the danger that Liv is in.

    Ruined everything

    Huck gets around the “no more blood” promise by incapacitating Andrew via injection.

    fucking crazy

    “Prescott Lake.” “In Canada. What’s up there?” It’s Rowan! And he’s fishing. It’s like yoga, but he gets to kill something.

    fuck me malcolm tucker

    “People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won’t be.” Rowan knew that Liv and her people would need him eventually. So he won’t help.

    i understand everything

    “She’s your daughter.” “I don’t HAVE a daughter.”

    this is awkward

    Liv’s captors bicker about bathroom breaks, leaving their car keys on the table right in front of her.

    scully we're in luck

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  2. “Billion Dollar Baby” – Scandal Gif-cap

    February 19, 2015 by HeadOverFeels

    Scandal Season Four, Episode Twelve

    “Gladiators Don’t Run”

    Posted by Kim

    Sorry for the delay in posting, Gladiators. We were soaking up everything Doctor Who and Torchwood at Gallifrey One this past week. Which is why this gif-cap is HEAVILY brought to you by the likes of John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, and Naoko Mori. Sorry not sorry! TO THE GIFS!

    Abby is finally catching wise that something is up with Olivia.  Missed coffee dates, full voicemail…finally she goes to Liv’s apartment and sees the overturned wine glass cause NO ONE has bothered to clean up or take evidence since Liv was kidnapped.

    Abby storms into OPA and Huck and Quinn give her the cold shoulder. “Oh I’m sorry do you remember me? Abby Whelan?”

    “You’re not a gladiator anymore.” Way harsh, Huck.

    “Good morning powerful people!” This shall be my new greeting to Sage and Kelly every morning.

    “I want in. The auction for Olivia.”

    “Who has more money than the United States of America?”  I love how Mellie and Cy immediately start rattling off answers.

    “That bitch is going to be working with us.”  Ian is the kindest of kidnappers and shares some bubbly with Liv, who is looking a bit smug at the moment.

    The auction is going to be on part of the internet no one can reach.  So it’s on Tumblr or Pinterest?

    “All I have is student loans.  Sallie Mae WILL find you.” Accurate.

    Huck has over 2 billion dollars…all the money from B-613.  “I figured it was back pay.”

    “500 million dollars? I’m a little insulted.”

    “I’ll go for not a dollar under a billion.”

    Gus blows Ian’s Brains out.  “I’m in charge now.”

    Liv just sits there with Ian’s blood splattered on her face.  She knows she’s FUCKED.

    “The Season’s It Girl.” 

    “I can be nice to you…” EW.

    “Be careful, I’m in shock.  Put anything close to my mouth, I might bite it off.” Liv will not stand for sexual threats.

    Andrew tries to bargain with Cyrus about resigning, which really is a futile exercise. 

    “You are going to sign that freaking letter!” 

    Andrew threatens to expose that the US went to war so Fitz could get Olivia back.  “If I go to prison, so does he!”

    Huck can’t find the auction site. “It’s a very private party and we can’t get in.”

    “An All-Star immediately gets us an invitation.” CUE MAYA POPE.


    Maya literally meows at David. 

    “Let me think…no.” SASS DAVID in response to Maya’s freedom request.

    All of David’s “NO”s are giving me life. 

    “What about a TV?”  “I’m listening.” Priorities, Maya.

    The new plan is to show the American People that Andrew faked his assassination attempt. 

    Lizzy Bear is making quick work of shredding things and getting the hell out. 

    “You will however be my bitch until the end of time.” CYRUS I HAVE MISSED YOU.

    Maya informs Huck that he has to kill this Drug Lord’s Lackeys in order to her access to the auction. Huck doesn’t question it. 

    “It’s over, honey.” Mellie would rather sleep next to Fitz every night than have sex with Andrew again and that’s SAYING something.

    Andrew threatens to expose his affair with Mellie and remember when we ROOTED FOR THEM?

    After a protracted silence from Huck, Jake goes into the building to find that Huck didn’t just kill the lackeys.  He MASSACRED them.

    Horrified at the scene before him, Jake offers to finish the job because he’s a damn prince. 

    “What would Liv say if she saw you right now?” 

    Then Jake starts cutting a head off.  Clearly, the pre-episode warning about violence was merited tonight.

    “You don’t deserve what’s going to happen to you…” Liv tries to reason with Gideon and Pete.

    “I can protect you. I will make sure you stay free and alive.” 

    “Do we have a deal gentlemen?” 

    “I dreamed of money…” Gideon/Pete (I don’t know which is which) is not swayed, which is unfortunate.

    “I’m going to let the odds play in MY favor…”

    Fitz FINALLY tells Abby what’s going on with Olivia, proving he’s not a HORRIBLE person 1% of the time. 

    Abby storms into David’s office ready to give him what for. “You’re being an ass!” 

    “You son of a bitch, she is my best friend!!” 

    “No. Someone kidnapped my ONLY friend!!”  Abby is KILLING me.

    “I didn’t even get a chance to be her gladiator!”  Precious BB!

