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  1. “I am the Scandal.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    April 22, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Scandal 3 x 18

    “The Price of Free and Fair Elections”

    Sorry for the delay, Gladiators!  I’ve been in tech all week for Little Wars, which opens tomorrow in NYC (Get your tickets here!  I’m playing Agatha Christie!).  But don’t worry, I made time to watch this batshit crazy season finale!

    In true Scandal fashion, last week’s bomb cliffhanger was resolved in the first ten minutes of the episode, leaving us to wonder just what WAS up Shonda Rhimes’ sleeve.  People died, Mellie drank, secrets were told, people were double crossed and there was illicit sex.  So basically…just your standard episode of Scandal.  To the gifs!

    FAIR WARNING: this gifcap contains gifs from Season Four of Game of Thrones.  If you are unspoiled, first of all, congrats for living under a rock, and secondly TURN BACK NOW.

    “It’s a miracle we caught this in time, isn’t it Cyrus?”  Jake knows what’s what and he KNOWS that Cyrus tried to get Sally blown to pieces.

    The Bomb goes off right as Fitz yells “If there IS no bomb…”

    Leo tells Sally this is her 9/11.  “Be Jesus.  Go in there and Be Jesus.”

    Sally helping victims. 

    “Don’t put the President of the United States on a split-screen!”

    “GIVE THE PRESIDENT THE RESPECT HE DESERVES.” Which, to be honest, is none.

    Sally leading prayers at the church.

    “We’re going to lose the election on Tuesday.” 

    “Let’s be honest.  We lost the election today.”  That plan of yours didn’t work so well, did it, Cy?


    “I’m gonna lose?” Poor baby Fitz.

    “I want a refund.  I want our money back.” Drunk and vicious Mellie is my favorite Mellie.

    “I thought we hired her to WIN.” 

    “Olivia, tell your dad what’s wrong.”

    “I don’t like him, but Olivia,  I do love you.”

    “When she stabbed you, I was scared.”


    “He got stabbed by Liv’s mom…which TURNS YOU TWO ON?”

    “Voldemort gets away Scot free again.” 

    “Voldemort gave you your job.” 


  2. This Place About To Blow-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh – Scandal Gif-Cap

    April 12, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Scandal Flesh and Blood if we're gonna die

    Season 3, Episode 17: “Flesh and Blood”
    Posted by Sage

    This week on I Still Know What You Did Last Scandal, the dissolution of B6-13 brings lots of people who want each other dead together under one roof. It’s six days until the election. Six days until Mellie has her “face pressed up against the glass of history.” (Calm down with those metaphors, Shondita.) Six days until Fitz gets his second term or Sally turns the country into the 4-year Director’s Cut of Jesus Camp. Mama Pope’s got a bomb, Papa Pope’s got a vendetta, and Quinn has her thigh-high stockings on, just in case. We’re as ready for this as we’ll ever be, so let’s get this party started.

    “Did you really just…treason!?” Soooooo…what you’re saying is me dismantling the country’s most secret and powerful national security force WASN’T cool?

    Alex Kingston No

    They can’t alert Homeland Security to the threat without blowing up the President’s spot, re: that whole plane crash thing. So?

    Tenth Doctor Who cares

    “You mean the sacrifice of sleeping with me so you can hack into my phone?” Ah, the hardship.

    Do I regret it New GirlNew Girl Would I do it again

    “Really?” “Really?” David still can’t believe he somehow got himself involved with all these unstable individuals.

    Donna Meagle side eye

    Rowan struts in to a James Brown score all, “Mr. President. How can I be of service?” The man’s got style.

    RDJ Spotlight Me

    Like Maya/Marie, Dominic Bell is a terrorist for hire. Hardly anyone on this show, good or bad, is driven by any kind of idealogy.

    Breaking Bad dollar

    “I’m doing this for me.” Rowan has a score to settle.

    Tina Your ass is grass

    Brian McKenzie and Quinn are being all domestic again. It’s disturbing as balls.

    Warm bodies don't be creepy

    “Command. Other command.” Awkwaaaard.

    Jamie Lannister waving

    Jake and Rowan are bickering like children. Draining whatever faith anyone in that room has of this operation being successful.

    Slap fight Between two ferns

    “So. Are you guys like, an item now?” Leave it to Abby to say what everyone else is thinking.

    Supernatural Sam Whack a doo

    “He will break your bones and step over your body on the way in.” Jake is having none of Olivia’s hero worship of her dad.