    “I would go over a cliff for her.” Okay, who is Thelma and who is Louise? Discuss.

    Properly shamed, David pours them a drink.

    “Abby. She’s not your only friend.” OMG CAN YOU TWO PLEASE WORK IT OUT AND LOVE EACH OTHER?

    Mellie and Fitz drink on the balcony.  I love that they have both come to realize how fucked their relationship is and they are FRIENDS (ish?) now.

    “We sleep better when she’s lying between us.” 

    “We’re gonna have to let Andrew walk.  America can forgive a man for 100 infidelities but *I* will not be forgiven for one.” PREACH, Mellie.

    Fitz says the one thing he wants is for Jerry to be alive. When Mellie asks him what he wants that he CAN have, he says he wants Liv home safe.  I’m so glad they can talk openly about his mistress now.

    “Ask me what *I* want, Fitz.” 

    “I WANT TO BE THE PRESIDENT.” If the plan for season 5 or 6 is NOT mounting Mellie’s Presidential campaign, I am rioting.

    “So…Andrew walks.” I wonder how Fitz will feel about being First Gentleman because it’s happening.

    Jake tries to express his fears about Huck to Quinn.  “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” 

    “Huck always pulls himself back.” Quinn Perkins, Queen of Denial.

    The auction is down to 8 bidders…

    Suddenly the Auction vanishes from the internets. 

    And the winner is…Iran.  YEESH.

    Erryone is in a panic at the White House because Olivia knows too much to go to Iran. 

    “We must neutralize the asset.” IE time to blow her up.

    “STICK WITH THE EXTRACTION PLAN.” Fitz is having none of that.

    “They bought a person in an auction.  She’s not a person to them, she’s a tool.”  Huck then goes on to describe in minute detail every way Olivia is going to be dismembered.

    Quinn slaps Huck.  FINALLY.  How long has she been holding that in?

    We see Mellie greet a plane filled with caskets…casualties of the war Fitz started for Olivia.  She’s being VERY Presidential, just saying.

    “Their sacrifice damn well has to mean something.”  Other than Olivia basically becoming Helen of Troy.

    Liv at the exchange point…who is waiting to take her?  YOU’LL HAVE TO WAIT TILL NEXT WEEK.

    Tune in TONIGHT to see Liv’s buyer revealed.  Is it her father? I THINK IT’S HER FATHER. Until then, leave your thoughts regarding the Torchwood cast in the comments.

  3. “Do you wanna be a babysitter or do you wanna be a boss?” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    February 7, 2015 by HeadOverFeels

    scandal last meal

    Season 4, Episode 11: Where Is The Black Lady?
    Posted by Sage

    When last we left our hero, she was being held captive by a fake journalist on the set of Zero Dark Thirty.

    This Scandal gif-cap is brought to you by Left Shark.

    left shark

    “We’re here to help you, Mr. President.” The Secret Service has stopped taking orders from the President and is holding Fitz captive.

    spn run the show

    “The Secret Service takes their orders from me. Not the Vice President.” Fitz is…confused. To say the least.

    spaceballs got that

    “It would be a shame if Miss Pope were beheaded.”  ANDREW IS HOLDING OLIVIA HOSTAGE.

    seven what's in the box

    “Who do you put on your guest list for your arranged marriage to an opportunistic sex worker?” Meeeeeeeeeee!

    pirates weddings

    “I started sleeping with Andrew again…not that long ago.”

    mindy rock bottom

    “But now I think this is better. What we have. It’s a partnership. It’s clear.”

    500 days love

    “I’m not going to do a single thing you ask until you give me proof of life.” Fitz will get Cyrus to tell him what to do, don’t worry.

    chris traeger sure

    “To ensure my continued safety, you must declare war on the nation of West Angola.” You know who we need right now?

    taken liam neeson

    “Goodnight, room!” “Goodnight, Moon!” Oh snap. Lizzie Bear is a Mama Bear. And her double dealings are maybe gonna get that kid killed.

    step brothers mom

    “But now you wanna quit the team in the middle of the game because you don’t like the play calling? Doesn’t work that way.”

    little miss sunshine

    “He was a nice boy, but he was a boy. And you are a man, a great man. And I had to choose between a nice boy and a great man.”

    shock and disgust

    “You need to find her.” At this performance, the role of Liam Neeson will be played by Jake Ballard.

    taken liam neeson

    “She’s showing us the reflection in the class. That’s why she asked for water.” LIV, YOU BEAUTIFUL GENIUS YOU.

    parks we smart

    “Call me romantic, but I wager a dollar that he loves you.”

    tvd how romantic

    “It would be such a shame to return you damaged, wouldn’t it?” I almost hope he tries it.

    beyonce don't touch me

    “I want to talk to the black lady. Where is the black lady?” That’s a fine question, m’am.

    all the black people

    “Everybody hates the Vice President.” Aw.

    joe biden

    “If you scream, I’ll break her neck.” Huck layin’ in bed with Lizzie’s daughter like they’re having a sleepover.