    Lion King simba crying

    “You think he’s your dad, but that’s just a part he’s playing.”

    Patrick Stewart Acting

    Meanwhile, Leo’s having secret meetings behind the bleachers with a cute little field hockey girl. Errrmmm…

    Chilton nervous

    Sally and Fitz are having a tug of war over who gets to score political points by giving Senator Hightower’s eulogy. As is befitting the legacy of someone we’re told was a legitimately a  great man. Sigh.

    30 Rock let me talk

    “Ya’ll tell me what you decide. Either way, I get to stand by my man.” Drunk and Over It Mellie>>>>

    loyal to Joffrey Game of Thrones

    Sexy ladies, arming a bomb! Pencil skirts and bad intentions! 

    Justin Bieber blow stuff up

    Quinn is weirdly ping-ponging back and forth between Huck and Brian McKenzie and when will this eeeeennnnndddd?

    Sleepy Hollow This is awkward

    “The man was a soldier on the battle lines of immigration.” Wait, wait, wait: there are people in this town who are actually making policy?

    The West Wing What's Next

    “I’m telling you I’m losing.” “I’m telling you I’m black. Sally doesn’t have the NAACP.” Best line of the night, obviously.

    Bob Ross Beauty is Everywhere

    “If you’re dead, how am I supposed to-“ GURL.

    Sherlock side eye

    “I miss you.” Ru has a message for you, Fitz:

    Ru Paul You're basic

    “They love me in Flint.” I bet they do.

    White people psych

    Cyrus probably shouldn’t be on the phone to schmooze donors.

    Downton Abbey Instrument of Torture

    Harrison calls Rowan Papa Pope! Talk about misreading a room.

    Seth Cohen Really Great

    “I found him. He’s heavy.” And Quinn’s giving Huck a look that says, “Heeeeyyyyy….”

    She's the Man I'd Tap That

    Field hockey girl is seducing Jerry! Which takes about .5 seconds, cause he’s in high school.

    Teenagers The Little Mermaid

    She delivers Leo a paper bag that presumably contains a full condom. Which the US News & World Report college issue ranks right under a diverse list of extracurriculars as a foolproof way of getting into Harvard.

    You nasty Raven

    “Just because I sell you a canvas doesn’t mean I know where you’re going to hang it.” Dominic is an ar-TISTE, y’all.

    Sensitive Beyonce

    “Question him, don’t hurt him.” Mmmm-hmmm.

    Friends Yeah Right

    Leo and Sally are gonna run a paternity test on Jerry! Hope Fitz is getting that dance ready.

    You are not the father Maury

    “You’d have to be an idiot to be this reckless. And you are not an idiot.” YES. Mellie and Olivia respecting each other! Break away from these toxic men!!! GO OUT THELMA AND LOUISE STYLE.

    Mean girls sluts and whores

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  3. “Am I Your Fluffer, Fitz?”- Scandal Gif-Cap

    April 8, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Scandal 3 x 16

    “The Fluffer”

    While the pacing wasn’t QUITE as furious as the past few episodes of Scandal, “The Fluffer” DID get the action ready for the final arc of Season Three, proving the episode title was not JUST a commentary on the Olitz relationship.  Evil Puppet Master Shonda Rhimes moves all her pieces into place in this episode setting up what is sure to be an explosive finale, in more ways than one.  But enough talk…let’s get to the gifs!

    ABBY in the White Coat.  Looking fabulous I might add.

    Nobody talking in the meeting.

    Fitz walking out cause Olivia is not there. Proving he is the biggest baby in the country.

    “Promise me you won’t hurt him.” Even after everything Fitz has done to her, Olivia still defends him.  Sigh.

    “I promise I wont touch a hair on his head.” Note the phrasing.  He can hurt OTHER parts, he just won’t touch anything on his head.

    “I would have gone with anonymous former government employee.” I’m so glad David and his quips live to see another episode.

    “I’m not going to do it.”  So everyone is going to a petulant baby in the episode.  Alrighty then.

    “You deserve something REAL.”  Stawwwwwwwwwwp with your perfection, Andrew.

    “Someone whose not just playing the part of the man who loves you but SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY DOES.”

    The title of Jeanine’s book is Taken for Granted.  Bless you, book publishers.

    “The President of the United States is definitely a baguette.” (So THAT’S why he gets all the ladies?)

    “THIS is our legacy?”   Like I said, even in the midst of his grief, Cyrus’ one-liners are everything.

    Mellie’s reaction to the Jeanine story is everything.

    “Olivia and I need the room.” Subtext: So we can have another angst filled argument where I demean her.  BECAUSE I LOVE HER. #theworst

    “You sent Gabby to me in your place.” Her name is ABBY, you cretin.  She’s worked with Olivia for years and you can’t even be bothered to learn her name, you jerk.

    Fitz wanting to kick Andrew off the ticket because he is SOOOOOO jealous over Mellie.  Because there is only one person whose allowed to have orgasms in the White House and it’s him.

    “What service can I render for you today? Am I here to stroke your ego?”

    “Maybe I’m here to make you feel hot and manly and ready so you’re not jealous of your wife’s boyfriend?”

    “Am I your fluffer today, Fitz? What service am I billing you for today?” Guys, if only Olivia would just stand by her glorious takedowns of Fitz…everything would be okay.

    “You’re being disgusting and petty and jealous.”


    “The movie just STOPS.  It’s just me waiting for a house in Vermont that I can’t live in and a man that makes me promises he can’t keep.” See…it’s like she’s taking it all back and being pathetic again.

    “I am NOT the bad guy.”

    “I didn’t HAPPEN to you.” Keep telling yourself that, Fitz.  Because you most DEFINITELY happened to her.


  4. Poor Little Rich Kids – Scandal Gif-Cap

    March 30, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Melli Andrew Sex

    Season 3, Episode 15: “Mama Said Knock You Out”
    Posted by Sage

    No longer the Maris Cranes of the Scandal world, the two eldest Grant children finally made an in-the-flesh appearance this week. And let me tell you, if you assumed that the spawn of a marriage as twisted and loveless as Fitz and Mellie’s would be royally screwed up, well….you’d be correct. Flee, Jerry and Karen. Flee back to boarding school and stay there. Until it’s time to publish your respective tell-alls, that is.

    “I saw that sit-down you did with Dominique Strauss-Kahn.” Just when I’d almost completely forgotten about that French bastard.

    Monty Python far in your general direction

    Olivia tries push the interview. Noah – not to be confused with $125 million worth of Russell Crowe getting rained on – isn’t having it.

    Michelle Tanner I did the best I could

    “Jerry, Karen: we need to talk.” They’re like, “Yes, new mom?”

    Cat Glasses

    “Be nice.” Mellie has to REMIND Fitz to be warm to his own children. Let’s see how that goes.

    Tenth Doctor hope for the best

    Excruciating family dinner time!

    Breaking Bad Dinner

    “And at the end of the day, let’s all just remember that we love each other.” “Yeah.” “Right.” 

    McAvoy Eyebrow Raise

    Allergic to bullshit Will Smith

    “Liv thinks if we separate B6-13 from their money supply, we can starve them to death.” Nice to see Team Pope working together again, even if it is on a lost cause. Anyway, let’s find that caaasssh.

    Hannibal Beverly Examination

    Show Me the Money

    “You don’t take down B6-13. You run, you hide, or you die.” Yep, got it.

    Incredibles I know

    “I’ll kill Huck in a second, if you want me too.” Quinn thinks Brian McKenzie’s homicidal devotion is sweet. But as long as she and Huck have their psycho lust thing going on, Huck is safe.

    Jake Brooklyn 99 You never let me do anything

    Blah, blah, blah, Ukrainian terrorists in Baltimore, blah blah blah. I meaannn…I’m very concerned.

    Llewyn Davis Fuck

    “It was a beautiful funeral, Cy.” JAMES IS STILL DEAD. GODDAMMIT.

    Brokeback Mountain Miss you so much

    “Can we not discuss my kids right now?” “Why must my children insist on existing just to make me feel guilty about bending my mistress over my desk whilst they’re just a couple hundred feet away?”

    Bob's Burders my life is harder

    GET IT, MELLIE. Andrew and Mellie are having a full-blown affair at this point and I am NOT mad about it.

    Get Your Life

    Aragorn Ride Hard

    “You like it there?” Oh, my.

    Metropolis Panting

    “Both.” *gulp*

    Hiddles Many ways to make noises

    “Andrew. Stay away from her. The last thing this campaign needs is another sex scandal.” “Glass houses, Olivia.” Nice restraint from Andrew, who still seems quite the good man. I would’ve laughed in her face. Hello, kettle? This is Monica. You’re black.