    drag race shock

    “In 24 hours, I’m gonna kill Olivia Pope.” Andrew is pulling a “bonafide American coup.” To quote my pal Mindy, “His greatest crime is making me feel sorry for Fitz.”

    margarita tanisha

    “These attacks are the opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign against the rebel forces in West Angola.” Mellie tells Fitz that if he loves Olivia, he knows what he needs to do. So, ever the heroic leader of the free world, he starts a war.

    stewie bitches

    “What does the black lady-I mean, Olivia, have Lois’s spare key?” Spit it out, lady.

    glacial pace devil wears

    “She never takes it off.” Remember that ring Olivia kicked under Lois’s rug last week? Fitz gave it to her.

    snl ya burnt

    31 servicemen and women have been lost already. So Fitz can get his mistress back.

    arya worst shit

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  4. Dancing On My Own – Scandal Gif-Cap

    November 22, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    scandal dancing

    Season 4, Episode 9: Where The Sun Don’t Shine
    Posted by Sage

    All the fixers who independeeeent. Throw your hands up at meeee.

    Scandal winter finale….go.

    “Liv, we will find him.”  Liv sits silently watching Jake and Fitz plan, looking not at all confident that they will.

    2 broke girls dead inside

    “Did they show it to you? The place where your father kept me? Did you see it?” Mama Pope is back! And she’s got some complaints about the accommodations at Chez B6-13.

    this house is a fucking prison

    “Murder, terrorism, treason, to start…As for my father, hunt him, find him, and kill him.” You heard the lady.

    twd butcher or cattle

    “What did you do to him?” Ugh, Huck’s kid is kind of a crybaby tbh.


    “And the vice president…” “Of the United States?” Not the conspirator you were expecting.

    joe biden ladies watch out

    “There’s a special place in hell for woman who spout that entire quote to support their bad behavior.” YOU BETTER LET ‘EM KNOW.

    scott pilgrim deserve each other

    “Elizabeth is in bed with your vice president. Both literally and figuratively.”

    ewan yeah a lot

    “‘Explicit gay sex’ is how we’re describing these photos.”  You’re not wrong.

    jgl well said

    “So,  Cyrus would basically own me.” “As opposed to just renting.”

    west wing sam and his prostitute friend

    “A kill card is the shut down procedure for B6-13.”

    sherlock thinkn i'm going to die

    “Doesn’t the fact that we could go any minute make you just want to affirm life, Robin?” We all saw this coming.

    karen fun place to sit

    “We need a fingerprint.” “Well, we do have a finger.” Quinn uses a severed finger to trick the scanner, like it ain’t no thing.

    it crowd more normal

    “I don’t need a gun, why would I need a gun?” I don’t know, maybe because of all the people who want you dead?


    “The sun went down a long time ago and it’s not coming back up.” Poetry.

    south park kanye

    Andrew and Lizzie Bear have sex in her office. Gross. (Show me more.)

    golden girls want details

    “Most important document of his presidency – completely artless.” Everyone’s a critic.

    the office keep it simple

    “Today, sir, I’m a joke. A punchline. I’m of no help to you.” Dammit, Cyrus.

    jerry pie parks

    “Thank you for your service, Cy. It’s been an honor.” I don’t think anything that happened in that White House could be called “honorable,” but I’ll let him have this one.

    hunger games salute

    “Is it true that you’ve been subpoenaed by the Attorney General?” Abby has to be deposed by her ex. That won’t be at all awkward, surely.

    simpsons awkward

    “Do you have an alibi for the night of March 25th?” “Yes.” “Who?” “Leo Bergen.” AW SHIT.

    tyra banks damn

    And now, a brief slow jam interlude. “Myyyyy endless looooooveeeee…”

    beyonce jt dancing


    dany betrayed me

    “What are you doing here?” “Songs in the Key of Life. Remember the first time I played this for you?” Actually, trying to forget everything about you, psycho dad.

    erasing you eternal sunshine

    He pulls a gun on her. “SIT.” So, we can call this charade officially over then?

    like a father

    “You can’t disappear, become a normal person. Because dad? You’re not normal.”

    hey weirdo scrubs


    30 rock don't be so dramatic

    “It is your life that is sad. It is you who cannot be normal. It is you who has no comprehension of love.” I don’t know, guys. Haven’t we been having this same conversation for 6 or 7 episodes?

    frozen don't know what love is

    “So what? Your stomach turns every time you look at me? Well let me be the one to break it to you, Olivia. You are simply looking in the mirror.”

    heidi don't look good

    “Olivia? Watch yourself.” She picks up the gun. She won’t do it, but I wish she would.

    breakin bad do it

    She pulls the trigger – there’s no bullet.
    “Are you kidding me Are you kidding me? You just shot your own father.” 

    don't play games with me

    “Stevie Wonder sang. And you were out in ten minutes. No matter how hard you try to deny it. You will miss me when I’m gone.”