    Supernatural Sam Wow

    “Don’t play this game any more.” “You told me I was supposed to drag everyone into the light.” Olivia’s Existential Crisis, brought to you by Daddy Issues.

    An Education Head desk

    Jean Ralphio I gotta find a way out

    “Why are you still with him? After everything he’s done to you? To us?” Out of the mouths of babes, amirite?

    John Barrowman smug smile

    Dimitri or Ivan or whoever was supposed to meet with Adnan and Olivia’s mom. And wouldn’t show up. Mama Pope is terrifyingly serene and smiley about it.

    Nicki Word that bitch mad

    Quinn and Brian McKenzie have a lover’s quarrel while sharing their favorite hobby. Torturing some poor bastard.

    Prince Yikes

    “Is it okay if I drill for a bit?”

    Happy Endings You're Insane

    Turns out Jerry is running an anonymous anti-Grant Twitter account. He’s the only one here with a sense of humor.

    Karen Walker You're all boring and I'm fun

    Karen finds Andrew and Mellie together! Olivia sees it too. And chimes in with a “HAVEN’T YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OF CLOSING A GOD DAMN DOOR?” I made up that last part.

    Cat in window

    Adnan shows up at Pope & Associates to talk about Marie. Hrrrrmmm…

    Harry Potter Don't forget the plot twist

    “I owe her.” *Growing old and grey waiting on Harrison’s backstory*

    Troy Barnes Why

    Adnan wants complete immunity before she says a word. Sounds legit.

    Ratatouille Nopeity nope

    “You were on your knees with Uncle Andrew.” Well, that’s it. You guys have been great.

    Good night

    “Why on earth would I give him to you? So you can puff out your chest and announce his detention to swing state pancake breakfasts?” It’s amusing to me that Jake assumes Fitz has planned ANYTHING.

    Brooklyn 99 Eyes closed head first

    “This is not a game, Mr. President, and you’re not getting your ball back.” No more pick-up games. No more towel snapping in the locker room.

    We're Not Friends Colbert

    Cyrus comes at Jake. Crushing grief and all, but can we all agree that his face was HILARIOUS?

    Newsroom I made it to the rage phase

    “He was just doing his job. Serving at the pleasure of the president. Just like the rest of us.” Killing people is so, like, whatever.

    Bang bang you're dead

    “No cupcakes?” Morris isn’t going to waste his cheerful greetings on people with no baked goods.

    George Costanza Go to Hell

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  5. “THAT is the point” – Scandal Gif-cap

    March 22, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Posted by Kim

    Scandal 3 x 14

    “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

    Well then.  That was resolved quickly, wasn’t it Gladiators?  If there’s one thing I love about Scandal, it’s the fact that the break-neck pacing of the storytelling rarely leaves the fans hanging for way too long.  So, taking a cue from Shonda and company, let’s get right to the gifs, shall we?  Because really, it’s the only way I can express my feelings.

    R.I.P James Novak

    “Can you work with me on this, or do I need to stop liking you?”

    “We’re going to find them and they are going to go to jail for the rest of their life.” WHAT is Olivia going to do when she finds out the person she is after is her fake boyfriend??

    Catatonic Cyrus

    And now we flashback to James and Cyrus first meeting because Shonda Rhimes enjoys punching people in the feels. 

    “You didn’t read it…except you made it all the way to the end.” James is flirting SO HARD with Cyrus and I kind of can’t stand it and for some reason I always thought Cy was the initial pursuer in the relationship, so my mind is blown.

    You think I’m going to take fashion advice from a guy with a neck-beard?” But even when he’s flirting James can throw shade like no other.

    This Amateur Press Secretary though.  Where is C.J. Cregg when we need her? Oh yeah, she’s wasting her talents on a Chuck Lorre sitcom.


    David shutting Abby out.  I mean, I get it.  How DO you tell someone the truth about this, as I am sure Jake will kill him if he does.

    “I’m in the middle of something right now but sure no problem.” says Jake to Liv as he buries his kills.  Me thinks this fake relationship is heading for real trouble.

    “You blew up a plane!” “That was personal.”  The degree of casualness Mama Pope has about this is terrifying.

    “Why use so many words when a simple “I failed you” would do??” Even in the throws of grief, Cyrus will put you down.

    “Let me work.  I need to work.”  And just like that Cyrus becomes Dana Scully.

    “Indulge?!  Cyrus, I’m not a dessert.”  I don’t know, James.  You seem pretty tasty to me.

    “Even though you’re a republican you have a very hot mouth…”

    “That was my move.”  “Damn right that’s your move.” WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?