    gonna miss me so bad

    “Oh, crap. My tooth.” “The new one?…I can’t kill you Robin.” “You hurt me.” “You hurt me first.” Aw. Their twisted relationship actually saved her life.

    knows me darkly

    “You ruined Huck’s life.” “I guess I can…unruin it.” Charlie kept some B6-13 files for himself. Not Huck can prove his story to his wife.

    himym references

    “You have a phD in his crazy. You must have some idea where he is. Where he’s gone. I WANT SOME ANSWERS NOW.” Olivia still thinks she can squeeze something out of Mama.

    gossip girl crazy bitch

    “Girl. You need to move on. All you two do is talk about each other.” I cheered when she called Olivia “boo.”

    your love is weird

    “Cry me a river, Livvie. WHATEVER.” 

    mad men wah wah

    “I’m thinking Europe. They have a long history of accepting failure and disgrace.” I hear there are some openings in Genovia.

    princess diaries fall

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  5. “You will lose.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    November 12, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    scandal where are they

    Season 4, Episode 7: Baby Made A Mess
    Posted by Sage

    Jake is still locked up. Someone is following Olivia. Abby’s abusive ex is now in the inner circle. Huck may connect with his estranged son yet. And Fitz is the worst phone sex ever. SCANDAL. Let’s go.

    “Really? “Really. Don’t be mean.” I’m running out of ways to kill this man in my mind.

    summer heights friends

    “Is Jake being fed?” Is Scott Foley being fed?

    louie eating

    “I work for Olivia Pope.” “Of course, you do.” This is DC – OPA isn’t the only organization who will send someone to break into your house in the middle of the night. Still, you’re right.

    sherlock of course

    “Why is someone taking pictures of my boss?” Because she’s (spoiler alert) Helen of Troy.

    bean surveillance

    “You can’t stop what’s coming. Sorry, I can’t help you.” Kaitlin’s dad kills himself right in front of Quinn.

    getting serious

    “Baby made a mess.” A video of Senator Lewis McDonnell making in a diaper in front of an escort leaks. The story, not the diaper.

    doctor who i speak baby

    “It’s fine. I just know him, is all.” We know this asshole from Abby’s backstory. He beat her and he has that frat villain chin, so I hate him.

    fuck you the hangover


    i'd be lying parks

    “U PWNED that dude.” Javi, please make more friends your own age. At the very least, so you can advance your slang.

    keep it real american pie

    “We don’t tell her. Not yet. She has too much on her plate. Those pictures will break her brain right now.” Maaaaaybe this isn’t the best idea?

    thor drinking

    Abby calls Olivia from the floor of her office and Olivia comes. Best bitches for life.

    mindy project completely fine

    “His needs supersede mine, so he can’t know.”

    the walking dead tough

    “It’s NOT OKAY, Abby.” To put yourself in danger to protect FITZ? You tell her, Liv.

    30 rock society

    “I cannot cry in the White House.” “You cry if you want to.” This scene.

    cry over it michael scott

    “Press Secretaries can’t cry, it’s like a rule.”

    cj cregg prime woman

    “You can’t handle this.” “Watch me.” By no means will Olivia Pope let this stand.

    what a dinosaur

    “Not only can I make you the next United States senator from Virginia. I WILL make you the next United States senator from Virginia.” Vote for Artemis from Always Sunny! She has a bleached b-hole.

    jeb bartlett

    “Adjust how? Adjust what?” “Cher lives for makeovers.

    beautiful cuban

    “The two of us working together, I mean, we have two choices. We could pretend this unbearable sexual tension doesn’t exist or we could address it head on.” “Is there a third choice?” Leo, Leo, Leo, Leo. (David Rosen who?)

    poke a hole

    Cyrus drops some info about the car bombing response to his prostie to bait Lizzie Bear. HE KNOWS THINGS.

    i know

    “I tell you something, when a woman is president, they’ll suddenly make First Lady an official paid position. They’ll hire someone to do it the minute a man has to do it, it’ll become a real job. I’m sorry, Elizabeth. I’m just so BORED.” MELLIE.

    birth control 30 rock

    “Liv, it’s a super max prison. They already added the word ‘super’ to the already quite clear ‘maximum security. Dahmer was in super max. That place holds people who eat people.” Forgive me for forsaking you, David. You’re still aces.

    chris evans laughing

    “Who said that it’s Jake I wanted to visit?” Olivia drops in on Evil Tom!

    snl devil

    “You’re usually in the corner of my eye, but I’ve never really SEEN you. And you…are…beautiful. The face that launched a thousand ships.” Creepy, but not untrue.

    what makes you beautiful

    “My father doesn’t give me orders.” “You think you? Oh, you think you have a father.”

    cold game of thrones

    “He was my president. He needed you.”

    am i still here

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  6. “The Truth is like The Sun” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    November 2, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Scandal 4 x 06: “An Innocent Man”

    Was it me or was this episode chock-full of zingers?  I feel like my note taking for this episode was fast and furious because EVERY line felt like it deserved a gif.  Six episodes into Season Four and it feels like the overarching story for the season is settling in.  Quinn spends most of the episode investigating the loose ends from the case from the previous two episodes…and naturally this investigation opens up a whole new can of worms.  Portia de Rossi’s Lizzie is still circling Cyrus, entrapping him like a spider when it comes to his relationship with Michael.  Abby and Liv’s friendship is on the mend.  Mellie FINALLY took a shower last week and seems well on her way to being back to herself…just giving way less fucks.  And lastly, Jake and Fitz continue their pissing contest for who gets the rights to Olivia Pope’s Lady Parts.  Because GOD FORBID she have a say in it.