    Yes, PLEASE send Andrellie to Houston ALONE so they can have all the sex.

    And now we just know how ruthless Liv’s Mom is.


    Jake just stone cold lies to her at first.  Well I guess that is one way to play it.

    “I AM PROTECTING THE REPUBLIC!” You NEED me on that wall!!!


  6. Like I Blister in the Sun – Scandal Gif-Cap

    March 14, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Project Runway What Just Happened

    Season 3, Episode 13: “No Sun On the Horizon”
    Posted by Sage

    NOW we’re talking, Gladiators. Could you even breathe during last night’s episode?

    The chickens, they are coming home to roost. Olivia has to reconcile her lofty self-image with the corruption machine she helped put in motion. James and Cyrus’s toxic marriage may have finally hit the one landmine it can’t survive. And, say what you will about deranged zealot Sally Langston, at least she’s got a conscience. A totally warped one. I can hardly wait to get your theories on that ending, so let’s get this gif-cap moving.

    “Not having a family makes you ripe, ready, a hunk of clay waiting to be sculpted. No connections. No light at the end of the tunnel. No sun on the horizon.” As much as we weep for his soul, Jake IS the man for this job.

    Harry Potter I am the chosen one

    “I know she’s a member of your church. I called you, and put you on a plane – a PRIVATE plane, because apparently god’s servant won’t fly coach, you son of a….” Leo is steadily working his way up my list of favorite characters.

    Cory and Shawn fist bump

    “Time for the slaughter, piggy piggy!” Oh. Good. God.

    Emperor's New Groove screams of horror

    “Backhanded or not, my intentions were sincere, I assure you, Governor.” Mellie’s Sally impression! Why doesn’t everyone worship this woman?

    Phoebe I'm a really cool person

    “I am PROUD of what I’ve done for this country.” Effffffff you, Fitz.

    Scully I don't care

    “Watergate had less to go on.” It’s a slam dunk, you say? Well then, I’m sure that pile of evidence will stay completely undisturbed. Totally sure. It’s fine. Don’t worry. Nothing to see here.

    All the President's Men done

    “This is your chance to be on the right side again, Liv.” David wants Olivia to help him bring Sally to justice. Time to show us whose side you’re really on, Liv.

    Liz Lemon let's do this

    Liv has an insane laughing fit when Cyrus tells her it’s all true.

    Jack Sparrow Gentlemen

    “It’s not funny, it’s just that…they’re all murderers!” 

    Jack Sparrow I wash my hands of this weirdness

    “I can’t do this again. I am going to walk into the light and feel the sun on my face, Cyrus. You’re on your own.” Annnnnnnnd get outta that bitch.

    Snoop dancing

    “Now, you’re free to kill anyone who walks through that door. But, until then, you’ll be at this desk, answering that phone, and selling Acme paper.” Quinn Perkins, assassin/receptionist, at your service.

    Sherlock You've got things to do

    “Fail me? *laughs* Well, then. You’re fired. Simple as that.” Rowan tells Leo how it is.

    Bronx Beat go to Panera

    “I got you a double Lincoln with bacon.” Also, Olivia got cheese fries. God, I hope that Presidential themed burger place is a real thing.

    Sweet baby jesus

    “I sold 1500 reams of paper…get my picture on the break room wall and everything.” This little role play is BREAKING MY HEART.

    Get him to the Greek eyes sad

    “We could run, you just have to say the word.” GO, YOU IDIOT. GO WITH THE BIG STRAPPING MAN WHO LOVES YOU.

    Mycroft do not disappoint me

    “If you get drunk tonight, I’m going to take advantage of you.” “No, you won’t.” “No, I won’t.” HE WOULD NEVER. Unlike some LEADERS OF THE FREE WORLD I KNOW.

    Suits why are my OTPs such idiots

    “Run away with me, Liv. Save me.” !!!!!!

    Supernatural I love you too

    “Take advantage of me, Jake.” A rare moment of lucidity!

    X Factor Fanning myself

    “I must confess to the world, so the Lord will hear me.” “Oh, the Lord HEARD you.” I LOVE LEO. HE’S SO DONE.

    Loki bitch are you serious

    “We need to push the debate.” “You’re cute.” Cyrus will go to jail if the debate happens. More importantly, my Leo/Cyrus feels grow stronger.

    Leslie Parks and Rec give me a spin

    “I don’t know if we sell copy paper. Because I just don’t, okay?” Receptionist Quinn needs to work on her customer service skills.