    We open with Liv having sex dreams about both Jake and Fitz and I feel icky.

    Abby stayed with Liv all night and my heart soars.

    “He won’t take my calls.” Ugh, let’s not go back to Season Three Spineless and Needy Olivia, shall we?


    “Want me to have the chef send you up some fried chicken?”

    “I did not pull the trigger. It was someone else.” Liv’s case of the week involves the attempted assassin of the recently deceased President Cooper (Carnahan is played by Private Practice‘s Brian Benben. Seriously, once you are in with Shonda Rhimes, she will cast you in things forever) .  He claims he is innocent and begs Liv to get the case reopened.

    “You’ll get that bullet out of that dead President’s brain and prove I am innocent.” Okay then.

    Cy offers to set Michael up with a bank account and an apartment. Honestly, I can’t with how STUPID and SEX BLINDED he is right now.  You are the Chief of Staff, sir! SOMEONE is going to find out about this.

    Michael does some spying on Cy’s phone.

    “I want to be compensated handsomely.” Show Michael the money, Lizzie.

    “I am not asking the Commander-in-Chief.  I’m asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend what he’s done with the man she’s currently sleeping with.” YAS ABBY YAS.  ALSO STILL SAYING “MY FRIEND”!!!

    “There’s an edge to this cliff, Gabby and you are dancing very close to it.”

    “You know my name’s not Gabby.”

    “If you love her at all, do her the courtesy of telling her what’s going on.”

    “The truth is like the sun. You can shut it our for a while but it’s not going to go away.”  Sooooo all this time Jake and Olivia were talking about standing in the sun they meant standing in the truth? The sun is used a lot on this show and I am confused.

    “Please. My husband’s only religion was screwing everything with a pulse.” Well THAT took an unexpected turn.

    The only person who can out “I have no fucks to give” Mellie is Bitsy and it’s AMAZING.

    “He wants you gone.  I only need only one tiny reason.  Your job is whatever I say it is.”

    “I was trying to do good. I was trying to get the President to talk to you!” Praise Jesus these two ass kicking and strong women are on the same side again.

    “So Abby’s kind of a bitch.” GREAT OPENING LINE, DILL HOLE.  You aren’t fit to breathe the same air as all of these women.

     “If she was a man she’d be described as bold or formidable or right.” PREACH OLIVIA.

    “I know about him the way I know about you.” Gross.

    “You don’t know him the way you know me.” Ugh, stop now.

    Fitz: “Why are you being such a…” Liv: “A bitch?”

    “What the world wants from me is the First Lady.” HBIC Mellie is BACK and she will not be manipulated by Lizzie.

    #cooperwasmurdered #justiceforcooper

    “We get a big spike in approval when we remind them of your assassination attempt.” America loves being reminded that Fitz almost died.  Personally my approval rating for him goes down every time I’m reminded he is alive.

    “I’m sure they’ll spout all the same pretty lies about my husband.”  Pretty sure my jaw was on the floor for the rest of this scene.  I’m so obsessed with Bitsy you guys.


    “I strengthened the military.  I pushed the tax reform through.  I negotiated the Baltic Peace Accords.”

    “You think those boys will ever admit they were bossed around by a Tri Delt from Tuscaloosa for 8 years?”

     “I will be remembered as the wife of a man who did something with his life.”


  7. Cruel and Unusual – Scandal Gif-Cap

    October 30, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Fitz beating up Jake

    Season 4, Episode 5: The Key
    Posted by Sage

    Olivia’s case-of-the-week stretched over two this time. The disappearance and death of the daughter of Liv and Abby’s law school chum Katherine had more twists and turns than OPA expected. (Maybe it’s time to just start expecting that – always.) Meanwhile, Fitz and Rowan have Jake locked away with a mind to pressure him into confessing to Jerry’s murder. As usual, we’ve got plot coming out of our ears, so let’s get going.

    “It’s Jeremy’s security guy at the firm.” Dan Kubiak, the man who manhandled Katelyn in an elevator, is a disgraced police captain and also maybe a sociopath. Highly functioning, natch.

    tobias security

    “You’re getting your expensive pants dirty. Seriously, what are you doing here?” The longer Olivia and Quinn work alone together, the harder it is for Quinn to keep her freak flag under wraps.

    i'm rich spaceballs

    “Remember? Insta-besties? Lady wood?” I get it.

    guardians nothing goes over

    “Why isn’t she running?” Olivia and Quinn look on helplessly from their surveillance post as Kubiak murders Katelyn’s friend Lauren.

    snl whatcha say

    “Body decomposing in DC this time of year would probably really start to stink badly enough in about four of five days and office workers around would-” “I wasn’t actually asking.”

    west wing talking about

    “I want an update on Jake Ballard.” Fitz broods around his office, demanding things. I want to slug him in his smug-ass face. Or smug ass-face.

    bossy and short supernatural

    “I needed a nightcap and I hate drinking alone.” Rowan shows up at Olivia’s door with a bottle of wine because this is their relationship now?

    drinking solution

    “That’s a lotta birds.”

    birds motherfucker

    “There’s something about Jake that reminds me of myself at his age.” He says, to terrify Olivia into dumping him.

    iron man like you

    “Olivia – what could possibly have happened to a man like Jake?” A big, strong man like Jake…mmmm….Jake.

    full house michelle strong

    “These handcuffs are just a suggestion to me. I’m being very nice. Stop talking.” That is, until he kicks the interrogator square in the chest and the suity-gun squad came running in.

    SHIELD my face hurts

    “Damn right, whatever.” Mellie has given zero fucks for so long that she doesn’t even remember what giving one feels like.

    how interesting one direction

    “Why don’t you just leave?” “Because Jerry’s here.” STOP TORTURING YOUR GRIEVING WIFE YOU D.

    not going anywhere

    “How many times have I told you not to ask about my work, boss?” Caitlin’s dad has no control over Kubiak.

    arrow oh frack

    “Your daughter is dead. Your wife is rotting in jail for a crime she didn’t commit. Enjoy your fruit.” Pope out.

    jay and silent bob dancing

    “I work at the White House, David. The White House never closes.” David drunk dials Abby to talk about showering together. He calls her “Abbs.” I weep.

    put my boner

    “They were gonna kill you and Javi.” Huck tries to explain to his wife why he went missing. But because he looks and sounds remarkably like a crazy person, she’s not buying it.

    drake leave bitch

    “There wasn’t a single word in that sentence I understood. Except ‘cowbell.'”

    cowbell snl

    “I reserve my favors for my friends.” “Abby, not now.” OKAY, YOU’RE NOT FRIENDS. WE UNDERSTAND.

    twd yeah i get it

    “You should stand.” “What?” “You stand for the President, Bill.” 

    president dancing

    But WHY do you trust him, Jake?

    “Sittin’ on the dock of the baaaay…”

    99 becoming homies

    I’m uncomfortable.

    “You have been waiting for this moment since the second I got in bed with her.”

    fun sexy time

    “You are a decent human being.” I’m about to burst a blood vessel trying to think of one decent thing Fitz has ever done.

    the office disappointing day

    “I’m one too – it’s why she loves me!” Meanwhile, Liv is convinced that Jake is avoiding her for some reason. And she calls him her “boyfriend,” which means he’s definitely in a storm of fuck.

    htgawm what his penis

    “I just want to see my son.” Huck’s wife tells him to come back tonight. She’s unusually calm about it.

    twd never let your guard down

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  8. Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner – Scandal Gif-Cap

    October 15, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Scandal Bad Bitch

    Season 4, Episode 3: Inside the Bubble
    Posted by Sage

    “I need to time my drop-offs better.” Lizzie Bear runs into a lobbyist complaining about David Rosen defending gun control legislation when she takes her kid to school.

    Outta my face

    “At times like this, I sleep with my gun lobbyist badge.”

    Aladdin genie great

    Keep the bastards on their toes, David.

    “You think I’m stalking you.” “Are you?” Stalking your wallet, more like.

    Prostitution whore

    “She totally pushed him.” “Killer Cliff Bride” not such a big fan of her new husband.

    Not terribly important

    “I’m counting on you, Rosen.” “I know that smile. You’re inside the bubble. Feels good, doesn’t it?” David just wants to belong.

    toy story the claw

    “It feels like something is missing. But really, everything is missing. Everything is different.” “Colder. Everything is colder.” “Except me. but I was cold to begin with.”

    jeff lewis most people don't

    “Come to dinner and I’ll learn to like Jake because you like Jake.” Well, this’ll be sufficiently awkward.

    i've got nipples greg

    “You said Katherine was looking for me, I said I’d take care of it, so why don’t we stay out of each other’s jobs?” Just be friends again, you losers.

    Game of thrones ugh

    “Don’t worry, we’ll find her.” Liv is on the case of her friend’s missing daughter. But, as usual, something feels fishy.

    new girl suspicious

    “Just a casual dinner.” “With Command?” Because that’s not intimidating.

    Dog scared of cat

    “Come on, Charlie. Use your head.” Jake knocks Charlie out, then eats the man’s candy bar. Cold.

    17 again hungry

    “Go ahead without me today. I want to stay here.” Mellie’s so wrapped up in the Killer Cliff Bride case, she skips her daily trip to Jerry’s grave.

    Audry Hepburn surprised

    “Hashtag bad bitch contest. Hashtag first place.”