    New Girl Schmidt Calcutta bitch

    “Part of me thinks this is some six-chess-moves-ahead psychological warfare kind of thing, where she’s actually lying in wait somewhere to stop me from experiencing professional satisfaction at the last possible second.” Hee.

    The X-Files worn the gray suit

    “Oh my god, look at you, you’re terrified for my safety. It’s hot.” Shonda, can we get a verbal agreement on a David/Abby pillow talk scene in every episode?

    The Office Pam mental picture

    “Whatever happens, remember the best part of me loves you. Maybe the only good part.” Professions of love usually come right before Cyrus does something horrendous, so…

    Aladdin Start panicking

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  7. “A Very Loyal Monster” – Scandal Gif-cap

    March 13, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Scandal 3 x 12

    “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies”

    Posted by Kim

    Greetings, Gladiators!  Season three of our favorite thrill ride just gets more and more twisty.  This week Harrison’s back story (!!!!!!!!!!!!) deepened, there were declarations of love, there were illicit kisses, and there were threats of violence.  Just another week in the life of Olivia Pope and Associates!   To the gifs!

    And we open with Fitz and Liv screaming at each other with Jake listening in the hall.  So let me get this straight…Liv is having a lover’s quarrel with her sort of boyfriend while her fake boyfriend eavesdrops in the hall with an impassive expression.  This will end well.

     “You don’t get to be jealous.” I’m basically going to just transcribe Olivia’s whole tirade against Fitz because it was GLORIOUS.

    “I am not a hen and my house is not yours.” 

    “I am not a prize at the state fair, you can’t win me!”


    “I can not honestly win a Presidential election if I am your public whore.”  Totally having flashes of Meredith’s “You don’t get to call me a whore” monologue from Grey’s Season 2.

    “My whole life is not about you.”

    Mellie and Andrew in the conference room.

    “Why won’t you let me touch you?”  Fitz, being up his own ass all the time, presumes it’s all about him.  Again.

    “Admit it you miss me.”  “Parts of you.”  BUT WHICH PARTS HARRISON??  Also heads up, until I remember her character name, I’m referring to this character as Nora from How I Met Your Mother.  She always seemed a bit shady anyway.

    “Does Olivia know about Clearwater?” Intrigue, Harrison!  Is this a back story I smell??


    “Girls like to be kissed first.  Romance first, before you dive into their pants.”  Life lessons from Cyrus Beene.

    The return of Hollis!  

    Sally is having Daniel visions…

    Olivia threatening Professor Slater and Slater isn’t having ANY of her spin. 

    “I have a job that doesn’t involve your family drama!” 


  8. “Door open, Lauren.” – Scandal Gif-cap

    March 6, 2014 by HeadOverFeels

    Mellie and Olivia Fake Friends

    Season 3, Episode 11: “Ride, Sally, Ride”
    Posted by Sage

    And we’re back! All our Scandal players clearly spent the hiatus at the ropes, spitting water into a bucket and getting massaged by their trainers, because they came out swinging in this winter premiere. And K.Wash is SO PREGNANT, you guys.

    It’s Sally vs. Fitz; James vs. Cyrus; Mellie vs. Olivia; Quinn vs. Sanity; and Harrison’s sexual prowess vs. the strength of his mahogany desk. It’s been months since we’ve gotten to celebrate the crazy together, so on to the gif-cap!

    “She’s running.” Mellie is tottering around the White House in her Jimmy Choos announcing Sally’s candidacy to everyone like we didn’t see this coming.

    Finding Nemo Relax

    Mellie and Sally pass each other in the hall and LASERS SHOOT FROM THEIR EYES. This White House isn’t big enough for the both of them.

    Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell Get the hell out

    “The President wanted to review the numbers with his new campaign manager.” UGHHHHHHHgughghghg.

    Craig Ferguson Do not applaud this woman's insanity

    “Selfish quitter. Loose cannon. Endangering our troops.” Also: cold-blooded murder-y Jesus freak.

    She's ruining everything

    “I can not and will not resign as Vice President.” WELL PLAYED, Ms. Langston.

    Happy Endings Brad What

    “He is a straight, white man.” Fitz’s chosen running mate is a dude-bro, just like him. I mean, at this point..

    Breaking Bad What's One More

    “We just need one unguarded moment and we can nail these bastards.” Sneak Abby and Harrison in there with a few cases of wine.