    Nicki have an ego

    “You owe me a buck seventy five for the candy bar.” Charlie demands, as Jake is about to Dexter him.

    Caused you any problems

    “She just ordered room service, so I think she’s fine.”


    “Just do it Perkins.” “I don’t work for you anymore.” Charlie wants to talk to Quinn and Jake’s letting it happen because he just can’t bring himself to care what happens to these people anymore.

    Not the boss pitch perfect

    “Cat got your tongue? Should I get your tongue?”

    Raven ya lil nasty

    “Stronger, tougher, more seasoned. Yeah. I guess that’s true.”

    Strong smart sensual

    “We’ll just fly Jeff here instead! Thanks, Abby.” Mellie is FINE.

    ross is fine

    “Sweet?” Prostitution whore called Cyrus “sweet” so he should have known right then he was takin’ him for a ride.

    titanic unimaginable bastard

    “Whatever she’s asking for, give it to her.” Exqueeze me?

    David Tennant Gracepoint glasses

    “I need some jerk to not be able to buy an AK-47 and shoot up a school. That is NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK.”

    Cap I'll see what i can do

    OOP. Katherine made a sex tape with Caitlin’s underage boyfriend.

    ellen see myself in your pants

    “Two shots to the chest. By the time the police arrived, she was DOA.”

    The Hound Safety

    Olivia shoves Katherine against the wall like a boss. “I can’t make this go away for you. I won’t.”

    mulan pouring tea

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  9. “Craving Meat” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    October 5, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Scandal 4 x 02

    “Stand and Clap”

    Olivia Pope the Fixer is BACK, you guys.  Anyone who read these gif-caps last season witnessed how Sage and I slowly descended into madness as our favorite BAMF lost her spine thanks to being under the thumb of one Fitzgerald Grant.  What a difference a few months on an island having lots of sex makes.  Olivia and Jake may not be standing in the sun anymore but thus far (yeah I know…two whole episodes!) Olivia has kept her Island Mentality of not giving a fuck.  Welcome back, Liv.  We missed you.

    This episode is another “case of the week” style.  Teeny tiny seeds of the over-arching plot of the season are being planted but we’re still putting all the chess pieces on the board.  Huck and Quinn are back at the OPA offices…but is it formally open?  How much longer is Abby going to keep her job as Press Secretary?  What exactly is Lizzie’s motivation?  And is Mellie ever going to wear anything other than her Uggs and bathrobe?  Let’s get right to the gifs and find out!

    “You booked a hotel suite and I’m running there for booty calls?”

    “I don’t do booty calls, Jake.”

    “That right there is a political booty call.” Hey, Cyrus, hey.

    “They took meat away from me.”

    “Are we still friends?”

    “You can’t think I’m above calling in a few favors to the IRS?”

    “Cyrus, you know I’m not afraid of the IRS.”

    So Cyrus goes for the one thing that WILL scare Liv…telling Fitz that she’s calling for him every night and pining for him. Low blow.

    “Craving meat really brings out the worst in me.” Someone get Cyrus a steak, stat!

    The Elliotts, America’s Gun Control Sweethearts, hate each other. “That wheelchair is your freaking throne.” “The Taliban is better than you.”

    “The President needs your asses in those seats.” I am SO HAPPY that Olivia Pope BAMF is back.

    “Stand and clap, Andrew. That’s your job.” In other words, dance, monkey, dance.  (Heeeeeeeeeey Andrew, still looking fine.)

    Mellie is in her Uggs and bathrobe, eating chips at Jerry’s grave officially not giving a fuck.

    Of course someone gets a photo and all the sudden headlines scream: MENTAL MELLIE.  I do give credit for whoever came up with “The chips are down” as a headline though.

    “The First Lady is grieving Jim, not crazy.” Abby has no patience for these simpletons.

    Jake is digging into Harrison’s murder because no one can resist the Dark Side.

    “Because working together is what we do best. ” Well.  That and hate sex.

    Abby realizes that Liv fed Cyrus the statements for the press conference and she is NOT having it.

    “Huck and Quinn were incesting all over the office for God knows how long!” Thanks for the reminder, Abby, I had almost forgotten.

    “FRIED CHICKEN. The chef will make fried chicken all you gotta do is pick up the phone and ask and bam! FRIED CHICKEN.” Mellie has got her priorities sorted and her priority is an entire platter of fried chicken.

    “Oh honey baby. Do you actually think I give a DAMN what anyone thinks of me anymore?” 1000% done Mellie can stay.

    “You’re supposed to be a vegetarian.”

    “So I die of a heart attack. Big deal. At least I’ll be with James.” Moment of silence for James.

    “A broken heart is a broken heart.”  I love the moments where Cyrus is sincere, which I choose to believe he WAS here and not trying to manipulate Mellie with his pain.

    “I’m done, Cyrus.  I’m through.” Let her eat her fried chicken in peace, y’all. 