    Hannibal Gillian Anderson wine

    Harrison asks David to look into Adnan. And if we don’t find out who that is soon, I will throw things.

    Harry Potter Bellatrix Be Kept Waiting

    “Killed two birds. And some people.”

    21 Jump Street Make New Friends

    “Quinn Perkins is not B6-13, never will be.” But…

    Olsen Twins are you sure

    Mr. Teri Hatcher! Jon Tenney is Andrew Nichols, Fitz’s longtime friend and colleague.

    Teri Hatcher Lois and Clark

    “But he’s an age-appropriate playboy for the most part. So, you know, props for that.” Let it never be said that Abby doesn’t give credit where credit is due.

    Honest and Sweet Hercules

    “He’s clean.” The only person on this show so far! *ballons fall* *marching band bursts through doors*

    Andrew Scott Fist Up

    “Loyalty above all. That’s why he put Jake Ballard in charge of B6-13.” Ask Fitz’s wife how loyal he is, I DARE YOU.

    John Watson Oh My God

    “No, it makes me think of you. And how you let me hate you.” So close to that teary reconciliation. So close.

    Little Mermaid I Love You Daddy

    “You’re skipping around a field full of bombs and mistaking them for daisies.” Rowan Pope is a master of the metaphor and I am so here for it.

    Mindy Project You should be dead

    “I know all his secrets. I know where EVERY body is buried. And the greatest weapon I can use against him calls me “Dad.”” Olivia’s like, “Wait, who’s that? Oh.”

    Sherlock That's me by the way

    “Run, Olivia, run.” BUT YOU KNOW SHE WON’T.

    Ally McBeal Head Hands

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  9. “And the devil did indeed come in.” – Scandal Gift-Cap

    December 22, 2013 by HeadOverFeels

    A Philadelphia Story Hello friends and enemies

    Season 3, Episode 10: “A Door Marked Exit”
    Posted by Sage

    I hope you were sufficiently Poped last week, readers. Because “A Door Marked Exit” was this season’s winter finale and we won’t be reunited with our associates until FEBRUARY. After the breathless action of last week – including that final shocking scene – this week’s episode slowed down (as much as Scandal EVER slows down) to show us the repercussions of everyone’s actions. And, in the process, it gave us some of the show’s finest monologues and performances. (JEFF PERRY. JEFF. PERRY.)

    Let’s savor 2013’s final gif-cap together, shall we?

    “You screwed his husband. That was poisoned fruit. And he will not rest until he has vengeance, YOU IDIOT.” I am the only one who’s still surprised that James and Douglas ACTUALLY did it? I thought for sure they were just setting up the photos to teach Cyrus a lesson.

    Jake and Amir Oh snap

    “So I sold my soul to you and I propped you up and I played second fiddle and I smiled at every dinner and rally and fish fry and look where I got you.” Daniel is exhausted and totally done with playing the doting husband to “shrill Sally.” This will not end well.

    Home Along Never Want to see you again

    “The devil came in. I lost myself and now I’m going to burn in the flames.” Please, Sally. As if anyone in this White House ever faces any consequences.

    Dowager Countess Don't be so defeatist

    Cyrus is so overwhelmed that he pukes in Sally’s bathroom. At least we know his stomach has a conscience.

    Buffy Grossed Out

    “I put a tracking chip where your tooth should be.” To those of you who ship this, still…you crazy. I support your right to ship what you wanna ship, but you should at least know that.

    Poor social skills Silver Linings

    “You snooze, you lose.” Brian McKenzie’s character is SO CONFUSING to me. Obviously, he’s a complete sociopath. But does he have real feelings for Quinn?

    Chris Evans Oops

    Quinn yanks the tracking chip out of her mouth. There’s blood everywhere. She’s a bad bitch.

    The Mindy Project There there

    “That’s a matter of national security, and it’s above your pay grade, Mr. President.” Every time Fitz gets told, a White House intern gets its wings.

    Damn Damn Damn burger

    “Daniel Douglas died of a heart attack.” I feel like we’re gonna regret this lie at some point.

    New Girl Run Away From Your Problems

    “I put parts of my body inside of your parts of your body and I’m very generous when…” TELL ME MORE ABOUT THIS, DAVID.

    A Damn Good Shag Benedict

    “I’m right here, ya’ll.” If I remember correctly, this Harrison’s ONLY LINE in this episode. SHONDA. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST HARRISON?

    Scrubs I Miss You So Much

    “Nobody touches him.” Luckily, the holy ghost steps into Sally right at the last moment she has to perpetrate this scheme. Looks like hellfire is staved off, just for a bit.

    500 Days of Summer I really do hope

    “God has smiled on us, Cyrus.” And Cyrus is like, “Mellie, we in danger, girl.”

    Brokeback Mountain Goddamn Bitch

    “The devil came in…WE CAME IN. Ergo, we are the devil. I am actually…the devil.” After everything he’s done, THIS is Cyrus’s existential crisis moment.

    Tina Fey I'm a cold hearted bitch

    Rowan wakes up in some dark recesses of the Pentagon. And Fitz is like….

    The World's End Wilkommen

    “I’m screwing her, you know. Your daughter. The things I could tell you…about the way she tastes. She’s quite a girl. Talented.” FUCK. THIS. MAN.

    Just Jack Excuse Me Rudeness

    “You’re funny. You’re a funny man. Or should I say, ‘boy.’ You’re a boy.” Ahhhhhhh, YES. Time to drop some truth bombs on the WORST PRESIDENT/WORST HUMAN ever.

    Just Making an Observatio

    “For you, it’s always summertime and the living is easy and your daddy is rich and your momma’s good looking.” Joe Morton is destroying this.

    Adventure Time It's so beautiful

    “I have fought and scrapped for every inch of ground I’ve walked on.”


    “I MADE that happen. You cried yourself to sleep because daddy hurt your feelings.” I may have started clapping.

    It's Always Sunny laughing

    “You spoiled, entitled, ungrateful little brat.” MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME.

    Game of Thrones No Cure for Being

    “You could talk about what a great lay she is to try to get a response from me all you want, but guess what? I am ACTUALLY, quite literally above your pay grade.” *Doing Peanuts dance in front of television*

    Dazed and confused that's what I'm talkin about

    “You are always going to be Senator Grant’s disappointing boy Fitz. SHE is always going to be the FORMIDABLE Olivia Pope. Don’t use the person that I made to make you into a man. You’re a BOY.” This is everything. Everything. Thank you, Queen Shonda, for this moment.

    HIMYM Almighty Five

    “You disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter’s hand.” BOOM.

    Harry Potter Standing Ovation

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  10. “YOLO, Quinn.” – Scandal Gif-Cap

    December 6, 2013 by HeadOverFeels

    Scandal 3 x 09


    Posted by Kim

    As soon as The Sound of Music LIVE! ended and I sent Sage and Steven on their (slightly tipsy) way, I fired up ye olde DVR for that night’s episode of Scandal.  Whoo boy.  If I had been the least bit sleepy, which, let’s face it, after three hours of Carrie Underwood’s acting, I was…my LORD the first five minutes of “YOLO” woke me up in a hurry.  In fact it drove me to text Sage, who was probably still waiting for the N Train at my stop, “JESUS THE FIRST MINUTES OF SCANDAL!!”.

    Sorry not sorry.

    Enough talking.  To the gifs!

    And the episode opens with Huck starting to torture Quinn.  So this is how it’s going to be?

    “You’ve been a bad girl.” And Huck just became Annie Wilkes.

    “I’m so sorry, because I am going to enjoy this.”  Is Huck always this overtly sexual when he is torturing people or am I looking through shattered shipper goggles?

    OMG HE JUST LICKED HER!!!!!!!!!!!!


    “What’s that stupid thing you say? YOLO?”

    “I’m asking you to abandon your beliefs for the greater good.” #politics

    Olivia huddled in the corner over mommy.

    Abby: “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?” Abby always speaks for the fandom.

    CUTTING THE TRACKING DEVICE OUT.  Seriously this episode is trying to see how many ways it can terrify us and we are only in the first 20 minutes.

    Oooh who is this lady friend of Harrison’s?  And can we get a storyline for them?

    Momma’s fantasy life for Liv: “Because dentists come home for dinner.”

    “Are you saying I’m NOT happy?”

    “There’s only two people in this world that matter: Olivia and yourself.” Jake only speaks the truth, y’all.

    “Must be nice letting other people fight your battles.”

    Lest we forget, Quinn is naked and duct taped.  And now trying to free herself by breaking a glass and sawing said duct tape. 

    James’ dapper velvet jacket.  The whole outfit really.

    James is definitely fucking with Cyrus regarding Sally’s husband.

    “Could have been a threesome.”

    Brian McKenzie’s glee at killing people.

    Two teeth gone…