  10. “She’s back, Red. Get used to it.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    September 26, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Scandal Olivia Badass

    Season 4, Episode 1: Randy, Red, Superfreak, and Julia
    Posted by Sage

    I hope you were using its lengthy hiatus to ferment your own red wine, because Scandal has returned, soapier and more extravagant than ever.

    When we last left the goodies, the baddies, and the in-betweens, Olivia was on a plane with Jake to who-knows-where, her father was cleaning up her mother’s mess, Fitz on his way to winning reelection while dealing with the loss of his son, Harrison’s fate was up in the air, and the rest of OPA were basically hung out to dry.

    I personally used the hiatus to workshop some ideas that may or may not work as well in practice as they do in the haze of my mind on summer TV. Like this one. Today’s Scandal gif-cap is brought to you entirely by Gillian Anderson’s face. I collect GA reaction gifs like other people collect snowglobes, and I decided to put them to use making sense of this bonkers season premiere. You are welcome. Take it away, Gillian.

    We open on Olivia relaxing on a pristine beach. She’s reading Gone Girl. She looks fabulous in her white swimsuit, natural hair, and, oh yeah, a beautiful man on top of her.

    Playing by heart flirty

    “It’s about 15 minutes out. Do you wanna use those 15 minutes? Or stop?” “Don’t stop.” Olivia/Jake is real. She didn’t just use him for a ride out of town. There was some riding involved, but we’ll get to that later.

    Flirty smile scully

    “No one knows I’m here. We’re 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar…I’m not even Olivia Pope anymore. I’m Julia Baker.” Then how did a mysterious envelope addressed to Julia end up on their wine-delivery boat?

    Scully suspicious

    “Jules?” Huh? Oh, right.

    scully raising hand

    “Apparently he was missing. He’s not anymore. Now he’s dead.” WHELP. Maybe don’t assault your wife and then assume you’ll keep your job at Shondaland.

    Drugged scully

    “Hey, we’re just here for a few days. In and out.” Jake’s trying so hard to sound sure about this.

    Scully skeptical look

    “Grant: A New Era?” Only if he’s been castrated.

    Scully blinking

    scully skeptical sighing

    “You were hard to find.” Not hard enough, apparently.

    Scully fake smile

    “Your hard drive was fried but it works now I fixed it. Also your wife is cheating on you.”

    scully surprised

    “This is the White House, Peter. Not Westerberg High. There is no hit list.” ABBY’S THE PRESS SECRETARY, BOO BOO. SHE DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME.

    Don't you know who I am?

    “You wanna get our party of good ol’ boys to admit that the possession of a vagina doesn’t automatically mean that a sister should get docked 32 cents on the dollar? Good for you, baby. Fight the power.” Mellie strolls into the Oval in her kimono, eating cereal out of the box. She embarrasses Fitz in front of his staff, then leaves to go bowling, alone. I want her to be my life coach.

    Stella really and truly you should fuck off

    “I’m hearing rumors of a new Attorney General. A democrat, Cyrus.” Fitz is barely a Republican at this point. Also, HEY, PORTIA!

    Gillian confused

    “Do you need to validate a ticket for your broomstick or can you find your way out on your own?” Pfffffffttttt. Fuck you, Cyrus.

    Gillian flipping the bird

    “We should bury our friend.” “We’re not a team, Liv.” Nooooo, my girls!

    scully crying

    “You abandoned them too, Abby…I’ll make sure you have a date and a time for the funeral. Show up or don’t show up, it’s your choice.” I can’t take them being at odds. I need a moment.

    gillian fanning self

    “Remember the last time we were together, Rosen?” “Was that the time you killed three people or another time?” Welcome back into my life, David.

    Hannibal He is very good

    “Black for crap-your-pants-and-wait-for-someone-to-come-kill-you scary.”

    x-files scary

    “I did not kill Harrison. I did, however, take care of your mother.” And according to Rowan, that was at a “direct order from the President.”

    scully i know that's what you just said

    “You lose people. Whatever.” She’s colddddd as iiiiiceeee…

    hannibal bedelia wine

    “Are you spying on me?” Um, this is CYRUS BEENE. Of COURSE he’s spying on you.

    scully hands on hips

    “How long is she here for?” “I don’t know.” “Find out.”

    scully make it happen

    “‘He laughs less,’ was one particularly poignant observation.” Womp womp, Fitz.

    Scully oh brother

    “You’re not going to believe this, but Gettysburger has a rib sandwich now with pickles and secret sauce under the ribs. It’s called the Underground Railroad. I got myself two.” Marry this man, Olivia. In a tasteful, Zanzibarian ceremony.

    david gillian having a bay

    “How do I choose the box to bury my friend in?” Columbus Short can fuck right off, but we are allowed to mourn Harrison.

    scully sad

    “This is Senator Stephanie Vaughn. I think I just killed Senator Sterling.” 

    scully have a nice life

    “How would you like to be the next Attorney General of the United States.” David leaves the B6-13 files in his totally secure storage locker to join up with Fitz’s brigade. Cheers.

    Blanche cheers

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